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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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seaboard cold air falling on behinds we look at hollister one in washington and just six in new york. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. news has neither the new and the liberal but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. oh this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from coming up the next sixty minutes fighting in
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the southern yemeni city of aden is the prime minister accuses the session is of staging a coup. corruption and conflict high on the agenda as the african union leaders hold their annual summit in ethiopia. russian opposition leader likes in the family arrested as hundreds marched through moscow to show their support. turkish backed forces take on the troll of the mountains north and soon. now yemen's prime minister is calling for an immediate cease fire in the southern city of aden earlier here q separatists of staging a coup well so far at least ten people have been killed in fighting between security forces and secessionists the security forces are on the side of president abdurrahman sword had the. they're backed by the saudi led coalition this is
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session this is supported by the government of the united arab emirates which is supposed to be also part of that coalition the u.a.e. is part of the saudi led effort let's get the latest from osama bin. yemen's prime minister said secessionists have staged a coup in the city of wade and. that's where the government had been based for the last few years there are reports of several people being killed in fighting between pro-government forces and separatists. this mobile phone footage appears to show people arriving in the city thousands of protesters have been gathering against the internationally recognized and saudi backed government the demonstrators are backed by the united arab emirates which is supposed to be saudi arabia's ally in yemen. but it's not necessarily a bad situation when you're. really upset saudi across very important country in
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yemen. you are now you worry are not creating. a lot and your if you and all of the women who were there with me i. think you would know that you are it's own you have your own lives on the. enormous you're really hungry i think we didn't want to repeat and based on current situation. the conflict in today's yemen is complicated the country used to be divided between north and south yemen until unification in one thousand nine hundred but the differences never really went away since the fight the duties began in two thousand and fifteen the secessionists have fought for control over air and sea ports of aden last week seven forces led by the man appointed by president of the rebel months who are highly as the governor of aden and i was to overthrow hardy's government that major general rule is to be rejected the deployment of northern forces to the south. now the future of president hadi is in question he has been
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based in saudi arabia along with this prime minister haven't been that are who struggled to control southern yemen despite support from saudi arabia. women's elected government was pushed out of the capital sanaa in the north and now it doesn't seem to have a place in the south as well as some of the job aid others there. let's go live now to al-jazeera as correspondent. who is covered yemen extensively let's start first of all with the basic question because we know the prime minister is saying there's a lot of military movement going on in aden who's in control of the city right now . so i mean i have been talking to people in there and they say basically that fighting continues as we speak intense fighting between the succession is forces backed by the united arab emirates on one hand and forces loyal to the president of the government so how do you who lives in saudi arabia the process session is why it is affiliated with the south transitional council
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have managed over the last few hours to control a major government buildings they say that they are committed to continue their fight and so they can control now the. oil to has the. seem to be losing the ground because now the u.a.e. and the secessionists have the upper hand we don't know how things will move into the coming hours but however how these someone who comes from from which is near neighboring then i think he calls all the tribes and and forces loyal to him and over the coming hours to join the whites in aden that's where we could see some very serious developments situation has been described to us by different activists operating as serious and explosive serious an explosive what does it mean for the coalition because we've got two sides backed by two different countries saudi
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arabia and the u.a.e. which are supposed to be on the same side in this conflict. it's baffling though in a way sadly i mean if you look at the coalition in theory the united arab emirates and saudi arabia are on the same page in the northern part of the event they take on the whole things and they say that the who things have taken use power to destabilize yemen when it comes to the south they're not on the same page start your abs as you know that it backs up almost so how do you who is the internationally recognized president of yemen but the united arab emirates has been staunchly bad. liking the fashionistas the secessionist have been building momentum over the last few years and they say that they are determined to break away from northern yemen they want to reinstate the south yemen republic that existed before nine hundred ninety this is something that could further undermine the chances to unify yemen it's more fragmented than ever now this is the scary scene are your for
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yemen sami if the session is continue taking control of areas like i didn't have that i'm more to might say you know what i think we have to set up because the hard on me is have been saying over the last two years that he would like to have their own representation elease places like. and in some sort of limbo is going to be one of the most nightmarish scenarios that you could see in the near future that could pave the way for groups are affiliated with al qaeda for example to stage a comeback historically speaking people which is the most powerful. outside pakistan afghanistan have you taken advantage of instability in the yemen to further expand so it's a very delicate situation for the international coalition for the saudi led coalition and all the parties which have been trying to work hard to put an end to
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the conflict that has claimed the lives of thousands of people in yemen over the last two years or a lot of that. to get a better understanding of the recent unrest let's take a look at yemen's past for much of the latter part of the twentieth century the country was divided into north and south the north enjoyed support from saudi arabia while the south went from being a british colony to a marxist state backed by the former soviet union but in one thousand nine hundred ninety the two sides united with the president of the north and becoming the leader . after just four years from the french our union was torn apart by civil war silas forces captured aid in defeating the south and forcing yemen back into a unified state friction has continued between the two sides with the south often complaining about what it sees as unfair treatment by the north while the south is resorts rich it says the north gets more investment and attention that's led to the
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birth of a popular movement which wants independence for southern yemen. brahim is a news editor at middle east i joined us now from london good to have you with us let's start with the push being made by forces loyal to the former governor as a baby they're the ones who are clashing with forces loyal to months old how the the internationally recognized president the way these forces what do they outta mutlu want secession and independence. it seems that that is what they want and there have been calls since last sunday so it's been about a week for people to go down to the streets to protest and the transitional council has been calling on her duty and the head of government to dissolve for a new government to be appointed they are calling for independence as well as we've
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seen on the ground the clashes are continuing and the situation is developing very quickly the forces that are calling for this is session have taken over several government councils and buildings and they are moving towards the presidential building so the situation is quite tense there backed by the united arab emirates trained by the united arab emirates and by them does the u.a.e. want to see yemen's breakup and if so why. the this situation complicates the coalition forces and what their stance is because as we know the saudi arabia and the u.a.e. there are within a correlation that's fighting the houthi rebels but when it comes to the south the stance is on opposite sides to some extent while saudi arabia is backing hedi and his government the u.a.e. has been backing the former governor of aden and
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a minister who was also sacked in may two thousand and seventeen by hedi break and both of these are very strong leaders in the south they have a lot of support and they are regarded as men so we can see from the situation and what's escalating in aden at the moment that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are on opposite sides there have been reports that came out in may two thousand and seventeen as well that teddy and the u.a.e. are very angry with each other and there has been an escalation in a situation as well where since. sacked the governor and the cap. minister he was called by u.a.e. politicians as someone who stepped in the back and there were calls for him to step down and to be replaced some i understand your question is that it was the u.a.e. seeking obviously an extension of its power does it seem to interest to have the south broken away from yemen does that give strategic interest to the u.a.e. to its ports some say it's looking for control over shipping lanes is that what's
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going on from the u.a.e. perspective that that may be possible as we know the south is very rich in resources aden is a very important seaport there has been a lot of confrontation and conflict on who. who owns or who is in control of the airport so it seems to be that the u.a.e. may be trying to enforce its control and power in the south and there are there are calls and there is potential support for that among many people and the south the south movement and the south transitional council so there may be support for such a movement which the u.a.e. may be indeed trying to enforce in the region or it will leave it there for now thanks so much for your analysis on that one. thank you leaders from fifty five african union nations are meeting in ethiopia for the organizations and you'll summits in the fight against corruption is taking center stage jury is
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present one of the hardy is being put in charge of the blanks first anti corruption dr also discussed conflicts goal to end all wars across the continent by twenty twenty but there are challenges thirteen of the eighteen you member states to to hold elections this year are either in conflict emerging from conflict or have a history of electoral strife the block will also tackle how to pay for its projects it wants to be able to finance and self completely right now most of the money comes from foreign donors. some might say is this a new summit setting itself up for a mission impossible by making its main theme tackling corruption. it's very hard not to this skeptical lots of we can have to fight for them coming from countries that have
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a huge corruption problem and some of whom have come. to power through fraudulent means and questionable elections will be able to discuss corruption and find a solution to it but many say that they actually hold that they have found it important enough to discuss an option in africa is an all time high and according to a report was entered at the african union summit fifty billion dollars is lost in the continent listed out rules capital and this is just from commercial transactions that when you include. optional should show corruption it becomes a huge problem that has become an obstacle not only to the fight against colbert report also in some say the cost of all these tens of thousands of young people living in africa trying to look. elsewhere outside the continent and many
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people say that they are discussing it is by itself progress. the conference is also tackling a wide range of issues from immigration to an open skies agreement tell us a little bit about the other issues. well the other main issue which actually consumed the most took their time this morning east issue all institutional reform as well as financial reform of the african union the union right now has a quest host funding onto its streets to how its own members paying for its programs and projects right now it's funded. by outside bonus. the scheme that tells the whole of member states should impose a living over zero point two percent on imports into africa and into those
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countries so far only twenty one countries have implemented these and they are question marks and questions coming from the fly's the main countries that donates funds to the african union within africa algeria moral core south africa and nigeria present told the government is taking over the leadership also the continental body today and he will have a very daunting task trying to come these these five countries and others who don't believe in the scheme of the whole also being calls for regional economic integration and cross border trade all those calls going anywhere. well this is something that has been on the agenda almost every time it's. a quest that's africa three and small because africa does not see it as much as huge so
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it's just one of those. things that's a problem and flew on the agenda of the african union. i would leave it there for now thanks so much mamma died out. russia's opposition leader has been arrested he was attempting to attend a rally called in moscow it was organized in response to him being barred from standing in the presidential election in march police have refused to authorize the rally hundreds of civilities turned up anyway. hours earlier police raided his office and said they were looking for a bomb they shut down the live feed of his opposition television station. activists report that ninety people have been detained across the country several were arrested in siberia it was among the first major city to stage a pro the protest organizers say rallies were planned in one hundred cities. only chance is live for us in moscow's other planned in one hundred cities most the must
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have started by now did they pick up the pace is expected. i have to say that here in moscow the crowd has thinned out significantly over the last half hour or so. if you've been here an hour ago this square pushkin square in central moscow would have been absolutely pants with protesters shouting the slogans that you hear time and time again at these demonstrations putin is a thief russia will be free now as you say there have been numerous arrests in various cities across this vast vast country in moscow there seems to be a much lighter touch no arrests there i could see here in central moscow although in the last thirty minutes or so most of the young people who were here are headed down tools of kremlin which is that way and i did see in a fair few police vans following down there were lights flashing so we might start
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to see some arrests here in moscow of course the big exceptions that lightness of touch that i just mentioned is when it comes to no volume so he turned up at this rally earlier on the day it was spotted very quickly. by police and bundles quite roughly into the back of a police van now he says his detention doesn't matter it's all because all the people are turning out across russia he says are turning out not to protest for him but to protest for their own futures. this can't have been a surprise from the valley or the threat of arrest or possibility arrest always present while his message what is their sort of backup plan or plan to deal with this scenario now that he's been arrested. well i mean this is what happens every time he calls for a demonstration every time people come out onto the streets because this is
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essentially an illegal unsanctioned protest so he will get arrested other people will get arrested his message now he's been barred from the elections as well as the. russians people who support him should stay away from the elections in two thousand and eighteen in a couple of months time the space agree they should boycott that he's trying to turn out to try and drive down the turnout for the elections essentially to reduce the legitimacy of produce and reduce the legitimacy of the kremlin because everyone here pretty much assumes that it is going to be about to me a person who wins the elections in march and alexina valmy wants to make that victories as illegitimate as he can possibly make it where you. live thanks so much challenge in moscow. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including one on kong's most prominent activists is barred from standing for elections there. after
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more than one hundred people are killed in a car bomb attack in kabul new questions about the long running war. and its spore roger federer wins his twentieth grand slam title at the israeli an open details coming up with product later in the show. turkey's army has announced the capture of a strategic hill in northern syria the military alongside allied syrian rebels has been battling with kurdish y p g for just over a week now turkey accused the white p.g. of using mt border to fire shells across the border into killis in turkey takes the turkish forces closer to their stated aim the capture of affray and man bridge meanwhile turkey's military says it's killed nearly five hundred kurdish y p g fighters in the past week it says the fight this week calls terrorists could be
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neutralized in the campaign to take out three turkish military is trying to drive out kurdish fighters from the border area stephanie decker joins us now from kill us on the turkish syrian border what does this look like from where you are now stephanie. well as you mentioned we've had that announcement of the amount and which is just behind us has been clear but we've just in the last two minutes or so seen in our strike come in a heavy plume of smoke there's been sporadic shelling as well still so there is clearly still clearing operations going on throughout the day though sadly i can tell you intense of bombardment from here from the jets in the sky heavy rocket fire coming out from here in chemist towards the brazilian mountain also artillery it is of course a strategic location because it is on turkey's border and it is high ground it is a mountain so of course in terms of military strategy that does give you an advantage so this is really the main focus that we've seen today as we drove up
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here we went along the western border with free which usually is quite loud there is now another jet in the sky sami and that was relatively quiet so certainly today it seems that there's been another air strike i think we can hear in the distance this is certainly the focus today. on the new year on the border there and let us know if you need to assume you're out of harm's way but if you need to go and take cover stephanie do let us know who can talk a little bit about what the turkish campaign i mean if they've taken a mountain where does that leave the driver of a much bigger mission to push the why fiji away from all of the border area with. the i will there first mission is the province of a free and what we're seeing happen saddam is there at the moment focusing on the border areas so that this area all along here which is sort of the northern front and then it goes down along the west so this is where we're seeing f.s.a. forces with turkish troops pushing in of course and you still have
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a floating city we know we've been told by turkish forces we've spoken to that it is a very complicated terrain that the white p.g. a very well prepared and they are a formidable fight now the air power that you have your we're still hearing those jets overhead gives them an advantage now you're also going about the next step this is going to be a difficult fight sammy and the rhetoric come. out of ankara every day is member and all the way to the iraqi border the complication with that sami is that the y.p. to there are supported by the united states the united states has bases and military personnel on the ground in these areas this is why we're seeing a whole back and forth between washington and ankara over the last few weeks it is a tense situation turkey says one thing the americans say that it hasn't happened and now there's again as major meal is that something that you can catch on the camera we're just going to try and zoom in quite a large plume of smoke there just to show you how close it is and why this is strategy so we got just to sort of wrap it up sami for you that's certainly an
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airstrike jets have been going up here all day long so that's a mountain so f.s.a. and in charge it does still seem that they're trying to clear all the pockets of y p g that remain there. stephanie has plenty more to talk about i think we'll have to leave it there for now it's talk about you still water next time stepping back over and one of the most prominent pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says agnes child cannot be a candidate in a by election because her party's political platform violates the territories electoral laws twenty one year old is a member of a hong kong group that wants more autonomy from china the decision is seen as the latest move in the government's crackdown on opposition politicians hollande has the latest from hong kong. many people here say they're concerned about the wider implications of agnes chiles disqualification they say there's no the eagle basis for the government's decision and at stake is hong kong's from love law now many of the speeches here i've been highlighting how the goalposts keep moving especially
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when it comes to closer mark you see candidates basically the message as interpreted by hong kong people is that beijing wants to crack down on the more radical wing of the pro-democracy movement which has been advocating for democratic self-determination or independent they say the central government in beijing has been redefining hong kong's mini constitution the basic law not just in these elections but in previous elections too to squeeze out any supporters of democracy it's really there's no focus on the future of bass direct. suppression to us hong kong a new generation at the same time it's just all call it's not a semi auto autonomy city is a semi off point however is it agnes chose just the latest in a series of young politicians to be barred from public office over their resistance
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to the beijing's government tightening grip in the city but the pro-democracy camp says they will not be defeated with little recourse and little chance of agnes child being reinstated they plan to field another pro-democracy candidate and her place. all right now if you thought that the political situation is heating up in hong kong which is here to tell us about the weather which is going the opposite direction right it's a very good link and i like i have codes i try to view is there where the think coat and scarf and i don't think that was for effect because temperatures in hong kong or indeed across much of east asia are certainly lower than they would normally be the last week we had temperatures in the far north east of china at minus forty eight as a cold this has been there since two thousand and one we also temperature in tokyo in recent days down to minus four the cold has been more than forty years and we still got that cold there there's not sometimes there can be so cold that you don't get snow with it but that's not the case here instead we're still by see some snow showers affecting northeastern parts of asia pushing him towards the western side
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of japan but the cold air has penetrated further towards us so certainly as far as shanghai where temperatures tom it used about eight degrees celsius but you see it's always been lowered not because the pounders shanghai's who were able to take full advantage of it and at that point about she run a something to say but i've still got ten seconds worth of panda shots to go so just going to let this run because people don't listen to me anyway when i mention anything when this pond is in snow but never less not just there the cold air has gone further south hong-kong should be about eighteen at this time of the year but there are looking at temperatures of ten and one noise well temperatures seventeen eighteen degrees by suspect that little bit of drizzle rance afraid even gloomy conditions here and that cold air certainly hangs over the next few days but eventually temperatures beginning to rise in shanghai. palace is just too cute anyway still ahead on al-jazeera boom time in china not just for finance why prices for chinese medicine are going through the roof and in sport tiger woods shows
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glimpses of his old self in a difficult third round in san diego. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea when east exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific missions dark subject when used at this time i now do sirrah. al-jazeera. where ever you. seem to journey through memories scarred by sri lanka's civil war. divisions and men to lose and still run deep. as
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a once exiled tamil gorilla struggles to comprehend how things went so wrong. demons in paradise a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. go back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now yemen's prime minister is calling for an immediate cease fire in the southern city of aden earlier he accused separatists of staging a coup. so far at least ten people have been killed in fighting between security forces and secessionists. okies army says it's captured
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a strategic mountain in northern syria the military and allied fighters have been battling the kurdish why b.g. for the past week the turkish government says nearly five hundred y p g fighters have been killed. russian opposition leader alexina valley has been arrested he was attempting to join a rally called the russian capital moscow. the protests was called over him being banned from standing in a presidential election in march police refused to authorize the rally hundreds of supporters turned our. right. more now on the situation in yemen and the armed groups operating there but first there are the southern secessionists who are allied with the united arab emirates and they want yemen south to split from the rest of the country as it was before the nine hundred ninety s. they're increasingly at odds with groups loyal to president of the rebel months or
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how the government is backed by saudi arabia then there are the who through rebels who claim to represent the interests of the shia muslim minority they've been fighting a coalition led by saudi arabia and backed by the u.s. after they took control of the capital sana'a that was in two thousand and fifteen that move forced president had into exile another player is al qaida it's been present in yemen prior to the two thousand and eleven popular uprising against president has there been a jew behind him is a yemeni opposition m.p. and former health minister he joins us on the phone from istanbul good to have you with us first of all can the forces loyal to the retain control of aden how concerned are you. i hope so really thanks for even if you really are very sorry for those who have been killed or injured to get it actually started for no. real
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has. to. contradict to be solved by force but really the good news is that. i mix by also been governor to stop clashes and ordering forces to. come i hope similar orders to be made by. the killer to be on pay them. during previous events nine hundred eighty six two thousand. two hundred. casualties. seem to be wise enough. to force. in the same time to stick. with only. cause and strategy in a them all right thank you very much for your understanding of what's going on that and perhaps talk later more about yemen let's go now and take you to the ethiopian
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capital adice ablow where we understand the more gamy speaking the presence of wrongdoing just taken over the head of the a unit listening to what he said. and we're doing. the best job i can. yesterday. for support president. professor. teacher and i can safely say i have learned from him. i have also seen him. i have also seen. his very big. for africa.
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when richard shines mr president. please join me in paying tribute. to his impeccable service to our organization. in the been lurking before that to work with his prick says the president did release daily and even more lucky to work with both of them and i want to assure you i had a lot of wisdom coming and flowing from them i thank both of them.
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africa's defining the challenge is to create a pathway. to prosperity for our people especially young people. elsewhere this has been achieved through industrialisation but their growth trajectory that transformed in asia is not in a certainly in their own. a viable option for africa simply because we waited too long to act taken knowledge has evolved so rapidly in recent years that africa has window to follow that strategy is not very is narrowing much more rapidly than previously understood we are running out of time and we must act now to save africa
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from permanent the profession. square is essential. we must create a single continental market integrate our infrastructure. and infuse our economies with technology no country or region can manage only solo we have to be functional and we have to stay together. the financial and institutional reform of the african union derives all of its urgency from movies realities fortunately africa has assets and the strength to build on starting with this organization and its tangible
4:38 pm
commitment to unity this is an advantage which no other region of the world possesses in such abundance unity must be our starting point as we do the necessary work over defining our plans and ambitions in continental congress these changes need to happen there is no country on our continent that does not want to be part of the more certain and visible africa the programs policies and priorities of the african union contain the right tools for the job i wish to pay tribute to previous leaders of the african union and the two former heads of state for
4:39 pm
paving the way forward there is tremendous value in african union's flagship initiatives. such as agenda twenty sixty three because of their foresight we are in a position to adopt three historic agreements that are of the highest importance for building africa as worth from within two did we will launch the similar african air transport market. this is a measure step forward for transportation we are nearly rid of to the continent of free trade area it
4:40 pm
clearly needs to be done this year for you don't of movement of people in africa is equally important and it is achievable in a twenty eighty. by commit by committing to break down these barriers we will send a tremendous signal in africa and beyond that it is no longer business as usual our people deserve a brighter future their sacrifice and hard work should be rewarded with a better lives for families and communities we are thankful for to the heads of state who champion important themes and perches of the
4:41 pm
union a clever son and i ask that we pay careful attention to their reports i'm ducked under commendations of this is work they are doing on the behalf of all of us. i wish to commend the efforts of the african union's professional stuff with which often was an heretick your hard work and talent are greatly valued we do not say this often enough we are going to be asking you. we are going to be asking you to do even the mo going forward soon enough we also have the funds
4:42 pm
to support the african prosperity agenda they live very own eligible impose in is being implemented the golden rules were recently approved by the finance ministers and to have a more credible budget process in place we have in some ways in the past helped perpetrated the narrative that africa is a but in this way of thinking has been around for years fixing good won't take a year but it need not take more decades either
4:43 pm
none of us would be wrong to be angry about the time and the potential we have lost in regard to who we are understood to be but early stage at this stage who we are we should choose to respond with a focus on the facts in order to focus our common humanity i wish to close with a message to africa's young people. and there does should be able to enjoy the pleasure of telling you how hard they had it at your age so you don't take things for granted. and are inspired
4:44 pm
to work even harder however. too many africans come of age in the same conditions as their parents and grandparents and sometimes they had ships in the yard even was our job is to make sure that every generation in africa enjoys a better life than the previous one. younger africans. are also professional men and women and you have the full roar played we cannot build africa without you for women especially. we need to reserve the accorded them their rights
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and. they are right. i find a. call for change and unity there from the rwandan president taking over as chairperson of the e.u. he said none of us would be wrong to be angry at the time and potential lost he said the continent would be ready to adopt a free trade area in his opinion during two thousand and eighteen and said breaking down barriers would send the world message is not business as usual in africa. or u.s. president dog trump has called for decisive action against the taliban after it claimed responsibility for saturday's suicide bomb attack in afghanistan at least
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one hundred three people were killed in kabul more than two hundred thirty others were wounded five explosives hidden inside and ambulance obama managed to get through security in the city's most heavily protected area. jennifer glass has the latest from kabul. there is still a lot of destruction here at the scene of the attack you can see these shopkeepers waiting for glass to be installed in their in their shops and you can see here a crowd of people trying to get in from this area. police and security forces have restricted access some of them are shopkeepers some of them are here trying to get into the local hospital for appointments some shopkeepers have been able to get further down the street now that's where the attack happens you can see that crane right there that is exactly where the bomb went off some of the buildings down there are unsafe and unstable shopkeepers trying to get down there to get to their place in the business to see what the damage is literally start to try to clean up
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and it's not just businesses here we've met people here. still people missing one mother can't find her twelve year old daughter she dropped her off here on saturday morning to sell pens and pencils and she did not come home later that night the mother very frantic says she's called hospitals she's been sued and she's not sure what to do and so in the wake of all of this the afghan government has declared three days of mourning not just through this it's like here but the one last weekend at the intercontinental hotel that killed twenty five and one during the week into law that attack on the offices a save the children to the afghan government once the afghan people have time to mourn and pray with their afghans who have been victims of these series of attacks and so three days of mourning ending with a day of national prayer on tuesday. is a former afghan ambassador to canada joins us on skype from washington d.c.
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good to have you with us so the u.s. president as we mentioned is calling for decisive action what sort of options do you think washington is looking at. as we see over the last few weeks and months new u.s. strategy was announced and. there's been at least in rick. the statements that have come out of washington it has been a complicated with a little bit of action on the issue of drones targeting. terrorists out. over the border. fighting going on in afghanistan itself. on a daily basis. i think the new statement shows you that. is. trying to send messages as well as make sure that it's. not going to. give up on
4:49 pm
strategy that is unfolding before us. i was at the same time and these attacks in civilian areas continue in the collar bomb and it backers have decided that they will argue that civilian areas in soft targets in afghanistan are the new strategy which you mentioned they included things like increasing the number of u.s. troops increasing drone strikes putting even u.s. troops a little bit closer to the front lines of action giving them the power to call in airstrikes etc i mean if that hasn't produced an improvement in the security situation what is it that you think the u.s. can do or should do or anyone can do to achieve a better goal security as several plants and dimensions i think one dimension has to do with what the u.s. is going to do in terms of increasing its presence not in terms of combat so
4:50 pm
much because the combat is shouldered by the afghans themselves mostly but in terms of their training and the just thinks. more heavy lethal armament or airpower so i'm so forth but the other plank has to do with afghan security capability and what you saw was in my opinion if you're in intelligence in analysis in prevention in afghan people are very upset about this and we saw that the heads of the security institutions trite their best to. put this within a framework and defending their actions but i don't think that that will be enough i think that the i can ask for more accountability and more preventive measures so this is one area that has to be looked into as far as the afghan government security capabilities are conserved thank you so much omar samad that.
4:51 pm
still ahead on al-jazeera to barcelona magic gives his players a stonewalling for the i pad details and sports. facing realities growing up pointed to realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the mean maher government calls you a gringo the terrorist hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. all right tennis fans time to catch up with
4:52 pm
a game with father thank you so much sammy roger federer has won a record equalling six australian open his twentieth grand slam singles title he beat maher and chill it over fighting and i can final four marin chad at the croatian for a second grand slam roger federer for his twentieth and six here in melbourne. chill it had been overruled when they played for the wimbledon title last year and the team might be again as better rate for the opening set in less than thirty minutes. but the twenty fourteen u.s. open when i regained his composure in the second. and after and nail biting tie break the twenty nine year old had been levelled the contest at one settles. temperatures were even higher in melbourne man for the women's final twenty four hours previously meaning this match was played under the both labor i remove great
4:53 pm
that didn't seem to bother the ice cold federer. great game when he needed to take the first set. chill it wasn't going to let him run away with it though winning five games in a row on his way he will sing a decider. but he couldn't keep that momentum going and only break of self-will federer at the start of the fifth and a hard fought victory would only bring. the thirty six euros celebrating the successful defense of the title he won twelve months ago and during that the with no but djokovic john boy emerson almost a straight and i can win this race it's also just the fool's play up to margaret who so we know william and steffi graf to win twenty omo grandson singles titles polling place and i'm guessing. tiger woods is heading into the final day of the farmers insurance open eight shots behind leader alex durrant of sweden would struggled off the tee in the third round missing all the three fairways but the former world number one also showed glimpses of his former self producing some
4:54 pm
brilliant recovery shots to finish the day on two under seventy fourteen time major champion who is playing his first official tournaments and fifty one weeks is tied for thirty ninth place. i don't know about coming together but it was a struggle out there i didn't hear a word worth a darn all day i was really struggling out there trying to find anything that was resembles a golf swing. but i was scoring as chipping and putting i was grinding i was trying midst of all the crowd sides as i know i didn't have it try to give myself the correct angles and i did that then either rely on by my touch my feeling my parting in barcelona manager nastily velvet there has a warrant his lee told me in barcelona side to not rule out real madrid chances of catching up with them are such a con later and are undefeated in the league at this season they're currently eleven points clear at the top without let it go second were all our sixteen points behind them and down and fourth but they still worry the barsa boss. yes i don't i
4:55 pm
reckon i got a little there is realm of good that you never take for granted they are rivals that can win many games in a row we know they are great competitors and in the end they are always there liverpool manager you're getting attacked as teams defending after seeing them lose for a second time in the space of a week on saturday the reds were dumped out of the f.a. cup in the fourth round losing three two to the e.p.l. second to the bottom side west brom comes after their loss to swansea who currently sit last in the e.p.l. losses follow klopp investing one hundred million dollars on signing center back virgil van dyke we had big big names in this. competition. we wanted to show that at least will be really want to. stay in this competition sussed. but defended that's how it is.
4:56 pm
but if any most of the time in. the wrong decision. the golden state warriors came out on top in the battle of the conference leaders on saturday they beat the best team in the east the boston celtics like so often steph curry was the warriors' star man he got forty nine points and one hundred and nine to one hundred five when but his efforts didn't impress everybody i was there for you know. i've seen crazier. so fortunately for the. president. there was also a win for the indiana pacers they beat the orlando magic in a very tight game the pacers managed to come back from a ten point deficit late on victor all the top scoring for them with twenty four points as they wanted one hundred forty two to one hundred twelve. athletes from russia that will be competing at next month's olympics have been putting the
4:57 pm
finishing touches on their final preparations no soft won the forty fifth edition of the marcy along this minsky classic in italy on sunday a cross-country skier who has part of the olympic team that will compete under a neutral flag in pyongyang one bronze in sochi is compassionate that won gold and silver have their medals stripped away to doping. olympic medal favorite seventeen year old chloe kim to gold in the final contest before pong young child at the x. games in aspen colorado the american edged out aerial gold to clinch the title by just a point yung chang will be kim's first olympic. or serie singh now and favorite gun runner has won the richest event in horse racing the pegasus world cup invitational in florida the american horse was making his final career appearance before being retired. gun runner led through to end power to
4:58 pm
a comfortable wind to claim the record sixteen million dollar prize money. and that's all you support for now more later. for this show i'm back in a couple of minutes though with another. problem with. the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but who moves are afoot. the link between seafood. at this time. paint the scene for us where on line what is american sign in your mind that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people choosing between.
4:59 pm
eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty murders in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walk to try to. go i also lost there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to classrooms africa is transforming
5:00 pm
young innovators are propelling change building communities. and solving. challenging systems and you want. creative thinkers. future innovate africa. fighting in the solomon yemeni city of aden is the prime minister accused the secessionists of staging a coup. hello i'm sam he's a.


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