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tv   A Somali In America  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2018 3:01pm-4:02pm +03

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yesterday we delivered some serious blows to the iranian and syrian forces we made it absolutely clear to everyone that our rules of engagements have not changed at all we will continue to attack any attempts to hurt us that has been our policy and there will continue to be our policy one hour from al jazeera cimarron card in west jerusalem. the key developments that are taking place in west jerusalem all two meetings the cabinet meeting which is a regularly scheduled weekly meeting that's likely to concentrate on the political strategy that israel will come up with now publicly they're blaming iran for all of this they say the iranian role in syria is dangerous to israeli interests and they've been really ratcheting up the tension since the summer saying that iran is the problem they've also sent a letter to the united nations security council telling them that it needs to publicly condemn the iranian role within syria then there's
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a security cabinet meeting that's likely to take a look at what military options they may be now we've been speaking to the israeli only we've tried to ask them whether they can confirm what targets were hit inside syria and how long the operation will go on for they declined to comment on both of those but we are hearing from senior former military officials that this is the biggest operation to take place against syrian and defense units since the one nine hundred eighty two lebanese wars are very clearly a big operation now russia is coming into the fold the israelis have long said that the russian role is keep within syria and the syrians need to to take a look at what russia's doing in the country when it comes to iran that the russian support iran and so this is something of a concern the message that the israelis will send to russia is that we don't want iran to have any kind of role within syria we certainly don't want it to be in near the border now the russian president vladimir putin has responded saying that prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu needs to be careful about escalating things so clearly a lot of political tensions were military tensions going on it's all eyes on what's israel those next and what message it sends out to russia and whether russia actually listens and tries to rein in its ally iran. the turkish army has suffered its largest number of fatalities since the campaign against kurdish fighters in northern syria began last month eleven turkish soldiers were killed on saturday including two in an army helicopter crash turkey's president says the kurdish led syrian democratic forces will quote pay a heavy price iran's president has called for unity at mass rallies celebrating the thirty ninth anniversary of iran's revolution the islamic republic was born from the one nine hundred seventy nine overthrow of the monarchy hassan rouhani s comments follow last month's anti-government protests which saw thousands of people arrested. the family of an iranian university professor disputing police reports
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that he committed suicide in jail sixty three year old environmental activist said a mummy was arrested last month his family said his death is impossible to fathom north korea's olympic delegation has spent the south korea and five other selina kyon in seoul the group includes the sister of north korea's leader kim jong il on saturday she extended a rare invitation to south korea's president in to visit pyongyang. south africa's ruling party the african national congress is due to hold a special meeting on monday as pressure intensifies on president jacob zuma to resign many are calling for a swift transition of power after he was replaced by so around poza as leader of the a.n.c. seumas second term is to tune in next year and scientists in the u.s. are deliberately infecting mosquitoes to stop the spread of viruses such as dengue millions of specially bred male mosquitoes have been released in miami and florida females that mate with them will only lay eggs that cannot catch there's the
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world next. the nation from. the. free stuff.
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i. have been moving around there was illegally. is to be an elite get enough of. europe. it doesn't appear as. though it is. before i was in the crane i was in russia. africa i was in. for always in off the coast in somalia if i was in somalia i was in my mother's womb. i live just a new beginning it's up to. today's my first day on live in the pendant.
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my life a little cold that hadn't been easy when i was in ukraine my mind was total both quit but. god had other plans. and then i was told i was lucky too good to see at the members in the mosque in q four. i was really really hard to go down suddenly i read. i remember it was an ied to be in ukraine. it was i just told then i went to the bus the medic was just curious and then that's when the totally
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off the phone once you know going to be a see saw i left ukraine make. december eighth two thousand. if i'm going. to. look. at what thing is that this will be that will break for us one will be laid we have to hold health care if tonight. just school bus. school bus and being over that i was to come from court but i was to busboy lunde. but since there were those not good it told me i'm not going to. portland going to bust slovakia. when we bust slovakia. really really hard because that is the same place straight across the border going to europe but now i crossed
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it by ear. the absolute could be because i'm going to fly believe me goodness this. is a big cross the border city get a good deal on. good luck just to stick. to the probably. my free ride to score a sea of new. it's called hair stylist can you see high oh. awesome is committed and is probably use it slightly more is. somehow good to be with the flight it's earth from for those of us. had a life and then all of their way across the atlantic ocean and i can to then know
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will put you in the. group of course the hot. brick a small home and wiccan are super slow mo about this and the. poor bloke was six and five. instead of becoming green old saying. yeah. it's almost some i'm no. spring song mom. kris is one of my friend what i like prince is not. who you are way you come
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from no no my best friend because. he's the only guy who wanted need the truth even though i know sometimes the truth hurts but you know it can play like a much chris. i'm glad to have him this guy is called the prince is from around the . country is my romance. this is good but. does my boy louis walk thirty one just to be just rude thing to my i don't know what to do this year why do they always go up and say. can i ask you something you need to do two or. rooted to how many have you killed in order. to just id two didn't want to but your first look like you can with someone. everybody that's annoying if you didn't write.
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priscilla learn to live together i've been in transit tears like six months so we know that wars unlosable be. so excited to move. but says challenge. and i'm looking forward to it i'm really hoping. this is going. to smile look i see it's just like. i think i can. be a. plus. he said all the. he
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smiles shoes. and. if. you can see me this is. shyly. it except just put on this challenge free. so you can see a man again a medical life's been nice to just have to enjoy it while you're on but you have to make it very hard to cement with. for a free for. this riggins. zero zero it was the wrong. oh you. thought serum dobson.
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little closer to your bunny. and mr ali. i was in there crying for three as in the crane. i learned a lot of things from life i didn't know much about life. there isn't coming to you cleaning to good to you don't. have a better life but in there was succeeded. scored the border. sent a warning. and an. open mind my. i made a lot of friends. just. yet the others then i mean how difficult. this is. the my and there's the history. i didn't know that the digital business
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just shows you to just. dead lazy even for them didn't they just come lucky a school you bring this to these people like he destroyed his life in the search has been lost. so. this should. be no one you're going to change your life if you money if you're going to have a child one year you're going to go to school. if you finish in arizona where if you make losing your whole life. subtract in your whole life line and when you're in prison work how many places have we lived well that depends on how you define
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with if you spend one night in a town did you live there how about if we spent two nights in that motel if you had their whole week or how about those nights in a car does that mean you lived there and i thought well i know if you unpaired all of your things we counted eleven places so five we live now we lost track we couldn't remember the names of the towns of the houses we lived in want to look like i'm not going head to. head the mission the mission then is it midwest usa. i finally find myself up and because i'm in love with everybody is that i grant. you. that you just wanted. to get a live in. the
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street a little you have already put it on to me because it will tell you they needed it they were not slaves ukraine is very big on it even if it is. only good as a shirt it would leave the building. in an. escape in a wall from somalia. and then it came up to ukraine and then another the little girl called. song i'm tired of this one which was was in syria war and palestinian good what i want is for. no one could be listening even humpy me that if the biggest piece this time can be seen is one of london's human beings. the wonder of the big companies if there is that peace.
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and. unity. that you know about this one. not much. i remember that one. thought meant. i didn't try and start a new life. but i was then transit as you know in transit when you take a flight the sun delayed like one hour and delayed but my transit was delayed for three. to do is really to work with the public service of
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both students is that i have to rely we would have a really cool our reserves are not refuse money off of the right source of water to somebody you're in for us last year one of the first of its root causes of our property we're crazy i said there's no way your response or the white house very got a response donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representative can figure out what the hell is going on thank you. thank you. when trouble is and let k. o. me and my somali friend be really worried because. in his campaign he's been up to . speed at this molly's saw all of us. buckles
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or could. she was asking me so what is going to happen to you you know she was worried with me because of that claiming to change not country i've been here late three years on behalf of things that change at large in the us three of them the hard way graduated from high school are i would. that my only income. unfortunately i can't travel right now because there is a lot me but. when it came to this country. across many countries they really got it they needed to come here. and then tins they're trying to do. it in my country somalia is employed eight. oz what it but i wanted to try to learn to see my mom because in the log it's. our you know on my act when i was learned about the chant traveled by i saw it does tony stark see
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a google on of the country right now and so all i have to hold on until other thing is a possible solution let me be in the future. of joe as a result of my friend when they left i was left alone to cross the border for the second time but over time i wanted to discuss tips this i've done which has prevented me the last time i wanted to cross the border i was in the comp then i went to coup of to play soccer saw the group called the come to the left me because those in. the program skipped but i didn't like. to begin a new future. and bigger the life. but you think it's difficult to hear.
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the oldest person in the funny and. of my brother the systole all of them that i would question so it was the deal so let the making the sort of the coupe. the chance who to have to do to walk to school. and how the better future. was the whole reason. for wanting facts of sloth he can be interesting back. that's what it feels like. he's playing here now it's not exactly the same yes. i read it in the advice prince possibility. with how they define intelligent but. we only much
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understand each other because. well same risk from africa but you also respect everybody's opinions on her lead that's why we live here. happy last day of winter they have. to somehow see some damage you know what i mean. like how the world's fair. it's also in a. hospital for months so for all we caught a lot of small. boy they all fall. off the highway let's keep writing but before heading. can't say you know how. to do this yeah you do a lot of stuff and you will not that's why you see that i'm going to do you need to
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know why it was put there by good but how do you know the books are not good is that how is it that that's the way you get it from the ground will be cooking they cling on to do you eat it well find. i don't know what this book. is live in debt to piss on it bucket he says oh you don't want to but she can you know what you can eat the same things to do you chickens of course was a different chicken it doesn't it it fizzes i knew you they clean it they'd be cleaned up ok yeah i do you do kid a bull you can doesn't it bite you dulcie. but the nobel oh yeah i'm more of what do you care about what the north of the men. you know are they you think that because of what if you were in them because they were in the ied not that's what all day i said that's one of the ok at them it is the elites are not the only one sickened and so were one dirty word about that done more on the left
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than hold i don't know how to do with ya but don't see you now good thing is oh no you just muslim is not i view this is not the world you are talking about if you don't know don't i doubt you but we have time and there's some purpose to see this as to interest people who knows if i don't i don't like before you not and i didn't . have some then i don't know because then you know you what way you wrote a book with you say you cause my religion well bundy's you know what blunders is yet something for real or not something why is it forbidden to remove the written by god you when you've done god created well not only me to have done it talk to show them didn't know their lives were talking about do you know what i'm going to do is going to i'm not ugly i'm telling you when i still said. i'm coming this to the abode i want compared to the usa. i find myself in that situation when i
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was in there crying out for the well so we're different we do have some boundaries saw if y. off like for the government i can a good history with other with i cannot go that route we're so in many legion we have one way to waste land but so i'm going with this which i don't want to somebody to our war tell him or whatever he does that's what i'm good. he came illegally and now he's literally. crossed a lot of borders. the world. press.
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one might see here. oh chel was my house because i was workin like no food my. child to me was like i got home. the worst was the jungle sometimes for five or five days noid you know people even i read see anything. i did was i was. placed in the world they are big snakes they can eat you like. one thermal not so your opinion does myopia to not only will you there is something you cannot persuade somebody if you don't know yourself i cannot tell you something i don't know much about them for a hundred himself. or to any mexico but when he said to the point is.
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that it was because many migrant component they come from mexico. it came here i didn't understand anything. was not good in english but now it's perfect finish high school and now is in college so. you motivates me and then told me never to give up so. i stood it was someone at city and. it was upon which modern day venezuela was established. for over
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a century this lucrative resource has divided the people less than cursed with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al jazeera. i sometimes feel that we're really looking into the hearts and the song of those directly involved in events taking place very good at telling all sides of the story from the political elite to those people who've been affected you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's very important for me as a generation past that can often feel that my continent is misrepresented and we've changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from. a lifetime of emulation and struck by strong copying.
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selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. pilgrimage to discover his hero inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. hello again adrian for getting here in doha with the top stories in algeria and we begin with breaking news out of russia this local news agency interfax is reporting that a passenger plane has crashed it says that it disappeared from radar soon after takeoff from the capital moscow there were seventy one people on board the aircraft which
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is reported to be an antonov and one four eight aircraft which disappeared. after taking off from moscow's domodedovo airport we'll have more on that. as and when we have it here on. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that air strikes in syria were a heavy blow to iran and syria the raids followed claims that iranian drone entered israeli air space on saturday and the downing of an israeli f. sixteen fighter jet by syrian government forces. yesterday we delivered some serious blows to the uranian in syrian forces we made it absolutely clear to everyone that our rules of engagement have not changed at all who will continue to attack any attempts to hurt us but it's been our policy and they will continue to be our policy iran's president has called for unity at a mass rally celebrating the thirty ninth anniversary of iran's revolution in the islamic republic was born from the one nine hundred seventy nine overthrow of the
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monarchy for some rouhani is comments follow last month's anti-government protests which saw thousands of people arrested the family of a university professor in iran are disputing police reports that he committed suicide in jail sixty three year old environmental activist come loose sight of the money was arrested last month his family say that his death is impossible to fathom two of the protesters are reported to have killed themselves in prison recently south africa's ruling party the african national congress is using old a special meeting on monday as pressure intensifies on president jacob zuma to resign many are calling for a swift transition of power after he. is replaced by civil around the poza as leader of the a.n.c. zoom as second is today and next year. scientists in the u.s. are deliberately infecting mosquitoes with bacteria to stop the spread of viruses such as eco and dengue millions of specially bred male mosquitoes have been released in miami flight females that make with them well early lay eggs that
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cannot have. those headlines let's get you back to al-jazeera world. smile there has been without government for the last chip into three as. they children. moms to keep. government of the shows and the decisions while. every time one in a boat to get a good government. there this terrorists can. get in people for the name of religion bunch but i know it. islam doesn't get your vote in innocent people. everybody has started and most of the boy here they don't care for themself or so
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most of them did imprison their funding to. everybody but invade. on the spot maybe or his relatives that's been there to present and given by home to the community we have blessed us to be here. and also we don't have to take care of a thing for granted that come from country where there's an all pro under law saw. to have spent their orders and for long because. visitors saw. if you feel a visit tailwheel come to a house shouldn't be. under his b.s. visit can try to show my house. that i go. towards the good rather than your.
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well come up. feel a call your holy crap he only thinks one is excellent more than the home how wonderful i can i bring you coffee oh you know i close. i made the best coffee. with a crayon so. have you had any conversations with your immigration attorney lately immigration attorney ok remember i'm here tourney heard michigan's state court proceedings are in the state of michigan and. because you're a young person without appearance here to take care of you. you become part of our court process neglect and abuse ward and our job is to kind of watch out for you yeah the court is almost like a sick appearance. there to take care if you in need asked me to
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watch over you for the court does good and my job is just to be there for you and tell the court how you are doing ok and if you ever have a question or concern or if you want me to tell the court something for you ok that's what i'm here for it is another one concern i have a lake is it possible to be reunited. and of course it's my understanding correct me if it's different for that remember that you can apply for your greencard permanent residency in december of two thousand and fourteen and radiothon thing it's my understanding after that there's a number of years you have to wait but after those years are done then you can sponsor of course it's a process yeah it's a process you know you have some long time everything is up process i know i used to live in ukraine the units know how long the are the process ya. you know my life . change
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a lot since i came here last fall. i got my car right now. the manager is it and i still have two more years to be sadistic. right now. with my fund baby because of the trumpet but opportunities when i become citizen and want to sponsor them. all of the things are good.
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and. some people are being shot on the street. in order because of. our you know you lived in a country. because of the laws the guards and he also in your you hear from the lake some people in the park six people were shot in the park or . on the park with a crazy people having guns. and think they should do something and they should find a way of taking guns from everybody even if is means. just to protect able to bustle . because of their design goal was not so we have
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a lot of. this was something five your band that i've been talking about a lot of the campaign trail now for to get into. i got my. like that document. they got it. and. it's been expired. everything seems to be hard. but there's something i'm missing i really miss my family i don't know the day when i'm going to need them again and they miss
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my mother but it's just as my brother. i want to make sure i make them happy also say well caught in the money. is not that easy there's also a lot of difficult challenges sometimes people don't find jobs so right now there's an organization with his help to me it can be like small money for every bit be my rent but when i turn twenty one we'll have to cut the money i have to be on my own. see you know you two always great to see it's been a little two years trying when i'll be twenty one to help him kill me. by the time you're twenty one you're going to be self-sufficient and will have already done things like such you up with mentors you'll have made enough friends in the community where you'll really won't need our assistance all that much anymore in
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the hope is also that you'll be employed and you are going to higher education such as college as well right. i for a for sure not a medical in top predator i a doctor for if you get is. they don't understand english and they need help you know refugees they come here need some help their medical appointment when they take classes jump classes although they do but i do it as a patek not offered that was a good college community college after two years on a transfer to a. michigan state has it is so bad. to study how to be professional come make up saw.
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this is my first someone will see. this it come with this poem in if there's a brother who lives into congo. in knows a lot of people here. they left i was left alone so. limiting like. there are many different types of people to. millions language spoken in new york well that's. an impressive to me. a lot of good in a lot of cars a lot of bridges you can go to last you don't know if it's your first time.
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city you are no wait fifty six. you love someone a long time ago many. ended up in this business these days yeah. you know ukraine ukraine yeah yeah i've been there. where you fight you know all of that rochelle said but if you recall this big question. you know. you've
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been through many beyond every fight then somalia to fight holes then you could end in flight. oh i'm here i hope there's no fight. so to me we tired of this fighting and there was. no knowing is going to get almost you know i have no friends you know no no no. oh no you all up to this is the shop's. got a lot of them here it's all diamond stores during. the r.h. which are you. smart people. you know. but this is smart and they'll hold while they're not on the one place.
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everything is part of a vast part of your bridges have been added to the heartland. that there is on a bridge which connects brooklyn at that time. today i come to the island of early cylon this island many migrants used to come here one thousand think is a lot of the migrants all those used to make it to the promised land but others the most what egypt under the sand box soit reminds me of my guns like there was. in love to saw in models they want us to every day they across the border when they are on they lost their lives by boat so it's this is the model of the same historic historic you put it in so.
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i. can name the sixty one no is nineteenth into the november right nov nineteenth into the. rookie year they know what the ninety three are in the ninety sixty one one thousand think it could be. you you can win i can be ninety sixty. you're missing maybe twenty three you can maybe sixty. you the. room with me lol where you live no. sleep. writers not.
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obviously. i didn't know it was there now. that's an idea of mine ok and i know it's not there but what c.n.n. . money or. a molly. kim seven months ago. saying recording this for you i'm holding one of the most precious things out there i have. to be served in cardboard about four or five inches with the words inspection town to town. it says to me a little to sell i've been passed by the immigration. that's needed by the us public health service and was permitted to enter the united states of america through the port of new york. she was six years old she remembered only little about the trip along it to ask if she was. but she never forgot to mama and someone
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picked it up and told her to look at the beautiful lady. in the letter was my grandmother. for millions of families like ours the statue was and is a powerful symbol of freedom and opportunity. look around you now at all the people that are in this plaza. this and reading all used to be looking. mean you know everybody used everything you know. right now law and armor is not designed as used to be is a law or. all or where he created all of islam or we could be politically correct or we can be stupid but it's going to get worse and worse. until we are
3:49 pm
able to keep turman and understand this problem and the day years threat it poses our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in she high. on ahead of. me and. the. girl.
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you want me to push you. close the already high i. might be a little let out i want her i was like. oh ok sorry holding out a lot of life yeah we all are going to bottle of life. shall we have an economy thought. in the bottle want to model the. model children. not going to. eat. meat i don't think out loud but he. walked out. ok let me give you one books.
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that you are like my mom just take. that that way at. all please stick my mom some people hate each other because of their religion maybe someone did something bad then is to say that gays but didn't put make the haunted but not all the people are this is but this some white people had to block them some black white people are still. it's good if we live in peace not all blocks and guns does no one listen but there are just another one someone's i. know this young if you want to look up. ok's get doesn't know that you don't read that.
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would you like if they show up today show it's true yeah. i mean. it's just. interesting. to. me. that. you can't get. something done you. say.
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you know when i was in the crane i was no much help because my hands what. i also need help but the challenges and the difficulties of all i pass. i don't create because. it's part of life for us human beings to be tested in this twilight to face challenges so i think part of my face help me because i don't come muslim what i believe is that. i believe is going to be casted saw my faith help me to overcome all of these challenges that past and now i'm ready to head up and mom looking forward to give back to my family and. if. you look different in i'll be meeting this through
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a see through this through to you here and know you have through this knowing there and therefore you know just if you don't you see me take it it's a big deal with the world to know. you know you know if we got there we do face the whole day you know for me come but it's been all your template doing something fun but here you are walking eating junk food. stiffing. but anyway i think you're better than leaving enough because you know though we were going you can plan something to do this differently there you just only your head you only have fun just. raises for you how do you sleep i'm not from the lord . and i was my father you. alone it's long since i've been with them sometimes when i call. oh i don't i don't know my
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form. i have my own right now and. i was all. i was lame blame game. but you know myself that missed them all and since the time nine years old yeah you really are from the way i wrote the mood i reset how late. i wish to become a bidder newman i mean i don't up here i don't care what people would do through the money. man if i won no more than a movie and people were like who will be smooth money before the money through with nobody helps me i'm in. the book. let me give it back to our people who are holding back on. the good while they are living the stars out the vocals i do feel. that you did.
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chris. just like you just. said you did the same why are you. sure you have one last chance to get out reasonably. good at a few. that's big stuff. or good. to see your porch swing all over splitting outrageously but they have a very very strong. going to have street betting which we should have had of this
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country and thank you everybody thank you. according to pew research among others there is a great hatred toward americans by large segments of the muslim population. and different sides of the civil war they never wanted to fight when i joined the party just because it was the closest one to my house you might even dog for without understanding nothing but united now on the roads of lebannon. on a motorcycle we see things without the frame the world is open. i love it love it love it so much fighters two bikers on al-jazeera world at this time.
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from the waves of the sea. to the cone towards the east. hello there we've got lots of showers in south america again and some of them are incredibly heavy just look at these bright white areas of cloud that have developed just over the past few hours as stretching through bolivia and into the northern parts of argentina and across into parable i once more this is a region that's already seen flooding and so that extra rain certainly isn't welcome looks like there's going to be plenty more nor any during the day today but also as we head through into monday as well all monday we'll also see some heavier rain stretching a bit further south it's tracking southwards away from rio that rio my may just
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catch one or two but the heaviest downpours will actually be a little bit further towards the south meanwhile for some one of the areas where well to the south well clear of all of that twenty three degrees will be our maximum temperature and force in santiago will be up at thirty three so it could be a woman. after what the central america isn't generally it's quite quiet here this is plenty of sunshine just one or two showers coming and going at times a few of the cuba and a few also around costa rica and up through nic are regular as well more showers here as we head through the day on monday and this time pushing that little bit further towards the north we'll also see some across the yucatan peninsula as well but this fall more active weather across north america at the moment this system heads giving us very heavy rain and in the north some snow. there with sponsored by qatar airways. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is simplistic you have to train a good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is right dismissal
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and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for again this is the news i'll dive from doha we have some breaking news for you this hour a russian passenger aircraft with seventy one people on board has crashed near moscow we'll have more on that in the next sixty minutes the other headlines this
4:01 pm
hour israel launches its biggest attacks on syria in decades of the one of its warplanes is shot down. in iraq hundreds of thousands rallied to mark the islamic revolution thirty nine years ago. coffee table diplomacy north korea's olympic delegation is welcomed by the south korean prime minister in sport the teenager taking over the slopes at the winter olympics seventeen year old reggie role becoming the youngest snowboarder so when i'm in peak i. russia's interfax news agency reporting that a passenger plane has crashed it says it disappeared from radar soon after takeoff from the capital moscow there were seventy one people on board and as it was rory chalons is on the line now from moscow rory what more do we know.


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