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al-jazeera. where ever you are. now. it's the school election and the candidates are pulling out oh the stops votes i can do i make you have me in my. arms gifts and the outcome is i'm set in this telling me as a society. that goat for the vote at this time on al-jazeera. maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty
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minutes save the children suspends its operations in afghanistan after gunmen storm its offices in kabul with an amenity and children will be affected. the doctor of the u.s. gymnastics team is jailed for up to one hundred seventy five years. an appeal court in brazil begins to rule on a corruption conviction for former president lula da silva that will have a major impact on his political ambitions. as fighting intensifies between kurdish and turkish forces in northern syria the u.n. says civilians are being blocked from escaping. i'm tatiana sanchez with the sport as an unlikely face the australian open finals for the five time there will be a korean player in the last four of the tennis. where he will be. a
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low a very warm welcome to the program our top story save the children has suspended its operations in afghanistan following an attack on its eastern office in jalalabad three of its staff members were killed in the suicide attack and siege which has now been claimed by ice. jennifer glass has more from the capital kabul. i detect began with a car bomb at the door of the save the children office in jalalabad in eastern afghanistan the gunman stormed the building for more than eight hours they battled afghan security forces while dozens of save the children staff were trapped inside the building was set on fire eventually afghan police and soldiers killed the attackers and rescued the staff afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for children to be born following decades of war insecurity and poverty for twelve
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years save the children has worked with afghan communities to help kids arrive but the attack on the agency's office in jalalabad suggest it's becoming increasingly difficult for staff to help afghans without becoming victims of the conflict themselves it's quite possible to save the children would leave afghanistan and the onus is on the afghan government to provide security for the latest to to stick on aid worker security show that over the last fifteen years their jobs have become much more dangerous in two thousand and sixteen there were one hundred fifty eight attacks on aid organizations around the world in which one hundred to one aide workers were killed ninety eight wounded and eighty nine kidnapped that's almost triple the number of attacks in two thousand and three south sudan is the most dangerous country for aid workers followed by afghanistan and syria the un humanitarian coordinator calls afghanistan one of the most challenging and dangerous environments for humanitarians in two thousand and seventeen seventeen aid workers were killed and thirty two injured doctors without borders withdrew
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from the northern afghan city of could use in two thousand and fifteen after the medical charities hospital was mistakenly destroyed by a u.s. airstrike and last year the international red cross which is operated in afghanistan for more than thirty years close to clinics and limited his operations nationwide after seven staff members were killed and others abducted now we're in a very explosive situation i think where we note the community says communities can no longer guarantee also a fifty an hour access and that's now where it's becoming extremely diff. to know. who we can rely on and that's that's the challenge today more so than in the last thirty years afghanistan is dependent on aid organizations if gunmen were to drive them out the afghan government can't support the social services programs on which millions of afghans depend save the children says it helps one point four million children in afghanistan and it's committed to its work here the organization would like to restart its programs but it can only do so when it's short staffed can work
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safely jennifer glass al-jazeera kabul. the former u.s. gymnastics coach has been sentenced for up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for sexually assaulting women and girls in an unusual move the judge allowed four days of statements by the victims before sentencing among the victims as one of the most decorated gymnasts and a limb pick history john hendren reports this staggering sentence mattered less than the statement it made who wow. mr. whitehead through to. dr larry nasser was already handed a sixty year prison term for related child pornography last month that will keep the fifty four year old away from children for life perhaps you have figured it out by now but little girls don't see little forever to grow into strong women that return to destroy your world he pleaded guilty to molesting seven girls in usa
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gymnastics in michigan state university through intimate treatments that he told them had say reputed value two thousand and. six two grown men a. big significant do with thing anymore but he was accused by more than one hundred fifty women and how dare you say sorry about everything you've done and all the lives you've destroyed we all see right through your. europe of setting a monster that is only sorry you got caught the accusers included gold medalists some own byelaws alley reisman gabby douglas in mckayla maroney who statement was read by a prosecutor dr nasser was not a doctor. he in fact was in forever shall be a child molester a monster of a human being and a story. he abused my trust he abused my body and he left scars on my psyche
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that may never go away the victim's anger went beyond nasser this monster was also the architect of policies and procedures that are supposed to protect athletes from sexual abuse for both usa gymnastics and the u.s. o.c. abuser's your time is up the survivors are here standing toe and we are not going anywhere on monday three leaders of usa gymnastics the national governing body for the olympic sport resigned under pressure among nasser's latest accuser is byles one of the most decorated gymnast in olympic history on twitter she said she dreaded returning to the training center where she was abused this week usa olympics announced it will close the texas center that haunts are whether the organization can regain the trust of dozens of women who say it failed to protect them remains an open question john hendren al-jazeera. john joins us live now from chicago john can you tell us more about how events unfolded in court.
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marion this was the largest sexual abuse case in the history of sport and it was reflected in the enormous volume of victim impact statements now nasser only pleaded guilty to seven cases that was to do to a plea agreement but under that agreement a number of women who also accused him were allowed to speak and they were expecting four days of victim impact statements but in fact because so many women were they say inspired by the addresses of those women that had stretched out to seven days which ended today and by the end one hundred fifty six women stood forward and accused nasser they said that he touched them intimately sometimes under towels sometimes at his home sometimes in the presence of their parents and the parents then gave statements saying that they themselves felt that they had not protected their children and that was one of the reasons the judge gave such
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a harsh sentence she said i have just signed your death warrant you should not ever be able to be outside of a prison again so the range of that sentence was forty to one hundred seventy five years but that sentence really didn't matter because she's already facing a sixty year sentence for child pornography the judge said she wanted to ensure that larry nasser would never get out of prison again yes and batting in mind the extent of the f.b.i. use why did it take so long for him to be brought to justice. well there are going to be a lot of recrimination is about that because there had been accurate accusations about nasser for years both at usa gymnastics and at michigan state university where he also worked so in the end it took until after decades of this women had accused him in the past and those charges had been dropped or not pursued
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so by two thousand and fifteen finally usa gymnastics decides that they have a nuff of a case against him to bring it to the f.b.i. they fired him but what they didn't do is they didn't even inform michigan state university where he also worked so there were more cases michigan state says it found out in two thousand and sixteen here we are in twenty eighteen when the case has finally gone forward and now there will be investigations the national collegiate athletic association says they are going to look into michigan state university the president there says she will not resign and then of course you've had all these people fired from usa gymnastics there will be civil lawsuits and that's in addition to the appeal that dr nasser is likely to file thanks very much john hendren bringing us all that i test on that story. brazilian court is expected to rule shortly on former president lula. da silva is appeal against a corruption conviction which could have a major impact on his political comeback
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a popular politician known across the country as was given a nine and a half year prison sentence last year for money laundering and corruption. is leading the polls from the presidential election and has been drawing massive crowds to his rallies well terry is live for us now in porto alegre what is the latest you are hearing from the court's. well after a short a recession the judge has already presenting his case you feel half the votes and then we have to wait for the third charge before. i know that eventually it's going to decide. political future the first judge let's go he not only mind his complexion but he also asked for his sentence to be increased he said that he was the mastermind behind a huge corruption scandal year in the country and also that there is enough proof pulling that
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a construction company gave the former president an apartment outright and beach beachfront fright flex and that in exchange that we learned about helped them get contracts with the state old company without us where we are right now is a camp and have been formed by you will have a few dozen porters people have come from all around the country and they're camping right behind me now you can see here some music playing people are home they're tired but they're saying that they're going to remain here they're anxious to know whether it will be what will be allowed to run for president in this year's presidential elections yes a lot of anger about corruption but we know that you know is also very popular there in the country how might we all react if he isn't allowed to run an election . rob people are dead will definitely be very. very frustrating questioning the whole political process of the field and wrong there isn't not enough rules to actually pick the press or the president because we are
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part of and voting for what you want he's being judged is not even in his name they say the whole political scheme to prevent him from running for office and. tribune. fiction and. most definitely this will complicate the chances on running for presidency this is not the lonely charges that the president is currently faces he's facing six other cases three other investigations and that about which he will have to face among them resample he's being accused of abuse of power and also being beheaded of a criminal organization that worked to divert funds from the fate of. terry is a great thank you very much. well you're watching the news hour live from london much more to tell you about an army truce allows families to return home in the democratic republic of congo the can the peace law must tell you about the bollywood film that schools widespread protests in india because of its muslim
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hindu love story. and in sport le bron james hits a scoring milestone in the n.b.a. and he's the youngest person to do it tatiana will have. already launched an air and ground operation in the in the city of afridi because of the y.p. g. presence there at least five thousand people have been displaced in five days of fighting wants to create a thirty kilometer deep to protect its border with syria turkey says some two hundred sixty eight fighters have been neutralized in operation all of branch so far a kurdish commander says that's an exaggeration but he didn't give any alternative figures stephanie deca has more from the turkey syria border. we are very close to the syrian border here syria is just behind that mountain and we've been
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hearing all day really that we've been hearing the sound of artillery it ebbs and flows but it has been very heavy at times and that's because this remains a very after front line the entire western border. city in that turkey has with the province now there's also a turkish base just a little further that way the turkish military really doesn't want any media near its operations what we've seen we've seen helicopters hovering overhead there are tanks and of course the coldest and sound of outgoing artillery along the border that's been going on for the last couple of days and of course the united nations now giving numbers around five thousand people have fled these border villages further inside to flee the fighting and they say what they're really concerned about is it seems that they have nowhere safe to go well now another development syrians who survived a deadly snowstorm along the country's mountainous border according on the lebanese government to open its doors to refugees seventeen people froze to death while illegally crossing into lebanon along a well known people smuggling route last week saying the holder has more from that
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because valley. but survived but she watched her father in law and sister in law freeze to death syrian refugees were caught in a fear snowstorm as people smugglers tracked them across mountains to reach lebannon seventeen people died including children said they asked the smugglers for help but instead they abandoned. we asked the smuggler to help us go back he wanted money he kept threatening us with guns we had no choice but to comply my father in law was old and needed to go back and my children needed and i had to go back the smuggling route is an eight hour journey through difficult terrain and on that particular day weather conditions were very bad the rescue and search effort lasted for days from the city of rekha she went back to syria because she couldn't afford to treat her sick child in lebanon's bekaa valley her one month old girl died in syria and had to return to her family in lebanon syrians like her can't use
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government run border crossings if they don't want to lose their status with the united nations it's not just that. the lebanese authorities to open the border. money to those who want to cross illegally . and that costs hundreds of. hundred dollars we go to the government. lebanon just like syria's other neighbors jordan and turkey no longer accept refugees at the start of the syrian conflict more than one of. soon after the lebanese government said it was unable to cope with the vast numbers in two thousand and fifteen it imposed new restrictions ending its open door policy. some lebanese politicians have been calling for refugees to return at least to areas where the war has ended and calm has returned but the u.n.
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and the international committee of the red cross don't consider syria safe yet for many refugees safety is not their only concern. if we go back to syria we can't survive our homes are destroyed and so are our livelihoods there are no jobs so how do we live at least here we got some help from the. father died in the snowstorm and his nieces. lost their mother. the girls need to go back to syria to be raised by their grandmother but because they entered lebanon legally the only way back is through the mountains. because lebanon. for more on this i'm joined by. he is a researcher at university of exeter strategy and security institute thanks very much for coming in to speak to us and getting the piquet's allies out of a free and ending the kurdish hold on northern syria has long been a major priority for the one but is it your understanding that there is
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a clear plan or is there an element of improvise ation here i think has been brewing for quite some time and you know i think we need to be careful the terms that we use as well i don't think turkey has a specific problem against the kurdish people or the kurdish hold on certain areas some of their allies in the free syrian army are actually kurds themselves so their issue is obviously with the y.p. g. being as they are certainly. even a sister organization now the key thing that the turks are concerned about is obvious you've got the united states government on one side and the pentagon in specific for example general raymond thomas about a year ago was saying actually even less than one half a year ago saying that they asked v y p g to rebrand and call themselves syrian democratic forces so you know he actually came out and said this on t.v. and that's actually really angered the turks and push them further into the russian camp away from the nato allies so this is been brewing for quite some time and they've been wanting to take action and i think only just now they've gotten
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approval from the russians who are withdrawn from the area push them in to push the turks into the russian count but the syrians are assad and the iranians who are allies of russia are not happy about. this intervention in syria so it is that you know will the russians provide cover for turkey indefinitely moment definitely know by the end of the day turkey has played ball with moscow so they're taken part of the process even though it's quite clear to most people that it's not really going anywhere it's just a russian cover to basically for them to continue the dominant hold over the syrian government and the syrian people themselves so right now it's a kind of. case of them sort of rewarding the turks for their loyalty over a period of time and at the end of the day although the iranians in the eyes of the regime are allies to the russians. russia plays for its own agenda it's not necessarily looking after one side or the other we know that president was outraged at the us starting to train
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a thirty thirty thirty thousand strong border protection forces what they call the n.y.p.d. held northern syria what are the implications of. building an autonomous region under american protection in this way i think we've got quite a good example of that actually across the border in iraq so if we look you know you had a kind of an american protected autonomous kurdish zone and it didn't quite work out especially when they started to push for independence the difference with syria of you see is that the most powerful kurdish groups of the y p g again possibly take a sister organization so what happens there is you've got an extremely powerful country like turkey north of the border you've also got the iraqis on the other side and earrings will not be happy to see any kind of autonomy from the kurds this was kind of tried to replicate as in iraq and it ended up in failure. thank you thank you very much the german chancellor angela merkel has used her speech at the world
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economic forum to warn against protectionism and isolationism she told the audience at dallas that nationalist solutions were not the right way to face global economic challenges let's get the latest from james base has been following all these developments at davos and so you have so many different themes that have been touched on the past couple of days we've heard from angela merkel we're expecting to see donald trump but we've also been hearing from the french president emanuel macron. yes and i think from these two powerful european leaders you heard the same basic theme which is stressing the importance of global trade and global news they're aware how controversial globalization is and in some ways that is mocked by the u.s. president will be here in twenty four hours' time the first visit here by u.s. president in some eighteen years because of that i think you heard the french
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president president talk about the need for a global compact on globalization to try and deal with the effects of globalization the whole world to get together and work out how to deal with the negative effects which have led to popular politicians like president trump taking office in various countries and most notably the u.s. and of course president trump in the last few hours in his administration announcing the new terrorists on solar panels and on washing machine is something that touches climate change of course but also protectionism with that in mind now listen to the words of the german chancellor. i will give the indices not sonali we know that there are national egotism is we see populism on the rise we see in many states a polarizing atmosphere many people seem to worry where the multilateralism will
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actually finance and who part limbs that mankind has in a fair and equitable way i buy stuff in the garden but let me tell you germany wishes to be a country that will lend its contribution also in future to solve the problems that we're all together we think that shutting ourselves off against the rest of the world isolating ourselves will not lead us in target future protectionism is not the proper answer right so much speaking against protections and what sort of tone can we expect from president donald trump when he arrives and what sort of reception is he likely to get there. well if i could answer that question this is president trump we don't know whether he's going to be playing to this crowd and it's a group here at davos that he's not been with before he's never actually come to this gathering even though of course we have the first business from president of the united states in many decades are we going to hear something that fits in with the people here or are we going to hear the america first president the white house
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say yes america first stands but it's america first not america alone will be watching the speech which is on friday we're watching the tweets of course and the comment see makes when he arrives here in under twenty four hours time a little bit earlier i asked the energy secretary rick prep area of the united states what to make make of the speech he simply said it's going to be all some will have to wait and see all right thanks very much james bays in dallas. in india have been growing protests by right wing hindu groups against the release of a controversial bollywood film demonstrator say the film which betrays a muslim ruler as the love of the hindu queen is an insult to their religion and cultural heritage we've barco reports. protests are intensifying across several indian states and how close to the capital delhi right wing hindu groups blockaded roads and in the city of bhopal police arrested several demonstrators after they
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set a car on fire a number of cinemas across the country have also been vandalized on choose day hundreds of rioters descended on a mall in the western state of good gerard torching be eccles and damaging shops. the escalation came hours after india's supreme court rejected bids to allow some states to ban the controversial film cleared for release nationwide on thursday. is the patrol of a fourteenth century hindi queen a member of the high rajput cost of the muslim. the film depicts a romance between the two characters seen as a step too far for these demonstrators many from the hardline raj hindu group. they say the relationship between a hindu and a muslim is a distortion of fact and of determined to defend their culture. their community lives only to protect the country the religion and one self-respect can be noticed
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in a crowd he's disciplined never flees a battle and is always ready to die a story and say the queen's existence is very likely a legend character in a sci fi epic poem this is it's an epic. it's not. and it is that in fifteen forty. two he said in the thirteenth century. some people forget that this is not a piece of history it's an epic written by. the film's director sanjay leela bhansali tonight's the movie disrespects the hindi queen he's had to contend with sets in a delay to the original release state hard line hindu ism is on the rise in india emboldened believe many by the country's prime minister and hindu nationalist never enter modi police have boosted security in all theaters screening the film but many cinemas are reluctant to take the risk. much more to come for you
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including looking at the undercover report into sexual harassment ask the man only charity event that's causing outrage in the u.k. . i'm scared in hong kong coming up why the city famous for its neon signs and beleaguered skyline may be under pressure to do lots and switch. and in sport from the n.b.a. to the oscars find out which basketball great has been nominated for film awards. hello we still have some rather nasty weather across the eastern side of the mediterranean areas of cloud and rain sleet and snow continuing to pile into that
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western side of syria then across lebanon jordan and we're going to see further spells of heavy downpours as we go on through the next few days as that wet weather there for thursday northern parts over the turkish mountains we are seeing snow coming in once again the freezing conditions that we have seen recently will ease somewhat you can see aleppo getting up to around ten celsius as we go through the day but we are still looking at some pretty poor conditions the eleven degrees as we go through friday the rain still in place wintry weather continuing across the northern flank of this spell of disturbed weather meanwhile a chance is simply out there just pushing towards kuwait hopes perhaps a few spots of rain coming through as a result of that but it stays far to try to the south of that pleasant sunshine here in doha twenty five or twenty six degrees as we go on through friday will stay fine and settled in the coming days fred no start of any wet weather still getting back into where cape town the eastern side of south africa has seen some particularly lively downpours recently and further heavy rain in the forecast as we
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go on through day and it stays wet for friday. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding the distortion is that of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people did setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up they did just what president state in the whole country but is not other word when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and
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a lot of. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. up and back in with the news outlets update you on the top stories the agency exceeds the children has suspended its operations in afghanistan after three years of its employees after three of its employees or killed in an armed attack on its offices. before make us gymnastics coach has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for sexually assaulting women and girls at present in
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court is expected to rule shortly on former president always a nasty little silver's appeal against a corruption conviction which could have a major impact on his political comeback head of an election in october. when other stories are watching closely the united nations says the number of people in somalia on the brink of famine has grown ten fold since this time last year around half the population is an urgent need of humanitarian aid for me to miller reports from mogadishu in twenty seventeen aid agencies managed to avert a famine here in somalia a year later the situation isn't any better in fact the united nations is concerned that the amount of somalis who are on the brink of famine has increased tenfold the united nations is appealing for one point six billion dollars to provide humanitarian assistance to millions of somalis they say that six million people in
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this country that's at least half the population need humanitarian assistance at least half of those people are children and all of that amount half of the people who need assistance need emergency lifesaving assistance what's also of concern much like the people at this camp in mogadishu is that two point one million somalis have been displaced by drought rainfall as well as the realities of poor security in many parts of the country and that's one of the issue for the united nations a round development and the future of somalia is that of security african union forces troops that have been in this country for ten years securing the country pushing back al shabaab fighters are expected to continue their withdrawal this year at least one thousand troops did leave somalia at the end of twenty seventeen
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or twenty two thousand are expected to withdraw by twenty twenty two main concerns to the united nations one security the other again averting famine in somalia as well as ensuring that there's some level of political stability in this country. well elsewhere hundreds of thousands of people are returning to their homes in the democratic republic of congo after spending months in hiding or than three thousand people have been killed since fighting broke out between the army and rebels in the region eighteen months ago and as catherine sawyer reports from people are worried that a fragile peace deal could collapse at any time. these former child soldiers relax at a rehab center in concise central off fighters supporters kooks of come in and supple a rebel group that has been fighting government forces since twenty sixteen mark is seventeen years old he joined the group to avoid the consequences of not joining
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his in his friends get beaten up or even killed for insisting he was also afraid of government soldiers. i joined as a title my fist rule was burning houses when we attacked then i was promoted money good luck i was for in the lot rested and spend six months in jail before i was rescued by un forces fighting increased after police killed a traditional chief who was critical of president joseph kabila as government in the mineral rich region with a history of political and territorial tension the violence spread fast these house belongs to a police commander and when the rebels came to this area back in august they bind him alive inside the house people here also told us they terrorized them for three days before the military came. to some but she says her husband was killed by a government soldier has signed by militias double digit at the moment i blame them
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all i never imagined my home which has always been peaceful would become so violent so quickly and i pray never to see that happen again. the violence has significantly reduced after an easy peace deal between the states and their grief a community of sample kinda it was negotiated by this man the community spiritual leader but he says the government has not or not their green meant and accuses its forces of widespread across the. road. i ordered for peace to come back because it is the government and the president who are not ready for peace conditions set out in the peace talks have not been met whatever happened will not be only the military and police deployed to this area remain on high alert guarding the airport and other facilities they've also been accused of human rights abuses in. the government and no reason to attack civilians who did not create the conflict or
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any militias become one runs up or on the motive. many people in the countryside where the conflict was at its worst our farmers they've been unable to plant crops for three seasons and though they say it's time to rebuild their lives they still fear they may have to run again catherine sorry al jazeera a sigh central at the democratic republic of congo and on the cover of port into sexual harassment at a male only charity fund raising here in the u.k. has caused outrage the financial times found the women were sexually harrison propositioned at the event attended by leaders from the world of business politics and finance since the fallout two major sponsors sever ties and the club has announced it's shutting down on a b phillips has more. an exclusive charity evening in one of london's smartest hotels it's called the president's club so exclusive that the only guess a man some of britain's leading bankers businessmen property developers was the
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only women like the undercover reporter who took these pictures whose desk is told to west sexy clothes forced to sign a document saying they won't talk about what happened here one of the auction prizes plastic surgery to make we're told your wife more attractive other prizes to be with the governor of the bank of england lunch with the foreign secretary boris childs the women are repeatedly groped harassed invited to bedrooms up stairs man and ensuring. quite a course on things very quickly to. some of that it was pretty shocking things depressing politicians from all parties say that outraged women have the right to feel safe wherever they were
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and allegations of this type of behavior are completely unacceptable or could then that a government minister attended the evening he says he left early he was appalled by the behavior and though he doesn't plan to resign a leading hospital to receive some of the three million dollars raised by the president's club house returned the money and by the end of the day the president's club itself had disbanded in disgrace giving its remaining money to children's charities this is the hotel where the event took place the door just in central london popular with movie stars and royalty it says it's deeply concerned by the allegations an investigation is under way barnaby phillips al-jazeera may fetch in central london. soldiers are being deployed to evacuate parts of the french capital as. revis well to record levels after weeks of heavy rain there are flood warnings across parts of eastern france while authorities in paris are imposing emergency measures rivers have been rising across the country despite some improvement in the
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weather. issue i have been here for two days we sleep here and we've received food and coffee in my neighborhood and the floodwaters are high and we came here because we don't know where else we can sleep amazing as outbreak is fair to have killed hundreds of mt people in indonesia's eastern popple province officials say sixty nine children have died but church leaders believe the death toll is much higher our correspondent steps lawson and her team gained rare access to some of those forgotten villages and one of the world's most remote regions they took a commercial flight from the capital jakarta to get to to meet and pop a province from to mika the team to a small plane to get to a gats lay then travel by boat and into the jungle to get to us a tat this is their exclusive report the land of the spreads across a vast jungle delta only reachable by both
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a challenging journey most outsiders prefer to avoid. in us at that settlement in the middle of dense forest we are welcomed by grieving parents dozens of topless died after their malnourished bodies didn't survive a measles outbreak a doctor has yet to visit the remote village. i mean by giving our lives have become so hard we need a doctor to come here the government in jakarta has to help us because the local government has never visited us a government health department spokesman has said staff are working with very limited resources and they're trying very hard to help the people are threatened by a lack of medical care and address to change in lifestyle to find food they used to spend months in the forest. they used to eat sad go from palm trees and drink natural water but since the government opened district offices here everything is changed instant food and energy drinks entered the area but the us
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people don't know these things are bad for them. some are smart women go through the long process to put prius psagot we find children eating uncooked instant noodles and the baby drinking instant coffee while the children have been dying these are smart people are left on their own far away from any doctor or government officials who don't make the effort to make the long and difficult journey only a strong government commitment to reach out to these poor papa wants can help to prevent another tragedy. to handle the health crisis catholic church workers are handing out food to young children and give how the vice tomatoes many of them are malnourished as well but the us must can continue to live on donations of food aid forever their survival depends on their ability to revive traditions and the willingness of the government to really help and guide them step fasten al-jazeera asset that. well in the
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philippines tens of thousands of villages is surviving on food handouts as they take shelter from an erupting volcano scientists have expanded the no go zone around the mayon volcano emergency shelters are already full and the right cross says it could be months before filipinos are allowed to return home now hong kong is known for its shiny neon signs and glittering skyline but it's also one of the worst cities in the world for light pollution now many residents are saying it's hard to escape the glare and that it may be time to switch the lights off sarah clarke reports from hong kong. when the sun sets in hong kong the city skyline comes alive billboards and neon lights aluminite the crowded streets the glow from the densely packed skyscrapers is one of the city's main attractions oh my god the lights were so on. and.
9:44 pm
so nice but this appreciation is not shared by everyone in hong kong last year the government reported a record number of complaints the curtains may be drawn but residents argue the glare outside is hard to a skype we receive some complaints about the light pollution is all they have. to stop us from life outside of you tube. scientists at the university of hong kong spent eighteen months studying levels of light pollution collecting more than five million measurements they found hong kong one of the world's worst offenders the lights pollution condition in hong kong was extremely severe in particular in the urban regions you know the lights night sky brightness which is what we measure is on average a few hundred times over the level of bats a night sky without light pollution in cities such as seoul london shanghai i'm
9:45 pm
sorry billboard lighting and signage is regulated and there are penalties. but in hong kong there are no laws a voluntary charging card just businesses to switch off between eleven pm and seven am the critics say it's not enough to make a difference the government says four thousand eight hundred properties have signed up to the charges so far and it's satisfied that it's working we are doing our utmost to address this puppy concerned we are we have such importance to you and the voting to extend the life and he's taking you thank you but not everyone is convinced and some residents are to. upon themselves to act so each outlet a campaign to have a commercial building switch off after midnight she won but she expects a lot to eventually turn back on i know that the bill they have has side the child has turned on logic but just based on the lie that is the law is it has fallen to
9:46 pm
her it is not i meant. for now it seems hong kong's broad lights will continue to shine. al-jazeera hong kong. looking at the. amount of. expected.
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9:48 pm
thank you very much roger federer may be no stranger to an australian open semifinal has reached out for a fourteenth time but his opponent is something of a surprise and as elise holman reports federer is excited to be in among some upcoming players in the last four michael let's face it was list semi final but no one would have predicted the world number fifty eight he couldn't shown both as the ninety seven to bring to tennis said grant the last time an american from tennessee had never won a grand slam much before this tournament but he's unlikely run appeared destined to end. chongjin basin novak djokovic on his way to the quarterfinals and the twenty one year old looked composed as he would
9:49 pm
tone first straight sets victory he's the first career to reach the last four of the grad slam thank. you so proud because i really don't know if i make sammy's had been such a. good player when they were playing second grand slam i was surprised. so i'm going couldn't escape control the sea in defeat he had wiped his twitter account after a number of tweets suggesting far right u.s. political views were highlighted and he had a message to read to the media you seek to put people in these little boxes so that you can order the world in your already assumed preconceived ideas you strip away any individuality for the sake of demonizing by way of the collective. with a handful of followers and some likes on twitter my fate has been sealed in your minds. roger federer is one man who knows how to charm the media and the thirty six
9:50 pm
year old made like one of his quarter final opponents with this wispy thomas bet it came straight sets as he paid for twenty eight grand slam but he's also celebrating the rise of hewn schoen and fellow quarter finalist kyle at men's so i like it when we don't know the guys i don't hardly know chung to be honest i've hardly spoken to him i've had one like area parents once was over in london and that's about it and otherwise of maybe shaking his hand twice and spoken a few words to him so i don't know these guys in a way i like it because it's really something totally new to me in the women's draw well the one simona halep was there came a slow start to it bob said the last four she trailed six stayed caroline a place called the three love in the first set the rate of the first six three six two six three we were. hallett will face german and julie covering the semifinals coba crushed american medicine keys in just fifty one
9:51 pm
minutes as she looks to add to her twenty sixteen title in melbourne i really schoolman al-jazeera. will that game between young chang and tennis on a gun was actually delayed for a short time by the stadiums p.a. system take a listen. i just this radio uses to show you wait a bit about seventy times what does that mean this is a gentleman we're just finding out from my intent or this is what that message needs i. ladies and gentlemen thanks for your patience. well serena williams
9:52 pm
says she's ready to step back into competitive tennis five months after having her daughter the twenty three time grand slam winner has been named in the united states fed cup squad for their first round tie against the netherlands in february williams withdrew from the australian open saying she wasn't to get ready to compete. there bron james has become the youngest basketball player to reach thirty thousand points in the n.b.a. james became the seventh member of the thirty k. club as he scored twenty eight points for the cleveland cavaliers against the san antonio spurs on monday his milestone wasn't sufficient to stop the cavs from dropping the tenth game out of thirteen the spurs but one hundred fourteen to one hundred two winners but still loss of life for brown. was never fully appreciate what i do any time our conversation about a persuader loss you know i've always told you jason told our guys back home looking forward to the more more. various you can be done with the game and i can
9:53 pm
sit back with my family and my friends we can sit back drink some wine talk about all the companies that i had in fees that i'll be able to accomplish. well across the past kobe bryant to become the youngest to reach thirty thousand points but bryant had his own reason to celebrate on tuesday the five time n.b.a. champion has been nominated for an oscar for this animated a short film he helped produce titled did basketball it's based on a poem he wrote upon his retirement from basketball in two thousand and fifteen called. fourteen time goal for major champion tiger woods will make his first p.g.a. tour appearance in almost a year on thursday the farmers insurance open is taking place that torrey pines in san diego where woods has been practicing woods is a seven time champion at this very event a record in itself it marks the latest comeback for the former world number one he's been plagued by back and knee injuries and personal problems over the last
9:54 pm
eighty years. controversy has never been too far away during this current n.f.l. season with players regularly kneeling during the national anthem now the league has rejected an ad for the official super bowl program asking players to play stand the one page ad was for donations to an american veterans organization the n.f.l. says that the super bowl isn't the place to make a political statement. but the purchase of brought the players and officials closer according to the leads commissioner roger goodell. our players who are all trying to do it's in the best interest of communities that they live in that they care about trying to improve and i and i have margaret a great deal i wish all our players are standing for the national anthem are always did i always told them that. but i i also we really took the time to understand them and i i think we could use a little bit more about in our society the man who started that protest to draw attention to police brutality and racial inequality was former san francisco forty
9:55 pm
nine ers quarterback calling cap and he hasn't played in over a year but has been shortlisted for the players' association award for community m.v.p. in two thousand and sixteen cap and it pledged one million dollars to organizations working in a press communities is making good on that he's also very didn't top sports stars like the reno williams and stuff carries. this ball from his party lovey thank you tatiana. his large scale often spectacular pitches is considered one of the world's greatest living photographers is photos betray sights and scenes of contemporary life and the global economy challenge and i went along to a retrospective of his what in london. airports stock exchanges industrial complexes. has earned a reputation as an artist documenting global capitalism from chicago's board of
9:56 pm
trade to basket weavers in vietnam the scale the u.t. and complexity of his epic photographs have reinvented the art form here on the walls of the hayward gallery photographs almost like abstract paintings especially this one of germany's riverrun which sold for a record four point three million dollars when i first saw this picture twenty years ago i thought of finding this great patch of river but i wouldn't be able to because of the buildings and the dog walkers to create it it's an image of a place that doesn't exist but that doesn't make it any less into for. his pitches or masterpieces of manipulation multiple shots taken from different angles a digitally spliced together some details a raised others repeated everything focused sharply. taken on the i phone in person the german photographer is a vase of about his methods and the way. history. images
9:57 pm
i mean the good news the big secret history maybe i should stop talking too much older folks. despite his every day subjects he says he's not reporting on reality but looking and it like this ceiling of the french communist party headquarters designed by utopian brazilian architect. half the lights perhaps a comment on what's happened to utopian dreams this is first london retrospective and to bring it to life he collaborated closely with the hayward gallery as director i think he's doing something. that's very different from what other people are doing and that is new in history. but i think more important to me is the fact that whether you know contemporary or you know nothing these images give you.
9:58 pm
very powerful counter. you can linger long over. the details because he wants you to read each pitch line by line because the devil is in the details charlie rangel al-jazeera london well that's it for myself but my colleague lauren taylor will be with you in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news stay with ouches there. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always
9:59 pm
possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. february on al-jazeera south korea hosts the twenty eighteen winter olympics can record be broken al-jazeera will bring you the latest from pyongyang the big picture examines the present day crisis in venezuela by exploring the divisions rooted in its past senior officials will meet to discuss the biggest security challenges facing. will be life from the munich security conference partition borders of blood looks at the troubled legacy of the events that shaped the indian subcontinent am's top
10:00 pm
aerospace companies from around the globe will gather to showcase the latest technology at the singapore february on al-jazeera. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife and listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. save the children suspends its operations in afghanistan after our sole gunman stormed its regional office killing three of its staff.


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