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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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came another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. this is. hello i'm seated and this is the news hour from london coming up us democrats and
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republicans strike a stopgap deal to reopen the government on the third day of the shutdown plus. after angry interruptions from israeli palestinian politicians the u.s. vice president tells israel's parliament the u.s. embassy will move to jerusalem next year while in brussels maqueda vazquez e.u. backing for a palestinian capital in east jerusalem. antec expands its offensive in northern syria and says russia agree to the operation. with all those sports news six term australian open champion though they talk of it has been locked out of all the latest news from mobilise the probe. politicians in the united states how three each to an agreement to end the federal shutdown which came into effect at midnight on friday closing down non essential
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government services senators from this ruling republican party and the opposition democrats have struck a temporary deal to restart government funding due to vote on it shortly non-essential federal services across the u.s. are currently closed down after the rival republican and democratic parties failed to agree a budget in a row over immigration the democrats had been holding back their support unhappy that the republicans are repealing a bill that prevents the children of illegal immigrants being deported since our meeting in the oval office on friday the president and i have not spoken. and the white house refused to engage in negotiations over the weekend the great deal making president sat on the sidelines despite and because of this frustration i've been having conversations with the republican leader over the
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weekend about a path forward after several discussions offers counteroffers the republican leader and i have come to an arrangement how to combine as following events at the state of u.s. government capitol hill simpatico a detail of so is how did they get here. well they got here although chuck schumer right there trying to poke at donald trump who obviously said that if he was he was a great businessman he was a good deal maker and he could get things done if you went to capitol hill he has been largely sidelined we believe on this issue what happened i think is about twenty democratic republican senators they spent all weekend here at the capitol trying to hash out this agreement and what they have decided is they are going to fund the government for all of three weeks well they try to come up with a budget a long term budget that is a tall order in a very short amount of time it would be what it is what the democrats wanted is protection for about eight hundred thousand people who were brought to this country without documentation as children they're called dreamers president trump
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throughout the program they allowed them to work and stay here without being deported he said congress should fix it so democrats seize this opportunity they said ok well you need to pass a budget then you need to protect these children and they did come to several different agreements they thought with the white house and the white house turned around and said no we don't agree to that after all so what the frustration as you just hear from the senate minority leader they have reached this deal with the republicans with the condition that if they cannot figure out a fix to help these undocumented workers that are part of this program then the legislation will be voted on in the senate after this february eighth deadline so now it goes to the house than we wait to see a president donald trump is going to sign it we should hear from his press secretary in about thirty minutes time so we'll have an indication then it does seem as if it is likely to pass watching the senate floor right now still in the speeches mode but the fact that they voted to proceed with the vote means they have a deal now but what does that mean in three weeks well it might be back here
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talking about this all over go back to people looking from across the world might be thinking how when you get to a situation when government shuts down is this a real failure of u.s. politics u.s. government in a way that it's got to this this extent. it is. actually standard practice now government shutdowns are becoming not that uncommon the last one was in twenty thirteen that was republicans controlled the house and the senate and president obama was in the white house obviously a democrat and they've happened throughout history the bigger concern i think is that they cannot come up with a budget they keep doing this they keep doing continuing resolutions and when they do that that has a long term impact on people who work for the federal government and for the pentagon the pentagon has been screaming about this they say they can't enter into contracts until they know how much money they're going to get for the year so the bigger question is can they function if you think about the one job the most
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important job the congress has is to come up with a budget they really haven't been doing that for years instead they do these little continuing resolutions which were seen once again another three weeks of funding at the current levels that gives nobody any kind of certainty so it does seem a very strange but it. is one notable descent difference this is the first time that the republicans controlled the white house the house of the senate and they still shut down the government so that's the first time for that but this is really just standard operating procedure now in washington and a sign of just how dysfunctional and bipartisan. just how dysfunctional it's become here atika having that bringing us the latest on that breaking news out of capitol hill that's a stopgap decision has been reached between the two sides. u.s. vice president has told israel's parliament the u.s. will move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem by the end of next year mike pence made the announcement during a speech to israel's knesset which was initially interrupted for testing israeli
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arabs politicians after they were thrown out and spoke of the u.s. his friendship with israel is the first american vice president to address the knesset praised for his decision to recognize jerusalem for awhile the united states recognized your nation. one of ministration after another refused to recognize your capital but just last month president donald trump made history he righted seventy you're wrong he kept his word to the american people when he announced that the united states of america will finally acknowledge jerusalem is israel's capital. well herefore said joins us now live from west hollywood just saying pitches the prime minister benjamin netanyahu sitting down with mike pence we're expecting them to make some sort of statement fairly soon.
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signing in some sort of some book there i'm guessing to agree on something what are we expecting them to say. well i think it'll be more of the same when we saw the meeting this morning ahead of that trip by mike pence to the knesset to live in that speech which they both the wording the jerusalem was israel's capital benjamin netanyahu really relishing the fact that this was the first foreign leader that he'd been able to meet in jerusalem and that language that common language on the state of status of jerusalem with i can expect i think you can expect that benjamin netanyahu will add to the praise that's been heaped on mike pence from his cabinet ministers who've called a speech and a thing from emotional inspiring even zionist it's been hugely well received as you'd expect it might be given the content of a speech it was very much in lockstep with the israeli administration on any number of issues real reverence paid to the story of israel to the impact of the hebrew
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bible even the foundation of the united states there was a lot of religiosity in it and there was really only a fairly scant offer to the palestinians one which said that there was no prejudgment by the u.s. administration on any final status that the u.s. still accepted the principle of a two state solution if both parties wanted it but of course the palestinians have entirely rejected any u.s. participation in any peace process going forward precisely because of the work of the declaration on jerusalem. i think where we're hoping to hear from there the two of them fairly soon but just as they they keep arranging themselves well keep talking i mean the thought of anger we thought on the floor of the knesset really did thought to symbolize what the feeling is with mike pence visiting and of course the palestinian president refusing to meet him is that the sort of sense you are getting outside of this bubble that we're watching rarely that it's just real
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annoyance even that mike had just turned up. well you know i mean the the all almost to a man and woman the palestinians have been reacting with just insults upset frustration and disappointment to the fact that donald trump made this declaration on december the sixth mike pence originally branded this visit as one where he would visit and buttress the christian minorities in the middle east he wanted to go to bethlehem he wanted to visit palestinian christians they made him persona non grata as did the palestinian leadership and so he was left with what was instead a fairly sorry i just listened to as i'm going to stop you in your tracks i'm so sorry we welcome but you are now i think going to hear from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the u.s. sect of state. has a rather mike pence who is speaking in western. vice-president
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parents mark crn i want to welcome again you and karen to jerusalem. we've known each other for a good many years and from the day i met you i knew you were a true friend. i remember vividly one day. in two thousand and nine when i came to meet the congressional leadership in washington and mike you spoke of such clarity and such conviction in support of the direction i was leading israel i will never forget that and i was touched to learn earlier to do that you have
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a photograph of that very meeting in the vice president's residence in washington so it's truly an honor for sir and me to host you in current tonight in our residence and our wives further deepen our friendship. i want to express once again israel's appreciation to president trump and to you for these start decision last month to recognize jew slim as our capital i also want to commend you for your magnificent speech committed you saw people standing up again and again applauding you applauding the principles that guide your policy applauding the genuine friendship that emanates from your heart it was a powerful expression of the enduring bond between our two countries and of your personal commitment to israel the commitment of president trump and your entire delegation earlier today we discussed both common challenges and common
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opportunities in a very turbulent middle east and the foremost challenge comes from iran the tyrants of tehran have spent billions of dollars spreading murder and mayhem throughout the middle east to advance their poisonous ideology i want to salute both president trump and you mr vice president for standing with the people of iran when so many in europe and elsewhere or shamefully silent some this is hard to believe some actually hosted the regime's mouthpieces while its goons were throwing thousands of we were any and posted protesters into prison. i share the belief you expressed today in the knesset that iran's radical regime will ultimately fall and one day you and people will win the freedom they so justly deserve and when that day comes they will remember those who stood with them
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and those who stood with their oppressors. you're on the right side of history. like president trump israel believes the nuclear deal with iran is disastrous it also ultimately paves iran's path to a nuclear arsenal and the regime that arms terrorists throughout the world calls for israel's destruction calls death to america and death to israel such a regime should not have nuclear weapons that's why israel supports president trumps policy regarding the deal and there is still time for leaders to seize the opportunity that president trump has offered them to correct the failings of this failed deal but if those leaders do not seize that opportunity or if they offer only cosmetic changes israel will unequivocally support the president's decision to
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walk away from a bad deal and restore crippling sanctions our position is clear fully fix it or fully nix it the vice president and i also discussed opportunities for advancing peace as countries in the region increasingly realize that israel is not their enemy but their but a great ally of their wishes for a better future the chances grow for a broader reconciliation israel will continue to work with presidents trump able representative jerrold cushion or jason greenblatt and bastard to david friedman along with our ambassador ron dermer to advance peace with all our neighbors including the palestinians the sooner the palestinians accept the truth about the millennial connection of the jewish people to this land and to this city the sooner we can work together to reach an historic agreement that will create
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a better future for both our peoples we know that in all these are friends. we have no better friends than president drum and you mr vice president once again mike starr in our honor to ost such dear friends of israel of the jewish people and dear personal friends thank you for being a stalwart champion of the alliance between america and israel and thank you for all you are doing to strengthen that along it's welcome to jerusalem welcome to our home that. was. mr prime minister and sara it is a great honor. for karen to me to be in your home tonight and. in the events of this daemon deeply humbling for me mr prime minister. the
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american people cherish our relationship with israel. and your comments today before the knesset your comments here this evening your gracious words toward our president and myself are deeply meaningful to me and i know meaningful to every american who cherishes our historic alliance it is. it is an honor for me to stand with you here today in jerusalem the capital of the state of israel and look i. i i spoke to the president this afternoon shortly after my address and he asked me to give you not only his greetings but his things thank you for the hospitality and the warm welcome you've extended to his vice president but more to
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the point the president wanted me to thank you for your stirring words before the knesset. and your stalwart commitment to freedom your strong leadership of the people of israel and your commitment your unbending commitment to the relationship between the united states and israel over the past three days i've i've had the opportunity to travel across this region met with president el-sisi in egypt king abdullah in jordan we talked about the changing times in which we live those two nations as i said today that forged peace with israel years ago and now recognize the rise of a common threat in iran and the opportunity that we have for in your words mr prime minister a broader reconciliation across the region and we share that aspiration and that
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ambition but i'm here today in israel to simply celebrate and affirm the bond between our two peoples we stand together for our prosperity and our security we stand together in the battle against radical islamic terrorism and we stand together for a brighter future for both of our nations before we return to the united states tomorrow karen and i will take a moment to pay our respects. and we'll have the privilege to pray at the western wall and i must tell you this is our fourth trip to the holy land but we never fail to leave here without a sense that our faith has been renewed our faith in god but also our our faith in the extraordinary people of israel and in their commitment to
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freedom and security and peace and i must say i leave here with confidence that with president trump in the white house. and with your strong leadership here in israel that the best days for the united states and our most cherished ally israel are yet to come thank you karen and i look forward to a lovely dinner with you and sarah and we are grateful for your friendship and hospitality. you have been listening to israeli prime minister invite him and i say you know who the vice president of the united states mike pence giving a joint press conference in west jerusalem correspondent hari fawcett's has been listening in to this press conference and joins us now kerry nothing that i told
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that would bring the palestinians back around the negotiating table. no barely even a mention of the palestinians really for my the man there was one from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he was talking though about peace in the context of a wider reshaping of the region under the leadership of donald trump and indeed his own talking about the recognition as he sort of the common thread as mike pence are saying of the common rising common threat of iran and that. israel according to german and you know wants to make peace with all of its neighbors including the palestinians also as expected talking about the magnificent speech of mike pence adding his words of praise to those which have come from his cabinet
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ministers talking about the standing ovations and making a lot about the iran agreement that the agreement on the iran issue that there is obviously between the trump administration and the israeli one mike pence really as he had throughout the day especially during that speech very much in lockstep with the israeli prime minister calling jerusalem again at least the fifth time today the capital of the state of israel as a chuckle elicited from benjamin netanyahu as he did so and also talking about the reshaping of the region and talking about how egypt and jordan had already forged peace with israel and now they and others were seeing the rising threat of iran i think for the palestinians looking at this if they are worried about the potential of some kind of wider arab israeli u.s. sponsored deal forcing them into an agreement that they might not otherwise have entered into freely there's nothing in any of this language which would disabuse
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them of that worry as they are through the president mahmoud abbas in europe trying to find an alternative framework an alternative path towards nationhood which diverts goes around the united states as a burka. thank you for your thoughts your reaction really than foresight and west jerusalem well as he was saying the palestinian president has been in brussels where the e.u. has reassured him it supports is ambition to have east jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state but abbas has been holding talks with the foreign policy chief at the rick perry any and your pain foreign ministers here just european union nations to recognize the state of palestine. here you're only nor can we pay all due respect to the positions of the european union we truly consider the e.u. as a partner in free and therefore we call its member states to swiftly recognize the state of palestine and we confirm that there is no contradiction between
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recognition and the resumption of negotiations let's get more on this with al-jazeera senior political analyst mon bashar when there was almost a challenge the sooner palestinians accept the truth the sooner that except to the capital is where the capital is now in jerusalem and even the mention of jarrah krishna who we all were talking about last year was going to be bringing this big new idea as to how to negotiate a peace but it really feels like that that was just in a vacuum in a bubble almost of that discussion of how to save the palestinians not even not even a mention that's right there if there's anything that we can come out with from this particular. press conference or even a press conference where we can watch. is that there's an invisible palestinian the proceedings are totally invisible if anything according to mike pence and his eventually go believes his biblical reading of this and its future is the better they are wiped out the better for the prophecy to come through. if you look at this
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really aside i don't know i'm not sure if you noticed but as if a prime minister now is high. i mean he can he can't stop himself he can't contain himself from laughing i mean i'm not sure what he's high on probably is high on this diplomatic crack that we've been you know watching over throughout the day where by the schmoozing by the american vice president. basically shame that the neo into becoming even more extremists because what we've seen is even when he as you just mentioned when he complimented the three envoys. green blood and friedman and that's remember these three are supporters of illegal israeli settlements i mean there are only through and through either charities and foundations supporters of israeli illegal settlements in palestinian territory so all in all we have an administration we have
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a vice president that are you know see israel as not only just a special but they see it as an instrument of god in the region obviously they're singing from the same hymn sheet when they talk about iran and the nuclear deal and speaking from the same the same language but i suppose interesting also is that one way of kind of almost trying to bring saudi arabia back into the fold because in in the end that's exactly what saudi arabia wants to hear and mike pence made quite a thing of it and that seems to be the key area that netanyahu wanted to talk about jerry in his speech that's very true is very important and just have three things to say about this first of all king abdullah of jordan told mike pence that he disagrees completely and this is going to have terrible consequences for the region and mike pence says that he agreed to disagree with the with the jordanian monarchy in egypt mike pence came out with the conclusion that this is a disagreement among allies but even the most closest ally to the united states
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jordan egypt could not bring themselves to agree with the with the american position in jerusalem so i think it's going to be even. for with saudi arabia even though saudi arabia has basically promised rome that they will fulfill whatever you know the is need of them in the region the second thing that i think is sort of key here is. just basically how mike pence is trying to sell the american position through religious terms using god like a real estate agent and using american policy as an instrument of advancing a certain religious reading and last but not least on the question of iran and and fundamentalism and so on so forth you know it's been always accepted as a conventional wisdom that israel acts as a rogue state in the region threatens iran and whatever because it is always the united states sort of the wiser bigger brother so the empire as it were you know
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will always be able to constrain and contain the rogue israel and its radical politics but when the is what when the american politicians start speaking like the israeli politicians and go beyond their rhetoric to something even more extreme that's when i start tory incisive as ever in the shower thank you very much i thought businesses across gaza went on strike in protest at the offending economy shops factories restaurants and hotels all close for six hours israel's blockade on the palestinian territory is now in its eleventh year and unemployment is a record high economists are calling on palestinians living abroad to send money to their families in the hope of inviting the economy. still to come on this news hour the u.s. says it's stepping up security screening on congo planes from six middle eastern airlines strained supreme court rejects a request to arrest catalonia to
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a former leader as he risks a trip to copenhagen on super bowl balanced the philadelphia eagles set up a showdown with the new england patriots and their fans all thrilled state tells the principal. welcome back to take a look at weather conditions across western asia and the levant the main feature is this area of low pressure pushing in across turkey and that's giving some heavy snowfall across far east the country down into the border area with syria some heavy rain at lower level so looking pretty nasty over the twenty four to forty eight hours moving the forecast through to wednesday still some snow around but generally situation improves slightly but it's really going to be cold at higher elevations seventeen in beirut twenty in baghdad elsewhere we're looking at
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a bright conditions for terrible shells to see a dry weather highs of thirteen here in the arabian peninsula so we don't through the gulf states we've lost the wind so the risk of lifted dusk is disappearing with though we may see some folk returning otherwise look at twenty six and bright in riyadh heading on into out wednesday should be fine in mecca with temperatures here of thirty one degrees down into southern portions of africa where we've lost the rain which has been affecting parts of south africa that snow clearing away out into the southern ocean so we're looking at fine conditions for cape town durban's looking dry and bright showers on the eastern side of madagascar and then some heavy rain from northern parts of mozambique through into parts of tanzania. rio has big plans to turn its largest favelas into spectacles. but inside the favelas. has big plans of his own. building since the age
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of twelve listen trained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the federal and the mosque to plan out the concluding part of rebel architecture at this time on al-jazeera we're here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters.
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welcome back reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera democratic and republican senators have reached a deal to temporarily and a us government shutdown which began midnight on friday u.s. vice president mike pence says been heckled by israeli palestinian lawmakers jewing a speech to the israeli knesset where he announced america will move its embassy to jerusalem next year and palestinian president back for the bus refused to meet pence instead he's been impossible with the e.u.'s foreign policy chief we showed him the block support said in seeking to have east jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state. turkey's president says his military will take control of the kurdish held and play of
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a freend in northern syria allowing syrians to return home as i encourage continues to attack the area with artillery ak raft on the ground forces there all signs its actions are widening the conflict turkish forces crossed into the african district in syria's northwest corner on saturday turkey has now opened another front against simply around the town of as ause and it says the city of beach for the no further east and parts of the main body of kurdish held territory is next president says turkey had an agreement over the operation with russia which would drew its troops before the fighting started the offensive focuses on the y p g a us allied kurdish group but turkey considers terrorists the r.p.g. forms the backbone of a broader coalition known as the syrian democratic forces o s t f which says it's considering sending reinforcements to our free well that's a press conference the y.p. g. dominated syrian democratic forces lashed out at russia for supporting took his
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actions. i cannot say that we will still possibility. operations against the group but if necessary this might happen but i believe that. with conducting operations in both regions but this will delay the military operations in the suburbs of. delay the victory on the islamic state group. with. turkey has now announced the start of the eastern front of the free syrian army fighters inside syria backed by turkey they are now joined what has been offensive pretty much from the western border and the northern border we've had f.s.a. fighters backed by turkish forces move in from this area and also from the north intensive shelling we've been hearing here throughout the day that we've also been speaking to sources who will tell you that people are resilient that they will not give up their city they will not give up their. fighters are well trained and they
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have prepared for this they also say that. there hasn't been shelling on the city itself mostly along these border areas which is why. empty as people have made their way to this region as this. and the united nations security council is france's request to discuss a situation in. what has been married. well suited diplomats here at the united nations aren't saying a lot ahead of this meeting on syria they were pretty quiet but what little they did say in the fact that they are having a meeting discussing this issue suggests that they are increasingly concerned about the situation there when you have turkish forces alongside of the free syrian army attacking kurdish forces in syria proper in the town of the city of
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offering opening up a whole new front in this war there is concern because these are fighters that are backed by the united states that turkey is going up against and you have the announcement from turkey that next they're going to be moving on to mond beach which is believed to be where some two thousand american troops are based so all of this is making for a very tense situation for the international community the united states for its part has urged both sides in the conflict to use restraint the very restrained statement from the u.s. state department on that front they know that the support that they've given to the wipe e.g. the kurdish fighters and narrow offensives against the islamic state have angered the turkish government especially recently when word got out that the united states was considering a border security force with the kurdish fighters so they are treading very delicately in the situation we had defense secretary motus in the last couple days
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making comments that they understood that turkey had legitimate security concerns within its own country so the united states walking very delicately while russia is putting the blame for the situation on the united states saying that unilateral actions in syria by the united states are what enraged turkey and led to this point so a very tense situation the french called for this to be discussed at a previously scheduled syria meeting here's what the ambassador had to say ahead of that meeting. were priority is about eastern ghouta and where there is a tragedy happening before our eyes that is totally unacceptable. we also have discussion on the latest developments that also require were attention. so that was the french ambassador talking about the security council's concern particularly about eastern italy where there's
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been ongoing violence and a worsening humanitarian situation that is being discussed by the security council but also this offensive by turkish forces in are free and also on the table as they get a briefing from the head of political affairs and the humanitarian chief behind closed doors we do expect to hear more from the ambassadors after that as they attempt to deescalate the situation ahead of political talks that are coming up in the coming week on syria and vienna question so without being as the latest on that u.n. security council meeting well let's talk more about the situation in africa and with i guess that you can who's an expert on turkey a. country risk that's very much for coming in to al-jazeera i think people from outside looking in go what is the big plan turkey has here is entered another country's borders it's launched an offensive it's so complicated with different people backing different groups so what is the endgame for them well there is not
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necessarily and game there is rather an effort to limit the damage that has already been done and the damage in this case is turkey's fear about the overhaul but the syrian civil whole civil war has resulted in wall that result in a the creation of a an autonomous kurdish entity along turkey's syrian border and i would of course spelled trouble for turkey given its large kurdish minority domestically and the decades with which it's been fighting a an insurgency domestically as well if you want to prevent that eventuality interestingly that turkey is now saying that the russia's the russians said that this would be acceptable and it certainly looks like that because they did withdraw from the area there's a surprise to you that russia would stand back and go ok there are very clear interests which russia is pursue. by its current moves first of all it's
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a strategy of driving a wedge between nato allies in this case between turkey and the us us has been a supporter of the white b.g. under the umbrella of the syrian democratic forces since two thousand and fifteen and sixteen. and moreover potentially russia might also be considering an effort to convince the kurds to accept control once again by the syrian government's faced with the fronts of course of the turkish occupation how much do you think the announcement by the us to set up this border patrol force played into their decision to take you mate and could it backfire on them because of this because it did look a little bit like a knee jerk reaction after that was that announcement was made and well i'm not sure there is necessarily a one hundred percent relationship between between the two developments because the us is announcement relates to mainly the east of the euphrates river which is
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graphically separated from what's going on in a free in. fin terms of potential damage to turkey in the fallout work you might face that will all depend on the developments on the ground what's important to emphasize is that the local population are free and they have being supporters of the piggie and its affiliates for a long time and turkey really risks getting him broiled in a guerrilla war if it decides and this is not as of yet sure to occupy the province of the complicated i guess session thanks very much for giving us your thoughts on this. the united states is going to increase security screening on cargo planes on six middle eastern airlines arriving at u.s. airports the transportation security administration says the enhanced cargo screening program is part of an effort to raise global aviation security the emergency amendment covers egypt's role jordanian saudi catherine ways emirates and
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. jack thomas thomas is a former deputy undersecretary at the u.s. department of homeland security and joins me now live from philadelphia thanks very much for coming on al-jazeera do you think this was sparked by some key bits of intelligence and indeed would what has that been before any evidence that congo coming into the u.s. has caused a great security problem. well first of all so thank you for having me we don't really know if this particular new directive by the transportation security administration was triggered by new threat intelligence at this point i don't know we haven't heard that i would say that most likely hasn't been these these enhanced screening. procedures for cargo coming and united states are also being voluntarily utilized in other airports around the world so i really think what we have here is an attempt by the transportation security administration simply to
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kind of button up security and make things a little bit more a little tighter now for things coming in regarding things in the past we have had instances in the past of cargo coming in that could be utilized for bomb making we've had some end situations in the past with a q a p in the arabian peninsula attempting to smuggle explosive devices in computer printing cartridges so we have had some examples of that in the past but i don't think we see anything here that's possibly triggered an emergency action by the t.s.a. and indeed i'm guessing the countries involved would be thinking why why are carriers another people and how big a deal will this be how much of an impact will this town by increasing the security screening we're talking a lot of people involved and over say a lot of costs. there's going to be some cost involved certainly there's going to
9:44 pm
be some more mad hours involved certainly but these these procedures are not designed to be extremely prohibitive or extremely. difficult for the airlines they understand g.s.a. understands that they're going to try to streamline this but again i don't think it's a bad move by the t.s.a. i think it's a prudent move but again it's a move that already has some precedent it's being done in other places around the world voluntarily could there be a to fatah on this do you think are there other countries might indeed start looking at american carriers. i don't think backs going to happen we haven't seen any to of that yet we haven't seen any tit for tat we haven't seen any sort of took over retribution and i think certainly the idea here is to try and keep this as a generic as possible and is as non invasive as possible so i don't i don't forsee that in the future ok thanks very much for helping us understand this jack thomas to much i speak to us from philadelphia thank you now to yemen where at least seven
9:45 pm
people have been killed after an ass strike hit a building which doubled as a home and a medical center five others were injured in the attack in the northern province of sada it's believed the astronauts were carried out by the saudi led coalition this as saudi arabia promised to donate one and a half billion dollars in aid to yemen feel whens humanitarian appeal for the country from a football star to ai has been sworn in as liberia's new president the fifty one year old won by a landslide run the photo in december against vice president joseph buckeye where succes nobel peace prize winner ellen johnson sirleaf in the country's first peaceful transition of power since one thousand nine hundred forty four acknowledges has moved from monrovia. after three year terms. of the prospect of my paris france now is going. to the office. and experience part of
9:46 pm
what it does look at your research your life with the pride of literacy in life. and much as expected of him in his inaugural speech also the kind of liberians to. take the country to be ready for the particular branch of the international organization. for their. liberia's after trying to mention the united states of america the rippin union the african union the regional quote you know a community of west african states and single girl china particularly our friend beginning of a story the one china policy is here for to grow development business idea and on china he also charges british support. and in the words of a president of the united states for ourselves what they can do for their country and i'm. a lot is expected of god we are but many analysts believe that the next
9:47 pm
six months will determine which direction the staging liberia and its historical success in iraq to south criticism pope francis has apologized to sexual abuse victims for comments that he said had wounded many leader of the catholic church says he now regrets his choice of words when he insisted at the weekend that victims of pedophile priests must show proof to be believed he was defending a bishop in chile who denies covering up sexual abuse the pope also said he remains certain that one virus the chilean bishop in question was innocent and would keep his job. coarsen to know. how do those abused people feel here i must apologize because that would prove that it had a lot of abuse people but i have to point something certified of this translation of a legal phrase hurt and i apologize if i willingly hurt them but it was
9:48 pm
a wound that i opened without wanting to this caused me a lot of pain because i've sat down and listened to and spoken with abused victims many times. in germany and there sue is already serving a life sentence for teen murders has been challenged over a fire that ninety seven deaths in two hospitals nails her girl was jailed for life in twenty fifteen for killing two intensive care patients at a hospital near the northern city of bremen the new charges include sixty two further deaths at the same institution and thirty five charges relating to the death of patients at a hospital in the city of. spain supreme court has rejected a request to reissue a european arrest warrant for former cattle on the colace first of all which could have seen him arrested in denmark but among left he said self exile in brussels early a child to copenhagen he delivered a speech criticizing what he called the persecution of cattle and peace by spain
9:49 pm
central government the ousted catalan president could face thirty years in jail in spain for leading catalonia is drive for succession maybe i'm mistaken but i believe that nor all there know in a european country find acceptable such constitution or democratically elected government certainly not to denmark but in the spain front shadow is a still love. him but you have. gauged dogs even with the best terrorist group. refused. to look. at this new. space will tell you what it's. want.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
now. so thank you so much six times australian open champion know that your coverage will not get the chance to play for a seventh title in melbourne the former world number one was knocked out of the tournament in a shock to feet on monday tatyana sanchez reports. novak djokovic was playing in his first tournament in six months after a time out with an injury i. the said his run in the australian open came to an end when he was overwhelmed by twenty one year old unseeded here on
9:52 pm
chung i. was chong beating the twelve time grand slam champion in three sets becoming the first korean to reach a grand slam quarterfinal. i'm just happy to play with no vote. and. to see him again on the tour and i'm just like my dreams come true. dominic team fails to reach the quarter finals as well he joins joke of it the number fifty was knocked out by american tennis who'd never previously want to think grand slam i deftly had a. real pinch me moment like. well this is hopefully. if i wake up now i'm going to be really upset. but it was better news for the defending champion roger federer the thirty six year old has reached
9:53 pm
a quarter final stage was martin fish of it six four seven six and six two maintaining his impressive record of not dropping a single set at melbourne during this entire tournament was helped by thomas burgess next year i'm looking forward to playing against him he seems in good shape and i'm happy he's over his back issues that he also had at the end of last year so that's a good thing women's world number one simona halep to still looking for her first grand slam title the romanian showed little sign of tiredness as she took to the court against a foka she battled for almost four hours in the third round to get to this point was to go through this much a little more easily though winning in straight sets victory and sixty. and us open finalist madison keyes advanced to the last eight with a straight sets victory over hayfield caroline fear she'll play former australian
9:54 pm
and u.s. open champion angele carter for a place in defending. the only grand slam singles when i left in the tournament tatiana fanfare how did. russian athletes who were given a lifetime ban from the olympics have a final chance to have this suspensions overturned in time for the winter games in pyongyang chang thirty nine of the forty three athletes disqualified for doping at the saatchi games have begun appealing at the court of arbitration for sport a decision is due at the end of the month just nine days before the start of the olympics the i.o.c. has a banned russia from these games over allegations of a systematic doping program but those who prove they are clean will be able to compete as neutrals the russian issue has overshadowed the upcoming a lympics but last week's announcement of a joint north and south korean women's hockey team was seen as a big step towards peace between the hosts and their neighbors so not everyone is
9:55 pm
happy with the arrangement south korea's coach suggested it's something of a compromise. it is a tough situation to have our team be used for political reasons but you know it's kind of something that's bigger than ourselves right now and and we're dealing with it as best we can and we know that we have no control of soul you know why stress about it why worry about it and even like we even talk to our players like don't complain about it because it's just negative energy it's going to make you feel worse it's going to make you play worse so just focus on what you can control and we're going to do our best norway's turtle shasta christiansen has bounced back from injury to claim the final world cup slopestyle event before the twenty eighteen winter games begin in south korea christianson had spent a whole year out of action with a knee injury but has come back to win a gold medal at mammoth mountain in the united states she's looking strong ahead of the games next month finishing this event ahead of sweden's world cup leader jenny
9:56 pm
lieberman son who entered the event with a one hundred seventy nine point advantage and home favorite caroline claire this is christensen's first world cup victory since february twenty sixth seen when she won the pyong chang limpid test event in south korea at the age of forty tom brady is off to his eighth super bowl the new england patriots quarterback engineer he sides victory in the a.f.c. championship game brady shook off the concerns of an injured throwing hand as the patriots rallied against the jacksonville jaguars overcame an eleven point first half deficit for a twenty four twenty win brady along with pats head coach bowl bullets rick get a shot at winning their sixth super bowl ring in two weeks' time. the patriots have now reached eight super bowl since two thousand and one under the leadership of owner robert kraft coach bill belichick and quarterback tom brady earlier i spoke to n.f.l. broadcaster michael calls and says the patriots impressive run under this trio
9:57 pm
cannot go on forever. craft is seventy six i believe bill's sixty five and brady's forty and forty is is old for a quarterback not many quarterbacks continue to play effectively at that age so you wonder how many more they have how many more they have left they'll probably continue on until they get tired of winning and there was of course a huge conspiracy theory around that the theory was the owner had forced bill belichick to get rid of tom brady's backup quarterback to make go up a low whose contract was about to expire they weren't going to be able to resign him and so the theory is that belichick wanted to dump brady i find a little hard to believe that you dump the most successful quarterback of all time while he's still playing well there were celebrations across philadelphia as the eagles secured the super bowl
9:58 pm
sponsor against the patriots they beat the minnesota vikings thirty eight seven in the n.f.c. championship game the eagles have twice played in the super bowl most recently in two thousand and five but have never won it and that's all the sport for me i'll have another update in the twenty one hundred g.m.t. l but for now expect to see you in london. thanks peter that's it for me see a chance and nick will be here with much more of the day's news and i want to go away. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always
9:59 pm
possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world we need more inspiring professionals to talk arity is to model ways that neo generation to study finds powerful documentaries debates and discussions as by minutes we do need to be critical of of all massage any and all sex is a challenge of perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique this is really an attack on itself is
10:00 pm
a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important we have a right to publish it q cheap to be offensive will provoke it's all about otherwise people to setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. a us democrats or republicans strike a stopgap deal to reopen the government three days into a shutout.


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