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tv   Che Guevara and Fidel Castro  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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on counting the cost the problem with. the rich and famous discussed making the well the buy the place who moves are afoot to open up and travel across the african continent plus the link between seafood. in thailand counting the cost at this time well now just near zero. and other top stories on al-jazeera the taliban says it was behind a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital that killed at least ninety five people and
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injured more than one hundred fifty others explosives were hidden in an ambulance this allowed the bomber to get through security in couples most heavily protected area. you gay based syrian observatory for human rights is accusing the syrian government of breaking a cease fire in a rebel held area of east and go to the group says air strikes have killed three people less than twenty four hours after the truce came into effect. protests is overshadowed then or gratian of present one or land numbers and one douras demonstrators say there were irregularities in vote counting that so hernandez when a second term in november john heilemann reports. inside the national stadium or the rangers president one or learn there were none this was sworn in for his second term. and soit things were different. it sums up a nation divided by elections in which there were serious irregularities we are
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demanding our votes be respected we voted and defeated the narco dictator even with all his resources we defeated him you can see the protesters trying to advance on the national stadium but there's a big line of military police aren't letting them get anywhere near and it's turned into a little bit of a pitched battle with tear gas and stones. numbers will go down from the tens of thousands two months ago a sense of futility more than thirty deaths to dampen the spirits of many in his speech the president gave the barest of mentions to the crisis agreeing to look at reform in the future is dumb or lose what is while we're prepared to listen to any offer without barriers because that is the dialogue that will take us to. in the healing of the hungry and family. he preferred to talk about his plans to resolve
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poverty and a lack of jobs both grew worse during his first term in other areas he has seen progress he has come to agreements with international monetary fund. good terms with the world bank in good terms with the intermarriage going belittlement back that has been very out he's also had success in lowering the sky high murder rate although the security crackdown has also led to alleged human rights abuses and reinforce his reputation as a north or terry leader on the side of an elite ruling class now his biggest challenge is to prove to home durance that he can govern for all john hoeven. to goose ago. former leftist rebels in colombia have launched their campaign for upcoming elections the parliamentary and presidential votes will mark their party's election day thousands of members handed in their weapons under
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a twenty sixteen peace deal so you. only got as of today i am a candidate for president of the republic representing my party the fox and i'm committed to help the government of transition to generate the conditions for the birth of a new colombia a government that will for the first time finally represent the needs of the poor in colombia at least fourteen soldiers have been killed at an army camp in mali seventeen others were wounded when the base near timbuktu was targeted the military says it killed seventeen of around thirty attackers and it's reclaimed control of the base. one of the world's richest men has been freed in saudi arabia prince all waleed bin talal is being held for two months on corruption allegations he's been released after agreeing to a financial settlement the finance chairman of the years republican national committee has resigned to being accused of harassment and sexual assault several women told the wall street journal that steve wynn made unwanted advances and
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pressured them to perform sex acts when denies the allegations thousands of people from albania as opposition parties have taken part in and to govern protests in the capital to run a prime minister. to resign those are the headlines let's turn over to face to face now thanks for watching. oh. castro wanted she wanted a different future castro wanted his country che wanted international revolution for a long time those parallel objectives could sit alongside one another and drive each other forward but there came a point when obviously they no longer did that and at that point the relationship
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and their political project came to you and. i thought on the face. of say ten already you are now. or not overfilled what all this you got through a lot of us you have more blood libel at all simply that. the out of they come yet of the they. can no. capital truly go before. this a. new openness to look at. them but you know i'm with you to know good for the coming good but i hated that.
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nine hundred fifty five mexico is a sanctuary for intellectuals and political refugees so i don't know argentinian has found refuge here on this fateful evening of july the night he has plans to meet some cuban friends. the good day in its present value got blown a walk. there will be sure there is a there of could take a. minute don't you that you are making that by the dog brain body deep to be in place example suppose she tells us the whole evolution give us a veil of secrecy on this to give our need. and people on the ballot. in zero in most of you to get down and. make your these reports. and that's to give is still
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a medical student born to an argentinian middle class family he decides to travel across south america shocked by the poverty of his continent he blames american imperialism. with his first wife an ardent communist he subscribes to the philosophies of marx and stalin he dreams of a revolution but hasn't for yet. really can follow his sheer memory and feel you know the make up on the cement cup on scene footage who don't. see the future. unlike the video castro has taken up arms. on the twenty sixth of july one thousand nine hundred fifty three the young lawyer prepared an armed attack on the moncada barracks in santiago de cuba castro is determined to overthrow them dictator for consumer but instead unfortunately for construct is arrested and tried
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now must flee must say speculating that roams yet how will they face then i will see only this is the last outcome on balance. i mean. this is the moment of a feeling of a plant just. i don't believe. they will see really how they want the money as you know that in fact. fidel castro is sentenced to fifteen years in prison he's granted amnesty just two hears later. on the evening of the ninth of july one thousand nine hundred fifty five for del castro joins his cuban supporters in mexico he wants to set up a new insurrection in cuba as quickly as possible but things really click with the young argentinean and they spend ten hours sharing their revolutionary ideals she
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wants to free latin america and castro suggests they start with cuba. has fallen under customs spell. i took all night we fell and in the morning i had become the doctor of his new expedition to tell the truth after my experiences across latin america that we didn't need much more to release for a revolution against a tyrant. but i was particularly impressed with. his optimism we needed to work to struggle to materialize our beliefs stop whining and fight. the good for the bust of good daughter and her rich if he then india in as president to do. all shaka. has joined the ranks of the movement created by castro the m twenty six they train
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side by side in mexico. fidel is beginning to set up is organization the m twenty six is looking for funds he's seeking out ammunition weapons and making plans inevitably they come under the mexican security forces raid on. it or just a little more. needed to live he's also more of the on the. need to see more more produced. this week you do the. lady year old mom was in the. mix again say girl. bond say give up. if you don't get tori. on luci eludes me certainly less was it by love if she had guessed what was shoes she had
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guessed for d.c. the that don't let it do to fail. billy has to give ella evos a fairly belittle guys to give obvious feel. to more of who clearly will forget that he grew. it into the new forty. the season was firm and i can still hear him say i will not leave you this was his disease ian and he never parted from me. to do that for the ones he cared about his key to the front of the system looked around. if you have here to these principles you appear to be so personality and doubts what makes these rebel army an individual blog. just three months later in mexico for dell customer and say give out aboard the granma a boat packed with eighty two revolutionaries on the morning of december second
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nine hundred fifty six in a food blue storm the boat reaches cuban shores even about. dollars among the whole of x. difference see that say. is sinful cannot develop a need to convert that don't they. don't. also fail to eat. some for me. that question that many come up engaged to me when they do it or for. the lack as the means. ensures the dead calm but all his arms are mad brito go sample a doctor so i the only place. only a few men survive the own slaughter of the teamsters on me the rebels find refuge in the sierra maestra with the meet their leader again she had guessed who was the more i wondered the way you feel to this song he's only known the thick keebler
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down t. . the phone city the oh che guevara here guess was hong kong sit on the set ticket counter to reveal the three film. though not that i'm. better could go on two years human body while looking me full of men with a two year old pretty cover issue. yes we know who. i mean but he made only me of the. one going to hold it from the number of course. she did guest will because it does sitting down forty give us this one any mrs feel to you now key votes easy to sit on raw they've done a good deal with all this ya.
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in the summer of one nine hundred fifty six almost two hundred men have joined costal and dividers rebel are. in a symbolic gesture of fidel promotes his argentinean comrades to comandante. their . turn newfield catherine you can see you can literally. sit on the phone and phones really evolve found some border and. leading his own troops into battle and cheek sets up his first victorious ambush. in the area under his control he starts shaping the egalitarian society of his
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dreams. troops are told to read and write a field hospital is build a rebel radio station is put in place give out of the marxist is gearing up. to you if you didn't pass through but in mon the z. the. thing won't bother you or. they will. isn't interested in political positions he was far more ideologically driven he was far more obsessed with achieving these ambitions and images of the future he sought to get going. so they are under fail for. tea. not to pretty. this radical vision of the revolution is criticized by members of the rebel army they are deeply anti
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communist and fidel has promised them a liberal revolution far from al cheney's marxist ambitions al che is stunned and threatens to leave but castro can't let his victorious champion retire he reassures his friend and pledges his support blinded by friendship l. cheney goes back into battle. well no but i. remember. she did against it on the one who double key to open prison i said dr there was a. point many clearly she didn't guess who it refers. i gave archy
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convinced you think was due to the sea gilleo he did don't see communities. thanks to his nonstop political play castro manages to avoid any massive military intervention from the united states a few americans have even joined the rebel army. fighting together. i was in america i was one of them and you know it was. there was no true animosity. was the cuban revolution coming this way and certainly not feel castro feel castro is a feeder least another communist or. during an interview with american journalist in this new era for del castro promises he will establish a liberal democracy should the revolution be successful at least not communism. in our. our our political. represent the
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people. and god. planned economy field has to look a million more for sure this isn't a look at the i did put in the film though you know. we desire journalists a lot don't like gary i guess least if you don't see. the because she did guest who can see the world through our eventual commute in a on top of the all you do feel like i'm city has no latino the local. but does america siskel lecia chua as for the mara if she had a guest who list chua as it should there are. this strategy pays off in the summer of one nine hundred fifty eight but east is offensive against castro's get real army veils. castro sends his faithful
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comandante to create a new front lines in the center of the island castro's troops are right in santa clara the last two t.v. cops to kill before hot on. it and i know that he's. been there for calls the. morning. whether the name was your bed the one in fact that you know is she but. she or so by your father of surat law firm i don't think you can see this yank and say monaco and when i was sorry that you want to buy used that shortly. after given his victory in santa clara but is defeated and flees.
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for del castro take santiago de cuba the second biggest city in the country el che's troops will face no resistance when they take the capital city. a loss it's mounted on our land just to give our kids a little yes for maura i mean she did guest who in the final phone put in the mail to even met with the with on to so it only a even a little the give a ha. that they are really in needs to be achieved in the arrives in the city to proclaim the revolution. and being large and time and there'd be skepticism about that within the core of the rebel army itself clearly this is something that could be politically very sensitive the revolution is moving from a phase of war politics to one of real politics.
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on the eighth of january nine hundred fifty nine when the town has been liberated castro marches in in triumph givati remains in the shadow. people cast call on him. run a loss could. go on the school. measure in yeah in color on brownish. surely feeding her all out syria she's going to be in the politburo. for the bus ticket here's the quote if you get through young girl over she'd give a desire to fit the telly good uncle to lead this cd doxygen meals in. a deal icky that danny and the ex hold in their back as tall. good of. us.
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in february nine hundred fifty nine fidel castro becomes prime minister his provisional government is even recognized by the united states. castro is still indulging the liberals but somehow manages to convince che to stay in cuba he promises him and he imperialistic revolution but needs to affirm his power first fidel grants unless to give cuban citizenship and appoint seven as military commander ritchie. a female may. that's your least fee then less dubbo richie dollar for joe has like a bad idea don't mean love in the rather than. easily done that bore. no new key question just as usually exactly did this b. of the. accept shorthand ha bastard in
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a two should read about the fair. for five months and that's to give otter is in charge of executing hundreds of cubans fidel castro has given al che his most controversial brule ever if you just see nothing wrong with. the show man you can usually tell in a car when you look around me move. on and assume or vision drew because you know you have a few but only doria. l.k. in our. job you. tell the biased.
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in the meantime castro secures his power he starts working with the cuban communist party the only organized political entity in the country a shadow government is created without say and raul castro fidel's brother both are confirmed marxists who are preparing cuba for a radical turn. in the spring of one nine hundred fifty nine castro begins a triumphant tour of the united states is welcomed as a hero and the leader of a legitimate rebel movement and. once again he reassures america of his intentions. and all. i look.
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back in cuba fidel begins to work on the first land reform together with of che castro has designed the basis for the collectivization of farmland the vast majority of estates are made into cooperatives and placed under the authority of the army castro realize and give honor to put the reforms in place. the castro appoints cheney director of cuba's national bank this nomination is a provocation for the united states and they decide to block all credit to cuban banks for del castro responds by attacking american businesses in cuba the escalation has begun. by new york while it was. the
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americans stop all sugar imports from cuba the island's economy ninety percent of which is dependent on its business with the united states is on the verge of collapse fidel needs to leave the bit if the us and the only way of moving away from the us for a small country like cuba in the one nine hundred sixty s. is to move towards the u.s.s.r. there simply is no other way it's a practical resolution if not an ideological folk about it let's show he economy could they be sure it had peerage she met cheeks or his you know who you target of an early shoot key and there's one shoot he said to take it he had to be twenty so he. the u.s.s.r. now provides oil to the island in exchange for the children. of
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a party i mean young. they don't need your soviet elaph orsino she did get toyed with the need to gash eventually need to get. the gadget geek. in one thousand nine hundred sixty one fidel castro finally declared he is a communist. and money. she was given his responsibility within aspects of the cuban economy inevitably that created tensions with many other cubans illimitable they should have been given those roles. the same year fidel appoints el che minister of industry. wants to develop his own vision of a socialist country the economy is turned upside down.
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of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. rewind returns with new updates on the best of all jazeera as documentaries. and the moving story of two young turkmen girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera. hello adrian figure here in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the taliban says that it was behind a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital that killed at least ninety five people and
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injured more than one hundred fifty others the explosives were hidden in an ambulance which allowed the bomber to get through security in kabul as most heavily protected area. the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights is accusing the syrian government of breaking a cease fire in the rebel held area of eastern near the capital damascus the group says that airstrikes have killed three people less than twenty four hours after the truce came into effect. protests have overshadowed the inauguration of president hollande the highlanders in honduras demonstrators say there were irregularities in the vote count that saw this when a second term in november john holeman reports. many hondurans might not like it but after a turbulent period following the november elections president won and this is now beginning his second term now what is he going to do in the next four years we'll hear dress that in his inauguration address he talked about unemployment and
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finding more jobs for people he talked about cutting poverty those are three things that he really failed to resolve in the first four years in charge former leftist fark rebels in colombia have launched their campaign for upcoming elections the parliamentary and presidential votes will mark their party's election debut thousands of fighters handed in their weapons under a twenty sixteen peace deal with the government at least fourteen soldiers have been killed of an army camp in mali seventeen others were wounded when the base near timbuktu was targeted the military says that it killed seventeen of around thirty attackers and it's reclaimed control of the base. one of the world's richest men has been freed in saudi arabia princella believe bin talal was held for two months on corruption on a kick out allegations he's been released after agreeing to a financial settlement. the finance chairman of the u.s. republican national committee has resigned after being accused of harassment and sexual assault several women told the wall street journal that steve wynn made
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unwanted advances and pressured them to perform sex acts when denies the allegations the casino tycoon led fundraising efforts during donald trump's first year in office. and those are the headlines we'll have more news here on out as era after face to face next. in one thousand nine hundred sixty two che guevara's revolutionary utopia isn't enough to resolve cuba's economic crisis rations are put in place prices are fixed cuba is totally dependent on soviet aid. but the government has another reason to worry in one thousand nine hundred sixty one america launches a failed to sea and air invasion against cuba known as the bay of pigs fidel and cheney are now obsessed with fending off a us invasion in response the soviets send fifty thousand troops to her banner.
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yes it will close lose a lot in augusta unique more issues that the zeke i mean everybody. will again artery. in one thousand nine hundred sixty two the cuban missile crisis threatens nuclear war president kennedy installs missiles and you and the soviet secretly deploy nuclear warheads to cuba the cia discovers the messiah was after thirteen days of escalation and us assurances that it won't invade cuba the soviets removed the missiles. cochair some men then one day looking young if you are about three seventy seen. effie delorme from the hash. to our guest hall give a high reveal you know. three mile is not the only of us that there are men now clearly phoneme is who we are financially down the player as the new
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version of. the missile crisis really reveals a lot about their relationship. ever the pragmatist came around to recognizing that there was no fight to be won with the soviet union. che guevara. never really swallowed the impact of that event and this is what begins to drive something of a wedge between them politically. while chain distances himself from the soviets castro travels to the u.s.s.r. for the first time in the spring of maine nine hundred sixty three fidel is awarded the title of hero of the soviet union his visit will last forty days military and economic bonds between the two countries are strong from.
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dallas to give odds as young woman dani alves or there's a. deal she didn't get all thought though i say linda year i think you'll see. in cuba che guevara criticizes the economic path the u.s.s.r. has chosen according to him cuba needs to follow its own path his stand is a threat to the economic agreements between the two countries the leader of the cuban revolution disapproves of the argentinian strategy castro take steps to reassign el che in one thousand nine hundred sixty four fidel appoints him ambassador of the revolution to keep him away from cuba. legit dunking the bastard and bow then down battle nash keep buckwild on. but only. for dell now
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uses al cheney to deal with the foreign affairs of cuba overseas give our is now in charge of advocating the cuban line. but the argentinian soon finds himself playing a dangerous game a sign of soviet relationships are deteriorating and cheney makes repeated contact with the chinese his goal is. uniting nonaligned countries in the fight against imperialism. and. this approach is a departure from the soviet policy of peaceful coexistence for down castro is now a head of state whose fate is bound to moscow he's therefore forbidden to speak
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against this doctrine. until it is seen mountaineer communities on and you'll see in this business. they do due course those huge the two keshi on tourism illegally always fall joe wilson lou i mean you see russia's got these i mean. does that mean nia. if you did guest hall or for x. it so oh give our. corporate owned i thought only for a selfie eliot stay out of it already of says you allow quietly or not it will still what i will to hear it cut through a lot of sense of how or what i'll simply set up either by emily out of the family out of the there are several channel. on the twenty fourth of february one thousand nine hundred sixty five president ben bella receives chegg about in all jeers the country was hosting the afro-asian conference
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in front of the soviet delegates and che takes the stand and openly criticizes the u.s.s.r. for not supporting the wider guerrilla struggle with arms. it's a job to critique not prepared to do well in your so you can set them out of a bar and then one can only imagine that there was under some pressure now finally cut his ties which i give are at this time he went one step too far i think after algeria it was clear that there was really no political official future to give are in cuba. in march one thousand nine hundred sixty five and she is back in havana. castro himself is there to welcome him. the awkwardness between the two men is obvious. this is their last public appearance together.
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skidded on give cover to fail to give a. good on. you got the good news can. you give are. that the book. called holy document. discredited for his handling of the economy has become a political spectacle castro and divider need to find a compromise. and go to be punished or a bit better ye shall your care they wanted to do. a lawyer be a feat where shall you have gone to war you know what i hope. they only put a man with ground. zero. thought .
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to moan that. but do you. know you know. these are food. on. a map the guest going. to miss already what was the i get obviously. he's the better of it i feel that freak is something that i feel dizzy to get down to look for the new on national. she did guest who did was e.g. regina existed. in april nine hundred sixty five give ata take a mist of a moan secretly reaches the congo general mobutu is about to take over with the
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support of the americans. they are going oh no you're not i said i mustn't go into local i'll have you know holistic. way or. the. whole is what i call by the end of that month of a man for must feel but see the. just in going to have all the stuff that come to us when reaching up by them and then you proffer your trust. in your theory and soon. you going to. do commotion and carry around a sheen but if we're. leaving. until ok group who demanded that. i meet a female cop and. if
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we didn't. fidel castro is under pressure. has disappeared and rumors of an assassination by constantly sil's begin to spread. on october third nine hundred sixty five the first congress of the communist party of cuba begins. divorce is dismissed from the central committee. at. least man.
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he made. without telling and cheney fidel reads his farewell letter in public a letter of resignation required of cuban gillis when they leave on a mission. natalie guided me at. when i got it out. there. you know that accompanied. the the revolutionary. you know how do i want you to think that pew. then you know put on pretty tech. do i need ben. yeah i'm calling for.
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delap out of the female cage in coeur de icing on the very off. she of course the day after. buffy then. you look and then i mean the whole bit you don't approve. fifteen. years and we have to you're now going to be going to the. us about oh oh. well you can flip the naleo. doll up at an early. for africa. north korea crashingly three govern. for del castro has orchestrated al cheney's political death he also gave birth to
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his myth on that same evening the regime's official musician writes the song that would eternally glorify the revolutionary. spirit. in congo el che is sick and b. pradelle gets him out of the country al cheney has nowhere to go he goes on a six month long secret journey after the congolese defeat he wants to join a new guerilla front again. give our vote on national t.v. if he gets what he set up a. lucid interval you know guys don't need they're on national t.v. you know god is only partly going to form show and sell thank you have all well be
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on the in this business for real supremo that i mean your. customer also understands that the soviets don't want change in cuba fidel needs to find a way out forgive him who is impatient to renew the fight it will be in bolivia for dell may have to face the wrath of the u.s.s.r. but if chase exceeds the soviets will be forced to bow down before its success. let me see. i see a fair in the in the sector. come back and say also this is money on their healing . he thanked the syrians that there isn't enough. i think fidel castro institute has shown. to give our body it actually you know met with the paul teutul shanice who could did that p.
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design these old shoes in the shop. clandestinely che prepares for his mission for dell lets him choose ten men the cuban leader assures everyone the operation is well planned. not being taught by norman ok i don't want to like the evil late. model this year will come along great every well you know america no. longer kate cary i'm going. to nominate or they're going out on early in the fall of one thousand nine hundred sixty six algeria riots in the bolivian capital he moves to a rural area designated as a starting point for the insurrection. will leave years only go by a lot it only he can tell you have a lot of reform i live a lazy good for bye bye thanks or go yell about deal there are a compass you get a compass you know tie content all of it for my lady like and oh yeah all my life
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and last and last for the whole danielson and of this case a deal tina said that i will show what i have yet chamblee. castro promised che the support of the bolivian communist party. in the jungle givaudan receives the party's secretary general money among hey. scorsese. yeah sit opposite in that you needed as they like any edge of she says it upset you know it please. vote on and so on and the. money or money he has already warned the soviets about his presence in bolivia nothing goes as planned. no i am on my merry seen or like robert a bottle michael me the. mario morning we're going to pull
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a bill miller who went to come only a. month in the a move now or not the name of communication. after young. van ownership on power would come as you do have walk on the issue a pretty move well you get. not only shown it done by made one. wrong domo say no may even montero he adds how about a year at the back end of a bad deal about this and we should quickly bash your quote but whether about always said they are the show run them we dance that game why are. you. delhi belly poor. project wireless it on barely a chair. contact is lost with the fighters
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with castro's decides to send regis debris to meet. the young french philosopher is close to castro's regime and has just published a book calling for armed guerrilla warfare. and martial. you know you see me so my passport i guess our they were your leave can't go to see me i'm good that way and like that up they could be they were a landlord all in good part of their old home but i so moved by if this room by a thousand or so home by scene from the main thought i will sort out your lenient that they call it that they go dig this or that you'll eat it if you don't good to be so don't send your own piece ones that end up as good as what is a million gallons as well a body here with the dude salaries to know although he too would be rigorous about
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possible from the monkey because he did many pretty good eighty t.c. . ali said his cuba after a short stay with sega via the bolivian army arrest regime is to blame several desert has already been captured american rangers come to support bolivian efforts the search for o.j. is on. the move to eat you. in health for dell continues to play a complicated political game as give out a situation detuning its rapidly the first of may nine hundred sixty seven he proclaims the era of guerrilla warfare portraits about che i put up all over the closet a lot of loose on. just one thing how many there on stands he can actually measure
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who can they say thank you ask. them as we're taken in by the law yes it is the media see compound. for the soviets this is the last straw kosygin chairman of the council of the ministers invites himself to have . when castro is paid a visit from those agents shortly after the lancet has been in america and heard from johnson just exactly what america knows about guitars operation an hour on it they are with it it becomes equally unhappy and tells fidel in a few words to hold back to not continue to support give ours operation in bolivia. jochen a. free america shown in cultural economic talking. about
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a shooter. no promotional to. see no. need to come in a repetition. of the airless with alpha still had all that lure also when i had a. female novella out on the side a male seal a bullet cluster went to town say once it has a different future custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution for a long time those terra will object to use could sit alongside one another and drive each other forward but there came a point when obviously they no longer did that and at that point the relationship and their political project came to an end. in the fall of one thousand nine hundred sixty bolivian special forces look ate and
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cheese count. on the eighth of october after three hours in combat he is finally wounded and captured. the next day by order of the bolivian president nestor givati is executed. because sure it was not workable and she did. not said if she had him full numbing talman pick. the amount of things she. sunoco said
9:56 am
if he had. the net there are some simple that have a lot of impasse up. as che becomes immortalized in castro's cuba and the run the world. up to what they've been set up. together and castro have tried to tread an impossible path between the united states and the us i saw. in the cold war chessboard cuba was just up.
9:57 am
to was able to remain in power until his death in november twenty sixth. and cheney now a martyr continues to live on as a symbol of the revolution. hello there all the unsettled weather is now edging its way towards the east it has been with us for the past few days you can still see that cloud circulating here gradually edging its way away from that coastline though so for many of us here it will be dry and bright force on sunday still not warm though beirut only getting to a maximum of fifteen degrees here's the snow that's making its way across parts of iran gradually it'll work its way eastwards further still as we head into monday and then it will be over afghanistan with kabul looking particularly wintery the next system that's making its way down from the northwest and looks like that will
9:58 am
bring us a fair amount of heavy rain on to the coast of turkey there were the doors the south and it's change for us here in doha the winds will be quite strong on sunday and it won't feel as warm as it has done so instead of around twenty eight we're getting down to around twenty or twenty one degrees feeling cooler than that thanks to the strong wind there is the area of cloud that's making its way southwards could just squeeze out the old shower as it moves its way across as the further towards the south you can see the wet weather here stretching down towards the southeastern parts of south africa durban's seeing quite a bit of that rain and we'll see more of those showers as we head through monday this time that we push it a bit further towards the north so it looks like jo'burg will be catching them this time and towards the southwest finding. it was oriol upon which modern day venezuela was a stop list. for over
9:59 am
a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people both less than cursed with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today. the big picture the battle for venezuela coming soon. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the mian maher government calls you a gringo all the terrorist he had a story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell when at the crowds in tahrir square talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover muse like no other news
10:00 am
organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. personal stories of lebanese villages on the border with israel the line runs through this year of their daily struggles when we go get emergency forces stop us when we go there they shoot at us how to survive and peaceful protests to reason in a place of the interior means defines and resistance at the same time it's means not for tonight and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera. bang. bang. corruption and conflict high on the agenda as african union leaders hold the annual summit in ethiopia will be live in at this hour.


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