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tv   Russias Tundra Tale  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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he's here with me because he addition to begin thinking and putting on i still in afghanistan for some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leader is a threat to their authority. to see the loss of children that is needed such. as thought there were only. unprecedented access icily and the taliban at this time on al jazeera. i'm about to send in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. state department is urging turkey not to invade africa in syria forces are massing on the border on the preparing action against the kurdish why p.g.
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turkey considers the y p g a terrorist group but its fighters have been a key ally for the u.s. elsewhere in syria seventy dekker has more from him tucker. the turkish army is steadily increasing its presence along this stretch of the syrian border present one has been threatening to attack the kurdish run area baffling for almost a week now there has been sporadic shelling. inside africa and thousands marched on thursday in protest to turkey's aggression how the party and that's the goal of this large demonstration is to send a message to the world and especially to turkey concerning the turkish threats we will not be a fright. but we came here to protest against the attacks on offering we will stand by a free and outreach why p.g. . thirteen is one of three autonomy as kurdish enclaves controlled by the syrian kurdish p why do party and its armed when the y p g turkey sees the y.p. g.
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as an offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which it together with the u.s. in europe consider a terrorist organization but the y.p. g. has been working with the u.s. to push ice a lot of syria not enough lean but further east of the euphrates river the americans have never had a presence in africa but the russians do and often has been relatively peaceful throughout this war and it hosts tens of thousands of internally displaced syrians it will let you know africa has been there for quite a long time it's never through like you know was it a serious shortage or turkey but they are going to. probably need it this kind of nationalistic. you know. use its military in order to be able to gain more street. with the upcoming elections in turkey so i think that comes to. you know it's at the start when it comes to actual interaction and into a friend tensions have been stoked further in recent days by the u.s.
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announcement of a so-called border force which will be based east of the euphrates along the border with turkey and iraq and the wife will form it's fact. not to the. united states and he supports a terrorist organization the truth can this be acceptable it is unacceptable and inexplicably the us secretary of state rex tillerson says it's not a border force the us role has been misplaced trade in turkey is owed an explanation he says the build up is aimed at countering the resurgence of eisel will be internally focused and is important for the stability of syria however that's not what others involved in syria's war think ankara moscow and damascus have all boys through opposition to the force once again it highlights the complicated nature of syria's war isis been pushed out of most of the territory that it once held and so the battlefield is becoming perhaps even more complicated
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with each side trying to carve out its fear of influence and it seems the syrians are the ones that hold the least sway of stephanie decker al-jazeera and. a spending bill to keep the u.s. government operating beyond friday has passed the house of representatives the bill to release funding for federal agencies until the middle of next month well nobody voted in the senate the government faces the prospect of being shut down if the money isn't approved it israel's embassy in jordan is reopening after israel apologized for the shooting incident it was closed in july when an israeli security guard shot dead two jordanians over an alleged attack the guard was allowed to return to israel under diplomatic immunity and the average temperature on earth last year was hot enough to make twenty seventeen among the three warmest years on record heat released from the oceans may also played a role in boosting the readings. but francis has arrived in peru on the second leg
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of his south american tour of the roman catholic church was welcomed to lima by proving him president petro public which in ski during his trip he's expected to meet indigenous people those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after witness. yes yes that. is that.
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no yellowstone oh yes there's that i think that isn't the end of. the world you're always on the biggest idea. will is just his last piece in the routines which. he's evil for meaning of justice. such as one of the men that are good it was the one who sleeve lucy. named . one of the we seem to go through what he gave to salma which is from this week of those in need. to bush.
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and i my. question waste a lot of that have already given you a number and i need a room or three minutes. but if the. if it's so. nashville here in new albany it's often close bush hopes museum you. know what we did was just a little not so. logical side of me on the show a little bit at a new border. because
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it's almost you know what i'm saying what goes on yes miller's risks remodeler in florida. i. want to follow. evil johnny good to decommission. he was more than. anybody. put on
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a specific proposal which was the first one of the change in the. mission would name a new. image authority by showing two hundred. all . almost landing a blogger the issue bush will look at each wall is a meeting. of the new boards a solution.
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must all. or somebody is a fiscal plan with lodging those who don't want them to litigate a huge scaling into computers for yourself or almost risk you know you may need. to get any. of the. new would be a good return because now she looked at your shoulders and. if .
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it's. the bush term. because. you so wish would you. use to me. is not the g.h. reply on their movements quoted in the last three weeks to me. about what to do can be not wanted to be a bit tipsy spinning out of the meat a big load of media. i
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think people. would be more on they've been missing the mystery. story of sawyer and overshadowed the summer but could get people to focus on who she was to the biggest and so on you. should release those like you've been listening room where you really did knew him a good bit over shades of custom what he was there to see that it was actually a bit much of anything. less predictable i think it would be just pretty good in. english to see that it was just people who are german sublimation didn't get it he goes through the ministry it was previously used to.
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say is false are you so you could afford an average no additional only for each movie so a killfile is fortunate because just what ultimately is just going to diminish the bush age. and he's got it was more nice to talk about this couple to you to give us a clue if. you. give the other c. . level nobody digging for middle. you know. when your stature figure that's when you when they ask their christmas union. monitoring mission didn't go for but again they will you please keep your order so i need this we see as little date and this occurred to you just where you as a minute i mean even the words that we would include so our world. view.
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these stories related for that. and. that's. why the kitchen is your methods and is best for the for the me alone. this is really new it was. a question of national confusion is one. of more. severe as rationing. mushiness business you need to see a lot of. others to morning do not use these.
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you just watch where you just look for sheets are still unused reading which precludes just what is a given producers were not. this church song. is the dismissal look at all in the credits of you work you. could also try a new look at the cute that i did see. believe me discussion thread and say i played on the boards one year. we did it was because it was going to be in the front of the watches would have been the time the sun was of the give us the most of the feel the stupidity of the do was just to show us the. was was but. was it see you if. you.
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if you have a killer bush alive it's almost from a little each other begin it's a good position to soak it all from the slave ship duty. not. to the forcing in a problem for this woman beautiful in this case i mean you've listed above most well. it isn't enough to get a nominee and
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a game is going to need. an emotional last minute so even me watch to listen to me . until two opposing points of some lame duck element sounds complement of course closed down during your argument just reach. if you're not seeing. the little look at. the close of the club like the. let's. just take it out that her stump speech was the hour we're going to present the money again to our son i suppose
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your story was let out there are some of the others with. our. allies. his ability to use him. when you said but you will get a look at that but yet it would be. even the chilis even if he said believe it you linda it was the cheapest if you. choose which it was as you go up say something else i was one of those. when i think i just missed playing at the corner store as i could or should all ask for the president was mr stevens and what will the both of us to close it up most likely my dear to them and their children from among many of us who it's all i want
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i want. to cause as a goal the families will walk me home buying stuff. no that obviously we're back. to the earlier celibacy of us again look at when then you'll know something here then which means that we can assume is that there is no evidence either way i'm going to assume that by silicon minute. you think if you look at even that look to the fish nuts which he looked up and well as you like to move with you i did google and he said look like he was going you know which i mean isn't this bullish them with a he's receiving this new tony and he should use can do is to ship them.
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the controversial leader of islamic jihad for his cock he is one of the most one internists in the history of israel coming to terms on his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli intelligence and aside the sense of being caught up in the must close the outcome is only death if someone tried to hit. immediately suman intention was shut down the border kill him in damascus at this time on al jazeera world and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have
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been truly unable to escape the war. now he's here to communicate it's a good thing to give one of their banking and kind of money i still and afghanistan to some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority had shot to see it was such other way as they fought for that they could settle all our other stuff they were only lovely but. unprecedented access i still and the taliban at this time on al-jazeera. mathison in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. state department is urging turkey not to intervene against kurdish forces in africa in syria the turkish government says it may attack in the coming days but it's
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approval from russia first the heads of the army and intelligence are in moscow for talks meanwhile syria's deputy foreign minister says his government forces will attack turkey's jets flying over its kurdish region. altogether two pm we warned that the syrian air defenses restored all its capacity and power and is ready to destroy to keep targets in the skies of the syrian arab republic this means that in any case i gresham buy the ticket and force it won't be made easy a spending bill to keep the u.s. government operating beyond friday has passed the house of representatives the bill to release funding for federal agencies until the middle of next month will not be debated in the senate the government faces the prospect of being shut down if the money isn't approved. israel's embassy in jordan is reopening after israel apologized for a shooting incident it was closed in july when an israeli security guard shot dead
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two jordanians over the ledge to attack the guard was allowed to return to israel under diplomatic immunity the average temperature on earth last year was hot enough to make twenty seven thousand among the three warmest years on record the us government's space and atmospheric agencies have published their annual global temperature report showing a continuing trend of long term warming temperatures heat relief from the oceans may also have played a role in boosting the readings pope francis has arrived in peru on the second leg of his south american tour the leader of the roman catholic church was welcome to leave by peruvian president petro public goods in ski during his trip is expected to meet indigenous people. emirates has thrown a lifeline to the world's largest passenger jets the dubai based airline has ordered twenty a three eighty s. with the option to buy sixteen more the sixteen billion dollars deal is vital for
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plane maker air bus it's the first order for the super jumbo in three years airbus had previously warned it would have to stop production of the double decker planes if the deal fell through and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness i'll be back in about twenty five minutes of life. which will be needed the scene. nobody gets the questions to live up to her dish or insist but. many are used. to continue to believe it and use it to two two to three minutes. and you see but in the book and this one with someone been compared to this particular you just
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well of course people will know that all the holes in the list of this new look has this. look at this list on what would be a. good deed to. own houses just what was he that he is a skydiver who thought the spanish flu was that serious the popular media that she's no socialist there's a muslim i'm stinker wouldn't you doing here to do it with must she want to what should that special. love music opera also for i woke up roses couldn't remember them at the it was a bunch of a coal mine years to secure them or something it was a mighty. money and who for the good meat would loop and stuff to the people living
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in his this was new was of the original post if you will post libby into storms augusta national's eventually got a speech on the book with him once he said but i didn't have much of. that should those are some of the sheen you come by me give the. only name probably schlitz. ackerman i'm. sure many of the three of you get. you. yeah man.
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because again some score by one of the rig you also should brush off with what i would you please god i would hear some story of course composed through this would know if i wanted a couple of not just not of no by me. but i stop my. bill is not what i'm but i have. already for the had and the whole procedure
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of them. but there were yes at them but alarming to privatise there are adult kids all get a mischievous ass as they are stopped and their organ reburied as they're called up or that tree and the option to mend them a poor split for photo or you're about to move forward. and this one. meant a lot of. the more they don't skid stuff the shark it was a not a good. photo for me to go in the tank people saw. also for a good thing you should. or. should just say or also.
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he doesn't it will be much good with a. little something for these so. great is that. little bit of music interest was honest with the supervisor when he spoke about this can. be used for the. killing. and so. right now in the program.
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if you listen to their. music. i'm critical of. the role of the piston this. is meaningless if i speak english to. push what are the stakes and present to them that i would use recently almost that. there's a question if some the schools need. to get out what they're willing able to. match
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our current amount of the article was and the feeling that it was acting in a way i felt that more than a previous episode than be free on a this is that i co-chaired. the man who was the wife of fortune are still for sale with them watch their missing three of them if they are. doing their part they. have an opinion to get us out of there quickly here. except. my. room you tube. because of the brave people.
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who are the. poor. girl. discussion. around the world i knew you could. answer to that is an. option. for almost look at the beach on a little sound. and sound from some of the fire she sees
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as this. sound that he gives she would see. the q. sound. thank you thank you and thank you. thank you i thank you thank you. thank i
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thank you thank you i. thank you thank you. thank you. thank you thank my. thank you thank. that a god that yes. i am a. were .
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the. i now who i am i think. it's the skin. and the cancer pulling out all the stops. i mean you have to remember in my. time in his telling me as a. final vote at this time.
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how i would after our recent cost that we got sandwiches bouncing back nicely now across northern parts of the us added to the east the sort of canada as well i guess was the northwestern corner we have got a fair amount of cloud of rain which will make its way across the pacific northwest is a little further east was some snow over the rockies will be some snow north of the border to into wet b.c. comes out the south eleven celsius in san francisco seventeen in l.a. on the cold side maybe a little colder here's a go on through the next few days but all the other side of the country those temperatures are recovering to three celsius in new york i celsius there full of they say and we ship pick up a few notches as we go on through sas day there's just some snow that would see the sort of kind of the little bit of rain the stone to west deposit kind of joining up with the wet and rather windy weather that we have coming into washington state and perhaps into oregon to get
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a bit more snow there coming in across the rockies and that will make its way further east which as we go through the next few days meanwhile we say some very heavy rain into the western side of the caribbean big area of cloud his protégé see some heavy downpours into pushing across into nicaragua costa rica and panama mobic down post for much of the reason as we go on through friday into colombia as well and the side of a saturday. i had. to look at the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives such in for sanctuary part one people in
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power on al-jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. this is al-jazeera.


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