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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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react what do i do if this gets worse now marianna uses a new service it's called loud droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers personal stories of lebanese villages on the border with israel the blue line runs through their daily struggles when we go get it we're just the forces stop us when we go there they should have. the right and peaceful protests to reason in the place of the interior means defiance and resistance at this time it's means not for tonight and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera.
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i.q. stations of an attempted coup by separatists in southern yemen the government appeals for assistance from the saudis. alone barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program. turkey takes control of a team out there in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters. opposition leader alexina valmy is released without charge after being arrested during anti-government protests in russia last. i'm lawrence lee with the second of all reports on the overall three where refugees have accused the greek police of using violence and intimidation to illegally push them back over the river into turkey.
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yemen's government has accused southern separatists of an attempted coup after they took over its headquarters in fierce clashes in the city of aden at least ten people have been killed one hundred others wounded that man airport was also shut down the government has called on arab countries to intervene well the separatists want control of yemen's southern region which was an independent country up until the one nine hundred ninety the civil war has already torn the country apart after who the rebels seized control of the capital sanaa in two thousand and fourteen president how these government was forced to move to aden in the south adding to that tension the united arab emirates is arming southern separate his fighters this fight the fact that the u.a.e. is actually part of the saudi led coalition that is helping president hadi battle the who these are some of the reports. yemen's prime minister says secessionists of steve.
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nazri of the government had been based for the last few years there are reports of several people being killed in fighting between pro-government forces and separatists. this mobile phone footage appears to show people arriving in the city thousands of protesters have been gathering against the internationally recognized and saudi backed government the demonstrators are backed by the united arab emirates which is supposed to be saudi arabia's ally in yemen. not necessarily a bad situation when you. realize that some of you have very important country in yemen. you are there you are even now creating new territory in the region. and your if you. will we. know that you have its own you have your own lives on. and norm you're really a country i think we didn't want to repeat and based on current situation.
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the conflict in today's yemen is complicated the country used to be divided with the north and south yemen until unification in one nine hundred ninety but the difference is never really went away since the fight with the hoodies began in two thousand and fifteen the secessionists have fought for control over here in seaports of aden last week southern forces led by the man appointed by president of the rebel months who hired me as the governor of aden and i was to overthrow hardy's government and i don't need general rules to be rejected the deployment of northern forces to the south there have been calls since last sunday so it's been about a week for people to go down to the streets to protest and. transitional council has been calling on had the head of government to dissolve and for a new government to be appointed and they are calling for independence as well as we've seen on the ground the crashes are continuing and the situation is. very
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quickly now the future of president hadi is in question he has been based in saudi arabia along with this prime minister had been the other who struggled to control southern yemen. despite support from saudi arabia. women's elected government was pushed out of the capital sanaa in the north and now it doesn't seem to have a place in the south as well some of the job he'd rather there how does a senior political analyst lead one bashara says the conflict in aden is playing into the hands of yemen who the rebels the southern part of yemen cannot get back together and clearly the saudis and the immoralities that are sponsoring the war in yemen in some sort some form and out of coalition have outsourced much of the fighting within the country and that's leading to some major friction among the southerners as we've seen whether it is the president and his prime minister on the one hand of the whole country that is
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a bit high demand so had the and and his prime minister and the separatists if you will so all in all you know what the arab coalition is calling for what so many people who care for yemen are calling for you know basically let's wait until this whole thing settled the conflict with the whole seas and then we'll figure out what is it to be done in the south and yet the separatists are taking advantage of the fact that there is a war going on with the healthy with the weak link being in the southern part of yemen taking some sort of a sponsorship from abu dhabi in the united arab emirates in order to separate so it's really quite sad you know for yemen as it were. turkey has taken control of a key mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the a-frame region turkey has accused the kurdish group the y p j of using the mountains to fire shells across the border into the turkish town of qissa
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and from. reports. the battle. intensified. the constant rule of jets and artillery targeting this important high point along the turkish border. explosions over the border town of killis drawing a crowd. a strange fascination watching. but for some it's a little too close to home. even though we are hearing killis we've become used to the school has happened before when i was on the other side of the border. to another area for safety. turkey's offensive against the wipe the kurdish group it considers a terrorist organization is very visible here. it is also stirred nationalist fervor.
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and this is what that operation looks like inside syria turkey is backing free syrian army fighters and at the moment the main focus is pushing back from the border as the kurdish fighters say turkey's offensive has caused a bit in casualties turkey says it only targets y p g positions. but as is often the case in war facts can be hard to come. turkey's leaders stress that this is only the beginning and they intend to clear the y.p. g. from its entire border area. all the way to iraq but the y.p. g. in that area further east is supported by the united states and there are american bases and military personnel on the ground their relations between ankara and washington are already tense and just another example of how complicated syria's
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war has become stephanie decker al-jazeera kilis on the turkish syrian border and meanwhile turkish airstrikes during the battle in a free man have reportedly damaged an ancient temple pictures of the temple show it in ruins on sunday was built sometime between the eighth and the tenth century it's unclear though what condition the site had been in before the attack the turkish military says it's investigating the reports. russian opposition leader alexina riley has been released from police custody without charge he was arrested alongside dozens of other people across the country who took part in opposition rallies the rally had called the protests in response to being barred from standing in the presidential election in march or a challenge reports from moscow are yes i do but. it's become
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a familiar routine for novelli demonstration days while supporters in moscow and st petersburg slept in russia's eastern time zones they were already protesting hands being arrested this footage is from the siberian city of came out of a. and in the capitol police moved against the opposition leaders offices this time temporarily shutting down his internet t.v. channel claiming a presenter had a bomb from a secret location alexina valmy released a message of defiance we have of the country i want to go to the rally with and they detain me only not i want to make my position clear and one day i will tell my children and my grandchildren yes i was out there to say i disagree and all the bad things that happened to me happened while i was actively protesting this is what matters to me most then as protesters started to gather in central moscow novelli surfaced and his demonstration and a game of cat and mouse with the police reached its inevitable conclusion its
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bundled into a police van with his supporters chanting shame i lexan of ali says that his arrest doesn't matter it's old but the people who have turned out here in moscow and all around the country are protesting for their own futures i think many of the young crowds you find never only rallies have been born and grown up in putin's russia and they're planning to boycott what they see as rigged elections in my. elections isn't fair only prudent and other candidates are bipeds of which i'm in my opinion i haven't got my candidate because i'm not one that was cancelled from the election so if you have only been allowed to run in the elections you devices are the result of yours which it was brought to bear on a few here if any really think they'll be able to prevent one if putin winning and not a landslide election victory but as darkness fell on
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a cold moscow they kept their chance of protest ringing into the gloom chalons al-jazeera moscow. well earlier i spoke to give warning a russian analyst i asked her what impact these rallies might have won the elections in march. novelli and his supporters know that they're not going to make much difference what they're trying to do is all this elections for putin they want to make sure that it's not smooth sailing that's why their main message is to boycott these elections because they're saying that. regardless your participation pretty and will be elected but if you boil court then this entire exercise of affirming that majority of russians support hootin will collapse for putin this is not an election he is not being contested by anybody for him this is an exercise to show that he is the most popular leader in
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a modern russian history. still to come on al-jazeera the despair and anger in kabul is the death toll from saturday's suicide bombing rises to one hundred three . and also coming up cultural diplomacy the musicians helping to harmonize relations between the u.s. and cuba. hello there the rain is still falling for us in the northern parts of australia the satellite picture is showing plenty of cloud across the top end including for us in darwin here over the last twenty four hours or so we've had one hundred thirty six millimeters of rain that brings all total for the month to six hundred thirty two and the average is usually for the entire month of january four hundred twenty four
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so clearly it's very wet at the moment and more rain still to come and actually that what weather stretches all the way down towards south australia here we've seen the color change fortunately in adelaide so he will get to around twenty eight degrees and then that cooler weather will say pushes its way across melbourne there on tuesday so this time our maximum temperature will only be twenty so definitely turning cool here but if we had a bit towards the east here it's pretty warm for us and we've also seen that warm weather give us a few thunderstorms they could just be one or two more as we head through the next few days but i think for most of us we'll just remember the sunshine the warm weather with all come there getting to around twenty five twenty six or twenty seven as we head through the next couple of days further towards the north and across the northern parts of asia the weather's quite quiet at the moment we do have winds feeding down from the northwest bringing a little bit of snow to the northwestern parts of japan and it looks like that will be a feature for all weather as we head into tuesday. i
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am doing this on the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of the our guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera yemen's prime minister has accused
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the separatists of an attempted coup after they attacked the exiled government buildings in the interim capital. turkey has taken control of a key mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the afridi region and russian opposition leader has been released after he was arrested at one of the rallies he called for across the country. residents of the afghan capital kabul say they feel angry and helpless says the city mourns the one hundred three people killed in the least suicide bombing tensions are high after saturday's attack which targeted one of kabul's most heavily fortified areas many blame the government for failing to solve the deteriorating security situation jennifer glass reports from kabul. on a couple who side policeman munir ahmed is being laid to rest he's one of the many
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victims of saturday's attack in the afghan capital the grief is etched on the face of one of his surviving brothers. near the blast site. is in another kind of agony she's clutching a photo of her oldest daughter twelve year old merriam she dropped her off here saturday morning but mariam didn't come home her mother has looked everywhere we go and it's if i don't know what to say she was the only breadwinner in our house she was selling pens in the streets and she would bring the money to help raise her other brothers and sisters she helped pay the rent what should i do wish my luck no official here knows what to tell her and even if she searches others are picking up the pieces shopkeepers remove what's been destroyed and repair their storefronts debris is still being hauled intelligence officials are accusing their neighbors. not doing enough to stop armed groups in rows how the middle men kids today everybody understands where the terrorism originates it's clear where they're located and as long as these hubs for terrorism on pakistani soil and in regional
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countries are not a limited then afghanistan will not reach a long lasting peace. the afghan president has declared three days of mourning not just for the victims of this attack the for two others that have taken place over the past week humbles intercontinental hotel and into law all of us at the headquarters of save the children there the president says he wants the afghan people a chance to share the suffering of the victims of all of those attaches it and the three days of mourning will culminate with a national day of prayer on tuesday in the meantime though some afghans are angrily . back at the graveyard the mullah prays one day there will be peace and unity here but the victims' cousin wants the government and its allies to fight i mean. we need to help the international community and the countries who are working to improve human rights they pay a lot of attention to women's rights what about the rights of these people hundreds of young men die every day of our blood doesn't matter really going to throwing
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a fuck there are calls for justice for the dead there's already an aggressive offensive against the taliban and other armed groups here but many here wonder what more can be done to stop attacks like these jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. well the attacks brutally highlight the weakness of the afghan security forces more than sixteen years after the u.s. led invasion which toppled the taliban in the first four months of last year more than two thousand five hundred security forces were killed and over four thousand two hundred injured that's around twenty soldiers and police officers every single day afghanistan's forces are notoriously weak many troops are rushed the front lines after less than two months of training hundreds of officers have gone on leave and never returned but they still draw salaries so all of this leaves them vulnerable the taliban often infiltrates their ranks allowing them to carry out insider attacks the man in charge of the african union's
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anticorruption drive nigerian president mohammad hooper hari says it's affecting development across the continent corruption reportedly costs africa fifty billion dollars a year it's the main focus of this year's african union summit in either sub about one hundred though has more now from the ethiopian capital most of the day was spent. on four months of the african union. itself. an independent whites. scheme in which its member states to live. up money will be used to finance the programs and activities of the. president. the leadership of the african union general assembly the highest position. and their high hopes as these the man who left the reform club in must up to now.
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from permanent provision scanner is essential we must create a single continental market into grids our infrastructure. and infuse our economies with taken knowledge. the theme of this year's summit is how to tackle corruption in africa it's a huge problem according to the african union fifty billion dollars and most by the african continent every year through corrupt depths now president obama two parts of nigeria a month many praise for his and to corruption crusade in nigeria one of the most corrupt african countries has been appointed the champion of the african union and to corruption campaign for the year two thousand and thirteen the continent has made significant strides hootin in police legal and safe room without
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new to really their. own free venting and converting corruption however there are different of the legal and frameworks have not had the desired sixes in this. the leaders are expected to tump their attention on the second day of the summit on monday to the issue of conflicts in africa and how to and conflict in africa the union says by twenty twenty the fight against boko haram the fight against al-shabaab is somebody the conflict in south sudan the peace process in the central african republic and also the democratic republic of congo all on the agenda. protests have broken out in hong kong after a leading pro-democracy activist was barred from standing for election the
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authorities say that agnes chow cannot stand as a candidate in a local byelection because her party's political platform violates the territories electoral law rules the twenty one year old is a member of a home kong group that wants more autonomy from china it's the latest move in the government's crackdown on opposition politicians if you go palin has more now from hong kong. many people here say they are angry and confused by the government's decision to bar agnus china the government says agnes child is not eligible to run in these elections because of her party's political stance they advocate self-determination and more autonomy for hong kong but until now all of agnes chows papers were in order she in fact gave up her british passport to stand in these elections so many are saying that this decision is unexpected and a half no basis legal experts also say that this is decision could set a precedent perhaps in the future barring candidates from the elections based on
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some high level officials decision or perhaps opinion that a candidate's history or their political party's manifesto is not suitable for refugees trying to enter greece through its northern border with turkey have told us they've been threatened and forced to go back by greek police in violation of international law they say it happened nearly every us river which flows from more than one hundred fifty kilometers from bulgaria to the mediterranean sea the police have denied the allegations or insley reports now from northern greece. from the hills of northern greece the places in turkey where refugees hideouts before trying to cross easy to see but crossing countries means crossing the intimidating. it's ease the greece turkey border more and more refugees are attempting this route even though they know how dangerous it is. even outside the risk of drowning or dying of
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cold in these huge empty spaces any number of refugees have told us that when threatens and forcibly turned around by greek police acting in coordination with frontex the european union's border agency. this eighteen year old syrian was in a smugglers' boats with his younger sister was sort of intimate that the police came up to us in the boat they told us you can't cross and they made us turn around these two traffickers claim they witnessed a boat load of passengers being shot at from the greek side and i came with part of it dedicated they saw the greek military they threw themselves back into the dinghy and started going back but the greeks shot three bullets into the dinghy and it started to sink one of them didn't know how to swim if his friend hadn't helped him he would have drowned. is this syrian actually got a cross walk miles to a village before being stopped at a row checkpoint. they said you're arab and you look like you're going to go to europe they looked around our whole group of nine and took us all off the bus they didn't beat us up but they took us back to the river of bushes in
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a boat back to the turkish military police and. all of those things are illegal under international law increasing you know it looks like europe has given up worrying about such things. the european commission warned grief and pushed back for a legal or long ago in two thousand and thirteen but since then greece itself hungary bulgaria slovenia all built fences to keep refugees out and many other countries simply closed their borders and the european commission did absolutely nothing about its growth of the floor so if everybody else is doing it and walk away. the police who previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they turn any refugees around and claim their priority is human dignity but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek government of breaking international law is only one choice to the fall of the law if if you start by passing
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a law means that your rule of law system is collapsing in this a problem that goes together with refugee crisis as we call it goes into refugees garcias interception of groceries is a rule of law crisis for europe the river itself is regarded as a military zone on both sides it's also so remote there is no scrutiny of law enforcement what is undeniable is the refugees have died in large unreported numbers trying to get across this intimidating stretch of water and there is no safe route whatsoever to europe on the land border for people seeking asylum and safety from. grossly al-jazeera for the ever free. and then part three of lawrence's series he's going to be reporting on the surge of homelessness in northern greece because of refugees trying to avoid the greek on its. the news about relations between the u.s. and cuba has rarely been good since phone trying to call for this he's put limits
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on trade and made it harder for americans to visit the island but some artists are determined to show that the two countries can get along judy galliano reports now from have on their. sharing a stage comes naturally to these cuban and u.s. musicians. he was best known pianist this playing alongside american jazz legend. the saxophone player is among the u.s. artists who headline this years have been a jazz festival. musicians turned cultural ambassadors at a time of renewed hostilities between their governments. now more important than ever music is a common language connects these two countries again politics and politics but the art form is a common language and that will help strengthen perhaps some of the other areas the broader international relationship and that relationship has deteriorated
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significantly since its high point two years ago today the state department is actively advising americans to stay away from cuba but not all of them are listening even under tighter travel restrictions reimposed by the trumpet ministration and then president of number of americans visited and performed at this year's just festival here in havana and when asked why they're here they generally gave the same basic answer music from the strongest part time constraint . pianist couldn't agree more playing for a tour of american jazz lovers what had respect musical overtures can have just as much power as diplomatic ones. cuban music and culture is an explosion it's fire and that is what we transmit to the audiences beyond all the problems that exist i try to express what i am not as a musician but as a culture. and the cultural efforts extend beyond music this statue of cuban
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independence hero. was a gift from new york's bronx of the arts to the people of cuba veiling attended by architects and other artists from both countries hope to mark the start of other joint projects that's always been the artists and their cultural organizations that have really kept the conversation going they were responsible for initiating the conversation open the doors for relationship building greater connections between cuba and the united states' role castro attended the inaugural ceremony in what is expected to be one of his last public events as cuban president perhaps not of support to those trying to get different nations ship with the u.s. back on track. al-jazeera. much more on that and everything else we've been covering on our website.
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and a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a yemen's prime minister says an attempted coup is underway in the interim capital aden separatists have attacked several of the government's buildings at least ten people have been killed in fighting the internationally recognized government that is based in aden after losing control of the capital sanaa to a different group of rebels the who these in two thousand and fourteen prime minister. has called for help from other arab countries. turkey has taken control of a key mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the a freeman region these pictures show turkish backed syrian rebels on mt. turkey has accused kurdish forces of using the mountain the fire shells across the border into the turkish town of keys the white b.g. is backed by the u.s.
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but turkey says it's a terrorist group president of iran is promising to clear the entire border area of fighters meanwhile turkish airstrikes during that battle in a free may have reportedly damaged an ancient temple pictures of the temple show it reduced to show it reduced to ruins on sunday it was built sometime between the eighth and the tenth century it's unclear what condition the site had been in before the attack the turkish military says it's investigating the reports russian opposition leader has been released without charge after he was arrested and an anti government rally in moscow dozens of other people were arrested as they turned out for demonstrations across the country organized by. one of hong kong's leading pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says agnes chow can't be a candidate because her party supports self-determination for hong kong corruption
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is the main focus at the thirtieth annual african union summit underway in at the sap about it's the first summit since emerson took over in zimbabwe from the ousted leader robert mugabe and leaders there are expected to issue a response to don trump's recent the rocketry comments but african countries those are your headlines coming up next on al-jazeera its witness thanks for watching by . as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across up in new guinea. exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific mission stark stark when used at this time on al-jazeera.
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