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tv   Sudan Seeds Of Inspiration  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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of the temple show it reduced it show it reduced to ruins on sunday it was built sometime between the eighth and the tenth sentry it's unclear what condition the site had been in before the attack the turkish military says it's investigating the reports russian opposition leader alexina valley has been released without charge after he was arrested and then and the government rally in moscow dozens of other people were arrested as they turned out for demonstrations across the country organized by an avowed there one of hong kong's leading pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says agnes chow can't be a candidate because her party supports self-determination for hong kong corruption is the main focus at the thirtieth annual african union summit underway in at the sap about it's the first summit since emerson took over in zimbabwe from the ousted leader robert mugabe and leaders there are expected to issue
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a response to don trump's recent the rocketry comments but african countries those are your headlines coming up next time around as they are it's witnessed thanks for watching by. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea. exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific mission stark's not. used at this time on al-jazeera. and i would given my.
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very heart. of. your. day. and. one of the. within. the. way it had. in mind.
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when the woman. in the. thank you. i. just. didn't.
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feel. good. about what the sun. might have a human would say then i get off my god i said i like what. do you. mean if you. want to raise a family. everyone watch the show when you get in that. one . hundred different projects by giving us.
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your opinion of all of my. that i think i get high for but it's like i'm honest. today if you give me a minute i'll be one hundred. here because what. the family. play russian now but i'm not willing to. live within the time of the program with the i want it i'm going. with the first because given enough about that which i feel like it duncombe because the help hasn't. done their hold for the idea but they're not. without them how many of them. like i mean they had a similar set i remember what. it.
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had to me from different class of say the nice you notice that it's like me i'd like to be buried but he's like a classy classy people i've been nice if you don't like me you have friends but people he's a genius but in on way he was. couldn't the dame of instead of iraq the and the after the summer in. a moment with oh you know who am i going to look at the corner or. a young girl who thought we'll. come said the guy into question of the destiny. they were actually mean if you like try me many quick comments and very crowded also like we've seen seen already in fact that i didn't invent a club for practically. top of
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the list and i featured in one of the reality do you mean. by that i mean one of them of the. present before the while it's going to fly in and out of. that one why would they get the good that. it has the. right to like russia out of the badness and be seen going to one. of them saddled with. a. piece of material i have a. shot of that i am mad if it's. not a system. and now we are doing
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research and development but it's part of time and after that we have to do our best but it's our system it just if it's a big. draw on. he's it's. going to. cut it and it will spread that seeds all over this. little or all of. the. it may be the believe you know we have big problems or mentors that we show. so this one is something wrong we change it all.
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by the way to now not. to make this new data. everything fly in my mind. rushmore about. a guy called my mom have to get from idea to. me in the us it could be if. you know. these a car but. not in this moment it's not. that in that fashion. but
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i'm going to how does he want to pick it out of. the out up and even if they're. going to keep that if they are still stuck here if. you. let me. make it sign. i love. i love. you know my late and i'm not sleepy yet. because. if it weren't for the guy the crowd to me would fit because i had my not
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a school bus a lot of what i've been. i am one of them i'm with them with congress i modify them a bit but that seems good at the time that the many have done things like look at the committee which i want to beat up. some of them with. a good ten one hundred and if you had here fairly. this week. and if they could in no need that easy day issue if you had any minute you had the eleven minute. done it would lay some out a lot of comments there and it would you have to fear ellen and i just pick it up. like you know you give. them a shot that annoys you about a magician out of the well but a lot of that of the you don't know yeah i'm not. sure that i guess you know that i mean not the love you.
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i'm going to somalia so you've got to give more information about the haitian how we come from but if you. take it you know. what i think. i must. be given up going to fall like a lot actually of the thought of the way i live here isn't going to help some of it i've got something i want i'm glad i'm there with oh i don't want anybody.
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i want. only i want to have the gift. of god if you would only do a life. to live might have. yeah now and. i don't know that it's a. new
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high. that. we did but. here we found a complete. d.b. in the ground because the only that's more. than the three maybe four we came here
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after twenty years become an. event with no life. completely destroyed what that. totally. and that. he did. so like forty years. ago but everything. about the. spot of these.
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nine minutes. in the with the government. in one different. and often a. nothing with a lot. of a lot of. yesterday when we are in that does have to show us his studies and still think of what. it's like the storm from the bottom get up. all the nice
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income come from just peace so basically spying so he's going to. this deep like. the community that makes the even of our frog and. i feel they had a voice. to tell everyone about the fight but what they life. i am the voice we are the voice. even if i shouldn't tell you no good and. then i knew how he was on. my phone he's on i'm going to study on him i mean if i mean i'm. going to. be. passing. off
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a little bit. of. what i think i'm going to have you know i think. yeah i think you're going to sometimes. it doesn't i feel i have to. because i. am only going to. need. it isn't optional. some stuff i want you know me knowing enough and it has either me that and that's the show for them since i hadn't and that i'm not there yet and then i stepped out so how they much. yet did nothing much that let me now i think that he actually got the idea.
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well mom idea if i don't get in and i'm not trying to force the residents i'm the time nana so they may know him by the south and i think how proud. that's how they. should account somebody seemed to want to see a little innocent. mog that i do what i'm going to lock in a gun i love him to stop. i don't. want that this shit the bed and fix it in any quarter any problem prevent it from coming in all but a hold off took them but it gives a huge information about the ground about the law about the sound and about the detention index local level when. you need to find out if the kid
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on with the. new moon. can you. achieve great monitoring with the wrong because you are looking. to meet. them to go to this. i know you don't actually know. but you know really. like. i did my family. and.
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you could be with you today and hoping that i'll be mustn't i. yeah you. could win a story i think it's a great opportunity so i want people to hear our voice more people would believe i want to call it. that when they know the things i do any of my with mobile with one of them of them and then the whole day they will govern with all of them what i would be done with that if i think it's a one week ago that would be the amount that i thought the corner with.
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a string suspects he looked lifeless and it's it's it's it's a face that it's like about. when i was. told everything. would be ok today it was not on the sheets. and so i chopped up that stuff it's not censored study it's it's yeah that's. what gave it a shot that i hired him and crying because of the you know it. i
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gave. my. i have not had any map but about a casualty a. second cry. most binnacle you know. the guys out there that look at them but given. how much you are on five a day that will not be much of a out of. what. good
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. writing is but even the beginning of the five years someone in and then we are sure. i don't feel four. five years ago you have nothing you have nothing else now you have everything we do alone we stood against everything. just fish of the fish you and. the president saddam would vote for a system of drawing i think we've gone through all the walls of
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a shed our project and i want to implement it and we can see people opposed it. does not spell out. on the end of the tunnel so we have to catch up here and be kind of. anything come. come . journey through memories scarred by sri lanka's civil war. divisions and mental wounds still run deep. as a once exiled tamil gorilla struggles to comprehend how things went so wrong.
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demons in paradise a witness documentary at this time zero. personal stories of lebanese villages on the border with israel the blue line runs through this period their daily struggles and the moment when we go get emergency forces when we go there that. i wouldn't survive and the peaceful protests. in the case of the interior means the fines and resistance at this time it's means nothing for night and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera on counting the cost the problem with every good the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place to move or a foot. across the african continent the link between seafood. in thailand counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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the frustration. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes calls for i mean.


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