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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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al-jazeera it's just swear every suits. our marine deuce hold the benefit of saddam people so bad to see the importance of our guys witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. after angry interruptions from israeli palestinian politicians the us president tells israel's parliament the u.s. embassy will move to jerusalem next year.
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and i'm sorry to say this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. tech expands its offensive in northern syria and says russia agreed to the operation. under the thousands of u.s. government workers stay at home as congress prepares to vote to break the budget and pass. on the peaceful transition of power in liberia as for football the star george weah is sworn in as president. the u.s. vice president has told israel's parliament the u.s. will move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem by the end of next year mike pence made the announcement during a speech to israel's knesset which was initially interrupted by protesting israeli
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arab politicians after they were thrown out and spoke of the u.s. his friendship with israel the first american vice president to address the knesset praised for his decision to recognize jerusalem. for all the united states recognized your nation wanted ministration after another refused to recognize your company but just last month. president donald trump made history he righted a seventy year wrong he kept his word to the american people when he announced that the united states of america will finally acknowledge jerusalem is israel's capital . has more from west jerusalem. well mike pence wasn't very far into the speech just a couple of lines the first as you noted given by u.s. vice president to the israeli knesset the parliament here before there was a protest from israeli palestinian members of the knesset standing up some shouting
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jerusalem as the capital of palestine of course contradicting the u.s. position that it is the capital of israel which was the source of that process before they were taken out of the knesset amid some scuffles the scuffles out here in the or at least there was shouting matches out here in the corridor as well after the speech with one right wing israeli member of the knesset calling one of the israeli palestinians a terrorist saying he had no place inside this building as for the content of the speech itself it really did throw into sharp relief the competing realities really which are now being operated in by the united states and israel on one hand and the palestinian leadership on the other he was saying that the united states remained in favor of a two state solution if that was what both sides wanted that there would be no prejudging of any final status any final boundaries but that was really all that there was on offer for the palestinians who haven't entirely rejected the u.s. as a potential broker given the declaration by old trump in december the rest of the speech was full of religiosity perhaps tipping his hat to the evangelical christian base
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he has back in united states and full of real lockstep political support for the administration of benjamin netanyahu here in israel saying that whatever happened in the peace process united states would absolutely guarantee the security of israel that it would also guarantee that iran never got a nuclear weapon and he said that the united states was committing itself to moving its embassy from tel aviv to here in jerusalem by the end of twenty nineteen saying three times with great portent the jerusalem was the capital of israel it's getting rave reviews from israeli ministers who called who are calling it inspirational emotional even zionist as a palestinians they're saying that it just keeps further damage on the declaration that came from donald trump in december. meanwhile a palestinian president has received assurances from the e.u. foreign policy chief that the block is firmly committed to a two state solution with east jerusalem as the shared capital of the two saints and talks with frederick a moderate me and european foreign ministers
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a bass once again called for immediate recognition of the state of palestine he argued this would not disrupt negotiations with israel on a peace settlement that is also we believe the only realistic a viable way to fulfill the legitimate aspirations of both parties we continue to promote the two state solution we are posed to settlement activity that we consider illegal under international law and to achieve this goal we need to speak and act wisely and consistently with a sense of responsibility. here world tour and remark of we pay all due respect to the positions of the european union we truly consider the e.u. as a partner and friend and therefore we call its member states to swiftly recognize the state of palestine and we confirm that there is no contradiction between recognition and the resumption of negotiations.
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said this president says his military will take control of the kurdish held enclave of a free in northern syria allowing syrians to return home as ankara continues to attack the area with artillery aircraft and ground forces there all signs its actions are wise in the conflict to his forces crossed into the african district in syria's northwest corner on saturday turkey has now opened another front against the enclave around the town of as r s and it says the city of man be further east and part of the main border body of kurdish held territory is next. president also says turkey had an agreement over the operation with russia which withdrew its troops before the fighting started the offensive focuses on the. kurdish group but it considers terrorists there are the backbone of
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a broader coalition known as the syrian democratic forces or s.d.s. which says it's considering sending reinforcements to our friend. i cannot say that we will stop military operations against the group but if necessary this might happen but i believe that our forces are capable of conducting operations in both regions but this will delay the military operations in the suburbs of. delay the victory on the islamic state group of stephanie decker house the latest from turkish border with syria turkey has now announced the start of the eastern front these are the free syrian army fighters inside syria backed by turkey they are now advancing they join what has been an offensive pretty much from the border the western border and the northern border we've had f.s.a. fighters as well backed by turkish forces move in from this area and also from the north intensive shelling we've been hearing here throughout the day that we've also been speaking to sources who will tell you that people are resilient that they will
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not give up their city they will not give up their area to wipe fighters are well trained and they have prepared for this they also say that. the city that there hasn't been shelling on the city itself mostly along these border areas which is why most. are now somewhat empty as people have made their way further in to this region as this offensive. and united nations security council meeting to address the war in syria is underway in new york kristensen the u.n. for us so one of the security council members saying about this offensive that he has launched. well security council members are being very tight lipped but it's clear from what little they are saying that there is increasing concern about turkey's military action inside syria and we heard that expressed from the french foreign minister who called on the security council to
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address the issue in this meeting of course turkey is fighting alongside free syrian army elements inside of syria proper the turks have been very upset with the united states for allying with these kurdish forces there going up against kurdish forces that have been backed by the u.s. army so this is a very tense situation for many many members of the security council and the international community the united states for its part has not said it has stopped short of calling turkey to back off of this offensive it's called on both sides in this conflict to use restraint although we did hear defense secretary james mattis in recent days attempting apparently to calm the situation by saying that turkey had a right to be concerned that they had legitimate security concerns from kurds inside their own borders attempting to play this issue very carefully it would seem like
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a it's for russia we know that syria is very upset about having turkey acting in its territory but russia syria's key ally has reserved most of its criticism for the united states for its support of kurdish fighters in the region it's accuse the united states of being destabilizing and and inflaming the feelings of the turkish government there so we're hearing foreign minister lavrov blame the united states for the situation basically allies in the council the security council members from the prime minister of the united kingdom france all trying for calm calling for calm and expressing their desire through this meeting to try to prevent the situation from escalating further especially when we know that we have two thousand u.s. soldiers not far from the area where this conflict is happening. you know it's the opinion but do we actually expect anything concrete to come out
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of this meeting the meeting was initially called by to hear the humanitarian situation in syria to get an update on fighting in good and it live province which has intensified in recent days both of these areas were supposed to be in deescalation zones but the united nations has expressed concern of humanitarian catastrophes in those areas hospitals and schools being attacked by government forces and their allies in the region and a very serious situation there we do expect to hear more about that after this closed door meeting will get more comments from the ambassadors and the likely talk more about the situation in africa as well although any concrete action for a security council that's been so divided on how to handle the situation in syria is unlikely at this point we'll hear more of this rhetoric calling for calm and
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attempts to deescalate the situation there especially given that syria talks are supposed to be happening in the coming weeks in vienna there's an attempt to get the situation calmed down in syria to have the best background and the best chance of success for those talks moving forward many thanks christensen with that with the latest on that meeting the u.n. security council united states congress is expected to vote shortly on ending the government shutdown which began at midnight on friday non-essential federal services across the u.s. are currently closed down after the arrival republican and democrat policies fail to agree a budget in a row over immigration the democrats are unhappy that donald trump's republicans are repealing a bill that prevents the children of illegal immigrants being deported bicycle lane is following the saints of u.s. government capitol hill are we getting anywhere further forward on this party any suggestion that they're going to get themselves out of this mess. hey there now
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we're starting to see reports from democratic senators that they think that enough of them are going to vote if they ever start voting they were supposed to about ten minutes ago keeping an eye on the senate floor as they mill about waiting to see when the votes are cast but most people up here now are starting to think that yes they will be able to pass this vote and what we think it's going to do it's a compromise that interesting enough came from about twenty bipartisan senators they spent all weekend here in their office building to try to come up with a compromise so basically what this will do is pass make it possible that in three weeks i'm going to be right back here talking to you about the government being shut down because they're going to fund it just for another three weeks now democrats been holding out for what they want is a bill that would protect children who are brought to this country without papers without documentation by their parents president obama made it so that they were able to stay here and work and they couldn't be deported president donald trump threw that out and he said i'm getting rid of it in march in congress you fix it so
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now they've come up with this compromise where they passed part of the budget a continuing resolution not to bore you but. fund the government for a little bit in exchange democrats get health insurance for about six million children to parents children whose parents make too much to qualify for public aid but not enough to get them health care so that was taken away that in this bill that was passed funding for six years it would also give the democrats the promise that they will eventually in the least three weeks time if they can come up with an agreement get to vote on whether or not these children who are brought here without documentation if they get to stay if there's some sort of permanent fix so keeping an eye on the senate floor and they're still not voting it's a lot like friday night where we just kept waiting and waiting but eventually they will vote and i will be here to tell you all about it and it's obviously going to affect a lot of people if they don't sort this out is it likely they can get this deal done quite soon. you know i think that there is. a sense here that it's
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not going well for republicans or democrats i think over the weekend they wanted to see who was going to get the blame and really it's not going to do it's not going to do anything for either party i think they're starting to where i've become aware of that one of the problems here is that it has become such an incredibly toxic environment and president don't trump is really adding fuel to the fire we believe that he made a deal with the democrats just on friday and then as soon as the democrats left thinking they had a deal his aides came in and said no you can't make this deal and so he basically took took it back and he's really going after dems. there's an unknown herd of ad that his presidential campaign has put on the television take a listen. to the trump is right build the wall to court criminal stop illegal immigration democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in order committed by illegal immigrants president will fix our border and keep our families safe i'm
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donald trump and i dismiss. so an ad saying the democrats politician senators are going to be complicit in the murder of american citizens again unheard of and it's also been poisoned here because a lot of democrats say mitch mcconnell well he's lied to them before but we're going to see in a few moments i think it when they start voting but for now there is optimism here in the senate that they have the able to fund the government for a whole three weeks send a letter to the gloves are off air at the moment bringing us the latest from capitol hill. still to come this half hour plans to repatriate them are delaying but concerns over how safe they will be gathering. i'm robert bryden and the whole province with the solar panels that are helping china float to the top of the green and it's really.
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welcome back to take a look at weather conditions across western asia and the levant the main features this area of low pressure pushing in across turkey and that's giving some heavy snowfall across far east of the country down into the border area with syria some heavy rain at lower level so looking pretty nasty over the twenty four to forty eight hours moving the forecast through to wednesday still some snow around but generally situation improves slightly but it's really going to be cold at higher elevations seventeen in beirut twenty in baghdad elsewhere we're looking at a bright conditions for terrible fields to see dry weather highs of thirteen here in the arabian peninsula so we don't through the gulf states we've lost the wind so the risk of lifted dusk is disappearing with though we may see some folk returning otherwise look at twenty six and bright in riyadh heading on into out wednesday should be fine in mecca with temperatures here of thirty one degrees down into
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southern portions of africa where we've lost the rain which has been affecting parts of south africa that snow clearing away out into the southern ocean so we're looking at fine conditions for cape town durban's looking dry and bright showers on the eastern side of madagascar and then some heavy rain from northern parts of mozambique through into parts of tanzania.
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welcome back a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. vice president mike pence has been heckled by israeli palestinian lawmakers during a speech to the israeli knesset where he announced america will move its embassy to jerusalem thanks dear alice said the president refused to meet pants instead he's in brussels where the foreign policy chief has reassured him the bloc supports him in seeking to have east jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state and turkey's president insists his military will take control of become a dish held on klav of a freend in northern syria as it batters the area with artillery craft and ground
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forces. bangladesh has delayed plans to repatriate hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled violence including mass killings and rape. the process was due to begin on tuesday as a list of very fine details of people to be sent back in sterling completes their office at the revenge it will be forced to return to conditions that are still unsafe more than six hundred ninety thousand have crossed the border to bangladesh since the crackdown began last august stratford a small. for his and his wife she cheats or it doesn't matter whether the stance of the myanmar ban with the she government's report creation plan has been delayed they say they would not have agreed to return to myanmar anyway. if we do it here at least we get a feel if we are killed a member there is no federal just burnt. i made. we must be recognized as
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a hinge we want to houses rebuilt and freedom of movement if they kill us and meanwhile they just bend the bodies that even three children into the fire some as young as my son thought about thought about us about our. buying the day says the lissajous compiled of the names of more than a million refugees has not yet been submitted to the myanmar government plan would then involve verifying the names of each refugee on that list before giving it back to bangladesh. who will then ask refugees if they want to return the religion had their citizenship withdrawn in what was then burma thirty five years ago the myanmar government considers them illegal immigrants aid agencies samia more soldiers and armed gangs killed thousands of men women and children in recent months a situation described by the un as ethnic cleansing the meum our government has denied the claim banned any independent investigation and says temporary shelters
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are ready for the refugees it allows to return the idea of asking range of refugees many of whom have seen their family members killed in their homes destroyed if they want to voluntarily return to myanmar now has been described by aid agencies and rights groups as a farce the united nations says the basic conditions which made the ranger so vulnerable to decades of persecution and violence inside myanmar remain the same the united nations refugee agency says three things are vital in any future repatriation process in the first thing is the need to see the citizenship issue legal status resolved in myanmar the critical issue and the second thing is they need to be able to go back in conditions that are safe and secure. number three they need to be able to go back to hold to a village that's going to reconstruct a place to live the bangladesh government says it's vital any repatriation process
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is voluntary and safe but western governments say the range of security cannot be guaranteed and the u.n. special report on human rights banned from entering myanmar says those responsible for the killing and destruction must be called to account fire says his father was hacked to death by a gang of men as he tried to flee the village he doubts anyone will ever be punished for that child strafford al jazeera could do problem or a future camp bangladesh spain supreme court has postponed a decision on whether a european arrest warrants will be reissued for former catalan leader colace predictable wisdom on travelled from brussels to copenhagen a one day where he delivered a speech criticizing what he called the persecution of catalan m.p.'s by the spanish central government earlier monday catalonia parliament officially proposed would you want to return as president for another term. maybe i'm mistaken but i
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believe that nor or their nor their european country will find acceptable such from seclusion of a democratically elected government certainly not to denmark but in the spain frank show don't you just feel lucky. the whole year but your blood when gauged in dogs even with the basque terrorist group eta has refused to listen or to start at they all luck with that death on representatives. former football star george ware has been sworn in as liberia's new president the fifty one year old won by a landslide in a runoff vote in december against vice president joseph buckeye we're succeeds noble peace prize winner ellen johnson sirleaf in the country's first peaceful transition of power us down nine hundred forty for me to dress has more from monrovia. after three year terms my we are sufficiently the prospect of my paris
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france now is going. to have the officer on his side and experience. what it does with us your research your life the pride of his legacy in light of this is a promise so much and much as expected of him in his inaugural speech also the the leaders to. take the country to be ready for the particular branch of the international organization partners for their. library was trying to mention the united states of america. and union the african union the regional called it intimate community of west african states and single girl china in particular the maldives are our friends beginning a story i want china polish here for to grow development. idea and china he also charges from president bush for support. and in the words of a president of the united states for ourselves what isn't good for the country and
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i'm. a lot is expected of george weah but many analysts believe that the next six months will determine which direction staging liberia and its historical success now the rich are getting richer and the poor are staying right where they are that's the conclusion of this latest annual reports on global inequality released to coincide with the start of the world economic forum in davos the antipoverty charity has found that eighty two percent of the global wealth generated last year went to the richest one percent of the population the three point seven billion people who make up the poorest half of the globe saw no increase in that wealth which is now equivalent to that of the world's richest forty two individuals the report singles out countries where the gap is widening including the united states the three richest people that own the same wealth as the bottom half of the population that's one hundred sixty million people think brian sums inequality
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campaign manager he says he was shocked by the findings of his own reports. we've known for a couple of years now that the richest one percent of the world's population has more than half the wealth so more than the other ninety nine percent put together so we knew that but i didn't realize that the rates of charge was was. so large and i was personally was shocked to see that eighty two percent of new wealth is going to the top one percent i mean that means the gap is widening even quicker than we thought you know our report shows that a c.e.o. of a top government company although we're in four days what a bangladeshi government worker would in our entire life the all slick from a sunken iranian tanker in the east china sea has tripled in size the area covered by this slick has expanded to three hundred thirty two square kilometers in a week scientists have warned of a massive environmental catastrophe as light crude oil is highly toxic to marine
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life the tanker senshi was carrying one million barrels of oil when it collided with another ship earlier this month the vessel burned for eight days before it sank china invests more each year in wind hydro and solar power than any other country as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases is still inside the best ambitious plan to replace carbon with renewable energy that plan includes the largest floating so a farm on earth bronze went to see it. they float in the winter sunshine shimmering islands silently generating enough power for a small city on the shore new sections of solar panels of bolted together and then floated out to join the others. the lake they occupy was formed by the collapse of a disused coal mine underground that would otherwise go to waste to design these
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sections like this especially for this area they weren't you know matter how much of the land flowed. the water helps cool the panels and keeps them free of dust to make them more efficient. and hoyt like other provinces is experiencing an unusual isa be a winter. if it's the result of climate change it's a reminder that a country which is built its prosperity on coal must look to renewable energy for its future with its demand for energy china is still burning about half the world's coal but that is fast changing the government has promised to spend three hundred sixty billion dollars on clean energy by twenty twenty and the difference is clear to see quite literally beijing and other cities in northern china have been enjoying blue skies this winter largely because of a restriction on coal burning it's a controversial policy that's left many people shivering without enough alternative
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energy sources but it's given a glimpse of a smoke free future without coal back in the coal mine and power station can be seen beyond the solar panels. jew twenty year and used to work that but says the soul of farm pays him twice as much and he's happy to work above ground. it's a quote what i saw and also works in the industry it's got a job putting panels on people's roofs. part of a huge workforce that will eventually number in the millions finding a clean a life in green energy bright al-jazeera and whole province china. has got to tell stories on al-jazeera in the last few minutes the head of democratic senate says in the u.s.
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senate says he's reached a deal with republicans to end a government shutdown but only until february eighth non-essential federal services across the u.s. are currently closed after republicans and democrats and the a fail to equate a budget in a row over immigration the democrats are unhappy that president donald trump's party is we're paying a bill that prevents the children of illegal immigrants being deported the u.s. science president has told israel's parliament the u.s. will move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem by the end of next year mike pence made the announcement during a speech to israel's knesset which was initially interrupted by protesting israeli palestinian politicians palestinian officials have reacted angrily to the announcement saying it was a gift to extremists for all the united states recognized your nation wanted ministration after another refused to recognize your capital but just last
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month. president donald trump made history he righted seventy you're wrong he kept his word to the american people when he announced that the united states of america will finally acknowledge jerusalem is israel's capital. palestine's president mahmoud abbas refused to meet pence he's instead in brussels where the e.u.'s foreign policy chief has reassured him the block is firmly committed to a two state solution with east jerusalem as the palestinian capital of ass is also urging the european union to recognize the state of palestine turkey's president insists his military will take control of the kurdish held and play of a friend in northern syria as it passes the area without craft and ground forces the operation to push out syrian kurdish why p.g. finances will now also target the towns of beach the one p.g. is a us ally group that turkey considers terrorists bangladesh has delayed plans to repatriate
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hundreds of thousands of or henge refugees who fled violence in myanmar the process was due to begin on cheney's day list very fine the details of people to be sent back is still incomplete as a headline stay with us next opitz inside story. the gap between bush and poise getting wide most of the wealth wealth generated last year and enough in the pockets so cool weather of that which people want billions australian simply to survive why the more it will this is the inside story.


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