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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 31  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2018 10:32am-11:02am +03

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no sanctions against him and he had called for an uprising or an intifada against israel after donald trump's decision to recognize her islam as israel's capital loss has branded the u.s. decision a violation of international law poland's upper house has voted in favor of a bill that could penalize people who blame it for nazi war crimes during world war two the upper house back the draft legislation despite objections from israel and the u.s. according cambodia has rejected a bail request by opposition leader come so he's accused of plotting to overthrow the government a charge he says is politically motivated so that was arrested in september and a government crackdown on the opposition the many government and secessionists have swapped prisoners in the southern port city of aden session his forces backed by the control of aden from the government on tuesday after several days of fighting dozens have been killed and injured in the unrest and aid groups have suspended operations in. russia has dismissed evidence from the u.s. and u.n.
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that iran supplied missiles to yemen's who the rebels pressured rather says it was inconclusive and would reject any bit to sanction tehran those are your headlines keep it here on al-jazeera inside story is next. there the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one. is giving them a home when you speak of the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time when i was in iran. yemen has further split with aid and under the control of saddam separatists the internationally recognized government is confined to the presidential palace so how does that complicate the sound he led war against to fuel rebels and is yemen on the way to inevitable partition this is inside story .
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hello there and a warm welcome to the program i'm laura kyle yemen appears on the verge of disintegration with three major factions now battling over the fate of the country then sas to recognize government has been forced from its headquarters in aden by separatists seeking to carve out their own state in the south fighting broke out off the government ignored a separatist demand that the prime minister and his cabinet be dismissed prime minister ahmed obeyed been done always widely blamed for food shortages in the region it's a major blow to a present of a drop in months or hussey who is already battling hoofy rebels in the north it was those signals divisions in the saudi led coalition whose support is essential to hardy's war efforts the saudis back had their allies the united arab emirates have thrown their weight behind the southern separatists. it's complicated yemen is
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deeply divided with several groups fighting for control who the rebels have been battling the government for years in two thousand and fourteen they took control of the capital sana'a in the country's north the internationally recognized government is backed by the air power of the saudi led coalition and up until this week it ruled from the port city of aden but that's now in the hands of a third faction southern separatists supported by the united arab emirates south yemen was an independent country until one nine hundred ninety and nationalist sentiment remains strong al qaeda and other armed groups are also active in the region holding pockets of territory in the north and the south so let's take a closer look at the separatists well they're loyal to the southern transitional council s.t.c. and want the restoration of an independent south the s.t.c. was formed in may last year by a former governor of aden i don't. have been ousted by the government over
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accusations of disloyalty until recently the government and the s.t.c. have been united against a common enemy the who's the rebels but the battle over aden represents a new split in the already fractured country. well here to help us make sense of all of this our guests in london are a chef. gammon project coordinator for the international human rights group the premier also a former member of yemen's national dialogue from two thousand and twelve to two thousand and fourteen and from washington d.c. now bill corey a former deputy chief of mission with the u.s. embassy in yemen a very warm welcome to both of you barely got the prime minister and his government holed up in the presidential palace at this stage do you see it likely that they're actually going to leave the city of aden. i don't think so i was in touch with. earlier today and yesterday they confirmed again but they are not giving them what
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seems to be the situation right now is that they are still in the government the government because a presidential palace they are confined to two districts among a than eighty eight districts and they're waiting to hear back from the president in the alps who is currently meeting with the prime really with the with the with the saudis and. until then they're waiting to hear to hear what what's next the situation is basically have been escalating since two years both groups the presidential forces and the s.t.c. forces have overlapping control over the city but actually not always anything with with each with each other and efforts to merge them together have repeatedly repeatedly failed one group is backed by the u.a.e. and that the s.b.c. and the other is back in support of the money by saudi arabia.
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i think it was inevitable to happen because simply you cannot have two forces controlling the same area and then eventually the price ok not to bring you in there because i want to know why efforts to merge these two groups have failed why the separatists now want to bring down the hardy government. well as said there have been tensions between these two groups it's a question of leadership a question of taking control of an area but frankly i don't think either side can take full control in the end this is a failure on the part of heidi if there were any doubts remaining of his lack of competence and lack of leadership these events should shed
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these doubts he is a man of the south and if in the south he cannot lead and he cannot appeal to people to be unified then he cannot lead anywhere and this fig leaf of legitimacy should now be totally removed ok but it was an uneasy alliance wasn't it not pale because had he might be a man at the south but he wanted unity in yemen and that's time actually opposes of course so what the sudden succession is want i'm not sure that he really wants unity i think he is. content to stay in riyadh and be well fed and taking care of he presides over a corrupt government. since he supposedly was legitimately elected he has brought nothing he has contributed nothing to the country he's been
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a disappointment to everybody even to his closest supporters and advisers he should just step aside and frankly i don't think although on the surface this looks like a proxy war between saudi arabia and u.a.e. the i think there is actually connivance between the two the saudis have not really lifted a finger to help their protege mr hardy and i think they're probably in agreement with the us to let them saw some kind of a state. in the south that would be presided over by a puppet government led by isabeau the ok there's a really interesting point i want to get on to the saudi you're a alliance in just a moment just before we do that but i want to pick up on what now bill was saying about how do you agree that he's essentially checked out that he's quite happy sitting there in riyadh to let the south sort itself out on its own or do you think
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he's going to come to the prime minister's aid i mean i partially agree and partially disagree i think had the support a petrol i. mean issues that was you know able to to return to basically there hasn't been and mounting challenges including himself being prevented and so if you're. seen by the by the s.t.c. and to remove tensions it started to go to your control further discussion between the two groups. and that didn't happen so i do i do agree with you that we take. the blame or even huge part of the blame for many of the of the events and his inability to these in these i think crucial
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crucial certain sense is how we're going. in because the legitimacy the main issue is that there is no other legitimate or a clear political process that can say this is we are point a with the and this is where we're going to go until point b. and until that happens has it will remain we remain a president and it is a complicated situation unless we have a clear plan of how we're going to elect a new leadership. of the country similar to what happens in twenty eleven and sunnis twelve when you see the substance and provided at least to some somehow with your mouth of a transitional process. that this is not the case right now right now you have fighting in the in the north with the with these you have tensions in the in the in the south and we have also been seen frontlines active frontlines where clashes are are happening so i think this is what's happening isn't further complicate. the
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situation and doesn't help if anyone wants to calling for having to remove what happens even complicates further and doesn't help even for having to be removed anytime soon let's look at the u.a.e. and saudi and the size that they're backing part of why is it that the emirates has thrown its weight behind the southern sat protests i mean has been trying to recruit or pushing to recruit southern militias who are acting independently of the saudi about forces for the best part of the last a year so why is it chosen that particular side i'm not sure why specifically that they thought that but the u.s. the. a lot a lot of trust to many of the members of the law was very influential player in the current dynamics in yemen they're very close to the. i have decided to join the fight against against against the fifty's now the usa do share with them that goal and with the with the saudis as well they do agree that they are all of them
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together and to see that the usa in addition to the ones that results were i think islam would be a dominant player in the in the current in the in the future in the future of yemen in the south the this now is the most influential power with the consumerist the continuing support if they were here of course that would weaken islam and the other on the other hand the other groups however the problem is that this approach is unsustainable it doesn't help to whenever the governments will is close to bringing some stability to the ground and earlier this month in general the prime minister announced the fiscal year budget which is for the first time since three years and announced that the parliament would need to approve the budget so we were trying to bring some. order at the local level very simple basic basic order these tensions arise so i think at the long run we are the considerations of points of further and other groups outside of the strait state structure will definitely
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weaken the saying ok nobel given that you suggested the idea that saudi anyway and are in agreement here would you then follow up that saudi would support the s.t.c. and abandon had the and and what is essentially the legal the in flash to recognize government of yemen. i think. the saudis are trying to find a face saving way of dumping had the. saudi leadership and the u.a.e. is for that matter are both very opaque and hard to judge what their real intentions are they certainly don't tell you that in their oficial pronouncements but sometimes lack of action lack of even verbal support tell you a lot in a situation where heidi is being totally excluded from the south and his government
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is holed up in a small area in the presidential palace and other than there has been very lukewarm support from saudi the spokesman even suggested that perhaps had the all to listen to the man's of the south really i mean this is not something new he should have been listening to them a long time ago the u.a.e. has thrown its military support behind the bady the saudis have not of course the saudis don't have any soldiers in yemen but they do have mercenaries under their control and these are not being mobilized to help the side therefore and there is strong friendship between m.b.'s and how many in the u.a.e. and i doubt that they are working at cross purposes here i think they are talking
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every day and i think that the saudis are probably going to eventually lead statelet in the south to be formed and hope that they can press the war against the north and eventually establish a northern state that they can live with along their borders i mean this is a country where allegiances shift all the time but if we look back the saudis we. pushed for the unity of yemen back in one nine hundred ninety s. that would be quite a turnaround wouldn't it for them to now support the separatists but perhaps they see that as the better option when they want to fight the who sees in the north. yes i mean at this point it's very hard to maintain unity in yemen certainly there are hasn't emerged a yemeni leader in elson mandela let's say who can really through charisma and strong appeal unite the people and keep them together lacking
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that the emirates and the saudis are not able to influence yemeni politics that much and certainly do not appeal across the board i think you know in addition to to these failure as a national leader one has to say that they are of color ssion has failed the saudi leadership they have after three years of using all the mercenaries that money can buy using the best military equipment that they bought from the u.s. and the u.k. that's all they have to show after three years is a divided country in chaos. color are spreading diptheria malnutrition the country is in such a mess that if this is the new leadership that we expect in the gulf and the arab world i must say we're in pretty bad shape ok because as you say after three
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years of this fighting if we look at the map that we saw a little earlier at the beginning of the program we see the saudi forces heidi force a saudi led coalition do control the vast majority of yemen but if you peel back that top layer will find what mean that it's actually controlled by a patchwork of tribes such is the nature of yemen so one wonders and perhaps one needs to ask how strong those tribal loyalties are now to the hiding government. well i mean for a long time the horses well i think the fusees sure one common goal there are. many of them don't join for many different many different reasons to you if you come to the sudden movements they want to push through these because they see them as northerners or the invaded. if you talk
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about the trouble pushing in the north they view them as simply as people from outside again outside their immediate territory and our pushing them out of there out of their area so there are many different interests and why this coalition that . came came together however i think the problem is that there is a lack of a clear political leadership from whole spectrum to say this is our vision to young men and moving forward. since that's not the case you need a vacuum and that vacuum gets filled with many different ideas another another and then you have many groups who can say like i have my own plan and i can just. push forward with the s.t.c. they they felt that with the current movement of does it is the prime minister he is trying to more control over there they're the way you went to you when you went
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to not that he was trying to mobilize support around the government and the final thing is that when he all the parliament actually held the sessions inside inside inside a tent it would wear them again up which they felt again. their vision toward independence it will make things so i think further complicated but the again when we talk about the humanitarian situation we talk about the complication we need a functioning state the the problem is that there is no clear political process. by any of the people and in the international community it was awkward to yemen during the transition in this critical congresswoman everyone seems. like they have abandoned the abandon the country and they're waiting for some merkel to merkel to happen for a and i think jump in there because i know that you're talking about this clear vision you remember of the national dialogue in the years between the uprising in
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two thousand and eleven and the start of the war. until two thousand and fourteen was that a missed opportunity to settle southern succession as the man's for one thing to create this clear political vision that you're now saying the country so desperately needs. well the national dialogue did to you whether it was worth it to come up with a draft constitution the problem is that once we were supposed to vote for or coming constitution that lucy staged a coup against against the against the government and dragged unfortunately the entire country into it into a civil war and until today we're all out. civil war and this is the problem and this is why the problem i think the national dialogue brings out a clear vision for how humans should look like a clear vision into how the federal system would. work how does the system with the balance of power between regions and the central and the central and the central government but it's only affective if we had this were able to get it through
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throughout where referendum and that's not the case and the advancements of by the international community to back now prove that quite clearly and strongly like they did from the year two thousand and eleven until two thousand and fourteen makes things further complicated doesn't make things work didn't help when they're all waiting for some report to happen by saudis or by the u.a.e. and say well by the way heidi is weak and the and the and the country and the country now bill for a. little mentioned earlier this is the world's worst humanitarian crisis that we're seeing in yemen due to this war how is this new split this new level of violence going to be affecting aid operations which were already severely hunters in the country i mean the population is already on its knees well again i mean i seem to be blaming everybody here first the failure of her the second the failure of the head of call ition and saudi leadership and now the u.n.
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and the world the international community has led yemen down. starting with the trumpet ministration here in the u.s. they have shown zero. caring about the yemeni people and their suffering and if they had the slightest bit of concern they would have pushed for a strong diplomatic solution and believe me with with a strong american backing and pressure on the saudis they could bring this war to an end and they could go back to a negotiated solution now look you know but it is part of a new vibrant and very promising generation in yemen there are young yemeni men and women who are leaders of civil society or are leaders in
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the media and who are spreading the word about what's going on in yemen they're doing a very good job i commend them unfortunately it doesn't seem to be their time yet to take over the reins of power in yemen the problem with the national dialogue at the time conducted by u.n. envoy janelle bin or maher is that is it was concerned with the constitution with refinements but there was no real power braking power brokering arrangement to get everybody the main leaders of those who counted who had soldiers on the ground to agree on how they were going to share power once you need that first then you can come up with the most beautiful constitution you want and you should promote the new generation in yemen. but i'm afraid
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the time has not yet come and we are looking at a few more years of bloodshed in suffering would you agree with that the were long way off from any sort of resolution here and that the longer the war carries goes on the more likely we are going to see the breakup of yemen. well i mean i agree that i think we're not any aren't close to a. sense solutions so clear and sustainable and sustainable solution the conflict the still still on ongoing but again we cannot as we. wait and see and say that's that's that's the other that's the end of it it was a similar situation i was reminded that maybe in twenty twenty ten when everyone felt like the father is handing over power to his son and the country is doomed and there's nothing to do to do about it it took two conditions and took
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a lot of effort and then the international community stepped in and strongly backed a back to a clear process between twenty twelve and twenty and twenty forty so i think the burden relied on the same groups who were able once the mobilized and started in twenty eleven to come together and say now this is the time to come to come together with a clear plan the difference with yemen that we have some sort of a plan we have some sort of an idea how to move from the current situation to a federal as a federal system we need to support the local and the local them at the local level so they can afford them having a functioning and law and order at the local level and i think then i think in the in the future if the southerners were still unsatisfied then they can have the right sort of random but from the region from a point a until that time we need a lot of work and we need a strong commitment and strong word even by the international community what seems
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to be happening right there and you can tell me having the allergies the cunning in the air you hire the people master listening and we'll take action on your advice many thanks to both of you for joining us today for a very interesting discussion indeed shabaan and now bill horry. i'd like you very much for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website as al-jazeera dot com and of other discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter at a j inside story from me laura call and the whole team here it's by phone that. we have your zip data we know the products the buying everything that you're doing that's really where the power of the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and the threat do you believe that any of your companies have
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a den of fide the full scope of russian active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game after changed there are no president people in power investigates this information and democracy at this time on a. journey through memories scarred by sri lanka's civil war. divisions and mental good still run deep. as a once exiled tamil guerrilla struggles to comprehend how things went so wrong. demons in paradise a witness documentary at this time zero. with a big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people struction say if you're trying to provide the best most curious up to date
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information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off on things to pin that you realize you witness history in the making. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time when al-jazeera. mass graves found in me and maher video appears to confirm the massacre of hundreds of professional muslims and attempts to cover up the crimes.
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and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up but a mosque is calling a dangerous development the palestinian groups leader ismail haniya is designated a global terrorist by the u.s. government which. poland senate approves a bill that seeks to criminalize anyone who blames the country for nazi war crimes that is despite warnings from israel and the u.s. . at the f.b.i. publicly opposes the push by the white house and republicans to release a secret memo alleging bias in the agency. early release video appears to show evidence of a massacre of a hunch of muslims and me and maher last year associated press says it's confirmed at least five previously reported mass graves the video appears to show the bodies of.


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