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and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. zero. i mean this is different whether someone is going for someone who's very rich it does matter we need truth i think it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can just by story and try out. forced out of me and mar our hundred girls from falling prey to human traffickers to have an exclusive report on the refugee camp in bangladesh. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russia holds
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its own version of syrian peace talks but the main opposition groups are not attending. sponsibility for an attack on a military compound in kabul to say after a taliban suicide bombing killed more than one hundred people last. using from strong storage. building bridges to using the bombers harmonize relations between cuba and the united states. human rights groups are warning that for hanjour refugees are being increasingly targeted by human traffickers the camps in bangladesh say the problem has been made worse by the influx of refugees fleeing me and maher more than six hundred fifty thousand people have left since the military crackdown began in a kind state in august angle dash is hosting about a million refugees and its camps many of them in dire conditions in warns that in the chaos trafficking is often overlooked as other other urgent needs like food and
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shelter come first and the u.n. says refugees are often exploited and recruited with false offers of paid work or get along refugee camp in southern bangladesh charles strafford has this exclusive report. she growing. she asks me when we talk oh mother what shall i do now how can i come back to you how will you get me out of india to be with you again my own accounts of them says her daughter yasmeen was thirteen years old when she was snatched by a man in the refugee camp and smuggled to india. was three years ago no iona and he has mean fled the military crackdown in myanmar in two thousand and twelve by on a says the traffic was arrested in india and yasmin was rescued her daughter is living at a safe house for other trafficking victims in kolkata meon maastricht the written
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jury of citizenship in one thousand nine hundred to be dinoire or yes mean have passports so they cannot be reunited my own a says every month she saves a little money to chat to the adults for a few minutes on the phone. only gold knows the pain i experience every day she says i don't have money to go to india my daughter warns me will to try and cross into india without a passport. my own story is built on common in the ricky refugee camps rights groups say that trafficking gangs have thrived in the range of refugee camps here in bangladesh for years but the recent arrival of more than six hundred fifty thousand new refugees means the situation is getting even worse now we met a trafficker and he told us that men come from outside the camps they pay range of families for their daughters promising them work for the girls often never seen
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again. we sit by the road and the men come to us the man tells me they also because if we can get the helpless type of people families are ready to provide girls because they don't have enough food. the man says men often specifically want girls of a certain age he says they pay the families around five thousand talking about sixty dollars for each go. to the men for the girls around twelve to fourteen years old he says they tell me they have difficulty with their domestic work at their homes they say they need someone to cook for them and the man tells me he has stopped providing the men with girls now and only trafficked a few young women. when the parents come to find me that i have to highlight he explains they want information all that delicious but i have no information. the un's refugee agency is trying to help loyola be reunited with her daughter but
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he says only the band with danish all sorts he's to make a decision. leona says yes mean never met her father because he died before she was pulled she's afraid she herself made it without ever seeing us meet again. i want nothing more. she says it would be so kind if you get my daughter back against mean he's at peace with. zero refugee camp with. the spokesman for unicef and joins us now from. and we appreciate your time very much. how are you able to get to get the numbers to really know how many women and girls that we're talking about particularly when it these are people that largely don't have papers and don't have documentation. it's extremely difficult to as people are still moving
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within the camps and changing locations but to prevent this situation of seeking we are all with the uni says we've all of those established one hundred and sixty eight community based child protection. action committees formed we've community leaders and. then to twenty need to inform and to prevent the families of these kind of actions and as a player we have over thirty thousand. dollars since clubs we have five. and there. is some basic the live skin space education so i just i've skied space indication is helping them to understand all these issues of trafficking or violence and it was when mentioned in. the floor.
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parents and include with the genes the luck of safe we lions. so we've the department of social service to go on the bangladesh we are starting now. on nine thousand of the most renewable families so that they don't have to give their daughters like they know. each to lose hope. you know they are many people events of measures that we have to deal with and they just a little ok so let's talk about it on on the other ike the other side obviously prevention is the goal that is the key but when this does happen to ted girls what recourse do these families have to get their or their children back yes we we are working to get we have eyes years she international. person
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that a person who do family reunification family contacts so this is one thing the second scene is that we have established leave. bangladeshi police child friendly desk in cox's bus are so that can address all d.c. shoes but for sure in this in this school. it's on for sedan. in bangladesh so they still a lot of capacity building that is required because the bank that the sheeple used for the bangladeshi department of social service down leaving with unicef thank you very much thank you very much. the latest round of russia led talks on syria's future is set to begin later on monday the meeting is backed by turkey and iran and will be attended by un special envoy for syria but main syrian opposition groups are not going.
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and the syrian government to stop bombing parts of it live airstrikes have killed thirteen civilians including women and children in just the past twenty four hours oppositions accusing the government and its allies of using banned weapons like cluster bombs and napalm on civilians the kurds are also boycotting the sochi meeting they are the focus of the turkish military operation in northern syria anchor of use there the groups there fighting the fighting groups rather as terrorists at least fifty one civilians including seventeen children have been killed in fighting near efraim stephanie checker joins us now from kilis on the turkey syria border so there's a lot to cover staff let's start with the operation in a frame what's the latest there that we know. well it's relatively quiet were in the same location as yesterday behind us i'll just get to
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show you where that intensive fighting was going on yesterday you can see the mountain you could probably see that white wall that so the wall turkey built with syria a lot of airstrikes there yesterday were shell artillery rocket fire going out from here to those locations we have seen some jets in the sky today we've heard some explosions in the distance but it's nothing as intense as it was yesterday what turkey is trying to do at the moment is to push the wipe away from its borders in that province but of course that has a toll there's been relentless shelling in some areas airstrikes of course and we do know civilians are being affected turkey says it's not targeting civilians it's only targeting white positions but is always the case with war michele it is there are no clear lines so that is a really desperate situation for people inside sources we've spoken to will say that people are trying to flee the border areas closer into the city of. the operation hasn't reached there yet from what we understand certainly all the sort
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of intensity that we've been witnessing along these border areas at the moment but today relatively quiet for now let's talk about it live it has not been quiet in the past twenty four hours been particularly tough on civilians what's the latest from there. well it live province is you could say the last sort of large rebel held province inside syria it is run by a group called. group its backbone is formed by a group formerly known as the so even though it is part of a deescalation zone that was agreed by russia turkey and iran there are still there's an active campaign in the last two months or so escalated airstrikes in that area so you've seen today again airstrike killed. i think ten civilians and then you've had another airstrike in total thirteen civilians killed we can hear more airstrikes now going on in the distance behind us but certainly
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when it comes to it's complicated let's put it this way russia and damascus have started that campaign turkey has some forces inside initially turkey wasn't happy about that will tell you why did russia allow turkey to carry out this offensive on because it wants to continue clearing of what it calls terrorists it is so complicated but certainly it does show you that it's the international actors that really do call the shots in this conflict stephanie decker live on the turkey syria border stephanie thank you. that was behind an attack on a military academy in afghanistan's capital kabul two soldiers died and ten others were wounded in the gun battle near the. national defense university for attackers were killed one has been arrested for the same site was the target of a suicide bombing in october in which fifteen officers were killed and this comes two days after a suicide bombing also in kabul killed at least one hundred three people afghans
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are blaming the government for failing to improve security bill for hammie as a lecturer in international trade university the recent wave of attacks by the taliban show it's trying to prove its strength. we have been accustomed to. that in the winter we see less attacks by the taliban and their allies basically the main county group based in pakistan and on several occasions they use this branch of. ice as in afghanistan we have seen less attacks in the winter but more attacks in this string and some not but in this winter and also a couple of winters in the past two years we have seen that the taliban and its allies have maintained that level of attacks and they have increased of it oh. and so much i think this comes. as a response to the aggressive strategy fall it by the government of going to start
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and also by. a response to the us that sanctioned six members of taliban and. how can a group. this is a response they are attacking in every way that they are trying to show that they can attack civilians they can attack military institutions they can attack the capital all the provinces. still ahead on al-jazeera. is tracking map is causing security concerns for the u.s. military. and african leaders try to block over a controversial dam project. still ahead on al-jazeera is tracking map is causing security concerns for the u.s. military. and african leaders try to end months of deadlock over a controversial dam project.
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from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello and welcome to international forecast now we have a north split so far as the weather is concerned across much of europe sitting on an area of high pressure across many central and southern parts here the weather is looking drive further towards north of frontal systems pushing in giving also got this snow trough of low pressure which has been responsible some very severe weather across parts of southeastern europe the shots come from mali going see that palm tree has been routed by some pretty violent winds the weather conditions here now settling down further north we look at fine conditions the most part across these areas but then across more northern areas that's where the rain is and we're going to see on this forward to this frontal system some heavy snowfall developing across more eastern parts here of these two parts ukraine into western russia but
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you come south was looking fine that often sunshine and seventeen degrees the mediterranean a snare is not looking too bad further towards the west the trough is still giving the risk of some snow up over the atlas mountains and certainly quite strong winds are likely here system lifted dust is possible as we head turn into central parts of africa is looking fine in many areas sunshine for lagos nigeria looking draw a bright more southern areas still some showers like the perfect in the eastern cape at times but for cape town try and find highs of twenty three. the weather sponsored by cats on race. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding the distortions and of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish it beat up a jew cheat to be offensive will provoke it to a lot of it as people do stretching the stage for
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a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now rights groups are warning that right hand to refugees particularly girls are being increasingly targeted by human traffickers at camps and bangladesh more than six hundred fifty thousand people have left me in march sense a military crackdown began in august. says it's behind an attack on a military academy in the afghan capital that's killed two soldiers four of the attackers were killed in the fight and the other has been arrested. russia is holding its version of political talks on syria's future and one of the key backers
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of syrian president bashar al assad the main opposition groups and the kurds are not attending the talks in sochi. yemen's prime minister is accusing separatists backed by the united arab emirates of an attempted coup fighters have taken over the government's headquarters in the port city of aden at least ten people have been killed and one hundred others have been wounded in battles between southern secessionists and yemen's government you are going to there is no difference between the these and anyone else rebels against a legitimate government no matter. if he's not with the legitimate government then he's ripped balin against it and considered an enemy to the entire country. sudan egypt in ethiopia to meet on the sidelines of the african union over a controversial dam project trying to find a solution after months of deadlock over the great ethiopian renaissance dam. reports from addis ababa. it clouds of uncertainty hangs over the african union's
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annual gathering in addis ababa. a dispute between some of its members over the dam it is building on the nile threatens to undermine the unity of the pan african organization the african union is extremely encouraged by is that the different countries are meeting direct directly and bilaterally to try and sort out bed differences for this for the situation to be dealt with in an amicable and in a direct manner between the states involved and that is encouraging for the african union but recent developments on the ground appear to suggest otherwise egyptian president of the. perceived real action has expressed concerns over the megaproject known as the great if the european. saying it will disrupt the flow of water to his country but at the dam is crucial for it which is eager to become the largest
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producer of hydroelectric energy in africa and whose population often struggles with a lack of electricity. if g.o.p. or egypt and sudan initially agreed on solving the dispute through dialogue but sudan and egypt are now facing another crisis they each claim rights over the so-called how live triangle on the red sea coast between the two countries a stance in escalated recently recalled its ambassador to cairo and shut down its borders with eritrea sudanese authorities accuse the arrest trillions of colluding with the edge of chance to destabilize their country. in a move that is likely to further complicate matters egypt wants sudan out of any future talks about the damn united nations chief and turn your good terrorists expressed hopes that countries sharing the nile can agree on
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a mechanism to manage water distribution we believe that. every problem can be solved based on dialogue mutual understanding technical analysis and teach economics and cooperation and i hope it will be the same when i was prime minister of portugal we signed the works of agreement with spain that even today use conceded to be a landmark but for what's happening in the nile basin area what seems to undermine the chances of finding a common ground officials here the air you hope differences between egypt and it will be resolved soon if not this is an issue many worry could lead to a mr confrontation but i'll just. as if an authority is have extended the detention of al-jazeera journalists to saying for the eleventh time he's been held for an extra forty five days without trial it's been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt the sense of history broadcasting
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false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny after people they complained of mistreatment while in prison. the president has won a landslide victory in the general election sally nice to secure it another six year term more than sixty percent of the vote his main rival to just twelve percent president is credited with balancing a delicate relationship with nato without antagonizing neighboring russia. and then our active map that tracks the location of people using fitness devices like that has raised concerns about security at u.s. military bases around the world the pentagon is concerned that soldiers using these devices may be accidentally revealing top secret military locations. reports. well fitness tracking devices have become very popular around the world in fact about twenty seven million people globally have these things including people in the u.s. military well it's starting to become a concern now for the u.s.
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military because this global heat map that went online last fall let's anybody go onto the internet and see where people that have these tracking devices are located and if you look at this map you see it places like the united states in north america and in europe are lit up because a lot of people in those areas of course have them but also now you can see areas where potentially u.s. military personnel have them the pentagon a few years ago gave out about twenty five hundred of these devices to some personnel in an effort to fight obesity so now there is concern that people can go onto this map and they can zoom in and they can see places where a military personnel are active places like the c. hill region of africa and an area south of mosul in iraq now the pentagon is taking a look at this it issued a statement late this evening thing that the d.o.d. is taking this very seriously it's reviewing the situation to see if training and
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policy should be developed in order to keep personnel safe so this device that was given out to the military in an effort to keep them fit now could potentially be a security risk for relations between the u.s. and cuba have to tear at it since donald trump took office limits on trade and made it harder for americans to visit the island but some musicians and artists are determined to show the. two countries can't get along on a reports from havana. sharing a stage comes naturally to these cuban and us musicians he was best known pianist this playing alongside american jazz legend. the saxophone player is among the u.s. artists who headline this years have been a jazz festival. musicians turned cultural ambassadors at a time of renewed hostilities between their governments it's now more important
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than ever music is a common language connects this two countries again the politics of the politics but the art form is a common language and that will help strengthen perhaps some of the other areas of the broader international relationship and that relationship has deteriorated significantly since its high point two years ago today the state department is actively advising americans to stay away from cuba but not all of them are listening even under tighter travel restrictions reimposed by the trumpet ministration and then president of number of americans visited and performed at this year's just festival here and have an hour and when asked why they're here they generally gave the same basic answer music trumps tropfest far as i'm concerned. this cuban pianist couldn't agree more playing for a tour of american jazz lovers had respect check all things musical overtures can have just as much power as diplomatic. as with cuban music and
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culture is an explosion it's fire and that is what we transmit to the audiences beyond all the problems that exist i try to express what i am not as a musician but as a culture. and the cultural efforts extend beyond music this statue of cuban independence year a whole similarity was a gift for new york's bronx to see all of the art. to the people of cuba veiling attended by architects and other artists from both countries hope to do more of the start of other joint projects it's always been the artists and their cultural organizations that have really kept the conversation going they were responsible for initiating the conversation in the doors for relationship building greater connections between cuba and the united states role castro attended the inaugural ceremony in what is expected to be one of his last public events as cuban president perhaps not of support to those trying to get the relationship with the u.s.
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back on track. al-jazeera have on. the south african city of cape town is facing its worst water crisis and a century and protesters say the government is to blame the taps are expected to run dry on april twelfth reservoirs have not been filled for more than three years because there hasn't been enough rain the city is limiting each household to fifty liters of water a day so prevalent to one full bath water minister is urging everyone to cut back their water use. it is therefore important is that only use us believe the plot introducing want to consumption the agricultural sector has made a commitment to make sure that the explosion even of a to have solutions as advised by some of the institutions of higher learning c s i as well as the would tell me what to do such commission so that to then that is
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that the patient to the realities of climate change. japan's financial regulator is to impose an administrative punishment on the cryptocurrency operator quinn check in response to major theft on friday hackers stole about five hundred thirty four million dollars worth of any crypto currency coins from the tokyo based firm to honor sixty thousand people were affected as promising to pay back ninety percent of the last point japan's financial services agency has warned virtual currency exchanges of further cyber attacks and urged them to step up security. in the one nine hundred forty s. and fifty's america's first female police captain changed the face of forensic science francis closed only a detailed miniature crime scenes to train murder investigators. are credited with helping convict the guilty clear the innocent and find the truth rack and send in the smithsonian american art museum explains how lee's work is still used today.
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francis cluster lee was born in eight hundred seventy eight and she was the heiress to the international harvester fortune and she spent her whole life with an interest in medical studies and police investigation and eventually when she was sixty five years of age she began a series of dire amma's called the nut shell studies of unexplained death so named because there was an old police saying to convict the guilty clear the innocent and find the truth in a nutshell she got involved with her local police department she became the first female police captain in the united states and then she began the series of dire amas the sort of curious collection of doll houses with murders in them more or other kinds of mysterious death to help train forensic investigators how to approach a crime scene the nutshell studies are a series of twenty dire amasa one inch to one foot scale france can construct of the dire amas with the help of her carpenter ralph moshe so he would construct
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a room this little small room and he would create all the furniture she was obsessive about the detail that she put in these pieces so the dolls are closed all the way down to underwear little tiny cigarettes are rolled with nicotine inside them and stamped out for for authenticity she insisted that even the rocking chair stair carpenter made rock to the same number of times as the original . highly detailed work because she realized that these were being used for training purposes and for anyone to take them seriously they had to be highly accurate she was the godmother of police science even though her name is not well known she's sort of a cult figure among police officers so these forensic dollhouses are actually still used today at the medical examiner's office in baltimore to teach forensic investigators she's taught the first seminar in one nine hundred forty five and they're still used in two thousand and eighteen it's pretty amazing.
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these are your headlines on al-jazeera rights groups are warning that rohingya refugees particularly girls are being increasingly targeted by human traffickers in camps and then more than six hundred fifty thousand people have left me and maurice and some military crackdown began in august i still says is behind an attack on a military academy in the afghan capital that's killed five soldiers. were killed in the fight happened just two days after a suicide bombing which killed at least one hundred three people russia is holding its first in a political talks on syria's future it's want to keep backers of syrian president bashar al assad the main opposition groups and the kurds are not attending the talks in sochi the kurds are facing a turkish military offensive in syria's northwest and at least fifty one civilians have been killed in the fighting stephanie decker's at the turkey syria border with more. we are getting reports about the situation for civilians inside particularly
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around these border areas that have been civilian casualties turkey says it's not targeting civilians but of course as we know when it comes to war the truth is somewhere in between when it comes to there's no clear lines there will always be civilian lives ripped apart so very difficult for people there the city of often itself we understand from our sources has not been targeted yet and there are a lot of people trying to seek shelter there yemen's prime minister is accusing separatists backed by the united arab emirates of an attempted coup the ministry of interior says it's now in control of the port city of a day after fighters took over the government's have orders there at least twelve people were killed and one hundred others wounded in battles between the government and southern secessionists. the south african city of cape town is facing its worst water crisis in a century and protesters say the government is to blame the taps are expected to run dry on april twelfth reservoirs have not been filled for more than three years
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because there just hasn't been enough rain so now the city is limiting each household to fifty liters of water a day that's the equivalent of about one full bath and the water minister is urging everyone to just cut back on their water use. those are the headlines and news continues on al-jazeera up front is next and more news keep it are. facing the realities growing up going to do you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the mean maher government calls you a gringo lead terrorist hear their story on to al-jazeera at this time. some say the hostile to campaign is too white and too privileged so how is a movement to call out a sexual assault being received outside of the west and up front special.


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