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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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the threats this fall opposers at this time on al jazeera. zero. swear every. syrian rescue workers struggle to cope as bombs rained down on the rebel held east and go to for a fourth consecutive day. or intent of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up north korea shows off
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its but mystic missiles at a massive military parade one day before the winter olympics kick off in the south . the. tension in the streets in bangladesh as prime minister. is jailed for five years for corruption. aftershocks hamper rescue efforts in a building left tilting dangerously off to taiwan's earthquake. thank you my. top democrat nancy pelosi makes history with an eight hour speech in the house of representatives. you know for a fourth consecutive day bombs are being raining down on rebel held areas of syria which were designated deescalation zones government and russian ass trikes have killed at least twenty three people in east and go to on the edge of damascus on thursday including children and a medic
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a rescue later their attacks there and an idiot province since a russian jet was shot down on saturday two hundred people in just four days adding to the bloodshed the u.s. that coalition says it's killed at least one hundred fighters and bears or problems who are attacking the syrian democratic forces syria has branded it a war crime ravichandran reports on the latest violence. by thursday the bombing raids in eastern huta had only intensified at least two dozen were carried out and activists say they see no end in sight to this horror from the sky the night before fires in the town of modest in the month the target of dozens of airstrikes. that's despite it being in the northeastern province of it live a rebel held area and one of syria's so-called deescalation zones was borders were agreed to by russia turkey and iran bombing raids carried out by russian and syrian
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forces have only intensified since a russian warplane was shot down by rebels on saturday. when another blaze is put out rescue efforts begin anew what we're seeing is an escalation because isis has largely been defeated the. zones were marked out around syria deescalation while the united states and russia were interested in destroying rights now that isis has largely been destroyed or used the escalation zones have become up for grabs you see turkey rushing in to wrap up rain in the north or the united states states it's been a long haul in syria it owns twenty eight percent syrian territory and the syrian regime is trying to grab the remaining rebel parts of syria including. which has been surrounded and bombarded the last few years. eastern huta near syria's capital damascus is also still in the hands of rebels and like it lib is also under
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intense bombardment from dozens of men women and children have been killed in the last four days many residents believe pro-government forces are pushing for a decisive outcome to the war in syria. while the united nations has called for a month long truce to evacuate the wounded that appeal hasn't made a difference even for those accustomed to the carnage of the seemingly endless conflict this most recent compartment has been terrifying. in russia tens of thousands of people have turned out for the funeral of the pilot who was shot down in syria on saturday roma for people was flying over into a province when he had to bail out of his burning plane the russian defense ministry says he was surrounded by al qaeda linked fighters when he landed and put him self up with a hand grenade to avoid being captured or the thirty thousand people attended the ceremony inverness in southwest russia. the current situation in syria
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is it to be discussed at united stations that security council meeting that set taking place now on diplomatic editor james bays is following developments for us in new york said james what the security council do in fact very little because of the divisions around the security council chamber they're meeting in open session right now discussing international terrorism and in particular i sold they then go into closed session we understand one agenda right and will be on the mall deaves and the other any other business agenda item in that closed session will be the humanitarian situation in syria coming up before the council yet again because they can get no action on it's a tall and i can tell you the feeling among council members is one of despair just listen to the words as he arrived at the security council meeting of the french the french ambassador france what a lot. we are now back to the
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darkest period of this conflict with the highest death toll among civilians over the last year. and as we speak the situation is deteriorating by the day in. particular. the syrian regime keeps bombing and the featuring its own population. is a new poll in the making. so james you talk about the despair there and the frustration beyond expressing it what else can they do. well the problem is that there have been a number of efforts to try and do something and they've all come to nothing we've had a couple of security council meetings on the humanitarian situation in the last couple of weeks the most important of those was over two weeks ago on twenty second of january when the humanitarian head of the united nations mark local briefed basters
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after his verse visit to syria and came up with five recommendations on how to try to ease the suffering in many parts of syria where humanitarian terran aid is not getting through following that there were negotiations not about a resolution but something less or a statement coming out of the security council to drum push things forward while russia blocked that statement and they couldn't agree to any language at all that's why the two countries that take the humanitarian lead on syria at the security council sweden and kuwait have decided to call this up yet again i think they're trying to force this issue in front of the russians and try and get some progress terms both thank you very much indeed.
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a day before the winter olympics has its opening ceremony in south korea a major military parade is taking place in north korea we are told a crowd in the capital pyongyang it is nation is ready to fight to defend itself and take what north koreans are ready to compete in the olympics winter event was all okey than usual and reports now from the city of general one of the main olympic venues. this was a patriotic celebration at home and a display of north korea's military might for those a broad. army defends us and keeps us happy it's our people's army just like its name so this army founding day is a great day for all of us thursday was the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the north korean army the military parade in pyongyang comes after the world witnessed advances in the isolated countries weapons program last year leader kim jong un praised what he called quote a world class military with the most powerful force despite punishing saying i
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would say that it's a show of defiance but it's a soul. defines. government wants to emphasize the. need to remain side. no matter what their fears army parade wasn't broadcast live on state t.v. and no new high profile weapons were displayed the toned down approach was likely a response to a criticism of the show of military force on the eve of the opening ceremony of the young training olympic. north koreans participating in an unprecedented way at these games south koreans are hoping the only suspense and drama will be during competition. i feel very proud that a global event like the olympics is taking place in south korea kim jong un sr is expected to attend the opening ceremony in which north and south korean athletes
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plan to march under a unified flag she'll be the first member of the ruling kim family to step foot on south korean soil since the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. from government leaders to people on the street there is optimism that the young chang games will help rebuild the ties between the two koreas it's already being called the peace. olympics natasha good name al-jazeera south korea. where everybody is happy with north korea's conciliatory moves for the winter olympics protests are taking place outside the venue where north korean orchestra was performing demonstrators set off fireworks and clashed with police and they say north korea is using the games as a propaganda tool and its recent overtures are not genuine but they were a relatively small group and the orchestra performance attracted a big crowd of south koreans. and the former prime minister hun it is ear has been
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jailed for five years for embezzling around two hundred fifty thousand dollars in donations meant for an orphanage trust her eldest son and four aides were given ten year sentences seventy two year old has served as prime minister three times but a sentence could now bar her from running in december's national elections she also faces some thirty other charges including allegations of orchestrating political alliance she in the current prime minister sheikh hasina have ruled the country or alternately since nine hundred ninety one she says the allegations are part of a plot to keep her and her family out of politics their fears that she is jail sentence could trigger a political instability. protests . police firing tear gas is supporters a party has called for nationwide demonstrations on friday to protest against the verdict time to chandra has been monitoring events in dhaka. former prime minister
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and bangladesh nationalist party chairman cullen that's the i was brought to the old central jail in a makeshift accommodation basically a daycare center this central jail no longer exists here in the central jail has been moved to its got off the city she was brought to by a white s.u.v. accompanied by her dumb ass the cattle chill be kept until from their order now the defense council told me they will file for an appeal with the high court that depends on how soon they get the starting five verdict in their hand that could take weeks or even few days the call don't open till sunday a lot of onlookers there and curious people heavily cordoned off area and i would try to talk to a lot of people didn't want to go on the camera because of heavy security presence and now we know a lot of people out there like or told us the country faces a serious political uncertainty in the year of the election if the ruling party with a smaller party goes into election without the main opposition party critics an expert told us that probably won't be accepted by
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a majority of the population and the country will go into a turmoil and uncertainty without a inclusive election down the road still ahead on the program. again. gary anatomist one of europe's most ancient forests being turned into a ski resort. to. raise as much as sixty african elephants a massive lump that has made its way out of london. and into a major museum. a on. hello you might feel it warming up already in hong kong if not well it soon will twenty one degrees is the forecast on friday that's increased most your humidity
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therefore cloud it goes all the way up to shanghai thirteen degrees now that briefing question of warmth gets cut off as the normally comes back and that contrast means cloud will bring rain and snow to some parts of china he still got twenty four in the foka focused on saturday it's about ten degrees where it was on thursday so you know it's a it's a pretty good warming spell now the cloud we've been watching streaking through india is coming from this direction has gone down here hasn't done very much apart from make the sky white but it produced a bit of rain as sam and bhutan added a piece a bit more most likely stone of course we're talking about high ground here otherwise it's dry picture there are no forecast showers even for us or lanka which is what you might expect a little bit as wintry weather up in the hindu kush wants is more of the story the further west you are and in the arabian peninsula your forecast in the middle to high twenty's for bahrain qatar east and sadly as well which is hardly knew what to expect the air originated in north east africa's come through a rather warm iraq in fact for most parts it's not particularly wintry look even
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marty has warmed up to minus six. well is. the read so that i could recruit everybody. which turns to activism with a new mission i still give birth to quit my job to build software for future. dissidents within the technological. it's too late to get certainly the patients in their field from the capitalist part of the record. at this time on al-jazeera.
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they're going or one of the top stories. in syria russian and syrian government forces are continuing their assault on two regions held by rebels some shelling have killed more than two hundred people in an eastern ruta in just four days. north korea has held a massive military parade a day before its southern neighbor opens the winter olympics and to kim jong un told the crowd that his nation would fight to defend its sovereignty. and thousands of protesters applauded the streets of bangladesh's capital as a court sent its former prime minister and i just here to five years in prison for corruption. three hundred trials soldiers in south sudan have been freed by the united nations those released by armed groups in the young bia region eighty seven ago the u.n. says this is the first time so many young women have been involved in a release integration program aims to help seven hundred child soldiers return to
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normal life so today we celebrate the first phrase of what will the calcutta release of children groups itself has for me. but it's just the first bit and unfortunately in other parts of the country charlotte recruitment continues. scores of aftershocks are hampering rescue efforts in taiwan as the search continues for survivors of tuesday's earthquake dozens are still missing after the magnitude six point four tremor killed ten people and injured hundreds in port city of what mcbride has more this rescue team from tight young and central taiwan is preparing to go into the building for the first time hujan chung and these men are used to dealing with earthquakes but this building is in a particularly perilous position. as you can see it's very slanted so we have to take
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precautions and special gear to ensure our safety other emergency crews from across the island have also joined this operation and local media are camped around the building anxiously following progress along with many others you know you sort of we are struggling against aftershocks and bad weather but we will continue to search but we won't give up. aftershocks have become less frequent but they still occur and alarm sounds each time and eyes turned instinctively towards the teetering structure. that is that inside the tight chong team stop after shock one of them shouts. and deep within the structure all they can do is wait for the transmitter and. more steel reinforcement have been brought in to prop up the building it means when the alarm sounds the crews can wait inside until the tremor passes before continuing their work but they know the time for any survivors is
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running out. a tight young team emerged finding no signs of life and admit the job makes them sometimes fear for their own lives. and us law when the aftershock happens i still get nervous there's nothing you can do but get into a safe corner and pray. if survivors are still to be found alive they're likely to be in more inaccessible parts of this block harder for the rescuers to get to more dangerous for them to work in robert bright al-jazeera wiley and taiwan and these eight people are being killed after a road collapsed at a subway construction site in southeastern china rescue crews information city say three people are still missing they managed to pull out nine construction workers who've been trapped under the rubble collapse was caused by water entering the site from leaking pipes. a german company daimler has issued a second apology to china after its subsidiary miss avies benz quoted the dalai
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lama in an instagram posts the manufacturer advertised one of its white cars with text saying look at situations from all angles and you'll be more open instagram is blocked in china but the advert was shared by chinese internet users china views the tibetan spiritual leader as a separatist threat de mint has sent a letter of apology to china's ambassador to germany well the message he spends it already apologized on tuesday international criminal court has begun preliminary investigations into a case against the president of the philippines we're going to test his accused of crimes against humanity who is alleged role in the deaths of thousands of filipinos during his controversial war on drugs about four thousand people have been killed in the brutal crackdown and the activists say the true death toll is more than three times that number detaches says he welcomes the investigation as it gives him a chance to clear his name. u.s. senate leaders have agreed on a two year budget deal that could avert another fast approaching government
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shutdown but it still needs to be approved by the house of representatives and there's already been dramatic opposition to the proposal house minority leader nancy pelosi has delivered a record breaking speech in support of young immigrants demanding that they be protected under any final deal torah gave me reports. confidence building step it was a marathon speech the longest continuous address ever made in the house of representatives eight thousand seven minutes nancy pelosi who turns seventy eight next month spoke about the plight of young immigrants in america with just a few sips of water to keep her going every day courageous patriotic dreamers lose their status every day the american dream steps further out of reach as members of congress we have a moral responsibility to act now to protect dreamers who are the pride of our nation and our american in every way but on paper palosi was speaking out against the compromise federal budget deal announced by senate leaders it doesn't protect
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the so-called dreamers from deportation the undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. this children senate leaders admit the budget deal isn't perfect but say it will avert a fast approaching government shutdown this bill is the product of extensive negotiations among congressional leaders and the white house. no one would suggest it is perfect but we work hard to find common ground and stay focused on sure the american people the budget deal doesn't have everything democrats want it doesn't have everything republicans want but it has a great deal of what the american people the budget deal if approved will lift cap so military and domestic spending but first it must get through the house of representatives and this opposition from both republicans and democrats this will probably pass the senate but in the house it's meeting with opposition from a lot of very conservative republicans who are deficit hawks and object to the fact
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that this deal will add half a trillion dollars to the federal budget deficit and democrats are angry led by nancy pelosi because it doesn't do anything to protect the so-called dreamers the contentious issue of protecting undocumented migrants led to a brief government shutdown last month it could well do so again seem to make america more and more. victoria gay to be out there than is when his opposition is deciding whether to take part in a presidential election that's just been set for the twenty second of april inasmuch as a blow for the opposition which had been lobbying for the vote to be held in june giving it time to choose a candidate to run against the unpopular president nicolas maduro is talk to leaders and they kick up the list and lopez barred from running eight candidates have officially been named as running as in this year's presidential election in russia vladimir putin is expected to win
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a fourth term in office opinion polls give him a need of more than sixty percent positioning to alex and involve me has organized mass protests against corruption has been barred from running election is due to be held on march eighteenth. protest is expected to gather in the bell garion capital sofia this hour to rally against a plan that could destroy some of europe's most important firsts a barbarian government which is which currently holds the presidency of the e.u. is supporting a scheme to turn appear in national park interest ski resort activists say those behind the development are offshore companies involved in tax avoidance largely with force. european skiers enjoying the winter sunshine in the results have been scoped may or may not know there was a unesco world heritage sites the beautiful ancient forest here supposedly protected by bulgarian and international environmental laws the plans to expand the skiing area by cutting down far more of the forests has been enthusiastic lee
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backed by the government is economically lucrative but condemned by environmentalists as the rate of nature some of the trees are a thousand years old the bears and the wolves could lose their habitats if we allow this to happen in the national park then these skiing projects can start in all our national parks we only have three plus in our nature park so we will open the pandora box and this will be the end of protected areas in the area. it's as much about how controversial it is the protests against the scheme of being held in cities all over europe and beyond it's also claimed to be part of a much wider rotten story about the rule of law in the european union. the row over the legal and environmental implications of destroying the forests here in the apparent complicity of the bulgarian government elites have served to focus attention on this place in
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a way that the rich and the powerful in bulgaria really don't like at all because it appears the bomb scare was actually a giant money laundering operation dressed up as a ski resorts. that's according to people like nick p. points a bounce goes empty hotels and apartment blocks as evidence of tax avoidance that's the one behind it is absolutely empty that one is empty because the hotelier turned whistleblower who's watched anonymous companies build hotel blocks here apparently knowing they'll remain an occupied the central allegation is this a trick to inflate prices artificially and wash dirty money through the pristine resort it's a truth the whole of bulgaria seems to know about but it's all. coming to light because of the wral over the future of the forest the biggest hotels are owned by that offshore company. the gondolas old by the offshore company they they lock down on you know their conditions of work and they dog budge at all because for them they have the monopoly the little care who even owns the resort is
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a mystery it was registered in the tax haven of cyprus another name of an unemployed local man he is on paper the owner of so many companies he's one of the biggest foreign investors in bulgaria the government claims to know who the real owners are but he's refused to say apparently it isn't in the public interest to reveal he wants to chop down the forests or why the more that goes. it's the last thing we care about what's important is gary in business and tourism to be successful every company that wants to develop both gary interest and follows the law and we would support it but on the question of who owns it i can't give an exact answer. the people who run bans go already stand accused of environmental regrets despite receiving millions from the european union for sewage disposal human waste is allowed to run straight into the streams coming down from the mountain what they plan to do with the mountain itself if they're allowed to cut the forest down is anyone's guess gloriously al-jazeera in bulgaria.
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as a snapshot of city life part of a massive lump of fat that was clogging up the london is on display in one of the new case capitals museums curators hoping to give residents second thoughts about what they flush down the toilet need barca held his nose and went to take a look. historians often say that you could judge a civilization not from what it builds but from what it gets rid of which is why the museum of london has a brand new exhibit on display an extremely strange brace yourself. a latin name cumulus some of called it the beast of white chapel after it was found blocking up an east london sewer to us though it's a fun and this is just the tip of it in its entirety it was two hundred fifty meters long the length of two football pitches and weighed one hundred thirty tons
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sixteen african elephants. so what's it made of well as you can probably imagine a vast amount of fat to that sprinkling of human excrement and then all the city's indigestible things like summer tailed wet wipes cotton buds things that can easily be broken up on the ground and it smells apparently like the rotting meat of the dirtiest toilet you can imagine it's also highly toxic this case scenario if you handle that they've been correctly it's down through something like a bowel ses we thought about whether we should pick lids or freeze it put in freetown but instead what we decided is to add try and that has we achieved some of the rifts around the city. but it's not all over for the big east of one chappal although most of it has been carefully destroyed some of it was so rich in fact that it was also rich in energy it's been transferred into bio fuel to power london's number twenty four bus but like all good stories this is
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a cautionary one because thames water the looks after the drain spends more than a million and a half dollars every month to keep it strains blocked and most of that budget has gone on shifting this mother of all blockages so if there's a lesson to learn from all of this is be careful what you pour down the drain be careful what you flush because it could really appear to haunt you and you parker al-jazeera london. especially east of us in the glass you can't smell it that's one advantage for the movie any time on our website al-jazeera dot com. one of the main stories here not his era russian and syrian government forces have continued to bombard two rebel held areas of syria for a fourth consecutive day airstrikes and shelling have killed more than two hundred people in it live and eastern ghouta in just four days both areas are meant to be
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deescalation zones france has condemned the bombing. in syria we are now back to the darkest period of this conflict with the highest death toll among civilians over the last year. and as we speak the situation is deteriorating by the day. and. in particular. the syrian regime keeps bombing and beseeching its own population. is a new thought in the making. north korea has held a massive military parade a day before its southern neighbor opens the winter olympics leader kim jong un told the crowd that his nation would fight to defend itself and.
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thousands of protesters front of the streets of bangladesh's capital as a court sentence for prime minister really does iot to five years in prison for corruption police fired tear gas to disperse than tear was convicted of embezzling more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars in donations meant for an orphanage trust her lawyers say they would appeal against the conviction as she risked being ineligible to run in december's national election. scores of aftershocks are hampering rescue efforts in taiwan as the search continues for survivors of tuesday's earthquake dozens are still missing after the magnitude six point four tremor kills ten people and injured hundreds in the port city of reality and at least eight people have been killed after a road collapsed at a subway construction site in southeastern china rescue crews in the city say three people are still missing they managed to pull out nine construction workers who've been trapped under the rubble there's a main headlines to stay with us for the latest in our seven part documentary
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series rebel geeks i have more news for you straight off that thanks for much for watching by for. digital technology of these moments and you see these men and. even a t.g. confirmation you know. it seems the stuff. in which everything you know lines proved true. and intended. it is convenient for profit and surveyed.


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