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it took was a pen a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled seven to the never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood at this time news has never been moolah i think but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the news on live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes kenya's
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high court orders the government to reopen t.v. stations that blocks the brawl costing rather of doing is mock inauguration evidence of more mass graves and mammal the u.n. says the violence against working to muslims has all the hallmarks of genocide the memo that's the talk of washington the f.b.i. says it documents suggest the abuse of power within its ranks is full of inaccuracies. and i'm he is famous in the top story in sports the life time a limb pick bands of twenty eight russian athletes all lifted by the court of arbitration for sport that's just over a week out from the winter olympic games. so kenya is a high court has ordered the government to reopen several t.v. stations it shut down on choose day the country's top three t.v. networks were taken off the air after they try to brawl costs a mult inauguration ceremony held by the opposition leader. the move provoked an
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outcry from journalists and human rights groups is catherine soy. lunchtime news at n.t.v. one of three t.v. stations switched off by the communications of foreign of kenya on tuesday the news bulletin was only available online cutting off millions of iranians nationwide race who can't afford the internet. was his why opposition leader right loading or taking an informal oath swearing to be as he called himself the people's president tens of thousands of his supporters rather more cannot gratian a tuesday government wants t.v. stations against providing live coverage because of security reasons the directive was ignored by some the government allowed the event took place so i don't get the sense of what is legal but is allowed to take place. and then it will be an offense i don't understand the ministers. why they are allowed
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the event but cannot allow coverage the high court has now ordered the resumption of t.v. services until a challenge to the government ban is had in two weeks the cabinet secretary in charge of security to sit in this office of the president says that hughes day symbolic swearing in of rollo dinka was an attempt to overthrow the government and a threat to national security he say the t.v. stations that were taken off air while facilitating that illegality and. police have also arrested the lawyer who presided over the whole thing and have declared the national resistance movement an organized criminal opposition coalition started the movement last year to push for electoral reforms through peaceful resistance these opposition leaders say plans to intimidate them won't work really for for a long time to give this country a new constitution and twenty. the constitution
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really with all the freedoms that it entails is under serious attack right now but being a says he doesn't recognize a horror as president because he won the presidential election last august the result was invalidated by the supreme court it remains unclear what his next steps will be or even what he's styled peoples president really means catherine sorry al-jazeera nairobi kenya. at least five previously unreported mass graves have been uncovered in me and that's according to the associated press news agency the un special rapporteur has called for a fact finding mission to be given access to the sites when contacted by a desire of the myanmar government to decline to comment on the latest reports of mass graves and more than six hundred ninety thousand ranger fled me since military crackdown was launched last year scott heidi reports now from young on. the
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associated press news agency has released a video it says confirms reports of a massacre of revenge of muslims in myanmar last year a.p. says the pictures of here to show the bodies are buried may. its investigation suggest at least five previously unreported mass creation of been found the news agency spoke to villagers who say the number of dead could be as high as four hundred miles in that of the other that it amounted to. whoever was injured but still alive after the attack was thrown into flames young men like myself managed to escape the attack but others like small children and women couldn't run away in time for when they were either killed or tied up and thrown inside homes by the military which they burnt down using launchers. it's not the massacre took place in dark in a kind state and a few weeks ago for the first time the military here said that soldiers were involved in civilian deaths it acknowledged one mass grave containing the bodies of ten rangers it's called terrorists the u.n.
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says reports of more mass graves warrant further investigation. i do not have the details of this particular site in the village. but it is. it is. you can see a pattern that we said earlier. you know we had that tonight to leave massa but that's where the mass graves were discovered. but when i was talking to some of the refugees amounted to me he had he had buried four hundred in thirty plus body before he escaped his town. and i received growing names of people who i let you kill for missing so this is something that needs to be investigated and this is why we've called for a fact finding mission and human rights watch says there's growing evidence of
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genocide in rakhine state what is most worrisome about this report beyond obviously the killings is now the effort to cover this up that they discovered. in some instances acid is being used to burn off the features of the people killed or burned off the fingerprints to try to obstruct any accountability and that shows a degree of pre-planning that will really i think impact the international community's decisions about whether this is constitutes genocide or not you know mars government has previously denied any reports of a massacre it has now cut off access to good up in other than tightly controlled government trip to the area north of what kind state where there was violence has been closed off to the u.n. humanitarian groups and journalists it's got harder al-jazeera yangon well earlier we spoke to the associated press journalist forced a clue who told us how his team verified the footage. we found
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a guy named mohammed. who worked at the kiosk in one of the camps and he had the original cell phone memory card that he had taken in myanmar and he wrapped it up with plastic and tied it to his thigh you know and walked through these checkpoints and into bangladesh without it getting taken so we had the original footage of these graves now to verify and we asked him in numerable questions about what was in these videos how he knew what was in the videos where he was when he took them and then we went to nearly two dozen other people from the village separately to ask them similar questions about those videos and you know pretty much everyone agreed it was good up here and everyone recognized you know things as granular as the placement of banana trees or you know where rice paddies were in relation to
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you know trees the background of various hills so we felt pretty confident that these videos were authentic we have the actual memory card with the time stamp showing the date that it was taken at the time and then we have the corroborating evidence from the people there lots of videos including of a good option but without the time stamp they just have much less weight. or un six general antonio tears is calling for the release of two reuters journalists detained and well. arrested in young going in december while covering the ranger crisis for the news agency are accused of violating the official secrets act and face up to fourteen years in jail they have been refused bail. the f.b.i. is questioning the accuracy of a secret congressional memo that claims law enforcement tools we use for political purposes in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the many written by top republicans and members of the house intelligence committee suggest the f.b.i.
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and justice department misused that power as one investigating the truck campaign republicans voted on monday to publicly release the documents a move opposed by democrats in the department of justice they say it's part of a wider effort to undermine the probe by special counsel robert he's investigating claims of russian election meddling in potential collusion with the trump campaign let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly how could he joins us live now from the white house that can you tell us more about what's going on and when then if i guess we might see this memo. and michel we had thought that we would see that memo being released today thursday but it's now looking more and more like this will be friday before the public gets a chance to see what is in this memo that is highly controversial the latest is after of course it was voted out of the house intelligence committee on monday and sent to the white house is that the white house legal team was reviewing it we understand it's been widely reported that sections of it have been redacted and it
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will be sent back to capitol hill potentially for release on friday this could all change it has continued to change by the hour but that is the latest reporting that we're hearing but certainly there are many on capitol hill as well as the head of the f.b.i. concerned about this release saying that this would not only compromise national security but there is the concern that this is a highly partisan document having said that republicans on the opposite side of the political spectrum pushing very hard for this to be released because they believe that this will show that there has been considerable political politicized they should or compromising at the f.b.i. level and the department of justice in the probe into whether or not there was collusion as well as russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election that is a belief held by the president and his chief of staff john kelly who are saying that they want to see this released as soon as possible and i imagine it's it's easy to see how some might say that this is an attack on the state institutions.
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it certainly does undermine public confidence even the fact that where no matter where you sit on the political spectrum this is certainly eroding that public confidence and that has been one of the broader concerns that has been articulated because what you have essentially as we started out this week with dueling memos there was one drafted by the republicans one drafted by the democrats but in this highly political and polarized time the house intelligence committee which is currently controlled by republicans voted to only make the republican memo public and that is certainly a concern for democrats who accuse the republicans of cherry picking the information now we know that it has potentially been further redacted by the white house so certainly there will be calls into question with regard to its accuracy is authenticity and as well there are also concerns about what impact it will have on
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the russia probe and whether or not those outcomes will also be question which is something of grave concern to democrats so certainly the public is left scratching its head feeling even more frustrated with lawmakers than they were before and again the level of confidence among the public and their lawmakers just continues to plummet as a result a lot at stake all right kimberly thanks very much and it can be hard to reporting that. people still to come here in the new zapata and senate's passes a controversial little that will regulate holocaust speech raging israel a plenty more fish in the city north according to research as in hong kong who say over fishing of reefs is driving some species to extinction. and form a fee for chief said blacks are still has plenty to find him and it's played only in sport. a large explosion has been heard in turkey's comparable incur according to the
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local government the blast was caused by a boiler exploding in the tax office he says the building was empty and there are no reports of casualties. or a nine hundred fifty minus in south africa stuck underground all through a storm knocked out power that betrays goldmine is near the city of welcome in central freestate the mining company says the work because of being supplied with food and water and are not in immediate danger. israel says it is adamantly opposed to a polish bill that would make it illegal to suggest that poland was complicit in the nazi holocaust ireland's upper house backed the draft legislation despite objections from israel and from the united states air force it is more on how the move is being seen in israel. in the early hours of thursday morning polish senators voted to pass a bill that israel says is designed to hide the truth about poland's role in the holocaust nazi occupied poland was the second world war site of some of the worst horrors of the holocaust the concentration camp birkenau has become its most potent
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symbol but poland objects to terms such as polish death camps instead of nazi ones pointing out poles were victims of invasion then occupation. we are very sad and surprised our fight for the truth for the dignity of paul's is perceived and interpreted in this way as. the bill would punish without the three years' imprisonment anyone accusing the polish nation of complicity in the extermination of the jews or domestic opponents of the proposed law its terms are to groove. for the sort of public discussion should take place without any obstacles it cannot take place under the supervision of the prosecutor after poland's lower house voted the bill through last friday israel's prime minister called it an attempt to rewrite history demanding the proposed legislation be amended israeli government says it adamantly opposed to this second vote adding that no law can change historical truth and there is support in the israeli parliament the knesset for
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a bill here to challenge the polish one by offering protection legally to anyone prosecuted for their views on the holocaust overseas and making it illegal to deny complicity in the holocaust as well as the event itself opposition leader appeared his great grandmother was killed in poland is one of the law's sponsors if you see the candle for the senate is in there for hours you know the last couple of weeks in poland to do this. do you understand why is it so important for us to be able to maintain the memory of the holocaust is that what really happened during the years a certain age forty five jews were murdered and poles were helping israel's holocaust memorial yad vashem pays tribute to nearly seven thousand poles who didn't save their jewish neighbors at the height of the holocaust but one of israel's leading scholars on the period says many more poles were complicit and corinth research shows us that many of those jews were killed not because of the
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german something they were handed to the germans but by poorly citizens by poles who found them to polish government this bill is an effort to stop a defeated occupied nation from being defamed as a partner in the nazi genocide to israelis it seems like an attempt to shield thousands of polish citizens from blame for said al-jazeera west jerusalem well it's a mystery let's take it on we can speak to dr william black a who's a lecturer in eastern european culture at university college in london joins us now welcome to the program so why is this happening right now what's happening in poland that. has led to the policy this well this is part of the politics of the current government in poland the law and justice party and it's kind of the the latest in a long series of steps that they've been taking since they came to power. to sort of entrench for us now from the national mythologies in the law so this is a party it's a populist party it's a nationalist party. in an attempt to kind of appeal to its electoral best wants to
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be seen as the party that defends polish identity the polish nation polish history against. you know falsification seen as going to kind of standing up for poles and polish writers as this is part of that and on the other hand israel would say that poland is kind of the versioning history are they right and that accusation. i think the there would be something to that accusation i mean this new law seems to be an attempt basically to limit discussion about what happened in poland during the second world war in the context of the nazi occupation. this is a very complex history you know the roles of paul's in relation to what was going on to the nazis policies towards the jews it's very complicated people you know had those very different behaviors in that situation in an extreme situation and it's you know it's a topic which is still under research still needs more discussion and it still
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hasn't it's not something which you know polish society has i think completely comes to terms with you know a lot has happened in poland in terms of coming to terms of what happened during the holocaust in the history of polish jewish relations a lot of good things have happened you know over the last going to twenty five thirty years. and this unfortunately seems to be rolling back a little bit so poland would say that it is wrong to call camps like ours for its polish death camps is that right the poles right to say that yes i think they are right to say that i mean these were. up by the nazis. yes on occupied polish territory but you know poles in these camps were the victims you know so calling using this term paul is therefore it's misleading it gives the impression you know the years of shifting the blame from the perpetrator to the victim so i think in that sense of course they're correct in objecting to this show
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all right well it's certainly a complicated story but so many thanks for explaining it for us with your record thank you. an israeli legal rights group is suing two new zealanders for allegedly convincing the singer lorde to cancel her concert in israel is thought to be the first case filed under a two thousand and eleven and all that allows civil lawsuits against anyone calling for boycott against israel the new zealanders writes a letter to the world last month urging her to take a stand and join the artistic point where days later she canceled her june concert in tel aviv well the israeli law group should not heidi is suing on behalf of three would be concert goers and they want about thirteen thousand dollars for emotional injury caused by the cancellation we're not doing that to get any money the lawsuit is a moral i don't ideological off it. we just want to send a message that if you call a boycott against israel you're going to have to deal with the ramifications
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afterward and everything that comes with it twenty eight russian athletes have had their lifetime bans from a limp export overturned just over a week before the winter olympic games in pyongyang the international olympic committee says its campaign against doping has been shaken by the decision or challenge reports now from austria such a gold medalist alexandra lead cough silver medalist. gold medalist alexander tretiak of just three of the twenty eight russian athletes who've have their limpid doping bans overturned and their results at the last winter olympics in russia four years ago reinstated after their appeals were upheld by the court of arbitration for sport the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that's an anti-doping rule violation it was committed. concerned. this does not mean that these twenty that innocence but in their case you do in selfish and
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evidence the held it's a setback for the case built against russia by the international olympic committee and world anti-doping agency. putin has often said the anti doping allegations against russia are politically motivated even that they are designed to interfere in the upcoming presidential elections or that voice is less than two months away now and so for the kremlin cass's decision is a timely gift it fits neatly into a picture often painted here certainly one regularly offered by the government and state media of russia as a besieged fortress righteously defending itself against a largely hostile world and russia is now pushing for its previously disgraced sports men and women to be readmitted to the winter olympics starting next week in south korea because just. the court of arbitration for sport confirmed athletes are
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clean and earned the right to take part in the olympics so the russian olympic committee will send a letter to the international olympic committee suggesting they allow athletes to compete in the olympic games. despite what russia's sports minister says the international olympic committee notes cass's points a lack of evidence doesn't prove the innocence of those athletes for now the i.o.c. seems reluctant to readmit them to compete in pyongyang the result of the caste decision does not mean that athletes from the group of twenty eight will be invited to the games not being sanctioned does not automatically confer the privilege of an invitation still provided it's not overturned on appeal the caste decision means russia has the legal momentum in a country where sport and politics often march together that's a boon for its athletes and the kremlin will reach alan's how does iraq oscar. the
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man who drove his van into a crowd outside a london mosque last year has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder one person was killed and nine people were injured when darren osborne rammed his violin to worship his infant republic prosecutors said that old boy was influenced by far right of ideology and motivated by hatred of muslims u.k. correspondent part of the phillips was this report donal's born in a pub in wales days before the attack the police call him a hate filled with a history of violence drug and alcohol abuse in the pub he wrote a letter which was found in the van he used for the attack a letter so full of hatred for muslims say the police that it's too offensive to release he rents the van to drive to london police say to find muslim targets he says he wanted to kill opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn he drove all over london arriving at the muslim welfare house in finsbury park after midnight where people were leaving after ramadan prayers and one man happened to fall ill on the
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street c.c.t.v. footage shows the van moments before it drove into the crowd on the left of the screen. darnall scorn drove down this road the seven sisters road into this little cul de sac where a crowd of people were trying to help mark riley who by coincidence had fallen ill just a few moments before he plowed into the crowd as he got out of his vile i wouldn't think court said that he was smiling the local eman protected him from the crowd until the police arrived moments later the crew say that this was an attack on all londoners why do you know why the police have released a call from someone who asks for help is he conscious. then specifics we hear the attack. are already come out of people are going oh you know the police told me darren osborne acted alone but right wing
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extremism is a growing threat in britain we have arrested more individuals than we've ever done in relation to domestic extremism related activity. we've seen three groups described by the government the government has also appointed a new extremist commissioner which is welcome. and we are pushing more people through our prevent and channel program relevant to again this category of people down those boards attack was a shock to a very diverse community in this part of london a troubled individual who turned into a politically motivated killer barnaby phillips al-jazeera finsbury park in north london. so ahead here on the program a comedian faces charges for a joke about the saudi king campaign is a press freedom is under threat and. i'm going to scientists in a little thousands of migrants continue to try to reach the united states but at this arrival point for deportees. people tell us the roots have become much more
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dangerous now to. the new england patriots and philadelphia eagles hit the training ground as the countdown to the super bowl continues. hello there the weather is all come down across the middle east now our weather system is moving away from afghanistan behind it there's just this rather feeble one making its way across the caspian sea there's not really a great deal of this though so just a few lighter outbreaks of snow we're likely on friday for most of us it will be dry and fine tear on well the temperatures will be getting to around eight degrees but it's still cool for us in kuwait i think we'll stick around nineteen as we head through the next day or say here in doha it's definitely been quite fresh recently
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and that's thanks to the wind there will be working down from the northwest bringing in that cool air twenty two degrees of our maximum at the moment dropping down to around thirteen at night that's in the city but we will see the winds pick up on saturday so saturday will feel like a cool day if you are out in that wind it will feel quite cool down towards the southern parts of africa we've certainly got some lively weather here in this area of thunderstorms has been working its way eastwards giving us some very very heavy downpours but we haven't seen the last of it just yet it forms a once more as we head through friday and still giving us some sharp showers there showers really get going as we head through into saturday and then it's a little bit further towards the north it's here working its way across joburg here will likely see some very lively thunderstorms. what makes this movement this spirit we're living for so you need to know this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding
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a distortion is that of what free speech is supposed to be about the context of hugely important we have a right to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoked or whatever those people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intent to recover includes that we don't dip in and out of the stories we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters.
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and again a reminder the top stories here are knowledge there and kenya's government has been ordered to reopen several t.v. stations which were shut tell them choose to try to broadcast a moka inauguration ceremony for the opposition leader wyler danger and these five previously on the porch of mass graves of revenge of muslims don't cover to me and that's according to the associated press news agency. the f.b.i. is questioning the accuracy of a secret congressional memo which accuses the agency of abusing its surveillance powers to target the trumpets campaign during the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections. german politicians of asia to allow refugees to stop bringing their closest relatives into the country later this year a decision that's hoped will end the nation's political deadlock the issue has been
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a major hurdle an ongoing talks to form a new government well brennan has more now from ban it. the refugee protest outside the german parliament looked as for long as the hopes of the thousands of families across germany wanting their loved ones to be re-united even before the vote inside the bundestag a deal had already been agreed in principle the price of a new coalition government is tight new immigration controls you have you haven't come for us in the c.d.u. it was important that we have a legal regulation for migrant family reunifications and for the s.p.d. it was important that family reunifications are possible in general so here is our commitment what's called the right of reunification was suspended in two thousand and sixteen meaning refugees who had reached germany were prevented from bringing their immediate family to join them. was an experienced engineer in syria before fleeing the war and reached germany with her two sons she tried six times to have
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her husband who's also an engineer join the mall in berlin in the end she succeeded through a refugee sponsorship scheme vitamin money and lying but my husband was alone in syria it is very dangerous we were apart for two years and my children had to grow up alone but in the end i had to chance through it is one of the organization that my husband was able to come and i think the law is impossible and inhumane but i don't think you can tear families apart rights campaigners say they're deeply concerned the original ban on reunifications had been due to expire in march and many families had made applications in anticipation of that date their hopes of now been dashed until late summer at the earliest plus the figure of one thousand a month is a maximum number and in reality depending on the criteria the real figure could be
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much smaller there's been a huge and very ugly debate on numbers and guessing of how many persons will come in fact the rest. serious studies they talk about sixty thousand people will come family right understand rights now you can tear families apart and that's why we think it is one of the only legal and safe routes for refugees to come to a safe place. the bundestag vote appears to address the largest obstacle preventing a new coalition government be formed but the debate over the use of quotas to regulate refugee numbers is far from over here paul brennan al jazeera. syrian government astronauts have killed at least twenty eight people in villages and towns across into southern countryside according to the syrian observatory for human rights the government is trying to retake it in a province which is under control of to hear. a group dominated by the for me al qaeda linked mutual front and syrian government troops have advanced to within
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fifteen kilometers of the rebels' biggest wrong hold it lead soldiers heading towards seneca and also aiming to take a key highway to the city's east that stretches from aleppo southwards towards hama homes and damascus. the turkish foreign minister has given an exclusive interview to al-jazeera about turkey's cross border offensive in northern syria and her launched the operation nearly two weeks ago in a free to target syrian kurdish y p g militia which they consider a terrorist organization never that covers only says his country has no interest in the next in parts of syria if there is a threat other side of the border and definitional law and the un charters and resolutions security council resolution actually give a right to that country to eliminate that threat so this is what riyadh doing we are there to eliminate the terrorist organization we are not targeting to curt's.
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not syrians i mean any syrians not our ups not to mention. and we have no interest in syria's territory integrity or properties this is our aim our aim is to defeat this terrorist organization and actually through defeating. terrorist organization or cleaning this area from the terrors we're supporting. the country's territory interact with. well you can see the full interview with the turkish foreign minister that's on talk to al-jazeera and it's at a full thirty g.m.t. you can catch it again then on sunday. and then it's nineteen thirty g.m.t. talked to al jazeera. saudi arabia and the u.a.e. they're attempting to end a standoff between government forces and secessionist fights is in yemen's port city of aden the southern city was overrun by the secessionist suit took control of
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the government headquarters on sunday this old so opened up a new front in yemen's war that prevented much needed aid from reaching civilians saudi and iraqi envoys have met with both sides in them to abide by a cease fire and refocus their attentions on fighting the who sees in the middle. there being protests outside jordan's parliament off of the government remove subsidies on pita bread the price of the staple is expected in some cases to double the first major increase since ninety two ninety six the government cut subsidies to improve the country's budget and says lay bread prices encourage waste in january jordan's cabinet announce a major package of tax hikes and aimed to aimed at lowering public debt for an economy we can buy regional conflict. twelve thousand libyans who've been displaced for the past seven years have been prevented from returning to the homes they were trying to reach. a small town in the coastal city of misrata when men forced them
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to turn around the families originally fled their homes during the two thousand and eleven uprising against colonel gadhafi the town was used by the dictator as a staging ground for attacks against fighters misrata human rights watch says thousands of people have also been prevented from returning to benghazi by groups linked to the so-called libyan national on me. thousands of whole durance risked their lives every year leaving the country in the hope of a better future in the united states under us is one of the most violent countries in the world and the reach is dangerous and getting more say more innocents as reports now from progress in honduras on the difficulties facing those attempting the journey. and. he felt strong enough to catch a moving train in mexico it's to train the take so many young central americans towards the united states to flee the violence and achieve the american dream of a better life but many like alexis full or die.
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i grabbed onto the train but it moved so much i hit my head and fell i woke up four days later to realize i was like this my life is so sad. it's a beauty in georgia he was deported from mexico like thousands of central americans who failed to reach the united states the government says more than twenty seven thousand in good hands were sent back home this year. whose assisted deportees for fourteen years says more and more are returning traumatised from the trip. but the migrant route is much more dangerous in the train there are corrupt police gangs drug traffickers they use children as drug mules women and men are raped before the migrant would be safe not anymore or many of the deportees that have arrived here and some tell us that they are healthy enough to try the route again but for many others who have accidents on the way the dream is over. for these two
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planeloads land here every week with more than one hundred deportees from the u.s. and mexico despite the dangers many don't lose hope. alexis's accident happened a decade ago he says he still can dream to have a job. he's a beggar and relies on his family for shelter and i don't. have a job would be the most important thing for me but it's very hard for people who are handicapped so i don't even have a chance somebody is in the. private organizations who held deportees say most don't receive government help your son has one less but it. these people are the expression of the crudest reality in a country that doesn't offer any options for an honest dignified life they are physically and mentally affected. and in a country where more than sixty percent of them are poor and nearly forty percent
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live under the poverty line victims like alexi say they have no home and i guess i'm just sad to see it up if it is so on to the us there are rising tensions in south africa's drought hit city of cape town where residents are now in the middle of a severe water shortage one person was arrested after a fight broke out of enough to bring their residents have been collecting water restrictions were introduced on thursday in an attempt to avoid days zero day in april when they might have to turn off most times people are being asked to use no more than fifty liters of water a day this week we've been coming here for the past five years the only now having a plane been here for more than ten years he said he kept getting it out has been happening all told on the only planting now. this is my first experience with these new laws that were put into place it's tough but what can you do we all need the board think it's the life source. and we just go with the flow the host of the
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lebanese talk show has become the latest media figure it's be caught up in a crackdown on freedom of speech comedian him her dad is accused of defaming the crown prince of saudi arabia by making jokes about him on television press freedom groups say they've case is part of a part in lebanon designed to intimidate the media is more now from beirut. it's a comedy show but the host his shop had dad is being indicted for what he says was a joke. his show featured a fortune teller who advised the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man not to eat fast food for his health had dad then gave his own advice. he should stop fast arrests fast politics fast military strikes what do i care if he gains weight or has a belly or cholesterol. he's the second t.v. presenter to face charges by the public prosecutor in two months i understood i.
9:42 pm
was summoned for questioning not because of comments he made but comments made by two saudi journalists who criticized lebanon's president on a political talk show host says his case is aimed at intimidating the media and the . i'm not a criminal or a drug dealer i'm not a terrorist belonging to weisel my identity is well known i'm a journalist who has been struggling for more than twenty five years to defend freedom freedom of expression and human rights the judiciary is accused of political interference of the court cases. denies that the minister of justice belongs to a political party affiliated with the president lebanon's constitution guarantees freedom of expression and some of the press within what it calls the limits established by the law and that's where the problem lies rights groups say the laws are ambiguous. and they need to be reformed for example journalists can be
9:43 pm
imprisoned for criticizing a public official rights group say the media in lebanon is being pressured and the space for free expression is shrinking. the judiciary is no longer independent and it seems it is under political pressure dad's case is strange and is the second political message sent through a prominent figure as if they're saying you can't say what you want and you can't write what you want if you don't look like us you belong in jail.
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
palomar has its famous canal while the suez canal cuts through egypt there are plans to resurrect a four hundred year old idea in southern thailand as part of our series on global trade routes wayne hay travelled to see cull where industry groups are pressuring the thai government to link the indian ocean and open sea with the gulf of thailand and the south china sea during the wait season thailand's andaman coast is often
9:46 pm
dark and moody tourists go home leaving local fisherman to ply their trade in relative peace but life could become a lot busier if the proposed shipping canal cuts through here some welcome the prospect of investment while others doubt their lives would change for the better. when it comes to make a projects it's never the people who benefit it's only the rich people big people from bangkok who get more rich from it and never get anything and the government never helps at the moment ships sailing between europe and china for example travel through the dangerous and congested malacca strait often stopping in singapore to refuel or unload before continuing the thai canal would cut more than one thousand kilometers off the journey but could drastically cut into singapore's shipping trade the backers of this canal proposal have many problems to overcome not least of which is the location between here and the malaysian border there is
9:47 pm
a separatist movement with armed muslim groups fighting for independence from thailand in the three southernmost provinces if the canal goes through here it could create something of a border and therefore embolden their claim. because of the violence in the south prime minister prime says he's reluctant about effectively cutting the country into supporters of the plan which includes some type of business leaders and retired generals believe they can convince the prime minister to at least agree to a feasibility study he has to come to an understanding that this is the project that. our economy in the projects that we have right now the canal group says it has private sector support from china to help pay the estimated price tag of thirty billion dollars but it really needs chinese government backing if it's to tap into beijing's one belt one road economic and trade initiative to link east and west so far there's no sign of chinese government
9:48 pm
money in the proposed canal zone there's already concern about the potential impact on tourism the environment and livelihoods. our lives depend on this is our home this is where we find food people will start to come and take what belongs to the locals or people means more trash this place will no longer feel like home instead this sleepy coastal community could become one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world wayne hay al jazeera sea cow thailand is a fascinating story we're going to another one coming up in this series which takes us to where we look at what the melting of ice in the northwest passage will mean for shipping companies that's on friday right here or after right now is peter for. thank you so much nic with the young chain winter games less than a week away russia has received
9:49 pm
a huge boost the court of arbitration for sport has overturned a decision to ban twenty eight russian athletes from the limbic sport for life due to accusations of doping the court ruled there was not sufficient evidence to penalize the athletes the decision also sees their results from the saatchi twenty fourteen games reinstated meaning russia return to the top of the medals table for those games and additional eleven will be allowed to compete again after the games but russian lawmakers or lawyers a bigger part in are looking to get these partial bans fully lifted this does not mean that these twenty that leads are declared innocent but. due to insufficient evidence the held the sanctions and the old and their individual results achieved in such reinstituted hours before their decision russian athletes who will compete as neutrals arrived in south korea the nation was also banned from young change due
9:50 pm
to accusations of state sponsored doping but the international olympic committee has allowed one hundred sixty nine athletes to take part wearing white uniforms that specify a limb think athlete from russia their national anthem and flag will also not be allowed though they received a send off from russia's president vladimir putin. our sports correspondent leigh willing says that the way the matter between the i.o.c. cares and the russian olympic committee has transpired is rather shambolic. it is such a mess twenty eight of them up including you can see that the international olympic committee doesn't think doesn't want them there they really resisting it they said look we haven't invited them they are not invited to these games now russia hasn't come out yet and said well you really need to have these twenty athletes there are further eleven of course you. are not even able to cast this is to try and get to them but we're talking about being nine days away from competition and the i.o.c.
9:51 pm
are trying to sort out a terrible mess and of course the situation with the reputation of the olympics and where the public is i keep talking about to the public trust in who's winning gold silver and bronze because nobody's saying that because of they will claim that's not what they're saying there wasn't enough evidence for a lifetime ban it's west ham united football club have suspended their director of player recruitment following a legit discriminatory remarks about african players the club which has only one african player in its first team squad according to its website punished tony henry saying it does not accept any type of discrimination he reportedly told the newspaper that african players cause mayhem and can have a bad attitude after they approached him following an e-mail they opt in which a retold an agent he didn't want any more africans joining us now for more on this is one of africa's most distinguished football journalists gary al smith gary good
9:52 pm
of you to join us so what kind of reaction has there been among african friends over this incident. well it's the stories of being about twenty four as old know how i've been scouring the internet and dismayed to radio coverage wasn't television coverage and not being a high profile complaint so high profile reaction from anybody of repute across the african continent all of seen. pieces from you know journalists from across the length and breadth of the country. and then across africa as well but i haven't seen any high profile reaction yet or go further to that i mean the english premier league does have a huge fan base in africa how serious do you think the english f.a. needs to be taking this measure them i think that they have stopped heads in the right way because a spokesperson routes on to tell that the f.a.a. is investigating that much. also been very serious the of suspended henry pending
9:53 pm
any investigation so i think that everybody's taken it seriously like you said west ham have issued a statement saying that they don't condone any discrimination they're. put into training people they need equality and diversity and so on and so forth so i think that any african fans would look at this as an isolated incident involving one person and not the club in general because i mean you have to be quite dr healy to take out we african story when it comes to the english premier league there will be no english premier league and their success jord without the african input so i don't think that this is a problem until gary thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it tom thank you for having me. ok for murphy for president sepp blatter is considering legal action against the governing body of world football in a bid to clear his name the eighty one year old is currently serving a six year ban for ethics violations which was prompted by the fifo corruption
9:54 pm
scandal that erupted in twenty fifteen the swiss confirmed he's legal team are working on a potential case he's already lost an appeal against the ban at the close of arbitration for sport blatter hated fee for between one thousand nine hundred eight and twenty fifty. the new england patriots and philadelphia eagles have hit the training paddock ahead of sunday's super bowl in minneapolis the patriots are looking for their third title in four years while the eagles are yet to left the vince lombardi trophy but the n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell has still been answering questions about us president donald trump he's been critical of players who have knelt throughout the season to protest racial injustice will there be any consideration to keeping the teams in the locker room while the anthem is played and also as a follow up have you spoken at all to president drum about his frequent criticism
9:55 pm
of players who do protest during the anthem the answer to your second question is no the answer to your first question is i don't know however what will consider in the offseason i'm still trying to get to the super bowl most sport for me again in the twenty one hundred g.m.t. hour from now it's back to london and nick peter will it for to see you later thanks very much now a report on the hong kong's billion dollar fresh seafood industry paints a dismal picture of the trade future it was that lax regulations and fishing bringing some species close to extinction to pick apart and as this report at the aberdeen fish market mornings are busy seventy percent of the seafood consumed in hong kong pasta through here. among the crates and tanks carrying fish from all over the world you can easily spot the endangered or threatened species they're in the category of my brief food fish transported and kept alive until they are to be
9:56 pm
in the so much illegal trade. and the so little control and oversight by the hong kong government in this case was a very ill equipped to control the trade as it's practiced today. yvonne's adobe's the co-author of reports entitled going going gone it reveals how a lack of regulation current fishing practices and consumer demands are bringing many species to the brink of extinction we train more than one hundred eighty species but they're only one species a protected the library fish food trade involves about twenty species most of them groupers and most from southeast asia due to their colorful appearance and high prices there is says heated with luxury in economic status which is why weiland says there's a growing demand for the rarer reef fish but they're getting harder to source. in recent years the product of life with fish have gone up around twenty percent
9:57 pm
every year it is due to demand from the mainland chinese market especially off the chinese you can only prove that people one high end sea floor under-supply used not recently hong kong is a major transit hub for both the legal and illegal fish trade. people in hong kong have a major appetite for fish on the average each person routes about sixty five kilograms a year according to the u.n. that's twenty times the global average unless has decimated fish stocks in hong kong waters so now my eighty percent of the city's precious imported this grandmother tells us she doesn't know where the fish she buys comes from but it's getting harder to find reasonably priced seafood where they're going to six cigs now that we are fair share every day but it's getting really expensive. so i have to find cheaper places like this market to top this latest report says traders expect hong kong to continue to be
9:58 pm
a global hub for library food fish for the next five years a conservationist one unless practices change and soon that could be too long for many species to survive the bigger pollen al-jazeera hong kong. well that's it from the team for this news on the julie went all likely will be here with the in just a moment with more of the day's news the half hour of news from a mic log their city it's. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always
9:59 pm
possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. february on al-jazeera south korea has the twenty eighteen winter olympics can records be broken al-jazeera will bring you the latest from pyongyang china the big picture examines the present day crisis in venezuela by exploring the divisions rooted in its past senior officials will meet to discuss the biggest security challenges facing. will be nine from the munich security conference partition borders of blood looks at the troubled legacy of the events that shaped the indian subcontinent and in a series of special reports we look at new trade and travel routes which are opening
10:00 pm
up the. february on al-jazeera. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera television. or. kenya's high court suspends the government shut down or three t.v. channels some journalists have been sleeping in the news story and to avoid arrest .


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