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because the situation. or if you join us on sat there. is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who just posted a story join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera. from syria fourteen. fifteen people were killed in fighting and the prime minister is concerned but he's
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accusing the. divided yemen once again. also on the grid of political protest in moscow once again leads to the arrest of the prominent opposition leader. from the presidential election from. dr led by nigeria's president we were telling you more though about the least corrupt country in africa what is behind this. are your followers online or are they fake company followers and stealing social identities. your account.
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it with the news grid live on air in streaming online through you tube facebook live and of al-jazeera dot com as we say fifteen people killed in fighting between security forces and secessionists in the southern yemeni city of aden this by itself could simply be considered part of the ongoing war in yemen but the prime minister is calling for an immediate cease fire after earlier accusing separatists of staging a coup and even more significance lies in who is backing the security forces as you'll see on this map they are on the side of president. hadi and they are backed by the saudi led coalition the secessionists though supported by the united arab emirates so for the first time these two countries very much close allies in yemen and in the wider gulf are now on opposing sides of a conflict. coverage. yemen's prime minister says secessionists have staged
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a coup in the port city of aden. that's where the government had been based for the last few years there are reports of several people being killed in fighting between pro-government forces and separatists. this mobile phone footage appears to show people arriving in the city thousands of protesters have been gathering against an internationally recognized and saudi backed government the demonstrators are backed by the united arab emirates which is supposed to be saudi arabia's ally in yemen. not necessarily in that situation when you're. really upset that you have very important. you know you were here. and you're you know. who you. think you are all that you have it's own you have your own lives. and the more of. your your country i think we didn't want. to reason.
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the conflict in today's yemen it's complicated the country used to be divided between north and south yemen until unification in one nine hundred ninety but the difference is never really went away since the fight with the who began in two thousand and fifteen the secessionists have fought for control over here in seaports of aden last week seven forces led by the man appointed by president of the rebel months who are highly as the governor of aden announced to overthrow hardy's government and that major general rule is to be rejected the deployment of northern forces to the south there have been calls since last sunday so it's been about a week for people to go down to the streets to protest and. south transitional council has been calling on had the head of government to dissolve and for a new government to be appointed and they are calling for independence as well as
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we've seen on the ground the clashes are continuing and the situation is. very quickly now the future of president hadi is in question he has been based in saudi arabia along with this prime minister had been the other who struggled to control southern yemen despite support from saudi arabia. women's elected government was pushed out of the capital sanaa in the north and now it doesn't seem to have a place in the south as well as some of the job there. to get a better understanding of all of this that's happening now you have to go back but quite far back into yemen's past you know for much of the latter part of the twentieth century the country was divided into north and south the north enjoying support from saudi arabia the south went from being a british colony to a marxist state backed by the former soviet union but in one thousand nine hundred two sides the united with the president of the north. remember that name becoming leadership but after just four years the fragile union was torn apart by civil war
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salaries forces captured eight in defeating the south and forcing yemen back into a unified state and the frictions continued between the sides with the south all from complaining about what it sees as unfair treatment by the north and the south is resource rich but says the north gets more investment and attention this is led to the birth of a popular movement which wants independence for southern yemen we've got on with us now yemen project coordinator for the international human rights n.g.o.s reprieve and was a former member of yemen's national dialogue and it's nice to have you with us so he was actually done if you could hear in that report but one of the people we heard from said they believed we were going back down the path of a divided yemen do you believe that's what we're going. i think it's not that simple although there is. a high demand inside the south south yemen specially by supporters of the southern transitional council who who
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have announced escalating against the current government but the tensions in the south is quite different so both factions are fighting in ardent today they're both southerners so the presidential forces and the security belts both both of them were formed after the pushed out the who is in twenty fifteen august twenty fifteen and since then each group has been working independently so in a way they've been sharing control in aden but couldn't work together in a unified in a form of a unified unified government or governing governing form until we reached a situation where the southern transitional council on that idea was a baby is demanding secession and is collating against ahmed been dubbed a commitment of or himself the prime minister is a southerner but he is so much supportive of unity so i think the
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situation is that little bit more complicated than that what you guess not fair enough fair enough what's why i should say hasn't this been addressed previously on going back prior to the war which is going to use the issue of secession and divided it or at least the concerns of the south never been properly addressed. well i mean it has been discussed multiple times but there's always been the issue of. does the. shell of the politicians who've to be to be to be honest most of them come from come from the north should they agreed to giving an independent state or the right for a friend for an independent state or should they just. give some reforms that would give some authority and give the share of power and wealth to
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the to the south this was also discussed during the national dialogue and the national dialogue resolution came out to be that we have to move towards a federal a federal system now after that because of the coup none of that was addressed and of course the demands of the southerners remained there so they just didn't go away now the difference is that the southern transitional council feel they have forces so they are more ready than before to escalate and to claim independence from from. the united but what do you make just briefly of the fact that we have saudi arabia and the u.a.e. stand simply on opposing sides of this particular conflict is that a concern. it is a concern i mean that's definitely what we are seeing today and i would then complicate things saudi arabia still supports a unified country because having two. states and its southern border doesn't
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provide that stability and in i could arab emirates have been supporting the transitional transitional council so it definitely complicates things for there and i think things are still early so i think we're going to wait for a couple of days to see how things are going to move forward to watch it closely don't we but are joining us from london thank you so much for your time to get in touch with us on that story or any of the stories coming up contact details on screen for you now the hashtag a.j. news grid with the you would like to use twitter more than welcome help on twitter reply to the tweets in the a.j. english english stream facebook live people watching right now from uganda malaysia ghana and austria at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera the live stream with live commenting as you go the whatsapp number is plus nine seven four five our one triple one four nine comments and questions but also any photos or videos you could send us to help us tell the news here on the grid we'll move on now the russian
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opposition leader alexina valmy has been arrested as he attempted to attend a rally he called for in moscow it was organized in response to him being barred from standing in the presidential election in march police had refused to authorize the rally box hundreds of supporters still turned up that's him being bundled away their activists report ninety people have been detained all opera cross the country's several arrested and tomorrow vote in siberia which was among the first major cities to stage a probe rally organizers say rallies were actually planned in one hundred cities but hours earlier police raided his office saying they were looking for a bomb they also took the chance to shut down the live feed of his t.v. station called opposition t.v. campaign is saying it all fits with a pattern of heris mints. rory chalons with all the details now from moscow but even before most muscovites it got out of bed this morning arrests were taking place at other novelli demonstrations across russia's many different time zones and
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here in the capital police launched a raid on the values h.q. trying to shut down his online t.v. channel and she evaded the police so you had been sent to arrest him at his apartment they caught out with him later though as he came down to the demonstration roughly bundling him into a police van. that you're really now actually in a valley insists that his arrest does not matter at all that the people who turned out to demonstrate across the country are not protesting for him they're protesting for their own futures and he's encouraging them to stay away from the elections in march elections of course in which it's widely expected the vladimir putin is going to win another term in office that's right chalons there is an in-depth profile of alex and of ahmed al jazeera dot com including video links to his mayoral bid his previous arrest is also good background to a man who once said don't try to fight for me our issue today is against. is in the
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fight against corruption i should say just search for profile me at al jazeera dot com corruption and conflict topping the agenda at a meeting of the african union leaders from the fifty five member nations are attending that annual summit in the capital of ethiopia nigeria's president has been put in charge of the blocks first of an anti corruption drive they're also going to discuss the goal to end all wars across the continent by the year twenty twenty but as you can imagine there are challenges thirteen of the eighteen a u. member states holding elections this year either in conflict emerging from conflict or have a history of electoral strife here is mohammed oh he's in a before a time of what's been happening today take us through it. well come on a lot of discussions particularly on the issues all caught up on the institutional on financial reform of the african union in terms of the discussions on corruption
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for the mamma to go holiday off nigeria a man who was that can put option even that idea had. is has been had declared them to corruption champion hold a year two thousand and thirteen and soon as he was given this position he can lead us to move beyond the issue of just creating new laws and to cut off from those and implementing them the skepticism whether the fifty five leaders who are gathered here some of whom have come to apollo through questionable elections will be able to come up with measures that will be quickly taco hut option however that they are talking about it is seen as a huge progress in terms of institutional reform on thought so financing for the african union that you can union the commission wants all the fifty five members
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of the african union to implement a scheme in which every member state will impose zero point two cost center living on imports but so far only twenty one countries have implemented this pm and some of the big don't go on as to these. union having doubts about the whole scheme and i am of the goal as i mentioned before ending conflicts on the continent by the year twenty twenty my goodness that is a real challenge i mean i'm just off the top of my head i'm thinking libya sudan south sudan somalia. south sudan some through africa republican libya the fight against boko haram i'll shut up all but will be discussed throughout this two day african union peace and security council is charged with at least possibility and they've been meeting and
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what they want to see first of all he's a quick resolution to the conflict in thought sudan which is a very crucial one to the union at the same time the african union is appealing to the u.n. security council mulcahey stand there with the goal of which fluxion peacekeeping mission is somalia amazon which are the african the united nations security council wants to see a plan drawn up for its withdrawal african union officials say any hasty withdrawal from somalia could see al-shabaab coming back and even taking over the capital mogadishu. hominids oh is that the are you summits thank you mohammed this talk of corruption it's not just anecdotal observations it is the finding of groups like transparency international which releases an annual corruption perceptions index this is the latest one here your basic guide is that countries in the light has shades the yellows and the oranges they are considered less corrupt the countries in reds particularly the duck rates are corrupt it's
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a scale of one to one hundred so when we come to africa unfortunately most of the continent is red the worst ones there libya with a fourteen with as i said number one being the most corrupt you've also got south sudan on fourteen there south sudan even worse and eleven but if you go bit further south the picture starts to change namibia for example fifty two that's namibia of course and next door so if you've got the least corrupt country in africa at least according to transparency international it is botswana. you can botswanan along i was just there for christmas and was surprised at how safe i felt there actually and buts want to compared to its border countries it also reports fewer crimes and bribery cases it even has a whistleblower hotline where you can call and report corruption if you're convicted though you're looking at time in prison prison and some pretty hefty
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fines the directorate on corruption and economic crime is in charge of investigating and prosecuting corruption within books wanna the office has nearly three hundred permanent staff and a nine million dollar annual budget the service has been around since one nine hundred ninety four now we've been talking to some of you in neighboring south africa a country with a much higher corruption rating about what can be learned from their closest neighbor as a south african who has been personally affected by the crime scene in my country i mean by and by and look up to be true i know if anybody in country because of its relative you know quite option that would give me hope that it is possible for african leaders to put aside their selfishness and greed for the sake of citizen than country acting as truly this would make for a country that i have and developed what it could afford to live in when i should not only be an example for leaders in my country but for the lives of other african countries as well because of corruption was low in africa i believe it can be a very powerful and driving continent in a speech against corruption last december the president of books won an income
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a he said the government of books want to has been working tirelessly for the past twenty three years tracking the scorch of corruption in our country during the early years the most common form of corruption was bribery where exchange of money for a favor was the most common thing bribery is still a common offense but over the years the trend has shifted to highly complicated and complex corruption offenses. but one is tourism is another reason for the crackdown on corruption the president has been pivotal in developing the sector and encouraging tourists to visit the country without fear of being ripped off if your own butts want to we want to hear from you we've heard from some of you already please do let us know how you see corruption getting tackled in your community you can write me directly at leo harding agency or you can use the hash tag aging is great thank you leah let me just show you this really quickly. well hell barely a journalist is a use some of the inside story team actually had
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a discussion about the relevance of the group whether it was fit to actually address africa's issues that debate led by adrian finnegan and it's the program that is still very much relevant now you can find better along with plenty more from the inside story team in this section search for african union relevant for that particular one so if you're looking for anything from inside story it is under the show's menu at al-jazeera dot com right up the top there the u.s. president donald trump has called for decisive action against the taliban after it claimed responsibility for saturday's suicide bomb attack in afghanistan at least one hundred three people were killed and more than two hundred thirty others injured by explosives hidden inside an ambulance jennifer glass with us from kabul . on a couple hillside policemen near ahmed is being laid to rest he's one of the many victims of saturday's attack in the afghan capital the grief is etched on the face
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of one of his surviving brothers. near the blast site. is in another kind of agony she's clutching a photo of her eldest daughter twelve year old mariam she dropped her off here saturday morning but mariam didn't come home her mother has looked everywhere they go to get to so i don't know what to say she was the only breadwinner in our house she was selling pens in the streets and she would bring the money to help raise her other brothers and sisters she helped pay the rent what should i do wish i look no official here knows what to tell her and even if she searches others are picking up the pieces shopkeepers remove what's been destroyed and repair their store fronts debris is still being hauled intelligence officials are accusing their neighbors of not doing enough to stop armed groups in rows and amid the nine kids today everybody understands where the terrorism originates it's clear where they're located and as long as these hubs for terrorism on pakistani soil and in regional countries are not eliminated then afghanistan will not reach
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a long lasting peace. the afghan president has declared three days of mourning not just for the victims of this attack the for two others that have taken place over the past week intercontinental hotel and in the headquarters of save the children there the president says he wants the afghan people a chance to share the suffering of the victims of all of those attacks and the three days of mourning will culminate with a national day of prayer on tuesday in the meantime though some afghans are angrily . back at the graveyard the mullah prays one day there will be peace and unity here but the victims cousin wants the government and its allies to fight i mean. to help the international community in the countries who are working to improve human rights they pay a lot of attention to when. right what about the rights of these people hundreds of young men dying every day our blood doesn't matter really going to fall on a farm there are calls for justice for the dead there's already an aggressive
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offensive against the taliban and other armed groups here but many here wonder what more can be done to stop attacks like these jennifer glass al jazeera kabul none the better reaction we saw from donald trump on twitter he said the taliban targeted innocent afghans brave police in kabul our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and first responders and then he ends it by saying we will not allow the taliban to win let's talk about that more what david said the former deputy u.s. assistant secretary of defense for afghanistan and pakistan now a senior fellow with the center for strategic and international studies he is in baltimore maryland nice to have you with us i mean is it even as simple as that about saying we want the taliban when is it about winning and losing in afghanistan after or is it now seventeen years well actually afghanistan has been in conflict for over thirty years and it is about winning it's about with winning is peace for all afghans both those who are fighting and those who are innocent bystanders and
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it is possible but so far as your report laid out without the support of pakistan it's not going to it's not been achieved and i believe the president trump and his administration understand they have to the pressure they're putting on pakistan is important unfortunately i think this wave of attacks is probably part of pakistan's response to that pressure can you explain to any of our viewers who would probably have sort of war fatigue from afghanistan and maybe not understand the situation entirely what is it that the taliban itself actually wants and what is it doing by and what does it achieving by attacks on civilians like this. but what the taliban want has been consistent since they were prisoners they left in two thousand and one they want to take over afghanistan they believe that the islamic emirate of afghanistan which ruled afghanistan before two thousand and one is still the rightful government of afghanistan and they want to reach take all of that power and rule the country that's what they want the tactics of using mass attacks
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against civilians really senseless it's first of all immoral horrible and tragic and my heart goes out in sympathy to those directly affected but even more so to the afghan nation which is a subject of this approach but this approach hasn't worked it hasn't worked for fifteen years to columbine has been carrying out these kind of acts starting in the fall of two thousand and two when they get their first massacre in the city of kabul so they keep doing it to keep that working and they keep doing more i think the real problem here is because they don't have other options they try to win militarily up to the past fifteen years and they failed and now they're trying to use the civilian attacks as a way to undermine the spirit and resolve of the afghan people would certainly have it with that but i don't think it's going to sorry to interrupt you with the taliban be open to talks i mean we've we've heard about these sort of third party
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talks before. is that something which they would do you think be open to war is that as you said wanting to just take over again. well there are many different groups of them inside the taliban some have come over to the afghan government already there were talks the week or so ago in turkey was representatives of some factions inside the taliban but the core military leadership wonder controls the guns and the money the ones that carries out these attacks they have been relentless in their focus on retaking power and they've not been willing to to carry out talks i think in order for them to do that they would have to get the message from pakistan that they're safe havens there had ended that the taliban leadership ship would have to be arrested and returned to afghanistan that kind of pressure which which text and put on the taliban is what is what i believe is necessary for top peace talks to start most of on afghanistan actually do want peace they don't want to fight they don't want to kill civilians however the
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ideology they subscribe to allows their leaders to dictate what they do david said we thank you for your time your expertise very much appreciate since. and just to remind you there how bad the civilian casualty numbers have been in afghanistan look at this the numbers come from unum of the united nations assistance mission in afghanistan the read out zero dot com if you want to study than the self the numbers in orange at the bottom they have the deaths the great ones of the injuries but look at those last three or four years which have been particularly bad close to this is twenty sixteen eleven and a half thousand deaths and injuries then. and hello to people watching i'm told watching live from kabul on facebook live to send your comments about pauline is that afghanistan's a beautiful country many would actually love to visit and i've heard that certainly from our correspondents who've been there if only it were scythe enough this is the news great if you're watching us on facebook life about same story of how one teenager made a sandwich in the arctic i made a statement against sexism in the process then and still ahead on the grid how
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miniature prime scenes help advance forensic science and help detectives solve crimes we're talking di ramos a little bit later. welcome back we'll look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia and he sees your some pretty cold there matty there look at minus twelve as a high some snow across parts of afghanistan up through the hindu kush region cold air has been left behind across much of the region with three as a high interim back to struggling that two degrees celsius well to better on the eastern side of the mediterranean fifteen in beirut through the forecast through into tuesday that area remains largely fine but we do lose a snow across those eastern areas now this cold air has swept across much of the arabian peninsula too in northern parts of saudi arabia we've had some snowfall
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which obviously quite know where they are only a dusting but still quite impressive now the region as a whole has seen colder air sweeping towards the south so here in doha we felt the smile when picking up behind this system temperatures of just twenty want to sit in a cool feel to things riyadh's looking decidedly chilly still thirty one in mecca but temperatures there are dropping as we head in through on through into a choose day let's head across into southern portions of africa southern parts of south africa are looking fine plenty of sunshine you see this area of cloud giving some showers around the eastern cape in particular but it should be warm and bright in cape have highs of twenty eight but showers and twenty two expected in johannesburg. on counting the cost the problem with every year the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but for who moves are afoot to open up travel across the african continent plus the link between seafood. in thailand counting the cost at this time
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on al-jazeera. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping you what it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future going to africa at this time on al-jazeera.
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the headlines are down to zero dot com and what's trending is well let's turn to the drake i detect as still number one a decade later and plenty more if you look out there the latest from maiden as we told you about the top of the great. poland holocaust happened but that is not oldish out the diversity and sciences people of color such
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a variety there isn't there it's what you can look at and indeed is what we are already looking at what's trending around zero dot com. so let's turn now we were talking about the african union summit the thirtieth african union summit which is happening right now in an ethiopian a big focus on corruption this year we are going to talk to. one who is a senior research consultant with the peace and security research program of the institute for security studies usually in pretoria but joining us from that summit now out of sabah and we thank you for your time lisa what about you is watching on facebook live helen has said wow if this is true about botswana and i'm impressed other african countries should take a leaf out of their book what is botswana in your opinion doing right to be doing so well i guess in the corruption stakes. yes i think what's one of the long tradition of good leadership good governance and especially if the
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extractive industries you know that's one is a diamond rich country but ever since the founding fathers actually reached scene in botswana root systems in place where you don't see now the countries and a country like iran now for example also where the leaders have taken it upon themselves to fight corruption it doesn't mean that it always trickle down but. i think they are definitely based practices that could be shared amongst african countries when you go to a summits like this one how do you feel about the the will to try to fix this up it just without being too negative it does feel like corruption is an issue which is comes up every year comes up all the time and well maybe with this new panel headed up by muhammadu buhari maybe this is some sort of turning point or at least the right. yes it is very difficult not to be cynical about the themes of the african union because we've seen in the previous
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years that really meetings are held and there's a lot of discussion but in the end you know when it comes to implementation the african union really doesn't have any enforcement mechanism you don't have a convention against corruption it has a you advisory board against corruption which mamadou who are you now today actually say that is going to be revitalized but they i mean you can do more than really advise strengthen. reasoning remember states or help with i can but really it is up to member states themselves and the leaders i mean the leaders that were sitting in this hold this afternoon when mama was speaking about winning the fight against corruption some of them have got very very serious allegations against them does it need almost a generational change do you think i've had another comment from one about. how you're going to tackle corruption when african leaders are the one changing constitutions to keep themselves in power and put opponents in jail i'm wondering
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if that's something that's almost a throwback for many decades and it needs a generational change. yes i think changing their leadership on the continent really plays an important role we've seen that in south africa just in the last couple of weeks because the allegations of state capture and the high level corruption in south africa been around for a long time but in the same when the defeated presence around a closer to power. the suddenly in just really truly a couple of weeks we've seen. cases open and the unit seizing you know. from in the middle of nowhere that was used for corrupt dealings so really we have seen that literally how long it's going to last and what's going to be the ultimate effect and we're people going to be. behind bars that's another
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question also in. the new president who was here i was speaking at the i you that this afternoon. he also took on a legacy of he's created this. santos with a dos santos family actually controlled a lot of the wealth in angola and some of his first nations was to actually fire the daughter and son of the former president in very important positions so that gives a look to some people that with some with leadership change they can be a new impetus. on corruption but i think one shouldn't be too. naive about it i think the hari for example in twenty fifteen when he came to power on the ticket of fighting corruption didn't make inroads but really if you ask an irate nigerians today is the situation better or not this. divided opinion on that. thank you so much for your time really do appreciate your expertise on this topic.
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and also thank you for sending your last questions lots of questions coming through there clearly a topic that you do care about all right smore all of the day's news now international headlines with. take a says a second control of a key mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish finances in the african region these pictures show turkish backed syrian rebels mounts best sayah has accused the kurdish group. of using the mountain to find a shells across the border into the turkish town of killis the wife which is backed by the u.s. but he says it's a terrorist group stephanie jacka has more from careless turkish jet have been heavily bombarding mountain throughout the day this is strategically important to
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turkey why because as you can see it's very close to the turkish border it is also a mountainous area so it gives avantage point because it is high ground now what we've been seeing turkish forces together with the free syrian army those are of course the syrian rebels inside syria that turkey supports they're trying to push the wiping back from its entire border area so that is this northern border with activity in and further down towards the west but it is going to be a difficult fight even though turkey has superiority when it comes to air power we've been speaking to turkish forces who will tell you that the white puji are prepared they know the terrain well and they have been preparing for this for a very long time so even though the politicians will tell you that this can be over soon it does seem to be something that could take some time one of hong kong's leading pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says agnes chao cannot stand in the byelection because her party supports self-determination for hong kong the twenty one year old doesn't hold for
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independence from china but does say hong kong should have more say over how it's wrong. has more from hong kong. many people here say they are angry and confused by the government's decision to bar agnus child now the government says agnes child is not eligible to run in these elections because of her party's political stance they advocate self-determination and more autonomy for hong kong but until now all fragments child papers were in order she in fact gave up her british passport to stand in these elections so many are saying that this decision is unexpected and a half no basis legal experts also say that this decision could set a precedent perhaps in the future barring candidates from it'll be elections based on some high level officials decision or perhaps opinion that a candidate's history or their political party's manifesto is not suitable egyptian authorities have extended the detention of al jazeera journalists who say
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for the eleventh time they'll be held for an extra forty five days without trial it's now been more than a year since he was arrested jailed in egypt is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which a and i'll just strongly deny he has repeatedly complained of mistreatment while in prison. from maine now back to come on in doha thanks to your four hundred four days it is now from a new design an all night issue of governments this is the media we're going to go off the grid to. press freedom under attack there as well right so there have been protests ongoing the conversation about press freedom coming along with it and the ongoing weeks of mass protests across the country they've been happening against the government's austerity measures journalists are now being targeted for covering these protests that's according to the national union of tunisian journalists the press union said it received several complaints from tunisian journalists that some were being followed harassed getting their phone wires tapped and that some of them
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said that their homes were being put under surveillance in a statement the tunisian journalists union said quote that it strongly condemns the harsh practices and targeting of journalists and holds both the head of the government and the president responsible towards any violations by the state authorities against journalists or freedom of expression one of the members of the union bar he contacted the spokesman of interior ministry bonnie he according to him bonnie responded saying that these are not his problems and told him to file a case with the court the same organization also wrote an open letter to tunisian prime minister yousaf shah head last year citing its concern about declining media freedoms when it comes to press freedom tunisia ranks ninety seventh out of the hundred eighty countries in the world that's according to reporters without borders and according to freedom house and dependent watchdog group the say they say that
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political rights ratings have also gotten worse in the last year on twitter some people have been sharing their concerns on press freedom within the country robert here saying tunisia was supposed to be one of the few success stories of the arab spring now press freedom is slipping away if you're a journalist or citizen reporter in tunisia we would love to hear from you. now you can write me privately at leo harding a.j. e. you can send us a whatsapp message or use or hashtag aging is great thankfully we've actually got a social video as well for you from tennessee looking at one of the country's most prominent comedians and how she's using theater to further her ideals of this. to niska to live now to islam or not. to islam and we can with. definitions like you know but i'm pretty sure i've never. had a cut on a bus out of which you've got to they're going about this shuttle minute to. get
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him up. and on this one thing. you have nothing i'm a leo and it was up to the man. when you blew me off and what and. who she was a no money they couldn't have been born idea that it means the. shrimp that killed the fish they had a good. idea. just so with. this one hundred percent good on them it's going to modify. the good
6:44 pm
deed in the summer as you said. the public and the media have fly none of the feast the hobbit the phenomenon have the. dean the go to when cut than when with. the idiot in the unit is dumb enough when it's probably. because many of us are with this bush not just any of the little phenomenon you. that has been here many of these witnesses. belief in god and this. in the. martin is mates not sentiment isn't it now refugees trying to enter greece through its northern land border with turkey have told al-jazeera they have been threatened
6:45 pm
and forced to go back in breach of international humanitarian law they claim it happened near the river which flows for more than one hundred fifty kilometers from bulgaria to the mediterranean sea the greek police have denied these allegations are enslaved as a report from northern greece. from the hills of northern greece the places in turkey where refugees hide out before trying to cross easy to see the crossing countries means crossing the intimidating river it's ease the grease to people more and more refugees are attempting this route even though they know how dangerous it seems. even outside the risk of drowning or dying of cold in these huge empty spaces any number of refugees have told us that confessions can forcibly turned around by greek police acting in coordination with from texas the european union border agency. this eighteen year old syrian was in a smugglers' boats with his younger sister it was sort of intimate that the police came up to us in the boat they told us you can't cross and they made us turn around
6:46 pm
these two traffickers claim they witnessed a boat load of passengers being shot at from the greek side and i can with part of it dedicated they saw the greek military they threw themselves back into the dinghy and started going back but the greeks shot three bullets into the dinghy and started to sink one of them didn't know how to swim if his friend hadn't helped him he would have drowned. is this syrian actually got a cross walk miles to a village before being stopped at a row checkpoint kid in they said you're arab and you look like you're going to go to europe they looked around our whole group of nine and took us all off the bus they didn't beat us up but they took us back to the river of buses in a boat back to the turkish military police on a hill all of those things are illegal under international law increasingly though it looks like europe has given up worrying about such things. the european commission more grief and pushback were illegal as long ago in two thousand and thirteen but since then greece itself hungary bowl garia slovenia all built fences
6:47 pm
to keep refugees out and many other countries simply close their borders and the european commission did absolutely nothing about its growth of the floor so if everybody else is doing it they want home we. the police who previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they turn any refugees around and claim their priority is human dignity but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek governments of breaking international law is only one choice. to follow the low if you start bypassing low means that your rule of law system is collapsing and this is a problem that goes together with a refugee crisis we call it goes into refugees crisis as a reception crises and as a rule of law crisis for europe. the river itself is regarded as a military zone on both sides it's also so remote there is no scrutiny of law
6:48 pm
enforcement what is undeniable is the refugees have died in large unreported numbers trying to get across this intimidating inspection. and there is no safe way whatsoever to europe on the land border for people seeking asylum and say. we're going to be able to zero for the ever. as we know plenty of refugees trying to get further north in europe namely germany people in power reason they don't come into the story of two syrian refugees their journey by sea and land to reach a new life in europe it's pretty remarkable it just focuses on two personal stories rather than the mass migration that we often say definitely worth your time people in power searching for sanctuary in germany it's in the documentary section of al-jazeera dot com here is again you're going to tell me that i'm not as popular as i think on social media i may tell you that but you'll have to watch my entire segment for that little tease for you. well we've heard of identity theft but
6:49 pm
social identity theft it's also a thing according to the new york times an american company named deval me is behind more than two hundred million followers on twitter now on their web site they say from trending tweets to viral videos we make it happen their customers include celebrities businesses and anyone trying to grow their online brand but according to the new york times the company also sells accounts depicting real people one of the authors of the article for the new york times rich harris he tweeted saying tens of thousands of celebrities business people musicians models porn stars and influencers bought millions of fake twitter followers some of which had stolen the identities of real people this is the most fun i've had working on a story in a while he says now according to a study by the university of southern california and indiana university fifteen percent of twitter accounts are bots or robots they're not even real people. that's nearly forty eight million active accounts right now now twitter says it tries to
6:50 pm
tackle fake accounts but twitter does not require accounts to be linked to real people according to the new york times twitter is also easier to set up and control for larger numbers of accounts facebook they're in the same boat they also have fake users on their platform and they have been used to make bots in the those bots have made an impact on advertising and political campaigns like what we saw in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election then that led to kemal and i wanted to know how many fake followers we had so i posted this on twitter earlier here's my twitter audit is what you call it and i have one hundred thirty four fake followers i'm ninety seven percent real but you come off we go here you have six hundred seventy two fake followers i didn't buy mine no and neither does i and then out of thirteen point three thousand you're a lot so you are a bit more popular than me and i say but you're only ninety five percent real. i
6:51 pm
don't even know what to say to that thank you leah your. money ninety five percent real. hackers have stolen five hundred thirty million dollars from coin checkers one of asia's leading crypto currency exchange companies it is the largest ever digital currency hack of its kind the japanese verma since restricted trading on withdrawals of a digital currency known as and m and it's also considering compensating those who lost money during transactions any mtoni the largest crypto currency in the world it's more than just bit coin now in the 1940's a nine hundred fifty s. science pioneer francis levy advanced the field of friends that she made it squeeze it detail miniature crime scenes to train homicide investigators diana rama's which is credited with helping convict the guilty clear the innocence and most importantly find the truth this is one of the first person reports we're going to hear how leads directly is continue to help train future investigators francis
6:52 pm
cluster lee was born in eight hundred seventy eight and she was the heiress to the international harvester fortune and she spent her whole life with an interest in medical studies and police investigation and eventually when she was sixty five years of age she began a series of dire amma's called the nut shell studies of unexplained death so named because there was an old police saying to convict the guilty clear the innocent and find the truth in a nutshell she got involved with her local police department she became the first female police captain in the united states and then she began the series of dire amas the sort of curious collection of doll houses with murders in the more or other kinds of mysterious death to help train forensic investigators how to approach a crime scene the nutshell studies are a serious of twenty dire amas one inch to one foot scale france can construct of the dire amas with the help of her carpenter ralph no sure. so he would construct
6:53 pm
a room this little small room and he would create all the furniture she was obsessive about the detail that she put in these pieces so the dolls are closed all the way down into underwear little tiny cigarettes are rolled with nicotine inside them and stamped out for for authenticity she insisted that that even the rocking chair stair carpet are made rock to the same number of times as the original it's highly detailed work because she realized that these were being used for training purposes and for anyone to take them seriously they had to be highly accurate she was the godmother of police science even though her name is not well known she's sort of a cult figure among police officers so these forensic dollhouses are actually still used today at the medical examiner's office in baltimore to teach forensic investigators she's taught the first seminar in one nine hundred forty five and they're still used in two thousand and eighteen it's pretty amazing i just had a message from a viewer you are one hundred percent real to us it's my wife's thank you and.
6:54 pm
a rare moment of loyalty from a war. and emotional roger federer of breaking down in the lift to the australian open trophy for a six song photo repeat that in five sets in melbourne so become the first man to win twenty grand slam title in a thirty six doesn't appear to be in any rush to reach high let's get this report from police. let me address the photo which of the three of you that work on paper it was always going to be a tough task in the australian open final for marin chits the croatian bathing pool a second grand slam roger federer for his twentieth and six here in melbourne to chill it had been overruled when they played for the wimbledon title last year and it seems he might be again as better rate maybe i think that in less than thirty minutes i was but the twenty fourteen u.s. open when i regained his composure in the second was and after and nail biting
6:55 pm
tie break the twenty nine year old had seen levelled the contest at one set old. was temperatures what even higher in melbourne man for the women final twenty four hours previously meaning this match was played under the rod laver arena agree that didn't seem to bother the ice cool federer great game when he needed to take the but set. chile which wasn't going to let him run away with it though winning five games in a row on his way to forcing a decider. but he couldn't keep that momentum going and early break of several better at the start of the fifth and a hard fought victory with schoolbooks approach i the thirty six year old celebrating the successful defense of the title he won twelve months ago and throwing the ball with my back joke of it and boy am a simple most australian open when i this way it's also just the fourth play after
6:56 pm
margaret court serena williams and steffi graf to win twenty omo grandson singles titles i fell in place and i'll just say i. was trying make some sort of sense of what is just a cheat is now chasing down margaret court all time record of twenty four grand slams arkell's other of being fifty nine major final since federer's first to wimbledon in two thousand and three amazingly he's played in thirty of them that's more than hoff but thirty six years in one. one hundred seventy three days is not the oldest slam winner yet that record belongs to australia's ken rosewall who is thirty seven years and sixty three days old when he won the one nine hundred seventy two australian open title as federer is tears when he lifted the trophy that of really got social media talking by more than one hundred twenty five thousand tweets have mentioned his name since is when. i my team a lot it does. remind of the reason being behind the
6:57 pm
starts to stick through it all from straight forward times during a much better with clashed with officials try to deceive last for seven fights that is the major finals this from our point to chris a bit on twitter nobody makes me cry a lot roger federer no one there is no one like him that game was played on the rod laver arena and the australian legend was there in person taking selfies as he watched federer become just the third man's player to win six australians hartnell's labor saying roy innocent djokovic federer six time australian open crowns apiece astonishing then incredible now and he's an athlete the really transcends sport night is this from boxing promoter eddie hearn roger federer what's a guy. and just another story that's been getting our attention involving football and the asian champions league it's a discussion that's going to happen in the coming weeks teams from the united arab
6:58 pm
emirates and saudi arabia will have to play games in cats are and will have to house gets her it seems as well that's despite the saudi led blockade which has been in effect since june asian football's governing body the f c rule that there will be no neutral venue for this season's competition the u.a.e. and saudi didn't want their clubs that comes to cats are the football federations of both countries have no accepted the ruling amorality side are what are hosting cattles to hail on february the nineteenth that will be the first game involving teams from the affected countries get in touch with me using the hash tag a.j. news grid or tweet me directly at and they are underscore sports more for me in the eight hundred g.m.t. news hour let's get back to come up thank you andy and that will do it for our newsgroup as they go to be on twitter facebook or what set up we'll see you back yesterday or fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. .
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it was auriol upon which modern day venezuela was a stop. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people both less than coasts with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today. the big picture the battle for venezuela coming soon. it was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack
7:00 pm
around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government fail. yes.


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