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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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arabia and the u.a.e. of fabricating the rif with cast or is a way to seize their neighbor's wealth politicians in the u.s. are trying to prevent a possible government shutdown on the anniversary of donald trump's first year in office if a funding law isn't passed key agencies begin shutting down at midnight local time the u.s. says it will withhold another payment to the u.s. relief agency for palestinian refugees forty five million dollars was promised last month for food aid on tuesday washington announced it was going to withhold more than half of a one hundred twenty five million dollars aid package pope francis is visiting communities in peru affected by illegal gold mining in the amazon leader of the catholic church is in the city of porto the nodder in the southeast of the country where he's been greeted by indigenous leaders and germany's chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic that the social democrats will give the go
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ahead for coalition talks to take place she was speaking on a trip to paris for talks with france's president emmanuel lamb on next stop episode three of super thursday revisits i-t. students from one of india's poorest areas ten years on.
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the two men behind super thirty could hardly have more different backgrounds their fall from the ship might seem unlikely but it was six and we understand each other . there's certain things which we have in common best makes us work together. something for me put a people in the prison have not had so much and. he's also one person much in place on lake me.
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at the end of this hot april day this is leaving the exam center. for the soup with the burden is now lifted. later that evening they assemble for a de-brief with. it out. he wants to know how they think they've scored matter and seventy percent. sixty percent mad robot unlimited chance it will kill you. which you probably wouldn't even speak of. if. sad to me
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to hear. our bus memory limits a large a suddenly found. it gone have high. our law on her part of more pretty. while parsimony. i'd say here where. he appeared. that the guy a guy you'd be aware indeed had a bundy about. the year three people end up being. valid. the law thought well how do you. think you're t.k. .
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it's time to new photo of the host and this is what thirty see each other for a couple of months until the exam results are announced. at last it's results day and the news. it is good itself out that way but you know right there are a part of activity here still going but that will be how you'll get that you get an a but pretty fair but telling that i added i get by nick that. the indian media descending on anon neighborhood the soup with the cheese achievement will be broadcast fabiana but now. that the. twenty nine of the thirty have passed it's the best ever result. prince is super thirties highest ranking candidate and has come third it's no less than a noncom are expected to vote
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a telegram. that has as a follow up. but chick which improved quite a lot there which i chair but jim in. there. the your goal from which they had all those most of the hot ago. that about monica riaz is the. whole myth here he dances significance to how they rank the higher the students mock the mood choice they have over what to study and which i i t campus they'll go to. a body but i you. know you. so many camera crews have arrived at the press conference has to move into the garden or not to give them. a real holiday feel out of it so put that big job up
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next. live or maybe but not us or how about a death by a sun set but a lot of the what your budget bought cover health care. has the well to be. an answer. like. this. but. if you let you. do things will now be going to iowa but he has only the haziest idea of what it actually is and isn't. oh i guess at least for the but. for this guy hopefully done. that he would do.
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well you bought the t.v. or you. want to get out i tell a double to get you back to give me the yeah thank you. this is just shoot me dying get the quick fix and the guards the mustang i have a way out of this just don't have the same another without having to kill himself with the the little guy at the back and it did. have this. time and i am on the sound of mandolin and. sean didn't do as well as jyotish but he's relieved to have gotten a tour this was his second and final chance on the prisoner part that made my part of what we began with the only other something to keep her jurors are going to go mark mark she died of the real bullets isn't going to give him a more humane. treatment from which to me my business was did he commit or not.
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make it as many people are looking to hospital i will pour lives this could be taken to cuba. the only willing to. move the city. to come good they could go in that it turns out. he's witty get her big. chances mother has no doubt about where the credit really belongs or subsidize the island said king mark. but not been lucky but joe cannot kill under. me on monday or the end of that they have to look like they come to let their licking want to you. better cut the wood at the hurt the water but then old bailey near the cops who protect the subsidy but out may scar she had her. unanswered key mark wanted to. prince's making
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his first visit since the results were announced he came hundred and sixty fifth out of the five thousand who'd been accepted from all over india. lol riddles of the summer. marks are here only missed. some here but you heard that they could very well go in space and be that that much like yeah. all. right. the most minimal seven they'll pull out on the hundred odd happened to him that would probably want. to leave masai that the whole of the board that. is what i will call that i love about what i had been really. sum up by the. head if the but japanese. prophets and demon done without their own bomb or by the chairman before that it's near sob day to day skinny. on the long haul of both of us
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on the down i can just sort of opt. for. that evening the winning team is busting for a final appearance at the rom a new john school coming here to inspire the next year's super talented hopefully thank you. better not just thank. him for this i was here but finally get to probably like you're not going to like a full. body. battle gotta get there early with the child he has programmed here. for this. situation every day that you provide an argument. when you go on the road. and you
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take thank you yes i look at i'm no longer you're a lot more father down i've already bought for my cotton got all good here is from all he said just like he had. i am going to sit by and girls don't progress because they need to ask know why you are slow brotherly arch that if you're smart that he wrote a thank. you. is now at eighteen. but he's spending his holidays at home in but no teaching this year's super thirty but i. did without their game was normal for me. but that everyone.
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has to protect the guy. feel to have this lovely smile but as someone who. didn't come over this someone that. made me feel bad. i take it on we return to what not to find out what had become of the students and of soup with her teeth sell. our stuff home village. but i lowkey miss spam he had moved on later that day we tracked them down to a nearby village. and our strike. i look at his family have left. and moved in here with a relative. don't let them down there shania by me again it will look
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a bit dark. now when you know when india says. good never better get in. morning me. like a little financial condition of not. because father ok got that. means how do we. tell the. guy then you're going to get us the way handsome salary. father mother when he brought up their partner made up the. thing you need to. look at they said there was a big but not. pertinent
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part about. what angles and i.q. were in the movie what the tokyo. campus placement in peace may want to make it through. joining me. about my part and i may. be able to make it transmutes or i will get this across the country. in your need for the ready to get. a good measure of it so one of the best company in the world. a few kilometers away from office and now lives with his parents after super
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he went to the to study engineering but now he's chosen a different career paths. he did in the dark and would be. came getting me who had to do with us that there. may be indian good name abroad and they're saying just need a palm and a logo on them enduring love but short notice them down meeting two of the i don't have to go that are to me didn't you could try to go to. our dividends live maybe tokyo maybe this year i don't want to miss him but the economics make. a noise about it but. to do as it was given to the economics me in me i was give up going to new deal has to be a two to make a sound or have you missing it it says hello you may remember the inverted to mrs gentle is that it. is that i'm lazy. and don't work its will.
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generally dull but that's what it says that i know that says but i love it i'm really just. all you know what i got many telling me here. what a chance i was learning from another that says it got. learned yes it's i'll go down next to me i did believe that the mill had been the just name was a letter just meant no honey got there. see how am i that this got out and i love it i'd give her say in the lake in india institute me in the mirror india made. of made up mother tongue hindi there. by holy cow it's an oak still have the democrats by name emerges from the cellar at the mabel heart of the deceased and doing things think that you. already made their targets are below the campus legs and get in your place and you know because there's been or because nice
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company and. when they get home i didn't that make a lot of utopia good to say dig in the some numbers up but i'm sure what you mean. my god you're not looking. so i mix it a chemical of the sort which with one what i the most would never justify the. but if i get up there are several. super thirty's start. he now works for a management consultancy in the by he recently got married and we found him visiting his family but we just saw. this little one it was like. because. as he took me there. after two thousand and seven and so protective i joined. in electrical engineering. for the
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best years of my life where i met a lot of smart people. after their joy of resolutions in new delhi as my first job in two thousand and eleven in two thousand and fourteen i got the chance to war. this was a great cultural change for me moved from delhi to dubai and the work in one minute was really fast there was a lot of multinational. i thought i could novel with spanish people pakistani people people from what i call people from china so it was a great beginning for me. working with. the management content consulting space in the butt and i currently travel to where my project is four days a week and the weekend i am in dubai. be a hire made out better than any. idea. you have been making hiring. or to. the way.
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yeah. let's our foreign. next stop is going through i.t. capital of india where roger. working with my city's parents as a software engineer in the research and development institute currently i mean to me i'd be a ballo office. here joining others to down sixteen and since then i'm working with them. and working for electric and hybrid vehicle software development by saying we are going to do this with a broad had my. eye is scored well then after you join or you become a put a parent than they were imagined like the way i was thinking that i would never come out of the how you could miss him of thinking about insoles who but now they
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are you really saying that they can probably say that my son is you working with that i want to them and we are going abroad supporting all lines all over the globe supporting the society. back in but now we want to find out what happened to the super thirty program itself. other than and our founding fathers supercuts he retired from his job as police chief of bihar state and since them has been working hard to grow the idea deliberate dream part of the experiment. that part having been successful. i thought this experiment is good for society and therefore it should come out of that shell and colby. and then.
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people who were not in good business of. digg are doing touch and their experience there do their due. investing this concept. of their philanthropy measure. and so some of these play their money. and let there be. a good sort left to be made by not being as time goes on. but those super thirty programmes have sprung up right across india the model varies according to needs to invest when model is different for different. super turkeys for example i'm going to protect the use of purely society and for similarly a community in the minority community he was leaps. there got out of it and put to use that money to the end of the leadership of. a lot of lead and i knew you
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would know the chief of the all india muslim person. so far ramani thirty design specially for muslim students has been the most successful venture for a band and i mean if you started with just centers to have you have to do stuff centers across india have been able to scale it we have been able to port it and this community yes positive community report and everybody knows is a most. district education deprived community this particular project has changed the mindset of the community the produce of the students the king of our examination phase the students want to do so it is not that they want to work wired they're going from idea which is a basic technical training like plumber being electrician going to make rockets or
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planes or changing over and getting into their design. now simply petty's branching out still further goes on the project the best students plus several competitive exams. and there's a sports academy which is managed to produce several nationally acclaimed athlete. it's and plans. to use. game came out of reagan portraying. buying it. but you're your shadow chin ain't here on choreographs time when you get. on the air force and really raise hardware new government department job out of going to grad printer when mr. sharon or good job security. is going to pay but your to a national level put. up made. community
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schemes only projects a sports academy there's one thing that binds all these projects together giving something back so we have grouping that. these. things. start to refuse to. do that if this is under construction. going on a motherboard get. better but out of the data. but one of the embodiment of it the want actually gone on a possibility are you see i'm really up on what this is a promise to god. and. one
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of the sure that isn't top of mine is. doing something with the traffic on the cisco os you would. make if the idea of and if they had among them equipped to. do this and. i hope and they very sincerely believe that. these days. back in who's more of his eight. hundred fifty.
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carcinogen. and monday put it on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. america's controversial president continues to
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polarize opinions i. do solemnly swear marking one year since he was sworn into office al jazeera brings you a special program about the impact president trump has had at home and around the globe trumps first year on al-jazeera. facing the realities of growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the mean maher government calls you a gringo lead terrorist hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. i know i'm maryam namazie and londonderry headlines on al-jazeera tucky has fired artillery into a kurdish controlled by the northwest syria across the border bombardment of a free and comes after days of threats by the president against the syrian fighters
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known as the.


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