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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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in america at this time on al-jazeera. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one east investigates the threats this fallout poses at this time on al jazeera. at least one hundred eighty two people killed since monday most of them civilians a syrian and russian planes pound rebel held areas eastern ghouta and. armed. rebel training camp as these fighters get ready to go into the front line in the battle for our freedom.
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and our intake of this is live from london also coming up dangerous but delicate work the rush to rescue survivors after a taiwan earthquake leaves buildings teetering on the brink of collapse. israeli prime ministers threaten with corruption charges for alleged gifts from benefactors including a hollywood producer. and why this type of mass military parade could soon be coming to the streets of washington d.c. . and over the death toll has been climbing by the hour in syria since monday by president assad's forces and his ally russia have killed at least one hundred eighty two people in eastern province many of them were civilians and the majority died in eastern guta on the edge of damascus both areas supposed to be deescalation zones. but syria and russia have ramped up their attacks since
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a russian plane was shot down on saturday so i know how to report in neighboring lebanon. civil defense while interiors look for survivors but instead they're pulling out the dead from the rubble of what was once homes children women and men dozens of them have been killed in air strikes that are leveling residential buildings. this man just lost his son. god bless you he says clearly still in a state of shock. it's day three of an intensified military campaign. multiple areas of the rebel held damascus suburb of eastern who are coming under fire people there are saying russian and syrian government aircraft have been carry out one strike after another. people here believe russia is taking revenge after his plane was shot down by the rebels and it's part it was killed it is intense bombardment at least eight hundred people are wounded some of them very
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seriously and they can't be treated here. there is a lack of medical supplies and doctors eastern huta has been besieged by pro-government forces for years it is both home and the traffic for some four hundred thousand people doctors have put up makeshift health centers but they too are being helped that sort of a center is now out of service it was hit by the planes it was the only medical center in this town and fifteen thousand people the united nations is calling for the fighting throughout syria to stop for a month to allow aid deliveries and evacuations of the sick and wounded at least five hundred are in. the enclave just outside the capital has been heavily bombarded since mid december but the past few days have been the worst many believed pro-government forces are pushing for a decisive outcome. they want. not fight them everywhere it's ready. to fight. and the north.
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the northwestern province of idlib which is also under the control of the opposition has been hit by dozens of strikes in recent days there are two residential neighborhoods and hospitals are being targeted pro syrian government forces have taken ground in the southern edges of it live in recent weeks recapturing the whole province will not be easy but many believe the immediate goals involve the securing the north to south highway and lifting the siege on to loyalist towns now that pro-government forces have been struggling to bring eastern huta under their control for years and now that russia appears to be honing in on rebel areas syria is once again in the midst of a major escalation especially with no progress on the diplomatic site this will only bring more suffering. neighbors. who is
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a doctor and. he says normal life has ground to a halt. terrible situation especially those days. of. the hospital. called. all kinds of my doctor that these days that because of. me. imagine. some destroyed a hole which is more than the three or four stories be the. only in. four hours forty eight hours there are more than one hundred fifty.
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c.d.'s almost all of the. casualties are from their homes they were women children and. men who are working in. normal life a lot of people. suffering for more. attention. take us forces in their allies in the free syrian army say they've captured the town of shaker ruge on the road towards a friend a stronghold of a kurdish militia at the y.p. genie to march out of his domenici camp inside syria where techie has been training the f.s.a. allies. prepared for battle five hundred fighters stand to attention listening to their final commands before they head off to the front line these are
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soldiers from the free syrian army is a brigade young and old they hail from all parts of syria. most have been fighting since the revolution turned into world war i in the early days the enemy was gone the regime of bashar assad whose army had killed innocent protestors forcing many of its own soldiers to defect inform the free syrian army now however the war in syria is a quagmire of different armies groups and factions some fighting for land and power others for survival. they're all the same why p.j. are still and the assad regime is the same oppression all of them have killed and tortured our people but. this brigade is being supported by the turkish army who soldiers fight side by side with the f.s.a. in their ongoing offensive in northern syria. it's an attempt to defeat the kurdish militia group the y.p.
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jeeves which ankara considers to be a terrorist organization responsible for numerous rocket attacks on sort of killed several of its citizens both the turkish military and the free syrian army arkenstone for size the background of these fighters they're made up of kurds hartman and arabs as far as the starkest military is concerned this is a fight against a terrorist organization the y.p. jean far as these fighters are concerned this is a continuation in their long battle for freedom in syria who want to p.g. and its supporters accuse turkey of waging war against them simply because they are kurdish but this fighter from the f.s.a. a kurd himself dismisses that of the saw the seller son and then of the revolution begun kurds demanded freedom but the why p.g. joined hands with assad's army. and started attacking the people as kurds were discriminated against by the government and islands are occupied by the y.p. g. terrorists but god willing we will be free. it's hard to question the commitment of
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these fighters in their pursuit for freedom their training and readiness however appears to be amateur the vast majority of them have no formal military training most lead simpler more peaceful lives before this war began their commander tells me that while their immediate target is often seen in defeating the white p.g. there it is said in his regime who are their main enemy from the y.b. she and i said are two sides of the same coin like i said they have killed. and expelled the people from their homes from assad's army to has been lost fighters to i saw and now the kurdish militia these men have fought countless battles in search of freedom that freedom has remained elusive the only reality they've seen is death and destruction who knows maybe one day this war will end. as as northern syria.
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a five point seven magnitude aftershock has rocked the taiwanese city why yen almost twenty four hours after tuesday's earthquake and the seven people in are known to have died after the original six point four magnitude quake firefighters say several people are trapped in buildings which on the brink of collapse and rescue workers are still putting survivors from the rubble from the well that bribe reports the port city of four leon is now the scene of an intensive search and rescue operation after the magnitude six earthquake. rescue teams trained in dealing with earthquakes have been brought in from across taiwan. a resort area some of the hotels were first to feel the effects of the shock waves. the lower floors of the marshall hotel caved in leaving the entire building slanting on its side rescuers moved in with ropes and cranes to get those trapped in what was left
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of the hotel back to safety. but at the moment there are still people trapped inside but there's no way for us to confirm their position or number because the people living there are long term residents. taiwan's fire agency reports three more buildings were damaged as well as several roads leading to the city this earthquake followed another one over the weekend off the coast of folly and in watches in an area of high seismic activity today in the sequence for the last few days has been right in one of the hot spots on the northeast coast of taiwan so it's not a surprise oh it's in an area where half the sharks are inevitable you know the question is how many big aftershocks will there be in our usual odds are one in ten or one in twenty chance of a bigger earthquake so they need to be prepared at least for a few days for more action. the rescue effort is now concentrated on this
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residential and commercial building partly collapsed on its side and held up by metal props it's here that most of the fifty plus people who are unaccounted for are believed to be this part of ali and has now become the center of this rescue operation as teams work through a second night contending not only with the weather but also with the ever present danger of more aftershocks as they do so this building becomes ever more precarious as is the fate of those feared to be still inside bride al-jazeera quali and taiwan . israeli media say police chiefs will recommend prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted on corruption charges as you know and his wife are suspected of receiving illicit gifts from billionaire benefactors including a major hollywood producer he's also accused of a deal with a major newspaper to weaken one of its rival publications in return for favorable
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coverage netanyahu denies the allegations but. are you. many of you all see what will happen so i want to reassure you they'll be nothing because i know the truth the state of israel is a state of law the law says that the one to determine whether there is evidence against the prime minister is the attorney general and he consults with the state attorney the state prosecutor recently said in the knesset that about half of the police's recommendations and with nothing she. had more still to come including it's been a long time coming the deal that's likely to guarantee an america stays on as german chancellor. and the workers who are taking on the u.k.'s biggest retail giant in the record compensation claim.
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however adelaide hits back forty one on wednesday and it's still pretty hot in south australia's not quite as haas in melbourne and as in victoria but was still up in the middle thirty's in many places and this war spread drought well comes out of the interior to be ours as also heading down towards perth low thirty's here for you tempered a little bit come friday but the wants is still there or maybe the hots to the east thirty nine still in adelaide it just doesn't quite reach victoria but it's a very pleasant possibly not so hot spell of summer with low cloud in the mornings in sudden doozie into the south island it's disappointing to stop maybe in fact the temps don't really get that high eighteen at best but you got ten soon oakland here generates a bit of rain unfortunately that's all to see on friday that's possibly even more so the case twenty one nor can much of north and underneath this streak of rain which goes back up towards fiji and especially tong
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a bit of sunshine in the middle but trust should be in it for the south it's still cloudy and the wintry weather that was so harsh over japan and the korean peninsula just a week ago is slowly warming up by tommy get to friday opening ceremony day seoul is above freezing it plus three. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the old internet is the tool for democracy under threat. voices. in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed there are no precedents. out investigates dissin from asian and democracy part two at this time on al-jazeera.
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and one of the top stories here. intense syrian government and russian astronauts have killed at least one hundred eighty two people. since the beginning of monday. a five point seven magnitude aftershock has rocked the taiwanese city of. the biggest earthquake which is known to have killed at least seven people. recommend the prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted on corruption charges. a court of pakistan has sent its one man to death and thirty others to prison for the lynching of a student falsely accused of blasphemy in april hundreds of students dragged out of
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his university residence in the northern city of he was beaten and shot dead come on harder has more from islamabad. and then did cater jim called heading the high profile marshalls on lynching case has sentenced the shooter to a dead while five others were sentenced to twenty five years in prison another twenty five to forty years in prison each and twenty six were acquitted redoubt punishment this was indeed a high profile case and rates were shot of han was wrongfully accused of committing blasphemy the people who perpetrated the attack against him on the university campus included political work to danger and even employees of that university across pakistan are sent shock waves and there of course would be a sigh of relief when people find out that this was indeed a strong word a necessary because then departs the country's blasphemy laws have come into
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controversy some people saying that they have been a beauty and therefore the court setting a precedent and sending a strong signal jim these two main parties have finally struck a deal to form a coalition within four months after the election official democrats originally said they wouldn't prop up another government under chancellor angela merkel but they now agreed they will go into another condition if party members approve full credit reports and been. negotiating teams to manage blinking into the bright spell in sunlight clearly relieved it was all over three days after the suppose a deadline for agreement it would take an american twenty four hour session to finally seal the deal it was mid afternoon on the time the party leaders felt ready to speak. if i says new york i know that millions of germans have been watching us very closely i've
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a recent wake's they had to justify demands of us first place form a government at long last and a stable one and second think of people's real needs and interests i'm convinced that the coalition agreement we've come up with together can do precisely that it's not with us that's what we're doing because of the i think that what we've managed to achieve really does bear the stamp of the social democrats the agreements been heavily influenced by us and we're grateful has been able to achieve some concessions that were difficult for the conservatives. for the past five weeks germany's center right c.d.u. and center left s.p.d. have been locked in negotiations over a common position on issues including health care labor reform immigration and housing policy allocating ministerial positions involved more compromise but with a deal now done those compromises have been bitterly criticized by the right wing a.f.d. party. the use of the soft i don't i mean reassignment of the ministry shows that
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the c.d.u. has totally surrendered out of fear of the s.p.d. members the c.d.u. has given up his ideology and now it's giving up in practical terms too because it has none of the main ministries anymore the cd use just an empty shell there is one last hurdle to clear though before the new grand coalition government can be confirmed s.p.d. members now get their votes on the deal and their sentiments appears evenly split. kevin tonight the leader of the s.p.d. young socialist group use oss has been organizing a strong youth campaign against another so called grow coke the question might be though whether his appeal especially his warning straight is representing carry enough weight to convince all remember which are probably more inclined to be persuaded by the older board which is going to rally in favor of joining the chorus
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of the s.p.d. postal vote will take about two weeks to produce a result the coalition is not a done deal yet open and al-jazeera the in indonesia proposals to criminalize same sex relations and sex outside marriage have come under criticism from the un human rights chief said rather hussein says he's raised the issue with president during a three day visit to the world's largest muslim majority country step asked in a port. there were large protests on the streets of jakarta our one year ago held by conservative groups accusing the city's christian governor of blasphemy as a teacher hierarchal now mao was sentenced to two years in prison and lost his reelection bid during a news conference in jakarta the un high commissioner for human rights act this case shows strains of intolerance have made inroads into indonesia's once liberal culture. with. guns it's not.
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should be. wrong. this is religious. this is wrong. this is the norm in the us. the high commissioner has urged indonesians to not move backwards on human rights and resist at times to introduce new forms of discriminatory laws parliament is discussing a new proposal that outlaws gay relationships or any other forms of consensual sex between unmarried couples he condemned the raid in late january where a police chief detained twelve people he suspected of being transgender women. he was filmed scolding them in front of an angry crowd having them stripped of
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their shirts and having their hear scott while the police chief is under investigation for possible abuses antigay protesters in archie came out in his defense i choose indonesia's only province that enforces islamic law. we are more and more eroding our own constitution our constitution guarantees that all citizens from whatever religion that make group or any other difference are entitled to the same treatment but if one group in society becomes a victim it means we have failed as a nation but. the high commissioner was invited by the government to witness the progress the country has made in protecting people's rights but human rights groups say there has been no of the movement and indonesia's human rights situation remains critical it is seen as a bold move by indonesia to invite the un high commissioner for human rights at a time when intolerance against minorities is growing president joe creedo who has
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campaigned on a platform for diversity has been criticized for not speaking up in defense of all citizens of the country heading into elections next year many here fear that hostilities against minorities well only increase. the government says the high commissioner praised indonesia for coming a long way in a short time and for being an example to other countries in the region but at mit's more needs to be done stuff ransome al jazeera just after in south africa the leader of the governing african national congress party says he's in direct discussions with president jacob zuma over a possible transition serum opposer seen here on the right says he's holding talks relating to you miss position as president he's been under mounting pressure to resign over allegations of corruption and says his deputy opposer replaced him as leader of the a.n.c. in december and u.k.'s biggest retailer tesco is facing the country's largest
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ever claim over equal pay thousands of employees may be eligible for compensation from the company a british law firm representing the claimants says the legal challenge could cost tesco up to five point six billion dollars if barker has more. it's a retail supergiant a bit more than three hundred thousand staff is one of the largest employers in the country but is tesco failing to pay people fairly. element is one of dozens of female employees taking legal action against the company it is to do with pay and it's to do with being paid the same for work that we perceive to be of equal value to to our employer i think that it's been the case for a long time where they have page different grades without explanation and i feel it is time now for tesco to step up and to explain why they perceive certain scales as more valuable with another scales the law firm representing the claimants says that staff working in warehouse style distribution centers most of the men get paid
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significantly more as much as four dollars an hour more than workers in these tesco stores most of the staff here are women. over a year it could mean a pay disparity of around seventy thousand dollars for work that may be different but lawyers argue has equal merit this is more equal value work is all about is looking at the demands for a mate on the individual and the values that were wrong to the employer is precisely to widen the scope for equal work means so when you hear that mantra equal pay for equal work the disco pretty cool work is quite enormous the underpayment might apply to more than two hundred thousand tesco staff meeting the final compensation bill for the company could be in the billions of dollars tesco says it's yet to receive details of the claim and the comment but the company added that tesco has always been a place for people to get on in their career the goddess of their gender background
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or education and we work hard to make sure all our colleagues are paid equally and fairly for the jobs they do. the case follows similar action against two more u.k. supermarkets as and sainsbury's both are fighting legal battles involving thousands of employees. in recent months several major companies including the b.b.c. have had to address concerns over unequal pay and gender bias for more firms are now being forced to review their own practices or run the risk of forking out record payments barca al-jazeera london. u.s. president donald trump wants a mass military parade in washington d.c. after being inspired on a trip to france but some critics are saying it'll just be a waste of money white house correspondent can really help it as well. it's the kind of parade authoritarian leaders have long loved colorful uniforms marching
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bands and the latest military hardware all on display now u.s. president donald trump wants his own reportedly inspired by the french celebrations he attended last year in paris to mark best steel day. so preparations for a similar grand display in washington are underway we're all aware in this country of the president's affection and respect for the military we've been putting together some option will send them up to the white house for. however such an event is rare in the united states outside of presidential inaugurations the last one was held nearly thirty years ago in washington to mark the end of the first gulf war the president watches one thousand nine hundred sixty one president john f. kennedy held one for his inauguration in washington at the height of the cold war
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with the soviet union he used it to showcase the u.s. army's first anti-ballistic missiles formal parades may be intermittent but displays of force in the united states have in recent years become more commonplace sporting a bit and american independence day often reverberate with the sound of a fighter jet flying overhead but parades are cheap the last u.s. military parade cost more than eight million dollars back in one nine hundred ninety one that's a lot of money translated into today's dollars i see it it's a fantastic waste of money to amuse the president many americans will view a lack of. for for a military parade as unpatriotic charge trump is used against athletes protesting racism and police brutality who refused to stand during the national anthem. more recently he had this to say about lawmakers who refused to clap for him at his
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recent state of the union address un-american somebody is a treasonous i mean just one not the idea of a military parade is yet another example of the political divide that exists in the united states well million see it as nothing more than a flag waving display of patriotism millions more see it as yet another troubling sign of president trump's authoritarian tendencies kimberly health at al-jazeera washington. little one of the main stories here an honors era syrian government and russian astronauts have killed at least one hundred eighty two people in eastern guta and since the beginning of monday both are rebel held areas that are supposed to be a deescalation zones syria and russia have ramped up their attacks since
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a russian plane was shot down on saturday. imagine. some destroyed a whole building which is more about three or four stories. only in two days and before our forty eight hours there are more than one hundred fifty. c.d.'s there were from. there were killed during that they were women. a five point seven magnitude aftershock has rocked the eastern taiwanese city a while yet in the biggest since tuesday's earthquake at least seven people are now known to have died after the original six point four magnitude quake more than two hundred fifty others were injured and dozens are still missing firefighters say several people are still trapped in buildings which are on the brink of collapse israeli media say police chiefs will recommend that prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu be indicted on corruption charges it and yahoo and his wife are suspected of receiving illicit gifts from billionaire benefactors including a major hollywood producer the problem is to denies the allegations the court in pakistan has sentenced one man to death and thirty others to prison for the lynching of a student who'd been falsely accused of blasphemy in april hundreds of students dragged out of his university residence in the northern city of marjah he was beaten before being shot dead germany's two main parties are finally agreed to form a coalition for months after the election means anglo-american is likely to continue as chancellor the social democrats have changed their mind after initially refusing to continue propping up marcos government that's when are people in power is next and more news for you straight after that thanks for watching by half.
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head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on ounces era. recent elections most notably vats of donald trump as u.s. president of my logic the role played by social media in spreading malicious propaganda and fake news in this whole terms of cyber reality fiction becomes fact lies become truths and political consensus becomes almost impossible to achieve in the same.


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