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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is simplistic the frame good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha santa maria welcome to the new screen mr trump goes to doubles and tells the
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world economic forum that america is not. just because he wants to be first have reaction to how the us presidents mantra has gone down the. village while at home or controversy swirls over robert mala and the russia investigation also on the grid a tragedy in south korea not only did dozens of people die in this fire many young city but it was a hospital which caught fire elderly patients and nurses are among the dead we'll be looking at just why spy a spring when not in stores and one of america's biggest sporting flops is on track for a revival footballs at l. failed to take on beyond a solitary season back in two thousand and one but with all the controversies in the falling t.v. ratings hitting the n.f.l. there's a feeling now it could be the time to bring it back. and in mexico women are more likely than ever to get attacked and abused online the un and facebook are looking into it trying to find out ways to end this extreme cyber bullying i'm. we're
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hiding thank you to us for the hash tag ingenious get. you with the news grid live on air and streaming online through huge price but live and amount of the word dot com and apparently america first does not mean america alone and this is what donald trump has told the world economic forum in davos and elites and importantly global audience which has been wondering all week just how the president's signature agenda fits into the world in twenty eighteen but while that might have been a slight softening of the america first stance trump still made it clear he was only there to represent the interests of his country off we go to dabble stipa matic at the james bays covering this heard it all happen as the president delivered the speech what's been the reaction to this one james. well i think will be a sigh of relief from those that are tend to have all sound from the white house from
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the world economic forum community i think they will be relieved because given the previous comments that the president has made about global trade they could have expected something much more destructive than the speech that they had here and for the white house the fact the president trump was in scripted mode here sticking to the message meant that there were no unfortunate headlines or sometimes accompany this president his message was very clear america is open for business we were listening to the salesman in chief i believe in america as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america for years does not mean america alone. as the
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united states pursues domestic reforms to unleash jobs and growth we are also working to reform the international trading system so that it promotes broadly shared prosperity and rewards to those who play by the rules we cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others we support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal it's a little odd hearing and quite that subdued isn't it james but what's been the reaction to him actually being there in the first place if you believe what the president said he said oh it's like the academy awards except there's more photographers because everyone's coming to see him. he looked delighted by the crowds around him but of course those people would be here anyway it's not it's not something you turn up to because you know donald trump is going to be here the
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tickets for davos of very closely guarded and are given out well in advance so they would have been here anyway at this event i think for the president he had a successful trip here there were no hate cops there were no negative headlines for what he had to say i think the only concern perhaps for the president is what those back home who voted for him will think of this because certainly the donald trump that we heard giving this very careful speech clearly not written by him but written by a team of speechwriters was certainly not the donald trump that won the election in twenty sixteen that was not his style that interesting isn't it james baker at bayh's on the road in davos thank you for bats just messaging on facebook live when was america closed it's always been open this is a closed minded president he says now so as we pointed out they during the speech was all very quiet no interjections appearance that listened very intently but the
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audience to become a little more lively when president trump had a question and answer session after with and he talked about the media have a listen but was until i became a politician that i realized how nasty how mean how vicious and how fake the press can be as the cameras are going off in the back. but but overall i mean the bottom line somebody said well they couldn't have been that bad because here we are the president and i think we're doing a really great job. so we've got one call with us here a visiting professor at causes university's gulf studies center he is a professor of history as well at university of michigan lovely for you to stay with us. yet fake news fake media fairly predictable i think but as our correspondent was also saying as well it was just a ferry very different very subdued very i'm going to read from the tele promp to donald trump it was a little odd actually well it's not the first time he has occasionally given the
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speech that was written for him by his aides this one probably by gary cohn. and so it's it has happened but it's not usually how he proceeds but. b. maybe he and his team of realized this audience it's a different audience isn't it well i think they may have been given pause by what happened when the secretary of the treasury mr minucci. talked down the dollar saying that the u.s. would benefit from a weaker dollar because then it would export more and it caused the dollar price to go down so what you say it down vos can have the real world consequences and i think the team probably impressed upon mr trump that he was not to go off script for that reason to hear anything new in the speech as i listen certainly it sort of in a way that could have been another campaign speech in a way it would have to trump isn't perpetual campaign mode and this one of the
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problems with his presidency is that he he won't adjust to actually being in power so he's always talking about his his former rival hillary clinton and he's he's always boosting the economy and he gives false statistics in that regard i mean job growth has been all right this year it's been better in recent previous years when mr obama was president but trump wants to make it look as though trump's mere advent in power suddenly turned the u.s. economy around me just read you a comment very quickly one of had from one of our viewers on facebook like michael thank you for this he said i voted for him he represents everything i voted for and i'm not white michael points out america should come first for americans and you know when you put it to simply is that it it makes sense and actually it was what donald trump said he said i'm going to put america first just like every other country in the world put themselves fist is that the message you send a big conference. well you know the fact is that. all
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countries are out for themselves and it's set in international relations you know countries have no permanent friends and harry truman said if you want a friend in washington buy a dog so that's you know. noble but usually when you meet with europeans as an american leader you you adopt at least a rhetoric that we're all in it together and we'll try and cooperate with one another for the attainment of common goals so to to come there and tell business people from china and from from europe from all over the world well i'm going to try to take advantage of you and them in that was in that would he say say really that's not very polite. it's one way of putting it on pope and isn't it true they want you to have reset it just say for me for one moment while we move on to well related news here because while donald trump is way off and devils which i believe is actually the highest point in europe or one of the very highest villages in
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europe there is still controversy going at a home that has to do with robert muller who is of course investigating possible russian interference in the u.s. election that does not go away and leah has been looking at all of this for us the what if you found well it's actually the top conversation in the u.s. at the moment we're talking about davos folks on social media it's all about robert muller the special prosecutor looking into allegations of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election now the chatter online is linked to this article by the new york times published just a few hours ago reporting trump wanting moller to be fired in june now they go on to say that the president backed down when a senior white house attorney threatened to resign if miller was sacked trumps political rivals the democrats as you can understand would be quite mad about this saying that if this is true than it supports allegations of trump's ties with russia and makes it look like he's trying to cover it all up donald trump has
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responded to these allegations saying that it's all fake news connecticut senator here richard blumenthal he said standing deeply scary trump move to fire miller raises need for special counsel protection bill immediately judiciary committee must approve and congress must pass now republicans however they are coming to trump's rescue radio talk show host john cardio he said that if muller wants actually a man of integrity he would look at the overwhelming impropriety surrounding his investigation shut it down and resign that he doesn't speaks volumes about his bias and true agenda he says he's a bad guy then this you have something like this like this been garrus and political cartoon showing how anything trump says will be. called a lie to the media one woman tweeted saying liberals had to run a mile or story so they can feel like they still have a leg to stand on you don't she says enjoy your hash tag when hash tag are now back
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in august councillor kellyanne conway she told a.b.c. in an interview that trump never talked about firing miller does the president commit to not firing robert mueller the president has not even discussed that that the present is not discussing firing bob miller not confining and cooperating with he has not even discussed not fight he's not discussed firing bob miller that's not what i'm asking. but well hold on i'm not the president's lawyer here but i will tell you as his counselor he is not discussing that he you have to listen to a special counsel ty cobb who works in the white house down has said very clearly george this week that we will continue to cooperate with bob miller and his investigation that we just heard the sixteenth person many of them are democratic donors but will continue to cooperate and comply and ty cobb's said something that reflects the thinking of all of us including the president anything that gets a step further to this conclusion of what the president's called
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a complete false and fabricated fabricated lie a conclusion a search of evidence anything that brings us closer to that conclusion we are all for but so far you've got conclusion and no collusion and anybody who denies that is lying. now the next question is if and when donald trump will sit down in an interview with a special prosecutor robert mueller when asked if he would do so back in january trump replied saying i'm looking forward to it actually we'll keep an eye on this story for you but do let us know what you think will happen or how you've been impacted by this story what you've seen online you can tweet me directly at leo harding a j e or his or hash tag there hash tag ingenious get thank you layer the one year under donald trump timeline is new at al-jazeera com lot of what's going into this one is going to give you a quick demonstration if it's going to work there it goes right so month by month you can go into any month and have a look how many executive orders donald trump issued how many how is he spent at the golf course how is approval ratings went and then to look at further none of
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them a popping up there but also some of his tweets there we go the first time he started talking about the fake news it's interesting to as a lot of what's going to this is going to keep growing all the information coming from gallup as well to do with the polls so have a look for yourself you will find it in the interactive section of down to zero dot com which is under the more menu and if you want to get in touch with us lee has already alluded to it at the hashtags a.j. newsgroup i'm sure you know that by now we are up and running on a lot platforms as we are on air be that on twitter at a.j. english the call that goes there just before the show you can replies or that thread with the hash tag you can go to facebook live slash al-jazeera to watch the live stream and comment as you do as you watch as michael has already the watson numbers plus nine seven four five zero one triple one for nine comments questions contributions as well any photos or videos you can send us to help tell the stories that we've got on the grid send them in their hash tag a.j. news grid we're moving on to syria a ninth round of u.n. led talks which have continued in vienna looking for a solution to that war in syria u.n. special envoy stuff and de mistura has met the government and opposition
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delegations separately they refuse to even be in the same room the last talks were in december i filed just like all the other rounds before them his head of the hamid in vienna indoors today which is i'm sure much better for you what have you found out today i've heard about some documents which have been circulating within the. yes indeed i mean today you had a very long session between the opposition. and. u.n. envoys to fund a mystery. during which at some point the russian delegation also took part there was some exchange between the opposition and the russians now from what we understand from our diplomatic sources there is a new working document in circulation it has been put forward by five countries do you do us france saudi and jordan now that document has ten points
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and those ten points tackled the issue of constitution of elections of devolving the presidential powers increasing the prime minister powers all basically the points that have been at some point both sides will have to tackle now from what we understand that document has been put forward to the opposition and also to find them is to are sent a copy of that to the russians we understand that it's not really a new document or a new process it's actually about trying to find new mechanisms to try to revive these peace talks because we keep on saying or defining whether the last round in geneva this round here in v.n. as peace talks but really what they are is about talks on how to start peace talks they're not negotiations because no one is able to reach that point so now you have
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this new document the opposition was supposed to give his remarks on it judy tuesday fundament the meeting lasted very much more than expected we presume that they have discussed those ten points in detail now the fundamental is in a session with the government delegation what's your take on again harder does it seem like progress in the through the prism of the fact that this is the ninth round of talks never got anywhere maybe this is just a baby steps. well you do have feeling that everyone is trying to get out of this deadlock if you recall upon his arrival here in vienna the u.n. envoy called these talks critical the same word was used by the head of the opposition and nasser and hariri now you have to also remember that you have the sochi talks that are looming early next week so far do you and hasn't endorsed it from what we
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understand from opposition sources and from scuse me diplomatic sources is that an invitation was extended to the head of the op of the s.n.c. nasser had it on an individual basis and he has rejected that invitation we still haven't heard before the u.n. but we do know that do you and the secretary general has put specific conditions for do you know endorsements of the sochi talks and those are three conditions the first one is a public commitment by the syrian regime to resume lucian to do five four and this you and process the second condition also serious a constructive engagement here in vienna before going to sochi and the third one is the escalation of violence on the ground now diplomatic sources tell us that there is a conversation ongoing between the e.u.
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and and the russians about sochi the russians would have office to find a mystery or to take a role in forming a constitutional committee in sochi he would have replied that he wanted written guarantees on what exactly would be his roles he wants guarantees that whatever outcome and so she will be folded back into the u.n. process and you won't have two parallel tracks discussing exactly the same thing and coming up with maybe different. reason lucian's among different participants so that's one of the really concerns of the u s. so you do get a feeling that there is a flurry of the explorer to get behind the scenes no one is saying anything publicly the delegation come and go and they don't say anything really substantive but you do get a feeling from these long meetings from these long conversations that are going on that something might come out or at least it won't reach another complete
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deadlock like the one we have seen during the geneva eight talks last december made at the syria talks in vienna thank you for the order inside syria itself turkey's president is again talking up his army's offensive in the north so much so that reject typer one insists this operation targeting the kurdish enclave of the three could end up stretching as far east as iraq a campaign is against the kurdish why p.g. fighters into regards as terrorists as always with turkey it is important to remind ourselves about where we're talking here this is our friend very very close to the turkish border now the distance from there all the way to the iraqi border we're talking give or take six hundred kilometers so it's not an insignificant amount at all stephanie decker our correspondent has been inside syria in a place called just east of often. we're in the syrian city. and this is an area that is part of sort of eastern with their operation are not pretty you
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know you can feed life is pretty much normal here who was a lot of children in these areas were in the turkish press tour so to speak they're very keen to show us their operations here what is striking is the influence and the presence turkey has here also when it comes to its military now the f.s.a. the free syrian army fighters they're the ones at the front line coming around this sort of as we've been speaking to some of them as well they say they're committed to this fight this is the fighting not pretty in the fight that turkey says is targeting the white p.g. which they grew a terrorist organization we've been hearing from our children going on as well which reminds me this remains a very active. part of the wider picture in offering is of course u.s. turkey relations and the inside story team took a look at that just a couple days ago it was in the chair for that one as the panel discussed the implications of what unger actually calls the all of branch operation inside stories in the show's section at al-jazeera dot com to
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a tragic story out of south korea now where a fire has rights to risk it all with no sprinkler system thirty seven people killed in the southeastern city of many young many of them elderly people being cared for in innocent kathy novak has a report from seoul. i the fire started in the emergency ward at about seven thirty in the morning it quickly spread to other parts of said john hospital and took firefighters more than an hour to bring under control and another two hours to extinguish. all. stop the fire from spreading from the first floor to the second floor during the initial phase and therefore also prevent a different spreading to the rest of the building. despite the rescue effort patients and medical staff were killed most were suffocated by inhaling toxic fumes about one hundred patients were being treated in the hospital when the blaze broke out about ninety other people in an adjacent nursing unit were safely evacuated
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president in ordered an investigation into the cause of the fire. at the mill and president moon expresses regret and sadness over the situation of the fire that broke out essays on hospital which led to a high number of casualties not long after the fire in that fire in the southern city of jetta and claimed twenty nine lives just last month at the time prime minister in the not too young promised there would never be a repeat now he says he's ashamed to have to say the same thing questions are once again being asked about fire safety in south korea so john hospital doesn't have water sprinklers because if it's a relatively small size the law doesn't require them kathy novak al jazeera. following on from a story from yesterday's grid there is an increasingly basic back and forth going on between the veteran u.s. politician bill richardson and million miles government that began when richardson
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quits an international advisory board on the range of crosses labeling it a government whitewash and saying me and. lacks moral authority over me and mom now says it asked him to quit scott hardly has the latest from. if you listen to government leaders in myanmar this week was supposed to see a trickle of britain's refugees returning to these new repatriation centers in rakhine state they said from tuesday the centers were open and ready to receive but the other country in this equation bangladesh said incomplete paperwork for the refugees is causing a delay no word on just how long some human rights groups think it's much more than paperwork the fundamental problem is that all the operations and set up these plans have been devised these negotiations have been done leaving the refugees outside the door and they haven't been consulted they haven't been talked to and many of
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the refugees are simply too afraid to go back anywhere near the burmese military also this week the launch of a new commission to follow up from a group headed by former u.n. secretary general kofi anon it's members both from myanmar and abroad are supposed to implement recommendations and advice on the range of crisis but even before their first trip to recline the highest profile member bill richardson resigned the former u.s. diplomat described as a friend of leader on song suchi abruptly left after a heated exchange with her on her part richardson said that he left the commission because it was a whitewash and that on song suchi lacked moral leadership while government officials said that they dismissed him because he was here only to pursue his own agenda the remaining member of the commission rebuffed richardson's resignation saying the ma'am our government is both serious and listening to the commission will obviously didn't check with us before he made that statement and i think it's
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very unfortunate. you didn't join most of the proceedings. since two days ago and. in any case it was not the indention. of the advisory board to move the final conclusions this week one member of the kofi annan commission from myanmar gave us his view of richardson's departure and the need for better transparency. is a meant to be recalled which i think this is a little bit of a drawback but we can move on we should take criticism and if there is anything that we need to correct we should do that and if there is nothing wrong we should prove it by facts and figures and all to do that the basic fact is that you need people to go to that area but that hasn't happened remains heavily controlled by the military humanitarian groups the un and media are still not allowed free access
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to recount. so refugees hoping to return have to rely on limited information to make a very important decision got hodler al-jazeera younger. and in about what's actually three and a half hours from now bill richardson will speak to al-jazeera about his departure from maine miles ranger advisory panel that will be during the nineteen hundred hours g.m.t. news bulletin live from bob this is the news great if you're watching us on facebook live alone for a start we have a video coming up for you from a.j. plus that asks if americans are in terrible being shocked anymore about gun crime and then later on we will look at outside a building is being used as a new sinister weapon against women in a country where they are already victims of so much violence thank you.
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hello the weather still remains rather unsettled across western parts of the middle east suddenly up towards the levant little area of cloud his circulating away brought some very heavy rainfall some sundried outpolls in to tell of a one of those i brought some flooding has the results of fact that what's the weather will make its way further a switch has been affecting southern israel moving across the gaza strip it will push across a good part of iraq some wet weather there into baghdad on saturday then snow further north that snow affecting northern parts of iran as well and again it not just a little further race was temperatures and tear on struggling to get to around seven celsius by sunday then we'll see at temperatures struggling here in qatar as we go on through the next day or two twenty seven the high on saturday this system here six for the south was effectively it's a cold front so we will barely get to a high of twenty one on sunday with a chilly breeze blowing across the region meanwhile we say some rather heavy
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showers blowing across the eastern side off south af. they're still in place a week due with a rain in cape town where the ongoing drought does continue twenty two celsius in cape town heavy rain there across the eastern cape that rhyme remaining in the region as we go on through sunday and nudging a little further north. the look for the arrival of refugees is debated and european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that has claimed so many lives such infrasound cherry to people in power at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament
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setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds up corrupt and did just what president stated in the whole country. when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentary and live news on air and online.
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headlines and i'll be there with a calm and what's trending as well why google on is will the penfield on. i do not know i will probably don't have a look at that myself thing is that what's the number one trending story around zero dot com right now lots of interesting up stuff for you there libya indonesia and still escaping systemic racism why i quit new york for a crowd that has been in the top ten for about the past week if not more so probably worth checking out what's trending at al-jazeera dot com. national celebrations going on in india and australia this friday for the indians republic day marks the moment its constitution took effect in one nine hundred
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fifty off the shaking off british colonial rule a few years earlier and has a look now at the pageantry in the show of military strength at a time of high rivalry with china. india's pride and ambition shone through the fog on the sixty ninth republic day. shake a sea military might for domestic audience a fly past by the indian air force including an eye in the sky surveillance plane. the aereo display followed a procession of tanks missiles military hardware rolling down the russia promenade in india's capital all seemingly designed to reinforce the message of india's stature as a growing power and tributes were also paid to india's founding father mahatma gandhi prime minister and the hendra modi hosted a long guest list i think it's a very strategically important guest list india has an act east policy where it's
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trying to focus building ties with southeast asian countries. this was the first republic parade attended by ten leaders new association of southeast asian nations on the twenty fifth anniversary of india joining the a c. and regional group the indian government is promoting its act east policy aimed at strengthening economic and political ties with its neighbors as china continues to will huge influence today we have china's flow rate in the south asian region which traditionally used to be india the way as it well india has backyard and i think india is conscious but at the same time the contradictory characteristic is that china is india's largest trading partner. and the parade highlighted the diverse skills of one day in three hundred million indians. to celebrate the achievement of around seventeen percent of the world's population sixty nine years
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since gaining independence from colonial britain kind of huckster is there and from india we had ses to australia where everyone is supposed to be doing something they do very well being. for australia day but a growing number of australians are refusing to celebrate the anniversary of what was actually british colonise ation back in seventeen eighty eight that is because for indigenous australians this was the beginning of massacres oppression and marginalization which has left a legacy of severe disadvantage many instead we got a strong new day as invasion day and while the national celebration moves to another date andrew thomas was at one such protest rally in sydney. every year in the study they approach a drug cheats like this guy the city's drunk to drive here and so the media radio these events he'll probably now believe we should celebrate three nights like
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we control the season the like twenty six january the date little strike was going on i'm sorry business people like to dictate centuries. of the question in australia i mean just to stick to see to this i would like to try there's another school of rules which is that the state is as it is very very but they're not sure of the day they really try to come one in the middle of a member a show of remembrance to do justice to just people will stop at their australian and then only in the middle of the changes the celebration to celebrate will straightly as robert was i just got. you know we were talking to what abdul hamid in vienna really about the syria talks there is a sort of impromptu news conference going on with this man but i mean in a car park somewhere in vienna actually he is the chief government negotiate a full syria with just monitoring that to see if anything comes out of that
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particular news conference right in the meantime we're off to london here is maryam namazie with more international news for us. yes that's right kemal the united nations is saying that at least thirty people have drowned when their boat capsized off the coast of yemen this week the un's refugee and migration agency say it sank shortly after leaving aden it was reportedly carrying people from somalia and ethiopia back to africa heading for djibouti the vessel is believed to have been operated by the scrupulous smugglers who are determining to take refugees and migrants to djibouti while also trying to extort more money from these refugees and migrants the book the boat capsized amid reports of gunfire being used against the passengers and italian prosecutors as a graduate student who was murdered in cairo two years ago was targeted because of his research into egyptian trade unions julia regina he was studying for a doctorate at the u.k.'s cambridge university when he disappeared in two thousand
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and fifteen runs chief prosecutor says regina had been under surveillance by the egyptian authorities. leaders from african union member states are meeting on sunday to discuss the continent's most pressing issues including corruption and migration also focusing on ways to long and improve trade so the cost of doing business comes down one of the ideas being pushed is the creation of a digital free trade zone which will make connecting online or and in or companies a minimal as the reaction from one of the biggest trade ports in east africa on the kenyan coast is the height of the. families run this manufacturing business in mombasa for decades he wants to expand sales of his wooden doors and other products beyond kenya's borders while moody can import the room until he needs red tape or lengthy cross border processes make exports difficult finding more affordable
6:38 pm
buying through the agency because though amount of paperwork required and the taxation changing every now and then was a day no if we had working knowledge of god well there's a big change in the pictures and policy between no. i think one of the models for now the other thing the braver goal of this year the regional economic bloc komisar the common market for eastern southern africa plans to roll out a digital free trade area which would benefit traffic hubs like mombasa as its east africa's largest port and serves as the main gate to wait for trade for kenya and its neighbors to the east africa community has already adopted and integrated regional system if for example congo is cleared here in mombasa on the kenyan coast can be tracked in neighboring uganda now the commis a free trade zone would ideally bring together more african countries beyond this region to enjoy seem less important export new technology would be used to connect
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the chain of people governments and agencies involved in the import and export of goods the move away. day from manual paperwork would be a first for africa allowing more goods to move through the region faster the east and southern african zone has still to be finalized while a larger continental free trade area covering all of africa is also looking for political backing this year it covers a single market of one point two billion people and a combined g.d.p. of more than a three trillion dollars it's thought the agreement could increase trade by at least fifty percent but the reality is there are challenges across african borders we look collected as a continent we're by real by rolled a structure is poor. so that poses a challenge because it will continue to impact on the cost and time it takes to do to do business within the continent other barriers that i will see is the fear of
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loss of revenue for the government because when you free up in a region you the government will effectively been doing its old customs and duties and taxes that they receive from exports and from imports there's also concern that while the political will maybe there duplicate regional and continental efforts will take a long time to implement adding to worries that the continent's private sector may not have a strong enough voice to drive africa's dreams from either miller al-jazeera bus support kenya violence has broken out in supermarkets across france with customers battling to get hold of heavily discounted chocolates fred the internationally supermarket chain has slashed the price of not teleports by a working seventy percent place were forced to step in to control desperate switches shoppers in one northern french town at ellis says it has nothing to do with them and the supermarket launched the promotion unilaterally. philippine
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authorities say that removed by force people who refused to leave a no go zone around an erupting volcano have been no deaths in the ten days since mountain lion began belching flaming lava rocks and ash but a seventy five thousand residents have been forced to flee surrounding farms and communities authorities of people have been leaving the shelters during the day to tend to their farms and life stuck inside the danger zone i'll have more from london in a bit it's now back to cologne thanks mary i'm just on that story actually is an amazing photo gallery down to zero dot com from my own i know the video that you saw there is amazing but sometimes you know a still picture tells just as much as it is put this one together for us i'm actually going to quickly school right down to the bottom because this is amazing picture right on the border. it's amazing you'll find that in the in pictures section isn't in pictures menu it out as your book on the front page to find that there or cyber bullying against female activists this is emerging as
6:42 pm
a new form of violence against women in mexico which as we know is a country already blighted by soaring murder and crime rates leah what if you dug up on this one how bad is it it's pretty bad to put it bluntly like other forms of abuse though cyberbullying it can go under the radar and seem like it's not a big issue but it is just as dangerous as other forms of abuse and according to a new u.n. report on mexico two thirds of mexican women over the age of fifteen have reported suffering some sort of cyber violence some women between the ages of eighteen and thirty are the most vulnerable online and eighty eight percent of women do not report online abuse but perhaps that's because only one percent of cases end up with a sentencing. yes the right venue is going to go to a better man. i've been online for almost twenty years and i have experienced
6:43 pm
a lot of violence who say began as a blogger on all social media platforms and now this has rich social networks with a seasoned soldiers from criticism to death threats and even threats of a great famine. these women are using their voice to fight for gender equality so this form of violence is a serious step back and it has a serious impact on the lives of women and it also restricts the conversation about human rights. cyberbullying can come in all different forms according to the un report abuse can include being spammed stopped or hacked while on the internet it also includes more dangerous abuse like identity theft threats and stealing money the un says cyber threats are sometimes considered human rights abuses and can even lead to emotional and physical harm now in mexico particularly one popular form of abuse is organized hash tag campaigns they literally target feminist
6:44 pm
activists and journalists online we've been seeing trending hashtags like beating women is happiness or hashtags if he doesn't beat you he doesn't love you and all the women are speaking through come pains like me when i'm in the us like it means no one else no one less rather not one more victim experts say that the government and social media platforms have to be more proactive both facebook and twitter have said they're trying to crack down on the issue now mexico has a steep problem with violence against women like i'm always saying the u.n. estimates that seven million women are killed each day in the country and every four minutes someone else is raped if you are in mexico if you're part of the force trying to stop this online bullying do let us know get in touch with us with the hash tag agent is great and this was an engine. al-jazeera series from a few years ago as will search box mexico seven posset it goes behind the scenes of the mexican soap opera which translates as what women don't say and the massive
6:45 pm
eight hundred million potential viewers and thirty four countries it tackles taboo issues like domestic violence sexual abuse and mental illness have a look the whole series is there and then on the right hand side you see that. map which it has had on her screen as well it's a full interactive there as well search for books mexico and al jazeera dot com still in the region we're looking at haiti now where millions of people are asking for something so many of us are lucky enough to take for granted clean drinking water the massive earthquake eight years ago smashed sanitation systems and emergency taps and toilets that was supposed to be a temporary measure they're now falling apart to show that bellus has the full story. this is the only source of drinking water in the delmas neighborhood of port au prince a twenty leagues a bucket of water costs sixteen since blanchard is one of few haitians who can afford the daily ritual and. would like to get drinking water we'd like them to
6:46 pm
build a tank so we can get washed out because his life without it we can't live we need the state to build a bathroom there's no bathroom here. but those who cannot afford the sixteen cents for clean water come here the water is contaminated but they fill up they contain is and drink it anyway despite the threat from was a born cholera more than half a million haitians have had the disease. so. we need water if the people don't have water what will we do this tank doesn't work water is healthy water is life there are people who don't have that when this tank worked we had water. it all flows back to this haiti's devastating earthquake in twenty taney two hundred twenty thousand people died and infrastructure was destroyed and international aid agencies flow wind to build temporary infrastructure including water tanks eight years on they are breaking
6:47 pm
down as the wait to rebuild infrastructure drags on. listen half of haitians and rule areas have access to clean water and only a quarter of a tortoise. i'm waiting for the international community and for nonprofit organizations to help us only they can make something for us but the international community has been distracted by other disasters the u.n. mission has pulled out and they it has dried up yet hey she remains one of the poorest nations in the world charlotte ballasts al-jazeera. just before we hit the break i want to tell you about something we saw online to do today to do with vanity fair you know vanity fair magazine hollywood celebrities current affairs and also doing the type of thing which actually donald trump could probably legitimately call fake news have a look it starts with a tweet it always does doesn't it twelve extraordinary stars one very momentous year the two thousand and eighteen hollywood portfolio is here with us as they cover and as we look closer there are some pretty famous faces there we got robert
6:48 pm
deniro. from wonder woman harrison ford is there tom hanks and then this trio over here we've got our poor winfrey reese witherspoon and who's that nicole kidman mco kidman and the whole photograph taken there by an illegal woods who is a very famous celebrity photographer up but people online started looking a little closer at the picture and there were a few anomalies for example why when we look a little closer here does reese witherspoon have one two three legs. and possibly a fourth sally my director is saying there's a fourth maybe in there i don't know put a question mark on that one and then we've got this is another picture of oprah and and reese witherspoon one is oprah have one two three. it's clearly a giant photoshop fail i think they would call this they've taken a whole lot of different pictures and then stitch them all together to make that
6:49 pm
one big group shot in unfortunately a few anomalies along the way but you know everyone's taking in their stride especially reese witherspoon because she's got three legs she says i guess everybody knows now i have three legs i hope you can still accept me for who i am and i will never apologize for snuggling oprah if you get the opportunity i highly recommend it to which i replied i accept your third leg as i know you except my third hand and my theory is that this is why our present running for president because she's got three hands. it's as good a reason as any isn't it to get in touch with us hash tag a.j. newsgroup people still commenting a lot on donald trump's speech today michael got in touch again so this is by far one of the best presidents we've ever had number forty five will be remembered on the same level as reagan he is by far my best decision this is michael we messaged an early and said he'd voted for don't trump has said on facebook live his tax policies are only going to help the one percent we try trickle down economy economics in the eighty's it didn't work and he said the one percent cause that's often what is referred to the one percent the rich going up to dallas once
6:50 pm
a year for the world economic forum your comments your questions the hash tag a.j. news grid andy here in a moment with a look at what's trending in sports and one of the biggest flops in u.s. sport american football they call the x f l just might be coming back we'll look at whether it can be a success after a quick look at some international weather. hank . sheinkopf.
6:51 pm
thank. you. thank you. thank. you you thank
6:52 pm
. i. well the background is here to talk sport i've read about this today and it just sounds like a bad idea from one of their member superleague in australia many years ago which just it splits the game in a sort of failed once but i guess everyone likes a comeback story one of the biggest flops in u.s. sporting history set some make a return the x f l which was an off season and senates into the n.f.l. sets a relaunch in twenty twenty nearly two decades on from being scrapped after just one season well the legal feature eight teams is again being backed by this man. chairman vince mcmahon fewer rules and more aggressive play were among the x. files original selling points but it became criticised for poor quality games and failed to gain a big enough audience but man says he'll avoid gimmicks this time around for the reboot doesn't want to say political protests from the playas it is an opportunity
6:53 pm
for me to say that as far as our league is concerned it will have nothing to do with politics absolutely nothing and nothing to do with social issues either read or to play football we want really good football and i think that's what fans want as well when they tune in and i don't know that i want to be dealing with political issues and things about major they want good football that's what we're going to deliver let's talk now to brett forrest a reporter for the wall street journal also author of the longbowmen how the exit poll became t.v.'s biggest fiasco so great to have you on again should the n.f.l. be a little bit concerned this time around. boy you know that's a very good question see the n.f.l. it's so entice ing for people to consider the idea of challenging the n.f.l. because the size of the market there and you look back at it in the sixty's you had the a.f.l. which didn't murder with the n.f.l. then you had in the eighty's the u.s.
6:54 pm
of which was very popular had a lot of good numbers but ultimately failed so there's this idea that. you know there's a possibility to grab some of that market but the n.f.l. is so entrenched now that it's it's very hard to imagine someone coming in and taking a piece of the pie. via a friend of donald trump he said he want to allow the players to so political process could that actually be a selling point to it to a sizable chunk of the u.s. audience. it's a selling point to some portion of the u.s. audience you did mention he's a friend of donald trump's the president of course his wife linda mcmahon is in the cabinet of donald trump currently. that may be making a link between sports and politics that shouldn't be there but i think what what make man is is is betting on is the fact that over the past number of years the n.f.l. has had a lot of problems when you talk about. the way that some players have behaved off
6:55 pm
the field the unpopularity of the commissioner roger goodell and of course over the past two years led by con capper nick the protests of the national anthem and i think all of these taken together really have someone like mcmahon salivating saying there's real disaffection for the n.f.l. right now while at the same time people do love football so maybe there's an opportunity here to carve out a space for us we just been watching pictures of donald trump and. apparently wrestling from from a year or two ago i mean regardless of the spectacle the distrust brings the access will it stand or fall by the quality of the game we said. i think i think you're dead on when i covered the acts of many years ago. the problem that i saw what was pretty clear and that was this was minor league football these were guys who who couldn't make an n.f.l.
6:56 pm
roster when you look back at the u.s.f.l. in the eighty's it did very well it did well because it was able to attract some of the best players coming out of the college ranks who were just entering professional football they attracted them away from the n.f.l. because of higher salaries they're all able to provide the problem with the excess fellas just the football was a very good and less this time around vince mcmahon is able to attract better talents he's probably going to face the same problem and just quickly how crucial it be in sims of how people watch the acts of felt that the media landscape has changed so much since two thousand and one that's going to be crucial to restructure g isn't it yeah well i when you look back at the acts of they were really they were shooting for the moon i mean a part of the exit poll partnered with n.b.c. they put it on prime time saturday night they said they set the bar for themselves so high. that they just couldn't couldn't get anywhere close to it and that
6:57 pm
resulted in total failure this time around it mcmahon is able to say let's say going to cable now. shoot for lower ratings perhaps give him a chance to build the league over a number of years that maybe you can carve something else. brett forrest joining us from washington d.c. donald trump mon wrestling x a file n.f.l. welcome possibly go wrong thanks so much again well i'll be back with more the in the eight hundred jamesy news hour of news of how roger federer progressed into a seventh australian open final you can get in touch with me and they are under school sports on switzer or a news grid back now to come up thank you and if i'm not mistaken that wrestling video was the one where he put a c.n.n. logo over the guy's head and then tweeted it as fake news a lot of nonsense quite frankly thanks for joining us for the news good get in touch with us when you have good you know i had one more comment about stunnel trump which i just saw before someone asking why is his speech even relevant well
6:58 pm
you know fair point because he didn't say anything new at davos but when the president of the united states speak we do still all listen i think we can probably all agree on that twitter facebook and what's that all up and running with if you want to get in touch with us make sure you use the hashtag a j news good with your comments and your questions and suggestions for any stories you think we should be looking at here on the news grid and we will see you right back here in studio fourteen a down to zero fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow saturday.
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papa new guinea when used exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific missions darkstar when used at this time on al-jazeera on counting the cost the problem with dallas every day is the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but for who moves are afoot to open up the african continent plus the link between seafood forced labor in thailand counting the cost at this time on al jazeera. america first does not.


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