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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 20  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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visuals abused the foreign service intelligence act or obtained a warrant before the pfizer court where process americans have long been concerned has put their civil liberties at risk the united states is taking tough stance against suspected chemical weapons attacks in syria the trumpet ministration says it's not ruling out the use of force to deter the syrian military the u.s. says that it's extremely concerned about a suspected chlorine gas attack on duma on thursday the former president of the maldives mohamed nasheed is planning to run of elections later this year that's after of course cost convictions against him and several colleagues earlier police force with opposition supporters who demanded the immediate release of political prisoners dozens of pakistani migrants of fear drowned off the coast of libya while the ninety were on a boat which capsized in the city of they were trying to cross the mediterranean to italy five migrants are in a hospital in northern france with gunshot wounds after
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a mass brawl in cali police were called in as afghan and eritrean refugees fought for two hours on the outskirts of the city. calls here that is great for you a little over twenty five but it's right after today's edition of the stream from washington next. on counting the cost some of the biggest names in tech out with record earnings but they're also under scrutiny by regulators in what's being told at the sec clash a look at business relations between the u.k. and china plus another scandal in the german auto industry counting the cost at this time. hi i'm femi oke a little overweight afghanistan's capital kabul has been hit by four major attacks killing almost one hundred fifty people pushing an already angry population to dispatch after more than sixteen years of violence on political turmoil why does
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the war look no closer to ending we'll speak with a panel of afghans to ask that question and here in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube be sure to send us your comments and questions and we'll try to get them into today's show before we started the conversation take a look at this video from our colleagues at eighty plus. enough that she was over there you don't make sense of the new york that along with not but i'm with them. along with.
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afghan civilians are often the victims when bombs go off elsewhere the war in afghanistan. complex attacks are carried out by groups including the taliban and i sill afghan officials often blame pakistan's intelligence services for the violence us president donald trump has stepped up air raids talks are off the table and infighting in afghanistan's government divides its attention caught in the middle of this ordinary afghan people are putting increasing pressure on all of the players to end the conflict but our released a prospect is that here with us to discuss that is a former senior advisor to the chief executive of afghanistan's unity government dr abdullah abdullah is also the former afghan ambassador to france and canada on
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skype in san francisco california us ally is an independent journalist and the founder of documenting afghanistan that is an online platform for afghans to share their own stories. and kill is the co-founder and deputy c o of hope education and leadership in afghanistan or hello to short a youth n.-g. o. promoting student leadership in afghanistan and he lives in kabul but joins us today from the hague in the netherlands and in doha qatar. is an online producer for out zero dot com she often reports on afghanistan and pakistan welcome everybody you may remember at the end of that little video from a.j. pass it said what is going on in the country how rude for your perspective a simple bright doubt what's going on. so that there's no incentive. or whether.
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or or even people do. so this is just. this is your home v this is somewhere that's very dear to your heart if you were trying to explain to somebody outside of afghanistan this last few weeks of extreme violence how would you tell them what was happening why it's happening. it is that everyone is very sad about what has happened. but there is something that needs to be said to the world. it is that the wall that's finally come to a conclusion and they know no way to be blamed for all of these things and has to be they for all the things that happened in the country and now the world and the international community knows how to solve the problem how to overcome this issue
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that is something of. so i hear the hope in your voice but on line people are not so sure on our i'll direct this to you this is from. the most afghans their primary desire is to live and not to die for that to happen the war needs to end the war continues because there is no understanding there are in a stalemate both sides hang on to a delusional fiction that military victory is possible this is a stalemate according to this person what would you say about that from a military point of view it's a stalemate from a political point of view i think that we have reached a new stage in the political process that involves not only afghanistan and afghans internally but also the region around afghanistan and the countries that feel that they have a big stake in what is happening in afghanistan and then globally with the big powers like the us china russia and many others who also consider themselves as
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stakeholders like the u.s. nato or very deeply entrenched in afghanistan have been for the last seventeen years we have seen ups and downs in the afghan people obviously had hopes that have not materialized so far and what needs to happen is to realize that we need we are at a defining moment meaning that we have to put the finger on what caused the root cause of the problem is. and then we need to pull together in find creative and realistic solutions to the problems that exist whether they or again jew political security economic even and political as well i just stated the obvious. the obvious is not easy to deal with i may have stated the obvious but we need creativity this in seventeen years we've tried almost everything in the book nothing has really but you realized afghans are suffering more than ever before they do remember the last
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thirty forty years we have suffered heavily during this over the occupation during taliban the majority in every phase as had its own blood bath period right now the hopes that people had for being tested and i think that we need to rekindle hope and optimism in afghanistan instead of you know trying to deal with abstractions and things that are real cina i was checking out your twitter feed from the recant this let out it could not catch up with the death toll when reporting on the suicide attack or today it was rising at a blazing speed every minute challenge how are you telling this story to an audience i've been following it for seventeen years. i think this time around the situation in afghanistan is not just it's not just about the attacks it's also about how young people in afghanistan are actually feeling that they're going to
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die any moment i mean it for me as a journalist it's so shocking to be covering an event went something like that there it's a pattern whenever i see whether it's in the summer or in the winter if we look at the recent years attacks like this happen one after the other hundreds killed it's a pattern same thing happened last week a lot of people were killed in this attack before that intercontinental was under attack and i could not catch up with the numbers i was in touch with off issues and they were giving numbers and i was late. for me when it's so difficult to catch up on these numbers how would afghans in kabul who are actually facing the attacks are dealing with it so it's been happening it's been happening for a while now but right now what's really sad is that the afghans are feeling that we're going to die any moment and we need to be protected who is going to protect
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us says and i trust the government yeah ceylon do you feel that way. i definitely feel that i was in the house and that i was in kabul for her one day and when i was in kabul a different if the situation there was not as normal as it was before nothing was normal there the people the people who were very sad and i couldn't see a smile a single smile on the face of an but let's deal with it wisely in. the why spays do think about the solution that could be actually. and by this i mean that this is not only a national issue this is not an issue that afghanistan can solve it but this is an issue that the international community jointly should solve it and that's why i say the word hope i know that there are fear i know that there are the people are not
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happy i know that the people are going through. a very bad situation and so i am and so other young afghans are going to the situation but i see that there is progress i see that the international community is taking the right path to you know that doesn't mean i just something i want to hear what that progress is give us one example yes so one of the biggest examples of the progress could be the u.s. strategy of united states strategy for south east southeast asia and also afghanistan. i mean in the country inside the country i'm very involved with young people have involved with the activities that carries young people in and all of them are very optimistic about the new strategy all of them are very happy about that because in the new strategy that supports afghanistan and that it could be the start off a chain that could be the start of an end to this terrorism and how they are.
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during that time yeah people are very disappointed with the united states i mean it's been you know next seventeen years here there's been you know nearly a trillion dollars spent you could pave the roads in gold and none of that sort of happened right like there's no incentive like i was mentioning earlier for youth to not join armed groups whether that's the end is all about the riots k.p.c. there is not some widespread kind of system being built to to try to you know could reach into the villages and help people with education or just basic needs so they're not on the street begging and picking up garbage for a living so people are flooding out of this country right why why do we have so many people crowding in the lot of this country right now who are all trying to get to the e.u. if thought things were going so great there then i am really absolutely i agree with the heroin on that because the attacks that we've been witnessing as journalists and on living in the country i think it underscores the fragility all
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sixteen year united states military campaign and i mean despite the fact that they've been fighting the taliban for so long my question here to mr omar here is that if we're if we have to be creative about getting a solution to end this war what would it be i think we haven't tried talking to the taliban yet from just recently said we're not going to have a conversation with the taliban we i think in any case u.s. is not winning their desk so i think there is a good question in that country surreal let me first say that i think reality is lies somewhere between what both hold and sort of on said i think reality b.s. that a lot of work has to be done enough on a stone we have seen progress in so many fields it's been reported everybody knows about it security has been one challenge and there is a reason for that the reason is that there are groups that are fond of so they keep
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on fighting and. those groups enjoy centuries outside of afghanistan but they also are this is this is fact dissatisfaction within the country and then there are there is weaknesses there are weaknesses institutional weaknesses corruption governance weaknesses as we talk in the political rifts that exist in society if you put all of this together it's a black and white picture but the reality is great now can i can i interrupt for a moment and ask you. well ok so for the last sixteen seventeen years we've all known that what's going on inside of pakistan and that they're funding and arming you know the operations of militant activity inside about wallacetown our listeners' everybody's known this you know anybody from a farmer to even you know the president was told in united states that this is going on so it's been sixteen years here so within a sixteen years united states billions upon billions to pakistan so how is it that the united states didn't know this was going on the entire time we're told
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a regular order now so that they all know that the policy is changing we're in the middle of a transition in policy it's a five six month old policy it will take time i believe. i mean i can say that right is a problem for us and that we're going back to them to solve it for us this is a little bit strange to know well i mean i thought they were like a little bit i don't know. i don't think the united states can be blamed for nine eleven and i don't think the united states can be blamed for creating this problem i think that there are regional players and regional dynamics that play afghanistan as a victim of geography and that means jus political. movements in dynamics play a huge role in have an impact on what is happening inside afghanistan if you look at afghanistan history it's all about is geography now. as you question my. creative means that we have to set up an end goal the end goal is peace the end goal is to belittle the insecure. rooty therefore it
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means that we how do we reach that goal so far we have tried as i said before a lot of different options have been put under mr bush and. mr obama is a new set of options with mr trump. so how do we reach the law i want guests we have a live online community as well in this conversation so just pause for a moment so i can bring them back in but when you mention the end goal being peace of course before we get to peace so there are people living their daily lives and struggling with that and so we want to check in with them on how they're going about that we got this comment via you tube someone that's watching live. clearly the military can't solve the problem people should take action to overcome their challenges rather than just hoping things will get better clearly also this is someone who is not in afghanistan but people who are are doing things that are taking action in the way that they can and this is
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a piece that you wrote in case i die it's entitled why afghans keep notes in their pockets and you spoke to several people residents of kabul or who are doing things like this they're writing their names on notes i have one on my screen here he writes his name where he was born his age so that what. so. if you look at the situation in afghanistan right now it's not just the attacks that the crimes are being killed in it's also the drawings i have spoken to a lot of people lot of are saying that their babies were killed in drawings the fact that they're also killed in protests by the police. this happened in the summer on june second when the when the protesters were demonstrating against the attacks in kabul so it's not just it's not just the attacks conducted by ice
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a lot of the taliban they don't feel safe in the country they think that any moment we will step out of the house and we can get killed we can i don't get shot in a protest we can either get killed in a drone or we'll get killed by and i still are a taliban attack so when i was talking to them about what the situation is in kabul in afghanistan in general and i was very shocked about the fact when they said we started carrying a piece of paper is now with us in case something happens to us. our families it would be easy for our families to know where we are and find out if they need blood they'll be able to find blood for us if we are injured the reason they said that was because there were many bodies in the recent attack. on the on the diplomatic area that we're learning and they could not identify them so big up plans are actually scared about the fact that if we die it's going to take them
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a lot of days to identify our bodies so we might as well just keep a few papers that continue we are in our pockets in our purses in our jerseys in places like that where i do know where they would know we are so they're kind of feeling the sense of get in the country which is very which is very sad and it's and it's a bit shameful as well that they don't feel. any sort of protection from the government or from the troops in the country so she was yes you've just given us a reality check here for what it is like to live in kabul to live in afghanistan and live free those attacks let me show you this because you picked up a story that we've been sharing on al-jazeera amazing story of courage we call it how can they be helped it's about a little fourteen year old boy this is a story that we have put it on in december it's on facebook and out there right now have a look. thank
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. you so do you still see. the. new one. you see the number of people there displaced by this conflict people online are pointing the fingers at some of those geo political actors that you talked about a little bit earlier omar this is a tweet we got from deep hockey says the perpetrators of terror attacks in afghanistan are mostly harbored and nurtured by pakistan more precisely the
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pakistan army units of sanctions on the pakistan generals and businesses run by that military and significantly reduce terror attacks in afghanistan that's one person's claim on the other side that we have this tweet from eastend we heard from a little bit earlier who says the u.s. should learn from the start how the peace can be brought to the conflict zone u.s. continuous desire to invade transoceanic country the irresponsible destabilizing behavior and that must end so someone's pointing the finger at pakistan another person's pointing the finger at the us room what do you make of those two comments ok well i would say it's all about it's not just the united states and russia or united states or you know that so we have china we have iran we have all these surrounding countries that are involved there saudi arabia included on the oil for me there are you know their favorite villains because very few heroes and of all muslim west they're mostly died and were martyred so what we are up to are people who who made it through and these are. you know the people who were able to be
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bought people who were not bought by united states or somebody else didn't really have back backing to stand their ground and continued to be the strong man or whatever they are. right now what you're saying is the president the shovel money trying to push out some of these people who are still remnants of these kind of past days but we have all these different actors all these different countries playing their games instead of obama stunned with our blood. i think we can not blame the u.s. for the last year yes we did we should leave the u.s. and the international community for the past sixteen years but for the last one year there has been significant their contribution has been very important you cannot just stay disciplined stay disappointed you cannot continue disappointment and that's not the right way to donald trump is not open just right. pollutant our best interest in mind we're very delusional i mean we're not talking
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about. not liking this either it's either that or think that he's done talking about the interest of afghanistan saying he's we're talking about you. personally policy so what is that we don't how friends and international community i want to believe that this won't understand this we were going to have to work on our own self-determined these type of things right create so sustainability you don't have those kind of so we'll just you know i think any. game what i'm. going to make that announcement did you know i mustn't you know i'm a little sort of get away from this blame game and looking at this issue from a black and one perspective. you know there are those who are trying to help and i think the afghan people know who's there to help your those who are trying to hurt and i think the afghan people know who's there to hurt over all these years we have learned on lessons and their dogs who big mistakes so deafened people also know who's making a mistake and so we have learned you have to learn from this so i said something
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earlier that i want to put in perspective no one has drawn this city no one has used a drone it's specifically on purpose against civilians civilians have been killed by drone attacks on occasion in certain parts of afghanistan but it's a nasty fall when. it's at the airport the drones have. used specific you have terrorist outfits along the border with pakistan if you look at the record in a urged everyone to look at the record you see that drones are being used and mistakes have been made but drugs will be used against terrorist outfits and i let me just bring in our who know how to use our hearing the story but you're right at the end of the show was that one point you were trying to make i have. what are you saying is that the united states hasn't killed people sort of kabul that's not accurate or this just happened if you. will that's not accurate because just a year ago i did
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a report on how the. the drones actually had a few billion in and a lot of kids were killed in that area not a single terrorist was killed and i had actually investigated gneisenau actually three everyone knows that mistakes have been i mean let's move beyond what we're trying to call isolated incidents because they're not obviously oh sure in her work has shown that this is a pattern but all you're mentioning the going to get asked to make a point and was generally i don't know if you are going to. guess hold tight for a minute we're literally right at the end of the show hold tight because we're going to have to take this conversation online ileka how people reacting to a discussion well into this week from july of this is the only solution to peace in afghanistan is talks with the taliban and of course that is controversy itself so i know that that would lead to a whole other topic i mean this this conflict has been going on for seventeen years there's no way in twenty five minutes we can dress all of the points but thank you
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. for bringing your best efforts and helping us understand it a little bit more from one of your perspectives now al jazeera is ongoing coverage of afghanistan is on a dedicated page to go to al jazeera dot com and search for al-jazeera afghanistan thank you so much our conversation always continues a stream and i will see that take everybody.
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right. it was oil upon which modern day venezuela was a stop. for over a century this lucrative resource has divided the people less than cursed with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al-jazeera. across the paddy fields appears the stream of people they dinner with heavy bags and carrying small children they say they're escaping from the smoke in the distance the follow the path to the border and come across a group of. bare feet caked in mud they tell us they arrived in bangladesh the day
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before need to return to find the rest of their families who couldn't make the journey that is the last bangladeshi border security post and beyond that raising the smoke billowing as me and mark now the journey between the two countries is just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why we've seen dozens of made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members that left behind for normal hammad and his extended family this path leads to safety going to that it should be struggled so much da we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha in come all sons of maria well to.


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