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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 35  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2018 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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between the supreme court and the president is continuing in the moldy us president abdoulaye i mean is refusing to comply with a court order to release political prisoners and reinstate twelve dissident lawmakers he was sacked for defecting from his party i mean has ordered the police and the troops to resist any attempts to arrest him three different opposition factions in syria its ability for the downing of a russian warplane of it live province on saturday russia's defense ministry says the pilot ejected from the jet but was killed in a ground fight in the town of sarcasm human rights watch says bahrain has deported eight people to water on iraq after a vocal message isn't chip and making them stateless the eight deportivo are among thirty one activists and human rights lawyers who citizenship was revoked in two thousand and twelve on the grounds of damaging national security. the palestine liberation organization has moved to cut ties with israel p.l.o.
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leaders met in the occupied west bank on saturday ordering the palestinian government to draft a plan to cut off political economic and security contacts i have the news hour twenty five minutes. seven turkish soldiers are killed in the northern syrian district of a screen turkey it says the operation is crucial to defeat what it calls terrorists and establish a buffer zone but how much of a challenge is that and could this lead to a quagmire for this is inside story. and
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i welcome to the program i'm jane doc in the war in syria has lasted for nearly seven years and in that time many regional and international players have had a direct impact on what's going on on the ground united states russia and iran have all been involved in some way or another turkey is in the middle of a military operation in northern syria it wants to push out kurdish fighters from the area closest to its southern border but it hasn't been an easy fight on saturday seven of its soldiers were killed in an operation near the town of a friend that's a kurdish controlled enclave in northwestern syria turkey considers the kurdish wife p.g. a terrorist organization and an extension of its outlawed p.k. k. or key. it is done with his party which it's been fighting for decades the turkish
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military plans to create a thirty kilometer buffer zone near the border president ranger type anyone has warned people in the area to evacuate. watch out mark one of the it's up to those in the area whether to evacuate to places where terrorists are present or not as we have openly declared without playing games we will continue to clamp down on terrorists regardless of whom they are accompanied by nobody should expect us to act according to the statements of those who do not even respect their own words algis there as you sat down with the turkish foreign minister and asked him about the operation in northern syria. there had been white p.g.p. terrors for the region and they were sending harassment fires and the rockets to turkey to different parts of turkey and it became a serious threat to our security and also to our borders we warned
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you warned the countries who have been engaged with them nevertheless they increase the harassment fires that's why we launched this operation. turkey's president at one announced the start of an and ground campaign into a free and on generally the twentieth to push out kurdish y p g fighters near its border france has called for a un security meeting to discuss the offensive while iran and syria have both condemned the operation and the u.s. has called on ankara to show restraint while it said it understands turkey's security concerns meanwhile south african in the province opposition fighters have shot down a russian fighter jet russia's defense ministry says the pilots ejected but was killed on the ground in a fight in the town of such a cab afterwards moscow loans dozens of air strikes twenty three civilians died and it says its military killed thirty fighters these been heavy fighting in for weeks
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the u.n. claims about one hundred thousand civilians have been displaced let's bring in our panel joining us from and credible out some books professor of social sciences at yale that him bears that university in moscow vladimir sutton a cough a senior analyst for asia and the pacific at info jet global solutions and in istanbul a lecturer at istanbul a university good to see all three of you thank you very much for joining us on inside story below some day obviously a horrific attack impact for turkey talk us through what you think happened and what sort of fallout it's going to have on turkey losing these forces. well first of all today is a very is day for a nation of thirteen is really more think as a nation of laws. in the afternoon or persian you know today
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is. fifteen days of after hour after an operation has been started and this loss is the greatest loss so far turkey charlemagne is facing in this operation of course. these this is a great loss that is no doctor about that but death is this is a military voters so every military of war has it is all risky risks and i think all the. turkish government an army has a big clause that does not mean that this operation is going to stop turkish government. express that it is the terminations. they said how long can this feasibly go on for i think this is all put in process turkey doesn't set
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a date turkey said that as long as this terrorist organization occupied this region turkey is going to continue it is all preparation so this is an option process and it is an open operation. i mean but definitely this operation is not going to be very short it is good it takes very long time all indication shows that this operation is going to take very long time m l what do you think this means for taking now clearly this is a setback how big a setback is it. for turkey this isn't an end of writable war jane and it is a must that they go to c.n.n. to occupy others land the anchor all was that they don't fix fixate their eyes onto any other soil and they don't have any intention to stay there they
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already had the two thousand and sixteen year for it to sealed operation they cleaned the whole border from the dash elements and now they do accuse these powers the us led coalition of replacing one set of terrorist with another set of terrorists for turkey this is a kind of national security threat that the y.p. that is the same as the p.k. terror organization that is this ignited by the united states now the problem of turkey they cannot convince all the washington that ally in washington is not convinced that their y.p. is the extension of the p.k. though many of the evidence on the ground are very clear recently therefore to all of the p.k. found out of the lodge a lion was hit by the fighter jets of turkey inside afferent where the wiping e.g. elements they publicly say that they are the offshoot of the p.k. so it is a must for turkey to go ahead with this operation whatever going to be there then
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ended with me jumping in that they have no intention of staying but i mean. this is a question of sovereignty isn't it i mean how does syria feel about this. that's a very genuine question the question is a turkey did till the syrian regime about the operation with a written notification that was the first time that turkey give this notice it seems that they agreed with the three the other two got around to the iranians and the russians to go ahead with this operation turkey on the political side tried to gain more momentum for the operation with the united nations with nato and even with the united states who do under understand and recognize the self-defense measure of turkey now it is a kind of for the syrian regime it is a kind of say you know the the the but on the other hand they regina is doing nothing to push these elements away from the syrian border ok to the regime in
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syria is enable ok let me bring in vladimir sort macof what is the view from russia about what is happening this latest setback for turkey and the fact that take it looks like it could be there for a pretty long time at this stage. well actually. the view is that first of all the rather different outside players who are engaged in these blood is blood is civilian war in. syria so the talkie is undertaking its own operation but at the same time in syria but it's at the same time talking as well as iran in together with russia the three countries are guarantors of the soul calls us on our process so i think that. everybody understands that if. some outside player have some concerns he actually undertakes what he's supposed to be for for his own sake and another
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thing is that. talkie here i'm talking about mali about the provinces where is the leap city i guess i say he said before we go she said before we get into a bunker so we will move on to live but before we get on just want to carry on focusing on a friend for a moment what is russia getting out of this because clearly turkey couldn't have done this without russia allowing the airspace to be opened up once the trade off for russia. actually russia russia is just the more the talking the situation that that was said by. top or top leaders or what was said by the plus secretary of russian president vladimir putin we are monitoring the situation what is going on in these areas where there is the hostilities between the. detachments and talk asia. military men are below actually imagine though that russia is
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enjoying filling the vacuum left by the u.s. when it comes to turkey relations right i mean it's particularly strained at the moment the fact that the u.s. continues to support the group that turkey is fighting. well first of all the must understand the russian position very well the aim of russia is to put every inch of syria on the contours of the regime that is the that is the threat of russia to mean first of all russia asked her to leave the region and leave this situation to the point of all of our south asia that is very important point to be on the stand that the second point is that russia is where you will have a lot of the conflict. between turkey and. the united states turkey russia is happy to see the problem emerge of
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problems. between turkey and nato and united states as much as turkey is this. from us the position of russia is getting more so thronged saw i think that russia in syria is not only. allowing could serve return to at the same time it creates problems between turkey and nato and the united states all right i've made and just wondering what turkey's response is going to be we had the prime minister saying that y.p. g. forces will pay twice as much i'm just wondering what it is that turkey will do in response and how the kurds feel considering that they basically lost an ally in russia have they. well first of all i have to say this about the day after the game everybody was speaking about after the dash defeat what was going to happen
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and now it is the moment of the truth everybody speaking about his own political interest with or the superpowers like the united states they're going to reword the y.p. for their efforts in the in the fight against and now it's really the russians who are interested in their military base in the me me me in the south in lattakia and other provinces so their major threat for the russian is the edge the as they hate to hear the sham that that is in control of the province and now it's going to escalate it seems because they had a major threat to the regime and to the russians the iranians are on the same page with the regime as well now the turks they do believe that it's their y.p. gee who should be defeated because the united states is going to go on with the support of them regardless of the sensitivity of the turks and that's the problem with turkey and its ally in washington they do not they
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a they i mean the turks do not keep any word they do not believe any word coming out from the oval office in washington because they already experienced that washington's lies if you will when it comes to the kurds they promised that they're going to disarm them after the defeat of dash that didn't happen on the other hand they they told them they're going to allow the local councils to run these villages and cities that is the majority of the mainly are ups this didn't happen and the kurds are still there consider a major threat to ankara and to turkey and on the other hand they said they're going to will grow them at least from member to the east of the effort to sort of and this didn't happen so i'm going to we'll go on with this and this is going to play the reshuffle of the whole strategy and the whole region between all the players will go on. i feel everybody knows that every power in the region has its own national interests absolutely and we will get to that when we start talking
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about the peace talks and what each country is going to hope to get out of that i mean let's go back to it live further south we saw a russian jet shot down what does this say about the situation there and the fighters he shot the jet down. yes well first of all i would like just to make a small point to replying to my talk is just in colleague russia is not enjoying the restrictions so all just the controversy between talking and the united states of russia is actually stands for corporations of all the concerned parties but the getting back to province and the shooting down the russian plane it's survey done that for the extremists jihadi groups and in that case that was the job i got a nusra group which claimed responsibility for shooting down the russian point twenty
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five military jet for a russia has become the main enemy because. because russia is trying to help are fighting for the government all troops of the syrian government the troops fighting the job and the remnants of so-called islamic state in this province and in other parts off of syria saw no it isn't people up against targets in our world russia use this to continue targeting innocent people targeting other rebel groups i mean under the demilitarized zone it was supposed to be hands off that's clearly not happening. well actually you know the the military hostilities and the war as was all there they are there sometimes sometimes the countries are making the mamma. says rather than solve it i said we're not doing that. but that's not how it was they were though i will say i let me leave much to
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say i guess i let me bring bill allen quickly i mean our concern is what about what is happening in that e-mail come back to how concerned is take about what's happening in it led by know that this is certainly restraint as strained relations between taken russia considering what ent iran what's happening in lebanon how the demilitarized to rise zones are being abused the status of it. actually turkey is really concerned by bold what is going to happen. in the loop. shutting down russian and russia that means that. power or higher to tighten the sham they are sort of good of their out of control so turkey iran or russia cannot control such that it is not a gravitation so turkey is really concerned about what happened. regarding this issue the second thing. is the second issue turkey's really concerned about
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that italy present potential to be a second. a safe haven for terrorist groups out of course if leave becomes the safe haven for terrorist organization such as the leap and other al qaeda affiliated organization our border security. will be really in danger so. turkey is phrasing to that from. see if you got them all quite to quarters as well as. total disorganization all right now last month the assad government's main backer russia has a peace talks in such a way which ended with a call for elections in syria an agreement by those attending what they called a constitutional document but the main opposition as well as the kurds boycotted
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those talks saying their main demands were ignored similar talks were held in the capital a stand in last year there are concerns that these talks could undermine the u.n. back geneva peace talks. that amir well we now as far as the peace talks are concerned such a wasn't a success the opposition's not there where to from now all right well to some extent our source is such a congress of syrian syrians of was quite a success although all the opposition leaders well not represented by the unified front but i would like to say that the one i'm saying there was war that the the terrorists use it using the tactics of spreading it among the civilian people and that's why they're there might be some call they throw them which i think a day in hospital that says iraq a war is a war that began yeah yeah because they're there they they they they are hiding and
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behind the backs of the civilians of the plain civilians in syria but getting back to to to the situation in diplomatic front i think that. now after the eighth round of geneva talks we may say that our very aisle fortunately for every stakeholder in this bloody conflict the diplomatic efforts are in a deadlock actually and the main thing for staffan de mistura i think for. the united nations broker or for in the peaceful negotiations ins is to revive the or try to revive the direct negotiations direct contact between the main opposition leaders and the main opposition representatives and the represents this all the legal a government of bashar a lawsuit in the mosque that that's the main point and that's the task of for future in the weeks ahead what turkey's view when it comes to peace talks we
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touched a little essay on about how all the players obviously want to have their bit out of this as well to make sure that they've got some sort of presence when the war is finally wrapped up. what's it going to be where do they position assad in this for example. well first i have to say to the friend from mosco that the suci conference was a big scandal if you will because it was one day conference to discuss the situation that can city ocean in syria that is a country completely devastated by war and you invite the opposition the main bulk of the opposition the main body is like the syrian national commission was not a participating did not go and you spend just one day to discuss all these issues it was a big scandal in my opinion now when it comes to turkey for turkey the deescalation agreement that was struck back in september in two thousand and seventeen and i
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stand was the main step two words a peaceful negotiation turkey does support the efforts of russia and iran as the main gathering to all of these agreements and it's not really were clear that when you look at what's happening in think of a router and at the moment i mean it's been violated out on a lot of these are all these the recent developments on the ground are going to escalate the situation and deteriorate everything more and more because as they told you every party is mainly interested in it's all national security now so turkey could not just watch the russians moving from the south to eglin because of the pretext of a sham the formally linked to al qaida controlling the blip and that in the other hand this is going to have another aleppo scenario for turkey these people are
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going to flee the warring years moved to turkey in order to escape the fighting so they are starting on the ground building these camps the because the h.t.s. is not backing down as well it's a still fighting again. the regime and the russians on the other hand they cannot accept the unilateral movements of a washington by forming and training thirty thousand security force of the y. p.g. that is a major threat i guess i want to just be doing a bailout because all right a lot of chomsky's me jumping in here bailout so the opposition is not involved in the talks they still want assad to step down he's not going anywhere we've got the fighting that's continuing the abuse of the deescalation zones as long as the fighting continues a political solution is not possible is it yes i think military conflict is deepening can see it again fortunately there is no war where
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you there is no way or room for a political solution so if your confidence the experience of sorts of confidence show does that russia is not as credible partner to set up a credible peace process for the syrian question russia is already imposing it is on interest and agenda on our own all of the insight in favor of assad regime i think that afford. process doesn't produce peace but it produces. pretty that is the situation normally hope we have is. journal of our meeting we hope that you are on. the third gen are meeting. the general meeting will be at credible platform for political. event on
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that on note of positivity if we may run out of time below some book that is suddenly called and. i thank you very much. and i get it watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website al jazeera dot com for further discussion get off facebook page at facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story. on the race the team that's watching.
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