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no way feel castro is a fee to lease the not a come east i'm just really into this country international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. and i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes stolen from their families right injure refugee girls and now being
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targeted by human traffickers. calls for an immediate cease fire in yemen's port city of aden after separatists seized government buildings during a day of deadly fighting. turkish forces take control of a key mountain in syria's african region as that offensive against kurdish fighters enters a second week. wrestled to the ground and taken into custody russia's opposition leader was detained for several hours during rallies against vladimir putin. there injured persecution military crackdowns and a hollowing journey out of me and dog now rights groups say rockin joe refugees are being increasingly targeted by human traffickers camps in bangladesh the situation is getting worse because hundreds of thousands of new refugees. right this is the
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most recent crackdown began in august from quote a refugee camp in southern bangladesh charles stratford has this exclusive report. oh my darling daughter she cries she asks me when we talk oh mother what shall i do now how can i come back to you how will you get me out of india to be with you again. my own accounts and says her daughter yasmeen was thirteen years old when she was snatched by a man in the refugee camp and smuggled to india. was three years ago noyon a and the as mean fled the military crackdown in myanmar in two thousand and twelve. says the trafficker was arrested in india and yes men was rescued the daughter is living at a safe house for other trafficking victims in kolkata meon maastricht their hinduism of citizenship in one thousand nine hundred to be to noyon no or yes mean have passports so they cannot be reunited really on a says every month she saves
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a little money to chat to the daughter for a few minutes on the phone. only gold knows the pain i experience every day she says i don't have money to go to india my daughter warns me able to try and cross into india without a passport. leona's story is not uncommon in the ricky refugio camps rights groups say that trafficking gangs have thrived in the ranger refugee camps here in bangladesh for years but the recent arrival of more than six hundred fifty thousand new refugees means the situation is getting even worse now we met a trafficker and he told us that men come from outside the camps they pay range of families for their daughters promising them work for the girls often never seen again. we sit by the road in the men come to us the man tells me they also because if we can get the helpless type of people families are ready to provide
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girls because they don't have enough food. the man says men often the specifically want girls of a certain age he says they pay the families around five thousand talking about sixty dollars for each go. for the girls around twelve to fourteen years old he says they tell me they have difficulty with their domestic work at their homes they say they need someone to cook for them ling the man tells me he has stopped providing the men with girls now and only trafficked a few young women. when the parents come to find me that i have to highlight he explains they want information all that delicious but i have no information. the un's refugee agency is trying to help noyon to be reunited with her daughter but he says only the bangladesh all sortes use to make
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a decision. leona says yes mean never met her father because he died before she was pulled she is afraid she herself may die without ever seeing as me again. i want nothing more than like daughter she says it would be so kind if you if you could get my daughter back well yes mean he's at peace with less. chance trafford al-jazeera alone refused camp on the. iraqis and on a list of human rights activist is joining us now on skype from buying kong benjamin thank you very much for being with us the thing that strikes one immediately about that story is obviously the scale of it obviously the fact that it's been going for on for so long and yet nobody seems able to stop this from happening why is that. well there's definitely some level complicity between bangladeshi authorities and indian authorities on some level the indians
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have an advantage there south asian descent easy enough to travel into bangladesh on legal means and of course bangladeshi authorities in the camps would be easy enough to meet with them and i think the most important thing to realise is that not only as as your report said is that the new phenomenon but it's been going back for so long that some of these established channels have been have been working for for years if not decades and now with nearly seven hundred thousand new hinges in the dash there are big population to view with it for this sort of thing and they're lacking not only their basic needs but they're lacking passports and citizenship as well in most cases from myanmar so one thing go deeper into that rabbit hole into india getting them back out is near impossible and of course the irony is that the illegality trumps right without the passports they can be taken illegally into india but can't be taken back out unless. the left bangladesh goes
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through great efforts to get these people to travel documents they need to be read into the fact that families are prepared to sell other members of their families predominantly goes in this case that charles was reporting on what does that tell us about the level of aid and support that the refugees are getting and the count's that they feel they have to do that. well in some cases it's important to keep in mind that the families wouldn't see it as such as selling their daughters into something they would see it as an employment opportunity and perhaps the dollar exchange is simply before entering into that system you raise a great point humanitarian situation in bangladesh for these ranges continues to be very dire not to mention that they weren't exactly leaving a situation in which they were very well off their basic needs and work time they were often barely being that it meant that all those camps were perhaps not as bad as those in bangladesh that were very close and they were talking about families in
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a whole population of people whose basic needs food clothing shelter have never been consistently met there were an opportunity comes their way to place their daughter in employment the most telling their daughter to a traffic of course the matter of perception and deception in this case it looks like a very good opportunity for them given the fact and i understand the point you're making about it's about families seeing this as a possible opportunity but there seem to be far more stories about terrible endings to this kind of situation why are people still prepared to take that risk when there are so many dreadful stories like the one that we heard in charles's report. we need at the end of the day it needs right i mean no one no one given these reports are starting to spread and becoming more more well known in the camps fewer people you would think would engage in this system and probably fewer are those who continue to engage are are in need of of the money that they can be provided certainly the money upfront if there is money upfront to be provided and certainly
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whatever remittances they are hopeful of receiving from their daughters in india given the quote unquote domestic work they're supposed to be doing it's need or want expected a few families might even be aware of what the real work might be for these for these daughters but in most cases again i think they're probably the into thinking this is a work opportunity in a country that needs domestic workers benjamin's iraq isn't on a list i'm human rights advocate we appreciate your time thank you very much. yemen's prime minister has accused separatists backed by the united arab emirates of an attempted coup after they took over the government's headquarters in the city of aden at least ten people have been killed and one hundred others wounded in the worst fighting yet between secessionists and yemen's government the session is to want control of yemen's southern region which was an independent country until one thousand nine hundred ninety the civil war has already torn the country apart with the rebels seized control of the capital sanaa in two thousand and fourteen president. government was forced to move to aden in the south adding to the tension
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the u.a.e. is arming secessionist fighters despite being part of the saudi led coalition that's helping president hadi battle the these. there is no difference between the than anyone else rebels against a legitimate government no matter who they are if he's not with the legitimate government in egypt balin against it and considered an enemy to the entire country or some avenge of it has this report on the fighting in eight and. yemen's prime minister says secessionists have. not spared the government had been based for the last few years there are reports of several people being killed in fighting between pro-government forces and separatists. this mobile phone footage appears to show people arriving in the city thousands of protesters have been gathering against the internationally recognized and saudi backed government the demonstrators are backed by the united arab
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emirates you're just supposed to be saudi arabia's ally in yemen. who. is not necessarily in that situation where you are you really are so you have very important country. you're. in the region. and you really. know that you are its own you have your own. and more of. your country i think. the conflict in today's yemen is complicated the country used to be divided with the north and south yemen until unification in one nine hundred ninety but the difference is never really went away since the fight with the who these began in two thousand and fifteen the secessionists have fought for control over here in seaports of aden last week southern forces led by the man appointed by president of
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the rebel months who hired me as the governor of aden and i was to overthrow hardy's government and i don't know general rules to be rejected the deployment of northern forces to the south there have been calls since last sunday so it's been about a week for people to go down to the streets to protest and. transitional council has been calling on had the head of government to dissolve and for a new government be appointed and they are calling for independence as well as we've seen on the ground the clashes are continuing and the situation is. very quickly now the future of president hadi is in question he has been based in saudi arabia along with this prime minister had been that other who struggled to control southern yemen despite support from saudi arabia. women's elected government was pushed out of the capital sanaa in the north and now it doesn't seem to have a place in the south as well as some of the jarvey the others there. to get
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a better understanding of the recent unrest let's take a look at yemen's past and for much of the latter part of the twentieth century the country was divided into north and south the north enjoyed support from saudi arabia where the south went from being a british colony to a marxist state backed by the former soviet union but in one thousand nine hundred ninety the two sides united with the president of the north salah becoming leader but after just four years the fragile union was torn apart by civil war salaries forces captured in defeating the south and forcing yemen back into a unified state frictions continued between the two two signs with the south often complaining about what it sees as unfair treatment by the north the south is rich in resources but it says the north gets more investment and attention that's led to the birth of a popular movement which wants independence for southern yemen al jazeera senior political analyst says the conflict in yemen is playing into the hands of who feel
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rebels. the southern part of yemen cannot get back together and clearly the saudis and the immoralities that are sponsoring the war in yemen in some sort some form or not of correlation have outsourced much of the fighting within the country and that's leading to some major friction among the southerners as we've seen whether it is the president and his prime minister on the one hand of the whole country that is a bit had the most so had the and and his prime minister and the separatists if you will so all in all you know what the arab coalition is calling for what so many people who care for yemen are calling for you know basically let's wait until this whole thing settled the conflict with the whole seas and then we'll figure out what is it to be done in the south and yet the separatists are taking advantage of the fact that there is a war going on with the healthy with the weak link being in the southern part of
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yemen taking some sort of a sponsorship from abu dhabi in the united arab emirates. in order to separate so it's really quite sad you know for yemen as it were cities observatory for human rights says turkish air strikes are free and have killed eight members of the one family most of them children meanwhile turkey says it's taking control of a key mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the region it's accuse the kurdish group the y. p.g. of using the mountain to fire shells across the border into the turkish town of killie's from there stephanie decker has more on. the battle for bush siam mountain intensified. the constant ruler of jackson artillery targeting this important high point along the turkish border. explosions occurred at the border town of killis joining a crowd. is strange fascination watching the war unfold but for some it's
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a little too close to home she did say that even though we are hearing careless we've become used to the school has happened before when i saw it was on the other side of the buddha but i've still moved my wife and kids to another area to safety but i'm staying. turkey's offensive against the y.p. the kurdish group it considers a terrorist organization is very visible here the so is also stirred nationalist fervor. was. lowered. and this is what that operation looks like inside syria turkey is backing free syrian army fighters and at the moment the main focus is pushing back from the border was the kurdish fighters say turkey's offensive has calls to. turkey says it
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only targets y p g positions. but as is often the case in war facts can be hard to come was turkey's leaders stress that this is only the beginning and they intend to clear the y. p.g. from its entire border area all the way to iraq but the y p g in that area further east is supported by the united states and there are american bases and military personnel on the ground their relations between ankara and washington are already tense and just another example of how complicated syria's war has become. on the turkish syrian border. meanwhile syrian activists say turkish airstrikes during the battle enough rain have damaged an ancient temple activists say the i mean that a temple was reduced to rubble following strikes on sunday it was built sometime between the eighth and tenth centuries it's unclear what condition the site was in before the attack the turkish military is investigating the reports and
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a forty eight hour ceasefire in syria's rebel stronghold of eastern go to has expired but it's being reported that it's been broken several times the russian brokerage truce went into effect on friday but it's been little calm with reports of government shelling and air raids at least eight people including a child are believed to have been killed during the forty eight hour cease fire. plenty more ahead in the news hour including. i'm lawrence lee with a second of all reports on the every river where refugees have accused the greek police of using violence and intimidation to illegally push them back over the river into turkey. and also had the father of flat pack furniture dies at the age of ninety one we look back on the legacy of the man who started the retail revolution. i'm a motion is running high for roger federer is in makes history of history an open and he's going to have all the details of the sport.
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russian opposition leader alexina volleys being released from custody without charge after he was arrested during an anti-government rally in moscow more than two hundred fifty others were also detained for taking part in protests across the country calling for a boycott of the presidential election in march rory challenge reports. it's become a familiar routine for novell the demonstration days while supporters in moscow and st petersburg slept in russia's eastern time zones they were already protesting being arrested this footage is from the siberian city of came out of a. and in the capitol police moved against the opposition leaders offices this time temporarily shutting down his internet t.v. channel claiming a presenter had a bomb from a secret location alexina valmy released a message of defiance. i want to go to the rally with they detain me only aunt i
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want to make my position clear and one day i will tell my children and my grandchildren yes i was out there to say i disagree and all the bad things that happened to me happened while i was actively protesting this is what matters to me most then as protesters started to gather in central moscow novelli surfaced and his demonstration and a game of cat and mouse with the police reached its inevitable conclusion its bundled into a police van with his supporters chanting shame i have ali says that his arrest doesn't matter it's old but the people who turn out here in moscow and all around the country are protesting for their own futures i was thinking many of the young crowds you find in a valley rallies have been born and grown up in putin's russia and they're planning to boycott what they see as rigged elections in my. elections is unfair.
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and other candidates by bits of woods and in my opinion i haven't got my candle and because it was cancelled from the election if you have only been allowed to run in the elections you are going to shoot. it was a few here if any really think they'll be able to prevent what you may putin winning and not a landslide election victory but as darkness fell on a cold moscow they kept their chance of protest ringing into the gloom chalons al-jazeera moscow. they were devoted to him as a russia analyst from the financial think tank i.h.s. market she says the boycott won't stop of lot of the uprising being reelected but it will send a message. and his supporters know that they're not going to make much difference what they're trying to do spoil this election is for putin they want to make sure that it's not smooth sailing that's why the main message is to wait for this
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election because they're saying that you regard this you're part station pretty will be elected but if you boy quote then at this entire exercise of affirming that majority of russian support voting will collapse for thirteen this is not an election here it's not being contested by anybody for him this is an exercise to show that he is the most popular leader in a modern russian history. ok let's bring you some breaking news out of afghanistan we're getting reports of an explosion and gunfire at and military academy in the capital kabul according to security sources a number of gunmen have taken positions inside the marshal foch team military academy it was the target of a suicide attack in a tobar in which fifteen officers died of course that follows three other attacks that have happened in the last week in afghanistan we're going to bring you more details on this latest one as we get them. catalonia is former leader callus push
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them all is expected to ask for permission from a spanish judge to attend a parliamentary session on tuesday aimed at forming a new government spain's constitutional court had ruled that he must be physically present in parliament to be chosen as the region's chief priest the man has been in self-imposed exile in brussels and soto but is wanted in spain on charges of sedition and rebellion for spearheading catalonia his independence movement and then interview on spanish radio a separatist party member said preach the hmong will make the request in the next twenty four hours. because in the legally that we have to swear in president that's what we have to do now and it's a complicated and difficult situation we have seen the last chapter of a process of demolition of the rule of law in spain the attitude of spain's government pushing all kinds of powers while the powers of the separatists are constantly being effected in violated little finance president has declared victory in the country's general election selling in east of security another six year term
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winning more than sixty percent of the vote his main rival to just twelve percent the president is credited with balancing a delicate relationship with nato without antagonizing neighboring russia refugees trying to enter greece through its northern border with turkey have told al-jazeera they've been threatened and forced back by greek police in violation of international law they say it happened near the evidence river which flows from more than one hundred fifty kilometers from bulgaria to the mediterranean sea the police have denied the allegations long sleeve reports from northern greece. from the hills of northern greece the places in turkey where refugees hideouts before trying to cross easy to see the crossing countries means crossing the intimidating river ease the greece turkey border more and more refugees are attempting this route even though they know how dangerous it is. even outside the risk of drowning
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or dying of cold in these huge empty spaces any number of refugees have told us that confessions and forcibly turned around by greek police acting in coordination with frontex the european union's border agency this eighteen year old syrian was in a smugglers' boats with his younger sister was sort of intimate that the police came up to us in the boat they told us you can't cross and they made us turn around these two traffickers claim they witnessed a boat load of passengers being shot at from the greek side and i can with part of it that a kid they saw the great military they threw themselves back into the dinghy and started going back but the greeks shot three bullets into the dinghy and started to sink one of them didn't know how to swim if his friend hadn't helped him he would have drowned out this syrian actually got across walked miles to a village before being stopped at a row checkpoint kid in thought they said you're arab and you look like you're going to go to europe they looked around our whole group of nine and took us all off the bus they didn't beat us up but they took us back to the river of buses in
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a boat back to the turkish military police and. all of those things are illegal under international law increasingly it looks like europe has given up worrying about such things. the european commission more grief and pushback were legal as long ago in two thousand and thirteen but since then greece itself hungary bulgaria slovenia all built fences to keep refugees out and many other countries simply close their borders and the european commission did absolutely nothing about its growth of the thoughts of everybody else is doing it they want to wait. the police who previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they turn any refugees around and claim their priority is human dignity but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek government of breaking international law is only one choice to the fall of the law if you start by passing
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a law means that your rule of law system is collapsing in these the problem with that goes together with refugee crisis we call it goes into refugees garcia was in the reception crises in general of the crisis for you know the river itself is regarded as a military zone on both sides it's also so remote there is no scrutiny of law enforcement what is undeniable is the refugees have died in large unreported numbers trying to get across this intimidating special theater and there is no safe route whatsoever to europe on the land border for people seeking asylum and safety from. grossly al-jazeera for the ever three. hundred by three of lawrence's series have reports in the surge of homelessness in northern greece because of refugees trying to avoid the greek islands. still ahead an older is it a feeling that heats the fitness tracking that's causing security concerns for u.s.
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military operations plus. building bridges through music how these performers are harmonizing the relations between cuba and the united states and in sports and he's going to tell us how the world's best snowboarders are warming up for the winter olympics. from the waves of the snow. to the contours of the east. hello there is pretty cold for us in the southeastern parts of china at the moment here's a satellite picture showing this little area of cloud here that hasn't been giving us a great deal of rain but it has been giving us a fair amount of snow these pitches hour from the zoo in shanghai sharing panda's there enjoying the wintery weather of the creatures not quite so ok no vassily but the pandas really enjoying it as the temperatures only topping out around three
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degrees as a maximum a o monday for the south or so cool for us in hong kong a maximum just around ten or eleven it really will feel bitterly cold and that cold weather extending into the northern parts of vietnam as well so our maximum over the next couple of days only topping at around eleven so rather cool for us in the southeastern parts of china a bit further south where the problem with rain has been very very wet for some of us in the philippines you can see why that huge blanket of clouds right the way across us and only slowly over the next day will say will things improve so still some sharp showers in the western part of the philippines there all monday but even though should begin to clear away and it does look a good deal brighter for many of us there on choose day further south some sunshine but also some showers and forth across java looks pretty wet for much of the day if we head across towards india looks fine and dry for many of us here there's just a cup. the weather sponsored by cats and race.
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from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators aap propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping the continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera twenty years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to adult hood. two decades following the development of a life and nation. five years on rewind returns to the story of k.k. the girl. on al-jazeera. you're
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watching all jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour we're getting reports of an explosion and gunfire at a military academy in afghanistan's capital kabul according to security sources a number of gunman have taken positions inside the martial fahim military academy was the target of a suicide attack in of toba in which fifteen officers died. rights groups have warned that human trafficking gangs are increasingly targeting the right engine refugees at camps in bangladesh they say the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees following the most recent military crackdown in me and has made the situation worse. yemen's prime minister has accused separatists backed by the
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united arab emirates of an attempted coup after they took over the government's headquarters in the port city of aden at least ten people have been killed and one hundred others wounded in fighting between southern secessionists and yemen's government u.s. soldiers who use fitness devices such as foot may be accidentally revealing the location of top secret military bases it's been revealed an interactive map posted on the internet that shows the whereabouts of people who use the devices may also reveal highly sensitive information about the activities of soldiers dynasty book explains. well fitness tracking devices have become very popular around the world in fact about twenty seven million people globally have these things including people in the u.s. military well it's starting to become a concern now for the u.s. military because this global heat map that went online last fall lets anybody go
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onto the internet and see where people that have these tracking devices are located and if you look at this map you see it places like the united states in north america and in europe are lit up because a lot of people in those areas of course have them but also now you can see areas where potentially u.s. military personnel have them the pentagon a few years ago gave out about twenty five hundred of these devices to some personnel in an effort to fight obesity so now there is concern that people can go onto this map and they can zoom in and they can see places where a military personnel are active places like the c. hill region of africa and an area south of mosul in iraq now the pentagon is taking a look at this it issued a statement late this evening saying that the d.o.d. is taking this very seriously it's reviewing the situation to see if training and policy should be developed in order to keep personnel safe so this device that
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was given out to the military in an effort to keep them fit now could potentially be a security risk the comfort to became a billionaire off the reset of the ikea furniture chain has died at the age of ninety one he started the company in sweden in one thousand nine hundred forty three transforming it from a small local business into a global empire famous for its affordable flat pack furniture shop takes a look back at his life. his work ethic was simple to create a better everyday life for the many people involved comprende founded ikea when he was just seventeen that was seventy four years ago and sticking strictly to those principles he turned a small scale mail order business into a global furniture empire in ma was a little boy in a hurry he started selling matches to neighbors at the age of five some kids are interest from the beginning to be an entrepreneur and that was one of them and actually when he was a little boy he started to sell postcards to his grandmother and neighbors and
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eventually he loaned a bike and he started to fish and he was selling the fish around and the little box they could find one and one thing out of this so the fish box is actually the first little box that has money in to get the fish box his company now pulls in a staggering sixty two billion dollars a year and this is where it all began in sweden where his first shop opened in one nine hundred fifty eight its simplicity remains at the heart of the enterprise the revolutionary flatpack found a following around the world even if far as western yemen but it didn't escape scrutiny over its taxes last year the european commission announced it had launched an investigation into the company's tax affairs in the netherlands i kin involved come proud died on saturday aged ninety one he stepped down from the board in two thousand and thirteen at the age of eighty seven peter shop al-jazeera. corruption
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reportedly cost africa fifty billion dollars a year it's the main focus of this year's african union summit in ideas ababa the man in charge of the african union's anti corruption drive is nigerian president muhammadu buhari he says it's affecting development across the continent. has more from the ethiopian capital. most of the day was spent on discussing is to tional on financial reform of the african union african you know wants to see itself moral past and independently find out why it's on them as it was a scheme in which it wants its member states to live in zero point two percent on imports and that money will be used to finance the programs operations and activities of the organization one president has taken over the leadership of the african union general assembly the highest position making organ and they are high hopes aziz the man who blasted
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a you reform plan it must act now to save africa from permanent provision scare is essential. we must created a single continental market. into bridge our infrastructure. and infuse our economies with chicken origin. the theme of this year's summit is how to tackle corruption in africa it's a huge problem according to the african union fifty billion dollars and most by the african continent every year through corrupt depths now president obama two parts of nigeria a man who many praise for his and to corruption crusade in nigeria one of the most corrupt african countries has been appointed the champion of the african union and to corruption complain for the year two thousand and eight in the clinton and has made significant strides hootin in police legal and safe room without.
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new to really their. own free venting and converting corruption. however there are different of the legal and frameworks have not had the desired six is in this. the leaders are expected to tump their attention on the second day of the summit on monday to the issue of conflicts in africa and how to and conflict in africa the union by twenty two and the fight against boko haram the fight against al shabaab is from on the conflict in south sudan the peace process in the central african republic and also the democratic republic of congo all on the agenda. one issue that will also be addressed at the summit is that sudan and egypt are deeply unhappy with the dam
5:39 am
that's being built in ethiopia leaders of the three countries are due to meet on monday to try to find a solution after months of deadlock reports from addis ababa. a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the african union's annual gathering in addis ababa . a dispute between some of its members over the dam it is building on the nile threatens to undermine the unity of the pan african organization the african union is extremely encouraged by is that the different countries are meeting direct directly and bilaterally to try and sort out their differences for this for the situation to be dealt with in an amicable and in a direct manner between the states involved and that is encouraging for the african union but recent developments on the ground appear to suggest otherwise egyptian president opted for to have sisi perceives real action has expressed concerns over
5:40 am
the megaproject known as the great if the european. saying it will disrupt the flow of water to his country but at the dam is crucial for which is eager to become the largest producer of hydroelectric energy in africa and whose population often struggles with a lack of electricity if g.o.p. or egypt and sudan initially agreed on solving the dispute through dialogue but sudan and egypt are now facing another crisis they each claim rights over the so-called live triangle on the red sea coast between the two countries a stench an escalated recently recalled its ambassador to cairo and shut down its borders with eritrea. sudanese authorities accuse the iraq trillions of colluding with the edge of chance to destabilize their country. in a move that is likely to further complicate matters egypt wants sudan out of any
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future talks about the. united nations chief and turn your terrorists expressed hopes that countries sharing the nile can agree on a mechanism to manage water distribution we believe that every problem can be solved based on dialogue neutral understanding technical analysis scientific analysis and cooperation and i hope it will be the same when i was prime minister of portugal we signed the what are we going to beat spain and even today is considered to be a landmark but for now what's happening in the nile basin area threatens to undermine the chances of finding a common ground officials here are the air you hope differences between egypt and if the appeal will be resolved soon if not this is an issue many worry could lead to a mr confrontation hashim about al-jazeera. the south african city of cape town is
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facing its worst water crisis in a century and protesters say the government is to blame the taps are expected to run dry on april the twelfth reservoirs have not been filled for more than three years because there hasn't been enough rain the city is limiting each household to fifteen liters of water a day that's equivalent to one full bath the water ministers urging everyone to cut back on how much water the use. it is therefore important is that all losers play their plants in lieu do they want to have consumption at the cultural center has made equal need to mint to make sure that they explore you know they do have solutions as advised by some of our institutions of higher learning. c.s.i. as well as the would tell me what to do said commission so that did then that is that the patient to the realities of clementines family and friends of the late south african jazz legend hugh masekela have held
5:43 am
a memorial service in johannesburg bicycle i died last week at the age of seventy eight after a two year battle with prostate cancer to gain recognition for his distinctive afro jazz signs during his five decade career he was revered for his use of music to fight against white to move to south africa's apartheid era celebrities have adorned themselves with roses at this year's grammy awards in a show of solidarity with people facing sexual harassment in the workforce dozens of stars are wearing white roses at the new york side of money to support the times op movement that came about after months of sexual misconduct revelations only of this month stars wore black to the golden globe awards to protest against sexual harassment and abuse. relations between the u.s. and cuba have deteriorated since donald trump took office has put limits on trade and has made it harder for americans to visit the island but some musicians and artists are determined to show that the two countries can get along. reports from
5:44 am
havana. sharing a stage comes naturally to these cuban and u.s. musicians. cuba's best known pianist chucho this playing alongside american jazz legend. the saxophone player is among the u.s. artists who headline this years have been a jazz festival. musicians turned cultural ambassadors at a time of renewed hostilities between their governments it's now more important than ever that music is a common language connects mr countries again the politics of the politics but the art form is a common language and that will help strengthen perhaps some of the other areas the broader international relationship and that relationship has deteriorated significantly since its high point two years ago today the state department is actively advising americans to stay away from cuba but not all of them are
5:45 am
listening even under tighter travel restrictions reimposed by the trumpet ministration and then president of number of americans visited and performed at this year's just festival here in havana and when asked why they're here they generally gave the same basic answer music from the strongest part time and still. this cuban pianist couldn't agree more playing for a tour of american jazz lovers what had respect check both things musical overtures can have just as much power as diplomatic ones. with cuban music and culture is an explosion it's fire and that is what we transmit to the audiences beyond all the problems that exist i try to express what i am not as a musician. but as a culture. and the cultural efforts extend beyond music this statue of cuban independence year ago cemented was a gift from new york's bronx of the arts to the people of cuba veiling attended by
5:46 am
architects and other artists from both countries hope to have the start of other joint projects great it's always been the artists and their cultural organizations that have really kept the conversation going they were responsible for initiating the conversation and opened the doors for relationship building greater connections between cuba and the united states role castro attended the inaugural ceremony in what is expected to be one of his last public events as cuban president perhaps a knot of support to those trying to get different nations ship with the u.s. back on track. galliano al jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera a criminal and a one woman created the building blocks of forensic science one sinister dollhouse at the time and in sports a new champion of the golf in dubai that story coming up with.
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and then i'm team forty's and fifty's america's first female police captain change the face of forensic science francisco last only made detailed miniature crime scenes to train murder investigators the so-called. credited with helping to convict the guilty clear the innocent and find the truth no to consent of the smithsonian american art museum explains how these book is still in use today. frances cluster lee was born in eight hundred seventy eight and she was the heiress to the international harvester fortune and she spent her whole life with an
5:49 am
interest in medical studies and police investigation and eventually when she was sixty five years of age she began a series of dire amma's called the nut shell studies of unexplained death so named because there was an old police saying to convict the guilty clear the innocent and find the truth in a nutshell she got involved with her local police department she became the first female police captain in the united states and then she began the series of dire amas the sort of curious collection of doll houses with murders in them more or other kinds of mysterious death to help train forensic investigators how to approach a crime scene the nutshell studies are a series of twenty dire amasa one inch to one foot scale france can construct of the dire amas with the help of her carpenter ralph moshe so he would construct a room this little small room and he would create all the furniture she was
5:50 am
obsessive about the detail that she put in these pieces so the dolls are closed all the way down to underwear little tiny cigarettes are rolled with nicotine inside them and stamped out for for authenticity she insisted that even the rocking chair stair carpenter made rock to the same number of times as the original . highly detailed work because she realized that these were being used for training purposes and for anyone to take them seriously they had to be highly accurate she was the godmother of police science even though her name is not well known she's sort of a cult figure among police officers so these forensic dollhouses are actually still used today at the medical examiner's office in baltimore to teach forensic investigators she's taught the first seminar in one nine hundred forty five and they're still used in two thousand and eighteen it's pretty amazing i was time for the sports here's andy. thank you very much while an emotional roger federer
5:51 am
a broke down in tears as he lifted the australian open trophy for six tong federer abates in march it in five sets in melbourne to become the first month to win twenty grand slam titles and a thirty six he doesn't appear to be in any rush to retire alan gleason reports interest record of which of the two of you that work on paper it was always going to be a tough task in the australian open final for marin chits the croatian bathing pool a second grand slam roger federer for his twentieth and six here in melbourne just chill it had been overruled when they played would be wimbledon title last year and seems he might be again as better a right to be i think that in less than thirty minutes i was but the twenty fourteen u.s. open when i regained his composure in the second was and after and nail biting tie break the twenty nine year old had been levelled the contest at one set old. was temperatures what even higher in melbourne man for the women final
5:52 am
twenty four hours previously meaning this match was played under the rod laver arena green that didn't seem to bother the high school federer great game when he needed to take the but set. chile which wasn't going to let him run away with it though winning five games in a row on his way to forcing a decider. was but that's why the resistance came to an end an early break of several better at the start of the fifth and the battle was cool with the thirty six year old securing victory to claim grand slam title number twenty just the fourth player after margaret court serena williams and steffi graf to achieve the feat i am at that many would have thought unthinkable when the swiss took a six month injury layoff at the end of the sixteen i was three slams down twelve. once i can believe in myself all day i was thinking how would i feel if i wanted to
5:53 am
how would i feel if i lost it so close now yet so far and i think it was going through the whole match like this so i've had these moments in the past but maybe never as extreme as tonight so. you know getting to twenty is obviously very very special you know them i love you guys. thank you i thought the motions got the better of better as he lifted the australian open trophy pool i think the time you now level with roy emerson and novak djokovic for mesa wins at the stevens opening grand slam and on this form few would predict against him adding to that tally helen gleason al-jazeera the mixed doubles champions were also crowned on sunday with gabrielle either brought to have a talk of a pizza man about awesome or hump upon in a marathon match it two six six four eleven knowing to win that one it was their first tournament as of. china's legal tongue has won gold stick by does it
5:54 am
classic has former world number one and four time major winner roy narrowly missed out on his first title in seventeen months playing in his second competitive event since october how to shoot later the tenth but this way which shows on the sixteenth hole was handed the northern irishman challenge lee finished an autonomous raechel twenty three and that's a win by a shot from the twenty two year old second european tour title means he'll be the first chinese gopher to break into the world's top fifty i just i just didn't realize i can make part of fifteen i was here which i think i was a turning point you know and especially on eighteen they don't realize well make that one so eight or so was quite a head here and. just just happy. if someone had told me at the start of the year you'd finished there and second your first events i would have said yeah i'll take up but being in the positions i've been in and having to close calls the first
5:55 am
couple of weeks of the year. it's a little difficult and i think i wouldn't your competitor in me is very disappointed right now i want to do when. i always want to win. and i just didn't do enough when i needed to for that kid senior his first league start for barcelona didn't quite go as he might have liked the club's record signing subbed off midwife through the second half of the game against this team trying one male boss or did go in so when to want and they stand a feted in the league this season eleven points clear of second place athletico madrid. manchester city and chelsea both east in surround five the english f.a. cup city to know when is it called for chelsea new castle three know their manager says the club could still bring in new players before the transfer window shuts on wednesday. it's basically in generally the just that most kids know siebel in seattle. but this entire mess. is trying to do. the
5:56 am
best that the best that do or. did with just days to go now and still be twenty eighteen winter olympics in pyongyang preparations have been hotting up it's a world cup of events across europe snowboarding taking center stage in bulgaria with switzerland switzerland nevin and me having the perfect warm up for the upcoming games here in the parallel joint slalom the thirty one year old a silver medalist from the sochi games holding off its edwin karate to win the final women's event was won by reigning parallel solomin to be champion juliet motss of austria her opponents are among the hoffmeister fell in sight of the line will cut leader still of that skate came fifth the first time this season she hasn't won a race she started in. march so her share is looking like the man to beat in the giant slalom the austrian who broke his ankle in the off season claimed the fifty three fifty fifth world cup race win of his career at this event in germany the twenty eight year old leading the world cup standing that is now aiming for
5:57 am
a first olympic title in italy russia china soft was a winner in the seventy grams a cross country event he's one of the russian athlete who's been cleared to compete in pyongyang under a neutral flag finished third in sochi but was later upgraded to gold when his two russian teammates were stripped of their medals cheated dumping. and sebastian r.j. has got the defense of his world rally championship title off to a winning start with victory in the monte carlo rally it was a forty first career race win for the frenchman a lead from start to finish this his fifth straight win in monte carlo he's also aiming for a sixth consecutive world sites all. ok but as always sport for now more lighter. ok let me bring you some more on the breaking news out of afghanistan at the. hakka is underway at a military academy in the capital of kabul security sources say a number of gunmen have taken positions inside the compound afghan special forces
5:58 am
are on the scene gunfire and sons of rocket propelled grenades have been heard coming from inside the marshall fucking military academy a number of cutouts of believed to be inside the compound there have been three attacks already in afghanistan in the last week elizabeth anonymous going to be here with more on that story in a couple of minutes so bye for now. which
5:59 am
is never going to disrespect. but nothing can stop them in their trucks chasing the american dream escaping poverty but the legal route is their only option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble braving tough conditions gambling with the law will put their lives in danger just to hurt them in risking it all the destroyed when al-jazeera.
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