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if i can help them with lots of things that news is forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums is about forming a new life here and part of life is culture from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. mass graves found in myanmar video appears to confirm the massacre of hundreds of earth and of muslims and attempts to cover up the crimes.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up what a mosque is calling a dangerous development the palestinian groups leader ismail haniya is designated a global terrorist by the u.s. government. of a lifetime ban for more than two dozen russian olympic athletes were doping has been lifted clearing the way for them to compete and the winter games. the f.b.i. is questioning the facts of a secret congressional in the donald trump plans to release suggesting the agency abused its power. at least five mass graves have been found in me and maher which they associated press news agency says confirm the massacre of hundreds over henschel last year the video appears to show bodies and puddles that asset apparently used to destroy
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evidence of the killings agency spoke to villagers who say up to four hundred people may have been killed and go to pin last august in our government as declining to comment on the report it so far acknowledged one mass grave containing what it calls ten terrorists almost a seven hundred thousand my hand to have fled across the border to bangladesh since the me i'm army launched its crackdown on the muslim minority last august army commanders say they are only targeting armed groups bangladesh governments they have agreed to voluntarily repatriate the right engine but the implementation has been delayed and the u.n. says it's not. not enough rather spend the safety of her hand to her return has more from. the associated press news agency has released a video it says confirms reports of a massacre of revenge of muslims in myanmar last year a.p. says the pictures of here to show the bodies are buried may. its investigation
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suggest at least five previously unreported mass creation of been found the news agency spoke to villagers who say the number of dead could be as high as four hundred. wherever was injured but still life after the attack was thrown into flames young men like myself managed to escape the attack but others like small children and women couldn't run away in time they were either killed or tied up and thrown inside homes by the military which they burnt down using launchers. it's not the massacre took place in. the kind staged. a few weeks ago for the first time the military here said that soldiers were involved in civilian deaths it acknowledged one mass grave containing the bodies of ten rangers it's called terrorists the u.n. says reports of more mass graves warrants further investigation. i do not have the details of this particular site or the village. but it is.
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it is. you can see it's a pattern that we said earlier. you know we had that tonight to leave massa but india is where the mass graves were discovered. but when i was talking to some of the refugees amounted to me he had he had four hundred in thirty plus bodies before he escaped his town. and i received growing names of people who. let you kill or missing so this is something that needs to be investigated and this is why we've called for a fact finding mission and human rights watch says there's growing evidence of genocide in rakhine state what is most worrisome about this report beyond obviously the killings is now the effort to cover this up that they discovered. in some instances acid is being used to burn off the features of the people killed or
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burned off the fingerprints to try to obstruct any accountability and that shows a degree of pre-planning that will really i think impact the international community's decisions about whether this is constitutes genocide or not you know mars government has previously denied any reports of a massacre it has now cut off access to good up in other than tightly controlled government troops the area north and with kind state where there was violence has been closed off to the u.n. humanitarian groups and journalists it's got harder al jazeera young gone to borders journalist detained and man maher has been denied bail by allowing casso were arrested in england in december while covering there ahead of her crisis by the news agency their kids are violating the official secrets act and face up to fourteen years in jail. says u.s. sanctions against its political leader will not stop it from resisting israeli occupation washington has designated ismail haniya
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a terrorist and he had call for an uprising ran into fatah against israel after donald trump decision to recognize for his i miss israel's capital. works the united states formally declared the palestinian group hamas a terrorist organization in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven twenty one years later washington says hamas is political chief. is himself a specially designated global terrorist because thanks to his leadership hamas has killed seventeen americans the designation is that any assets honey a house in the u.s. are now frozen he can't travel there and u.s. persons cannot give him any financial support one official says honey a is a clear threat to u.s. national security and he has been a member of hamas since the one nine hundred eighty s. and he rose through the ranks in large part but continually championing terrorism against israel. and his calls for
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a renewed into fatah just last month underscore how important today's designation is we will not be distracted by hamas as efforts to obscure its true and bloody nature of the land my honey a call for a new uprising against israel in december because of this we are no to los or to a lasting peace agreement between israel and the palestinians the us president donald trump's decision to recognize your islam as the capital of israel something mandated by congress welcomed by the israeli government and condemned by palestinians who want east jerusalem to be the capital of their future nation while honey i attended a funeral for a hamas member his aides told reporters they don't take the us is move seriously while the other side of. it is clear that putting the name of ismail haniya on the terrorism list by the americans came at a time that the us administration is targeting jerusalem and putting sanctions and
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preventing the aid of the morra which is a continuation of the crimes against the palestinian people that it is it is not always thought we had looked at this it is forbidden or does them no religion it's for this reason we are considering this statement of is the foolish statement committed by people who know nothing about what freedom for the us says it will do all it can to stop hamas from destabilizing the middle east the problem for the trumpet ministration a ma says it won't be deterred rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington very often has a publicist and political commentator he joins us now from tel aviv and we appreciate your time considering the mood at the trump administration has made as a pertains to the israeli palestinian situation is this really a surprise. it's not a surprise and actually doesn't have a real effect on the ground because it's not that i was coming to the united states
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every few months to meet with people do come as considered to be a terrorist organization according to the u.s. and therefore it's more like a media statement a public statement it doesn't have a real serious effect on things on the ground however we need to know actually at that i was going to ask you that that obviously changes things for him specifically but does it really have a broader effect than that and if it doesn't then why do it i finger to the trumpet ministration would like to show that is fighting to income a season is still a terrorist organization hamas is not ready to work it now is the right of israel to exist and hamas is not to going to put down its weapon and continue to do five not just to its soldiers but also israelis civilians so therefore i think the
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world can hope to treat comest like a real partner for peace i want to remind the nia the other fact was also considered to be a terrorist but once out of five declared that he recognized the right of israel to exist and he would like to stop the negotiation peacefully we did in the united states then the ration chains and he became a partner in no two ways so the ball is in the hamas hands ok and then make a decision that can create a told. you so do you think that i mean it doesn't sound like hamas is going to respond the way that it seems to trying to ministration want them to so quit it actually makes the situation worse. i think that when you look at about the statement it's very easy to make statements but when you look at what is going on then you have to make compromises and to be realistic israelis talking would come us to egypt the united states is also talking with people in gaza that
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connected to hamas so in to the media you can say that they are all terrorist we are not talking with them but behind the scenes the conversation between israel united states and hamas that the charging the gaza strip will remain ok so ok. thank you very much running us from tel aviv we appreciate it. israel says it's adamantly opposed to a polish bill that would make it illegal to suggest poland was complicit in the nazi holocaust or house back the draft legislation despite objections from israel and the us the bill is signed into law by the president some offenses can carry jail sentences of up to three years not just for show research of the past is not threatened in any way talking about the past and analyzing this past even the darkest shameful part of the polish past is not present in any way poland is a democratic state of law respecting the freedom of public debate respecting
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scientific research respecting the right to criticism. of our no this law has a very wide scope of application it may also refer to the discussion about history which takes place in every country also in poland especially about the newest history about the times of the nazi occupation this public discussion should take place without any obstacles you cannot take place under the supervision of the prosecutor on the pole and says it's trying to restore its reputation and clear its name in history so here's a reminder of history poland was invaded by nazi germany in one thousand and thirty nine it was home to europe's largest jewish population at the time nazi occupiers built and operated notorious concentration camps like alice with censure blanka three million polish jews were killed during the holocaust now critics of the bill argue that allows the government to deny some cases in which polish complicity and nazi war crimes has been proven that the conservative government says the country
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was a victim and not a perpetrator of nazi crimes. brings us the israeli reaction of prime minister islam. well this crisis in relations between israel and poll has really been deepening since friday last week when the lower house of parliament voted in favor of this bill israel reacting with outrage admonishing the deputy ambassador here in israel of prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that history could not be written that it was forbidden to deny the holocaust the polish perspective on this is that they are trying to clear their name from phrases such as polish death camps indeed in this latest vote in the senate the justice minister said just that that poland could not allow itself to continue to be insulted in this way now this vote has come as something of a surprise to israel because there was a conversation between the prime minister here and the polish prime minister in which it was understood that there would be further negotiations and dialogue before a second vote took place now in the early hours of thursday morning there has been
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this vote a vote in favor and now it just awaits a presidential seal before this becomes law as far as israel is concerned this is really an obvious cation of what has been shown to be widespread collusion and complicity by many individual polls during the period they were under occupation after the nazi invasion in one hundred thirty nine that does seem to be the weight of historical research particularly here in israel where there is of course a lot of historical research on this issue as far as the holocaust memorial here yad vashem is concerned it has denoted six thousand seven hundred poles who acted during that time to try to save jewish lives as righteous among the nations a designation given to those who did so without any reward at risk of their own lives to try and save jews from the holocaust but there is research here which suggests that there are many more poles who did hand in their jewish neighbors.
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human rights watch says armed groups linked to the self-styled libyan national army are preventing thousands of internally displaced families from and turning to benghazi and january general khalifa haftar who leads the l n a instructed his forces to the still take the return of displaced people they were part of an estimated thirteen thousand families who fled benghazi after heart launched a campaign against armed groups there in two thousand and fourteen but human rights watch says many libyans are reporting torture forced disappearances and property theft upon their return so ahead on al jazeera we take a look at the grassroots mobile network that's helping mexico's indigenous communities keep in touch with the rest of the world.
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hello there there's lots of fine calm weather across the northern parts of asia at the moment we do have this little area of cloud though that's been drifting its way across japan that's a developing feature and it's still with us as we head through the day on friday it's very very close to that southeastern corner of honshu so it does look like tokyo will catch a few showers at times during the day towards the west though largely fine and dry except for this is leiria of snow that's gradually edging its way eastwards it is intensifying as it does so so some of the coasts here could just see some rain or some snow at times further west though generally quite quiet here beijing as a maximum getting to warn degree now going further towards the south and here it's been pretty cool recently over the southeastern parts of china the temperatures have finally recovered in shanghai but often long as we head into saturday they drop from six down to one degree very very cold and that cool weather is also flowing very quickly towards the south hong kong as a maximum just thirteen is not going to be quite that bad in hanoi actually friday
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looks like the cooler today the winds here will be quite strong thoughts are likely to be quite cloudy and by saturday the temperatures are recovering and the winds easing to for the southeastern parts of asia is fine in lose on the further south there's plenty of showers particularly over borneo. to journey through memories twice sure lank is civil war. divisions and mental wounds still run deep. as a once exiled tamil gorilla struggles to comprehend how things went so wrong. demons in paradise a witness documentary but this time. you're
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now the un special repertoire to me and maher says violence against the russian ship bears the hallmarks of genocide associated press news agency says the discovery of five mass graves confirms the killing of hundreds last year in our government has declined to comment. says it won't stop resisting the israeli occupation despite the leader of the palestinian group being designated a close terrorist by the us government its frozen ismail haniya its financial assets and imposed a travel ban on. israel says it's adamantly opposed to a polish bill that would make it illegal to suggest poland was complicit in the nazi holocaust upper house back the draft legislation despite objections from
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israel and the u.s. . the f.b.i. has raised questions about the accuracy of a seeker congressional memo that suggests the agency and justice department abused their power the white house intends to release the classified document that contains allegations of anti-trust bias our white house correspondent kimberly reports. thank you and god bless america goodbye for many people it was the text of donald trump state of the union speech that made headlines instead it was his unscripted comments as he left the chamber referencing a secret memo purporting to show top law enforcement tools were used for political purposes the twenty sixteen presidential election was released for iraq the war on the. right. it's a classified memo written by top republicans and members of the house intelligence committee they allege shows a misuse of power by the f.b.i.
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and justice department under the obama administration will investigating the truck campaign during the u.s. election republicans on the house intelligence committee voted on monday to release the classified memo to the public despite protests from democratic lawmakers am the department of justice the memo al the partisan decision to make it public have only intensified the controversy surrounding the inquiry by special counsel robert muller into accusations of russian election meddling a potential kulu with the trump presidential campaign democrats argue it is all part of a wider effort by republicans and the white house to undermine the bowler investigation by continually raising questions about its fairness recent reports suggest trump himself wanted to fire moller state's new stuff thank you. very well you're going
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straight story the russia investigation has clouded trump's presidency from the start yet as truck checked off his list of what he sees a successes of his first year there was barely a mention of russia in his state of the union speech and despite an almost unanimous vote by legislators to further sanction russia for interfering. in the u.s. election the white house on monday decided not to move ahead with those sanctions the white house has received a classified memo and says it's under review the president now has five days to make good on his promise to make it public kimberly how to al-jazeera washington. twenty eight russian athletes have had their lifetime bans from the one pick sport overturned in just over a week out from the winter olympic games and. that decision was made by the court of arbitration for sport after an appeal last month had been banned by the international olympic committee for a job being at the two thousand and fourteen games in sochi but the court found
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there was insufficient evidence so it's going out of reach chalons live from moscow so these particular athletes obviously it's a big win it's an excuse me it's a vindication i assume but this in some perspective for a story. well we're only two months away from presidential elections here in russia and i have to say this decision from the court of arbitration in sport is basically and nice beautiful president vladimir putin wrapped up in a in a pretty ribbon it basically supports the position that russia has had for lawns i mean certainly one that you hear over and over and over again when you are in the country that russia is essentially a kind of besieged fortress surrounded by largely hostile worlds and so this decision does come as a vindication russia has always said that there was very little evidence to support
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the cases of the world anti doping agency and the international olympic committee and the various details involved in the many reports russia said that didn't amount to not much in this court of arbitration for sport decision basically does support that it's worth pointing out that the cast did say that this decision does not necessarily mean that these athletes are innocent only that they couldn't find enough evidence to prove their guilt but i think the subtleties of that message and not really going to be trumpeted soo much here in russia we've had various very satisfied messages coming out of the kremlin from the sports ministry and from disgraced former sports minister vitaly mco as well so what happens next story. that is a big question or there are many big questions about what happens next and it's too soon to say really but we have had the response from the international olympic
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committee i mean it's very clear that their case against russia or the on the anti doping front is thrown in serious disarray the international olympic committee says that actually this is going to hit the anti doping campaign in general there is now going to be and it's already begun a scramble in russia to gets the. readmitted to the olympic games that would really be is just about to start in south korea the i.o.c. says that is not a done deal because the russian olympic committee is still banned as an organization the i.o.c. has to invite each of these athletes individually to compete and it's not automatic the that will happen because of this cas decision i.o.c. can appeal the cast decision but that has to be done in a swiss federal tribunals and the actual criteria for a successful appeal are pretty pretty small i have to say that what it is this does
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in the in the kind of short run on officially at least is basically recalculates the medal table for the sochi two thousand and fourteen winter olympics and basically puts russia back at the top of that medal table ok for a challenge to live in moscow thank you german politicians have voted to allow refugees to start bringing their closest relatives into the country later this year a two year suspension on family vacations will be extended for the coming months but will eventually be lifted from august the issue has been a major hurdle in ongoing talks to form a new government between chancellor merkel's christian democrats and the opposition social democrats paul brennan has the latest for us from berlin. this is a major breakthrough in the in terms of actually hoping to get a coalition deal done by the self-imposed deadline of next sunday because the issue of refugee family reunification had been a major sticking point for the coalition talks that have been dragging on now for
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in excess of four months since that general election took place what it effectively essentially entails is that six months from now the band that has been in place since two thousand and sixteen stopping people here in germany from bringing the relatives from places like syria the ban will will be lifted and that a thousand relatives per month will be permitted to come to germany it is a deal that means that all sides can sell this as a success to their supporters the center right c.d.u. that angle americans party go to their supporters and say look we're keeping a tight control on the numbers keeping a tight control on immigration and they can sell that to their supporters the center left the junior coalition partner the s.p.d. can go to their supporters and say look this ban that has been in place for two years now and for another six months to come we finally lifted that ban it's going to be finished in six months time we're going to have people reunited again with
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their loved ones so they can sell that to their supporters on the far right the f.d.a. can point to their supporters and say look the right of people to come to germany has gone it's not going to be a right anymore it's going to be on an ad hoc basis essentially in the hands of the authorities to grant permissions so all sides it seems are going to be happy and now the coalition talks to move on to other less important let less sticky things such as social policy the hopes are that by this time next week we might actually have a functioning german government again. the cancellation of a pop concert in israel has provoked what's thought to be the first legal action of its kind there two people from new zealand are being sued for urging the singer lorde to join the artistic boycott against israel days later the musician did cancel her concert in tel of the scheduled in june and israeli law allows civil lawsuits against anyone calling for a boycott against israel israeli law groups and teen is suing for emotional injury
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caused to three ticket holders and wandered around thirteen thousand dollars for compensation we're not doing this to get any money the lawsuit is a moral i don't ideological lawsuit. we just want to send a message that if you call to boycott against israel you're going to have to deal with the ramifications afterwards and everything that comes with it. a grassroots mobile phone network built in rural mexico is connecting and different communities in the world affordability as its change selling point however the network could be about to get more expensive as an hour of hollow reports from the haka state and the. deal to reese is paying his mobile phone bill forty or roughly three dollars for unlimited calls for the money as a municipal employee in the town of something ness in southern mexico that is his most valuable tool for coordinating public works up until a few years ago however something this population seven hundred fifty was just one
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of countless areas left in the dark by telecom companies that was until a nonprofit group called the indigenous communities telecommunications network came to town. it has helped a lot not only for this community but for the people of two or three neighboring towns who come here to use the service has been a big help. for years the police had gone out to cell service providers to expand their coverage but without a profit incentive telecom companies aren't known for making investments in rural villages some estimates suggest that more than forty percent of mexicans live in areas outside of cell phone reach. but with the installation of two when tennis and a single call routing system half the population of something else isn't how connected at a price they can afford there is a problem however the mexican government has charged the nonprofit group who built the network nearly one million pesos about fifty two thousand dollars to operate.
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said to me you can make a thousand calls in a month and it won't generate any cost it's only going to cost you if you call long distance so i don't think it's for but as we say the government is the government and they're always trying to apply their taxes. through the mobile phone network to what the people of something is can finally contact emergency services make long distance calls or simply order a cab. members of low income communities invest their own money to create the network locally sourcing materials to build entire communications infrastructure the result is mobile phone and internet services and almost ninety eight percent lower cost than other providers in mexico. the network is still new and far from perfect but locals seem thrilled to have any service at all. for public workers like deal the user own network is about more than just connectivity it means the members of his community are being better served. welcome mexico.
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to recap the headlines right now on al-jazeera the un special to man maher says violence against the right hand the hallmarks of genocide associated press news agency says the discovery of five mass graves confirms the killing of hundreds last year ma'am our government has declined to comment. un special operator imam maher is banned from entering the country she says the military's actions are part of a deliberate pattern of violence talks of repatriation at this time and clearly premature well the government of bangladesh made it clear to me that no refugees would be forced back to me and my i remain concerned about whether any safeguards exist to ensure that any returns are truly voluntary safe dignified and sustainable. it won't stop resisting the israeli occupation after the leader of the
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palestinian group was designated a global terrorist by the us government its frozen ismail honey is financial assets also imposed a travel ban says the us decision is a violation of international law. israel says it's adamantly opposed to a polish bill that would make it illegal to suggest poland was complicit in the nazi holocaust the upper house back the draft legislation despite objections from israel and also from the us. twenty eight russian athletes have had their lifetime ban from the live export overturned just a week out from the winter olympic games and yung chang the decision was made by the court of arbitration for sport after an appeal last month each had been banned by the international olympic committee for joe ping at the two thousand and fourteen games in sochi but the court found there was and sufficient evidence. german politicians have voted to allow refugees to start bringing their closest relatives and to the country later this year a two year suspension on family reunifications will be extended for the coming
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months but will eventually be lifted beginning in august those are the headlines news continues keep it here on al-jazeera inside story next and then more news after that. yemen has further split with age and under the control of saddam separatists the internationally recognized government is confined to the presidential palace so how does that complicate the sound you led war against confused rebels and is yemen on the way to inevitable politician this is inside story.


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