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but nothing can stop them in their tracks chasing the american dream escaping poverty. is the only option and their hope for a better life can be trouble breathing tough conditions gambling. put their lives in danger just to. destroy it when you see. accusations of an attempted coup by separatists in southern yemen the government appeals for assistance from the saudis.
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alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program. turkey says it's taken control of a key mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters opposition leader likes in a rally is arrested during our government protests in russia and the flap at pioneering viacom prot the founder of furniture giant ikea has died. hello thank you for joining us yemen's government has accused the separatists of an attempted coup after they took over its headquarters in fierce clashes in aden at least ten people have been killed in the main airport in the town was shut down the group for its control of yemen's southern region which was an independent country up until ninety nine. the civil war has already torn the country apart after who
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the rebels a seized control of the capital sanaa in two thousand and fourteen president how these government was forced to move to aden in the south adding to that tension the united arab emirates is arming southern separatist fighters this fight actually being part of the saudi led coalition that's helping president battle who these the government has urged the coalition to intervene well some of binge of ida reports. yemen's prime minister says secessionists have steve. not spared the government had been based for the last few years there are reports of several people being killed in fighting between pro-government forces and separatists. this mobile phone footage appears to show people arriving in the city thousands of protesters have been gathering against the internationally recognized and saudi backed government the demonstrators are backed by the united arab
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emirates which is supposed to be saudi arabia's ally in yemen. not necessarily in that situation when you're already starting to realize that some of you have grown very important. in yemen. you know you were you are now creating new territory in the region. and you're if you. will we. know that you have its own you have your own. and more. you're really hungry and i think we didn't want to repeat and based on current situation. the conflict in today's yemen is complicated the country used to be divided would be north and south yemen until unification in one nine hundred ninety but the difference is never really went away since the fight with the hoodies began in two thousand and fifteen the secessionists have fought for control over here in seaports of aden last week southern forces led by the man appointed by president of
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the rebel months who are highly as the governor of aden announced to overthrow hardy's government and i don't need a general rules to be rejected the deployment of northern forces to the south there have been calls since last sunday so it's been about a week for people to go down to the streets to protest and the surf transitional council has been calling on had the head of government to dissolve and for a new government to be appointed they are calling for independence as well as we've seen on the ground the crashes are continuing and the situation is developing very quickly now the future of president hadi is in question he has been based in saudi arabia along with this prime minister had been the other who struggled to control southern yemen despite support from saudi arabia. women's elected government was pushed out of the capital sanaa in the north and now it doesn't seem to have a place in the south as well some of the jarvey the others there. eight people
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including a child have been killed in syria's eastern huta despite a suppose and cease fire there have been reports of heavy fighting shelling and the air raids in the area overnight on friday russia said it would put pressure on them asked us to enforce a truce but the cease fire hasn't been publicly confirmed eastern huta is the last remaining rebel stronghold near the capital. meanwhile turkey says it's taken control of a key mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the a free new region turkey is accuse the kurdish group the y.p. geo of using the mounted the fire shells across the border into the turkish town of keys from keeley's here stephanie becker with more. the battle for intensified. the constant roar of jets and artillery targeting this important high point along the turkish border. explosions echoed
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over the border town of killis drawing a crowd. a strange fascination watching the war unfold but for some it's a little too close to home. even though we are hearing killis we've become used to the school has happened before when i was on the other side of the border still moved to another area for safety. turkey's offensive against the y p g the kurdish group it considers a terrorist organization is very visible here. it is also stirred nationalist fervor. was. lowered. and this is what that operation looks like inside syria turkey is backing
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free syrian army fighters and at the moment the main focus is pushing back from the border was the kurdish fighters say turkey's offensive has caused civilian casualties turkey says it only targets y p g positions. but as is often the case in war facts can be hard to cover. turkey's leaders stress that this is only the beginning and they intend to clear the y.p. g. from its entire border area all the way to iraq but the y p g in that area further east is supported by the united states and there are american bases and military personnel on the ground their relations between ankara and washington are already tense and just another example of how complicated syria's war has become. stephanie decker on the turkish syrian border. meanwhile turkish airstrikes during that battle in a free never reported lead damaged an ancient temple pictures of the temple show it
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reduced to rubble following strikes on sunday it was built sometime between the eighth and the tenth century it's unclear what condition the site had been in before the attack the turkish military is investigating the reports. the american actress angelina jolie has visited a camp before syrian refugees in jordan in her role as special envoy for the u.n. high commissioner for refugees she called on world leaders to find a political solution to syria's civil war the zaatari camp which is near jordan's border with syria is home to about eighty thousand refugees in all more than five million syrians have had to leave their country. the fundamental issue is not that people don't know. but the lack of a credible political and diplomatic process. based on human rights and international law to bring the violence to an end. by a viable political settlement is the only way to create the conditions for the
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syrians to be able to return to their homes to end human suffering. and the strain on host countries. in russia dozens of people have been arrested in opposition rallies across the country including the opposition leader. he called the protests in response to being barred from standing in the presidential election in march or a challenge reports from moscow i knew this was what i knew for years it's become a familiar routine for novelli demonstration days while supporters in moscow and st petersburg slept in russia's eastern time zones they were already protesting and being arrested this footage is from the siberian city of came out of a. and in the capital police moved against the opposition leader's office is this time temporarily shutting down his internet t.v. channel claiming a presenter had a bomb from a secret location alexina valmy released
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a message of defiance we have of the country i want to go to the rally with that they detain me only not i want to make my position clear and one day i will tell my children and my grandchildren yes i was out there to say i disagree and all the bad things that happened to me happened while i was actively protesting this is what matters to me most then as protesters started to gather in central moscow novelli surfaced and his demonstration and a game of cat and mouse with the police reached its inevitable conclusion it bundled into a police van with his supporters chanting shame i. lexan of ali says that his arrest doesn't matter it's old but the people who turn out here in moscow and all around the country are protesting for their own futures i have many in the young crowds you find it never on the rallies have been born and grown up in putin's russia and they're planning to boycott what they see as rigged
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elections in my. elections isn't fair you're only prudent and other candidates are bipeds of which and in my opinion i'd have a. mike and it was because it was. so if you have only been allowed to run in the elections even if things are. only a few here if any really think they'll be able to prevent us from winning landslide election victory as darkness fell on a cold moscow they kept their chance of protest ringing into the gloom chalons al-jazeera. still to come on al-jazeera climbers a scale one of the world's most dangerous mountains their wing a rescuer plus. it's not only the financial markets that are booming i'm rob mcbride at the biggest market in traditional chinese medicine that's going through the roof.
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hello there we've got another weather system that's working its way across parts of europe at the moment showing up very clearly on the satellite picture is this link of cloud here the leading edge of that is making its way across that very cold air that's in place over the northeastern parts of europe so here we're seeing that where the turn increasingly wintery as it makes its way across russia the areas to the south well there the cloud is breaking up so not a great deal of what weather here a tool on choose day but it is still having an effect on the weather because it's bringing the air down from the north so the it is turning a bit cooler for some of us berlin instead of ten we'll get to around six their own choose day now for the south there's plenty of sunshine here seventeen as a maximum in athens but for the southeastern parts of spain here there's been some fairly violent weather recently that is clearing during the day on tuesday tuesday
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should be brighter instead that weather system is just making its way across the some northwestern parts of africa so for to caylee in morocco looks fairly cloudy there for some of us and fairly wet in fact over the atlas mountains we are expecting to see a fair amount of snow as we head into choose a that system gradually pushes its way towards the northeast and many of us in morocco will have a brighter day it won't be warm though because we're battle maximum just fifty. current tensions between countries along the river have their roots in. eclipse point of view not a clinton on the grim political victory for the new political realities on the ground or increasing the sense of uncertainty over the speed with. the with the need to do it and meet. the concrete to which it may come been feet.
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struggle at this time this is. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera yemen's prime minister has accused the separatists of an attempted coup after they attacked the exile government buildings in its interim capital aden turkey says it's taken control of a key mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the a free region and russian police have arrested opposition leader let's say about me at one of the rallies he called across the country. corruption is the main focus of
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the thirty eighth annual african union summit being held in addis ababa the continent reportedly loses fifty billion dollars a year due to corrupt practices the man in charge of the a use anticorruption drive nigerian president hari says even though stricter rules are in place corruption continues to affect development across the continent muhammad though has more. most of the day was spent on discussing is titian on financial reform of the african union african you know wants to see itself moral past and independent to find out why it's on them as it was a scheme in which it wants its member states to live a zero point two percent on imports and that money will be used to finance the programs operations and activities of the organization for one president paul kagame has taken over the leadership of the african union general assembly the highest position making them and they are high hopes aziz the man who drafted
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a you reform plan in must up to now to sail africa from permanent to provision scare is essential we must created a single continental market integrity our infrastructure and infuse our economies with chicken knowledge the theme of this year's summit is how to tackle corruption in africa it's a huge problem according to the african union fifty billion dollars are lost by the african continent every year through corrupt dells now president obama two parts of nigeria a month many praise for his and to corruption crusade in nigeria one of the most corrupt african countries has been appointed the champion of the african union and to corruption complain for the year two thousand and eighteen the continent has
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made significant strides hootin in police legal and safe room without new to really their. own free venting and converting corruption however. the are different of the league. and framework of. the desired six is in. this. expected to tumble tension on the second day of the summit on monday to the issue of conflicts in africa on how to. conflict in africa the union stands by twenty two and the fight against the fight against al shabaab in somalia the conflict is solved so don the peace process in the central african republic or the democratic republic will fall all on the agenda. residents of the afghan capital kabul say
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they feel angry and helpless as the city mourns the one hundred three people killed in a deadly suicide bombing tensions are high after saturday's attack which targeted one of kabul's most heavily fortified areas many blame the government for failing to solve that the terrier raising security situation jennifer glass reports from kabul . on a couple hillside policeman near ahmed is being laid to rest he's one of the many victims of saturday's attack in the afghan capital the grief is etched on the face of one of his surviving brothers. near the blast site marie sheeran aga is in another kind of agony she's clutching a photo of her eldest daughter twelve year old merriam she dropped her off here saturday morning but mariam didn't come home her mother has looked everywhere they go to get to i don't know what to say she was the only breadwinner in our house she was selling pens in the streets and she would bring the money to help raise her other brothers and sisters she helped pay the rent what should i do wish i look no
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official here knows what to tell her and even if she searches others are picking up the pieces shopkeepers remove what's been destroyed and repair their store fronts debris is still being hauled intelligence of fish. those are accusing their neighbors of not doing enough to stop armed groups in rows have a middle name kid today everybody understands where the terrorism originates it's clear where they're located and as long as these hubs for terrorism on pakistani soil and in regional countries are not a limited then afghanistan will not reach a long lasting peace. the afghan president has declared three days of mourning not just for the victims of this attack the for two others that have taken place over the past week humbles intercontinental hotel and into law all of us at the headquarters of save the children there the president says he wants the afghan people a chance to share the suffering of the victims of all of those attaches that in the three days of mourning will culminate with
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a national day of prayer on tuesday in the meantime though some afghans are angrily . back at the graveyard the mullah prays one day there will be peace and unity here but the victim's cousin wants the government and its allies to fight i mean. we need to help the international community and the countries who are working to improve human rights they pay a lot of attention to women's rights what about the rights of these people hundreds of young men dying every day of our blood doesn't matter really going to throw enough up there are calls for justice for the dead there's already an aggressive offensive against the taliban and other armed groups here but many here wonder what more can be done to stop attacks like these jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. protests have broken out in hong kong after a leading pro-democracy activist was barred from standing for election it's hard to say that agnes chao cannot stand as a candidate in a local byelection because her party's political platform violates the territory's
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electoral laws the twenty one year old is a member of a whole cong group that wants more autonomy from china it's the latest move in the government's crackdown on opposition politicians. they were once colombia's most wanted fugitives but now former far caret balls are preparing to fight an election this year is parliamentary and presidential votes will mark their party's election they be after thousands of members handed in their weapons under two thousand and sixteen peace deal they've promised to fight poverty as they launch their inaugural campaign but as i listened to reports from bogota not everyone is convinced it's still dark on the southern tip of a former far gravel now political candidate by approaches workers and their long commute into town we're not. good morning i want to invite you to the launch of the forks campaign we are x. fark fighters and we are now in politics for people like you for decades yep is
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this fourth estate there's a rebel commander the military taught he had died in a two thousand and nine but barmy and instead after handing in his weapons under the two thousand and sixteen peace deal he's running for a seat in congress. we've always done politics but obviously in completely different circumstances and our social base was mainly peasant farmers the city is a different beast but we are learning we are transitioning into what is a novel path for us for its part is presenting seventy four candidates for diligence looted elections in march their policies focus on the inequality hoping to make inroads into colombia's lower class the fifty percent of the population that rarely votes if you know i might be good to vote for them because they are common people just like us they understand the needs of the humble and the poor. but most colombians remain angry at fox long history of kidnappings in attacks
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a slim majority rejected the peace deal in a referendum and surveys show little support thirty x. fighters have been killed by groups hoping to destabilize the peace process was however at the former launch of the complaining the working class neighborhood the spirit is upbeat with the peace the automatically assign so far to say i was. recording this up there showing that the party folks their candidates will win way beyond that. analysts say they will have a hard time overcoming people's this trust in a crowded political field. has a golden opportunity in the next two legislators to build a party and political discourse yet it will be difficult to translate that into votes i'm sure the fog will be a real event political organization and they'll propose important debates in congress and grab the attention of the media but they'll probably remain irrelevant in terms of votes for the former rebels these are just the first steps into an
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unfamiliar stage but whatever happens most colombians hope it will be a win for peace alison and the. seven people have been found a drifting at sea a week after a ferry they were on disappeared near the pacific island nation of q.e. bass they were found in a lifeboat by the new zealand air force on sunday among them was an unconscious baby about fifty people were on the ferry when it went missing there have been no signs yet of any other survivors. a french climber has been saved in a dramatic rescue operation in one of the world's most dangerous mountains of those search for her climbing partner has been called off elizabeth revel and thomas much if see where ascending pakistan's and. also known as killer mountain when the center of the stress call on friday revels friends launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised more than seventy four thousand dollars to fund
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the rescue mission which was led by an elite group of volunteer climbers. a pakistani military helicopter first spotted at revel at around six thousand seven hundred meters on saturday conditions were so rough that authorities called an elite team scaling nearby k two that's the second highest mountain in the world they were dropped off by helicopters at about four thousand nine hundred meters were two of them began their ascent at night they managed to rescue revelled but couldn't reach the market which. camp ride the founder of the swedish furniture from ikea has died at the age of ninety one he established a company in one nine hundred forty three and turned it into a global empire famous for its affordable flat pack furniture he got the idea after watching an employee saw the legs off a table to fit into a customer's car peter sharp takes a look back at his life. his work ethic was simple to create
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a better everyday life for the many people involved comprende founded ikea when he was just seventeen that was seventy four years ago and sticking strictly to those principles he turned a small scale mail order business into a global furniture empire in ma was a little boy in a hurry he started selling matches to neighbors at the age of five some kids are interest from the beginning to be an entrepreneur and that was one of them and actually when he was a little boy he started to sell postcards to his grandmother and neighbors and eventually he loaned a bike and they started to fish and he was selling the fish around and the little box they could find one and one thing on this so the fish box is actually the first box that has the money in to get the fish box this company now pulls in a staggering sixty two billion dollars a year and this is where it all began in sweden where his first shop opened in one
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nine hundred fifty eight its simplicity remains at the heart of the enterprise the revolutionary flatpack found a following around the world even if far as west in yemen but it didn't escape scrutiny over its taxes last year the european commission announced it had launched an investigation into the company's tax affairs in the netherlands now nst involved come proud died on saturday aged ninety one he stepped down from the board in two thousand and thirteen at the age of eighty seven peter shop al-jazeera. queen check the tokyo base to crypto currency exchange which lost almost all of its digital money in a hacking attack says it will use its own money to refund customers around four hundred million dollars worth of any crypto currency coins were stolen on friday roughly two hundred sixty thousand people were affected by the theft coin check is promising to tape a back ninety percent of the last koreans japan's financial services agency has
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reportedly warned of the country's virtual currency exchanges a further cyber attacks and urge them to step up security. for years chinese medicine has been disputed by scientists in the west but the traditional remedies have been growing in popularity at home and abroad it's even being hailed by government as the general of chinese a science rob mcbride reports now from the country's biggest traditional medicine market in the city of boy joe. it's early and the trading hall is packed. wholesale buyers pick over the samples of the plants animal parts of minerals that are the basis for traditional chinese medicine. orders placed here set prices across china. so you've been a trader for twenty years has only seen those prices go up ya gotta be alive and
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i've seen tremendous changes over time you see green used to sell at sixteen dollars behalf now it's thirty times that at four hundred seventy five dollars can it on the thank hand or treated as a pseudo science by many for its followers and that includes most older chinese it guarantees good health and increasing popularity abroad is not lost on china's leaders looking for soft power cultural exports to support china's growing international status traditional chinese medicine has been given the best type of tonic with support from president xi jinping who's describe it as the gem of traditional chinese science and the communist party has been pushing for tiny's medicine to be given equal status with western medicine but while many doctors agree that traditional medical principles and beliefs have a value they warn against using ancient remedies that could do more harm than good let me send that if you're taking the medicines used by the ancient chinese they
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may contain things that are harmful to your health that's different from traditional medical theories. back in the trading halls in bojo such concerns are largely dismissed. ancient remedies they say can exist happily alongside. the two are complimentary you can go to a hospital to get modern treatment but traditional medicine works well in prevention this has become a belief for people. with that belief comes increasing spending power to ensure the market for those potions keeps. the bride al-jazeera bojo city china. and the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera yemen's prime minister says an attempted coup is underway in the interim capital aden separatists have attacked
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several of the government's buildings at least ten people have been killed in fighting the internationally recognized government is based in aden after losing control of the capital sana to a different group of rebels in two thousand and fourteen prime minister. there has called for help from other arab countries. turkey says it's taken control of a key mountain in northern syria as a steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the a free region these pictures show turkish backed syrian rebels on mount. turkey is accused kurdish forces of using the mountain to fire shells across the border into the turkish town of heelys the why p.g. is backed by the u.s. but turkey says it's a terrorist group president caravan is promising to clear the entire border area of fighters. meanwhile elsewhere in syria eight people including a child have been killed in the damascus suburb of easton who despite
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a supposed fire there are reports of heavy fighting shelling and the air raids in the area overnight eastern huta is the last remaining rebel stronghold near the. russian opposition leader has been arrest. that along with dozens of people at anti-government rallies across the country the rally was the tane while attending a demonstration that he had organized the moscow the protest was in response to being barred from standing in the presidential election in line. one of hong kong's leading pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says agnes chao can't be a candidate because her party supports self-determination for hong kong. corruption is the main focus at the thirtieth annual african union summit which is underway in the south about it's the first summit since what took over in zimbabwe from the else that leader. the leaders are also expected to issue
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a response to donald trump's the rocketry comments about african countries well those are the headlines we're going to have more news for you in half an hour coming up next it's talk to al-jazeera. when you. see. the flames in the southern europeans birthplace of the soviet union's nuclear weapons program.


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