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dialog i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera now he's here in the. parenting good kind of mom i see him and afghanistan with some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority. to see also children enslaved by. the. islam the only love me but. unprecedented access i still and the taliban at this time on al jazeera. this is zero.
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you're watching the news hour live from headquarters. coming up in the next sixty minutes a dramatic turn in the gulf crisis as a member of the cats a reward family accuses the u.a.e. and saudi arabia of orchestrating the dispute to seize qatar as well. after days of threats kurdish fighters say turkey has started shelling its positions in syria as northwest. begins the final leg off a politically sensitive visit to south america. and far it's all sport news including top seed rafa nadal storms into the fourth round of the off screen you know. hello the gulf crisis has taken a dramatic turn al-jazeera has obtained an audio recording of a qatari royal family member. if any in it he threatens to take his own life as
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a result of the pressure he said he was put under by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. he was portrayed by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as the main opposition figure to the cats are a government. is now accusing both countries of fabricating the g.c.c. crisis in order to seize cats ours wealth he also says mohamed bin sandman and hama been ziad the saudi it will be crowned prince says plotted the entire crisis. i mean this is. and is to them. he said.
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but. i'm. not. also why not. let him out. to. ship. one.
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let it's a little while it. would be. well the blockade against qatar is now in its seventh month on may the twenty third katz harz state news agency was hacked it reported statements attributed to the emir but despite the government saying the reports were false saudi and immorality backed media continued to broadcast the false statements on june the fifth the embargo was imposed by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahamian and egypt air routes were closed forcing qatar airways to make major detours and saudi arabia close qatar's only land border and on june the twenty third the blockading countries issued a list of thirteen demands including the closure of al-jazeera network qatar has rejected the demands calling them an infringement on its sovereignty efforts to resolve the crisis have fallen short in the seven months since then and in the last
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week qatar followed two complaints at the un over alleged violations of its airspace by m.r. razzi military aircraft following that the u.a.e. alleged cats are a fighter jets intercepted two of its passenger planes qatar called the claim completely untrue joining us on such as measured in saudi is a professor of sociology at qatar university thanks for joining us on al-jazeera to talk about this audio that has now been released off. i know that you have heard it just give me your initial reaction to it well there's i mean there's no surprise there we know that he has been pressured to do the past couple of months we know that he hasn't been in light. of most no he hasn't been as visible as he was in the beginning of the crisis which tells us basically that he wasn't cooperating with his no captors of girls and how significant is it that what he's saying is in this tape is the recording rather is that the gulf crisis is based on interests and the desire of mohammed bin say it and some of been said man
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to usurp the wealth and riches off of qatar initially saying that is what the crisis is about basically i mean there's nobody who's better situated the. and i believe in and i need to talk about with daily one because he was basically a partner of them during this crisis he was in on everything he was part of the attempts against other through this design of being a placement for the emea through what he said in the media but it's clear that there was only so much that he can do and so much as he can so much that he can go to when it comes to how. bad things he could say about other well in the recording he also spoke about the pressures by them and the constant threats what could he have been referring to here. well i mean he he himself said in there according of course that he himself was under threat he himself was under bush and we know that he was in the u.s. . and the sponsorship of providence and he was asked to be there by by invite from him and he was not allowed to leave the country this much at least we know and we
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know that two of his daughters were with him there and they're quoting here first to them a lot saying that he wouldn't want any harm to come to them he doesn't want them to be harmed because of him and he wouldn't be able to take it if harm came to people he loved because of him and therefore we know that the threats on him or not only threats on his life it's apparently threats to his family and the blockade now entering its seventh month what does this all mean for any hope of some sort of political or diplomatic solution i don't think this is a significant. piece of. the tail i mean this is certainly something significant in the means that it shows how the u.a.e. and saudi arabia deals with their partners before dealing with their enemies but when it comes to the case of the glow kate itself now we know that the americans now have a new. wave of communication that they're doing they've already contacted his highness the emir of qatar his highness the emir of kuwait we know that there are some rumors about things happening in d.c.
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now and one thing to initiate some kind of dialogue between the like what are you referring to here well i mean the still there we don't have any confirmation but it's apparent that the white house would like to end this crisis as quick as possible they don't want it to log on anymore and now we know that the white house is actually much more invested than it was before and during the crisis just qatar emerged stronger from this crisis well certainly i mean we had. international. relations has have actually betted since the beginning of this crisis we have actually more partners than we had before we have signed many agreements with the various entities the last one was yesterday with nato so i think qatar has. bloom through this experience i think that we were able to first of all cut ties with powers that were happening to us down i mean saudi and the u.a.e. and other nations in the in the gulf and special of the three that are blocking us will always hamper towards couples international opposition to us. development
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even the simple fact like having elections were cut i was demanded by the three countries not to hold elections and parliamentary elections. during that time so. this is breaking the leash of saudi arabia the u.a.e. and buying venturing into the world making new partnerships and it was a good time actually to showcase how reliable partner and they are liable player within the international community ok imagine one saudi we thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera. kurdish commanders say turkish forces have intensified shelling against villages it controls in the off districts of northern syria the bombardments from turkish territory began around midnight and continued into friday morning a y p g spokesman told words or is this mark the heaviest turkish showing since the turkish government stepped up threats to launch an offensive stephanie decker
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joining us from the. crossing that's on the turkey syria border you're monitoring the situation in the this was expected somewhat stephanie but however the turks seem to be stepping up of the operation rather quickly. well certainly the rhetoric has increased we've just in the last hour or so turkey's state news agency reporting that the russian they of course have a presence of around a couple of hundred military personnel in the area that they were withdrawing you know in all the sort of local channels this is breaking news nothing official still confirmed we spoke to a source who say that there is some movement light withdrawal but in terms of the heavy military presence of the russians in that area they remain why is that important because to be honest turkey can probably not do anything without russia's tacit approval russia also controls the air space but certainly when it comes to
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the rhetoric also we have heard from the turkish minister of defense minister of defense he was saying that will happen and it should happen soon and that they had no other choice but to do this and we also understand there's been some shelling that has resumed just north of here. but i think we do have to be cautious when listening to those sort of local even if it's official state news agency of turkey they're saying that with joy it doesn't look like the russians are fully withdrawing as of yet because that could be an indication that turkey could go in and just about twenty four hours ago when he was saying that it was going to step up the operation and there were strong words as well that came out from the syrian government itself about this operation. that's right syria's deputy foreign minister saying that its air defenses were ready and if any turkish jet violated syrian airspace it would shoot it down and i
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know that you know the syrians also say this when it comes to israeli jets occasionally it is a message of course that the syrians of damascus is not happy about this but i think if we're really going to cut to the chase during its the russians that call the shots on this one and this is why we've seen the you know the chief of staff the turkish chief of staff and the head of intelligence yesterday in moscow talking to their counterparts today as well talks are ongoing to try and figure this out the turkey has been so clear i mean the political rhetoric during over the last week here has been from the president from you know the foreign minister now from the defense minister saying we are going to go in with the picture on turkish television tanks reinforcing the board seems very embarrassing if you will if this is no if something isn't going to happen but russia absolutely holds the cards and i think with everything in syria it is a negotiation process what will. he give back to russia if russia allows it to go into our free it's complicated but certainly when you listen to the turkish
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language coming out from the upper echelons of government they say it's going to happen it's going to happen soon ok stephanie. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including. we made it clear that it was a pledge it was not a guarantee. more trouble for palestinians the u.s. goes back on a promise it made last month. the u.n. warns more than a quarter of a million children and war torn south sudan face starvation. coming up in sport this little mistake has big consequences for a former olympic champion details coming up a little later. well the u.s. says it will withhold another payment to the un's relief agency for palestinian refugees the forty five million dollars payment which was earmarked for food aid was promised last month at the time that we provided that note that information to
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honor and we made it clear that it was a pledge it was not a guarantee and that it would need to be confirmed later at this time we will not be providing that but that it does not mean i want to make it clear that does not mean that it will not be provided in the future well this follows washington's announcement on tuesday that it was withholding sixty five million dollars a one hundred twenty five million dollars aid package the u.s. provides the largest amount of funding to the agency and last year the obama administration gave more than three hundred fifty million dollars or helped an estimated five million palestinians in education in health care and housing and is active in palestinian occupied territories as well as gaza syria lebanon and jordan and are simmons has more from the occupied west bank. this was an emergency
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funding appeal which went in december only less than four weeks ago and this was the response of the u.s. yes we'll put in this amount of money forty five million it's a pledge we will do so to help this cause what we're hearing now is that that money has been pulled back it's not being x. completely it's being withheld and of course this is really humanitarian dynamite for the palestinians because their bottom line is that they're dependent on it's a very different things of u.n.h.c.r. which is for refugees outside of their countries of origin this is an internationally agreed agency a u.n. agency it's got nothing to do with any attempts at peace talks anything to do with the pen it's politics it is a service for refugees five million new put the context together in that intro you have people who need access to this service teaching education
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a chance to try to get a job food and this is particularly what we're talking about right now because this funding is directly onto the plates of those in need emraan colonising gaza with a look at how this will affect families who are already struggling. this house is typical of many in the gaza strip now currently there's an electricity blackouts they get like steve blackouts for about twelve hours a day now the u.s. is withholding food aid but what does that actually mean i know our supply things like this sacks of flour rice the basics that they supply now the only supply them about once every three months so a sack of flour about this big needs to last a family of nine for that long so there's already a cute shortages. getting. worried because this is the only help we have to live we have no choice from where else are we supposed to get food we can't buy we
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can't work there is no work and they decrease to eight what shall we do there's about two million people in the gaza strip now about one point one million of those people rely on food aid in some way or another is people like these that are going to be affected the most now the u.s. president has said that he wants changes to the way under operate she also wants the international community to step up and donate a lot more aid he said that the u.s. is very generous but other countries need to step up whether by withholding it is actually taking food away from people like these. areas the regional media advisor in the middle east for the norwegian refugee council he says withholding funds will only hurt those who are already suffering. for all you want to start the financial year with half of its budget still. unfulfilled disastrous and i wonder why is rightly asking for other international donors to step up the us
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administration and mr trump directly has been have been seen as transparent in their motivation it has been stated that the palestinian leadership needs to get back to the negotiating table so it is clearly politically motivated politicize ation of a politically motivated cutting of aid to people who need it to score a political point and that goes against all the principles of having humanitarian impartial neutral aid given to those who need it these are these are ordinary palestinian refugees civilians families children who have no day in the political scenario that is that they've been suffering from for decades. to yemen our people and heard a doris resorting to rummaging through garbage to find food u.n. aid agencies are calling for the city's port to stay open beyond friday to allow
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aid to continue the saudi led coalition had these the three week located but the deadline has out speired brandy's alexander has more. this mountain of trash is not simply a garbage dump it's now home to the growing number of displaced yemenis in the control city. despite health risks it provides a place to sleep food and even a source of income for an eleven year old are you its newest resident again when. we came here to eat and drink from the garbage i collect bread in plastic and i go back to sell it for money to buy food the nearly three year war in yemen has led to a deep theory an outbreak that spreading quickly a cholera outbreak that's killed more than two thousand people and the deaths of thousands more from the violence disease and malnutrition the saudi led coalition has been an utter disaster for the civilians of yemen on top of that the blockade
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which while they are temporarily used to still quite severe so it's urgent really to address the world's largest humanitarian crisis in yemen and the only way to do that is to squeeze the saudis and it's that international squeeze that's led the saudi led coalition to ease the blockade that was imposed on ports and airports in november now u.n. aid agencies are calling for the port of her data to remain open after friday the date set by the coalition to allow the continued delivery of lifesaving goods and feel rather mad magazine a must that that there is no future in the country better do this and bag we gather plastic bottles and bread and make do with what we can get the u.n. says for mobile cranes arrived in her data and for now the port is open but the fate of millions of yemenis facing famine rests with the coalition randi said
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xander al-jazeera. the new executive director of the un's children's agency unicef has warned hundreds of thousands of children in south sudan may die if emergency action isn't taken to boost food security ongoing fighting between forces loyal to the president and rival fighters loyal to his deputy continue to devastate the country millions have been displaced unicef says two point four million children have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict began in twenty thirteen more than two thousand children have been killed nineteen thousand have been recruited into armed groups with at least one in three schools damaged or closed more than seventy percent of children are not getting an education unicef director henrietta four who is visiting the country told al-jazeera the civil war is also causing widespread malnutrition. others has meant that many of the farmers have run away from their fields their trade to do the farming and as
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a result there is just not food in the markets we've just ended the harvest season we're now into the dry period and the lead period and it means that there is just less food less water to be. we are very worried that a quarter of a million children are going to be facing death that it's year before the next harvest in july so it is a serious problem yesterday we were up in some of the camps where the mothers and children are coming to see if there's malnutrition and the acute ear now nutrition is it's growing stronger so it's a continuing crisis and it's one the world needs to think about and to do something about it's it's serious here in south sudan. the russian opposition leader alexina vali has suffered a new setback as he tries to fight a ban preventing him from running in this year's presidential election
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constitutional court is refusing to refute a complaint log spine of family who was barred from the race because of a fraud conviction he says the charges were politically motivated president vladimir putin is widely expected to win a fourth term in march the british prime minister it's reason may in the french president so many one might call have vowed to continue cooperating on a range of issues after the u.k. leaves the european union and his first presidential visit to the u.k. my call is said to history between the two countries could not be impacted by changes in institutions jonah how reports. we're better to defense and security cooperation than britain's world famous sandhurst military academy. the british army may not be the global force it once was but france and britain are still the main e.u. military powers just one of many things in common that these two leaders say they're keen to preserve post breaks it while this summit takes place as the u.k.
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prepares to leave the e.u. we are and will remain a steadfast partner to our friends and allies and a strong and deep relationship between the united kingdom and france remains in both our interests the president and i agree on the importance of the u.k. france relationship not just to our security but to european security they also share a border on the french side including the sometimes troubled port of kalai and a border agreement that emanuel mccrone initially had said he wanted to tear up instead britain will pay tens of millions of dollars more towards reinforcing it and helping france deal with the burden of migrants and refugees trying to reach britain it is mr mack rahm's nod in the direction of common interests and continued close future ties. there are two things that cannot be changed our history and our geography these cannot be impacted by changes in the institution or office we are
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facing common challenges and we share the same destiny. the two sides also promised to help each other in their foreign military operations british helicopters to help france's fight against eisel and al-qaeda in north africa french assistance in securing the e.u. use eastern borders with russia but the real focus of attention here is as much defense as it is diplomacy it is the u.k. government trying to forge a close future relationship with france inside the e.u. when britain is out. as bricks of negotiations enter their most difficult stage trade talks there may well be more of this sort of treatment of e.u. leaders britain trying to maintain influence while it still can and relevance when it's all over jonah hill al jazeera at sandhurst pope francis has arrived in
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peru in the midst of a domestic political crisis and the sexual abuse scandal involving the catholic church tens of thousands of his followers lined the streets of lima as he passed through the capital it's the second and final leg of his south american tour leader has appealed to the pontiff to help resolve a political crisis following the pardon giving to the former president alberto fujimori processors also expected to address the vatican's handling of a sexual abuse case involving the leader of a powerful catholic organization in peru. pope will be spending the night in early on friday he will be heading to monday the u.s. an area in the amazon that is a very important visit for the pope since this is an area that has been devastated by illegal miners and the pope been a champion of a healthy environment around the world will he will be visiting this place is
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a place that was very important for him and he will be meeting some of the indigenous communities members of the indigenous communities there he will be presiding a religious ceremony on sunday where a million and a half people are expected to attend before he heads back to rome. some people have been protesting here the visit of the pope the vatican is protecting one man who is the leader or he was the leader of a very important religious organization has a queue of committing sexual abuse against the young men and so before. the pope arrived in peru he asked the vatican to intervene this is a religious organization called the slowly sume however people are angry at the
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pope that this hasn't been done before and so people are protesting but the government has said that no protests will be allowed and that anyone protesting will risk being detained a spending bill to keep the u.s. government operating has passed the house of representatives the legislation to release funding for federal agencies until the middle of next month will not be debated in the senate government agencies are warning employees of a shutdown later on friday if the money isn't approved well the democrats say they will not support a bill unless there are guarantees that young adults. migrants who entered the u.s. illegally will be protected our white house correspondent kimberly helka reports. carlos roll was brought to the united states from venezuela illegally by his parents at the age of two his university educated and now lives in chicago but is spending his vacation in washington to plead his case before lawmakers now we're
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all here to support the dream act i've been senator i wanted to check in with you about your support for the dream act growing needs congressional support to pass a law so he can stay in the united states legally under a program called daca i don't necessarily think it's fair that they're playing politics with our lives i mean it's really problematic and the fact that you know we are you know we are real people we are support you know we are contributors economy like my employers you know our employers are concerned about the political what's politically at stake duggar recipients like rola have become central in the debate over funding that could shut down the u.s. government at midnight friday within required twenty eighteen government funding legislation democrats are demanding protections for doctor recipients they also want money for health insurance for low income children republicans are demanding money for president trump's border wall along the southern border with mexico to stop illegal immigration they also want funding to rebuild the u.s.
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military if for any reason the judge down the worst thing is what happens to our military but democrats say dr recipients are the real victims in this battle if protections aren't put in place. some protesting in the u.s. congress were even arrested for advocating on behalf of illegal immigrants without status it's possible a short term funding deal could keep the government open allowing time for bigger issues to be addressed the last time there was a government shutdown was nearly five years ago. and it could happen again if democrats and republicans are able to overcome their differences kimberly how did al-jazeera washington while the facts of the recent arctic freeze in the u.s. seem to linger rob don't think they do because there has not she been displaced it's just left there and so was the getting cold in florida for example i mean if
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you look at these temperatures this is these are the last couple of nights in the southern states and it's down to minus ten down to minus seven in new orleans and that feels cold even if you don't know the averages well the average is eight to fourteen degrees warmer than that it shouldn't be subzero it's all the same is true around in florida miami is down to seven night and tampa is subzero and i mention this because this cools the water as well and there's some delicate creatures and also give alligators but manatees all congregated this is what they do when it gets cold the waters get cold the congregate together to keep warm this is just in tampa bay as a temp for the water goes down below modest fifty they're going to die luckily it's slowly warming so this is hopefully ok in fact the overall picture detente have just despite it being in the twenty in miami that should be twenty seven is it's been generally rising in the area where it's really really cold in fact not all this hot and his gently getting warmer here all the active weather high is on the pacific seaboard i once again it's become particularly stormy here so much so yes
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some pretty giant waves on the shores of british columbia rocky shores luckily and that's been bringing rain but also snow and that snow will help for the add to the rather weak snow pack currently falling down through the rockies chain story. thank you for that well more on our top story and doubts the dramatic turn in the gulf crisis with the release of an audio recording by a qatari royal family member so. funny the man who accuse the u.a.e. government of detaining him says saudi arabia and the u.a.e. fabricated the gulf crisis in order to seize qatar's wealth he accuses him of been some. the saudi and i would not be crown princess of plotting the entire crisis. how to me is a political analyst i spoke to him earlier and he says the statement reflects qatar's position on the gulf crisis of the. part of the statement given
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by attorney proves what carter has always deuterated we have witnessed all these acts with them by the government of abu dhabi. and said man that crown prince . for example has been detaining. lawyers and business been there it's this is an attempt to. riches he has. to not only the riches of qatar but the gulf of egypt other countries in the region because this fact revealed by the love in. this person singular tape iteration and the living proof that the gulf crisis is not based on genuine grounds the so called allegation of terrorism severing the relations of certain regional powers all these were pretexts and. it is all. the desire
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of those told arabia and the united arab emirates to use that it is of the have some military power. and its leadership. have more positive opportunities. in establishing more positive relations with the world advances of that crisis is now i think the past and qatar will continue to form a strategic alliances in the region and with other world powers qatar has today been proved correct ability not only in the region but in the entire world community simply for the reason it has been dealing with absolute veracity and the city from day one in the face of allegations false lies by those countries' leaders cut solution looming on the horizon i believe that pulling the blockade will
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continue and the crisis will witness more obstacles and more. qataris not banking on our future diplomatic resolution however i believe that even if a solution is needed the wound is deep and the bitterness is profound. saturday marks one year since president donald trump took the oath of office becoming the forty fourth president of the united states in part four of our weeklong series on marking the anniversary burnitz with looks at how his presidency has affected the middle east. it was the first time that saudi arabia had been chosen by u.s. president for his debut overseas trip trump and the saudi leadership wanted to reset relations a strange under the obama administration particularly over iran the u.s.
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and the saudis are traditional allies but it's clearly a new relationship at least between the leaderships that he has closely a brace but haven't been so bad in saudi arabia and he has literally tweeted that the king had tried prince of saudi arabia enjoy his twin to fit in so he has essentially given them a diplomatic blank check and that is why many believe saudi arabia along with the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt miscalculated when they imposed an. blockade on cata seven months ago katsa denies accusations of backing terrorist organizations trump initially supported the blockade before the white house shifted its position because to very much on the side of saudi arabia and i think. he has simply gone ahead with whatever his son in law. transmitted to him and terms of messages between ahmed been so mine and himself and at the beginning he
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demonstrated that he knew very little as to the strategic importance of qatar to the united states. trump has more than one shown a lack of knowledge not just about u.s. interests while meeting lebanon's prime minister saad hariri he seemed confused about the role of hezbollah lebanon is on the front lines in the fight against isis al-qaeda and hizbollah hezbollah is part of the government it's also backed by iran iran has been the common denominator between the trump administration the saudis and the israelis but so far that doesn't seem to be a clear strategy on how to confront iran. there in iraq and in syria after. has been. that how they do it very very good at the moment of her apparent american military presence. but it is likely that iran is going to maintain a major influence there. u.s.
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troops were deployed in the mainly kurdish region in northeast syria to assist in the fight against eisel the u.s. led coalition says the american personnel will stay and help create a border security force of thirty thousand mainly kurdish troops the u.s. policy is to contain iran and it's using its only leverage in syria the kurds to try to do that it's. a trump doesn't have a new policy for syria he inherited his policy of nor direct military intervention but he doesn't want the russians iranian regime to declare victory the u.s. is not in a position to confront but it wants to postpone addict a ration of victory what he didn't perspiring however was his campaign pledge today we finally acknowledge the obvious that jerusalem is israel's capital. with this highly controversial move trump overturned decades of u.s. foreign policy in the middle east but one year in what this administration thinks
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its policies in the region will ultimately achieve remains unclear. but it's meant . al-jazeera senior political analyst joining us live from london so you heard bernard outlining the issues that trump took on during his first year of the presidency but just just tell me how you think tunnel trumps presidency has affected the middle east this past year or let's just start by saying on the three central issues you just reported on the gulf crisis not of the saudi arabia israel and the question over jerusalem and palestine as well as syria on all three questions candidate trump took one position and president took a whole other position and the beginning of his campaign he's going to be neutral he's going to be listening and he's going to be objective one question of palestine it turned out to be exactly the contrary he took israel's side recognize jerusalem
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as israel's capital and so forth. he also during his campaign that saudi arabia was a source of much for the united states and its security and then he became best friend with saudi arabia's king solomon and of course on the question of syria he said that he's not going to be helping any refugee and the nation building in syria is not concern of the united states only the fight against eisel orderly that we ended just a few days ago a couple of days ago with a speech by secretary teller sort of saying that there's going to be an indefinite military deployment by the united states in syria seeing assad go as well as guarantee that there are refugees so really all in all a major shift in policy from candidate to president and why is it that there was this major shift why did we see these these u. turns when it came to these three issues that you outlined is it because trump himself decided to do this or is it because of the people perhaps that he's a put around him. well you have you know three different cases very
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interested cases of foreign policy if i had this if i was teaching my class now this would be the ultimate cases of how and why and what's behind foreign policy so briefly on the question of saudi arabia as trump told pat robertson that evangelical t.v. host and leader he said look if the so does that not promise me hundreds of billions of dollars of investments and purchases of american arms i wouldn't have got saudi arabia and the saudis that in promised to bring all or most muslim leaders from around the islamic nations fifty plus leaders to saudi arabia in order to hear i lecture from president from about terror and terrorism and so on so forth from porn admitted to riyadh so certainly he got a lot in return in terms of change of policy in saudi arabia on that of israel he realized once and again like all american presidents realize that the israeli lobby the evangelical lobby but mostly the israeli lobby is very strong in the united
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states and you can go by without really having to listen in fact being dictated to by the israel lobby when it comes to the question of israel palestine and the question of jerusalem so the evangelical and is there a lobby really a pressure trying to change its policy on syria we have that of the establishment of the united states notably the state department and the minister of defense. really represented by secretary tellers and secretary mattis both of them saying look we cannot pull out of afghanistan we cannot pull out of syria we cannot make the mistakes of the obama administration's according to their analysis and hence the united states will need to stay we need to maintain military presence have local support in syria as well as well as in afghanistan not only in order to fight terrorism but also to establish american military's presence in the greater middle east and just briefly what does twenty eight seen then hold for the middle east under a trump presidency i think we're probably going to see more of the same with the
4:43 pm
exception maybe of the gulf crisis we've already seeing signs of how much the president trump understands how he was duped by the saudi and the about r.t. leaders on the fact that there are supports terrorism and so on so forth he understands to well and and we understand now from his just recent phone call a couple of days ago with the emir of qatar he thanked congratulated the emir of qatar for the fight against terror and for the close relations between the united states and qatar so we hope we expect the united states will get more involved in a more serious way in order to resolve the gulf crisis because the american administration is frustrated and every day to by the continuous crisis in the gulf that doesn't serve american interests ok and i think in jerusalem we probably see more of the same in syria we don't know ok and wonders how to thank you.
4:44 pm
now the u.n. says syrian refugees in lebanon are more reliant now than ever on international aid and with more harsh winter weather for cost extra funds are urgently needed a survey shows three quarters of the under one million syrian refugees in lebanon are living on less than four dollars a day many in makeshift camps sixty percent are in extreme property that's an increase of five percent on the same time last year nine out of ten refugees are regularly going hungry un agencies in lebanon say last year they received a third of the money they needed to meet the needs of refugees and they were appealing for two point seven billion dollars in funding for this year. has more from lebanon's bekaa valley. these people have been here since the conflict began seven years ago like you mentioned a harsh winter it's raining there's heavy winds and just look how people live this is just one of the many informal settlements where hundreds of thousands of refugees live this is their shelter plastic sheeting and it really does nothing in
4:45 pm
the cold temperatures are very low it is very cold we're going to show you some of the really the miserable conditions that these people live in happy with the cold the mud the rain the heavy rainfall some of these tents like i mentioned there is no a proper shelters no concrete shelters simply because the lebanese government bans concrete shelters they don't want anything to be too permanent they do not want these refugees to feel comfortable and to encourage them to stay they would like them to go back to syria and were just entering one of the homes well we're going to call it a home but you can see the waters reached inside their their living rooms their living quarters and the people here have told us that they have to remove all their belongings because they got wet and in the floods in the flooding so life really is very difficult and a lot of them live in poverty a lot of them are in debt and the united nations is warning that because of the
4:46 pm
poverty children for example are very very vulnerable a lot of them especially the young girls are being forced into child marriages and some of them also work they're forced to work to help their family survive so the situation is quite miserable it is miserable as you can see it is snowing now. more than thirty two years ago thousands of people lost their homes after a massive earthquake in mexico city and today hundreds still living in temporary camps and others have only recently been in permanent homes but in september last year the list of those looking for a home grew even longer when another big quake struck mexico city david mercer reports. jeannette morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack
4:47 pm
officials said it was a temporary solution but thirty two years later jeanette is still here. back then if someone had told me that one day i'd have my own children and grandchildren but still be living here i wouldn't have believed it the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us. around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp camp president alfredo vegas tries to keep pressuring city officials to deliver on their promises. but that if the government would have told us they weren't going to give us apartments we would look for alternatives whatever you have a little here's our agreement there we're going to deliver so this dream with her. this past september another powerful earthquake rocked mexico city hundreds of people died and once again thousands were left homeless. at your pleasure as apartment building collapsed now she lives in this makeshift camp in
4:48 pm
a city park petra can't afford local rents so for now the sixty four year old sleeps in this tent. you have to be here in the camp all the time and put pressure on the government and we don't want to be left here on the street for too long because we're senior citizens and we're vulnerable some of those displaced will benefit from government programs to cover short term rent payments and provide credits for housing loans but as winter temperatures drop others fear they'll be left out in the cold politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail. still ahead on. the australian open players complaining of dangerous.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
sports fans heading to south korea for next month's winter olympics can look forward to using the new terminal which has just opened at seoul's international airport it can handle eighteen million passengers a year and boasts everything from robot waiters to interactive art kathy novak want to take a look. this is the brand new terminal at incheon international airport the main gate way for people arriving here in south korea travelers are testing out
4:51 pm
technology that's been introduced to make their experience more efficient and a bit more fun. as in any airport there are plenty of places to grab a coffee but for something a little different why not order a latte from the robot arista for those who may want to work out after hours of sitting on a plane there are a selection of active games at the digital gym and to take the flying experience to the next level strap in for some virtual reality based jumping. or com or option passengers can sit in the indoor garden and take in a musical performance or experience some examples of traditional korean culture. before boarding their flights travelers can come and check out some of the artworks on display this interactive piece has taken traditional works and digitally enhanced them to be projected on the curved screen it's. just one of a number of installations scattered around the terminal this new addition to the
4:52 pm
airport will help cater to all of the visitors who will be coming to south korea for the winter olympics the olympic organizing committee estimates almost four hundred thousand foreigners will travel here for the winter games after leads to the twenty eight thousand winter games next month it will reach its final destination on february ninth when it will light the cold be opening ceremony at chiang. time for the rest of the sports news with farah thank you so much daryn we start with the australian open where top seed and world number one russian adele is through the last sixteen and malkin the spaniard he was runner up last year. zoom her in straight sets on friday that al winning this one six one six three six one the thirty one year old is looking to win the aussie open for a second time after first taking the title in two thousand and nine. and you were. always. a great result and without playing well is impossible to have this kind of
4:53 pm
result so happy for that happy to be through. for. good measure. local favorite make kerry also is also through the fourth round of beating his childhood hero freshman joel for song of the seventeen c. defeated songs seventy five four six seven six seven five his best performance in melbourne was reaching the quarter finals back in two thousand and thirteen curiosus hoping to become the first australian men's champion in forty two. curious will follow a third seed grigor dimitrov next the bulgarian survived a tough task in sweltering heat to reach the last sixteen heat andre rieu of russia in four sets to advance the twenty six year old reached the semifinals last year and is yet to make it to a grand slam final. you don't win slams in the first week i mean it's simple as that you need to go through those matches and that's. that's the case right now
4:54 pm
simple as hard when right now it's i love it i mean on days and you don't feel the best and those are the matches that count a lot and the the bigger upside is you can only get better now. over in the women's draw second seed caroline wozniak you had no major drama's against kiki burtons of the netherlands the former world number one beating her in straight sets to reach the last sixteen earlier foresee that ended fifteen year old marta calls yokes a dream run at the australian open in searing heat shield her year craning. straight sets in just fifty nine minutes speedily never reaches the fourth round at the season opening major for the first time in her career. i'm just enjoying myself on court every match is a big challenge for for everyone in a grand slam and you know i'm just going to go out there and do my best and be ready for for my next march. manchester united manager joe is
4:55 pm
a marine iau has admitted arsenal forward alexy sanchez could be on his way to old trafford the chileans contract at arsenal is up at the end of the season and there's been heavy media speculation that he's involved in a swap deal that will see united tyrion joint arsenal not go for the. thank you. just. we did. we get a feeling that. you can move and if you move. as you could have a chance the cleveland cavaliers ended their four game slide on thursday but only just they beat the orlando magic by a single point not such a good night for the eastern conference leaders the boston celtics stumbled to their second loss in a row this time going down to the philadelphia seventy six ers joel andy topping
4:56 pm
the scores column the center heading twenty six points on the very night he found out that he's been voted into this year's all-star game seventy six years winning at eighty nine to eighty. percent it's a hearing for the former usa gymnastics doctor cues to be using over one hundred forty girls and women is coming to a close larry nasser pleaded guilty to molesting seven girls and is part of the plea deal the fifty four year old has been forced to listen to hours of his victims' stories and michigan courtroom. serving sixteen years in prison for possessing child sex abuse images the american will be sentenced after this hearing but not until his victims have all finished speaking. europe have set a monster and it's only sorry you got caught. i'm here today with all these other women not victims but survivors to tell you face to face that your days of manipulation are over. we have
4:57 pm
a voice now we have the power now there is no therapy no here and no humans are monsters like you you are pure evil meanwhile usa gymnastics says it will no longer use the national team training center where nasir carried out the abuse the karalee ranch in texas was named by several of the women as the place where they were abused the facility has been used for regular training camps but usa gymnastics is now looking for another permanent location of the most successful woman ski racer in history lindsey vonn has had a bit of a hiccup as she continues her comeback the american who clocked the fastest time down the course in court tina lost on the mountain when whatever skis taked up in the air causing her to slam on the brakes all that mistake had its a fia game italy a world cup downhill title vonn had to settle for second after missing the twenty fourteen olympics because of
4:58 pm
a knee injury the thirty three year old is set to return to the winter olympics in check. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to you daryn thank you very much for about a day back in just a moment swerd much more all the day's news right here on al-jazeera see you in a minute. this is no game it's a business. move the river triggers brazil am i the by the run up to kill the is the bridge to the easy. to gamble with there. will be anything just her. risking it all to destroy one l.g. series. we're here in the jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we
4:59 pm
cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to not the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and all of the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks have been and what happens here matters. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting
5:00 pm
a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds corruptly did just what president stated in the whole country that is not the other way when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. a dramatic turn in the gulf crisis as a member of the cattle we boil family accuses the u.a.e. and saudi arabia of orchestrating the dispute to seize.


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