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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding the distortion isn't of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level what to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provocative whatever nice people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. at least thirty nine people are dead after a fire breaks out at a hospital in south korea. and i'm joined up in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. on that one
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it's not going to the. us they shipped out and go shoot. us president donald trump threatens to withdraw aid money to palestinians if they don't resume peace talks with israel. a new u.s. proposal to save millions of young immigrants from deportation but it could come at a high price plus. you go deal with people you know. are nice sometimes you know sleeping rough in the u.k. the number of homeless reaches a record high. at least thirty nine people have died in a fire at a hospital in south korea dozens more were injured at this jong hospital in the southern city of me young the fire is thought of started in an emergency room on the first floor firefighters say one hundred patients were inside at the time kathy novak has the latest from the. this fire broke out in an emergency room in
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a hospital in the southern city of mira young at around seven thirty am local time the fire was extinguished by just before ten thirty am local time but dozens of people were injured and the fear is that the death toll could rise further president moon has said this is an extremely regrettable situation and all of the attention now must be put towards those critically injured patients who were in this hospital about one hundred people in the hospital itself and then another ninety six in an adjacent building known here as a nursing hospital that is akin to a hospice we understand that all ninety six patients in that adjacent building were evacuated safely and the fears are for the people in the hospital itself questions will be being asked about safety at that hospital as an investigation continues into the cause of this fire just about
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a month ago twenty nine people were killed when a fire broke out at a fitness center in the south of the country. the u.s. president is insisting millions of dollars in american aid will be withheld from palestinians unless they pursue peace with israel at the world economic forum in davos said the controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel will not be changed palestinian leaders say a two state solution can only be achieved with east jerusalem as their future capital from the diplomatic editor james bays reports. the us president seemed an upbeat mood as he arrived here. between israelis and palestinians that seems further away than ever you might think that when you've alienated one side in a negotiation in this case the palestinians you might reach out to the plank by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the author of the art of the deal showed
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that his way where they disrespected us a week ago by allowing our great vice president to see them and we give them hundreds of millions of dollars in. tremendous numbers numbers that nobody understands that money is on the table that money is not going to that unless they sit down and negotiate peace because i can tell you that israel does want to make peace and they're going to have to want to make peace or we're going to have nothing to do with. of course the reason the president pence on his visit was shunned by the palestinian president and heckled by palestinian members of the israeli parliament the knesset was the controversial u.s. decision late last year to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital something again praised by prime minister netanyahu this is the door.
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before the heart to work for generations to come we took jerusalem. off the table so we don't talk about they never got past seriously we took it off the. top of the truck. was one of your give actual points later on the negotiation if it ever takes place i don't know that it ever will take place that seems to be a complete misreading of the situation the president is suggesting that he's removing the stumbling block of jerusalem from the negotiations in fact most believe he's making it an even more divisive issue previous us administrations knew the recognition card was one they needed to keep and not use to maintain leverage with the israelis a two state solution requires pressure on the israelis to give up illegal settlements they built on land that should form a palestinian nation great honor to be from the trumpet ministration israel seems
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to get only praise and never pressure james pays zero s. the us ambassador to the un nikki haley told a security council meeting that the palestinian leadership blacks' the carriage needed for a peace deal an accusation rejected by her palestinian counterpart christen salumi is at the united nations. the united states and palestinians exchanged accusations during the security council's monthly debate on the middle east palestinian ambassador riyad mansour were spoke passionately about how his people had been demonized and dehumanised and accused of disrespect while the israelis were rewarded for building settlements on palestinian land he pointed out that jerusalem status according to previous international agreements should be decided in negotiations but the united states ambassador nicholas accused palestinian leadership of walking away from peace talks. in response to repeated this
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position i am compelled to clarify further. our position is not intended as this respect i repeat as this respect and should not be translated as such by anyone in the contrary it is a position rooted in full respect for the law for the principles of justice and equity for the charter for this concert for the assembly and for that that kids long international consensus and the parameters of a peaceful solution we will not chase after a palestinian leadership that lacks what need what is needed to achieve peace. to get historic results we need courageous leaders history has provided such leaders in the past for the sake of the palestinian and israeli people we pray it does so again the united states is isolated in its position here at the u.n.
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even its closest allies on the security council the united kingdom and france voted in favor of a resolution calling on the u.s. to rescind its decision to move its embassy to jerusalem the u.s. vetoed that resolution donald trump is proposing a plan that could give citizenship to undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children it would mean one point eight million so-called dreamers would be protected from deportation to the country of their birth but that's only if democrats agree to funding for the war on the southern border with mexico the white house has a proposal could attract enough votes to pass through the senate the jump administration says a plan is designed to deter illegal migration make it easier to remove people from the u.s. and improve national security it would create a twenty five billion dollars fund to build a mexico border wall and enhanced security at other entry points people who enter those children without documents would be eligible for citizenship but the process will take ten to twelve years with requirements around education work and quote
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moral character rules on sponsoring family members would be tightened currently many legal migrants can sponsor spouses siblings parents and children under the plan that would be limited to under-age children and spouses and the visa lottery system would end supporters say the lottery is random selection and shows diversity but the trumpet ministration says it's dangerous and must be shut down. this framework will fulfill the four agreed upon pillars securing the border and closing legal loopholes indian extended family chain migration cancelling the visa lottery and providing a permanent solution on dhaka after decades of n.a.a. in action by congress it's time we work together to solve this issue once and for all the u.s. is urging take you to stay focused on defeating eisel in syria not get distracted by its operation against kurdish forces in its border techies present. one major
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military leaders at the operations command center near the border on thursday so you know once the operation to clear the area of us back to cut his fights is to nkosi's as a threat to its security. particularly in a frame off or a shins turkish operations in a frame in all operations in a frame that have the effect of or inducing friction into the equation of making it hard to focus on why we are in syria which is the defeat of isis in the afraid israel rally or negative thing turkey's operation in a free and has also triggered controversy in germany where the government has postponed a decision on upgrading military tanks supplied to ankara turkey's using german made two tanks and its offensive in northern syria and has been pushing for upgrades to protect them from mines that's fueled a debate in germany about berlin's approval of arms exports chancellor angela merkel's caretaker government says it won't consider the request until
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a new coalition deal has been signed britain's prime minister to resume is under pressure to withdraw an envoy taishan to the saudi crown prince over his country's military action in yemen prince mohammed bin solomon is due to visit london within weeks groups including stop the war in the arab organization for human rights in the u.k. want made to cancel his visit a saudi led coalition intervened in yemen civil war in twenty fifteen stephen bell is a spokesman for the campaign to block the visit and a member of the palestinian solidarity campaign he says some man is responsible for the world's worst humanitarian crisis. we are calling upon the u.k. government to withdraw the invitation. in our view it is not acceptable to lay out the red carpet for someone who is responsible for what the u.n. says is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today the fact that the most
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recent u.n. report indicated up to love a million yemeni children or risk from the will cholera famine and the blockade of the country destruction of the infrastructure all this means it's not suitable to but someone who is the prime responsibility for the continuation of the war the opinion pose of indicating. over sixty percent opposed to continuing military arming of the saudi regime this is i would say brutally reflected informant's insofar as are all the major parties apart from us and the pink contingent are against the continuing to support the saudi. war efforts so we think the public opinion is broadly on our side but it's necessary to organize to bring political
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opinion into line. still ahead on al-jazeera another step closer to doomsday scientists issue a dire warning on how humans are destroying the earth. and us trade and mocks its national day but not everyone is celebrating. hello the latest winter storms are running through turkey and more especially levant there's a satellite proof of it there has been some flooding in many cities close to the eastern side of the mediterranean become inland a bit and the rain falls away fairly quickly we still go to their forecast for friday whole away from more or less northern egypt right of a sudden turkey it's rain it's not snow to be snow at some height admittedly but obviously is more in turkey syria and iran than further south beirut fourteen
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injuries in the raid and fifteen in the sun shines a little real difference and by the time we get to saturday the snow has reached us by john is actually heading towards terrine but at ten degrees it hasn't actually got there yet but you might see a little bit in the city now having left that behind usually when that happens in the event you get this streak of cloud of the words a bit of a wind to trough from to from that run sarabia and allows behind the colder air briefly a windy day it's safe and that might be the hinting or on saturday the breeze picking up going down the gulf but twenty six in doha still pretty warm for this time the year with below thirty in mecca in southern africa since the big showers recently in durban and johannesburg they are few in the forecast but it's not bone dry. personal stories of lebanese villagers on the border with israel. their daily
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struggles when they go to the world you see forces stop us when we go there the truth of the road and the peaceful protests to reason in the place of the interior means defiance and resistance and this new time it's means no for tonight and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera. you're watching out is there a line of our top stories this hour a fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty nine people dozens more were injured in the southern city of may young fire is the motive started in an
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emergency room on the first floor u.s. president donald trump says millions of dollars in american aid will be withheld from palestinians unless they pursue peace with israel palestinian leaders insist a two state solution cannot be achieved if the u.s. continues to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. donald trump is proposing a plan that could give citizenship to one point eight million undocumented immigrants both to the u.s. as children but that's only if democrats agree to funding for a war on the southern border with mexico. india celebrating its sixty ninth republic day with a major military and cultural parade attended by leaders from ten southeast asian nations being hosted by prime minister narendra modi and president ram nath cover and we're looking at live picture there not sure what that is the day marks the adoption of the indian constitution and nine hundred fifty nearly sixty thousand security personnel have been deployed in new york and new delhi while snipers and
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aircraft guns have been positioned along the eight kilometer parade route. in australia as celebrations have begun to mark the anniversary of british settlement back in seven hundred eighty eight millions are expected to attend australia day ceremonies and parties but others are boycotting the festivities because of the association with colonialism and the thomases that one of the alternative rallies organized in sydney. there is certainly momentum behind the change but i am trying i've been covering australia day events for a few years now and every year the protests grow the marches and alternative events like this one but people aboriginal i'm not one for it you know who don't like australia day being on the twenty sixth of january and want to change the dates but asked me say people here are still a minority most australians i know why australia day to celebrate the twenty sixth atoll and i suggest that by drugs they use the day off what's hot barbecues parties
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to go to bars to enjoy themselves not many commemoration reflects in this right amount is built and it's a view of some people here don't change the dates but appreciate change the nature of the day make it almost obligatory in the morning of australia day to commemorate to reflect on the suffering that the twenty sixth of january seven eighty eight began the indigenous people in australia and then only in the afternoon shift the mood and make it a celebration of australia has become the number of homeless people sleeping on english streets has reached record levels a new british government report estimates for a half thousand people are sleeping rough but charities say the true scale of homelessness is much worse need parker reports from london. david coast has been sleeping on the streets of london for more than a year. it's a bleak existence it's noisy is really. is jewish there would be a call you go deal with people you know. are nice sometimes you know he lost his
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job as a carpenter and couldn't afford to pay for housing he's now worried about his mental health i just walk home invasion a roof over my head and maybe get a you know she she she she a doctor to get my head back to go back to work. one of the wealthiest countries in the world war more people are now living on the street many are struggling with addiction mental physical illness others are escaping violence and abuse but an increasing number here simply because they can't afford to live anywhere the situation is made worse by a critical shortage of affordable housing and cuts to social welfare benefits according to the government's latest figures there are more than four and a half thousand people sleeping rough in england streets but the scourge of homelessness doesn't end here hidden away in bedsits and temporary emergency accommodation and thousands more homeless people of all ages the entire population
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of of great britain is around about two hundred fifty thousand people roughly think this is the most visible and and i have to say the most outrageous form of homelessness in terms of you know it being absolutely unacceptable the average age of death is just forty seven years old you'll seventeen times more likely to be attacked on the street than anybody else the government says it's committed to harvey sleeping in four years and eliminating it all together in a decade. but this is not an isolated story homelessness is on the rise in every european country except finland in the greek capital athens as many as one in seventy residents are homeless and in paris the number of people sleeping rough has reached critical levels. in finland when a person becomes homeless they've given stable accommodation first rather than slowly progressing through levels of temporary housing. the british government's
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planning to trial a similar scheme in the u.k. for those forced to sleep rough the real change. london catherine is parliament is to choose its new regional leader on tuesday but the only candidate on the ballot is colors push him or who is in self-imposed exile in brussels the former catalan president left spain in october of his govern declared independence in a referendum ruled illegal by madrid push him or has been charged with rebellion and sedition he denies all accusations are treasures in the famous museum in paris are being moved to safety because of the threat of floods the river center has burst its banks after weeks of rain is natascha but the reports. stranded restaurants and submerged bridges as the river seine in paris continues to rise its pedestrianised banks have disappeared usually bustling with cyclists and now a no go zone and the city is on flood alert. catholic and we have
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overcome for some hate waves into floods going over six majors one in spring and the other in winter it is clearly a question of paris adapting to climate change usually. the city council has put in place special measures river traffic has been stopped only emergency boats are allowed and ten pre-flood barriers are being installed paris's world famous museums are also playing safe the louve has closed a wing and is moving some works to higher ground for some people here the swollen river has become something of a tourist attraction for more than one hundred fifty years parisians have used this statue as a gauge now normally the water level is around two meters and the fields of the statue are visible but as the water rises the whole body disappears now city officials here in paris say they expect the water level to be above six meters in
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the next few days come a visit almost every year every other year and we've never seen the river y.p.s. and we live right down there and we've heard about the statue most of. my work in offices nearby and we've taken precautions in case there's a flood and power cuts over the past century the same has risen in paris several times but it's not safe to float since one thousand nine hundred ten when flooding turned the city into a french venice flood prevention has improved since then but experts say it's not enough a major flood in paris could hit the whole country it could go between three to saute billion euros in terms of the directed damages but also discord have consequences of the macroeconomic level because the paris region resent one sort of the national g.d.p. so it can have impact on growth under the drug market our own public finance to. the rising water is the result of weeks of heavy rain in france through costas say
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drier weather is on the way people here hope it will be just in time to prevent paris's historic center from becoming swamped with butler al-jazeera paris a court in brazil has barred former president luis in silver from leaving the country follows a ruling on wednesday upholding his conviction for corruption and money laundering but he's determined to make a political comeback this year's today as a ball reports from sao paolo. as an act of defiance against a courtroom back confirmed. on corruption charges brazil's workers' party confirmed the former president as there are fish candidate for this year's presidential elections that will take place in october the law remains defiant and he said that if you becomes brazil's president again he will rule for this country's most vulnerable on wednesday a unanimous ruling. with little room to
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a pupil higher courts and the electorate authorities are expected to block his candidacy convicted for receiving over one million dollars in bribes paid by a construction company in the form of a renovated triplex his lawyers say that the case is politically motivated that is the victim of political persecution and that there is not enough proof to condemn him. what we saw was that more than once president lula was convicted without ever having committed a crime the votes read during the day by the appellate court judges were not able to demonstrate any elements that would indicate that a crime had been committed. they also said that he's human rights are being violated. the law will continue appealing to the higher courts and the party says that he will be the candidate and till the very end but he could be detained along the way something that would increase the tension. and the political turmoil that
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already exists in this country buying a ticket to anyone africa's notoriously expensive and difficult rules and regulations mean passengers often have to take the long way home the idea of a single space was first proposed thirty years ago now it could really take off at a meeting of the african union in twenty page reports. ethiopian airlines is spreading its wings across africa buying parts of the country's national carrier is next. as expected to be boosted by the african union's launch of a single is space during its summit in edison this week mark butler who runs the african diaspora forum in south africa he's originally from ivory coast and constantly fields travel complaints flying in africa. are when. two weeks ago. but to get burns on your have to dig different flights and i could
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not believe. when i when i fly to france after ten hours. i live in france i mean another continent africans often have to fly to european cities as transit stops first before flying on to african countries journeys that should last hours sometimes take days not only does time consuming and expensive air travel keep families apart but it hinders economic development easier travel will help africans do business with each other another important priority for the african union. prosper is the chairman of the pan african business forum the entrepreneur runs a charter flight company to help business people get around the lack of direct routes as well as liberalizing is space for african airlines he says the a you should be charging international carriers more to fly in africa. this is that
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all this where everybody come and do whatever he wanted you can't do that in the u.s. you can't do that in europe but you can come to africa you can fly in as anywhere. to be regulated into that there's billions the airlines association of southern africa says a single airspace could provide a major boost to the continental airlines if you look at the whole question of international aviation into africa eighty to eighty two percent of the passengers are carried by international airlines and the eighteen percent is owned by african lines so there's a huge disparity between. the united nations says up to the year twenty fifty more than half of the world's population growth will be in africa or the launch of a single is space is a step closer to meeting their travel needs and aspirations tinier page al-jazeera johannesburg symbolic doomsday. a clock which represents how close humanity is to destroying the planet is the nearest it's been to signaling the end of the world
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since nine hundred fifty three the clock was moved forward by thirty seconds on thursday by the bulletin of atomic scientists because of mounting concern over nuclear war and climate change the last time the clock was a two minutes to midnight was when the u.s. in the soviet union were testing hydrogen bombs which had some of all is a member of the science and security board of the bulletin of the atomic scientists he says it's more important than ever to educate the public on the scale of threats we face. one of our main motivations even having the doomsday clock and going to the trouble it's something every year is to motivate people to be concerned to learn about these new issues and to make interviews and concerns known to the importance we see a lack of seclusion of the. so for example us russian relations deteriorated no ongoing high level talks of the nuclear arms control between us and russia the two countries which between them have almost all of the nuclear weapons in the
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world and i think it's this lack of strong international action that concerns us and that's very much jr and climate change as well scientists have discovered a human fossil that could transform what we know about ancient human migration the previous tarik human jawbone was found in a collapsed cave on the northern coast of israel it's thought to be between one hundred seventy seven and one hundred ninety four thousand years old which would make it the oldest modern human fossil ever found outside africa. the top stories on al-jazeera a fire and a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty nine people dozens more were injured in the southern city of me young the fire is thought to have started in an emergency room on the first floor kathy novak has more from seoul. but the fear is
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now remaining for the dozens of people who were injured in the emergency the section of this hospital as the fire also spread to other areas quite quickly the president president and has raised concerns about the people who may have needed to be on life support because of course these were critical patients in the hospital fears for them questions being asked but this still a fluid situation and investigation ongoing into the cause of the fire u.s. president donald trump says millions of dollars in american aid will be withheld from palestinians unless they pursue peace with israel palestinian leaders insist a two state solution cannot be achieved if the u.s. continues to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital donald trump is proposing a plan that could give citizenship to one point eight million undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children but that's only if democrats agree to funding for
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a mexico border war the white house says the proposal could attract enough votes to pass through the senate human rights groups according to britain's prime minister to resign made to cancel a visit by the saudi crown prince over his country's military action in yemen crown prince mohammed bin solomon is due to visit london within weeks judges in brazil have barred former president lula da silva from leaving the country the order follows the loss of his appeal against convictions for corruption and money laundering and three years were added to his jail sentence despite that he's been named as he's party's candidate to campaign for reelection in october. india is celebrating its sixty ninth republic day with a military and cultural parade which you're watching live now attended by leaders from ten south east asian nations being hosted by a minister narendra modi and present ram nath coven the day marks the adoption of the indian constitution one nine hundred fifty early sixty thousand security
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personnel to being deployed in new delhi for the event rebel architecture is happening. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea when used exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific mission stark stark when used at this time on al-jazeera. architecture has own ways defined the human world. from the simplest strong chance to the greatest monument. rebellion is under way. led by a new breed of architects that puts people before i can. architects using the tools of that trade to restructure their surroundings. and to redefine their profession.


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