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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the scene for us there online what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. tracked is our new american. there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. first.
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success and where new optimism. to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facility in guantanamo bay. multiple promises for the u.s. military on top of a prison will stay open indefinitely. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up some of these afghan refugees in pakistan for generations but a deadline for them to leave is just hours away. the military push that made americans question whether the vietnam war could be won a combat photographer remembers the tet offensive fifty years later.
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an appeal for unity at home and a message of strength and power abroad i'll tom still up for his first state of the union speech highlighting the successes of his administration outlined a plan per tougher immigration policies a powerful military and a stronger nuclear terence program from washington d.c. alan fischer reports oh yes oh oh no truck that's got to go for a president who wants to unite the country his journey to the capitol in washington was marked by protests. across a field of study inside a much warmer welcome for donald trump. the state of the union traditionally when a president lays out his vision for the future the state of our union is strong for donald trump a chance to look back at the tumultuous first year he boasted about his economic successes since the election we have created two point four million new jobs
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including. thad including two hundred thousand new jobs in manufacturing alone but he talked about cutting black unemployment is a storm the reaction from some democrats there over immigration helped close down the government earlier this month he appealed to democrats to what with him and republicans to finally sort the issue so let's come together. set politics aside and finally get the job done. and as he talked about to migration there were audible boos under the current broken system a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives under our plan he talked about the battle against eisel claiming huge success pledging there was more to be done and of the need to invest more in america's military and a line not trailed by the white house the president revealed
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a new policy on the detention camp a guantanamo being cuba overturning a decision by barack obama i just side prior to walking in an order directing secretary mabus to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay alley and after a u.n. vote which criticized the u.s. decision to recognize to receive them as the capital of israel it was a clear threat to those who stood against his administration i am asking congress to pass legislation to help ensure american foreign assistance dollars always share american interests and only go to friends of amanda knox and allied there was no mention of the russian investigation but there was mention of iran and north korea but the president ended with a familiar message and it's the people who are making america great again
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the democrats' reply came from the son of a famous family congressman joe kennedy his great uncle was president john kennedy their record is your view to our highest american ideal. the belief that we are all worth that we are all equal that we all can't. want to bring the country together and believes this speech will help democrats want to see if his actions intentions . ok let's get their reaction now from help from the from ramallah rather not west bank with them wrong so. the friends of the us seem to very clearly take a style when it comes to the palestinians so what is their reaction likely to be their. well the reaction is likely to be exactly the same as it has since the announcement of the move of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and after pence's visit which recognized
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jerusalem as the capital of israel is that the u.s. has actually picked a side in this conflict it's no longer an honest broker and that's something the palestinians have been saying. privately for many many many years but now they saying it publicly that the u.s. is not somebody that they can rely on either being a facilitator of talks a broker of talks even a mediator of talks or the palestinians are resigned to the fact that israel and america are now look step side by side with each other but what's more interesting is the reaction is going to be from some of the language that he used he actually said last month i took an action endorsed unanimously by the senate months before i recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and then he goes on to say shortly afterwards dozens of countries voted in the united nations general assembly against america's so very right to make this decision it was actually one hundred twenty eight countries not dozens that voted against the move all of the embassy and
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that's something the palestinians will take heart over the so many countries did vote to support the u.s. embassy remaining until a final state solution was done for jerusalem and indeed israel palestine but apart from that it really is about the fact that the palestinians know that they don't have a partner in the u.s. for any kind of peace anymore ok so having said that if that's the realisation that they have come to what options do the palestinians have. well that's who they're always taking this internationally and i going to places like the international court of justice the international criminal court the united nations and really trying to build on the one hundred twenty eight countries that voted against the move of the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and the recognition that jerusalem was the capital of israel so it's about taking this internationally now there's a strategy that the palestinians are putting in place the p.l.o. in the palestinian authority or all talking about where they move now also there is
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this drive sort of unity a unity government and more unification between all of the various different factions to rally around jerusalem so those are really likely the scenarios that the palestinians are going to put forward but all of this doesn't involve the u.s. ok emraan khan live for us in ramallah emraan thank you now ross a terrifying cold as a republican political strategist at the advisory firm d.c. international who joins us from hong kong we appreciate your time very much so let's just talk. about a few of the things as far as foreign policy that president trump mentioned his language of north korea was very tough that that's actually you know nothing new from say that the speech in north georgia should be called north korea part of the axis of evil but having said that. might this antagonize kim jong un what do you think about the tactic about the tone that he used. well we have to keep in mind
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that president trump and his team have version wrong believe that their tactics which includes the president's tone over the last year has worked it prompted north korea to reach out to south korea and begin some negotiations they also believe that their tone has prompted the international community to do more on north korea whether it's on sanctions enforcement or just not welcoming north koreans to their countries to do business or maintain diplomatic posts so the tone just does not concern the trump administration or the reaction or potential reaction from north korea is certainly not going to factor into the word choice or the tone of voice that the president uses when he talks about north korea and we saw that again in the state of the union ok so you talked about sanctions let's talk about sanctions with russia. president trump did mention russia and the context of threats in his speech however just the day before he did not an act bipartisan
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sanctions that congress had voted for against russia so what does the talk actually mean if he's not backing it up well in a way the international community as well as members of congress can take some solace from this. you know you look at trump speech and what he focused on it was really the security issues he did talk about trade but he also wasn't saying that the united states is going to try and be the world's policeman so long so why not tell us about us and also his eyes that you know if we can go back to the question that i asked that specific question about russia nearly all of congress nearly unanimously said you need to do something about russia these are the sanctions they would like for you to impose he did not do that but he did seem to pay lip service to calling russia a threat how do you reconcile those two. well in a way it's being presidential in maintaining his authority over foreign policy and
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if he thinks that it's not appropriate at this time to issue new sanctions against business people from russia but that is his right as the president the president is in control of foreign policy members of congress know that they know they have to work with the white house and they'll continue to complain about it but ultimately if the president working together with the state department and his advisers decide that this is the best course of action it really is up to the white house to do that and the president is going to argue that we need cooperation with russia on a number of issues and we've seen that over the last few months that's probably the position that the president is going to continue to take ok so let me ask you one final question about i'm going to one of a bay. obviously that was something that barack obama was front and center saying he wanted to try to close but it never was closed there are still people there that have never been charged never been tried and the president trump says that he wants to keep it open and definitely what type of message do you think he's trying to set
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well it's a tough on terrorism message if the key issue here is what to do with the prisoners who are there now and whether or not the trump administration would seek to bring additional prisoners there if the if there's no additional prisoners brought then it's maintaining the status quo however much the international community dislikes it. we still need to resolve the issue of the prisoners who are there now and on that issue in order to close guantanamo we will need cooperation between the united states and the international community to be willing to accept some of these prisoners because they're not going to be brought to the united states for resettlement that's obvious there's no support for that from congress or the american public all right. thank you very much. more than one point four million afghans are expected to lose the right to stay in pakistan in the coming hours after the government said it will no longer extend their refugee status their legal status officially expired on december thirty first but the
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pakistani cabinet extended their stay by one month some spent the last thirty five years living in pakistan hyder is live for us at the. refugee camp and bashar so what are they going to do what are their options. well there today killorn question actually the pakistani cabinet will have to make a decision sometime today because of the exercise of the. statutes of the refugees we have read our search on assad from the u.n.h.c.r. head and face our and we're going to oshkosh about some of the concerns regarding the refugees the government of pakistan obviously has made a decision or is going to make a decision on the back creation but what are the concerns of the u.n.h.c.r. when it comes to the repatriation of these refugees first of all i'd like you to know that the fact creation volunteered with that creation for u.n.h.c.r.
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is joining the winter months suspended and we will initiate volunteer petry ancient from first march two thousand and eighteen. when we initiate bone to patch mission in the beginning of march of course our concern for the conduct of the population on both sides of the border would be for their economic security and for their sustainable livelihoods those are major concerns for all of the able to sustain themselves in a manner befitting. their fair. whether they're able to support the polls or. as you mentioned the confident of understand their jobs gunshot and then also the winter but you're talking about a very large number of people does the u.n.h.c.r. need support from the international community in order to enable this trip that
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striations of those will be in kids a decision is made. i think. definitely i think that that speaks for itself without say international community support but that was just the strength it would not see is possible to support. problem is big gig the international community is giving enough money.
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to. be looking. still ahead.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecasters starts in europe we found some heavy snow across eastern parts of the region but us no clearing right away so dry weather for a time but only a brief response time is there moscow minus one that's going to change we've got another frontal system moving in across the baltic across more western parts of europe some snow in the with an age and then as you move through into thursday that system will again be pushing into wards of parts of russia and ahead of it the cold air is there mana say from moscow as a high and some heavy snowfall is likely also after a bit of a rough spot we've got more snow coming about for the alpine region so again that she's going to add to the problems there we've got cold air coming down behind that frontal system my sort of seven there for london fine conditions the most part across more southern parts of europe with the iberian flinches seen highs of thirteen we've had a low pressure system giving some disturbed weather across southeastern parts of iberia last a day or so still there across morocco giving some rain with some snow
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a higher elevations in the atlas mountains and also quite a bit of dust as well being left in the low that low pressure gradually fills we'll still see fairly strong winds at times further so for much of west africa weather conditions are dry and fine should be a nice day in accra in ghana with a high here of thirty.
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watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now. tracked is our new american. that's donald trump's pitch in his first state of the union address to a deeply divided nation he's urging republicans and democrats to unite to implement his tougher immigration policies and a one point five trillion dollars infrastructure plan. is also promising to strengthen the american american military and a scientific secular border to keep the pantani they present open indefinitely. and more than one point four million afghans are expected to lose the right to stay in pakistan after the government said it will no longer extend their refugee status
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legal status officially expired on december thirty first but the pakistani cabinet had extended their stay by one. side coalition planes have carried out air strikes and yemen's capital saana targeting the rebel weapons stores explosions were felt in an area north of the city as coalition forces carried out several needs residents say the strikes resulted in flying shells and explosions and secessionists forces in yemen say they have taken control of the southern port city of aden that's where the siding backed government of president or hobby has been based since two thousand and fourteen and it was pushed out of the capital sana'a by his the rebels orders news agency says the forces which are backed by the u.s. have confined his government to the presidential palace suggesting splits and the saudi like coalition a solid bench of eight has the latest on. the seat of power for yemen's government is under its control this is the sudden. fighters from the
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sudden just vission accounts and have seized areas around the presidential palace and military bases. the prime minister's call to seize. has not but the government of president. is based. and the man he appointed as governor of aden now heads the separatist movement secessionists had given the. government and when the deadline expired on sunday. streets of aden. we demand this corrupt gang in the liberated southern areas be expelled our youth have sacrificed for the school the sacrifices cannot go down the drain and see this corrupt gang in power to them we say enough is enough. many people in the government in the north of discrimination since. the situation has worsened since the war against these began three years ago. to form
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a state the coalition must consider cause if not they will be the losers as. they are here today holding our ground in the streets we will topple the failed government we will topple and his government. people the people. the saudi led coalition was supposed to fight the iran backed rebels you could call much of the north including the capital. and the united arab emirates which is part of that coalition has been supporting the separatists in the south. max the internationally recognized government which no longer has any control in the north or the south but despite these insists the coalition has been splinted. the position of the u.a.e. remains deeply consistent with other members of the coalition concerning the yemen crisis the foreign ministers meeting last week was good evidence that members of the coalition are united and will take the liberation of yemen as their ultimate
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goal but instead of liberating and uniting the war seems to have pushed the country to the brink of breaking up. their. russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria had ended with a call for elections but the main the syrian opposition which boycott at this event in sochi says key demands were ignored no formal agreements have been made now before we're trying to encourage the syrian opposition delegation that did arrive in sochi explain why they refused to leave the airport. we're going to have all of this from the syrian opposition delegation came to participate in the saudi conference from ankara with hopes to move the peace process forward and achieve serious political transition that will bring syria from tyranny to democracy and achieve freedom and dignity in a peaceful country but we were surprised to see that none of the promises were kept needed a brutal bombardment stopped nor were the syrian regime flags and slogans removed
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from the conference banners and we have seen a lack of diplomatic manners from the host country. catalonians regional parliament was expected to reappoint its later karla's put him on as president on tuesday but the vote was suspended for now spoken out against what he called the unfaithful tricks of the spanish government and vowed to keep fighting for democracy. both. for democracy. to be sure the. respect. from you. on this message. from. where the beatles. over. and over to you your friends from.
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the un children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of starvation in north korea with the situation made worse by international sanctions have been put in place because of north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs last week the us announced new sanctions on several organizations and people and on six or korean ships in a set says the sanctions aren't yet harder to get aid into the country. british prime minister theresa may has begun a three day visit to china it's aimed at securing a free trade agreement with beijing as the u.k. prepares to leave the european union has brought along a fifty strong delegation of business leaders trade between china and the u.k. has been on the rise but as barbie philips supports the still considerable potential for growth they've been making woollen cloth since seventeen eighty three and the expertise built up over centuries by this very british company in its yorkshire factory is now highly valued by the chinese. today much of the focus
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is on markets in the far east and it exports more textiles and fabrics to china than to any other country. and they know where else might china in the atlantic if you think sank into the stagnant relationship and next thing and that is john shanks and actually me and i can you can see plants they can and actually can you know that in a case this company's business is interwoven with china but the wider british and chinese economies are not so tightly bound to trade house grown sharply in recent is but it's still relatively small the united states is the largest destination for british exports china is only eight exports to china are worth about one fourteenth of those to the e.u. which britain will soon be leaving. but china's growing strength is felt in britain
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as elsewhere the arrival of the first train from china in london last year a symbol of china's desire to reach across the world to trade more with britain tourism a has visited china before and met president g g p at the g. twenty summit back in twenty sixty but now with the prime minister weak at home and with new government documents saying that breaks it will damage the economy is there a danger the chinese will consider a little desperate they clearly have the upper hand in many ways because their bigger economy three times bigger i mean they're important to us in ways that probably weren't before brics it started to happen and so the best outcome really will be that she looks confident she's aware of the strategic importance of this visit as many many things that china just want from the u.k. partnership intellectual property liberty investment environment and so the best outcome will be one where everyone comes away thinking markets when we're in the yorkshire factory they make products the chinese want there's now
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a lucrative trade in cloth to snooker tables the challenge for tourism a on this visit to convince china and other countries that the brand of global britain still counts for something in a post it world barnaby phillips al-jazeera yorkshire. an exhibit at the newseum in washington d.c. is currently showcasing the work of a young photographer who spent three days with the u.s. marines at the one thousand nine hundred sixty eight battle of why a lot of. the it no more john olsen star instructor toggle for for the tet offensive tells us about his experience. i'm john also i'm co-founder of a business name three d. photo works this is a series of photographs i made as a young combat photographer in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight during the tet offensive in one thousand sixty seven i was a nineteen year old u.s. army draftee in saigon with incredible job i was the only photographer
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assigned to the newspaper stars and stripes i'd heard that the battle for a was vicious fighting there i was met by a number of eighteen nineteen twenty year old marine and i spent three days with them they were taken heavy casualties and it was a totally new experience tet is the vietnamese new year that celebrated every year and in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight january thirty first was the beginning of tet the ancient city of way was thought to be a significant target if the north vietnamese could capture that the populace would rise up and the country would follow and in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight there was a surprise attack the north vietnamese and and the vietcong launched attacks throughout all of south vietnam there were more than a hundred cities and outposts attacked and the city of way was
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overrun it was something no one expected on the morning of january thirty first one hundred sixty eight the marines were sent in to why to do what they called was a mop up of a couple hundred north vietnamese when they got there they were met by ten thousand heavily on and and heavily dug in anime it's the only exhibit that i'm of aware of where we can look back in time fifty years and see eighteen nineteen and twenty year old men and then jump forward fifty years and hear how this battle affected the rest of their lives. these are the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president has delivered a wide ranging speak to a joint sitting of congress it was donald trump's first state of the union speech
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he spoke about tensions with iran and north korea and the rivalry with china and russia are trying to focus was on domestic issues like strengthening the military keeping want on a mo prison open and the need to change immigration laws to protect u.s. interests my duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans to protect their safety their families their communities and their right to the american dream because americans are dreamers to. more than one point four million afghans are expected to lose the right to stay in pakistan after the government said it will no longer extend their refugee status their legal status officially expired on december thirty first but the pakistani cabinet had extended their stay by one month. coalition planes have carried out air strikes and yemen's capital saana
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targeting hit the rebel weapons stores explosions were felt in an area north of the city as coalition forces carried out several raids president say the strikes resulted in flying shells and explosions russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria have ended but the call for elections but the main syrian opposition which boycott at the event in sochi says key demands were ignored no formal agreements have been made. british prime minister theresa may has began a three day visit to china it's aimed at securing a free trade agreement with beijing as the u.k. prepares to leave the european union she's brought along a fifty strong delegation of business leaders from sectors including financial services health care and for structure. the u.n. children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are risk of starvation in north korea but the situation made worse by international sanctions last week the u.s. announced new sanctions on several organizations and people because of korea's
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nuclear and ballistic missile programs says the sanctions are making it harder to get a into that country. those are the headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera inside story is next and then more news. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a census divide to the states and there are going to be this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by mark herself in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero. russia hosts talks to end the war in syria but the main opposition stays away and others also suspicious russia has the biggest backers of syrian president bashar al assad so can it play fast or will it simply enforce its own vision of peace this is inside story.


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