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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. a historic moment as the north korean leader is in south korea.
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and welcome to. headquarters in doha but the problem also ahead. the u.s. government stumbles into a second shutdown in just three weeks. syria's government throws around accusations of crimes as its jets continue an assault that's killed more than two hundred people in just four days and what the government didn't want the world to see evidence of a massacre the journalists who revealed it have been jailed. the sister of north korea's leader has become the first member of her family to step foot in south korea since the two countries went to war in one thousand fifty well kim jong as part of the north korean delegation that survived for the opening ceremony of the winter olympics south korea's leaders are hoping to use the games
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as an opportunity to revive meaningful communication after a long period of high tension over north korea's nuclear and weapons program we're joined now by correspondent the tashi good name she's live for us and so what do we know about kim jong and what is she what might she be expected to do here. elizabeth the south korean media has been transfixed by the arrival of kim jong and this twenty one member in addition to her delegation from north korea she's believed to be in her late twenty's early thirty's she's a close advisor and apparently a very trusted adviser of kim jong un the leader of north korea she has ascended the ranks since her brother took power at an unprecedented pace according to some analysts she officially holds the title of director of the propaganda and agitation
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department she her aim is to protect her brother's image and promote north korea as well as her brother now it's believed that she does have the ear of her brother and therefore should be in a position while she's here to perhaps a relay his wishes to president moon jay in she will be meeting with the south korean president on saturday there's speculation in the south korean media that perhaps she will extend an invite to president moon to visit north korea of course there are critics who say that they are very skeptical of this of her visit as well as the north korean delegations visit some are calling it more propaganda on the part of north korea an attempt to advance its agenda at a time when tensions have been high but also when one considers according to critics that the north koreans have no intention of giving up their nuclear program
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now kim jong will be attending the opening ceremony should be in the same v.i.p. room as american vice president mike pence don't expect them to speak the north korean government has already says that it has no intention in engaging in any dialogue with the united states has given all of that what is the mood in south korea today how people feeling there. well again going back to the south korean media it has been wall to wall coverage of kim jong il and there's a north korean delegation but if you talk to south koreans they have a lot of excitement and pride as we get ready to watch the opening ceremony of the twenty eight thousand winter olympics. i hope that with north korean athletes participation this could be peaceful and picks and i hope we can achieve reunification between the south and the. regardless of north korea's
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participation the olympics should be a festival for the mood here is good south korea is hosting the olympics and athletes are coming from around the world good opportunity to promote south korea. now at the opening ceremony the north and south koreans will march under a unified flag for the first time at an international sporting event in eleven years though elizabeth it's not the first time they've done so nine other times this is a way for the koreas to celebrate ethnic nationalism or to thank you very much for that for now that's fantastic and i'm joining us live from thank you. but just before the games began and a pail by forty seven russian athletes and coaches take part has been rejected the court of arbitration for sport dismissed the case the russians had appealed against their exclusion by the international olympic committee of the two thousand and fourteen doping scandal at the sochi games almost one hundred seventy russian
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athletes have been cleared to compete because their country is banned they'll be flying a neutral lympics flag. to the u.s. now with senators have just passed legislation to fund the government which has slipped into its second shutdown and just three weeks it will now go to the house of representatives earlier the senate missed a mid month deadline to ponce legislation which resulted in the new shutdown was blocked by a senator from a senator from president trump's republican party who vehemently opposed this big budget deficits don't you remember when republicans how high haven't the president obama was spending us into the gutter spending us into oblivion and now republicans are doing the same thing and so i asked the question whose fault is it republicans yes whose fault is it democrats yes it's both parties fault right so the joined now by christensen ummi she is live for us in washington
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d.c. a case of the senate has now passed this budget plan kristen without rand paul. that's right rand paul was very opposed to the massive spending increases in this package three hundred billion dollars. in increased spending over the next two years but higher than half of that going towards military the rest towards non military spending things like disaster relief and fighting the opioid epidemic and funding mental health clinics child health care. it got very expensive the cost of compromises very expensive and rand paul it only took him to delay this vote passed the midnight deadline and put the government into shutdown it was a procedural issue after midnight the senate was able to call a vote to end the debates and then take it to the floor where they did have support seventy eight to seventy one to twenty eight this resolution passed and now it
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must go to the house of representatives and there the outcome is much less certain that the house has a lot of the same concerns that the senate did and that rand paul did fiscal conservatives on the house side also very concerned about driving up the debt coming on the heels of tax cuts the deficit in the united states the government budget deficit is expected to top a trillion dollars in the next year as a result of all of the new spending in this package so this i mean sounds like very much the same concerns from the last shutdown just three weeks ago what's changed and why we seeing the second government shutdown in a matter of weeks. absolutely with the pressure there's a lot of criticism for lawmakers after that first shutdown especially for the republicans and both sides really came together trying to get a deal done and democrats got
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a lot of what they wanted in this proposal all of the things that i mentioned the money to fund the drug war the epidemic and the natural disasters and so on but they didn't get one thing that was very important that's immigration they were very much looking for something to provide. immigrants who were brought to the united states as children a pathway to citizenship republicans say they want to vote on immigration as well but they weren't able to get it done this time around they left it to the side and that's what allowed them to go forward but that's also what so controversial in a lot of democrat has a lot of democrats saying that they can't support this because it doesn't address that they'll feel that they'll lose their leverage once the spending bill passes and they won't be able to get what they want in their immigration situation even though the house speaker republican paul ryan has promised to bring this up for
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a vote next week the democratic leader of the house nancy pelosi says she can't vote for it because of this so some things have changed but the tension is there the more they move to the middle to get a bipartisan agreement they lose the conservatives and the liberals on the extremes on either side so it's a really tough and tricky balancing act but both sides are hoping that this is a short letter the leadership on both sides i should say is hoping that this is a short lived shutdown if the house can vote in the next couple of hours which it is expected to do if they pass this reza this bill then the shutdown would and virtually before the work day begins and the damage would be minimal or at kristen thank you very much for that finale that is christensen to me with the very latest from washington d.c. thank you. writes to syria now where the government is accusing the us of committing crime by bombing fighters loyal to president bashar al assad in their
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hours or province the u.s. led coalition says one hundred fighters loyal to the syrian government died in the air strikes it says there were a response to what it called an unprovoked attack on the headquarters of its ally the s t f but russia which backs as sound says the strikes are part of an effort by washington to control key economic assets in the region to prevent them from falling into the hands of the syrian government or from washington our pentagon correspondent patty culhane has more. i said at a briefing with secretary of defense jim mattis he was off camera but on the record and he called what happened in syria a quote for plex in situation and he said because for years the euphrates river has been a kind of do not cross line that if the u.s. or u.s. backed forces or russian or russian backed forces were going to cross it they talk about it before and he said that didn't happen this time he said u.s. forces were embedded along with the s.d.f. and they saw tanks and artillery start rolling in saying that one shell got within
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five hundred meters of the s.d.f. headquarters says that is when they picked up the phone they called their russian counterparts and he says he doesn't think that the group that moved in is actually controlled by russia he called this a great success story because in his words two great powers did not fight each other still the russian ambassador to the united nations was less than pleased i asked him to remember the. illegal effect. they would look like. they claim. they fight international terrorism but we see that. to confront. the. decided say is he's given secretary mabus didn't speculate on how many casualties were caused by the firing from u.s. jets and heavy artillery positions but he did say that they took out two of the
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incoming tanks and the heavy artillery positions the u.s. is calling this self defense and warning that that happens again the lect again well alpha in syria for a fifth consecutive day bombs have been raining down on the areas which were designated deescalation zones local media say government and russian and strikes have killed at least fifty seven paper in the east and on the edge of damascus on thursday including children and a medic have escalated their attacks there and the province of russian jets shot down on saturday. the number of people killed has passed two hundred in just four days and turkey has resumed bombing raids over the northern city an enclave of fleeing after a five day break well local kurdish media posted this video showing turkish airstrikes on the outskirts of in turkey began an air and ground operation last month to oust the why p.g. group from a free turkish forces and their allies the free syrian army said they've captured
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towns and of gaining ground on the road to a free. weather update is next then searching for survivors after shocks hamper rescue efforts in taiwan. is what israel is demanding from the family of a palestinian who was. killed by a military vehicle. the whole group of. the weather remains very wintry across parts of northern france would have more problems with snow coming in this next band of cloud and the rain making its way across the british isles will it stay some slightly model as you go on through the next couple of days for a friday though still some snow there across the paris for example down to central areas the france but now just the right on the leading edge moderate tucking in
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behind temperatures in london about seven degrees celsius just three celsius there for paris still some snow coming into northern parts of a spa in madrid will struggle to get around eight degrees celsius but the snow say recently around the both has that's made its way further east was ukraine seeing some snow that will make its way a little further eastward still as we go on into saturday but by that stage for states and really heavy rain nostril system swirling away just around central parts of the mediterranean so though bring some wet weather into southern parts of the balkans and on into grayson weather once again making its way back in across all and while scotland eventually and england nine celsius in london so it is warming up to three degrees celsius once again for paris at the zero nine degrees there in madrid and that disturbed weather has also been affecting northern parts of africa particularly frost morocco went out here a small clout of great coming in here with west the weather grassy making its way further east.
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sorry. good to have you with us on our top stories
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a high level north korean delegation to the china lympics has touched down and south korea it includes leader kim jong un sister kim jong il arrival marks the first time a member of north korea's ruling family has crossed the border certain for the one nine hundred fifty korean war. u.s. senators have just passed legislation to fund the government which has slipped into its second shutdown in three weeks it will now go to the house of representatives for early in the senate missed a midnight deadline to pass the legislation which resulted in the new shutdown. well even before the shutdown happened it was another very bad day on wall street the dow jones plunged by more than a thousand points for only the second time that's ever happened in one day and after large gains and early january share prices are trading around ten percent lower investors are worried that higher wages will eat away corporate profits and prompt the federal reserve to raise interest rates faster and nervous investors and
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asia have reacted to the wall street falls hong kong's hang seng has tumbled to minus three percent less than an hour before closing japan's nikkei also dropped to minus two percent at the close of the market. to egypt now where the army has announced what it calls a comprehensive operation against armed groups in the sinai peninsula it's ordered hospitals to be placed on high alert preparing extra beds and personnel to do with emergencies and medical evacuations the local media are also reporting an unusual increase in the number of military vehicles in the sinai. the reuters news agency says it has evidence of a massacre of revenge of men in myanmar last september it is the first time such an account has been backed up by witness statements from both the villages and security forces themselves the two journalists behind the investigation have been detained in myanmar and denied bail a warning jodhaa still this report contains images that some viewers may find
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disturbing. it's a chilling and detailed account of what can only be described as a premeditated massacre the photographs provided to reuters by buddhist village elder don't lie the first the news agency says was taken on september first and shows the ten ruhi captives lined up in a row the second taken the day after shows their slain bodies in a mass grave their ages range from seventeen to forty five among them were students fishermen farmers shop owners fathers they were all part of the same row hinge a community from the village of dean dean and then mars northern rakhine state but little in front of the building when they were taken them away they said they do not worry we will send your sons back soon we have taken them for me till i was born on on the new one of six thousand rocking chair remained in the village as a hawk tobar and surprisingly their relatives are reluctant to move back. i will
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not go back there how can i go they killed our husbands we have our little babies how will they survive. myanmar's military says the ten men belong to a group of two hundred terrorists that had attacked the earlier but accounts given to the news agency by both ranger and buddhist witnesses deny such large scale attack ever happens in the village the writer story draws for the first time on interviews with buddhist villagers who confessed to torching rohingya homes very bodies and killing muslims it also marks the first time soldiers and paramilitary police have been implicated by testimony from security personnel themselves the two reporters behind the story and your story are both myanmar nationals and were detained on december twelfth for allegedly obtaining confidential documents a statement released by the military on january tenth confirmed what they were preparing to report ten right in demand had been massacred in that village at least
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coincided with a good day. so request by prosecutors to charge the two journalists under the official secrets act they've been denied bail and be convicted and face up to fourteen years in prison term the silver zero two to taiwan now aftershocks the hampering rescue efforts as the search goes on for survivors of tuesday's earthquake seven people remain missing after the magnitude six point four tremor killed at least ten people in the port city of falling in what has a demolishing dangerous buildings badly damaged by the quake from the bride has more from falling in. the rescue teams are now working down into more inaccessible parts of this building basically the lower floors especially at the front of the building that were crushed when this building toppled over and in particular concentrating on an area where they have found these signs of life now the rescuers are not being overly optimistic they say the signals the signs of life of very weak
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but they are in that area where they believe that one of the people who is unaccounted for could have been so while there's a possibility of someone being alive they have to continue the search it is a factor in their decision making about how they deal with this site and other buildings around this city that have been badly damaged heavy equipment is now being brought in to demolish those structures to make the area safe again clearly while there's a possibility at least of someone being found alive they have to put off that decision and the search continues. palestinian under lock them up was crushed to death fine israeli military vehicles were involved in from the occupied west bank three years ago now the israeli army is attempting to sue the twenty one year old family for damage done to the military chain and one count reports. the israeli army killed a name in june two thousand and fifteen and now it wants twenty eight thousand
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dollars for damages to this jeep to crush the twenty one year old after his death ability family filed a lawsuit against the israeli state the case continues then in january this year the army build the family. this is a copy of the lawsuit given to us by the family lawyer. they reopened this so shameless that they're demanding compensation not because they want the money because they want to make it impossible for us palestinians it's not about the money they want us to give in but we say we have the right you won't break because. in june two thousand and fifteen that was a raid by the army and later that turned violent the israelis say ability through a fireball of the jeep which then swerved into him for over three hours the family says the army wouldn't allow medics to treat of dilla as he lay beneath the jeep he eventually played to death the entire village turned out funeral. lawyers say
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asking for compensation is part of a new israeli strategy to penalize palestinians for any kind of resistance in motion. honestly we're not used to seeing this sort of claim but if you take it in context where israel is going when it comes to killing spines and bills of votes in the knesset i think they're heading to a level where anyone who utters the word occupation can be harassed arrested and possibly find as you might be considered to insult the state and its inhabitants. al-jazeera reached out to the israeli ministry of defense for comment it says it has submitted a statement of defense to the court stating that the event in which the plaintiffs was killed constitutes wartime activity as defined by the law and therefore the state is immune from prosecution in this event in the light of the damage that was
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caused to the i.d.f. jeep as a result of the molotov cocktail through my the plaintiffs the ministry has filed a countersuit. remembered very fondly here and he's seen as a martyr for the palestinian cause graffiti of his face adorns the walls of the village and people here say they'll never forget about him. the family say they will continue to fight for justice for the law and they've named the new after him they say they would rather face whatever consequences there may be than pay the israeli army any money imran khan how does it go from alec occupied west bank. to british fighters who appeared in gruesome propaganda videos for the group had been captured by kurdish forces in syria the pair were known to be members of a cell adopt the beatles into their distinctive accents the group was led by the man known as jihadi john who was killed in a two thousand and fifteen airstrike they are the last two of the four member cell to be captured or killed. togo now international mediators are expected next
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week following months of protests against the government and the president the nothing their family's been in charge for fifty one years and many are demanding changes john holl has more. in togo protests and public sector strikes have been going on for months the west african country has been ruled by a single family for half a century in the nursing baby son president for nursing bay has followed father without presidential term limits and many have had enough. pressure from the streets has brought a commitment by the president to him to constitute. reform talks too though expect concrete results joaquin's is a teacher who's drawing destructors. i have a professional degree and my salary is one hundred twenty five u.s. dollars per month that's the cost of living is high and we're overwhelmed by debt so it's very difficult. as
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a french teacher i handle four classes of more than one hundred students each with two different subjects at the end of a semester i have more than a thousand papers tomorrow without any support we lack infrastructure no library to do research in some classes there's no space for all the children health workers are also on strike. says the decision to walk out of his hospital job was not taken lightly the health service he says is no longer fit for purpose. we have given an oath to serve and save life but when you take a decision to go on strike you should understand that the situation is appalling and we're not going to be complicit with it refused the police. departments that function with our personnel at night like ophthalmology and the pediatric nurse serving in the recovery room is the same nurse who has to rush to attend the babies in other rooms. international mediators from ghana and guinea say talks between the
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government and the opposition will begin on february fifteenth jonah how al-jazeera the female activists has been detained salvi arabia for seventeen days and what rights groups are calling a quiet government crackdown on human rights campaigners know how we have been held by police and after being questioned by police who accuse her of advocating women's rights on social media she faces five years in prison if found guilty. colombians are holding their noses in the capital because rubbish collectors are on strike where thousands of tons of trash are rushing in the streets the workers walked out because they fear mass for dundon sees when new contracts are awarded other sounds around ph d. has more. for a week now more than half of colombia's capital has been inundated by collected garbage left to rot on street corners and parks the crisis started when more than
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three thousand employees of a public service called i was the answer to strike that may. be clear the only environmental emergency allowing private sanitation workers to help with the collection the residents say the situation keeps getting in fear health consequences. it's a disaster such neglect and disregard for the community the smell is unbearable people are getting see the garbage tax like everybody else so what is the maid doing the workers of the builder or afraid to lose their job due to changes in the way garbage contracts were awarded in past days they clashed with the police and damaged a number of garbage trucks on tuesday residents of one of the worst affected neighborhoods garbage and blocked main roads with rubbish bags the mayor is blaming his predecessor to change the rubbish collection system and we stamp are really
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suspended for allegedly the nice man if you get. but it will be difficult for the mayor to avoid the responsibility he's now being investigated by control tory he even as he's promising to end the crisis in the next three days something the people have definitely are hoping for now finally this bulletin something for those wanting to upgrade to a cool car this new russian a vehicle is officially the world's coolest in fact it is ice cold a group of friends in siberia have built a vehicle with the bodywork off entirely from blocks of ice the world's most practical they're called though it is drivable but the five tons of body works and feeling limits performance. and i again i mean there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a high level north korean delegation to the china lympics has touched down in south
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korea and includes leader kim jong un sister kim jong her arrival marks the first time a member of north korea's avoiding family has crossed the border since the one nine hundred fifty korean war. picture while in p. e. i hope that with north korean athletes participation this could be peace lympics and i hope to achieve reunification between the south and the north. regardless of north korea's participation the olympics should be a first of all for the mood here is good south korea is hosting the olympics in athletes are coming from around the world a good opportunity to promote south korea u.s. senators have just passed legislation to fund the government after it slipped into its second shutdown in three weeks the bill will now go to the house of representatives but earlier the senate missed a midnight deadline to pass the legislation which resulted in the latest shutdown. syria is accusing the u.s.
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of committing a war crime by bombing fighters loyal to president bashar al assad in their hours or province the u.s. led coalition says one hundred fighters loyal to the syrian government died in the air strikes it says there were in response to what it called an unprovoked attack on the headquarters of its ally the s.t.'s but russia which backs says the strikes are part of an effort by washington to control key economic assets in the region. aftershocks in taiwan are hampering the search for survivors of tuesday's earthquake seven people remain missing in the port city of holly and. a female activists has been detained in saudi arabia for seventeen days and what rights groups according to quiet government crackdown on human rights campaigners know how al balawi has been held by police in a book after being questioned. police accuse her of advocate and women's rights on social media she faces five years in prison and charged and found guilty on thursday of the court sentenced journalists. to five years and present for what he
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called insulting the royal court those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us and sad story is coming up next. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threats this fall opposers at this time on al-jazeera. is north korea playing games with the winter olympics athletes from both sets and you'll find flags of the opening ceremony but as the south the red carpet the north and for. young so can the honeymoon last this is inside story.


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