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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. and. with envy. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes. gasping for breath a new video emerges of the suspected the use of chlorine gas on rebel held areas in syria is it live problems plus. we simply cannot allow in stand idly by to see the total destruction of democracy in venezuela the u.s. secretary of state calls for argentina's support as he tries to rally regional leaders against the venezuelan president and. thousands of greeks protest over the use of the name macedonia by the neighboring former yugoslav republic. in school the philadelphia eagles are ahead in their efforts so when a first super bowl championship. patriots trailed twenty eight nineteen the game is into the third quarter.
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at least nine people have been injured in a suspected chlorine gas attack in syria's northwestern province activists the video shows people being treated in the town that imported a foul smell following a raid by syrian government aircraft that follows another suspected chlorine gas bombing by president assad's forces several days ago that was in duma and rebel held eastern go to and it was the third reported closing attack there in fifteen days and a russian and syrian government air raid has targeted a hospital in southern italy the footage shows babies being rescued from the hospital and moderate on the line at least eleven people were killed in the strikes which were also targeted at kufa to nobble. don't talk. is a city and doctor who leads the sustainable international medical relief organization now that's an ngo developed to protect patients and doctors from aerial attacks providing health care to syrians in twenty eleven he was jailed and
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tortured for six months by the assad regime and he's joining us now via skype from toronto thank you very much indeed for being with us sir i understand that you are in touch with teams on the ground what are you hearing about this attack. thank you very much for having me yes indeed this is a horrible day actually the attack on the hospital in southern at the it is a national hospital it is in recognize national hospital supported by international humanitarian n.g.o.s everybody knows the material in medical ward there are full of babies women elderly like the hospital where the over the staff and the disobedient defense stuff like members they are trying to take people out and they get you can imagine that an attack on cover noble that you mentioned earlier with ten or eleven casualties and many injured they were evacuated to this hospital
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and this you don't jima docked these false beetle and then when the ambulances and civil defense they were trying to evacuate patients from this hospital the evacuation routes are targeted by airstrikes it's horrible like the ambulances cannot even turn oh no lights to get to take those critical cases from hospital to hospital they are using the farms the very difficult roads between like the towns to get to another like clinics and now patients evacuated ended up in the clones and houses waiting like any. movement to take them out or to evacuate them to any problem medical facility i mentioned earlier on that we have reports that this was an attack involving chlorine gas are you hearing anything to confirm what kind of gas was used in this attack. we received videos like our.
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rooms but with other health providers in the area that chlorine. happened inside rocky. close to adlib city the symptoms and the videos that we received confirmed from a clinical perspective of a chlorine gas attack now i understand that you yourself have been in an area which has been under aerial bombardment for our international audience can you describe to us what it's like to be and those circumstances actually for someone to be the first one to be horrible but after the attacks on civilians since two thousand and twelve like specifically medical personnel medical staff there unfortunately they get used to this and they get used to do to to
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actually do expect that after every attack turns out of a lot of patients evacuated to their facilities yes it is a horrible but people in syria after. the borders are closed the international community are not allowing anyone to go they don't want any more veggies they are not taking any serious serious actions to stop attacks on civilians and they are not taking on a series of actions to protect the facilities and hills facilities that they should treat those victims given what you've just said what is it that keeps the medical teams working in these areas when they're in such great danger. actually what other option that they can do like one who will treat their families their relatives there are people what they can do what the what the other option that they have but to escape from place to place with their instruments with their
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devices with their legs surgical tools to operate and to the people now i understand that you have a hospital in adelaide city and there are construction workers who are working there at the moment what are they telling you about the circumstances that they are in at the moment yes it is a mutual project with the civilian health department over there and unfortunately today. and tomorrow the construction of this facility is suspended just because of this horrible attack on the city of the city of on the city of atlanta and while we are really running with time to to finish this hospital to protect the. medical staff in this region we know that the russians if they want to attack a facility we cannot afford to stop this we cannot protect our stuff against
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russians but we are trying to provide as much as we can if you had the opportunity to speak to all the opposing sides in the conflict in syria what message would you send to them actually if we cannot stop on civilians we wish that everybody stop a dark civilians and we wish that they stop at dark stuff that they are treating those patients and treating those civilians. on the larger thank you very much indeed for speaking to us our knowledge of sarah thank you for your time. and . u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in argentina seeking support for tough action against venezuela but blames venezuelan president nicolas maduro for economic and political crises that have led to violent protests and shortages of food in that sense and the reports we're going to set is. washington regards latin
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america as its backyard that's why secretary of state rex tillerson is here with the u.s. believes it should have an influence but it's a region that often feels neglected by raising conflict with the superpower to the north. a few years ago argentina like many of its neighbors was governed by left of center leaders of dollars with washington and sympathetic to venice whalers then president chavez not anymore who wants an end of the crisis in venezuela the question is how one of the aspects of considering sanctioning all is what effect will it have on of it as well and people. it is is it a step that might bring this to an end to a more rapid and a more rapid close because not doing anything to bring this to you is also asking the venezuelan people to suffer for
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a much longer time the venezuelan president nicolas maduro blames the united states and its allies for trying to undermine his socialist government and then another model was that they have inherited the arrogance the imperial arrogance of believing that with a button and a plan in english the bolivarian revolution is finished with a declaration from the head of the empire calling me a dictator it's over the dictatorship has already fallen as they call it with a statement by secretary of state to tell us and we are going to surrender they do not know us they do not know our strength. president. is now one of those in the region most critical of the venice whale and government mr tillerson wants to work with. all of us in the region want to see really want to return to his constitution we just this is heart wrenching to watch what is happening to the people but this way there is suffering food and medicine shortages inflation is rampant crime is rising and thousands cross the borders every day in search of provisions for
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a better life mr tillotson visit to lodge and thena is to show that washington cares about latin america but the region's long term interests lie with the united states and not with china or russia he praise the arjun tying government's austerity driven investor friendly economic model much like that of the current us administration that it's not something you would have a few years ago the secretary of state is emphasizing with the two countries can cooperate trade defense fighting terrorism and drug trafficking not so much on immigration they'll be similar bridge building when he moves on to peru and colombia. one of cyrus antone a moron is a lot in america analyst and a journalist with the online publication news and news dot com he says tell us and is trying to intimidate material into changing his behavior. the issue with all those who oppose the but as all indicator seven the human rights abuses and
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everything that's going on with events on the government is that still it has taken this long to get engaged in the venezuela crisis we had an opportunity last year when the organization of american states tried to deal with event as well if you convening a couple of meetings of foreign ministers and sellers and didn't go even though one of them was in washington d.c. so i think now my guess is that what he's trying to do is is put the fear of god in monroe by raising the possibility of a military coup sort of reaching out in this way to the benefit on military because the reality is unless the venezuelan military does turn against matter there is little chance that things are going to change in but as well is because people have suffered so much are struggling so much survive on a daily basis that the chance of any kind of real revolution seems very small but latin american countries like argentina certainly favor some change in that as well . in the u.s. is the fallout over a controversial memo claiming the f.b.i.
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abused its power by spying on a trump aide continues washington is waiting to see if the democrats will respond with a rival memo on monday the competing documents were written by republicans and democrats on the house intelligence committee the republicans made there is public on friday after the u.s. president declassified it donald trump seized on the documents saying it's totally vindicates him in the probe into alleged ties between his campaign and russia but the f.b.i. says it has grave concerns the documents contains with it calls material admissions of fact the democrats could vote on monday to release their own memo the bodies of the senate's leader chuck schumer has urged trump to back its public release saying that refusing to do so would show the president's intent to undermine the russia investigation. well both parties have used sunday talk shows to debate the relevance of the republican members release. you still have a russian investigation even without it so. i don't know how many of the republican
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field. am on record as saying i support bob muller one hundred percent i think you would have a russia and russia trying to interfere with our election in twenty sixteen with or without a dossier sources are going to dry up because of what the republicans on this committee are doing now there's a compact between our committee and the intelligence community you give us your deepest held secrets we will hold them in good confidence we won't abuse them. they're going to share a lot less with us now and other sources of nation are going to decide not to share with the f.b.i. because they can't rely on our committee not to be partisan in the handling of that information and that's a deep disservice which ultimately makes the country less safe under gallacher is following developments from washington d.c. . well the key date to watch sure is monday evening when the democrats vote whether they will release their own ten page memo of course the democrats released
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a four page memo on friday which is proved to be very controversial it will then go to the president who has five days to approve it or not approve it one of the key issues for the democrats is they fear that it will be censored it will be made useless by the president and they're also extremely concerned about that original memo from the republicans they say they hand-picked certain information to undermine the robert mueller investigation and they're worried the president will use it all as a pretext to fire special counsel robert mueller which they say will lead to a constitutional crisis of course the president himself has been tweeting out on saturday morning that this whole thing is a witch hunt and a hoax of course it isn't that's not true the investigation will carry on at full steam and he's been seriously advised not to fire special counsel robert mueller which has been widely reported he wanted to do back in the summer so what's to watch for in the next few hours is that vote among the democrats to see whether
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that ten page memo will be released and whether president trump ultimately will allow that to happen. thank you more ahead on the news hour including more than four months after the election germany's political parties are still struggling to form a government. but so many nepalis living and working abroad we look at the conditions they face away from home. and skiing superstar lindsey vonn will head to the winter olympics on a winning note and is going to have the details coming up in the sport. tens of thousands of greeks have rallied in the capital athens argin the government not to compromise in a long running name with neighboring macedonia greece has blocked the former yugoslav republic from joining nato and the e.u. and says the name implies a claim over the greek province also called macedonia john psaropoulos reports from athens. the message was clear macedonians are greeks and no one
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other than the greeks should be allowed to use the name macedonia greeks refer to the neighborhood by the name of its capital city skopje their opinion is important because they hailed the power of veto over its entry to nato and the european union he might give the union to me again as anyone macedonian it's greek greek people will not accept the fact of our name we determine to show that we went out to history under the terms that can be no european prospects copia this was greece's official position until about a decade ago it has since accepted the use of the composites names such as mills and also love macedonia and a new government in scope is willing to die you to the countries constitutional name republic of macedonia so the basis for a compromise in theory exists the question is can the two societies accept it the greeks have been through an eight year economic depression they have lost one hundred three national finances and budgets vacuum alienation has been compounded
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by the fact that many european. if you have denied even that ancient provenance they have now said with one voice that their identity and history are not up for negotiation most greeks agree that the use of the name by known greeks implies a fictitious ethnicity and the first as part of their own ancient history but would like to the only person in. this know message are any a nation alexander the great was educated doing great by aristotle whenever he won a battle he put up a monument saying this big tree was won by all the greats he didn't differentiate between methadone and sing greats a generation of kids in skopje has grown up with this myth but that's their problem some observers say inflated expectations are a greek problem as well and many people in greece felt that at some point there would be some kind of ideal solution without the the word macedonia and everything would be solved that way and the fact that diplomacy means eventually some
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painful decisions. in the methods that message was not asked through greek society by our elites the government in athens is to send its proposals to scope here in the next two weeks the crowds here warn against diplomacy without the people jump several plus al-jazeera athens i'm going to say as a lecturer in european politics at king's college in london he says the dispute is down to ownership of national identity. i think there are two parameters two mentions one diplomatic and geopolitical one which says that a lot of greece see it is a matter of national interest to have a strong position on the so-called macedonian name issue on the other hand of course it's of issue of a motional popular national identity so a lot of people consider the ancient legacy of the ancients donia is part of greek
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identity and part of the greek narrative of continuous greek nationalism so it's a matter both of geopolitical disagreement the question of national interest and the question a very emotional. national identity when the two gets together it's actually very difficult to conduct diplomacy isolated from the sentiment on the street the president of cyprus has won a runoff election with fifty percent percent of the vote because the others comfortably beat his challenger stuff at a small us is votes to improve the economy and push ahead with the reunification attempts in the island a un administered demilitarized zone running through the capital nicosia has divided turkish controlled north and greek dominated south cyprus since nine hundred seventy four. talks about forming a government in germany are expected to continue into monday chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are in negotiations with the opposition social democrats radicals been unable to form a coalition since an election in september when both the main parties lost seats to
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the far right but the two sides remain optimistic about a deal. i talked as a consequence constructive talks today we have reached a lot of agreements we managed to reach consensus in the important issues of habitation and renting we managed to finish the issue of digitalisation and we could reach an agreement on art and culture but we've just joined in the high level meeting that there are issues ahead of us with a party still definite about which we still have to talk which we want to debate thoroughly and with focus obviously as paul brennan has more from berlin. given the differences between these two sides censor rights michael c.d.u. and center left martin shields this p.d.s. perhaps not surprising that they're finding it quite difficult to tie down the final details of this coalition treaty it looks like they've agreed things like energy and agriculture policy in the matter of labor reform health policy and
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housing policy there's still some distance apart from each other and we heard it when the two leaders went in that they sounded sort of they were making the right noises but preparing people for a long night ahead no surprises realistically there and the reason really is because the s.p.d. the center left needs to have a deal on the table that they can actually sell to their membership because it's the membership of the s.p.d. who will have effectively a veto on this if they come out with an agreement that can't be sold to the center left voters and frankly it's dead in the water i could audience have voted to stop their presidents holding more than two terms in office sixty four percent of the nation's voters supported changing the constitution the move was backed by ecuador's current president lenin moreno his predecessor rafael correa lifted the restrictions in twenty fifteen and was eyeing a comeback in twenty twenty one but the vote means he'll no longer be able to run for the top job. china is accusing the u.s. of having
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a cold war mentality in response to washington's plans to diversify its nuclear weapons policy the pentagon says its current nuclear bombs are too big and wants to develop smaller nuclear weapons the u.s. says the nuclear weapons revamp is largely in response to russian russian actions in recent years. tangan is a political analyst and an advisor to the chinese government and he's joining us now via skype from beijing thank you very much indeed for your time sir is this response by china in what in some way unexpected. not all of what's not expected is that us start off that's not the nuclear arms war i mean it already has three russia united states ninety three percent world's nuclear weapons there are seventy thousand back in the cold war days there's fifteen thousand oxman a question is why ours is possible to promote eats you out smaller
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evil nuclear weapon it's the likelihood of the them being used increases not he creates based on they assess meant that they are analysts the military on us in the us of may there the pentagon has decided that it wants to make this change and china says that these are wild guesses on the part of the analysts but of course these analysts have been following the chinese military over the years so is it really reasonable to assume that these are wild guesses on which this policy changes based so china says that they the u.s. is misreading their military build up which is more conventional in nature especially because as a expand what else wrote initiative in each project their ability to safeguard the sea and land routes that they are putting in place so that's their stock end of story u.s. is saying its obligation remember not only saying that it's china it's also u.s.
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problem right at this moment is that the u.s. is fighting everybody at the same time both in terms now after china europe in terms of strategy and nuclear ambitions china russia and iran north korea it's not clear how long. this kind of battle on all fronts. do you think that china and the other countries such as iran and russia for example which have been mentioned by the pentagon are likely to change their profiles of their own military their own nuclear stockpiles and weaponry in response to this action by the us absolutely i mean there are as i said there's this is the start of another nuclear arms race as i said you know we know the tensions that exist between iran north korea and united states and also china and russia matter the
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idea that you can you have a battlefield nuclear weapon is very attractive generals want to win battles but they're not going to win a war you have massive new parents what the world many hundred times over with the existing stockpile so the danger here is that somebody thinks that they can start aid limited their war against an object for instance iran and that somehow this will not. go into a fully leveraged nuclear catastrophe we appreciate your time so thank you ivan i know tongan a political analyst and an advisor to the chinese government thank you so much. still ahead on al-jazeera the army seals of parliament in the maldives as the government cracks down on the opposition. sixteen bodies are recovered off the coast of morocco the latest in a number of deadly attempts to cross the mediterranean island in sports
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a return to winning ways for this tennis star and he's going to have the details later on. from long flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze the. well there's no real less south in that set chilly weather that we have across a good part of central and southern china go normally when coming in five celsius in shanghai thirteen celsius there for hong kong but we want to see showers into the philippines over the next few days but at least the many it will be dry temperatures edging up to around fourteen celsius in hong kong well let's follow that northeasterly wind there as you can see it makes its way across the philippines a few showers here as i said and it drifts all the way down towards malaysia some showers i think across the taiwan and western side of borneo looks a little west over the next day i would say but for many it's not looking bad
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thailand potentially large i want to see showers there towards some much wetter weather will be across central areas of malaysia and down into internation you can see the effect of that northeasterly wind pushing pushing those showers for the south which as we go on through the next day or two could change it around twenty five degrees celsius and big downpours coming in here but so many big downpours meanwhile across south asia here it's looking largely fine and dry if a little on the cloudy side for at times that a bit of wet weather just making its way towards flank thirty degrees celsius and because i was a little more cloud as you can see further north karate we find twenty seven. there with sponsored by qatar and meese. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one beijing shelter is giving them a home when i when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. good skin his arms kid. didn't have been fined for what is right on the shores of paradise progress for some can create a living hell for others challenging his government and big business one man risked his life to see the community he cherishes these not to be that someone can do stand. for and. the opposition a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching audience here a reminder of our top stories this hour at least and nine people have been injured in a suspected clothing gas attack in syria's northwestern province activist video shows people being treated in the town of saka reported a fall smell following a raid by syrian government aircraft u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has been meeting his argentinean counterpart in want to say it's a lesson is seeking argentina's support against the venezuelan leader nicolas maduro in the form of increased economic sanctions and further export restrictions . under its of thousands of people have been demi. straight thing in athens against the use of the name macedonia by the small balkan states on the borders greece two countries agreed to step up negotiations this year. ok more now on our top story in the suspected closing attacks in syria as a province alyea i spoke to sitting affairs analyst andrew tabler he's from the
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washington institute for near east policy and i began asking him whether the latest suspected clothing attack was related to saturday's shooting down of a russian fighter jet be hard to say i don't think that you know details are still still sketchy it is part of the general escalation of that area but it will take some time to try and sort that out the u.s. has said that the world needs to try to find a way of stopping these attacks can that be done. certainly or could be done to punish that regime for the use of chemical weapons stopping them would require stopping all air strikes or artillery strikes the acid regime that's in that unlikely do you think russia is going to feel pressured to stop these attacks by the acid regime i think they feel some pressure but chlorine is not among the banned substances. syria's not allowed to use chlorine as a weapon of course is
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a signatory to the chemical weapons convention. but russia is i think very concerned about u.s. accusations of the use of cera inside syria which is substance they should no longer have three opposition factions in syria say they were behind the downing of the russian fighter jet. this is video from the army it's one of the groups say they took down the fighter jet russia's defense ministry says the pilot ejected but was killed in a fight on the ground the syrian government backed by russian airpower launched a campaign to push out the rebels from in december. troops in the maldives who surrounded the parliament following days of unrest opposition m.p.'s have filed a motion to impeach forcing your government figures including the defense minister and the attorney general this is connected to a supreme court ruling over the release and retrial of political prisoners salah bellus explains. the. opposition politicians use their phones to record troops
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messing around parliamentary grounds in the moldavian capital mali. the opposition met at parliament and decided to file impeachment motions against the defense minister home minister attorney general and secretary cheney they blame the government officials for failing to recognize a supreme court ruling that called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohammed machine. by hundreds of military and police officers in riot gear but a movie managed to warn you some of us we'd love. to supreme court judges also reinstated twelve pace who were expelled for siding with the opposition opposition politicians say once parliament returns they will have the majority and can legally impeach president you mean abdul gayoom police raided the house of the
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administrative head of the supreme court on sunday they say they want him for corruption if that is an indication of how things will proceed if for example the phone president returns i think that means that he will be arrested and taken back to prison as well. what was the celebrate. in for the release of political prisoners has morphed into percy's the chief of police said he would implement this tax court decision the government fired him on saturday his replacement was also fired the opposition says it will continue protests as long as politicians remain in prison or in excess no i feel that i might be interested if you don't. even. know what i was up in the field of your might get arrested. we are very very worried a spokesman for the president has told al jazeera they have nothing to fear and the
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president has every intention of releasing and retrying the nine political prisoners as mandated but it cannot happen immediately because of what the government calls procedural issues. to come protest as president in maine says he is willing to hold early elections his rival former president as she called it ludicrous tweeting from exile president you mean him us real ain't and leave now the politics in the tourism hot spot is at a standstill parliament is in recess and was scheduled to reconvene on monday that has been postponed indefinitely. shallop ballasts al-jazeera. but i'm sure ana is executive director of the transparency moldy she says it's important tensions subside before presidential elections planned for november. it looked like it was all the past three years down the politicos situation. in the country has been. quite well in thailand and i'm certain that times but i think it is going to
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heading to work between eighteen presidential election it is quite important will be a political environment to be windy use it for a free and. free and fair elections but at looking at the current crisis i think even at the go one comes. seems to be a thought that had. supreme court. facing a question or will up will go through the floor and the constitution in this country. if you want to give things that we have been high they is that. we'd all talk to leaders of the opposition or potential president presidential candidate candidates either increase annoying in. one of the key fundamentals of of three in san actions do that every party should be able to look forward to the candidate of their choice but that is that their condition has not been met but this has been a ruling on first degree and if it is implemented full brazil conditional on the
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status which means he effectively he should be able to contact the twenty eight hundred presidential election but also note that as her own supreme court ruling states that the ninth well into the brazenness should be read right because now she may again be convicted and according to law in debian law if a sentence is longer than one year he will not be eligible to point to the presidential elections in just a few hours the un special rapporteur on human rights will reveal his first conclusions about the conditions faced by nepal's migrant workers about a third of the country's economy comes from income and abroad but many workers are exploited sabinus i thought reports. at katz what is international airport this is what happens every day sixteen hundred people mostly young men leave the politics work and gulf countries in malaysia with an unemployment rate hovering around forty percent many of the police say they have no choice but to leave the country and
5:38 am
many fall into the traps of unscrupulous middlemen but in the time i went to qatar to work in the food and beverage industry he failed a medical test in nepal but the local agents told him that they would fix it the cost of his trip including flights and bribes added up to twenty five hundred dollars but when he reached qatar he had to do the tests again that you did right after they did the tests they sent me back i ended up with no job and debts but other lurches the middle been paid off in a party officials including airport authorities the commerce department of foreign imports and receive more than two thousand complaints from neighbors during the last fiscal year these include everything from nonpayment of salaries for all its illegal ways actions exorbitant fees on the recall and sexual abuses by foreign employment agency and middleman and according to government figures seven hundred fifty five the parties died while working abroad. each worker has to deposit fifty
5:39 am
dollars to the government for an employment before they leave but even employment agencies say that the money has not been spent on those who need it either whereas . with this process the recruitment agencies have deposited more than fifty million dollars in the bond we can do so much for the workers but the government is not using this pond properly but government officials say it's up to the ministry of labor to decide who gets compensated and. we can use the funds for compensating workers who've gone through legal channels with the recruiting agencies registered with us we can't hold many other workers even if we wanted to the ministry of labor has to make the right policy and decide on how to use that money. the pulse of foreign workers said back six billion dollars this past year alone which amounts to almost a third of the country's g.d.p. experts say the government has to have better regulations of the sector to ensure that the laborers are safe instead many have accused politicians and bureaucrats
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with close ties to the industry of collusion with agents and middle meant to defraud workers swedish russia al-jazeera government. the bodies of sixteen migrants have been recovered off the coast of morocco that's the latest in a number of deadly attempts to reach europe so far this year according to the international organization for migration more than two hundred forty people have died all gone missing in the mediterranean since the new year began catherine stansell as more. this is becoming the new rich to europe for would be migrants more than a dozen bodies were pulled out of these waters near malea a spanish enclave bordering morocco most of them were from north africa trying to get cheap europe fired the so-called western mediterranean route as opposed to arriving in greece or italy. twenty eighteen may have only just begun but it's already proving to be a deadly year for those trying to seek
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a better life in europe. on wednesday more than one hundred migrants were rescued from rubber boats off the coast of tripoli. and on friday it's believed ninety people were on a boat that sank off the coast of libya the sole survivor told authorities that many were from pakistan he along with thirty two other pakistanis were brought. in the sea off the course of. these people were being illegally transported to shore up in that ridge was in a bad shape this was being done by human smugglers. the international organization for migration has issued another warning about the dangers of trying to reach europe we think is about two hundred sixty have died so far this year alone so here you're adding another ninety to that so it's a really significant episode at
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a time when people continue to try to get to europe they're lured there by social media they get onto a phone they promised. they think life is going to be great and before they know what they're getting into the hands of or for criminal extorting people the migrants that do survive usually end up in detention centers many of which are already filled to capacity. protests were held last week by hundreds of north african migrants at this facility in libya many of them saying they've been held for months in living conditions which are quickly deteriorating caton stansell al jazeera and are gearing community says he fears they'll be further attacks after a series of drive by shootings on saturday after six west african migrants injured but he said the suspect has admitted carrying out the racially motivated attack in the town of macho dr peter sharp reports.
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the lone gunman took two hours to target his victims in an attack that police said was racially motivated firing from the front seat of his car he shot six people as he drove through the streets all of them were black and thought to be asylum seekers nigerian immigrant. said he was shot without warning i hear first. then or so. and it. goes immediately. i hear it. right you know so for the head surgeon it much at the hospital said they'd all been very lucky. but twenty eight year old italian name does look good try any was arrested by military police draped in an italian flag he reportedly wore during the shootings he was escorted to prison early on sunday morning cerrone had no previous criminal record
5:44 am
overnight italian police sealed off his apartment and later released video of the inside of his home it showed a copy of adult hitler's mind comfort and other right wing flags and symbols journey stood as a far right candidate for the northern league and recent local elections but was said to receive no votes in the count. the italian prime minister was quick to condemn the shootings i mean to me now we've known for so nobody else will know what you want soon a criminal behavior cannot have ideological motivation criminals are criminals the state will be particularly to be against whoever thinks of nourishing the spiral by alliance let's stop this let's stop this right now with the arrival of more than six hundred thousand migrants over the past four years the events of the last few days come amid a election campaign in italy where anti foreign a sentiment has become a key theme peter shop al jazeera. a ship is missing in the gulf of guinea off the
5:45 am
coast of between the marine express is a merchant ship with twenty two indian crew members on board the areas targeted by pirates but it's not known what's happened to the vessel the navy's have been in and nigeria are carrying out a search some of guinea's opposition have denounced long delayed local elections saying there's been vote rigging in the sunday poll former prime ministers suggest tori's says there's been fraud at the national level local elections are the first since the end of the military dictatorship it was settled for twenty ten but delayed over the lack of funding and the twenty thirteen able the crisis. the vote count is underway in costa rica's presidential election campaigns been dominated by the issue of same sex marriage thirteen candidates are running to replace outgoing president luis solace who's been constitutionally barred from seeking a second consecutive term. two people have been killed and more than a hundred injured in
5:46 am
a train crash in the us state of south carolina and i'm trying to train collided with a freight train late on saturday i'm tykes president is blaming the freight company saying its signal systems were down to lock in when reports so down from new york and headed to miami carried one hundred forty eight passengers and crew it collided in the middle of the night with a freight train derailing its locomotive and the first car the two dead were crew members it's a horrible thing to see to understand the forces involved and the engine of the the first engine of the freight train of course was torn up and the the single engine of the passenger train the amtrak train conceded south was barely recognizable first reports indicated the freight train was parked on a side rail off the main trunk line this was the third fatal crash in two months involving amtrak america's only national passenger rail service last week an amtrak train carrying republican members of congress hit a trash truck killing
5:47 am
a passenger in the vehicle and in december a train in washington state hit a curve at more than one hundred kilometers per hour twice the permitted speed that train was not equipped with an automatic braking system which might have prevented the accident that killed three and then jeered about one hundred others the government subsidized dam track system has been heavily criticized by president donald trump he's pointed to its accident record as reason to push for more spending to refit the network of roads rails and airports night i'm calling on congress to produce a bill that generates at least one point five trillion dollars for the new infrastructure investment that our country so desperately needs but trump's budget proposal to congress to be submitted this week calls for slashing abstracts operating budget and rail investment grants by all. taff tom ackerman al-jazeera washington human rights watch has criticized bahrain for deporting eight nationals
5:48 am
who was stripped of their citizenship at the end of january videos posted online to show them saying goodbye to their families for the deportees have been sent to nut job in iraq the removal follows an appeals court decision to uphold a ruling that ordered to deport sation for damaging the state security. israel's cabinet has voted to begin the process of making the how about the gilad outpost in the occupied west bank i know fishel settlement politicians have been calling for the outpost to be legalized in response to an attack last month when a rabbi was killed in a drive by shootings and since then israeli forces have conducted raids in search of the killer they describe as a palestinian all israeli settlements are illegal under international law meanwhile a funeral is being held for the teenager killed in one of those raids carried out by israeli forces the nineteen year old was shot by police in janine on saturday another palestinian man was shot dead and several others have been injured in other
5:49 am
raids last month. a roadside bomb in sinai has killed two egyptian soldiers a pickup truck was carrying them just south of the coastal city. when the explosion happened there's been no claim of responsibility. still ahead on al-jazeera. over the last name. it's the biggest day in american sports on the super bowl halftime show includes a controversial opinions from the late singer prince.
5:50 am
5:51 am
i was time for the sport here's andy thank you so much rob well the new england patriots are ahead in their efforts want to seke super bowl championship the patriots leading thirty three thirty two against the philadelphia eagles brady and a patriots were trailing until the fourth quarter as has become the norm earlier brady's eagles counterpart nick foles have become the first player to throw and catch a touchdown in the super bowl with teams have already combined a record total yardage in the anopheles share of peace. i i i love this game taking place in minneapolis the birthplace of prince who died in twenty sixteen justin timberlake providing a hotdog and they to pay alongside a projection of the legendary musician it's believed he shelved plans to use
5:52 am
a hologram of the eight time grammy award winner after perhaps of complaints from prince's fans and friends and a nine hundred ninety eight if you print some self it also spoken about his distaste for technology. liverpool and tottenham played out a thrilling two two draw at anfield in the english premier league liverpool had led three marseille and silly eightieth minutes when victor wanyama made it one one added a second in injury time but it wasn't enough to seal the win after hurricane and missed a penalty he scored another phase one hundredth premier league goal to draw means liverpool stay third in the table tottenham just two points behind in fifth. so. fantastic. the guillotine the difficulty when the ira. is. in the school. and i think in the control room. in the book for most of. the feeling known in the changing room from the team is that we do to
5:53 am
points sometimes. we don't get that it's difficult it's how are said they were really good but we were good as well and because of the hold the game developed and because of two other circumstances they were there were more dominant the second half in spain barcelona remain unbeaten so far in the league this season but only just a late equaliser from gerrard piquet rescued a draw for them at espanol espanyol had taken the lead through gerard marino midway through the second half a level things up with just eight minutes of the game remaining barcelona now on a club record twenty two match unbeaten streak in league pass or any control of the table at last come into it a nine points behind after they beat the price of a lengthy one nil round match or it that early fourth still nineteen points off the lead after a new managing to draw against van say on saturday now morocco become the first
5:54 am
host country to win the african nations championship it's a biannual tournament for players based in africa they beat a ten man nigeria for nail in sunday's final to get some for american football that qualified for the world cup for the first time since one nine hundred ninety eight and appearing to host the twenty twenty six tournament. international olympic committee has formally rejected the requests of thirteen russian athletes to be allowed to compete at this week's winter olympics and pound chang each athletes had a lifetime ban from olympic sport the doping reversed last week by the court of arbitration for sport it's a decision that's been criticised by the i.o.c. president thomas back. the how you see executive board. not satisfied is all with the approach or her bike us. we have discussed this situation had links yesterday
5:55 am
and today. we feel. this decision shows the urgent need. for reform in the internal structure of costs or we're just a few days to go now until the olympics begin in pyongyang a more optimistic story surrounding these games involves the combined north and south korean women's hockey team south korea have the strongest squad but at least three players from north korea will participate in each match in the olympics they played here their first woman game against sweden finished three want to sweden as well as the joint hockey team the two koreas were marched together under unified flag at the games opening ceremony. we've what we've been able to practice as a team for over a week so we were viewing all of our systems it's been great for our players as well. and the north korean players learn quickly they've been great to work with
5:56 am
they work really hard so we've just been reviewing our systems and we'll keep teaching and keep getting better. in rugby six nations championship england got their title defense off to a winning start against italy on sunday running seven tries in a forty six fifteen victory in rome so thirteenth consecutive loss in the tournament for the italians england bidding for an historic third consecutive outright championship to start with a champion patrick a bit of a one hundred twenty first title on the women's tennis circuit instead petersburg the czech produced a dominant display to defeat defending champion christina mullard novich six one six two in sunday's final just give it of his second solo win since returning to the top last june following a knife attack in her home at the end of twenty sixty from the back up to twenty one in the rankings points the defendants of the french open in may. skiing
5:57 am
superstar lindsey vonn will head to the olympics on a winning night after claiming victory in the final downhill event before pyong chang the american completed its course in germany in one minute thirty seven point nine two seconds for her third consecutive triumph for now has eighteen one world cup race wins to her name and she's just five short of the all time best mark i was set back in the one nine hundred eighty s. and eight some downhill world cup champion the thirty three year old is bidding for just a second a limping sites. ok that is how useful it is looking for now the thanks very much indeed russia's capital has been hit with its heaviest snowfall in sixty years about forty centimeters of snow has blanketed moscow that's about half of its average monthly snow falling in just twenty four hours one person has been killed five others have been injured the storms downed trees caused early tricity cuts and delayed dozens of flights. environmental activists have used the flooding of the
5:58 am
french capital as river saying to highlight climate change by strapping a life jacket onto a statue that's part of a bridge across the river the good planet foundation is set up the stunt in paris the same has been in flood for more than a week the waters have dropped from their peak of five point eight meters but continuous rain that's when the river is still swollen. john's going to be here with more on all these stories in a couple of minutes so i'm rob matheson thanks for being with me. but the message is simplistic you have. good logic. and misinformation is right. the listening post provides
5:59 am
a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream. at this time on al-jazeera. breaks. the feeling that the us. and its. coverage. from around the world. are still thinking about abuses but this time. twenty years of china's transformation. told through. from birth to. two decades following the development of life. returns to the
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story of k.k. . do you remember me at this time on al-jazeera. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of the our guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. gasping for breath new video emerges of the suspected use of chlorine on rebel held areas in service in the province.


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