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no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied to the state of their economy this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm mouthiness coming up in the next sixty minutes brazil's former president says he will run in this
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year's election despite a court uploading a corruption conviction against him. save the children charity suspends its operations in afghanistan following an attack that killed three of its staff. i just find your blind eye. plus the u.s. should not stop her sentence of one hundred seventy five years in jail for sexually abusing young girls and women. in london looking at the work of one of the greatest living photographers of our time a master of manipulation. but first a brazilian coulter's op held a corruption and money laundering conviction against the former president lewis in the lula da silva the popular politician known across the country as lula had
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appealed against a nine and a half year prison sentence last year for money laundering and corruption. for me this court ruling is an opportunity to travel through brazil and have a dialogue with the brazilian people about what they have about what they're losing and what i will have again in the future. now i can see to everything that they are doing is to close the door to my candidacy this provocation is so shameful but now i want to be candidate for the presidency of the republic are his feet now to paolo sotero who's in washington d.c. he's director of the brazil institute at the woodrow wilson center thank you for joining us so lula there seems defiance says despite the fact that the court has
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not only up held the conviction against him but increases sentence that he's will run in october as elections how can. he probably wants his appeals are not going to be sustained because the nature of this decision there is no difference between the three judges so there is a a difficult case of the former president has now and the coalition that supports him the coalition of order left it left party is has started already. indicating that the day will not to wait for this process they want to present their own candidate so the former president has a very good very difficult road ahead of him but there is still some legal recourse for him that he can appeal to a higher court for instance kennie. yes this is it this is done in brazil under the
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rule of law there are appeals to the electoral courts that will validate his candidacy or not and there is also recourse is on the merits of the case to the supreme court to the appeals court so all those will be pursued most experts agree though that chances of success are diminishing have diminished given the nature of this ruling today that was unanimous and as you mention has added years to his sentence but i mean this is the most spectacular fall from grace isn't that of the hottest brazil's most popular politician of modern times. it is a sad moment for brazil because lula was indeed the first man of the people in a very divided an equal society to achieve electoral power federal power in his fourth attempt governing well initially bringing people together but
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later on distancing himself from his own ideals selecting a successor based on his own popularity that ended up being a disastrous choice for brazil plunging brazil in its worst recession ever and here we have brazil is now getting out of recession and people don't have i think patients anymore for this types of experiments in brazil remaining obviously it remains important to save the good part of his legacy but a little is a seventy year old politician brazilians are not really in the mood of going to the streets and protests the conviction the charges on corruption are pretty solid they have been reviewed by the courts they will continue to be
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reviewed by the courts revised by the courts but. we would be spectators and he is that this is the end of. political life all right paulo sotero thank you very much indeed for joining us live from washington d.c. now we can go to a lead today where the court proceedings that she took place in brazil our correspondent today said forest earlier you were surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of lula supposes what sort of reaction has there been in the country. this decision by the court to uphold the conviction. well reactions here vary and it depends who you ask i'm not sure if you can hear but people have been celebrating with fireworks just until a few seconds ago when too many of those around the six of city they tell you that finally they're seeing some justice done they see many of them as lula as the
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leader of a corruption scheme which is basically what the appeals courts said today but on the other side of the city you could see people disenchanted angry and ready to take to the streets they're saying that the new love the sea level will continue to be very oppressive and that courts will not decide who brazil's president is going to be they know that lula at this point has at least a thirty six percent intention of people voting for him and they say that he will continue fighting so that he is the candidate of the workers' party today is a. call to a lead in brazil thank you. now the guy would save the children a suspended its operations in afghanistan following a deadly attack on its jalalabad office while forty six people in the building were rescued a soldier and three staff members were killed several others were wounded eisel has
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claimed responsibility jennifer glass rippled from the capital kabul. the attack began with a car bomb at the door of the state of the children office in jalalabad eastern afghanistan the gunman stormed the building for more than eight hours they battled afghan security forces while dozens of save the children staff were trapped inside the building was set on fire eventually afghan police and soldiers killed the attackers and rescued the staff afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for children to be born following decades of war insecurity and poverty for twelve years save the children has worked with afghan communities to help kids arrive but the attack on the agency's office in jalalabad suggest it's becoming increasingly difficult for staff to help afghans without becoming victims of the conflict themselves it's quite possible to save the children would leave afghanistan and the onus is on the afghan government to provide security for the latest to to stick on aid worker security show that over the last fifteen years their jobs have become
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much more dangerous in two thousand and sixteen there were one hundred fifty eight attacks on aid organizations around the world in which one hundred to one hundred workers were killed ninety eight wounded and eighty nine kidnapped that's almost triple the number of attacks in two thousand and three south sudan is the most dangerous country for aid workers followed by afghanistan and syria the u.n. humanitarian coordinator calls afghanistan one of the most challenging and dangerous environments for humanitarians in two thousand and seventeen seventeen aid workers were killed and thirty two injured doctors without borders withdrew from the northern afghan city of could use in two thousand and fifteen after the medical charities hospital was mistakenly destroyed by a u.s. airstrike and last year the international red cross which is operate. in afghanistan for more than thirty years close to clinics and limited his operations nationwide after seven staff members were killed and others abducted now we're in a very explosive situation i think where we know the community says communities can
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no longer guarantee our safety and our access and that's now where it's becoming extremely difficult to know. who we can rely on and that's that's the challenge today more so than in the last thirty years afghanistan is dependent on aid organizations if gunmen were to drive them out the afghan government can't support the social services programs on which millions of afghans depend save the children says it helps one point four million children in afghanistan and it's committed to its work here the organization would like to restart its programs but it can only do so when it's short staffed can work safely jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. well al jazeera has been speaking to save the children c.e.o. and she told us that she is shocked and appalled by the attack and that such violence will not be tolerated. well we have for now suspended our activities but rest assured that we are still committed to helping the afghan people and particularly children in afghanistan we have been there for so many years and we
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know what we do there help millions of children survive be educated be protected so we will continue to do what we are doing in afghanistan this is a setback for sure and we will take us a long time to recover from this and we should never ever accept at tax on aid workers people who are spending their lives helping children this is very innocent work this is what that all parents would want for children this is work that help children survive and learn and be protected and i hope still am completely saddened by the fact that someone would try to stop this insight violent attack this was very violent issued never happen and of course this is a setback but we remain committed to helping the children in afghanistan and all over the world where save the children is working now for me us you nothing doctor has been sentence for sexually assaulting female athletes and patients for decades
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under the guise of medical treatment larry nasa was given a prison term of up to one hundred seventy five years for molesting girls and women and that was after a seven day hearing in which more than one hundred fifty victims spoke out about the abuse they suffered at his hands among them well the u.s. olympian gymnasts raisman mckayla maroney jordan wieber and simone biles many of whom spoke of their relief at the outcome but said others needed to be held accountable for letting matters campaign of abuse continue. we need change. this needs to end here you see larry nascar had more than one a caplet he was not only enabled by imus you in usa v but they actually fed him his victims who else at a miss you had received reports of larry's behavior and did not act who else helped contribute to the greatest sexual assault scandal in history this
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report now from our correspondent john hendren it's a me too moment that resonates throughout the world of sport if you're going to want. this staggering sentence mattered less than the statement it made wow. mr. whitehead through to. dr larry nasser was already handed a sixty year prison term for related child pornography last month that will keep the fifty four year old away from children for life perhaps you have figured it out by now but little girls don't say little forever to grow into strong women that return to destroy your world he pleaded guilty to molesting seven girls in usa gymnastics in michigan state university through intimate treatments that he told them had say reputed value and except for apology to all of you it's impossible to write and convey. or carry your words with me for the rest of my days he was
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accused by more than one hundred fifty women and how dare you say sorry about everything you've done and all the lives you've destroyed we all see right through your. you're a pathetic monster that is only sorry you got caught the accusers included gold medalists some own byelaws alley reisman gabby douglas in mckayla maroney who statement was read by a prosecutor dr nasser was not a doctor he in fact was in for ever shout the a child molester a monster of a human being and of story. he abused my trust he abused my body and he left scars and my psyche that may never go away the victim's anger went beyond nasser this monster was also the architect of policies and procedures that are supposed to protect athletes from sexual abuse for both usa gymnastics and the u.s. so see abusers your time is up the survivors are here standing toe and we are
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not going anywhere on monday three leaders of usa gymnastics the national governing body for the olympic sport resigned under pressure among nasser's latest accuser is byles one of the most decorated gymnast in olympic history on twitter she said she dreaded returning to the training center where she was abused this week usa olympics announced it will close the texas center that haunts are whether the organization can regain the trust of dozens of women who say it failed to protect them remains an open question. oh. that was john hendren reporting and we can get him live now in chicago and john more than one hundred fifty girls and women volunteered their experience in this case it would for more than one for a week to seven days is this the biggest sexual abuse case in u.s. history. it is certainly martina the biggest sexual abuse case in
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u.s. sporting history but even that understates it it's one of the biggest awakenings of sexual abuse victims outside of a war zone anywhere perhaps second only to the scandal in the catholic church and it is bigger if you look at all the other sexual abuse scandals right now sweeping the u.s. in hollywood in broadcast television you have the jerry sandusky case a football coach at penn state university many victims there bill cosby the comedian the hollywood producer harvey weinstein as far as on the record victim goes this case dwarfs all of those combined and it is unprecedented to have seven days of victim impact statements one hundred and fifty six statements by victims after day three the defendant himself wrote the judge and called it a media circus he complained hell hath no fury like
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a woman scorned the judge as she was sentencing him and read that statement back to him crumpled up the paper and tossed it aside she said it was her privilege to sentence him to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison now moving on to the institutions that were involved in this only scandal affecting so many young women and there are three main institutions on this a father being a couple of resignations of do it's had to be will head thoreau. definitely we expect more heads to roll i mean what you've seen already at usa gymnastics is ten months ago the c.e.o. resigned on monday you had three top officials resigned well now at michigan state university where nasser also worked where they did not discover or at least did not report the abuse until a year after usa gymnastics it is now there are calls for the president of that university to step down members of the faculty want to no confidence vote in their
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members of the michigan state legislature who are also calling for that state university president to step down things aren't over for nasser easer either for that matter and he has pleaded guilty in a neighboring county to three cases of sexual abuse and he will be sentenced next month but you can bet that there will be a lot more scrutiny i think the details of this case have just come out and they have discussed it the nation john hendren live in chicago thank you. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. days where president is expected in the coming hours. as fighting intensifies reading kurdish and turkish forces in northern syria the u.n. says civilians are being stopped from escaping. and
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in sports for the first time they'll be a korean player in the last four of a tennis grand slam tatiana has the details in the australian open. and senior u.s. officials have hit back against suggestions that donald trump's america first agenda is hurting globalization and trade the u.s. president himself is due to arrive at the world economic forum in davos switzerland on thursday where there is a certain amount of skepticism over what he can bring to the table james spays has more from davus. high in the swiss alps this is the ultimate annual gathering of the global elite captains of industry business commas and finance have the talk fest every year here in davos see you might think the u.s. is first a businessman president in decades would fit right in these are powerful people but
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they mostly do business in a sober and polite manner unlike trump they are the richest people and represent the most wealthy companies on earth but they tend to take a global view unlike trump the motto of the world economic forum is working together in a fractured world in there and so he is he's not to be a representative of that philosophy the idea of america first is is the antithesis of that it's the idea of you know raising one nation one community above those of all others and i think that's really what's. challenging to this community about about donald trump i think if you read the queen the lines of what it takes to bring everybody together diversity of thought and all of the turn that it creates is part of the process and i hope that that he takes into account here this week trump will be the first president to address stabbed us since bill clinton
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eighteen years ago those who wish to roll back the forces of globalization because they ferret's disruptive consequences i believe are plainly wrong fifty years of experience shows that greater economic integration and political cooperation are positive forces. that message was counted at the time by repeated protests around the world by antiglobalization count. now nearly two decades on the main voice questioning expansion of global trade is the president himself. from this day forward it's going to be only america first president made his name and his money signing people up to his golf clubs and condos he is the all nude
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guest here at davos but he remains a guest and not a member of this club james bays out zira davos switzerland the united nations says the number of people in somalia who are on the brink of famine has grown ten fold since this time last year around half the population is in urgent need of humanitarian aid for me to miller reports now from the capital mogadishu. in twenty seventeen aid agencies managed to avert a famine here in somalia a year later the situation isn't any better in fact the united nations is concerned that the amount of somalis who are on the brink of famine has increased ten fold the united nations is appealing for one point six billion dollars to provide humanitarian assistance to millions of somalis they say that six million people in this country that's at least half the population need humanitarian assistance at
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least half of those people are children and all of that amount half of the people who need assistance need emergency lifesaving assistance what's also of concern much like the people at this camp in mogadishu is that two point one million somalis have been displaced by drought. rainfall as well as the realities of poor security in many parts of the country and that's one of the issue for the united nations a round development and the future of somalia is that of security african union forces troops that have been in this country for ten years securing the country pushing back al shabaab fighters are expected to continue their withdrawal this year at least one thousand troops did leave somalia at the end of twenty seventeen or twenty two thousand are expected to withdraw by twenty twenty two main concerns to the united nations one security the other again averting famine in somalia as
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well as ensuring that there's some level of political stability in this country. now veteran u.s. diplomat has quit ten advisory panel that was set up to tackle the range of crisis after describing the board as a whitewash and cheerleading squad for the me among government the film a new mexico governor bill richardson quit the panel as it was making its first trip to recommend state somewhere seven hundred thousand ranger have slaves in recent months richardson says he's classed with me a mildly downs on c.g. over the years he was to gen this arrest at the end december i was very unhappy and distressed by down sunset she reaction to my plea that this issue of the reuters journalists be treated fairly and rapidly and that brought almost an explosion on her part. saying there were issues relating
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to be official secrecy zakk that this was not my charter as a member of the advisory board and the very heated exchange that we had i don't want to be part of a whitewash and i felt it's best to that i resign immediately. egypt's last main opposition candidate for an upcoming presidential election is now withdrawn from the race. made the announcement just as president. filed his nomination papers it comes a day after a former army chief of staff left tenant general sami and non was detained after saying he will contest the race a human rights lawyer was the first to announce in november that he would run against president sisi for. all this indicators we're pointing towards planned intentions to poison and corrupt the entire operation and to evacuated from
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its presumed democratic meaning and to push us into spaces which we are not able to handle we are honored to not participate more now from our correspondent mohammed jam june. president. officially launched his bid for a second term in office after announcing his candidacy last week submitting registration documents for his reelection bid in march in a speech to police force members seem determined to project an aura of strings in. all egyptians must remain alert some people want to divert our attention from the goals we have been working to achieve i see that as people do not listen to their nonsense talk and stay committed to achieving construction development and prosperity. the rhetoric was similar in tone to promises made to voters during his first presidential election campaign in two thousand and fourteen which the former
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military chief of staff won with ninety seven percent of the vote observer said that election fell short of international standards. since then disillusionment with his rule has grown along with a return to the authoritarian security state that prevailed under former president hosni mubarak cc's remarks also came the day after one of his main potential rivals semyonovna was arrested by soldiers army commanders say their former chief of staff committed violations when he announced his presidential bid without obtaining permits from the armed forces egypt's elections committee says he was removed from the ballot because it's illegal for military commanders to run for political office . former prime minister and air force general as much if you had also announced his interest lawyers say he's also been detained in cairo another would be candidate behind bars as army colonel ahmed awa a military court sentenced him to six years in prison after announcing plans to run
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for president some believe sisi perceives the rivals as a threat to his presidency remember this is a country where presidents don't leave by elections they either die in power like demand of the nasa that either killed like anwar sadat or the ousted by a mass movement like hosni mubarak the problem is for egypt for sisi right now is he struggling to find a puppet candide it he's struggling to find somebody that when he wins ninety five ninety six percent of the votes everybody can say oh that's ok that's legitimate i'm a chick is not a puppet candidate semi and then is not a puppet candidate they can call they command weight in the social sphere even before sisi declared his reelection bid it was widely assumed he would win now critics say this election is turning into a farce one more reason why on the eve of the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the egyptian revolution the brief experiment in democracy that began and to have your square seems so very long ago. does either still to come on the al-jazeera news or. underage islands in moscow and later in the program i'll be
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explained by a british satirical film about this man is not going down well russia. and install a bron james hits or scoring model staying in the n.b.a. and you see youngest person to do it tough here and it will have the details. the eastern side of the us having had extreme cold we can serve back a lot of ice fall now it started to melt recently because the last few systems is in cold warm cold again so the ice of as broken up falls calls ice jams in rivers and flooding so a typical size might be this one in pennsylvania where you've got ice enough to
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block the rivers passage give you local flooding and you just got to clear it before the thing gets really and so mechanical digger time and that's what we're doing not just in pennsylvania it's been fairly widespread this problem and this solution weatherwise they were just about bit above freezing and quiet weather for the next day or so the winter such as it is is falling out is snow in the cascades in the rockies but not getting that far b.c. to maybe the clayton prairie's but the potential minus one in winnipeg so it's nothing like his car would as it was it wasn't quite as warm in dallas sadhana sixteen degrees south of that and there is clatter right insufficient to go a few showers in mexico they believe in honduras again it looks like the concentration of the persistence of the rain is going to be somewhere from costa rica northwards up towards billie's but it's not heavy.
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from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to fill up our classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continents future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else. you know it's very challenging to believe but to feel because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. people believe to tell the real story i'll just mended is to do the work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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you know with al-jazeera is let's have a look at the top story it's a brazilian court has upheld the conviction of the former president lewis in the lula da silva the corruption and money laundering the populated told supporters that he will seek another mandates later this year. the global charity save the children has suspended its operations in afghanistan after a deadly attack on is jalalabad office of forty six people were rescued a soldier and three members of staff were killed several others were wounded eisel has claimed responsibility. a former u.s.
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gym that gymnastics doctor has been sentenced for sexually assaulting female athletes and patients for decades under the guise of medical treatment larry nasser pleaded guilty after being accused by more than one hundred fifty women including several u.s. olympic gold medal. i let's go back to masses of somalia earlier in the program you saw a chorus one of the media miller reporting on the fact that even more people in somalia this year are expected to be needing humanitarian assistance we can now speak to the un's michael keating he's the special representative for somalia is joining us live from u.n. headquarters in new york thank you for talking to us it's almost a year isn't it of the new government of president from you've been talking to the u.n. security council and basically giving him
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a kind of report card tell us how he's done in his first year. well i haven't been giving him a report card because i'm not sure that's my job but i what i've been pointing out is what has been achieved and the risks are apparent in somalia's efforts to sort out its many humanitarian economic political and security problems essentially he has appointed a government that has a very good technocratic agenda in terms of wanting to sort out security wanting to improve the revenue base of the country get back on a debt relief path address some of these humanitarian problems and also try and promote inclusive politics and i think there's a lot of support for what he's trying to do however as your report a few minutes ago reveals the population is facing desperate problems with
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as as as it said over half the population needing humanitarian assistance two million i.d.p.'s so the question is whether this good agenda can be translated into practical results for people and i think it's going to depend on success in improving security in containing al-shabaab and in persuading all somalis that they have a common interest in coming together to jack all these problems rather than letting the differences between them undermine progress so what do you think then of the amisom intention of drawing down its troops there already this is the international peacekeeping force which is largely been credited with containing out. that is now on the drawing down as i say it's numbers from somalia do you agree with that as a policy or is this going to be a blessing for. well i mean
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cannot stay forever there has to be a horizon and that horizon has to be provided by the somalis being in a position to manage their own security like any sovereign state the reality is they're not there yet so it's good that this government is determined to try and sort this out but for amazon to leave before the summer league position to protect the main cities to protect the main supply routes to protect the upcoming electoral process in a few years time that would be irresponsible and i don't think i'm a sahm is saying they want to leave. in a hurry i mean they're saying that there has to be partly a function of somali capability that they want to contribute to that and that rushing ahead with this before the conditions that are both political and operational terms of capacities. leaving before that is in place would be very counterproductive you've highlighted some of the challenges that are facing
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the government of somalia and they are many and how far do you think the involvement of outside play is is actually making the situation worse much harder for the government. well i mean i would say that on balance the involvement of outside players is very very positive somalia. is lucky to have such a high degree of international support whether for responding to the drought development activities supporting it security sector so i think that's the main the main thing i think the problem is that somali politics are a fairly free style there aren't that many rules and regulations governing political conduct or at least if there are rules and regulations they're very difficult to patrol so you know it is very tempting for somali politicians to
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seek acts tunnel actors support to advance their own domestic political agenda and my message to international partners is you know be wary of getting sucked into somali politics because the consequences are not necessarily going to be good either for somalia or indeed for the security of neighboring countries or more distant countries what we need is a stable somalia i mean after all somalia has the longest coastline in africa it's fabulous rivers it's got great agribusiness potential fisheries potential it's going to mazing global trading network through the de asper i mean it should be in a position fairly quickly to generate the revenues to provide for security to provide basic services and that should be the collective objectives not allowing you know some of the very difficult political issues not allowing them to kind of prevents progress on this bigger and broader agenda michael keating talking to us
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live from u.n. headquarters in new york thank you very much. now turkey has launched an air and a ground operation on the city of afrin that's in northern syria this is all because of the presence of the k. p.g. fighters there at least five thousand people have been displaced in five days of fighting ankara wants to create a thirty kilometer deep buffer zone to protect its border with syria the turkish president says two hundred sixty eight fighters have been quote neutralized in the operation so far but the can kurds say that's an exaggeration while the turkish president and the u.s. president have had a telephone call they've been talking about matters of common interest we can talk to our correspondent. joe castor who's in washington d.c.
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first of all tell us about this telephone call because each side is differing from the other as to what exactly went down. that's right according to the white house description of this call between president donald trump and turkish president heard of on is that trump in full sized his concern of this escalation of violence at the turkish kurdish border and warned against risking a military conflict between the u.s. and turkish forces there now as you mentioned turkish forces have been firing artillery across the border into the northern syria in recent days targeting the kurdish militia there the white p.g. which the turkish government sees as a terrorist group but the conflict arises because the u.s. sees the y p g as an ally in the fight against eisel in syria thus leading to this rift as you mentioned though the interpretation of this call is very different when
2:41 am
listening to how turkish media is reporting it they dispute that this concern by donald trump of the escalation was even brought up saying rather that it was a sharing of views and that trump said to earlier gone that the u.s. is no longer supplying the y.p. with weapons that is not mentioned at all in the white house description of the call which a senior administration official has defended as accurate martin. thank you for that live in washington d.c. . now an undercover report into sexual harassment at a men only charity fund raising event in london has caused outrage the financial times sent two women reporters to work as his steps is at the event attended by male leaders from the worlds of business politics and finance the women were subjected to grouping lewd comments and repeated requests to join diners in a bedroom since the fall out one of the organizers of the event has quit his job at
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the department of education and two major sponsors have severed ties to children's hospitals have also announced they're returning all donations. the british film the death of stalin was supposed to open in russian cinemas on thursday but the controversial black comedy about former soviet leader joseph stalin has effectively been banned from release across the country rory chalons reports. the death of stalin is surprisingly considering its source material the blackest of black comedies the profane british sas our books the panic of topsail beach officials following the murderous tyrant stroke in one nine hundred fifty three hm mm. should show you get us both killed it's been acclaimed by western critics but in russia the film is no laughing matter though he denies censorship this week the culture ministry revoked the
2:43 am
film's distribution license citing extremist content. on early viewing as a member of the ministry's public council he wasn't impressed. with marshals of the great virtue logic war covered the medals when the entire least of the state's leaders get portrayed in pathetic and vulgar images at this point art turns in sick each a lesson cern's into insult and the line is crossed for the state and individual russians for sometime similar sometimes different reasons the stalin years are a highly sensitive subject but a moscow exhibition on the great terror of nine hundred thirty seven you can view execution quoters for thousands of people at a time many living russians lost parents or grandparents the wounds are still raw or for some to rauf a cinematic comedy others would like a chance to see it. everyone should decide for themselves to watch it or not it
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should be a personal choice. you can't loftus it you should think about it and correct your mistakes but it's not even slightly funny. i don't think you can laugh at it it's hard. to laugh at it means to laugh at yourself. late last year a somber monument to soviet repressions was unveiled in the capital by vladimir putin but the careful language he used reveals how little he feels there is to be gained from investigating historical abuses of state power too closely. nationally. we are descendants should remember the tragedy of oppression about the causes which lead to it but it doesn't mean demanding that accounts be settled we must never again push society to the dangerous precipice of division now it is important for all of us to rely on values of trust and stability.
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starlin may be the bloodiest of a long line of desk rulers but his brutal legacy also comes tightly bundled with the defeat of fascism the modern russian state totem of unity against hostile outsiders for russians or for a sees the death of stalin is a foreign trespass on hallowed ground in a particularly vulgar one that in mocking the terrifying of certainties of stalin ism the film also threatens the country's carefully sanctified narrative of world war two glory and that has proven unacceptable rory talons al-jazeera moscow.
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now andreas good is a photographer known for his large scale often spectacular pictures he's considered one of the world's greatest living artists now his pictures portray sights and scenes of contemporary life and the global economy charlie angela has been along to a retrospective of his work combined. airports stock exchanges industrial complexes. has earned a reputation as an artist documenting global capitalism from chicago's board of trade to basket weavers in vietnam the scale to u.t.
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and complexity of his epic photographs have reinvented the art form here on the walls of the hayward gallery photographs almost like abstract paintings especially this one of germany's riverrun which sold for a record four point three million dollars when i first saw this picture twenty years ago i thought of finding this great patch of river but i wouldn't be able to because of the buildings and the dog to create it it's an image of a place that doesn't exist but that doesn't make it any less. his pitches are masterpieces of manipulation multiple shots taken from different angles a digitally spliced together some details a raised others repeated everything focused sharply. taken on the i phone in person the german photographer is a vase of about his methods and the way. history. mentions
2:49 am
. the good news the secret history maybe it's good to talk too much all the facts. despite his every day subjects gursky says he's not reporting on reality but looking back and it like this sealing of the french communist party headquarters designed by utopian brazilian architect. half the lights perhaps a comment on what's happened to utopian dreams this is first london retrospective and to bring it to life he collaborated closely with the hayward gallery as director i think he's doing. it's very different from what other people are doing and that is new in history. but i think more important to me is the fact that whether you know a lot of contemporary or you know nothing these images give you. a very
2:50 am
powerful counter. you can linger long over gusty studying the details because he wants you to read each picture line by line because the devil is in the detail charlie rangel al-jazeera london right is having this was used out his tatiana. thank you very much roger federer may be no stranger to an australian open semifinal he has reached out for a fourteenth time his opponent is something of a surprise and homan reports federer is excited to be in among some exciting up and coming players in the last four years it was the semifinal but no one would have predicted the world number fifty eight he couldn't shown versus the ninety seventh ranked tennis said grant the last how an american from tennessee had never won a grand slam much before this tournament but he's unlikely run appeared destined to end. was. chunkin basin novak djokovic john he's
2:51 am
way to the quarterfinals of a twenty one year old looked composed as he went toward first straight sets victory he's the first korean to reach the last four of the grand slam was really surprising because i really don't know i make sammy's i've been such a. good player and i never thing second to getting grants that i was upright. so i'm going couldn't escape control the sea in defeat he had wiped his twitter account after a number of tweets suggesting farai to us political views were highlighted and he had a message to read to the media you seek to put people in these little boxes so that you can order the world in your already assumed preconceived ideas you strip away any individual ality for the sake of demonizing by way of the collective. with a handful of followers and some likes on twitter my fate has been sealed in your
2:52 am
minds. roger federer a is one man who knows how to charm the media and the thirty six year old made light one of his cautious final opponents was this wispy thomas bet it came straight sense as he paid for twenty eight grand slam but he's also celebrating the rise of hewn schoen and fellow quarter finalist kyle let me and so i like it when we don't know the guys i don't hardly know chung to be honest i've hardly spoken to him i've had one parents once was over in london and that's about it and otherwise of maybe shaking his hand twice and spoken a few words to him i don't know these guys in a way i like it because it's really something totally new to me in the women's draw well number one similar to how a party that came a slow start to evolve to the last four she trailed six stayed caroline a place called the three love in the first set the rate of the first six three six two victories was. halep will face job at our julie
2:53 am
covering the semifinals kober crushed american medicine keys in just fifty one minutes as she looks to add to her twenty sixteen title in melbourne i can lease home and al-jazeera well bad game between young chang and tennis sangram was actually delayed for a short time by the stadiums pay system take a listen. i suspect this may be only your sister show that you wait back to say seventy times so what does that mean. he's a gentleman we're just finding out from the intent of this what that message may. ladies and gentlemen thanks for your patience. i will
2:54 am
serina williams says she's ready to step back into competitive tennis five months after having her daughter the twenty three time grand slam winner has been named in the united states fed cup squad for the first round tie against the netherlands in february williams withdrew from the australian open saying she wasn't yet ready to compete. the bron james has become the youngest possible player to reach thirty thousand points in the n.b.a. james became the sevens member of the thirty k. club as he scored twenty eight points for the cleveland cavaliers against the fan ontario spurs on monday his mall sign wasn't sufficient to stop the calf from dropping that tenth game out of the tane the spurs a one hundred fourteen to one hundred two winners but still lots of love for the bronx. well i'll never fully appreciate what i do any time our conversation about office a winner or a loss you know i've always told you jason told our guys back home looking forward
2:55 am
to the moment when i'm. very sick and be done with the game and i can sit back with my family my friends we can sit back drink some wine talk about all the companies that i had in fees that i'll be able to accomplish upon the path kobe bryant to become the youngest to reach thirty thousand points but brian had his own reason to celebrate on the series day the five time n.b.a. champion has been nominated for an oscar for this animated short film he helped produce titled basketball it's based on a poem he wrote upon his retirement from botha in two thousand and fifty five says . former wild number one tiger woods has been practicing at torrey pines and sunday a go ahead of his first page eight or parents in almost a year the fourteen time major champion has been making his final preparations on wednesday before he takes part in the farmers insurance open that begins on thursday woods has dealt with several issues over the last few years including
2:56 am
a back and me injury and some past no problems as well but he is ready to make his comeback the forty two year old is a seven time champion at this very event that's a record in itself i have to rely on my own fields and play around my body can and cannot do. it's not look like it used to i mean i don't have the mobility that i do not like i never used to and this is the reality and now it's just a matter of what can i do and i says you know practicing getting my feels and trusting me experimenting a lot to try and figure out what. well can this body do an explosive can it be like my going to control shots with different shapes and i can have different views and you know some of that stuff is yes some new stuff is different. and absolute learning it was a day to forget for india as the test against south africa started on wednesday the indians won the toss and batted could never really get going captain for at
2:57 am
caerleon to test where pajaro scored fifty is but other than that it was south africa's day in johannesburg india all out a one hundred eighty seven the highest for six for one of the close of play. i think we did have a good day i think it's a good weekend and i think if it's on the field really good. you mistakes them in their time i think when eighty six is really good as think the gospel writer is and would. we had to work hard to score runs but the amount of total think it is as good as quoting three hundred on any record so as as we saw we got a record only freeboard well i think of we'll get them out so i would say it was a good day for us now the oldest motor really kick starts the new world rally championship season pass the month a collar race that was fast staged in one thousand and eleven and it formally starts on thursday and ahead of it thousand terry knew the finish quite hesitant
2:58 am
when say down otherwise known as a test before the race to be danny sautter he was second quickest with the tonic third surprisingly reigning world champion sebastian came in seventh but the french miss still the man to look out for he's looking for a sick consecutive championship this year. that's all the sport for now monitor. right i'll be back in just a minute or so. right
2:59 am
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al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how libel rins influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist or wakefield castro is a feudal east the not a communist i'm just really into this country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face at this time on al-jazeera. brazil's former president says he will run in this year's election despite a call to upholding a corruption conviction against him.


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