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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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makes cam records be broken al-jazeera will bring you the latest from pyong china the big picture examines the present day crisis in venezuela by exploring the divisions rooted in its past senior officials will meet to discuss the biggest security challenges facing. will be nine from the munich security conference partition borders of blood looks at the troubled legacy of the events that shaped the indian subcontinent and in a series of special reports we look at new trade and travel routes which are opening up the. february on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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but i'm adrian for the good and this is the news i'll live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes women and children among the dead after syrian warplanes target a market at a hospital in a rebel held province. saints in the president wasn't part of this is making process often essential target of the president the f.b.i. as deputy director steps down from his post ahead of his planned retirement. colombia suspends peace talks with the rebels after a series of bomb attacks plus. i'm shihab rattansi in the moment valley in pennsylvania was some of the u.s. his first steel mills were established one year all new voters here feel donald trump has lived up to its promise to make american industry great again. syrian warplanes have launched an offensive on the rebel held province and killing
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at least twenty people women and children are among the dead monitors say the jets targeted the markets and then a hospital treating people wounded in an earlier strike meanwhile russia is hosting a new round of talks in sochi aimed at ending the war the un is there but the main syrian opposition group says that it's boycotting the negotiations until president bashar assad's forces and their russian allies stop the violence the kurds who control almost twenty percent of syrian territory are also not attending there the focus of a turkish military operation in a free in northern syria ankara says the kurdish fighters are terrorists al jazeera stephanie decker reports now from the town of killis on the turkey syria border there's just been incoming from syria into turkey we were actually preparing for a live when we heard a whiz over our heads. and then we saw the smoke landing around five hundred meters from our position when the police
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have now come to inspect the crater this is a reminder of course that this is an active conflict and there are consequences for these border towns these border cities cholas has had rockets and shells land here before also the honey on the other side of the border but people that residents that we've spoken to here will tell you that they are concerned they're used to it because i saw was here just a couple of years ago along the border and there was this kind of tense situation as well but one gentleman we spoke to yesterday said he was worried and he was already wife and children away you could see people are tense and they want us to move on. or a challenge has more now from such a with the latest round of talks on syria taking place. well the news earlier on monday the another group of opposition figures was going to be staying away from sochi really exposes i think the shortcomings of this congress russia has tried to make this as inclusive as possible inviting people and groups from across the
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syrian cultural religious and political spectrum so the robot is here there are these there are sunnis and shias allo whites and various different political platforms including the moscow platform the rest on a platform but there are a few notable exceptions now those are the s.n.c. the syrian negotiation committee which has said that it will stay away from sochi believing that this is undermining the geneva process the kurdish groups such as the y. p.g. then not here either they are considered persona non grata by turkey and of essentially being shut out i don't think they want to come anyway because of what's going on in africa and so this all basically steers towards the moscow and damascus perspective on the syrian conflict the upshot of this congress is likely to be the endorsement of the new what they're calling
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a constitutional committee made up supposedly all of the syrian government on one side and opposition representatives on the other but if the main groups of the opposition are not here then this allows damascus to essentially say that the opposition groups boycotting sochi boycotting this process are saboteurs of peace the big question of course is where the u.n. stands on the of this and whether stefan de mistura will approve of these measures and allow this to filter in to the geneva process the russians believe that he is on board rafters wait to see whether the u.s. that suggest that is confirmed or not. in colombia peace talks with rebels have been called off after a series of bombings at the weekend president juan manuel santos has blamed marxist rebels for the attack on police stations in three cities the breakdown of the year
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long dialogue comes eighteen months of the president secured a deal with colombia's much larger sock guerilla group as a result asunder and i'm p.f.c. reports from bogota the decision by president santos to suspend the talks became inevitable after this latest string of attacks in particularly the bombing of a police station in a major city vote and the coastal city of about and yet is seen as the last straw for the government of a situation that has been the carrier eighteenth in the end of what had been a very successful feast fire between the government and this rebel group in the last three months of two thousand and seventeen but then the year land started a new offensive in different parts of the country and this latest string of attacks has really left the samples with no option but deciding to suspend the talks these and there are a lot of pressure also by opposition politician conservative politicians here in
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the country who are asking him and to the talks with the yellin for good in a statement the rebels group i think that they hope that the talks can restart and said they favor a new cease fire but the act will continue and less than useless prior brokered to which. in turn will make even more difficult for the talks to start again. the f.b.i.'s deputy director has resigned weeks before his official retirement date the us president has repeatedly criticized andrew mccabe for political bias donald trump accuses him of favoring his rival hillary clinton during the twenty sixteen presidential race mccabe's resignation comes a week after u.s. media reported that the president wanted him gone the white house has denied having any involvement with mccabe stepping down let's go live to washington we've seen numerous ports as all of you have and any specifics i can tell you none of this
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decision was made by that of the white house any specifics i would refer you to the f.b.i. president wasn't part of this if the washington out as a result of fisher is that and why did mccabe step down early was it his decision or was he pushed. well according to the new york times which has been reporting in the last hour or so there was an inspector general's report that went across christopher reeve's desk he is the director of the f.b.i. at that point he approached andrew mccabe and said look i think you should step aside move into another role under mccabe saw that as the demotion wasn't prepared to accept that so has essentially gone on leave until his retirement kicks in at the beginning of march so for the next six weeks he will not be at the f.b.i. headquarters clearly that was a significant moment because just in the last few weeks there were reports that christopher really came under pressure from the white house to fire andrew mccain but he said that he would not do that and he was not going to get involved in any
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sort of political battle involving his most senior deputies so clearly something changed over the last twenty four hours we know that donald trump is a fan of andrew mccabe that he has been the target of a number of tweets over the last four months that donald trump was concerned that mccabe had links to the clinton campaign how does that work well mccabe's wife ran for a virginia senate seat not the senate in the u.s. capitol but a local seat for the democrats. at that point she also received a number of donations from people who were close to the clintons as far as donald trump is concerned that meant mccain should not have been involved in any way in the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server and certainly should not be involved in any way or have any contact with the investigation into his campaigns allegedly it's with russia so the pressure was building and it looks as if in the
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last twenty four hours or so something changed christopher reeve's said to andrew mccabe you have to go and andrew mckie was gone so what are the implications of this on that that investigation into alleged collusion between the truck campaign and russia. well of course this is big headlines here in washington d.c. and will be for the next twenty four hours but by tuesday morning attention will turn to the state of the union donald trump's first state of the union as president and so all the attention will be than that but the ramifications for this may well continue to rumble on certainly donald trump has been saying for a very long time and the narrative that he has built is that the investigation into him and alleged collusion with russia is politically motivated it is the democrats trying to find an excuse for losing an election that they thought he should win and therefore the the he thinks that people senior in the f.b.i. including andrew mckie should not have been involved in this and it should be handled by other people and so the implications may well become apparent in the
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next few weeks but certainly what has happened here is that the keeper was under pressure abruptly decided to leave he will no leave the f.b.i. this is a man who said the f.b.i. for twenty years or so it was clearly a very well thought of many of his colleagues but his know looking for a new job interestingly you'll remember in politics though it's important to have people in the tent looking out rather than the other way around once he leaves the f.b.i. under mccabe might be in a position where he can shed more light on the events of the last year or so allan many thanks out as there is alan fischer in washington let's hear now from glen col a former deputy national intelligence officer of transnational threats at the cia he joins us from boston what do you make of all of this glenn. well i had been hoping that mccabe would stay until his planned retirement for the simple independent of anything that the trump administration or the republicans would do because it would create the impression of the f.b.i.
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bending to political pressure whatever the facts the facts appear as as we just heard in the excellent assessment by our colleague appear to be that in fact there there isn't just the appearance that there has been political pressure we heard a lot of it for the past months and something has happened so this is profoundly disturbing it's yet another chip in the edifice of the separation of politics from the rule of law and the independence of the justice department the law enforcement bodies of united states in this instance the f.b.i. intelligence community and frankly american democracy so it is it's bad news really so when white house press secretary sarah huckabee says that this had nothing to do with the white house you don't believe well the first thing. the first thing an intelligence officer needs to do and all of us should do frankly
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is look at the source and we know that the source in this instance the white house the trumpet ministration the trouble entourage don't know what the word truth means anything they say is always self-serving to the nth degree far beyond that of the normal political figure so i discredit frankly anything that this a i don't know that they've said anything true in a year as we heard from alan fischer a few moments ago mccabe's boss f.b.i. director christopher ray. is reported to threaten to resign rather than five mccabe out of a saying that something has changed in the last twenty four hours what do you think that is. well that's a good question i think it's harder now with all of the scrutiny and the turmoil and the chaos and the scandal that we all are observing breathlessly to do direct firing and i think that. the director would never willingly
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succumb to some pressure that crude however there are all sorts of pressure like these insulting tweets that create pressures inside the institution as well as in the general public domain to to move in certain directions and i think that's when mccabe heard that he was going to be moved into a different office i've lived this kind of experience myself you get promoted and in fact it's a demotion where you get moved and the message is quite clear so it's not a firing but materially would have the same effect from the perspective of the trumpet ministration or the republican opponents of the investigation into the russian activities and involved with the trump entourage and so he would reject that ok just very briefly mccabe. sorry.
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if this is as democrats warn the beginning of a purge of the top of the nation's law enforcement agency. is it well i think we've seen shocking frightening alarming teachers the word evidence of a sustained campaign by trump to do exactly what you said he fired komi he is tempted to fire muller he has contemplated firing rosenstein as the number two at the department of justice he has now been pressuring for months to eliminate mccabe for it absolutely spurious reasons the only reason that he has come after mccabe someone he never would have heard of before. is because mccabe was involved in the f.b.i. and the department of justice is investigation into russian activities and possible involvement with the trump trump that's the only reason and then he comes up with trumped up reasons too to mask his true effort to to protect
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himself from the facts being pursued so yes there is a campaign consistently in this regard the cia finds information and all of a sudden trump then denigrates it unless someone or somebody praises donald trump trump will come after him he demands complete submission and praise nothing else everything else is unacceptable and that is frightening for a democracy goods to achieve anything state then call in boston the us military is changing its guidelines for the use of wireless gadgets following revelations that fit the striking apps to disclose sensitive military positions a global heat map of routes used by runs and cyclists posted online by foot the striking company strong of reveals the outlines of u.s. bases in war zones around the world. there were days after march of zero still to come on the program refugees sleep rough on the streets of gold and greece's growing numbers cross the turkish border. turning off the taps the drought that's
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left cape town the verge of running out of water and later in sport a baseball team drops its controversial logo the details coming up with andy. more than twenty million people in brazil are being vaccinated against yellow fever following an outbreak of the disease a public health emergency has been declared after at least fifteen people died in the southeast as far as south eastern state of mirrors she had race in the last wild stories about reports. this is the largest forestry serve in an urban area in the world mighty borda in the state of south is where and they live a lot with son and her son who died of yellow fever a few weeks ago. i'm not really much my oldest son is devastated by we're together all the time he's not even coming to our place because he's suffering
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a lot he was planning to write his kids he left us here. anderson did not want to get vaccinated and i leave this says he started having headaches and then he's complection turned yellow the doctors didn't know what the problem was until after he died brazil is fighting a yellow fever outbreak that has already claimed dozens of lives at least fourteen of them here in mighty border a massive campaigns now being launched to vaccinate people living in high risk areas against what's considered to be the worst outbreak of the decease since the one nine hundred forty s. it has had a billion he says yellow fever was four years in demick and only certain areas of residual but things have changed oh was installed to them. a few environmental studies noted impacts in forests but the mosquitoes predators such as frogs and dragonflies were extinct the mosquitoes then managed to migrate to this part brazil
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. and it's not now just in remote areas but also in brazil's major cities this is befehl follow through when it's been temporarily shut down because of all the already found one dead monkey that was not from the su but lived in the surrounding area infected with yellow your very best means that the virus is already here and that's why the government has stepped up efforts to vaccinate people living in the area hundreds of other monkeys have already died across brazil in the last year as the virus has spread but is so powerful and real they generate or they are not enough vaccines for everyone if i jean could not protect her family she said i want it was really busy when i arrived people were queuing for five hours and they told us it was over no more vaccines i have to come next week in the other members of anderson's family have been inoculated yellow fever has already left this family shattered the government's priority is to prevent the virus from
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causing even more deaths. brazil. cape town is on the verge of running out of water the south african city is just seventy one days away from having to shut off most of its water taps due to a severe drought residents are blaming the government as they count down to what's been dubbed day zero on the twelfth of april victoria gay can be reports. the. anger on the streets of cape town over a water crisis these protesters say the government should have prevented the city is completely mismanaging the water they're not getting the leaks cannot be using the pressure in the pipes they holding out what american devices that they know are defective. but no plan this brings they're not allowing people access to so they are strangling the water supply reservoirs have been full for more than three years because there hasn't been enough rain. the city is limiting each household to fifty
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liters of water a day that's the quicker than to one full fast with eight people in the house up till now we've managed to bring up with the contamination from one thousand kilometers per month we brought that out now last month it was a killer letus and we are doing a little bit more in order to bring that further down to get it in line with the six p. . that will come in on the first of a booty from south africa's water minister says climate change is to blame for the crisis she's urging everyone to cut back their water he says it is therefore important that all losers play their part in reducing what have consumption the agricultural sector has made a commitment to make sure that they explore innovative solutions so that then there is that the petition to the realities of climate change scientists say the city has made significant efforts to deal with the crisis the city of cape town has been
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incredibly successful with a water demolishing program which began in a round about ninety ninety and the remarkable thing about this program is that it has managed to climb the demand on what despite it grow a city with growing economic development and population city officials who already built pool with days there is the date when taps are expected to run dry. that day is now april the twelfth nine days earlier than previously expected it appears that desperate measures to conserve water are having little effect victoria gay to be out there the today african union summit has ended in the ethiopian capital at a suburb of representatives from fifty five african nations have been focusing on tackling corruption and conflict across the continent and as others there as mohamed atta reports now seventeen years after it was established the leaders have also been discussing different ways to fund the african union. the african union
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summit ended with up top warning to those fighting in the conflict in south sudan african union chairman will suffocate mohamad say so it's time to slap sanctions on anyone broken piece in the can. un secretary general antonio terrace walked into the summit promised support for the african union can put the warring parties on religious belief in history this is a tradition that each of you in here do with those beliefs to give you success those little legalising form the illusion to be seen but also to be sure this is the most effective and proceeded to be subjugated communist e.g. take it wasn't the only conflict discussed at the summit though the war in libya the fight against boko haram in was tough rico and conflict in the east and democratic republic of congo all debated by the you peace and security council
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on somalia the pan african bodies hoping the u.n. security council listens to its calls for an extension of the monday of its flagship peacekeeping mission amid some beyond the see. a hasty withdrawal the a u fees could open the door to a takeover of the somali capital mogadishu behind a call pulls out the african union headquarters itself a gift from the tiniest government african leaders discussed the need to do away with the beginning bulls and i think this thing we want to see an african union fully funded by its members and i've devised a plumbbob calls on member states to live in zero point two percent on imports to fund the union but sulfide just twenty one of the fifty five member states have implemented it and this is a form is existential for the organization unless we can fund own organization well no right to ask for the. taxpayers to fund the african union
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one president paul kagame has taken over the leadership of the you general assembly he's expected to use yelp the heart to push through the agenda he developed for a more independent a view on the theme of the summit tackling rampant corruption in africa leaders named nigerian president mohammad to body as a useful and to corruption champion it's a move seen as a to completion of his efforts to fight graft in nigeria mohammed at all just a disciple by theo. well the leaders of sudan egypt and ethiopia been meeting on the sidelines of that summit over a dam project on the nile by ethiopia sudan's foreign minister has told al-jazeera that the three countries have agreed to reconcile their differences i can tell you that for now the dispute is over and i hope that this will not be a temporary reserve lucian. the two presidents in defense of the
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met the president met also with the prime minister individually and then to the trial after the meeting was held issues were discussed in a very transparent unfrocked manner and the city president agreed to address the issue of the aid agencies say there's been a surge of homelessness among refugees in northern greece the country's second largest city that's along the key has apparently run out of space to house new arrivals refugees are avoiding the greek islands and are instead crossing over the land border with turkey often forced to pass via the everest river laurence li reports out from the salon ikey many people believe pakistanis or iranians are refugees and so they cannot know what's happening in the border province of blokey stand where these people come from they spoke out against tribal leaders there who want independence and they were threatened with death so they ran for it. they
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crossed the ever oss river from turkey into greece walked for five days and added up sleeping here in the salon icky for months the men had to take it in turns to stay awake to protect their wife and sister. i felt like committing suicide i was going mad i thought i should have stayed in my country and let the tribespeople kill me i just wasn't expecting this to toll the bill got frostbite in thick snow on the river border he can no longer bend his fingers but the blame for . any was from me i can't even go to the total of almost self my brother has to help me there's no way i can work it's really stressful. where they took us to where they've been sleeping we realised we'd been here before in the ember two thousand and sixteen then it was different people all suffering the same things that winter turned out to be the coldest for decades water froze in the refugee camps greece's lack of preparation was exposed the full year on nothing has changed
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it's due to the fog that their fundamental rights are being violently those people don't have a house don't have access to medical care. they see absolutely nothing the baloch family got shelter three months ago through the norwegian refugee council saima is now pregnant but their only guaranteed accommodation for three months more so they could end up back here again before she gives birth. while the greek authorities and charities try to prioritise families single men have no chance one meal a day provided by young european volunteers working off to nations and that's it. there's no doubt the big increase in people crossing the every river into northern greece is simply compounded the homeless problem here and that's the only thing we're told is now completely full there is simply nowhere to put all these people there to be the good news is that the winter so far hasn't been anything like as
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cold as its terrible conditions this time last year but if it does get worse greece could have a full blown crisis on its hands. they showed us where they sleep underneath an abandoned half built concrete block if the police catch them here they can go to jail so the dental to even light a fire. presumably when they sleep they dream of nothing because that is exactly what they have. florence lee al-jazeera facility will get a weather update next year on the news hour that promises promises find out what steel workers in pennsylvania coal country think of president donald trump's campaign pledge. that in sport david beckham officially returning to major league soccer this time as a team and he will be here with the details in a little over fifteen.
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hello there heavy rain is continuing its journey across parts of north america shows that very clearly on the satellite picture is this area of cloud here marching its way eastwards gradually clearing that eastern coast then just a little bit of residual cloud behind it there jury in the day on choose day behind it it's brighter but it's also very cold so it's a maximum just minus six and then we've got the next weather system galloping its way east with the horns bringing in an awful lot of heavy snow as it works its way towards the great lakes region so for toronto expect that snow as we head through wednesday in that system still thinks all the way back towards the pacific coast and we're expecting yet will rain and snow around washington state now before the two of the south and we're also seeing the tail end of what's going on over north america across the central americas as well so you can see it here that is bringing us a fair amount of rain gradually is pushing its way southwards and it is feeling quite
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fresh behind it so for some of us there in the bahamas we're looking at a top temperature of around twenty four but with quite a keen and cool breeze towards the west and lots of showers here some of the heaviest around honduras but they do spread further south into panama further south still and the rains over the northern parts of argentina are really going to get going over the next few days wednesday is looking particularly what. the in. it was oriol upon which modern day venezuela was a stop list. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people both less than cursed with the world's largest reserves charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today. the big picture the battle for venezuela coming soon on
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a. current tensions between countries along the river nile have their roots in a colonial past eclipse point of view not to thank not have been able to close a victory for the new political realities on the ground are increasing the sense of uncertainty over clooney as the rhythm out there with the need to do that underneath all the countries for which the name was kind of been a feat to temper the struggle of the nile at this time on al-jazeera. good to have you with us adrian so we can hear into our the news are from up zero headlines this hour syrian warplanes launched an offensive targeting the rebel held
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province of idlib killing at least twenty people monitor say the jets hit a market at a hospital treating people wounded in the earlier strike. the f.b.i.'s deputy director has resigned ahead of his official retirement dates the u.s. president has repeatedly accused andrew mccabe of political bias the white house has denied having any involvement with mccabe's departure and colombia's government has put peace talks with the rebels on hold after a string of bombings killed seven police officers at the weekend president juan manuel santos blamed the group for the attacks on police stations in the three cities let's talk about that with the johnson in bogota he's a senior analyst at the international crisis group good to have you with us why would jeopardize these peace talks with this weekend's bomb attacks first thank you very much for having me. to understand that we kind of need to understand what is the young man and so the elan is really could be understood
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loosely as a federation of different what the airline calls war fronts under the guise of a leadership on this leadership allows these fronts to have quite a bit of autonomy so what this means is well peace talks are going on there are differing opinions within the yellow and about those peace talks so one argument of why the u.n. would carry out these argument these bombings is that those who are responsible for the bombings those who took responsibility for these attacks are radical urban friends who are against the peace process and therefore we're acting as somewhat of a a self sabotaging force so i can argue in which i think. i'm just going to say is that why president santos said that he was going to suspend these talks until the e.-l. end showed more cohesive us is that what he was referring to that's exactly it this yellin is divided on the issue of peace and so those within the eland who are
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against the peace talks since the end of a cease fire about three weeks ago have been carrying out these different tax of the country including the ones this last weekend while another part of the ellen is in favor of peace and hasn't been carrying out violence so what santo's as essentially saying to the eleven is until you stop carrying out violence as a whole we cannot continue these peace talks the difficulty there is not only the division within the l.n. but the fact that the eland is not very good at measuring the consequences on a national level of their actions i think that also played a role in the attacks these weekend this weekend the u.n. simply did not expect such a reaction to these attacks even though it was easily foreseeable all right so so we'll have learned a lesson what will be the impact of this suspension of we're going to see more violence or is that it now do you think. there's a couple possibilities and i think the most likely possibility is that we will see
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more violence on both from the eleven and the government in the coming days the political pressures on the government to act against yellen yellen is it will not be able i do not believe it will be able to make a decision to stop violence in the immediate future this may take a week or two weeks nonetheless what will happen in the yelling is that if negotiating team will have to send messages to the rest of the organization to the rest of the leadership and hope that that leadership can apply a bit more pressure on the anti peace process to stop the violence and allow the peace talks to continue but again that is a very difficult scenario because the anti peace fronts within the essentially have a veto in this situation and if they don't want peace negotiations to continue they know they can just continue to carry out violent attacks.
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thank you. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has taken members of the u.n. security council on a tour of washington d.c. among the highlights for a look at what the administration says are recovered parts of iranian missiles and equipment first unveiled in december hany says they're evidence of terence violations of security council resolutions from washington d.c. our diplomatic editor james base reports. the u.s. ambassador nikki haley brought her security council colleagues here with a tight schedule and no media invited something even the russian ambassador reluctantly complied with all of the above they were taken by bus to a military base to examine weaponry which last month ambassador haley had unveiled at a news conference among the items fragments of a missile the administration argues was supplied by iran and fired by the who thiis in yemen at the saudi capital riyadh the us wants to persuade the security council
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to take tougher action against iran not all on the council are convinced a many a worried about d. railing the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal ambassadors were under instruction not to talk to the media with one state department official rather ineffectively trying to block our camera but it's clear from the one ambassador who did speak to us they'll need to be a great deal of further deliberation when they return to new york there is there are various reports. or impressions today to the reports that they're on the sanctions committee will discuss that in new york during a wide ranging discussion at lunch with the ambassadors at the white house president trump seem particularly concerned about afghanistan and when we see what they're doing and the atrocities that they're committing and killing their own people and those people are women and children many many women and children that are totally innocent. it is it is horrible so there's no talking to the taliban we
2:39 am
don't want to talk to the taliban we're going to finish what we have to finish that comment to peter to our pain and his administration's new strategy liz seventeen year long war the security council which visited the country earlier this month had been told the plan was to increase military pressure on the taliban to force them back to the negotiating table some ambassadors privately say their own comfortable about this trip and the precedent it set one told me what do we do in a few months time if we get an invitation from president putin to go to moscow james zero at the white house thousands of workers from the u.n. agency the palestinian refugees have been protesting in gaza against planned budget cuts that follows the u.s. decision to cut millions of dollars worth of funding to the aid agency imran khan reports. this was one of the largest demonstrations gaza has seen in recent
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months the union organizing says thirteen thousand people turned out palestinians are angry that the u.s. is withholding one hundred ten million dollars in funding for the united nations relief works agency that agency is responsible for palestinian refugees some one million in gaza alone yeah agency itself is in crisis mode it's introduced austerity measures and warns it only has two months of funding left after that all the services will stop the oil the palestinians if you will if it did there would be no food there would be no colborne there will be enormous. there will be ignored you cation for these kids which are looking to be as kids in other parts of the war on palestinian in gaza city but on that seas which is a very very serious situation it's some of gaza's most desperate the will be hit hard. just people like who somberly his see he receives unemployment payments from
2:41 am
he supports a family of six those payments are due to come to an end if money isn't found by then the gov show a little but i left there stops this project then went kind of going. how can i feed my children how can we raise them in gas that there is no other choice construction has stopped and we are on the theat there is no option other than without it there is nothing. under or says a humanitarian crisis is coming experts in the business community already warning that the gaza economy is on the verge of collapse now some seventy percent of gaza live in refugee camps like this and they're the ones that are going to be the most affected that's almost half of the population of gaza iran can't the gaza strip catalyzed defense minister says the gulf state is not looking for war despite saying that it was ambushed overnight at the start of the g.c.c.
2:42 am
crisis for arab states led by saudi arabia sever diplomatic and trade ties with carter on june fifth speaking in washington dr khalid bin muhammad a tear praised the u.s. for its help when the blockade began out of the blue bin. we lost only. border with these we find out almost since without any access in the air so all this is seventy is really a risk you the us we have to initiate. elbridge and go out to two key to go to a month to bring all the necessary foods and medicine until we figure out how we are going to get on the floor. a remote scottish island is up for sale in the government's deciding whether to give the local community the right to buy it
2:43 am
rather than putting it on the open market land ownership in scotland is a sensitive issue with a few wealthy people owning half of all private land as part of the phillips reports now from all the the government wants that to change. in a distant corner of the british isles i drove through a wild landscape to find an island community that is dying six hundred people lived here on in the nineteenth century now there are only six including the owner has decided to sell it and rebecca whose children are at school on the neighboring island of maui she fears a new owner could force her family to leave a final blow in the long decline of this community my husband grew up here in our whole lives are invested in the thing myself my system of to live in years and in belton up her business and our children are very happy at the local scale and i
2:44 am
think it would be devastating for us. is littered with empty houses some long abandoned some recently far from jobs and services this is a difficult place to survive but the remaining islanders supported by people all want to buy for believing they can repopulated make it viable backed by scotland's government which has new powers to change the pattern of land ownership being to change from the present situation where a very large proportion of the very few people. to the benefit of local communities there's an opportunity under the wonderful legislation in scotland for actually to make a difference. grab it with both forms the old jamie howard use family have lived here for seventy years believes the community underestimate how much investment alva needs better his land agent told us to find
2:45 am
a buyer on the open market if we're trying to get investors here we don't want to put barriers in the way we don't want to frighten them by saying if you buy here well the community or somebody else may come in and stop you we want people who are leaving europe with these like it or you don't. we want to encourage investment into this. but. seize the proposed by out. last chance to speak. into the. is just one tiny island but the conflict of interest between local community and land is one that resonates through the highlands and islands and through scotland's history. to give the island time and money to match the price it's being watched. in the scottish highlands.
2:46 am
2:47 am
well again donald trump will give his first state of the union address on tuesday one of his biggest campaign promises was to bring back the country's once thriving steel industry which has seen significant job losses in recent years she had pretenses travel to rural pennsylvania where support for trump was strong in the
2:48 am
twenty sixteen election to see if the president has kept his promise. pennsylvania hadn't chosen a republican president since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but thanks in part to support from rural communities where the steel industry still clings on don't trump flipped the state in twenty six to the collapse of the industry was devastating but u.s. steel's clinton koch plant remains the largest coal plant in the u.s. and at the local union will do mclaughlin explains that it was to safeguard the plant's future but he voted for drop under every president we've taken a hit republican democrat and the trade agreements both parties have to agree to it i wanted something different doldrum was clear when he was campaigning we're going to bring steel that. and trump one here because of his stated opposition to trade deals that lead to a bluff of cheap imported steel and his pledge to investigate whether the u.s. is reliance on steel imports is a threat to u.s.
2:49 am
national security but a decision on that speech may still be several months away the white house is reported to be split on the issue at the clinton you know all the disappointments not least because while the white house has a tate's steel imports have soared i thought it would have been done a little summer make a decision but. overseas they know this might become an artist dump and even more with jones didn't vote for trump we were still flatline like not a mean since the election but then he never trusted trump he was willing to retain some hope that hasn't yet been justified i'm not sure he believes in another then you know money but money for money for now for the top four i see him several times over the last year i don't trump has touted his job creation skills only for job losses soon to fall or the most infamous example is the carrier factory in indiana kerry well never leave but since then hundreds of workers have quietly been laid off from the plant as jobs moved elsewhere one of
2:50 am
them brown skin is the president of the clinton branch of the united steelworkers who seems to be his nature you know saying exactly the way. there's still hope in the mom valley but having been failed by both the democrats and republicans in the past if trump's words turn out to be empty they say it's nothing new but you have to remember one thing we've been promised a lot of things over the years nobody's ever come through with problems donald trump didn't pledge to revitalize communities here in the mom valley with ambitious plans to refashion them as hubs for twenty first century jobs but by pledging to return them to a heyday not seen for seventy years for many here it was worth a try however improbable she ever tansey al-jazeera the moment valley pennsylvania . time now for sports has andy. thank you very much the cleveland indians baseball team and to get rid of a controversial logo from their uniforms many consider the chief wahoo image to be
2:51 am
offensive and racist chief wahoo is a caricature of a night american that first appeared only indians uniforms in one thousand nine hundred forty seven major league baseball say will be removed from next year after the team owners agreed with their view that the logo is no longer appropriate for on field use when earlier i spoke to the native american journalist and activist simon moise smith he says cleveland's ownership need to do more to convince downsize their intentions and see if the league put pressure on the team to drop its chief wahoo local from its uniforms in while it's playing but the team itself is still selling the merchandise with the image they're going to continue to do that they haven't changed the name they haven't issued an apology to natives in ohio and across the nation for creating a hostile environment for natives in that state so they're just reacting to pressure from the elite they didn't do this that they have a crisis of conscience it's a caricature of indigenous peoples it's
2:52 am
a dehumanization of indigenous peoples and it's ubiquitous here in the united states you have the cleveland indians you have the washington scene which is named . for a slur that means dead indians you have the kansas city chiefs you have the chicago blackhawks that humanization in the united states continues and i think that for the rest of the world they need to understand that racism against native. pretty probable here. david beckham is officially the owner of a soccer team in the united states beckons as yet unnamed m.l.s. franchise we based in miami will kick off its first game in twenty twenty back and paid twenty five million dollars for the rights to a new team back in twenty forty land for a new stadium has now been found in the forming them camps and as well as buying in a stamp wished players building a cademy to develop local talent is central to the project. when you bring homegrown talented kids into a team like this that's when
2:53 am
a community is built and that's when people become proud to be supportive of a team because you see young kids from the ages of eleven twelve thirteen go from being young players young talented players into full grown professionals and then they go and represent their countries and that's when we're going to sit back and say job done russian power athletes you can prove they are drug free will be around to take part in the upcoming winter paralympics or be it is neutrals the international paralympic committee announced the concession earlier on monday it means around thirty five russian neutrals will compete that's around half the number the road the sochi games four years ago russia was banned from all paralympic events in twenty sixteen after evidence of state sponsored doping was revealed. we often said during our deliberations last saturday can we look india eyes of the athletes all of them and see that we are doing everything that we
2:54 am
can to guarantee a level playing field and the answer was yes so we are not rewarding russia but we are allowing we believe a clean to compete under a neutral flag or our sports correspondent leigh whirling says the aipcs shift in position was expected. from the noises we've been hearing from the international paralympic committee over the last few weeks this was the most likely cause of action and what it does is it brings them in line with the international olympic committee and have been neutral at least remember the power to pick bosses took a much tougher stance over really are they said there will not be any russian competitors there and they haven't just done this to fall back in line with the i.o.c. they're very much made it clear it's their own decision that they are really optimistic actually about how things are now going with the russians some of the language is no longer of the russians corrupted and compromised they've got greater confidence things are much better but what happened is that the russians have an idea not
2:55 am
progress in time to have their entire team there and it does actually feel a bit better all round to have the olympic bosses in the power and pick bosses in line together and being as fair as possible as they can be with russian athletes who they perceive to be clean. former world number one golfer jason day is targeting a return to the top of the rankings after winning his first tournament in a watch two years at story pines earlier he beat alex norman in a playoff but it started on sunday the pair played five holes before it got too dark to continue a one play regime in front of empty stands on monday the australian would sink the winning parts have to just thirteen minutes of play they struggled for form and twenty seventeen after his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and this is his first title since the place championship in may twenty sixth he. sits is special because i work very hard in the offseason to try and get back to this position that
2:56 am
i know i didn't realize used you know i had a chance this week are obviously going back to earlier this week. i never thought i was going to actually play because of my back but you know just very thankful for my whole team. you know we just had to stay patient you know we sleep my goal is always trying to back to number one so this is a good start the right direction well tiger woods finished down in twenty third place is the first time in three years he's finished in the top twenty five of a competitive events. well a day on from becoming the first man's win twenty grand slam titles roger federer is showing no signs of wanting to stop there he says he plans on returning to melbourne said offend his crown next year when he'll be thirty seven federer won the season's opening grand slam for a record equalling six song with victory of a crisis in marin chile which will continue to manage his workload carefully is undecided on whether or not he'll compete in dubai next month where he could
2:57 am
recline the world number one ranking from rafa nadal it's just a lot you know it's a lot trying to get in last year it was more straightforward you know it was just this believe going to believe it happened. there i was waking up with a trophy but i don't know this year it seems more surreal i can't believe i was able to defend my title you know after all this after all these years i could do it again and afghanistan's young cricketers have missed out on a place at the under nineteen world cup final after wins over pakistan sri lanka and hosts new zealand that same unable to repeat their heroics in this semifinal against australia the three time champions winning by six wickets on that day nine afghanistan a place in africa world fine. ok that is always sport for not more lights are added many thanks for the more sports along with the latest news analysis and loads
2:58 am
of video at the website you can take a look at al-jazeera dot com. i'll be back in just a few moments with more of the day's news see that.
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market. the nature of news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. twenty years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to adult hood these are the. two decades following the development of a life and nation. five years on rewind returns to the
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story of k.k. the girl from wang joe do you remember me at this time on al-jazeera. women and children among the dead after a syrian warplanes target markets at a hospital in the rebel held province of. hello again i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the f.b.i. is deputy director andrew mccabe steps down from his post ahead of his planned retirement and lauch.


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