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tv   Nadezhda Kutepova  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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african union summit in ad is not over sudan's foreign minister has told us they've agreed on a mechanism to reconcile their differences i can tell you that for now the dispute is over and i hope that this would not be a temporary reserve lucian. the two presidents and if those who don't merit the president's met also with the prime minister individually and then today via love to the meeting was held issues were discussed in a very sour spirit and for our commander and the city president to agree to a vis the issue of the. thousands of you need workers from the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees or protesting garza against planned budget cuts this follows the u.s. decision to cut billions of dollars worth of funding to the aid agency. and floodwaters in paris have reached their peak but towns downstream along the river
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seine are bracing for a possible breach weeks of heavy rain saw the same as a maximum level of five point eight four meters in the capital the water is now threatening to flood more towns west of paris towards normandy and the english channel do stay with us here talk to al-jazeera is next. on counting the cost the problem with us every good the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but who moves are afoot to open up and travel across the african continent plus the link between say food forced labor in thailand counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. you can rule. out. the my act plants in the southern europe birthplace of the soviet union's nuclear weapons program. today it reprocess the spent nuclear fuel but fifty years ago
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my ex suffered what's thought to be the world's third worst nuclear accident that was covered up until the one nine hundred eighty s. vast areas of land were contaminated including. a city built for my x. workers and super secret it was left off maps. activists nadezhda could tip over his father and grandmother died of cancer as did many others she campaigned for the truth about the contamination and compensation for residents but fled to paris after she was accused of being a traitor so what's life like in a so called closed city why do people still live in a circus and what dangers remain we find out in the desert that could tip over talks to al jazeera. nadezhda could oppose the thanks so much for talking to al-jazeera growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city. and maybe i understood it when i was.
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school go on the river travelling visit a group of schoolchildren in the prime there came in the south and we were prevented by the leader of our group that if somebody arrived and asked us where you fall more we should tell it to be a from chill out bills and then the other was wanted to ration airport one woman came and she asked me all kids where you go in you travel and we say yes and she asked us where you're from and they say we are from chile obviously we're ready for this and she told oh i'm also from she levels from which school you are and you know that i remember this terrible feeling of fear that our teacher prevented other spices around what i should tell if i feel something wrong i will be arrested and in this moment maybe i began to think that sound feeling special in our place but i
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did not know what exactly because even school we rolled the letters about where you fall where where your parents are working i always knew that my mother she's a doctor and my father is the engineer but the question was you are do what your father is doing during your job i ask it and he told me i make it pay powerful candies and did he ever tell you what he was really doing and rally t. he was working in the representation plant. which we name him on asa like you plan to congress thirty five i have never looked at this he me about his job because he died when i was twelve and he was ill by very serious cancer cancer from. eighty three eighty five.
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in this moment of course i have never new sound i have never known south in. the job. of course i hear it something from my mother like a radiation song from the influence but i did not pay attention for this well for decades the outside world mostly didn't know what happened in my act back in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven the explosion that occurred tell us about what actually happened and what effect that did have on the local population the local environment my yard was built like answer for the american nuclear bombs to produce the plutonium for soviet bomb and when they began to produce plutonium they produced many types of nuclear waste and they dampened these nuclear waste high level nuclear waste inside the river which is situated there it's a cherry where they did during three years finally they understood that it's very dangerous because population became to be dyed to became to have make
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a mirror and began to gave a bit of children's with the defects and they stopped and they began to keep high level nuclear waste in underground towns and exactly this underground towns exploded twenty nine september nineteenth fifty seven trained don't curie exploded atmospheric and the area twenty four thousand square kilometers will continue natives are there explosion was a big but at the same moment people who were working in the results go in this more when they did nothing that something serious happened because it was a filthy us and there were many explosions for soil to organize underground space for reactors. a people in the villages which received
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rated iran dissolved they were not informed they knew that something secret the bill that they were created and the villages were destroyed we lost twenty five villages after this accident situation and the area like i already told twenty three thousand square kilometers will contaminate it by the genuine date us today that two hundred seventy two thousand people are dated after this accident. what convinced you that the accident and the plant were actually killing people living in the local area because officially there's been no study there are no real figures about the numbers of people who've died in the surrounding areas compared to other parts of russia have that now of course after exit in this situation was a terrible and they must of people there have a radiation disease which arrived to meet the after quantum in a shell and it was visible it was not like
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a long time effect it was an immediate effect so all the scientists who and the doctors who are working in this moment they saw this consequences for this reason they took a decision to ever create people from this than zero zone after this situation there are created institutes of each which began to study health of population this institute is situated and should our bills and another institute which studies their health of population offers also is situated in the results from this more when they began to make their scientifical start it off course if we headed down draws if they didn't they have never organized it because your own father died of cancer but even on his death difficult they didn't use that word did they know in the soviet time all information about the accident her secret even people who were working in the plant in this moment like liquidators they signed
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special paper to keep it secret so why then do you think so many people through the decades have decided to stay in school keeps the bag given that they must know the health risks of being in that area you know the people of close that city it is a special civilization maybe we can tell sol because the clause that city they were built in the empty place. in the forest and the people who built it they specially brought for create this city create this production and they keep secret keep ideology and grow all the new generation to continue their job to defend our motherland and people in had a very high standard of quality of life didn't they they had good education good health care good food yeah you're on soviet try we were like your state inside
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the state we always were on the leadership of the moscow. group the. quality of life and it was a big contradiction with the people who believe in iran and on the quantum unaided area because they are they were really poor become the major in the closet seats it's like air like a bottle of glass reason roof and where is the picture around so people who are inside they see that picture which is their own and the government just open the open the this bottle and give you their food and then closed so we are a little bit is a late society and even then the information about all can diminish and we all pound it was ninety. eight nine hundred eighty nine
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in this small amount. this special propaganda right for us for people calls a city like air of course of the real some accident but it was not so terrible like the people around asked try to imagine and of course they're evil but they are evil because they made a marriage between their family inside the families because a close relative so they were blaming inbreeding and people having alcohol problems that's why i said yeah exactly you set up an organization to try to help people living in. how do people respond to you and what were you trying to do to help them i was in the conference environment conference in one thousand nine hundred nine and the process and from the environmental department of our new cliff city made the report for me it was like a shoulder because he told the proof and he was official from our city and he was telling them about quantum in nation after teacher dumping and he told about
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contamination off the xor them and also he was talking about current contamination because there is a current can diminish and i was shocked and i write and ask you why you did not tell why you doesn't delve is the story in our city he told me nobody in our closed city does need this information people prefer do not know and in this moment you know that it was like a milestone for me all the possible make right place in my head and i have this i have decided to create enjoy and defend the people in two thousand three nights at human rights public department and we began to go quite a professional n.g.o.s to defend rights of people who suffered from my accidents and for people who live in the closet city of russia but there were attempts to effectively silence you to intimidate you to believe you tell us what happened for
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. first moment. my yok try to control us for example our first program which was the defense of pregnant women rights on the public relations arrived to. check on us is a retail something for pregnant women the baltics in the ninety five to seven it was like a little bit paranoia of all their ammo and to five thousand for the fees be they forbidden our fills the home so so logical research because it was my dream to make a sociological research of mentality of people of close a city into falzon eight it was a tory. intimidation for on pavement taxes they announce that our charitable money it's profitable we should pay taxes for this money and it was a long time prot says to hear us we visit all fees be people took in their god two
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children god and visit visit of somebody for my maternal to clean you can i go there they arrested all we called but finally we were wrong in the court and we were checked many times but this last story is a record nation asked like you for rain the agent ensure we didn't survive it. i think that beginning of last story if this is a case it's much more terrible case for me because i identified the diff of six old go a little village horrible car which was born in two thousand and five which died in two thousand and eleven from the cancer off liver and this cancer will officially connected with the influence of radiation on hugh grant market and it was a situation very cynical because grandmother who was liquidator she's
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a life for the market is a life and the little girl died and i tried to receive the compensation of unpicking era damage for mom and we applied to visit application in local court but we were rejected and called to told us that in ninety fifty seven there was not legislation about unpick you need them and and so today this mother can't to receive this compensation and it was very loud in our region and many many people called me and exactly this story was the base for the recognition asked all i care for a new agent because the court and also that it was political activity to criticize the judgment of local court to to try to change policy over russian federation in direction of victim of my yako then the. original t.v. show on the feel my new clear heart of russia the head of. that
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major of our city who was the head of local fees be told that i destroyed to nuclear shills of russia tried to create carlson nuclear calls the city calls a director for me it was from one side it was little bits finally because i knew that i didn't do it but at the same moment it was a really serious accusation and when my. the duration of human rights advised me to leave i did it because you know that activity again the. security of russian federation it's a crime a state reason. and. punishment it's to mean two years of prison so you came to paris with your children how difficult was it for you to leave russia to leave us i had
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a true feelings filled feeling was i felt myself like a traitor of people because you know all that many people in region they connected was new their hopes on justice even in any cases we did not receive the results sometimes the fight for your rights it's also results like a fight for justice against justice and this a moment i feel myself. i lost the roots i feel that i was absolutely. outside a situation. like i lost the connection because my people. it was a really difficult even when i arrived in paris i refused to ask a political refugee during three months because i rolled many placation to russian prosecutor to. face be about that why
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the channel for russia. russia twenty four accused my organisation in the spear nash do you have the evidence of all these do you can you give me some feeling which prove it and i hope maybe if i receive the good answer i can beg for me of course that paris was not paris like for people arrived here for another goals for me towards the city or for example my act now is used to reprocess nuclear waste not just from russia though from other countries including i think norway and germany. do you think that mark is capable of handling the amount of waste that is being sent now and is it being planned to be sent there in the future i think that my arc is not comparable to reprocess nuclear waste because
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our reports say so of nuclear waste is a very complicated technology and like a final point my yard crecy of the many many. types of nuclear waste it's a high level nuclear waste middle level nuclear waste and low level nuclear waste and until today my yacht continue to dump a different type of waste in different nature will resume watts reach just to change this state use yesterday it was a natural lake today it's a technical reason wars but it just pay park who changes state years and the problem is today that my yard count to hard to buy this and then you can always continue to dump to go to the open ri where around to beach we have four villages because of population five thousand people one of those recent
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incidents there were reports of a radioactive cloud went there floating over europe russia denied that it had indeed come from that particular area around us ask around nyack what do you believe i suppose that it could be over in the off vitrification of reprocessing plants what they're making this all into the mix the glass these a nuclear high level nuclear waste. you don't understand what this happened exactly that you just know the truth then you should be keeping this came nearer and also there is a field which normally should take they must to change a trigger and maybe soften happened in this. if we analyze the story of all my accidents from nine forty nine into two thousand and seven. this accidents will never recognize it by my jacket
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it's always the society or press them or prosecutor i think in this situation they will be continue to know because my yard it's not only local enterprises it's a part of the global process to receive. markets of nuclear waste and now in the region and even a level of. contrary they tell about the who are from our call corps and from our name enemies organize and these process because. you know it's always much more easy try to find any me. instead told me to yourself guilty should countries that send their nuclear waste to mock should they bear some responsibility for what happens to it then because of
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course russia's been paid a lot of money to take this waste and reprocess it mine my acc. i'm not sure that the russian takes money i think the nuclear departments restart them takes money. i think that foreign companies should not send their nuclear waste in russia in my yucca exactly first of all because the area really quantum in nature there and the population suffered continue to suffer today and i think there is a sound feel like a game with. the commands she gives for my yok right to make or a process because usually when the my jack want to receive a contract with different contrie is the norm that you know that the situation is really guta. we stopped down nuclear waste in the nature of the
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reserve walls and the teacher river and we improved the and improve this situation but like a person who a lawyer or people who still sofie i can construct a that it's not true of for example if you go to their fishel site of my yoke you can see the official report that my dad stopped to dump nuclear waste in the end of sixteen years but why they did not publish the judgment of chalabi court that the former director of my yuck. accused the in continue nation of teacher eve or into falzon sicced it's a prosecutor who made the expertize and who can state that in two thousand and five my ag dampens sixty tons of nuclear waste inside the teacher river and the water in
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teacher river was a real uclear waste and the population continued to leave their they don't want to publish that information and i think when they receive the documents to. have a capacity to make this international contract they wire and there is no outside international jurisdiction is there of what happens at my ak is there anybody monitoring what takes place there. you know that before the situation this will thing you know i really believe that somebody's off outside like international agency of the mccann's you. control the situation but now i see no now i think no because you know that i am in this direction during twenty years and i had no any contact with a person of international edge and see and even for example we had
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a meeting during corman conference for example during climate change conference and i tried to make it a question about this always still or not not my yup it's a military problem of past even no i. believe in two years in france and i have a possibility to click on talk of these people in the national level and i sound some letters for some people in the national engines i receive this conduct and know any ounce of i don't know maybe they're afraid me. so how worried are you that they could be another serious accident at my ak. you know every every day when i go to sleep i think about my yard my dear god save my yard because part of it creeps are really all the and also on the commercial interests is much more higher than the interest of nuclear safety and you can
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a security i think can leave office and you nuclear accident and a final thought do you still hope to return home do you want to go back to russia would you ever go back to. yes i would like to become russia i would like to back in my city in my region because first of all i would like to be connected to the local people i sure see the situation by my own eyes and also i would like to continue my job to defense people to the law and. i miss my your role i miss my. evades and you can to help and they should propose a thank you it took time to say thank you to the family. it
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was oriol upon which modern day venezuela was established. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the lesson i'm cursed with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today. the big picture of the battle for venezuela coming soon on al jazeera. cut. the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good citizen freedom of the challenge is going to be something new for men and women for the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is
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that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth news has never been more enviable but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera and died from studio three a team here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha on sunday back to both welcome to the news great new talks on
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syria's future this time it's a russian's almost.


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