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tv   Innovate Africa 2014 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2018 6:32am-7:00am +03

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when you to work to fulfill the requirements of the future american democratic choice we simply cannot allow you to stand idly by to see the total destruction of democracy in venezuela the videos while people deserve better ecuadorians have voted to stop their presidents holding more than two terms in office sixty four percent of the voters supported changing the constitution the move was backed by ecuador's current president lenin merino his predecessor. lifted the restriction in twenty fifteen and was on a comeback in twenty twenty one. when the vote count is underway in costa rica's presidential election the campaign's been dominated by the issue of same sex marriage thirteen candidates are running to replace the outgoing president luis scree i'm sol is who has been constitutionally barred from seeking a second consecutive term and tens of thousands of greeks have rallied in the capital athens urging the government not to compromise on a long running name route with neighboring macedonia greece has blocked the former
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yugoslav republic from joining nato and the e.u. saying its name implies a claim of a greek problem sports or macedonia those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after innovate africa statement that sort of thing off. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one beijing shelter is giving them a home when i when he meets the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time on al-jazeera this is innovate africa a new series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent on the rise today. how to become an online catalog not gonna your college recruiting the next twenty four hours to be too close to the on the go . on. mobile phones revolutionizing farming in kenya it's almost like a. unpacking crops dname in the search for new food sources for africa.
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where almost all looking for. a love song. and the young kenyan with the solution to protecting livestock from lion attacks. despite the rapid pace of change agriculture remains the backbone of most african economies providing employment and food for millions of people developing innovative food security solutions is high on the african agenda and key for meeting the poverty targets of the millennium development goals for twenty fifteen .
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lake volta is the world's largest manmade lake it was created in the one nine hundred sixty s. as part of a hydroelectric power project but the development has come at a price the most fertile land is now submerged and the soil in the surrounding areas this. and lacking in nutrients to come. with a growing population to feed local farmers face an uphill struggle to supply the a crime markets. are going to need production is an important source of food in ghana but traditional catholic families cannot keep up with the country's demand. i've come to a crowd to need to man has come up with a high tech way to attract investment and make phone is more efficient it's called crowd funding here in ghana there's a deficit of thousands of tonnes of meat each year and if imports have doubled over
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the past any year it's currently cheaper to import me from south america in the united kingdom and to buy local meat. and. kemal yakubu is a local innovator who believes that the answer is to take cattle farming on line i am not just me a farmer in the with old people whose i'm due farmer with technology he has created a virtual online fun where people all over the world can browse local demand funds and invest in the livestock a small hold a phone and they do it by buying part of a virtual cow hearts builders are going to start a new car there you would see. the farmer on whose farm you want. because people before they even stop the car they start by choosing the father
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exactly you got all the information about a video clip hard to get out of the same language drama. each virtual cow is divided into twenty pieces cow back is can buy just one piece or a whole cow if they wish when the cow has twenty supporters the cow is linked to. real animal. so it actually becomes real for his real name or name do you want to give to a cop. something like this the ninja he munches using the still techniques movement a momentum so part machine that is what we call the repackaging. and rebranding of your project for that you have to love it. the weeping. gold the investors can follow the progress of their animal interact with the farmer and profit once the cow has been harvested. is a very interactive battle we created for. but found the bill goes much further than allowing investors to adopt a cow it's
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a means of centralizing information on the cows health welfare and ultimately readiness to slaughter. in the olden days people come together and actually help someone grow something now with technology we are limited by abundance and it will people around the world can come together chip in and help someone to fall. apart from playing the poteen and in extreme poverty and you also how everything is an investment in europe which means that the system is sustainable helping people because the business. mr mit is one of the first found is to pilot the project with this process all you have to do is to talk to them and then when they come in . and wanted to demonstrate them and give you their mrs ok.
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some of the rollout to full over the next few months these cows are some of the first to enter the from a blue dot to base. high take it tags allow them to be traced via our id technology which can also be used so that families can become. i'm tempted by islamists if cows get lost or stolen them where they come attacking the cows is not as easy as come on made it look good. don't go there on the oil well to leave it on to be too close to the want to go in. there to meet you on the land. owner told her to go on a bill could revolutionize meat found in ghana crowdfunding will bring vital investment to small rural families while the tagging technology and the centralized
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database give small farmers access to advice and information leading to bigger profits and better meet. the onset of food security in africa is not only found in the fields but also in the hands of scientists the very d.n.a. of some crops could be the key to abundant and nutritious food for the future. today i'm on a bit of an adventure in nairobi i'm visiting the world i will forrester's center going back to my roots in the world of slides and i'm going to explore some of the work i'm doing with africa's backyard cops they exploring their genetic makeup in a bid to ensure from security romney on top form a welcome to home out what comes to the world a group or
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a thief and nice to meet you i haven't been in a lab in years the role of science and technology in food security is critical the very d.n.a. of some plants and trees is providing on to this africa's hungry and our children are hungry and you know twenty three mm. million children go to school hungry every day in africa while many of them look very well fed they are actually malnourished because they don't have the nutrients that they need most of our farmers are practically living on five crops and you know rise as we take this all start it's not only about starch if these children don't have the nutrients for their cognitive development do you imagine what kind of leaders we will produce in the future. while crops like maize and wheat have received much attention from international breeding programs there are several other species known as underutilized crops that have much to offer often crops have been neglected by the
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rest of the world they have not been improved yet they are very important to smallholder farmers in africa his crops have high nutritional value their adapted to their soils in dry climates they haven't had any one adopting them and saying let's improve your own let's grow you into something. many indigenous african fruit and vegetables which have been part of the landscape for centuries are about to undergo a remake. so we're almost looking for a sort of super plot yeah we were looking for super things so we're also looking for super varieties super breeds for all often crops so what goes on in this in this area here we try and start up the material because we need the d.n.a. to get the sequencing going so first we have young seedlings and we pick up the leaves from here and then start the did an extraction. we have selected one
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hundred one copes from almost ten thousand cops and now with this technology we don't have to just look outside the crop we can go inside the crop and see how can they select that we want to move on in operating programs using the any information patches. to select what we want and imagine the huge potential we could ensure there's high vitamin a like the high vitamin a rice that is available about micronutrients galore with climate change we could have crops which are adapted to dry land water logging opportunities ought to treasure ok so let me introduce you to dr alice mitchell gave and she's the gene bank manager of the global gene bank manager what exactly is going on here one of the species we have rescored says ian is an african species good their fruit really her rich in vitamin c. so what we've come for here is for believes because there'd be a need for sequencing is extracted from the leaves and so we just need about
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a centimeter of this leaves to start the d.n.a. extraction so i'm keen to give it a try you might. look at yes i'm a group thank you. a big piece of my cutting in a piece like this turn back grit ok so from here we're back to the land we had back then all right let's go. to this is where the extraction happens yes in order to extract the d.n.a. from the crop samples clippings must be frozen in liquid nitrogen so that they can be ground into a fine powder and if you're yes ok ok let's see if i still got it from here just read facts from. your drink to drink rich.
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it's like riding a bicycle just now you have a bird so make sure your beverage crash occurred because if you don't think that you know going to get good you name it because we're out of it i was raised in a sec. yeah danny preferred trivia will print out the predictable than expected. good. this is our second thing that yeah we've got four new sequences that while i am protons each of them cost more than a quarter million dollars all the d.n.a. has been prepared there and we come and develop what we call libraries by breaking the d.n.a. composition down into its basic building blocks the scientists can then identify markers that enable them to select the specimens most sort of the characteristics to breed from within a day a plant which is one database we could do that in the past that would have taken
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seven eight ten years it's phenomenally fast now yeah yeah i mean the opportunities for health food security disease control it's it's you know apart from fruit and vegetable crops several trees with exceptional nutritional properties are also on the agenda to build out with the very first plant specimen to be sequenced here at the world a good forestry center. is highly nutritious it has twice as mt calcium and then milk did you know nile raised if you know about isn't that amazing and we don't give our children a above milkshake call it has almost four times the amount of her tashan compared to bananas fifteen times antioxidants compared to oranges the leaves are highly nutritious more than spinach so what we're trying to do to the best occasion is to shorten that life cycle so that the tree start shooting within five years and then
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not only in the forests to start putting them in pharmacies feel so that they can generate some income from selling to private sector why can't all crops be like cocoa that is all over the world they're hoping that the national governments will invest in the breeders to capture this information. and put it into their breeding program that's right to the challenge. kenya is a country with a rich agricultural heritage and a history of traditional farming but now mobile phone technology is said to transform kenyan cattle farmer. is a kenyan dairy farmer. for some time he's been struggling to make his small dairy herd profitable. then he discovered i cound.
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it's a mobile app that provides him with information and agricultural tips. for messages from i caught up it so bessie she may be pregnant beat it from go up in detesting body stay. healthy production. tell you how many good used to. go up and since the cattle. know to go up what's the point. i cal was invented by as we take entrepreneur. runs the i can't office from here organic farm just outside nairobi this here's a contraption the birds can get live on so they grow up you know basically and then
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they'll come out of europe. we started as the first mobile in the agricultural space i think actually on the continent. to get started farmers register and i count using a free s.m.s. number if you want to address the poor have it with you dale that to eighty five go to number two you receive video of them is read it really really select one to be accurate once they're registered they're able to browse a menu offering a range of options basically that's the way it works when you go home and the only information comes to you based on your. unless unless it's simple for your simple technology but it's a very sophisticated information network and drunken at work. if a family is able to find the advice he needs on the phone menu i can office will
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put him in touch with someone who can help my name is even calling you on michael the i coude team also uses the database of farmers to stay in touch and to find out how the service can be added to or improved i see that you have been using our services on my show recall how much we used to get before from the three cows you know you're getting forty liters from that a liter so each cow gives you how many liters. on our database of farmers we have just over six hundred thousand who have touched base with the platform and at any one point in time about a hundred fifty thousand that are using different products on the platform of farms are signed on we get three s.m.s. is a week so two of us misses a month and slowly build up we have got farmers who are now six hundred messages later only about cows i mean they're expert foremost on the responses we're getting are absolutely amazing everything from increased no eels to reduce mortality and
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poultry to you know it's just amazing and i coul is growing the platform will soon be expanding to include a project called smart found tips a service designed to supply extensive information on a variety of livestock for you to be able to learn more about we have a feature called. where you don't have to read this that you can death good belt last week by. select number three fourths much. and then and that's mother to protect livestock and from livestock you can now change check diseases then best it's almost like a wiki for agriculture and farmers can go on a search the menu when they search lifestyle they'll get eight menu that will drop down giving them all the different animals within that space girls who create goods craig roberts camels the monkeys that's so great that this doesn't rely and internet you know no internet seems really simple as well very easy to use
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very self-explanatory in the palm of reforms and has access to literally everything that he needs to get it right so hopefully taking the biggest risk out of farming in the neighboring farm has actually become more productive and increase incomes. protecting life i met someone who solved a complex problem using simple technology and creativity. getting gala is a village on the border of the nairobi national park. this peaceful rural part of kenya is home to a remarkable young man who came up with an invention that would not only save cattle but have a major impact on line conservation. human conflict rather than has been there
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even when i was born as they were all this killing lands. richard two red grew up hurting his father's cattle here. will lions regularly came from the neighboring reserve to attack his family's livestock so there's a border here which is that over there is a border for the last disposal. now fifteen richard still spends time herding counts but his real passion has always been technology i love solving ballgown. i just want to ignore stuff works i remember broke my mom when we were doing and she good and very angry she wanted to kill me birds. but london board electronics. richard is a local hero his homegrown cattle protection invention has taken him across the oceans to california and back again but his big idea originated right here among
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the cattle. we had a very big program. for those growth. almost daily attacks on the communities lifestyle left richard's families desperate in the region cows are the number one income generator for most families. was there ever an attack while you were watching the cattle yeah i. called one of those for. richard was determined to come up with a solution to protect his father's cattle he tried everything from lighting bonfires to scare crows to electric fencing nothing. things one of them with the branches. wanted to make a friend. who would not be able to see because inside.
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it didn't walk and they were just in them and then inside for them to. one night he made an interesting discovery. so i discovered the land will not come here but someone is rattling around so i. took them but someone who was walking around what they wanted. and so the solar powered line lights were born of the smallest as battery richard figured out that by connecting any delights to a solar powered battery through an indicator from a motorbike he could make the lights flash mimicking a patrollers torch. so this is the thing is one of. the loans that i'm walking around because normally applied when you walk with a torch it looks like it's crushing because you're walking your footsteps and
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making the list look like it's flashing it's the last the oldest but running around and. sleeping. so what did your parents say when they saw the child put one of this up and that it worked i think their friend award was there i just brought up. since installing the first set of line lights over two years ago richard's family haven't lost a single cow to line attacks and that was only the beginning news of his invention spread quickly first his neighbors and then farmers across the country started commissioning richard to install their own line lights around the same time a group of conservationists from wildlife direct led by dr paul. were conducting research into line attacks on homesteads when they came across richard's remarkable invention they put him forward for a scholarship at a top private school in kenya with the scholarship secured richard then pitched for a coveted spot at the twenty thirteen international to talk conference in
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california and won. by a committee the most i hear the loans. it's one of the six lines which are killing there'll be i used to read legs but now because my invention is saving my father's cows the lungs we were just there would lungs out and used to oyster docks. and other religious way. like towards you know. and i didn't imagine that one day i'll actually sit down and with my own to. thank you. next time and innovate africa. we wanted to build a platform that could bring the africa story like bringing rwandan women into the high tech workplace sixty percent of population has
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a cell phone but less than fifteen percent have access to electricity solar powered mobile phone charger and. i have never known really a world without computers and who needs banks now kenyans can run a business their mobile phone it's enough to know what your. next time an innovator africa. twenty years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to adult hood. two decades following the development of her life and nation. five years on rewind returns to the story of k.k. the girl from wang joe do you know me at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard.
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and the story needs to be too dangerous largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and on. tax returns to activism with a new mission. digital dissident within the technological. race to get security. when they're still in the capital this part of the record. at this time on al-jazeera for the nomadic jock the tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we
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don't hurry never be able to get the top of the story we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. is dangerous to the ices them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life a little bit longer sometimes luser. they were called for because of the storm risking it all mongolia at this time on al-jazeera. gasping for breath new video emerges of the suspected use of chlorine gas on rebel held areas and serious in the products.


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