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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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to the story of k.k. the girl. at this time on al-jazeera. i am doing this for the benefit of people. so bad they see the importance of the outcry. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. gasping for breath new video emerges of the suspected use of chlorine in rebel held areas and service in the public's.
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hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we simply cannot allow in stand idly by to see the total destruction of a democracy in venezuela the u.s. secretary of state calls to argentina's support as he tries to rally regional leaders against the venezuelan president. thousands of greeks protest over the use of the name macedonia by the neighboring former yugoslav republic plus. allegations that egypt is fighting armed groups in northern sinai with help from israel. at least nine people have been injured in a suspected chlorine gas attack in syria's northwestern it live province activists video shows people being treated in the town of sonic ted they reported
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a foul smell following a raid by syrian government aircraft itself as another suspected chlorine attack by president assad's forces on the duma and rebel held at least in ghouta that was a third reported killed in attacks there in fifteen days. and at least eleven people have been killed in russian and syrian government airstrikes and it leaves southern countryside the strikes targeted a hospital in the village of newman it also caused extensive damage to several buildings in clapham novel and. with all comes just a day after a russian fighter plane was shot down above the town of static had three opposition factions in syria say they were behind the attack this is video from the balmy it's one of the groups that says it took down the jet russia's defense ministry says the pilot ejected but was killed in a firefight on the ground the syrian government backed by russian airpower launched a campaign to push out the rebels from in december for dr khalid is a syrian doctor in two thousand and eleven he was jailed and tortured for six
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months by the assad regime he says the targeting of hospitals by the syrian government has become commonplace. the attack on the hospital in southern at that it is a national hospital it recognized national hospital supported by international community here in india or was everybody know that the material in medical ward there is full of baby used women elderly like the hospital was destroyed over the staff and the patients and then when the ambulances and civil defense they were trying to evacuate patients from this hospital the evacuation roads are targeted by air strikes it's horrible like one says cannot even turn own the lights to get to take those critical cases from hospital to hospital they are using the farms the very difficult road between like the towns to get to another like clinics and now
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patients evacuated ended up in arms and houses waiting like any. movement to take them out or to evacuate them to any problem medical facility u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in argentina seeking support for tough action against venezuela the u.s. planes venezuelan president nicolas maduro for economic and political crises are led to violent protests and shortage of food and medicines reports from what assad's. washington regards latin america as its backyard that's why secretary of state rex tillerson is here with the u.s. believes it should have an influence but it's a region that often feels neglected by or is in conflict with the superpower to the north. a few years ago argentina like many of its neighbors was governed by left of center leaders dollars with washington and sympathetic to venice whalers then
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president chavez not anymore who wants an end of the crisis in venezuela the question is how one of the aspects of considering sanctioning all is what effect would have on of it as well and people. it is is it a step that might bring this to an end to a more rapid and a more rapid close because not doing anything to bring this to is also asking the venezuelan people to suffer for a much longer time the venezuelan president nicolas maduro blames the united states and its allies for trying to undermine his socialist government and then another lot of it was they have inherited the arrogance the imperial arrogance of believing that with a button and a plan in english the bolivarian revolution is finished with a declaration from the head of the empire calling me a dictator it's over the dictatorship has already fallen as they call it with the
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statement by secretary of state to tell us and we are going to surrender they do not know us they do not know our strength. the argentine president. is now one of those in the region most critical of the venezuelan government mr tillerson wants to work with him all of us in the region to see readers will return to his constitution we just this is heart wrenching to watch what is happening to the people. bring food and medicine shortages inflation is rampant crime is rising and thousands cross the borders every day in search of provisions for a better life mr tillerson visit to argentina is to show that washington cares about latin america but the region's long term interests lie with the united states and not with china or russia he praised the argentine government's austerity driven investor friendly economic model much like that of the current us administration that it's not something you would have a few years ago the secretary of state is emphasizing where the two countries can
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cooperate trade defense fighting terrorism and drug trafficking not so much on immigration they'll be similar bridge building when he moves on to peru and colombia. when osiris. accord or eons of voted to stop the president's holding more than two terms in office sixty four percent of the voters supported changing the constitution the move was backed by ecuador's current president. his predecessor. lifted the restrictions in twenty fifteen and was eyeing a comeback twenty twenty one when the vote now means he'll no longer be able to run again for the top job. the vote count is underway in costa rica's presidential election campaigns been dominated by the issue of same sex marriage thirteen candidates are running to replace the outgoing president. this rule has been constitutionally barred from seeking a second consecutive term. tens of thousands of greeks have rallied in the capital
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athens edging the government not to compromise in the long running name raul with neighboring macedonia greece's block the former yugoslav republic from joining nato and the e.u. it says the name implies a claim of a greek province also called macedonia johns' or openness reports from athens. the message was clear macedonians are greeks and no one other than the greeks should be allowed to use the name macedonia greeks refer to their neighborhood by the name of its capital city skopje their opinion is important because they hold the power of veto over its entry to nato and the european union you might get on your enemy again as anyone macedonian is greek greek people will not accept the fact of a name we determine to show that we went out to history under the terms that can be no european prospects copia this was greece's official position until about a decade ago it has since accepted the use of the composites name such as northern also love macedonia and a new government in scope is willing to die you to the countries constitutional
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name republic of macedonia so the basis for a compromise in theory exists the question is can the two societies accept it the greeks have been through an eight year you cannot make depression they have lost four hundred over national finances and budgets back in really a should have been compounded by the fact that many europeans have denied even that ancient provenance they have now third with one voice that their identity and history will not often to go spiritual most greeks agreed that the use of the name by known greeks employs a fictitious ethnicity and a first of passive. their own ancient history. this new message ternium nation alexander the great was educating great by aristotle whenever he won a battle he put up a monument saying this big tree was won by all the greats he didn't differentiate between method earnings and grades a generation of kids in skopje has grown up with this myth but that's their problem
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some observers say inflated expectations are a greek problem as well many people in greece felt that at some point there would be some kind of ideal solution without the the word macedonia and everything would be solved that way the fact that diplomacy means eventually some painful decisions. in the methods that message was not passed through greek society by the government in athens is to send its proposals to scope here in the next two weeks the crowds here warn against diplomacy without the people jump zero plus al-jazeera athens. is a lecturer in european politics at king's college london he says the dispute is down to ownership of national identity. and i think there are two parameters two mentions on stopping one diplomatic and geopolitical one which says that
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a lot of greece see it is a matter of national interest to have a strong position on the so-called macedonian name issue on the other hand of course it's of issue of motional popular national identity so a lot of people consider the ancient legacy. is part of greek identity and part of the greek narrative of continuous greek nationalism so it's a matter of both of geopolitical disagreement the question of the national interest and their emotional national identity when the two gets together it's actually very difficult to conduct diplomacy isolated from the sentiment on the street. cyprus's president has won a runoff election with fifty six percent of the vote nicos anastasiades comfortably beat his challenger. he's vowed to improve the economy and push ahead with reunification attempts on the island a u.n. administered demilitarized zone runnings with the capital nicosia has divided turkish controlled north and a greek dominated south cyprus since one thousand nine hundred eighty four. human
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rights watch has criticized bahrain for deporting eight nationals who were stripped of their citizenship at the end of january videos posted online show them saying goodbye to their families four of the deportees have been sent to not just in iraq their removal follows an appeals court decision to uphold the ruling that ordered their deportation for damaging stakes clarity israel's cabinet has voted to begin the process of making the get out outpost in the occupied west bank an official settlement politicians have been calling for the out those to be legalized in response to an attack last month where rabbi was killed in a drive by shooting well since then israeli forces of conducted raids in search of the killer they described as a palestinian or israeli settlements are illegal under international law. meanwhile a funeral has been held for a teenager killed in one of those raids carried out by israeli forces the nineteen year old was shot by police in jenin on saturday another palestinian man was shot
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dead and several others injured in other raids last month. israeli planes have been carrying out and strikes in northern sinai with the approval of the egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi that's according to the new york times it says unmarked israeli war planes and helicopters have conducted dozens of raids in egypt over the past two years egyptian forces have been fighting isolating groups which have launched attacks in the region have been reports on the cooperation between egypt and israel before but it's always been denied by both governments imran khan as the latest from western. so his the original reports in sunday's new york times they'll have to say the reporting is all from british and american former security officials who spoke to the new york times none of it's actually come from either israel or egypt and we reached out to the israeli army for comment they say they weren't going to comment on this case but clearly it's a very big story both in the hebrew language and the english language post now take
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a look at this this horace they're reporting fairly similar things israel conducted over one hundred s. strikes on isis in egypt using the new york times as a base the jerusalem post as well just take a look at this israel struck over one hundred targets and sinai with caro's ok now this is going to be controversial for both countries there's a hard right in israel that says it doesn't want any cooperation with its arab neighbors particularly when it comes to military that the israeli army should be completely independent also in egypt it's going to be controversial as well particular within the t.v. stations are very critical of any cooperation with israel when it comes to military matters now i did speak to a former israeli military official and asked him why this cooperation might be taking place he says simply they're very worried about groups like arsenal massing on their borders so it makes sense for something like this to take place. lots more so to come here on al-jazeera including more than four months after the election
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germany's political parties are still struggling to form a government. and with so many apologies living and working abroad we look at the conditions they face far away from the point at stake. we've had some really heavy rain moving away from the eastern seaboard of the united states you can see the cloud just making its way across the middle of the states drifting out into the atlantic and it's allowing that bitterly cold air to just dig its way in behind minus seventeen the top temperature in winnipeg minus seven cold enough in chicago more bits and pieces the snow there around the northern plains pushing down into the midwest south of that mills about dallas at around thirteen degrees celsius which was west slushy fondant trial a still pretty warm temperatures here twenty five degrees celsius further north
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well a snow does remain across the rockies pushing up towards that western side of canada well too bad as we go on through tuesday lotty fine and flood watches day we will see some snow just coming in across colorado pushing a little further southwards and ace was still in place in places a snow just about upstate new york for pennsylvania three celsius the top temperature in new york at this stage still at minus seventeen for what it takes them on a sixth for chicago a chance of some heavy showers there into texas and maybe also into louisiana also wanted to showers too into the western side of the caribbean before many it's going to be fine and dry pleasant sunshine coming through kingston with a top temperature of thirty one degree celsius. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming
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young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems their challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera at least nine people have been injured in a suspected careen gas attack in syria's no western aid province activists video shows people being treated in the town of sadoc head there reported a foul smell following a raid by syrian government will play. us just take rex tillerson as
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a meeting his argentinean counterpart in but as ira's to listen seeking argentina's support against venezuelan leader nicolas maduro in the form of increased economic sanctions and further export restrictions. hundreds of thousands of people have been demonstrating in athens against the use of the name macedonia by the small vulcan state that borders greece the two countries agreed to step up against the nations the sea is. now a key republican congressman is pushing back against the us president donald trump's claim that he's been cleared of any accusations he's twenty six campaign colluded with russia trump tweeted the remark on saturday after the release of a controversial memo claiming the f.b.i. abused its power by spying on a trump aide but speaking on us t.v. on sunday one of the republicans who helped write the memo said trump's claim of indication those two thoughts you still have a russian investigation even without it so. i don't know how many other republican
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feel that what i am on record as saying i support bob muller one hundred percent i think you would have a russia and russia trying to interfere with our election in twenty sixteen with or without a dossier and a gallagher has more now from washington d.c. . well the key date to watch here is monday evening when the democrats vote whether they will release their own ten page memo of course the democrats released a four page memo on friday which is proved to be very controversial it will then go to the president who has five days to approve it or not approve it one of the key issues for the democrats is they fear that it will be censored it will be made useless by the president and they're also extremely concerned about that original memo from the republicans they say they hand-picked certain information to undermine the robert mueller investigation and they're worried that president trump will use it all as a pretext to fire special counsel robert mueller which they say will lead to a constitutional crisis of course the president himself has been tweeting out on
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saturday morning that this whole thing is a witch hunt and a hoax of course it isn't that's not true the investigation will carry on at full steam and he's been seriously advised not to fire special counsel robert mueller which has been widely reported he wanted to do back in the summer so what's to watch for in the next few hours is that vote among the democrats to see whether that ten page memo will be released and whether president trump ultimately will allow that to happen china is accusing the u.s. of having a cold war mentality in response to washington's plans to diversify its nuclear weapons policy the pentagon says its current nuclear bombs are too big and wants to develop smaller nuclear weapons the u.s. says the atomic weapons revamp is large in response to russian actions in recent years a lot of time going as a political analyst and adviser to the chinese government he says the u.s. announcement signals the beginning of another nuclear arms race. we know there are
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tensions that exist between iran north korea and united states and also china and russia matter the idea that you can have a battlefield nuclear weapon is very attractive if gen xer want to win battles but they're not going to win a war when you have massive new parents what the world many hundred times over with the existing stockpile so the danger here is that somebody thinks that they can start a limited their war against an object for instance iran and that somehow this will not. go into a fully leveraged nuclear catastrophe probably right at this moment is that the u.s. is fighting everybody at the same time both in terms of trade now after china europe in terms of strategy and nuclear ambitions china russia iran north korea it's not clear how long. this kind of battle on all parts
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in just a few hours the un special rapporteur on human rights will reveal his first conclusions about the conditions faced by the puls migrant workers about a third of the country's economy comes from money and abroad but many workers are exploited a subpoena stress and i reports. attachment is its national airport this is what happens every day sixteen hundred people mostly young men leave the paul to work and gulf countries in malaysia with an unemployment rate hovering around forty percent many of the parties say they have no choice but to leave the country and many fall into the traps of unscrupulous middlemen but in the time i went to qatar to work in the food and beverage industry he failed a medical test in nepal but the local agents told him that they would fix it the cost of his trip including flights and bribes added up to twenty five hundred dollars but when he reached qatar he had to do the tests again it just after they
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did the tests they sent me back i ended up with no job and debts brother lurches the middle been paid off in a party officials including airport authorities the commerce department of foreign employment received more than two thousand complaints from neighbors during the last fiscal year these include everything from nonpayment of salaries for all its illegal ways upshift exorbitant fees and it is a cult and sexual abuse is by foreign employment agency and middleman and according to government figures seven hundred fifty five the bodies die while working abroad . each worker has to deposit fifty dollars to the government for an employment before they leave but even employment agencies say that the money has not been spent on those who need it whereas. with this process the recruitment agencies have deposited more than fifty million dollars in the bond we can do so much for the workers but the government is not using this pond properly but government officials
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say it's up to the ministry of labor to decide who gets compensated and. we can use the funds for compensating workers who've gone through legal channels with the recruiting agencies registered with us we can't hold many other workers even if we wanted to the ministry of labor has to make the right policy and decide on how to use that money. the pulse of foreign workers said back six billion dollars this past year alone which amounts to almost a third of the country's g.d.p. experts say the government has to have better regulations of the sector to ensure that the laborers are safe instead many have accused politicians and bureaucrats with close ties to the industry of collusion with agents and middle meant to defraud workers swedish russia al-jazeera government do. troops in the mall the surround the parliament following days of unrest opposition m.p.'s of filed a motion to impeach for senior government figures including the defense minister
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and the attorney general it's connected to a supreme court ruling over the release retrial of political prisoners explains. opposition politicians use their phones to record troops messing around parliamentary grounds in the moldavian capital mali. the opposition met at parliament and decided to file impeachment motions against the defense minister home minister attorney general and secretary general they blame the government officials for failing to recognize a supreme court ruling that called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohammed machine. by hundreds of police officers in riot gear but some more we managed to warn you some of. those two supreme court judges also reinstated twelve pace who were expelled for siding
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with the opposition opposition politicians say once parliament returns they will have the majority and can legally impeach president you mean abdul gayoom police raided the house of the administrative head of the supreme court on sunday they say they want him for corruption if that is an indication of how things will proceed if for example the former president returns i think that means that he will be arrested and taken back to prison as well. what was a celebration for the release of political prisoners has morphed into protests the chief of police said he would implement the state's court decision the government fired him on saturday his replacement was also fired the opposition says it will continue protests as long as politicians from a. i'm in prison or in excel you know i feel that i'm going to be disfigured if you don't. feel.
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we. really want to be a spokesman for the president has told zero zero they have nothing to fear and the president has every intention of releasing and retrying the nine political prisoners as mandated but it cannot happen immediately because of what the government calls procedural issues. to come protest as president in maine says he is willing to hold early elections his rival former president as she called it ludicrous tweeting for makes our president you mean him us real ain't and leave now but politics in the tourism hot spot is it a standstill parliament is recess and was scheduled to reconvene on monday that has been postponed indefinitely. shallop ballasts. among guinea's opposition have denounced long delayed local election saying there has been vote rigging in the sunday poll the former prime minister says there's been fraud at the national
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level and local elections are the first since the end of the military dictatorship there were for twenty ten but delayed and a lack of funding on the twenty thirteen crisis russia's capital has been hit with its heaviest snowfall in sixty years about forty centimeters of snow has blanketed moscow that's about half its average monthly snowfall in twenty four hours. one person was killed and five others injured as a storm downed trees cause electricity cuts and delayed dozens of flights. talks about forming a government in germany are expected to continue into monday chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are in negotiations with the opposition social democrats merkel's been unable to form a coalition since an election in september when both the main parties lost seats to the far right the two sides remain optimistic about a deal. i talked as a consequence constructive talks today we have reached a lot of agreements we managed to reach consensus on the important issues of
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habitation and renting we managed to finish the issue of digitalisation and we could reach an agreement on art and culture but we've just joined the protest in the high level meeting that there are issues ahead of us with the party still about which we still have to talk which we want to debate terribly and with focus. al-jazeera as paul brennan has more from berlin given the differences between these two sides center right i'm glad michael c.d.u. and center left martin shields this predates perhaps not surprising that they're finding it quite difficult to tie down the final details of this coalition treaty it looks like they've agreed things like energy and agriculture policy in the matter of labor a form health policy and housing policy still some distance apart from each other and we heard it when the two leaders went in that they sounded sort of they were making the right noises but preparing people for a long night ahead no surprises realistically there and the reason really is because the s.p.d.
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the center left need to have a deal on the table that they can actually sell to their membership because it's the membership of the s.p.d. who will have effectively a veto on this if they come out with an agreement the can't be sold to the center left voters and frankly it's dead in the water. now the philadelphia eagles have won the super bowl for the first time in franchise history the eagles beating the new england patriots forty one to thirty three and again those outcome remain in doubt and to the final minutes of play patriots quarterback tom brady was aiming to win the championship game for a sixth time but for once brady couldn't lead his team to a late comeback live pictures here of fans in philadelphia celebrating the win the game was played in the minnesota city of minneapolis. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera at least nine people have been
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injured in a suspected chlorine gas attack in syria's northwestern italy province after this video shows people being treated in the town of sonic have reported a file smell following a raid by syrian government aircraft and at least eleven people have been killed in russian and syrian government as strikes and in the southern countryside the strikes hit a hospital in the village of that also holds extensive damage to several buildings and cavanagh. your sect just state rex tillerson has been meeting his argentinean counterpart in but as ira's tennyson's seeking argentina's support against venezuelan leader nicolas maduro in the form of increased economic sanctions and further export restrictions argentina has reemerged as a strong advocate for democracy and the rule of law and we have particular welcome argentina's leadership to promote democracy including in particular in venezuela we must continue to work to fulfill the requirements of the iter american
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democratic charter we simply cannot allow in stand idly by to see a total destruction of democracy in venezuela the videos why don't people deserve better. ecuadorians have voted to stop their presidents holding more than two terms in office sixty four percent of the voters supported changing the constitution the move was backed by ecuador's current president lenin marino his predecessor rafael correa lifted the restriction in twenty fifteen and was on a comeback in twenty twenty one. when the vote count is under way in costa rica's presidential election the campaign's been dominated by the issue of same sex marriage thirteen candidates are running to replace the outgoing president luis salis who has been constitutionally barred from seeking a second consecutive term. and tens of thousands of greeks have rallied in the capital athens urging the government not to compromise a long running name route with neighboring macedonia greece has blocked the former
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yugoslav republic from joining nato and the e.u. saying its name implies a claim of a greek problem sports or macedonia those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after innovate africa statement that sort of up. there the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he meets the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time we're now does iran this is innovate africa a new series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent on the rise today. how to become an online catalog not gonna your car will be created within the next twenty four hours on a me too close to the. mobile phones revolutionizing farming in kenya it's almost like. unpacking.


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