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time on al-jazeera i don't want to live in the world where everything is designed in california to me. the counting is in my hands of the corporation the only way to be subversive is to be able to control the technology to let my single bandz he has built a chip that anyone can. do to make it cheaper to cost like a piece of spearheading a global movement to democratize technology and make our part of the rebel series at this time now does iraq. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam is a dan this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes
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turkish backed forces fight for a strategic mountain in northern syria. one of hong kong's most prominent activists barred from standing for election. after more than one hundred people are killed in a car bomb attack in kabul new questions about a long running war. and as russia's opposition organizes antigovernment protests police strike back. u.s. president dolled trampas called for decisive action against the taliban after it claimed responsibility for saturday's suicide bomb attack in afghanistan at least one hundred and three people were killed in kabul. more than two hundred thirty others were wounded by explosives hidden inside an ambulance the bomber managed to get through security in the city's most heavily protected area jennifer glass has
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the latest from kabul prison ashraf ghani has declared several days of mourning here in afghanistan you can see the national flag flying at half staff as all the flags will be across the country it is to allow at the afghan people to mourn with those killed and injured in that massive bomb attack here in kabul on saturday afternoon the u.s. president has joined the chorus of condemnations from around afghanistan and around the world saying that the united states remains committed to supporting a stable afghanistan and calling on countries to take decisive action against those who support the taliban really a veiled remark to pakistan which the united states and afghanistan accuses of supporting the taliban a charge that islam abroad denies the united states has already stopped hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to pakistan because it's of alleged support of armed
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groups also in this put six men on the u.s. terror list including a number of pakistani citizens because of their alleged support of the taliban and the question here is what more can be done already airstrikes have more than doubled in two thousand and seventeen against the taliban thousands more u.s. troops have come in to support the afghan national security forces president ashraf ghani was meeting with the commander of u.s. forces actually of central command general just a votel he was here in kabul when that attack happened on saturday he reaffirmed the u.s. support for the afghan national security forces and they are out in full force across the afghan capital today checking cars checking people looking for anyone suspicious as the funerals get underway. are several people have been killed in fighting between armed groups in the yemeni city of aden there have been reports of heavy gunfire in the southern port city separate is allied with the united arab
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emirates have been an odds with the saudi bank government of president abdurrahman sort of the groups want control of yemen's southern region refugees trying to enter greece through its northern land border with turkey tell our they've been threatened and forced to go back in breach of international humanitarian law claimed it happened near the ever oss river which flows from more than one hundred fifty kilometers from bulgaria to the mediterranean sea greek police deny the allegations on the reports from northern greece. from the hills of northern greece the places in turkey where refugees hideouts before trying to cross easy to see the crossing countries means crossing the intimidating river ease the greece turkey border more and more refugees are attempting this route even though they know how dangerous it is. even outside the risk of drowning or dying of cold in these huge empty spaces any number of refugees have told us that confessions can forcibly
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turned around by greek police acting in coordination with frontex the european union border agency. this eighteen year old syrian was in a smugglers boat with his younger sister who was sort of intimate that the police came up to us in the boat they told us you can't cross and they made us turn around these two traffickers claim they witnessed a boat load of passengers being shot at from the greek side and i can with part of a ticket they saw the great military they threw themselves back into the dinghy and started going back but the greeks shot three bullets into the dinghy and started to sink one of them didn't know how to swim if his friend hadn't helped him he would have drowned out this syrian actually got across walked miles to a village before being stopped at a row checkpoint kid in therapy they said you're arab and you look like you're going to go to europe they looked around our whole group of nine and took us all off the bus they didn't beat us up but they took us back to the river of buses in a boat back to the turkish military police and. all of those things are illegal
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under international law increasingly it looks like europe has given up worrying about such things. the european commission warned grief and pushed back for a legal as long ago in two thousand and thirteen but since then greece itself hungary garia slovenia all built fences to keep refugees out and many other countries simply close their borders and the european commission did absolutely nothing about its greece with the thoughts of everybody else is doing it they want to wait. the police who previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they turn any refugees around and claim their priority is human dignity but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek government of breaking international law is only one choice to follow the law if you start by passing a law means that your rule of law system is collapsing in this the problem with
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goes together with refugee crisis as we call it goes into refugees garcia was in reception groceries and the rule of law crisis for europe the river itself is regarded as a military zone on both sides it's also so remote there is no scrutiny of law enforcement what is undeniable is the refugees have died in large unreported numbers trying to get across this intimidating special from the water and there is no safe route whatsoever to europe or the land border for people seeking asylum and safety from. grossly al-jazeera for the ever free. now one of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says agnes child cannot be a candidate in the by election because her party's political platform violates the territories electoral laws the twenty one year old is a member of a hong kong group that wants more autonomy from china the decision is seen as the
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latest move in the government's crackdown on opposition politicians. pollan joins us now from hong kong so i understand the vin calls of protests and rallies how they shaping up. that's right sami there are a few thousand people here and people are still trickling in what you're hearing behind me is a couple of stages set up with human rights advocates pro-democracy activists giving speeches and questioning why the government has banned agnes chalo from running in these elections what many people don't understand this how the government is using hong kong's many constitution to to back up their decision to ban agnes child they say the goal posts keep moving as far as these pro-democracy candidates a year and a half ago when agnes chiles teammates ran or was someone one of her party members ran he was able to run in these elections he was campaigning on the same manifesto
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she's now campaigning on he won the seat but suddenly beijing moved the laws around the constitution again saying that the way he took his oath was not acceptable and therefore he was ousted from his legislative council seat so now i was running for that seat another government to say because of their manifesto or their stance for calling for hong kong people to be able to determine their own future she's now in a legible not see too many people here are confused they don't understand what the real reason is that she's not being allowed to run there is appeal there is a review process does she stand any chance of making it into the by election. that's right there will be a review process and there is a process where she can appeal this decision but the issue at hand now is the one hundred twenty constitution called the basic law which beijing determines the power
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basically what is allowed and what is not now if beijing says according to this constitution hong kong people cannot determine or cannot vote for their own future then she will not be able to stand for it so while there is an appeal process there isn't a process here in hong kong the decision will hold to be mentally bayed be made in beijing and as we've seen in the past couple of years any appeal against those decisions made that level have often fallen flat. you mentioned the end of the day she was trying to fill a seat which had been another capital being disqualified from the what's at stake here for the pro-democracy movement if they don't take those seats back. basically the prodemocracy in twenty four in the twenty sixteen elections
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pro-democracy candidates had an unprecedented number of seats very well in those elections and as the months passed by certain laws were made there were changes to hong kong constitution which deem them ineligible or ousted them from those seats so those numbers kept shrinking and now there are these four seats that that are being contested in these core seats were pro-democracy seats so if the pro-democracy candidates that are running for these seats and what you're seeing is a pro-democracy candidate against a staunchly probe aging candidate what will happen is you'll see the pro-democracy representative in hong kong's government brink extensively and what you'll mostly see is prob aging legislative councillors or people in government representing the people of hong kong so any voice that is not fully supportive of beijing will not be stifled. all right thanks so much for explaining that to us the bigger problem there. the battle for free in northern syria is intensifying turkish backed forces
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are fighting the kurdish why p.g. for a strategic mountain on the syria turkey border turkey is accusing the wife e.g. of firing shells into its territory on saturday three civilians were killed in kilis cross border. syrian activists are accusing the government of violating a cease fire in eastern halter near damascus the syrian observatory for human rights says air strikes killed three people on saturday the area is the last remaining rebel stronghold near the capital. in wild turkeys military says it's killed nearly five hundred kurdish y p g fighters in the past week in northern syria says the fighters who it calls terrorists have been neutralized in the campaign to take out free turkey's military is trying to drive out kurdish fighters from the border areas these are live pictures coming in from the area speaking of the area also have stephanie decker joins us now from kill is on that turkish
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syrian border let's start with where you are and understand there's been a bit of fighting flaring up in the mountains and tell us about that. yes this is the strategic mountain which you can see just over my shoulder i'm going to step out of the shot can show you there is a little less smoke than there has been i can tell you we've been here for the last couple of hours there's the constant sound of jets flying overhead there's been artillery there's also been intense vows of rockets outgoing from positions here in turkey to that mountain now why is it important because as you can see it's very close to turkey along this border and of course one of the main priorities that ankara politicians here are saying is that they want to push the y.p. g. away from its borders it's also become a bit of a spectator sport of to me just show you a little further along people gathering here it is sunday of course people are off it's a weekend and they are just standing here watching you know what is an active front
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line unfolding because it is very loud but this is the thing we've also just heard from the turkish president and he's been speaking pretty much every day he referred to this mountain saying he spoke to a commander on the ground and was hoping that it would be taken by the f.s.a. forces which are of course backed by turkish troops very soon when that's going to be we don't know but certainly here you can hear at a very very active frontline let's talk about you still hold to as well those claims of fighting there is the cease fire collapsing. well this is always the thing we were talking about this yesterday sadly right this ceasefire has been agreed with the various groups all the groups are not signed up to it like like another group called the haydel sham which has a presence there which does have it's led by a group formerly known as the new russia will say that those are always the just a minute targets so from what we know from activists on the ground five people killed today in air strikes has also been artillery shelling so i would say no that
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is not a cease fire but that's the nature of this war sadly you do have you know a cease fire that's announced and then the situation is very different concerning again we keep saying this because of civilians there it's a besieged area it's the only rebel held area left close to the capital damascus around four hundred thousand people there and the u.n. say that it is the most severe case of malnutrition when it comes to people there because of the lack of food and medicine that are going in there because of this siege and all of stephanie makes you question what's happening then to this whole deescalation deal that was supposed to end both a fine thing and allow some kind of some kind of normal life in areas under siege on the brink of starvation. correct eastern ghouta is a deescalation zone is the province which is further up north closer to we are is the deescalation zone well that's an intense bombardment as well from the syrian
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government and russians targeting again this group who's in control there called the h.t.s. eastern huta is a deescalation zone so it seems to be very very relative as just another outgoing artillery from what we can hear it's very relative as to what the petitions say i want to happens on the ground yes in general the violence subsided once that deal was made between russia turkey and iran sami but the fighting continues and now you see things changing it lead deescalation zone but the syrians and the russians are adamant to try and push us out of that some will tell you that why did russia allow turkey to do this operation for in return for turkey then turning itself and helping push. it live it's very complicated when it comes to syria it's a bargaining game it's a negotiation game all the players say i'll do this if you'll do that horrible game no doubt for the civilians caught in the middle of all this for now stephanie. more now on our top story saturday's car bomb attack in afghanistan and it's the mafia
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attack is just the latest part of a wave of violence that plagued the country december the twenty eighth you remember when i saw suicide bomber targeted a shared cultural center in kabul killing at least forty one people and as you heard in the report last saturday one of the capital's most heavily guarded hotels the intercontinental was also targeted taliban claimed responsibility for the gun battle and siege which lasted for sixteen hours and ended with twenty five people dead then on wednesday i saw the storm the offices of save the children in the eastern city of jalalabad four people killed in a mass attack the aid agency then announcing it's going to suspend its operations in the whole country. symbol car is a security analyst and joins us now from pakistan's capital islamabad good to have you with us so just pulling together all of those incidents i've been mentioning it makes you question the security situation in the country the government's ability
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and the effectiveness of security forces. yes the high seas of another unfortunate event in the series of unfortunate events but the sad thing is that as far as the us resolute support. operation is and as far as nato is concerned there is a sticking down to putting the heads down to a military led strategy on afghanistan and in the last seventeen years we've seen that there is an abject failure of trying to win on the battlefield i think the us thinking in the us and nato is that they're still gunning for a military victory in afghanistan and that is an unfortunately a failed strategy that they have followed for the last last seven d.-n. years and it doesn't work it is an asymmetric war whenever the taliban are put under pressure and they have been put under a lot of pressure recently which really doesn't make the news the u.s. has used more ordinance in the last one year no understand their use in the last
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four or five years together so there is been an extreme pressure on the taliban military pressure in their zones of influence and they always retaliated by making soft dog attacks in cities in on civilian targets and within cities because it's an asymmetric warfare they're not clear battle lines and battlefields and it's only the civilians that suffer but again i would be looking for you know inside invested strategy let me jump in here and over again so i won't try the strategy but there was a new strategy introduced by the trumpet ministration last year at the time the u.s. brigadier general on sponge declared in december the new strategy means this is quote a new war any tangible results anything different in the pattern of ongoing violence as a result of the trumpet ministrations policy that you can send me come back here there is no new strategy there is again reinforce reinvigorated military strategy
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using more ordinance giving more aerial support to of on troop. fight taliban in their areas pushing back taleban from the areas that they control in the south in the east and now also in the north so again it's a real shifting of tactics military tactics as spider strategic strategy though is a mix of tactics and politics and politics always is supposed to lead strategy it's the other way around it's the tactics that's leading the strategy there is nothing new it is a military strategy and that's what the generals which now control the of the u.s. of gun policy is more and more controlled by the military and the generals which are running it there is hardly any civilian oversight of this policy now so there is in the end the generals in the military only understand military and kind of take strategy then that's what we're seeing rolled out there is not legitimate any success i mean let's talk
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a little bit about the different excited of this at least then though in the trumpet mistress who is seen applying more pressure on pakistan do you do you think that might produce a different result. so we've all you know you have seen just spoken about a strategy which is completely military led and the only religion or the commandant of that strategy that we've seen come out to play is pressure on pakistan but that also has been applied last fifteen sixteen years there's always been pressure on pakistan to kind of shift around to use its military to fight the taliban in its own. within its own territory push back the taliban into a stand all that has been tried but pakistan is only going to do as much as its own national interest i don't think pakistan is going to right now bend deeply to the american interest they have always will be in their own interests and their interests is not to expand the war against the taliban within their own territory so i don't think there's going to be much of a game from pakistan again it's
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a military strategy and you've seen the failure of that before all right good to get your analysis and. plenty more ahead on the news now. corruption and conflict high on the agenda as african union leaders hold daniel summit. and their sport tiger woods shows glimpses of his old self in a difficult first round in san diego. now russian police have raided the moscow office of opposition leader alexei navalny ahead of nationwide anti-government protests have on news says police shut down the live feed of his opposition t.v. station police say they were looking for a bomb the van they called the demonstrations after he was barred from running in march his presidential election his candidacy was rejected last month over a conviction for financial crime which he says was politically motivated. the
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challenge is live in moscow for us a lot of rallies planned all throughout the country how are they picking up. well i mean it's always interesting to sort of realize that this country is so vast by the time that people in moscow are sort of courting out of bed and putting on their boots and thinking about going down to a demonstration in the east of the country people have already been to demonstrations and been arrested so there are i think arrests in the in the double figures already across some bits of russia they'll be probably more to come because the moscow demo hasn't started yet the police have been busy trying as you say to take on these t.v. channel his internet t.v. channel off air so they raided his hate h.q. earlier on in the day and they have also basically they've also been surrounding his house looking for him there so the police stepping up the pressure trying to
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keep the valleys profile low i don't know if that's going to have that effect or maybe we'll have the opposite effect of raising raising the profile of this demo when really that's not what they want to do the police it's almost a given the likes of the valley has no chance at this point of standing in the elections is the real struggle now really about turnout and how much damage can be done or or damage control can be maintained to turnout. well that's exactly the values message now and now that he has basically been barred from running in the election he is saying that these demonstrations should be about exposing the fraudulence of the presidential elections when they come around and in march and also he's calling on the supporters to not vote basically to boycott the elections so he's targeting turnout for these for these elections he thinks that's the weak points and he might have a he might have
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a point in that because the you know the figures the polling figures that have been released suggest that turnout in these coming elections is not going to be as high as it was in previous elections and the idea is that the kremlin is worried about that and doesn't want its legitimacy affected if turnout drops below a certain point say sixty percent so that's what the valley is targeting he's his message is is you know is staying the same essentially and the way that he portrays himself the way that he he he responds to the police crackdown which is essentially to take the mickey out of them to mock them and that makes him very popular with young people so he's popped up although his t.v. channel was taken off air for a while he popped up the t.v. channel resumed broadcasting from a different location he said he was not at his home address and he gave the police a new address from where he was saying you can come and get me if you want well that new address that never only gave on when the t.v.
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channel came back on air again was actually the address the to me of putin is registered out so that's the kind of game that he is playing at the moment or i will leave it there for now thanks so much already chalons. now leaders from fifty five african union nations are meeting in ethiopia for the organizations annual summit the fight against corruption is taking center stage nigeria's president mohamed of the hardy is being put in charge of the blocks first ever anti corruption drive but also discuss conflict in their goal to end all wars across the continent by twenty twenty but there are challenges thirteen of the eighteen a member states to to hold elections this year are either in conflict emerging from one or have a history of electoral strife the bloc will also tackle how to pay for its projects it wants to be able to finance itself completely right now most of the money comes from foreign donors. and joins us now from this adverb are
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targeting corruption that's a big challenge on a continent where a lot of the governments have been accused of having a finger in corruption one form or another what does the e.u. summit hope to achieve on that front. well somebody yes many people are skeptical whether the leaders of the here can adequately deal with the issue of corruption when they have been some of them have been variously accused of being involved also not just official corruption but also political corruption and rigged elections come into view here but it is the issue of independent financing for the african union that is going to dominate most of the talks here paul kagame at the present of rwanda takes over the chairmanship of the a huge general assembly from guineas
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a colder today he has he's walked out into one of the fifteen member states of the african union have adopted a scheme in which the african union wants its member states to fund its activities present government will have to meet the five biggest donor countries within africa for the african union ducks egypt algeria model nigeria and south africa who also have doubts about this scheme but again when it comes to not issue which is that the corruption issue which is the theme of the summit these are many see it as a bold step of african leaders have now taken to discussing it now joining me to discuss this further is edwin korea he's a policy matter just transparency and accountability at one company a growing corruption has been with us in africa from the beginning why have they chosen to discuss it now i think it's it's very clear that the many challenges that
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we see in africa you know can no longer be acknowledged you heard recently of the huge migration that is taking place where young people are so desperate it's so hopeless that anything can change on the continent that they are willing to die if they're going through deserts truth. the mediterranean sea you know because they don't have hope and it has come to the point where the leaders they came to say we cannot continue like this and they are saying that even though corruption has been there have been talked about it is time to really take action in time to really give hope to the citizens that it is possible to transform africa from what it currently is passing through you know to a better a better and that's why the fight the team is winning the fight against corruption so i think it has been that but it is now a time where it is we do it now we need sex so this is this is why it is very important it's happening now so you say it's gotten so bad that there is need to tackle it for good governance and issues such as poverty alleviation to be achieved
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of course let me give you the example the high level panel that led you know give a report that showed that fifty billion dollars leave this country and really true illicit financial flows if you also know that is sustainable development goals that were adopted in twenty fifteen require about two point six trillion and really to meet the goals the question is after fifty billion dollars to live in the continent every year you have to do something to stop it. but my question is and yes this is the question of many of us the leaders gathered here and you know how much political corruption african countries is there enough goodwill to actually talk of these wise i think first of all it was admits that. we don't come and i agree. we didn't fight against corruption the fact that we're having that conversation at all is already progress the reason this is this is like an admission of it has gotten so bad that we cannot move forward if we don't fight it irrespective of
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where we are what ever the situation is different countries in africa the conversation is. that we need to move on we are. already thank you so much thank you for joining us. all the one campaign talk to you sunny. and in a few moments we'll have all the weather with richard still ahead an al-jazeera. president. going through the. warning.
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to the. south. it's been a long time coming but we've finally seen some cold air penetrating across the arabian peninsula over the last twenty four hours the shock comes from tehran dusting of snow overnight but we've seen that snow building up enough to cause some disruption the airports well that area of cloud is still there and with it the threat of snow remains that's five day in tehran but nighttime temperatures could be down to minus six or minus seven never the situation through sunday is ahead on through into monday clears from across parts of iran there is this area of snow pushing up through the hindu kush and you see we got some pretty cold air are marty there at minus twelve in kazakhstan tashkent and spec is down minus three shouldn't see much the way of snow with the temperature fiba cook at a bit sleet here at times in the arabian peninsula have also seen some cold air penetrating up in the far north all right at about two and
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a half meters elevation we've had a dusting of snow and we think temperatures decreases by one degree celsius for every hundred meters you go up and see temperatures down below freezing even at lower levels though for the hint of some colder air there of riyadh struggling with temperatures of seventeen degrees celsius here in doha we got a fairly brisk wind and a match from temperature a mere twenty one. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. i don't want to leave in the world where everything is designed in california to me . it is in my hands of the corporation the only way to be subversive use to be able to control the ball g.b. but my cmon pansy has built a chip that anyone can use to build on nothing really to make it cheap even if it cost like a piece of spearheading a global movement to democratize technology and make our part of the rubber game series at this time on our dizzying.
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al-jazeera. it's. where ever you. come back you're watching out zero time to recap headlines the battle for free and
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in northern syria is intensifying turkish backed forces of fighting the kurdish wife e.g. for a strategic mountain turkey's military says it's killed nearly five hundred kurdish fighters in the past week in northern syria although hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says agnes child cannot be a candidate in a by election because their party's political platform violates that that trial laws he wants more autonomy from china. corruption and conflict are set to top the agenda at the meeting of the african union these are live pictures coming in from leaders of the fifty five member nations are gathering for an annual summit. more now on the developments in hong kong where pro-democracy protesters are gathering joseph chang is a professor of political science at the city university of hong kong joins us now live from the city good to have you with us so you think the banning of more
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candidates like agnes chiles are going to provoke a public reaction. probably so i think the message from beaching has been there it wants to crack down on the more radical wing of the pro-democracy movement which has been advocating for independence or democratic self-determination the whole process is seen to be leaking so if i could jump in there but the whole point of the. party though says it doesn't actually promote independence from beijing but it does want people to have the ability to have a referendum and say what sort of a future they do want. exactly group already is quite careful to avoid the articulation advocacy for independence and instead simply ask for the right to engage in democratic
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self-determination in fact our whole group was able to present a candidate indeed twenty sixteen not just a few becoming so good actions and that candidate won a seat so suddenly now the government is telling this group. it's kind of a has been qualified this is quite absurd because as i was saying to get up from affairs commission. investigate as well as them as a dutch and there's no appeal process. little melike the pro-democracy movement is not going to be able to hold on to the figures six seats they lost due to disqualifications. he movement has been fairly well prepared for this kind of action and in fact alternative candidates have been the pair so we are looking to worst securing these three out of four seats to be elected in the coming by your action
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on march eleventh it is generally believed that the anger of the hong kong people may help these candidates to win in the coming election but the whole idea is that . people are very very worried that any tests and balances mechanisms that remain are being seriously eroded and that the rule of law in the territory which is very very much harris has been damaged has been and these series these talons just. if just to put it into perspective if they don't claim all of these disqualified seats back where does that leave the pro-democracy movement where does it also leave the direction of parliament and what sort of parliament will take shape. while we do not have a barry democrat pete closed system. in the past year actions the pro-democracy
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has movement has been able to secure all the time of fifty five to sixty percent. share after both in the direct election but because our only half of the seats are for direct elections so would be opposition the pro-democracy movement has been in a minority all the time and now the use of deliberation and so on the bill processes. have also been altered to further limit be room mom and only of the opposition within the legislature so this is quite difficult kind of situation for the pro-democracy movement in the territory. and i will leave it there for now thanks so much your analysis joseph chang. the finance chairman of the us republican national committee
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has resigned over allegations of harassment and sexual assault several women told the wall street journal steve wynn made unwanted advances and persuaded them to perform sexual acts when denies the allegations calling them preposterous because you know tycoon led fundraising efforts during dog trams first year in office. and easterbrook has more from washington d.c. . well steve wynn said that he was stepping down as finance chairman of the republican national committee because he didn't want to be a distraction to president trump or the party when is a billionaire casino owner who is the latest person to get swept up in the sexual harassment scandal that has been sweeping the u.s. . and actually president romney has been rivals at one point in the casino business when the president trombone a casino in atlantic city but they were friendly and he was tapped by the president
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to come on as the finance chairman when the president took office last year but he said that he could not stay on again because he didn't want to be a distraction going into these highly contentious midterm elections coming up in the fall he most recently held fund raising events at the president's mar a lago retreat in florida and had also had a recent fund raising event in new york city but because the republican party had been so critical of the democrats for their close relationship with harvey weinstein when staying on a spine announced chairman just really wasn't possible and so that had a lot to do with him stepping down from a fog rebels have started campaigning for upcoming elections in colombia with a promise to fight poverty because he is parliamentary and presidential votes will mark their party's election day view off the two thousand and sixteen peace deal but as i sense that i'm p.f.c. reports from bogota the former rebels face an uphill struggle to convince many
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voters it's still dark on the southern tip of a former fart rebel no political candidate buy it and yet his approach is workers and their long commute into town where most of us good morning i want to invite you to the launch of the forks campaign we are x. fark fighters and we are now in politics for people like you. for decades the episodes fought the state as a rebel commander and the military taught he had died in a two thousand and nine bartley and instead after handing in his weapons under the two thousand and sixteen peace deal he's running for a seat in congress. we've always done politics but obviously in completely different circumstances and our social base was mainly peasant farmers the city is a different beast but we are learning we are transitioning into what is a novel path for us. for its part is presenting seventy four candidates for diligence looted elections in march their policies focus on the inequality hoping
1:43 pm
to make inroads into colombia's lower class the fifty percent of the population that rarely votes if you know i might be good to vote for them because they are common people just like us they understand the needs of the humble and the poor. but most colombians remain angry at fox long history of kidnappings in attacks a slim majority rejected the peace deal in a referendum and surveys show little support thirty x. fighters have been killed by groups hoping to destabilize the peace process was however at the former launch of the complaining of the working class neighborhood the spirit is upbeat with the peace the automatically assign the far. right regard most of their showing but the party folks their candidates will win way beyond that. and say they will have a hard time overcoming people's this trust in
1:44 pm
a crowded political field general clark has a golden opportunity in the next two legislators to build a party and political discourse yet it will be difficult to translate that into votes i'm sure the fog will be a real event political organization and bill proposed important debates in congress and grab the attention of the media but they'll probably remain irrelevant in terms of votes for the former rebels these are just the first steps into an unfamiliar stage but whatever happens most colonials hope it will be a win for peace allison that i'm just. i called. source says it's working with neighboring colombia to investigate two separate explosions on saturday a bomb went off near a police station in the north a very core door close to the border with colombia a second attack outside a police station in the colombian city of bottom here killed at least five policemen and wounded forty two others it's not known if the two incidents are linked. in honduras the inauguration of president clinton orlando had amanda's has
1:45 pm
been mobbed by protests demonstrators say there were irregularities in the vote counting so how nan does win a second term in november john heilemann has more from the capital to go. inside the national stadium or to range as president one orlando and monday's was sworn in for his second term. and outside things were different. it sums up a nation divided by elections in which there were serious irregularities we are demanding our votes be respected we voted and defeated the narco dictator even with all his resources we defeated him you can see the protesters trying to advance on the national stadium but there's a big line of military police aren't letting them get anywhere near and it's turned into a little bit of a pitched battle with tear gas and stones. numbers were way down from the tens of
1:46 pm
thousands that marks two months ago a sense of futility more than thirty deaths has dampened the spirits of many in his speech the president gave the barest of mentions to the crisis agreeing to look at reform in the future it's dumb or new thought but is what we are prepared to listen to any off without areas because that is the dialogue that will take is to bring conciliation and the healing of the hungry and family that. he preferred to talk about his plans to resolve poverty and a lack of jobs both grew worse during his first term in other areas he has seen progress he has come to agreements with the international monetary fund. he has good terms with the world bank in good terms with the intermarriage going believe element bank that has been very helpful he's also had success in lowering the sky high murder rate although the security cry. has also led to alleged human
1:47 pm
rights abuses reinforced his reputation as a north or a terry leader on the side of an elite ruling class now his biggest challenge is to prove to hondurans that he can govern for all john holdren. to go. where there could be more floods in paris this weekend as the river sans level continues to rise but the french capital's mayor says conditions won't be as bad as in two thousand and sixteen when two people died in flooding weeks of rainfall and flooded riverside walkways and restaurants to live museums basement has been closed tourist boats stopped operating until the water subsides. in my example the flood is less significant in terms of the volume of rising water compared to that june twenty sixth because currently we are at five point seven one metres and we should peak between five point eight and six metres maximum the water
1:48 pm
levels in twenty sixteen great six point ten meters so a little less considerable but nevertheless very impacting particularly for economic activity is linked to the river. spain's top court has ruled that catalonia is formally the carlists pushed of all must attend parliament if he wants to get permission to form a new government the judges said tuesday secession of the cattle session rather of the cattle will be suspended if pushed of all is related without being in the chamber he's been living in exile in brussels since october he's wanted on charges of sedition and rebellion for spearheading a session referendum in october. seven survivors from a missing ferry have been found drifting at sea for days after their boat sank near the pacific island nation of killer virus they were found in a lifeboat by the new zealand air force among them was an unconscious baby about fifty people are on the ferry there have been no signs yet of any other survivors.
1:49 pm
some scientists in the west have longest feared to the health value of traditional chinese medicine but it seems it's growing in popularity at home and abroad from abroad reports from the country's biggest traditional medicine market in the city of bojo where business is never been better. it's early and the trading hall is packed. wholesale buyers pick over the samples of the plants animal parts and minerals that are the basis for traditional chinese medicine. orders placed here set prices across china i saw it you've been a trader for twenty years has only seen those prices go up ya gotta be alive and i've seen tremendous changes over time this ingredient used to sell at sixteen dollars behalf now it's thirty times that at four hundred seventy five dollars can it on the thank hand or treated as a pseudo science by many for its followers and that includes most older chinese it
1:50 pm
guarantees good health and increasing popularity abroad is not lost on china's leaders looking for soft power cultural exports to support china's growing international status traditional chinese medicine has been given the best type of tonic with support from president xi jinping who's describe it as the gem of traditional chinese science and the communist party has been pushing for time is medicine to be given equal status with western medicine but while many doctors agree that traditional medical principles and beliefs have a value they warn against using ancient remedies that could do more harm than good when the saying that if you are taking the medicines used by the ancient chinese they may contain things that are harmful to your health that's different from traditional medical theories. back in the trading halls in bojo such
1:51 pm
concerns are largely dismissed ain't. and remedies they say can exist happily alongside modern medicine still the two are complimentary you can go to a hospital to get modern treatment but traditional medicine works well in prevention this has become a belief for people. with that belief comes increasing spending power to ensure the market for those potions keeps on booming mcbride al-jazeera bojo city china. still to come on al-jazeera it's been a bad week for live a poll for the whole explain why the spall. cheick never get this risk. but nothing can stop them in their tracks chasing the american dream escaping poverty but the ego route is their only option
1:52 pm
and their hope for a better life can lead to trouble breaking tough conditions gambling. will put their lives in danger just a very. risky move this time when they'll just see are we here to jews can be recovered israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters.
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has got caught up in all the support landed with family thank you so much we start with the australian open where men's defending champion roger federer is taking on number six seed martin challenge of croatia federer is currently two sets to one up there is are given some silverware handed out in melbourne on sunday gabrielle deborah ski and matty pavitra on the makes doubles title. eight seed seven setting full speed to me and roll handball pond in a match that had a marathon third step they won two six six four eleven nine to clinch the championship on what was their first tournament as a pair as. tiger woods is heading into the final day of the farmers insurance open eight shots behind leader alex doron of sweet and woods struggled for the tea in the third round missing all but three fairways but the former world number one also
1:54 pm
showed glimpses of his former self producing some brilliant recovery shots to finish the day on to under seventy the fourteen time major champion he was playing his first official tournament to fifty one weeks finished the day tied for thirty ninth place. i don't know about coming together but it was it was a struggle out there i didn't hit it were worth a darn all day i was really struggling out there trying to find anything that was resembles a golf swing. but i would score as chipping and putting it i was grinding i was trying mr ball approach side since i know i didn't have it. try to give myself the pregame goals and i did that and then either rely on my my touch must feel in my putting in. barcelona manager nasta vallverdu has warned his league topping barcelona side not to rule out real madrid chances of catching up with them are so take on al of it as later and are undefeated in the league this season they're currently eleven points clear at the top with athletico second or l.r. sixteen points behind them and down and fourth but they still worry the barsa boss
1:55 pm
. missed out on my weekend. there is real madrid that you never take for granted they are a rival that can win many games in a row we know they are great competitors and in the end they are always there. liverpool manager you're attacked is teams defending after seeing them lose for a second time in the space of a week on saturday the reds were dumped out of the f.a. cup in the fourth round losing three two to the e.p.l. second to the bottom side west brom comes after their loss to swansea currently sit last in the p.l.o. the losses follow klopp investing one hundred million dollars on signing center back virgil van dyke we had big big names in this. competition. we wanted to show that at least be really want to. stay in this competition so just. but defend and that's how it is.
1:56 pm
but if any most of the time in. the wrong decision the golden state warriors came out on top in the battle of the conference leaders on saturday they'd be the best team in the east the boston celtics like so often steph curry was a warrior star man he got forty nine points and one hundred nine to one hundred five when but his efforts didn't impress everybody. i've seen crazier. so fortunately for. the president. there was also a win for the indiana pacers they beat the orlando magic in a very tight game the pacers managed to come back from a ten point deficit late on victor oladipo tops for him for them with twenty four points as they won it one hundred fourteen two hundred twelve. i had of the defense of a snowboard cross olympic title and chong chang next month frenchman pierre voltaire
1:57 pm
may just have rediscovered his form at the right time the thirty year old won his first snowboard cross event of the season banks go in area on saturday leading from the start to finish the race see also move to the top of the world cup stand. today was well. was it's been a while i've been chasing for the day since the beginning of the season finally came up so pretty glad about it's just got to carry on the base and hopefully. olympic favorite seventeen year old chloe came to gold in the final half pipe contest before pyong chang at the extreme x. games in aspen colorado the american edged out aerial gold to clinch the title by just a point yung chang will be king it's the first olympic games. or story seen now and favorites a gun runner has won the richest event in horse racing the pegasus world cup
1:58 pm
invitational in florida the american horse was making his final career appearance before being retired gun runner lead threw out and power to a comfortable wind to claim the record sixteen million dollar prize money. and there you go that's all your support for now more later back to you sammy buying saw his father hall that's it for me for this news hour adrian's back a couple of minutes those there with us.
1:59 pm
we're going to. graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate and most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not
2:00 pm
just about museums about forming a new life it is a part of life it's culture we have here as if we know the product of from buying everything that you're doing that's really where the power of the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and the threat you believe that any of your companies have adana five the full scope of russian apted measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game left changed there are no precedents people in power investigates this information and democracy at this time. fighting in the southern city of aden as the prime minister accuses a session ists of staging a clue.


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