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there is a god outside my brain and this story needs to be turned asia's largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to grenade move a movie winning documentaries. and live news on air and online. and live from studio fourteen head elgin's their headquarters in doha i'm jane dutton well coming to the news grid a dramatic increase in fighting on two battle fronts in syria in the last forty eight hours russian and pro-government forces have launched dozens of as strikes
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against the rebel strongholds of and eastern guta while the syrian army says it has deployed new air defenses and anti aircraft missiles in the north will examine what this all means for the people of syria. goes up must come down when it comes to global markets down by how much iran food trillion dollars has been wiped off in the last week of the trading day isn't over yet it's real life at the new york stock exchange also on the grid not leaving anytime soon the man in the watch the whistle blowing sideways leaks julian the song loses his bit to have a u.k. arrest warrant drop that means he remains in the ecuadorian embassy ways been living for the past five years our correspondent outside the embassy i will discuss this case with a lawyer representing. and some comments by pepsi c.e.o. have sparked an online debate about sexism and the way we eat our food. your
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questions and comments throughout the show using the hash tag. you're the news grid live on end streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com the united nations has called for an immediate end to the fighting across syria the syrian government backed by russia has been pounding the rebel held east in the area with air strikes according to human rights activists on the ground we've got some pictures filmed by aid organization of what helmets as they pull victims from the rubble and shows the extent of the devastation that's it behind me at least forty one people have been killed but that figure is expected to rise. by all accounts. the eastern side of damascus witnessed probably the deadliest twenty four hours it's seen in a very long time the death toll just keeps rising after
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a number of air strikes targeted several places in a tank looting hospitals we understand from the forces there that it was not only russian air force but also. air force which carried out those airstrikes and now the death toll in the thousands by the early evening golf shoes day the number was at fifty five but that number could rise significantly as the. night time comes in obviously more and more victims were being. dragged or pulled out from underneath the rubble all of this is different regional powers turkey syria iran the united states through its proxies who i.p.g. and kurdish fighters continue to vie for control in different parts of syria now on the other fronts there have been other developments in the fight between the turkish military as well as the wipe e.g. the kurdish militia the kurdish militia fired some rockets of which one landed
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inside the marry refugee camp or camp for the internally displaced it's a char kish run camp on the syrian side of the turkey russia border that resulted in three people being killed and at least fifteen injured so unfortunately despite maybe a reduction in the number of free toiletries over the past few months as the a standard process in the build up to the salt she talks took place the fact that those have failed to establish these save zones that these governments and most boring koran iran and to run have said that they want to establish now we're seeing a spike in the violence and something that's not looking very good at all for the civilians who continue to suffer on a daily basis that was just reporting from had sent take you know the syrian government has added anti aircraft missiles to its awesome. battles rebel fighters in aleppo and adlib fighting in syria has escalated since the donning of the russian jets on sunday with numerous reports that a manpad was used to bring the aircraft done
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a manpad stands for man portable air defense system this speculation that the weapon could be a game changer for the opposition to has more. residential areas are often the target buildings flattened civilians killed and injured pro syrian government forces have been on the offensive into the opposition held province of idlib for weeks now but since fighters from have. shot down a russian aircraft and killed its pilot it has escalated. russian syrian aircraft have carried out dozens of air strikes in a number of towns in the past forty eight hours. at least two major hospitals have been hit one of them is now out of service the assault is being described as one of the fiercest yet it includes a suspected chlorine attack in the town of now the syrian army says it has deployed air defenses in anti-aircraft missiles to the front lines in aleppo and to cover
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the airspace of the norse it says the deployment is a message to everyone. by the russian. regime so this is russia. confrontation between the u.s. and russia it's dangerous because at the same time trying to force its presence in the area the deployment of anti-aircraft missiles could also be a message to turkey its planes are using syrian airspace and its offensive against the kurdish. turkey had russian backing to do so but at the same time the syrian government has threatened to shoot down turkish jets on the ground turkey's army is deployed deep inside it live where it set up posts as part of the ask them a deescalation agreement turkish troops are now positioned less than five kilometers from syrian government forces the northwestern corner of syria. and united states turkey and iran are the main players syrian government forces want
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turkey wants to clear. and it's no coincidence that iran is turkey to stop its military operation in the player. messages to each other and it's not the first time. on the battlefield. and it's not the first time civilians are the pawns the other main rebel stronghold in syria the damascus suburb of eastern is also coming under heavy fire many civilians have been killed and injured in the besieged area the united nations is calling for the fighting throughout syria to stop for a month to allow aid deliveries and evacuations of the sick and wounded that call is unlikely to be heeded at least not until the latest round of negotiations is settled on the ground to. beirut. for more on these developments we're joined by samuel ramani who is with the university of oxford specializes in russia a middle east relations very good to have you with us quite
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a dramatic increase in tensions infighting how do you see what's going on. well i think that what is happening is that the opposition have refused yes their efforts and i was very clear they were unwilling to negotiate with that and the continuing to prove that they can comment on syria and in our quest to use a military force and he was jointly with the grocer friend and with the grocer the russian and iranians on the showing that they have to include concrete results regarding the manpads return in their use of that the russians have been trying to interpret this as a sign that the united states has applied the opposition with these technologies hating the obama's anti aircraft legislation twenty sixteen and also some rumors about us supply slightly whether the average do you think that is a bit of a game changer neighing that they have these manpads and what they capable of doing with them. i mean it isn't clear exactly how much the they have been this first of
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all whether this was an grab an isolated incident i mean like the it's unclear where they were from a neighboring country that a lot of uncertainty even on the russian intelligence side as well but i think that as much as not to be one hundred primarily on how leaders and ground. if you have a sizable quantity of men and it could be injured so i mean i want to put a question to you posed to us on facebook this is from. somebody so and so in san antonio these battles make me sad all the hurt all the innocent people who are being affected not many of these battles are taking place in deescalation zones and as the name would suggest it means that the battles should be getting less but in fact we're seeing quite a dramatic increase so where is this going to play out how's it going to end what can the international community do not. well the point is that with us legions that russia iran and turkey have interpreted very differently in the west the west is
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kind of interpret his vision of fighting as the end nations are rushing around turkey have and interpreted it as we just played only when syria is secure and as of now the turks are sending were threats coming from the kurdish courage by the russians and the iranians are saying threats coming from the sunni rebels so long as that consensus that gap is there it's very difficult you very much granted the a nation can kind of raises that as a motion and a show general assembly support against this but even my the nations is providing each a percent of its aid to the assad regime so it's cruise on the inside you might look at double standard i'm afraid i think things that want to play ground that as of now there's very little the manchurian e.q. missions or the u.n. can actually do to result is that your actions are challah either because it really seems as though we seeing the mop up operation now on twee and that the players who've got invested interests they all mapping out what they can get for themselves exactly really get turkey is kind of wind you prove that the young to syria can be
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unitary state doesn't want like the kurds you granted me as a national province as russia is on paper talking about reading a federal charge you're going to reality now those bases are secured and it was any kind of change the nazis don't raymer it will eat you longer probably just being lucky but that is not full power iran is pushing for military solutions and as of now even within that religion they're on different objectives and they're all white you push for those through the use of force i mean it's really any a lot of the digital magic talking yes lesion in the bin when you're out there some of them on it good to have you with us on the newsgroup thank you very much and we've got so if you haven't every angle every play and voltaire now many of them all positioning themselves for the end of the war to focus on the two main battle fronts of good and. well the dow jones plunged to a six year low and the rest of the world responded with asian markets stock markets
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elsewhere having a rough ride well that was only monday now the dow jones is open again live for just over half an hour and i was going to show you how it looks slightly in the green but no great comeback yet i'm sorry that you can see that notice great come get at least one of the triggers was fears that the u.s. federal reserve could increase interest rates more quickly than previously thought higher interest rates would hurt company and eggs and cause problems in the bond markets have a look at some of the numbers over the last couple of days it started in the u.s. when the dow jones drop more than a thousand points on monday on more than four and a half percent it was the dow's biggest ever decline in a single day and the biggest fall in percentage terms since august twenty levon japan's benchmark nikkei responded with a four point seven three percent drop and hong kong's benchmark hang saying index lost or most five percent well all this comes at
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a time when the dow and other markets have been trading at near record highs some analysts had been warning that the markets would you a correction of a jew in fact for more on all of this let's talk to gabe and he's on to who is in new york for us so they have been trading for the last half an hour or so a little bit of green which is of it's a good sign tell us what's been happening it. yeah don't let that green fool you this is been a period where there's been a lot of red you know here on wall street new york they have a saying that they say that the stock market should go apply can escalator meaning slow and steady at an angle but that it usually goes down like an elevator meaning straight down and much faster and that's exactly what we're seeing here over the last few days and really weeks if we can say that we've seen a sharp drop in the dow we saw a drop open in the last half hour or so here in new york down five hundred
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points that's a huge drop it's gained a lot of that back as you just mentioned it's now back in the green but we saw that huge drop at the opening bell clearly a sign of more volatility this comes just after monday when it saw its worst point drop ever and it comes a week after its had its worst week in two years and this comes after it's had its best year in many years so you get the sense here that what's been going on is over the past year the stock market has been tracking breaking records gaining nearly at its peak forty percent of its value over the last year or so that trump's been in office but what we've recently seen in the last week or two is a steady drop and now a sharp drop really in the last week and that's really worrying a lot of people here as a look at the markets and listen the new york stock exchange the world watches it we've seen the markets dip also now as you mentioned in the asian european markets
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so it's significant without a doubt and obviously there's been a lot of mulling over what's behind it the reasons how long that this is going to go on for what do you hearing. you know listen nobody knows exactly what why the stock market does exactly what it does i mean people theorize about it and they can make ideas but no one has the magic formula if they do it would be called the stock market would be called something else but listen what the economists mostly are saying is a couple things that they're saying that it's inflationary concerns number one primarily because the jobs numbers came out u.s. added two hundred thousand jobs. salaries are going up. wages going up by nearly three percent according to the new jobs numbers that's all good for main street usa the fundamentals of the economy of the u.s. look pretty good however it's not necessarily good for inflationary concerns so
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that's what a lot of economists are pointing to and then you also got to look to washington there's a lot of political uncertainty in washington right now with the russian vest a geisha and wall street just simply does not like uncertainty particularly political uncertainty and let's circle this all back now to the present in the united states because trump has been talking about for the last year look at how well the u.s. stock market is doing this is because of the policies i'm putting in place trump likes to say he pats him self on the back and takes a lot of credit for the success of the stock market over the past year but now in the last week and especially yesterday since it's really dropped he's not saying much because other than is administration his vice president pence is saying the fundamentals of the economy are ok these are just regular ebbs and flows of the stock market that is true the fundamentals are ok these are potentially normal ebbs and flows in the stock market but listen a lot of people saying this does not help things when the president has been talking a lot about how the stock market was doing what it was doing well but now isn't
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saying anything about it when it's not doing so well that also leads to more uncertainty about where things are going of course ok let's leave it there but let's stick with this topic michael hewson is a chief market analyst he joins us live from london very good to have you with us whites in the market there as opened up just a little bit we were talking about donald trump how much of an impact has he had on what we are seeing and his policies. you know well i think he has had a significant impact certainly i think in the context of the gains that we saw over the last twelve months and i think those tax reforms in particular i think were one of the main reasons why equity markets did as well as they did last year but now these tax reforms have been passed and for the last five to ten years central banks have been trying to reignite what i call the inflation fairy without too much success now those throws wages numbers on friday with the last missing piece of the
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puzzle for some reason the markets took fright at that and i think speculators the fed by titan more aggressively than they were currently pricing in that prompted a spike in bond yields and in turn prompted stock markets to rollover now when stock markets rolled over on friday they triggered a whole host of volatility options and call the vix short call the vix sell in terms of massive short positions which in turn exacerbated the sell off and this is what we're having to deal with the moment volatility has returned with a vengeance because investors thought mistakenly the markets could only go well why not all right finding out that it doesn't always work later that encrypted currencies at the moment not looking good for either right are going to ask you to look in your christo crystal ball i know it's a hard on me how bad can this get. well i think you have to put it
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in the context of where we've come from we're up over forty percent over the course of the cost two years so even if we if we decline another ten percent it won't be the end of the world and ultimately i think a correction is healthy it basically reminds people that they have to be careful about what they invest in we've had all manner of investment vehicles going out this year big coal in being one of them and i think that tells you an awful lot about the investment environment at the moment so i think if that if this prompts investors to be more discerning about where they put their money and i think it's a good thing i don't think we're out of the woods yet i think volatility is going to continue to be a factor for two thousand and eighteen and i think that you guys and me know you can have some very good old swings. that advice has been noted i'm just wondering what sort of impact it will have on every day life and i know that the many concerned in the u.s. that obviously stocks are not cheaper but the sort of impact that will have on their retirement and investment accounts but what do you think should be done now
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layman level. well ultimately i think it is not a bad thing if investors sell my hands in cash white for the markets to settle down before reinvesting into the market i think volatility you know sometimes is not the place started to jump straight back in sometimes i think as we've seen in the past twenty four hours we've had one thousand points wings' a hundred point swings you know in the space of one i all think in this sort of environment sometimes a place to sit back couple of weeks see where things settle down and then look where you invest your money next as far as the economy is concerned i don't really think this is going to have too much of an impact or it will very good to talk to you about this is to use and thank you very much now on one piece addresses the question raised by many that the u.s. could be on the brink of recession but there is doubt it is a repeat of one thousand nine hundred seven and as always investors are told remain calm you can find that under business and economy on our website which is
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updated twenty four hours a day now obviously we want to hear from you on this and other stories that we're covering on the grid you can send your questions or comments to any of our online platforms tweet us at a.j. english on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid you can also send us what message or plus one thousand four five a wonderful one for nine don't forget to use the hash tag a j news grid and you can get a sense of where we're going now to london where coaches rejected the bid to drop an arrest warrant for wiki leaks founder julian assange and the warrant was issued in twenty twelve after songe is said to have breached bail conditions by seeking asylum at the embassy defense carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison. but there's more to songes bell case which you lost today actually goes back to august twenty ten when swedish prosecutors issued a warrant for songes a wrist on suspicion of rape he was arrested in britain in november that year and
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released on bail while he fought extradition assan said he feared being sent to the u.s. to face charges relating to leaking military secrets but in june twenty twelve after the supreme court ruled that he must be extradited to sweden a son skipped bail and took shelter in the embassy where ecuador granted him asylum in may last year swedish prosecutors dropped their investigation into songe but british police say the warrant for jumping bail still stands this go live to neve baka in london so let's first talk about the response any. it's very certainly not the first time the world's media has drained the cameras and their attention on this balcony behind me on the balcony of the ecuadorian embassy widget in the sun just being a hold up for four to five years nothing now is going to change at least for the
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forseeable future we're still waiting to hear from a songes defense team and from the lawyers on the team to be working around it and of course possibly from today in a son shem self he has in the past appeared on the balcony and spoken to the world's media there had been real hopes i think from within his legal team that this might be a milestone that they may be a possibility of the court the magistrate's court in westminster overturning this verdict they of course had a warrant out for his arrest for skipping bail in two thousand and twelve how did this warrant being revoked he would technically have been able to leave although they were of course some concerns about a secret indictment in the united states that could still have meant him being extradited to the united states because still we haven't even got that far a real blow for sanjay a real blow for the legal team who first brought this case ten days ago. thank you
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very much let's leave london there and just thank you firstly for getting in touch with us watches from france somalia india and nepal with your comments african and european leaders are meeting in rome to talk about refugees it's been a year since italy signed a deal with libya to stop refugees and migrants from traveling to europe on crowded boats a strategy is part of a broader hear a pin approach that amnesty international says has placed thousands of people in abusive detention camps where torture is rife john hall joins me live from rome what is come out of this john. jane forty or so countries representatives of those governments and foreign minister level of met here in rome it's not the first meeting of its kind it's part of a sort of ongoing conversation if you like bringing together the countries of origin and transit in africa and the reception countries the host countries in
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europe to try and come up with a sort of a unified solution to stem this awful flow of migrants and refugees from africa trying to reach europe many of them as we know dying in the mediterranean in the process and and all of those turned back as you said there many finding themselves in difficult circumstances in libya itself a major hub on the transit route a country with political difficulties of its own and i'm joined now by the foreign minister of libya mohammed c.l.a to talk to us more about here at the conference and about the situation in your home country but what has it been like as a government operating in difficult enough circumstances as it is to deal with the way in which libya has become this enormous. for migrants trying to reach europe. actually we are here to to share a point of view with those reading here to sort of the negative side of the
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administration we know that this for newman is there from the beginning of the. human being on the planet but we are trying to use sort of the negative side of it and we're trying to convince the people with our point of view is of the the immigration illegal immigration simply because we believe that we cannot solve it just by so few operations sitting at our outside there were zero local waters in the program is bigger than that we believe that we have first of all we have they have to help us to control our south and poor that. we have the border of four thousand kilometers and we have. the sea shore which is the longest on the mediterranean sea around one thousand nine hundred so we need to be hillbilly we kind of built of course and. forgive me a lot of work has been done and what's come out of this conference is that the numbers have been reduced coming from an easy chair across your border and
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a lot of work has been done strengthening your coast guard so the boats are intercepted and returned to libyan shores before they reach europe the result of all of that however is that there are thousands of people stuck in camps in libya that amnesty international and others. talk about as detention centers where people are vulnerable to all sorts of levels of exploitation i wonder what specifically is your government doing to try to give these people freedom to people who in fact have no business being detained to talk it's not freedom they are not in jail of course they are in the tension is where we are feeding them we are offering. health care for them and we are asking the libyan union to help us to peer the cost with us and. it was agreed in the meeting in cote d'ivoire between the african union and the european union and libya that we would permit the. immigration organization and some of the representative of these countries to get access to this detention
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camps and they. do some interviews with the immigrants there and those can. provide them for them they can take them others where they can of origin a employment chance for them also they can take them and and the rest we together we and the countries try to convince their countries to take them back to their countries and we did succeed to get some of them almost twenty thousand already back to their resource countries mr minister a key to solving this. the problem one of the keys is the stability ultimately of your country in order to get a grip on the smuggling networks in order to get a grip on the migrant flows do you hold out much hope that elections due later this year in libya will bring the political stability your country needs.
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before election i think we have to do some preparation work it's technical. we started already. the newcomers for election. and also we are doing a lot of preparation providing a better service for the people to encourage them to go for elections so i think. if it is well prepared then it would solve the problem live in foreign minister mohammed time many thanks to you sir for your time and from the conference here in rome searching for solutions to the migrant crisis of course is still an awful long way to go but at least they've made a start back to you john thanks for that general so ahead on the grid a new facebook offering brings up a debate about kids and the internet how much is too much we'll talk to an expert about how to keep kids safe.
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hell it doesn't feel quite like winter iran even b.r.s. in the caucasus the moment the cold air is round and it will probably prompt wanted to showers in the southern caspian just catchin the northern shores of iran but tehran remains in the sunshine twelve degrees and backwards to eight trees the real cold you catch up on tashkent next is zero minus eleven but look at levant and look at iraq baghdad at twenty four was only three degrees off its february maximum warm to twenty seven so it's a warm spot at the moment and the sun is not much of a breeze but a cloud will fall not to tempt you back a bit but to be honest this is warmer than you might expect compared with the average and there's an argument that's also sure the eastern part of saudi arabia
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and qatar but not by much reference to the middle if you're lucky the high twenty's newswoman still in the west and saudi but there's nothing much else in scotch some clouds or forms of torture clouds with the don't drop and the rain we did see some pretty high temperatures in cape town yes yes they actually often the clouds form when the temps are really high brings a bit of rain nothing in the forecast of the fray but if there are any showers in south africa they like to be further east all over the city. and young somali refugee. thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. i was told i was lucky. i was a really really hard. but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera well to ask sally was when they use american dream is still
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alive and so molly in america at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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take a look at what's trending an interesting look at africa really turns the argument on its head and top position that africa is put since africa is not poor we are instead stealing its wealth an interesting read nick driven well that's been bubbling for the last couple of days. nudism emigrates and trumps dangerous paranoia that's quite an amusing read about what's going on the writer concludes that the situation's going to get worse before it gets any better take a look at what's been happening in deaves the state of emergency and the fact that
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the opposition has been looking to india for support if i can take you down to the place this is a story that i was involved in an inside story it's a look at the. expelling the thousands of african refugees from israel a disturbing story so you can read it on our website and also watch the inside story on what has been happening those refugees made. digital safety is something that parents across the world must worry about as children are exposed to the internet at an increasingly younger age and. you pack formed by facebook has created controversy as it tries to create safe spaces in and i'm just wondering what you can tell us about this and the social media surrounding it sure jane will say for internet day is an occasion to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people according to unicef one out of three internet users worldwide is a child and young people are the most connected age group seventy one percent are
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online worldwide compared to forty eight percent of the total population now african youth are the least connected three out of five are offline compared to just one in twenty five in europe but they all face dangers online and a growing amounts of danger comes from websites in just five countries canada france the netherlands russia and the united states more than nine in ten child sexual abuse websites identified globally are based in these countries now to provide a safe space for children on the internet facebook recently rolled out a new application called facebook messenger kids it's an advertising free platform designed for children under the age of thirteen. so that has caused some controversy online you have some experts who say it
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provides a safe social media outlet for children but many others are using a hash tag no f b kids to criticize it saying these children are too young to be exposed to these kinds of digital dangers now laura here wants it shut down completely saying that she's already seen the first hand negative impact social media and excessive screen time has on kids the last thing we need she says is for our littles hooked early through apps like facebook messenger kits now last week a coalition of ninety seven child health advocates sent a letter to facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg asking him to shut down the platform the campaign for a commercial free childhood and other groups wrote that younger children are simply not ready to have social media accounts they are not old enough to navigate the complexities of online relationships they also do not have a fully developed understanding of privacy including what's appropriate to share with others and who has access to their conversations pictures and videos but facebook says that messenger kids is a messaging app that helps parents and children to chat in
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a safer way with parents always in control of their child's contacts and interactions now not here is like many people many parents wondering at what age is a child properly ready to go and manage his time on social media she doesn't know that there's any right answer there but this whole thing has got her wondering now if you're still wondering or if you've got an answer for something that works in your household get in touch with us you can send your views using the hash tag newsgroup or message me directly i'm at enter chapelle. andrea and maybe our guests can answer this i'm going to bring in hannah broad and she's deputy director of the u.k. safer internet center very good to have you with us safer internet day clearly an important day how do you balance enjoying the internet and making sure that it's safe for kids it's the most important question and what we're trying to today for safer internet day so we need to encourage young people to harness the
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opportunities offered by technology for creativity learning and connection to their friends while also helping them navigate the risks and pressures they may face online and doing everything we can to work together to try to prevent children from being harmed online and all the obvious stages that can be avoided and when it comes to time and certain avenues possibly this new facebook venture i mean what do you make of that i think when it comes to talking about how long children use technology i think the question should be how much but how are they using it there are they using technology in a really positive way and the reason that they're on it for a few hours is because they're creating a new game or communicating in a really positive way or or is it that they're actually you know doing something that perhaps is age appropriate so it's i think the point thing is to consider how we give young people rich and fulfilling opportunities online and help them to kind of find that healthy balance and i should imagine as children get more used to this
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and possibly spend more time in it that you've got to keep being innovative right. yeah it's going to be something that we continue to have to keep up with each generation will be using technology in a new way but what we say to parents is you don't need to be a tech expert with all of the latest the most important thing is to be really engaged with children to listen to them about how they're using technology to be curious about the apps they use and the safety tools available to help you but most importantly being there for children so they know that they can tend to you if anything worries them and i think the hardest thing was not showing to her their money that it's not as scary as it is put out there to be right absolutely and of research that we published today found that young people are more likely to have a positive experience online than to have a negative one so we need to help young people support each other spread kindness online while also giving them the tools to deal with any negative experiences they
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have had a broadbent very good to talk to on a newsgroup thank you very much thank you u.s. defense secretary james mattis is testifying on capitol hill he along with joint chiefs vice chairman general paul silva are talking about the new national defense strategy in january mattis outlined the strategy and stressed that the u.s. must counter russian and china aggression saying terrorism was no longer the primary focus of u.s. national security it's go over to patty and she's in washington d.c. now the trumpet ministration a strace modernizing the nukes here as matter said anything about this. you know so far really it's just house members seem to be pontificating about their beliefs and their views they really haven't given the secretary much time to talk but he is up there to talk about something that was unveiled last week and that is the nuclear posture review that's something that every president in modern times
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does when they first come into office they order a review and president donald trump did the same the pentagon released last week when they want to do with a wish list of sorts of modernizing the nuclear arsenal now barack obama wanted to do that when he was president and it was going to cost between one to one point two trillion dollars over thirty years congress balked at that figure but the trump administration wants to do would undoubtedly cost more although somewhat surprisingly they haven't actually been able to put a figure on it. and the other thing they want to do is have a less powerful nuclear weapon now critics say that is a horrible idea that people would be more inclined to use it if they thought it wouldn't cause that as much damage but what secretary mabus will probably say if house members ever let him talk is what they said last week is they believe that modernizing the nuclear arsenal is the best deterrent to keep other countries from using them as well and what did he say if anything but i'm sure he touched on it the budget uncertainty surrounding national security. really that i think is his
6:42 pm
main focus when he went to capitol hill he says told congress that for the last nine ten years there have been continuing resolutions in essence they haven't had a budget what that means it's congress basically says we're going to fund the government for a few more months at the current levels and he says that it is hurting the military's effectiveness what he's doing it today is trying to push a vote because the house is going to pick up a vote to do a continuing resolution into march to keep funding the government but it would add on a full year funding for the department of defense medicines on the hill saying he needs that because it's impacting the force to not have a budget but democrats are saying no we're not going to go along with that sends the message that the only thing we care about is the department of defense and we think social programs are just as important so it's not clear if it'll be able to get through the senate if it does get through the house but that is definitely what secretary mabus is pushing on capitol hill is basically saying we need some money all right thank you for that patty cole hay non-starting front of the multi
6:43 pm
viewfinder yeah and i'm going to draw your attention to a picture of that i believe is coming from a.p. it's outside the ecuador embassy where we keep leaks founder julian assange is he was hoping to leave the embassy as early as today but. that cold case was successful against him let's go over to london jim mcdonald is standing by with other world news for us too. jane thank you now these three army says since killed a palestinian man who was wanted over the death of a second last month the army shot dead twenty one year old ahmed nasir job in june in the occupied west bank jar i was accused of killing rabbi rez the else in an illegal israeli i post on january ninth two other palestinians were killed in rates during a manhunt among con has more now from west to east of. the raid took place in the early hours of tuesday morning there were eyewitnesses are telling us that at least
6:44 pm
seventy jeeps went in and two bulldozers into the village of yellow now that's fairly typical for an operation by the israeli army like this but then there was live fire this confusion as to the exact moment of the of what was actually killed now the israeli security agencies of concern is that two palestinians are also we're hearing that several palestinians have been injured as a result of gas and that there are still within the area israeli forces that are currently with the jury but there are ongoing clashes taking place between the palestinians but this is a village an area engineered that's actually been under constant raids since the settler rabbi was killed on january ninth almost every night raids have been taking place on january seventh and there was a raid that took place in the book team there in but again they actually demolished palestinians house to try and get to this and then the israeli army announced that
6:45 pm
they killed after general but that was a case of mistaken identity now so for those two palestinians that have been and out of state of the jar and this man on january seventeenth their bodies haven't been given to the palestinians the israeli army said that they have informed the palestinians of. death this is all very controversial here in israel and in palestine and israel there was the hard right ahead that absolutely was. is it revenge they wanted upwards or all killed they were putting pressure on progress that binge and you know how to make an operation to do exactly that but also what the prime minister did was legalize the outpost that they rob i came from he said this was the only way of protecting this once illegal outposts now clearly all of these outposts and settlements in the occupied west bank are illegal under international law but now have it go that's the outpost is actually
6:46 pm
a settlement is legal under israeli law once again very very controversial when it comes to any kind of peace process is going might happen any kind of future palestinian state now like i say the palestinians are waiting for the bodies to be hunted over to the old funerals to be able to take place the president of the maltese has accused the supreme court of engineering a coup after it ordered the release of imprisoned opposition to the death president yemeni abdul gayoom has imposed a fifteen day state of emergency leading to the arrest of two senior judges and that opposition leader who is his half brother i mean has refused the court's order to release the dissidents saying the judges overstepped their authority. kenyan politician has been charged for his role in a mock swearing in ceremony for opposition leader. my goodness my goodness seen here on the left was at last week's ceremony where to get declared himself the people's president dismissing ohara kenya after his election in october when the good i was charged with treason unlawful assembly and engaging in organized
6:47 pm
criminal activity he's been released on bail. let's see minus three hours until space x. attempts to send the world's most powerful rocket into space the falcon heavy is set to blast off on its first test flight with double the lift off punch of its closest competitor has this launch could be a key turning point for a billionaire entrepreneur mosques privately owned space exploration technologies their work it has twenty seven engines and it's carrying mass tesla roadster convertible as a mock payload. for the sense of possibility and excitement here is really got me quite giddy actually this is the source garage i hope it goes right. back to you until. he was briefed actually could provide of our long platforms if you want to get in touch you can treat as an a.j. english or on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news good you can also send us a what's up message that plus seven four five zero one triple one four nine don't
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forget to use the hashtag a.j. news good if you hate the sound of people eating brace yourselves for andrew's next story tortilla chips and six isn't it interesting combination well comments made by the c.e.o. of pepsi co have created an online debate about how society expects us to eat our food now in this case into a new wii had this to say when asked about her company's products and how they're used by female customers they don't like to crunch too loudly in public and they don't lick their fingers generally and they don't like to poor little broken pieces in the field and the amount. now some commentators and media outlets took that to mean that the company was going to create lady doraine toes which has set off a discussion about sexism and merchandising and sparked conversations about gender norms in the marketing of products to women when you're trying to figure out how do you can't let anyone know about because you're humiliating basic human design. now
6:49 pm
some of the reaction is quite funny as you can see there from comedy central but still touches on a number of things that could be considered offensive by the very idea of a lady to read those products so plenty of women have gone online and posted videos like these saying this is how women eat chips just like everyone else and it certainly touched a nerve with women saying that this shows how women are not allowed to be heard but men can be heard and be as messy as they like and others here like shay she has the most popular post on twitter about this she says women would rather have affordable feminine hygiene products and contraception but instead we get lady jury dos now many are also drawing comparisons to some past product ideas or ad campaigns which were deemed to be sexist you might remember the pen company big made a big for her pens and then dr pepper they had an ad campaign for a low calorie cola with a tagline it's not for women now pepsi co says everyone needs to calm down here
6:50 pm
saying that they've already got a product they already have the readers for women and they're called dirty toes and they're love by millions of people so let us know what you think about this controversy and gender norms and how they can even shape the way that we eat send us your thoughts using the hash tag it's a newsgroup. well peta is joining us in a moment on the news. of the winter olympics almost here and with it a renewed curiosity in the sport of curling we'll be looking at it's. a snapshot of the world weather.
6:51 pm
from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming
6:52 pm
young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems their challenging systems and shaping new one it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threats this followed posers at this time on al jazeera. and what exactly back in school today thank you very much jane with the winter
6:53 pm
olympics just three days away can be guaranteed one sport that gets people talking more than most tell us. and and thanks for have you had that conversation before well as it turns out as quite the remarkable history in scotland. while some prepare for a winter olympics by hurtling down a ski slope others give a gentle throttle and watch a giant slab of granite like it's why i love ice what used to be known as housework . and then a giant stone settles closest to the center scoring points this is curling and scotland is home to some of the world's best colors even your head is the skipper of the multi medal winning british women's to bronze medalists in sochi four years ago the mia heads are culling family has sheep farmer brothers thomas and glamour in the men's team who won silver in search of their father competed in the sport before it became an official olympic event in one nine hundred ninety eight one of
6:54 pm
the advantages and. disadvantages well of being a follower of intense competition at the olympic games. this family members going to is going to cause you know a few locals are going. to see their faces when we go to culling is traditionally an outdoor sport but the ice has to be thick enough and siphon off and that last up and hair like of menteith in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and like a thing called the grand lunch there's a legendary in scotland the great thing about curling is not so much the actual game of imagine sweeping it always accompanied popularity having been part of life in scotland for hundreds of years is about to get another push for the winter olympics and the precious stones come from an island off the west coast of scotland by the name of i was a craig craig run it would. be used. the
6:55 pm
world curling federation prevail. as their use for all world championships and olympic games has. certainly. put it in this forum on a street paisley abhi nick glass guy that evidence of colleagues origins could be found. the piers that in the early part of the sixteenth century. a monk from the abbey here settled a wager by throwing a stone on ice. doesn't call it curling but to all intents and purposes it involved ice and throwing stones so that sounds very like a basic form of curving nearly five hundred years later the british team will love history on its side in china canada sweden and switzerland just some of the teams who might provide formidable opposition as they gently nudge their way to what they hope will be god the wellings al-jazeera standing while leveling
6:56 pm
says detailed his experience of filming that story in scotland if you want to sense of what goes into making television he details of verify goes out is there a dot com slash twenty eighteen you'll find on dedicated section for the games well we quite enjoyed also lee's tweets and pictures of himself trying that story when he was affirming it in scotland i'll try and get that up for you but as you can see it wasn't quite as glamorous as you might have thought also be the winter olympics in china so we suggest have a look all trying get the boy. ok so if you want to get in touch with him during the games you should follow him at least w underscore sport what should be up on your head while some people are fairly baffled by the sport of curling you do get some people like this. tweeting during the superball winter olympics commercial
6:57 pm
reminds me that soon i will have many joyous days of watching curling the best olympic sport by far maybe she's being sarcastic and as you might guess curling is a big deal in canada that the most dominant country in a limb pick history their national account has almost forty one thousand four followers on twitter but that is nowhere near as much as eve miry head the scottish star here is. named in lee's story she has fifty eight thousand followers now an update to a story that generated a ton of online debate last week the decision of formula one bosses to ditch grid girls women often in revealing outfits sue would appear at the start of the great before f one races will they've now been replaced with great kids youngsters involved in the sport across his country who will get a chance to stand alongside their heroes. thanks very much for that tatiana so that will do it for this newsgroup but remember to keep in touch with us
6:58 pm
please on social media the has tag as ever is a news group and we'll see you back again in studio fourteen fifteen g.m.t. on wednesday. the scene for us where there are online what is a very new site in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist
6:59 pm
and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. it's just that we all come different places but it's one that gives us gives us the ability to identify with one side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french press time would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come and so. now we can draw on the. psych speak
7:00 pm
of lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. the u.n. calls for a month long ceasefire in syria as intense government and russian airstrikes kill more than fifty people in east and. let them join in with all of this is al jazeera live from london also.


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