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tv   The Opposition  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people less than cursed with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera arms the whole rahman these are all top news stories syria is accusing the u.s. of committing a war crime by bombing fighters loyal to president bashar assad endures or province the u.s. says yes trying so in response to what it called an unprovoked attack on the headquarters of its ally the s.d.f. from washington our pentagon correspondent particle hyenas will. i said at
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a briefing with secretary of defense jim that is he was off camera but on the record and he called what happened in syria a quote perplexing situation and he said because for years the euphrates river has been a kind of do not cross line that if the u.s. or u.s. backed forces or russian or russian backed forces were going to cross it they talk about it before and he said that didn't happen this time he said u.s. forces were embedded along with the s.d.f. and they saw tanks and artillery start rolling in saying that one shell got within five hundred meters of the s.d.f. headquarters he says that is when they picked up the phone they called their russian counterparts and he says he doesn't think that the group that moved in is actually controlled by russia he called this a great success story because in his words two great powers did not fight each other still the russian ambassador to the united nations was less than pleased i asked him to remember that. in syria illegally in fact. they
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were looking like the. they claim. they fight the international terrorism but we see that it goes beyond that. to confront those who really fight the traditional terrorism of the grab with the syrians say is is given secretary mabus didn't speculate on how many casualties were caused by the firing from u.s. jets and heavy artillery positions but he did say that they took out two of the incoming tanks and the heavy artillery positions the u.s. is calling this self-defense and warning that that happens again the elect again well the white house says it's preparing for a government shutdown it's called west struggles to approve a budget deal before midnight deadline the agreement reached in the senate is facing stiff resistance in best republican and democratic camps kentucky senator rand paul is currently blocking the vote he's pushing for an amendment to maintain budget caps kristen salumi has more from washington d.c.
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. deal is looking increasingly in doubt about an hour ago senate leadership attempted to call a vote on this massive spending package that they've proposed but procedural delays are stalling this now bear with me here of course the senate has to vote on the package and the house has to vote on the package and then the president has to sign it before they can even take it to a vote in the senate all senators have to agree to call that vote and one senator who wants an amendment rand paul wants an amendment considered for this spending package and he's refusing to let this go to a vote the stocks have plunged on wall street for the fifth time in six days and trading ten percent below all time high set on january the twenty sixth on thursday the dow jones fell by more than one thousand points only the second time that that's ever happened. violent protests have broken out on the streets of bangladesh after former prime minister to lead the zia was jailed for corruption zia was
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charged with embezzling around two hundred fifty thousand dollars in donations meant for an orphanage trust. groups in south sudan have freed more than three hundred child soldiers they were released under united nations program which helps child soldiers return to a normal life. eight candidates have been officially named for next month's presidential election in russia as a lot of if putin is hoping to win a fourth term in office opinion polls give him a lead of more than sixty percent opposition leader alexina valley who has organized mass protests against corruption has been barred from running. and residents of south korea's capital seoul have been doing a double take after seeing double trouble kim jong un taking a friendly stroll down a street ahead of the olympics of course it's not a dramatic thawing of tensions between washington and pyongyang but a pair of professional lookalikes the two leaders have never met in real life those
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were the news headlines and back with more in thirty minutes we continue here on al-jazeera with a witness do stay with us. i don't know. if you want.
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to give me any. point joe. there's no there if you're getting your voicemail messages but i was going to let you know that the police have put out a press release calling for your arrest claiming you discharged a firearm. of course through a warrant so you know keep safe and talk to students choose the point.
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of the moment stay there but these individual will not be saved i will still be hiding on my name is clear but still they would still be following me and they're only looking for but you need me. origin. so it's really scary yes if i get into the cells so i don't think my system will be going to. so that's i think entry to me then they go. as though.
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my did was the chief in the. enormous dulce mae that. as long as you and i you must all of us. that is going to see one. of us. we look at the store and it looks a little bit. i go in or out. that they want to buy that he's interested in him when he wants to race you know
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follow the livelihood. of a company just one going more formal than man. we going to the courts and i'm not going to make a final edition. will be known he's been for the last fifty still leaves these his home. this is why. would my hand i give my hundred percent. ratus is just wrong me. i might ask what is done in this machine down to how simple like a church house is already gone. it's just disgusting. i'll tell you something to me we don't know what's going to happen to. me i'm told and
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then to the next think then. ok working. with. the family should. do. you good i don't know about the little village. let's look i'm going to sell.
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this at national park the future generations up with your good stuff the stuff that didn't really just happen to believe in the technology no one should some tell it to tell him. the. truth. that. would. have been knocked.
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out if you think i don't have a car and. if you don't. i feel. i'm not. either.
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you know frankly us and. we go by that our best mean you know how best to supplement the bison. so by you know not stop look on life. we've made on like many of those you know about hunting don't know what guns are. but. i will be held responsible body by held responsible.
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fifty fifty to the. i think we should just. go where we are faster to treat the name as it is. if you know it's ok she's dying for all we're fighting for used for them to do what is right that's all. you can just go to be human beings like animals. it's been six days since our homes were destroyed it bothered him in port moresby yet there is deafening silence and lack of support by authorities now there are high health and safety risks among the dispose residents who are now living under canvas is an intense with the homes used to beam on the day of the demolition of houses germany says claims about one hundred heavily armed police officers came to the particle site the top section of pago hill is being developed into
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a world class two is attraction by pago he will development company ok here we eventually have refused to move major hotels about a tenth of the park's a major cultural center. and never been part of the inner circles of olympics a woman alone and i have not ever tried to play male politics and fight her option . is too much grain politics is too much compromise not comfortable with the whole of things happening around you and you're going to decide what you have been there for and which of us when there will have to walk away and say and then when i can. help when you get is in the grip of a constitutional crisis with said michael somare and peter o'neill both claiming to be the country's legitimate later. again carol kidu condemned the behavior of the
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leaders in deep is suitable power. as a great danger in six authorial powers in a country such as the house. by going in taking the leadership of the opposition it gave me a legitimate voice thank you mr speaker in twenty twelve dame carol kidu will retire from politics after three terms as the only woman in the country's parliament you are trying to retire at the next election do you feel i can serve better outside than inside time will tell but only member but trust in the parliament that's all nobody has been all all but. and. you know without her i don't think i can survive same thing in that very jail you know. at the forefront and i met up there.
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on the alter the vision for parker here it was to create an i can i cannot promote pop and he has invited destination for tourists fresh and in nice to see light. being transferred from inside to do this here and we feel great sense of responsibility to be a good corporate citizen but totally committed to ensuring that the informal setlist. treated as integral part of the product we need to make sure you work to give. to them and means a group of people you know getting together and living in one particular place. a place to lead. a community was taught before. we have our church you know. we have was school there we have
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a lawyer in order to meet the what is. that there's a. lot out there so now so these are people these are not he's an old and this is their home this is the cultural revolution. read here. comes down on the mat thank you left that fact alone. up what is involved. in head. at st download physical. we're not lawyers but perfessor we pulled off this on the internet and that's of course the case as much as possible. and that's where we start having these the national community coming in to help us in themself investigation.
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going to portland when you state. that. we have no grounds to fight for. what we are standing for yet. if he says no they become it's such easy to demolition explosives. but this isn't about the park he'll demolition on facebook. my background was researching issues around conflict to morrow. there's something about how you feel that would provide a pos why into a systemic form of criminality that was a road in teens you.
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think i just was case. here how you make. it. right i'm meeting with a range of really good people hiya and hopefully they'll give me some more ideas about how to take this up my office always standing that your lawyer should get in contact with me when he begins to compile the facts that. field. mr. coco ok gentle lovely lovely speaking but you know i think you just really made my day by you know you all you know. i felt the need to go out and visit the community. the fault lines of the struggle was still very much right.
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you're growing very. i believe you just go your house yesterday yes. so you had to leave on. in a tent to basically you yeah. i just want to make sure that our history evidence of what happened both of us and those you you are your kids on how do you have some husbands or you know this is just some emotions and i'm their relations and friends .
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what's in your case far in terms of documents and. so i'll just have to think through and this gives a sense of what you have and what is needed. it seems like a lot of the documentation you currently have relates specifically to the. eviction order so what i can probably be much more useful in i just need i mean you should i think i can give you is not give you as much of anything as i can possibly give you and if you don't think there's enough ammunition tell me that's what i do i find i mean ition and then i give to people who know how to fire in the court of law. you know. i don't live in the evidence nothing to show. and just put the interest of the people who i am known to bite in time you know for them to. be the loner. i
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want going on three thousand affidavits. we wait for the last report on how the company. did this thing to get us from as possible so that we can start biting the . in subsequent weeks out from it show i begin to find these fragments of information firstly thirteen point one of homes on the illegal portion business portion one five nine seven now
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and was a national park according to the public accounts committee it was an area of great natural beauty and that it should be reserved from development but what actually happened was a ninety nine you business lease was issued to parkville development company. in this place the rent is reduced from two hundred fifty thousand a year down to fifty thousand team. felt that this was the tip of an iceberg of illegal black market in state leases. the company then angle less out of exoneration from the public accounts committee
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overturning the findings of the report. days mild prophetess within the length of the parliament. people within the government runs the manipulating the system. that led me to investigate courtroom one five nine seven. the major discovery there was the ph he didn't have title to the land on the on the for sure that
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wasn't part of one five nine seven. learned on which their homes and stood we should been demolished at gunpoint was outside police the police had no right to harass intimidate or demolish any properties there. that demolition exercise walloons illegitimate in every sense in every form. i have a winning case we are not part of beastie ninety seven. i provide evidence and facts i'm talking about empirical facts empirical evidence. and the truth. as.
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well or my god there are zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero the. gold. on me. and he. as soon as i walked into the courthouse. everything was all in my favor. i did not then. care. because they did that. from the top of the mountain right to the sea front it's all part of ocean one five nine seven. in the snow on the fourth if i. don't want any. of them
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coming. north consider evidence to point. me. in the hall. care. and know we are pinning get this you know. me. to the police. you can buy some. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always
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possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard. like it good to me is. my brain and this story needs to be turned be just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring a mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and online. in twenty twelve al-jazeera traveled to iraq people who are definitely scared to speak on camera they're saying that if they talk to us they think they'll be
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arrested down the line to take the pulse of a country ravaged under us occupation some of these graves are completely destroyed it's one of the most holy and sacred sites in all of iraq to turn into a battleground between the mahdi army and the americans six years on rewind returns to iraq after the americans at this time on al-jazeera. welcome to the whole robin these are our top news stories syria is accusing the u.s. of committing a war crime by bombing fighters loyal to president bashar al assad india as a province the u.s. says the airstrikes were in response to what it called an unprovoked attack on the
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headquarters of the s.t.'s the white house says it's preparing for a government shutdown as congress struggles to approve a budget deal before a midnight deadline the dream and reached in the senate is facing stiff resistance in both republican and democratic kentucky senator rand paul is currently blocking the vote he's pushing for an amendment to maintain the budget caps kristen salumi has more from washington d.c. a deal is looking increasingly in doubt about an hour ago the senate leadership attempted to call a vote on this massive spending package that they've proposed but procedural delays are stalling this now bear with me here of course the senate has to vote on the package and the house has to vote on the package and then the president has to sign it before they can even take it to a vote in the senate all senators have to agree to call that vote and one senator
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who wants an amendment rand paul wants an amendment considered for this spending package and he's refusing to let this go to a vote. stocks have plunged on wall street for a fifth time in six days trading ten percent below all time highs that on january the twenty sixth of the day the dow jones fell by more than one thousand points only the second time that's ever happened violent protests have broken out on the streets of bangladesh after former prime minister khalifa zero was jailed for corruption zia was charged with embezzling around two hundred fifty thousand dollars in donations went for an orphanage trust also groups in south sudan her freed more than three hundred child soldiers they were released under united nations program which helps them return to a normal life. a candidate to beat officially day for next month's presidential election and russian president vladimir putin is expected to win a fourth term in office opposition leader alexina valley organized must protest
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against corruption has been barred from bodies those are the headlines are back with a new thirty minutes to stay with us here on al-jazeera. me for a great song is an icelandic destroying he's a venture capitalist i suppose who makes. a lot of money through speculative projects he began he used commercial career in ninety ninety two he went from being a licorice factory entrepreneur jeans importer export. to write in papa new guinea as a publisher now. tangent dense all sorts of leap from one unconnected industry to another. he's been involved in
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a hugely controversial publishing deal only government then sets out he owned company which handles to see states. the first red flag was clearly raised by the government. becoming agency. and i found ten illegal contracts in my nomes of the two traced the money from the deceased to states. i don't think it was staged joe was aware of what he was actually fighting against . functions idea is a dream is that i work in the say it's
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a paper dream that we're not even sure it's kind of it's just too much he hasn't developed such things in his life and. if. so when adults are going to blow them. i'm not there be. let me toss them and by side i'm called but i want them to. and i want one by more law but i'm not negotiate. company. for how best value reset the lemieux me. give you a sense of what you gen one zero recently maligned let me. go by name don't you buy
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the ones i'd like to go inside what i want i. want so you build a. more. now let me go to ground zero you are asking too much. so be it. someone has to stand up and make sure the government recognizes this you and wolf. international laws governing she down long human being. who play your best opera you people are. people you become come come listening player. not a man become a consumers who have to this is where you guys belong. to . the company actually approached
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me. trying to think when it is. twenty end of two thousand and thirteen just by chance so so the company c.e.o. on the plane they said would you consider helping with the relocation exercise i said no. it was to have been bought out. i'll wait until we see what happens. but i decided to start working on because of the national court decision people were hoping a company would actually build houses and things but there's no obligation to tell them really the company is not obliged to anything you were living on the land that the court has now said he longs to them and i'm not going to question the court decision it belongs to. but there what has been done so far is more than has been given to any other really good person around his city hopefully it can start to set a standard.
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of living. over him where he got the family believe that. now it basically is. an immediate basins running into something bigger. asians are. going to see something he mean by. the whole case.
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of pop in again in government published press release. back at. the government felt it was more than appropriate. and these are at home a fifty fifty in this developed state we're now fifty sixty partners in this project. now studies financial interest in st john's songs and i had just as much reason to teach our songs as a company and yes a lot of company they had the means of violence to do that. if they find they are just by the head of the company that. led to live by the others the government of the. so that's the real issue that's what a bill is
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a low profile i just don't want to let it illicit. in terms of a lot of stuff. and it just. so i'm trying to do so. i don't really want to expose myself. to listen a little. to have that little. or can you say i say to him. well your now political dissent. you are challenging a state project and you are a threat to your government and they want to do you harm they can very well even to be killed. so my advice to him was he should seek asylum. that would be only
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way of guaranteeing the safety but of course joe won't seek asylum because it will just continue the struggle. has a police harassment. we're. going to see was a significant threat. to the community has to be very. sick and. that's why we are afraid after. twenty five. let's let's get to this case. over two hundred paga hill residents were relocated to six mile lisa he means to
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free up space for developer paga hill limited taking initiative the company went out of its way to purchase land at six mile to accommodate those affected by the development c.e.o. goodman do fredrickson has gone through a challenging times to get to the present stage what has been achieved through our cargo community is a proof that harmonious resettlement can be achieved in publishing in the head of united nations and trivedi gave his vote of confidence to the company for its human rights approach the first time. a national corporation like this supports the resettlement of communities it is the first time it has happened in pop when you get in my experience dame carol kidu was forgiving clarifying she was simply standing up for the settlers from a human rights perspective maine a long journey i had journey and it is a time to celebrate. you have come a long way with
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a company that has shown that it. is that means the idea one community. one day i am a little in his one time a little company because when i get money the nice. i'll pay more ten thousand and i seen. this money and wait wait. wait they just come in and i say we'll give you this much she smiled. faintly occasions are these. just to be followed. this is six miles every hour. development companies want to relocate us grow grow grow grow grow for. water program the folks.
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who are always. the workers do that. here you. will be talking to the border security if you think. you should be going. to game it. it's a good day. for. all. you . do you feel like he didn't. hear. because.
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it's not perfect but i think it's been a genuine attempt by the company to do a really something that's useful and perhaps they're being too ambitious. quite frankly and in the company he is being even over ambitious of about what they want to achieve for the people who've been moved. because you know this is. a stage where you can end up creating a dependency mentality. in your company and. you see. a federal issue. over fight ever say. that
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i'm going back. over fire without breaking. a deal though is there any. estella fight in. the morning all that are. going on something you know possibly not him so once you month winning indiana you surveillance in this lion place you see the problem here . you got house you got family or picking him or money on going to school you go walk and this is home. this is what we are fighting for. you got to go but if he doesn't tell me no one will have. you if i go here i live my awesome human being you must have a place most in down so i was only like you see the lord love us even though not
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about us only mustered in this happiness question if you mean open to me this is the bottom line we've got no fight go to dawson give up five thousand give him a ten thousand. life no man sinned down no mine we have to be treated fairly just like any other human being. so now i must leave me. so bored i. find the royal. family. going to put up with it all.
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that's where they came in. they came then they do it. they kicked joe's way. and they were pointing guns at him and auditing him to come out of the house. and i stood somewhere here. the policeman got up and go to any beach he can drink it was trying to hit the community residents here anybody that comes close at their job is just gone and you can you know of your own unit was so right at the end we told him you want me you want irish to unite as one of us you want to do you need to all of us and we only came together in.
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that little to do well i'm going to let you know we're going to talk to you and he was going to want to kind of to. know that he would not going to be goes out of any of them and have been because i want to know what's not that's very good of. you i met your. regular guy mark duggan mom i got to come on up i went to meet up i'm going to come in come. out of my i mean i'm going now i'm gone now you won't let them know me i'm about to knock them out with them on the back of my you would you know.
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live and live in. a bit. of good news.
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are i did you claim us or you don't think i'm only piss up because you start and get on top of our people but what if they were. heard. nothing. there.
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they forced an. anonymous of a call on us. and so. the people dismissed. and. he's.
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looked awful by the whole bottle to show and he. just went off. by did me no need not. or would be gone by then we'd know or begin it now or bought a merry beginning or buy you imagine i've been prevented as a member of the u. by demon a mob scene i'm missing now groaned as the other me got him mama got him big mama got him in a help. in both sides of the whole game became so unwilling to listen and compromise and and
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if people feel it's been just to stand well you know progress doesn't stop and whether one likes the progress or not it goes ahead in every country and that's at's what's happening there. may be discontinuous that he lives on for the small people like me in one for the. leaders. and then to lead us willis and then. in another question i don't really know how i can answer that in a way that is you know it doesn't that is the way it happened is the way it. into. i would have done it differently will be there he probably had just picked if i'd known what was that happened i probably would have caught him as i would have if it happens all over the city all the time to me.
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will be thanking the man at the court again. when i stand for what his fate in the world i believe in. you can obesity with me. people might see that against good news i'm scared by the tools as well as then i've been fined for what is right. i mean if i could live if i don't do it who is going to do it. if i start thinking negatively. definite for me so what i'm doing knows i have to think positive i have to be brave. and i have to because i put my hand up i have to i have to be. that someone that
4:56 am
can do and stand up. that's what i've been.
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a lifetime of emulation and struck by stroke copying. selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to discover his hero inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera.
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how low we have got more winter weather coming into don't waste impossible for us this latest band of cloud now in the process of clearing away slightly khwaja weather coming in behind to just see this area cloud which will bring some when she weather that just around the midwest illinois seeing some snow pushing across pennsylvania upstate new york to new york struggling to get to two degrees celsius that will continue to make its way east was it links back into the rockies saw that to the west coast is five ads right celsius in seattle not see bad here l.a. gets up to around twenty five degrees fog a try but it will cool off as we go on into sas day no woman around nineteen celsius in l.a. at this stage not much warmer than the sort of weather will say the last rally with a cloud of dry coming into that southeastern corner just around the middle and six days of heavy rain just around the carolinas further north we have got a significant snow that's them in place for new england pushing up into that east
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the side of canada but really is going to be the very heavy rain that we have across eastern texas too easy on the mississippi that will be the problem as we go on through the next few days and that links back to some rather wet weather that was saying just around to mexico not quite as wet as we go on through the next few days will be a few showers around the western caribbean elsewhere fine and sunny. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and a threat somebody who controls ten thousand bombs at all in a hundred thousand voices and they distort the debate in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed there are no precedents people and out investigate this information and democracy part two at this time on al-jazeera. a young so molly refugee thrilled to gain us residency in
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twenty sixteen. and i was lucky to get to i was a really really big god answered my prayer but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world ask sally was whether his american dream is still alive and so molly in america at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello observer robin this is the al-jazeera news a lot of headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the us is bracing for another government shutdown.


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