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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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you may call it to be everything to all the waves. but this time the what. we believe that the deep sleep is the first civilian. to struggles. and we are creators. are. the engineers this time of year. a russian passenger plane crashes shortly after taking off from moscow's damaged ought all seventy one people on board have been killed. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up israel's prime minister vows to continue operations in syria
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a day off the one of its fighter jets was downed on its way back from a mission that. the scandal surrounding leading british charity oxfam deepens with revelations staffan these prostitutes in chad as well as haiti. and iran marks thirty nine years since the islamic revolution president has rouhani calls for a year of unity. we begin this hour with the latest on a breaking news story we're following out of russia all seventy one people on board a passenger plane that crashed in moscow after takeoff have died the short haul plane took off from one of the russian capital's busiest airports on sunday it was just a few minutes into its journey from yet over to the city of or school when it went missing from right does. the plane is the author of crash near the village of our
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good nova which is near the capital moscow where he says that as they saw a burning aircraft fall from the sky b. to shot now reports the antonov one for eight with seventy one people on board came down five minutes after takeoff in appalling weather conditions in open ground near the village of eighty kilometers east of moscow rescue teams were unable to reach the crash site by road and walked to the scene on foot real good. i saw the explosion on the ground and i called emergency services they asked me many questions i told them there was a fire it was very visible in the short haul saratov a line is jet took off from moscow's domodedovo airport early on sunday afternoon on route to the city of or skin the urals most of the sixty five passengers on board were from the region the airliner went off radar minutes after taking off debris was scattered over
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a wide area emergency services said there were no survivors russian airlines has suffered two major crashes in recent years in december two thousand and sixteen the t.v. one five four military aircraft crashed into the black sea with the loss of ninety two people the disaster was blamed on pilot error in october a russian air bus crash in sinai there were two hundred twenty four people on board islamic state said it had placed the bomb on board at the airport or sgt family and friends of those on board the flight began to gather to wait for news with little hope that anyone had survived. the russian transport ministry says several courses for the crash of being considered including pilot error and bad weather conditions peter shop al-jazeera. well for more on this story only shines joins me live from the rational capital moscow and laura tell us a bit more about the rescue and recovery operation we know that authorities there
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are saying all seventy one on board have been killed but nonetheless emergency crews are on the scene of a found anything well i think it's testament to a couple of things that although the. although the authorities are saying that they believe that all seventy one people on board the dead they've only found or confirmed to have found a couple of bodies so far and that shows i think two things it shows that first of all because of the heavy snow fall in moscow and the and the regions over the last week or so it makes the operation on the ground very very difficult difficult to find things that are buried in a meter of snow and also i think this shows that we can see this from the from the footage of the of the wreckage this plane pretty much completely disintegrated as it was coming down and then when it hit the ground as well. we
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have heard is that the flight data recorder has been found and of course this is crucial for investigators in trying to work out what happened on board that plane this is taking on national significance here we have condolences coming from the kremlin from by the way putin and also from the prime minister as well dmitri medvedev but he made putin is supposed to be meeting the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas to morrow in sochi now he has canceled that trip to sort. the meeting with mahmoud abbas is now going to be taking place in moscow instead. and of course it is very early at this point to. look at what the cause of the crash might have been but there have been some reports that site possible well a technical problem and some communication with the pilot that he might have asked
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to land before before obviously things played out the way they did yeah i mean there have been numerous reports coming out over the course of the last few hours indicating difference things now one of them was that this plane could have crashed into a helicopter operated by the russian postal service well that was fairly quickly dismissed by the russian post postal services or they didn't actually have any any helicopters there could tooth something like that the facts that this plane seems to be burning when it came down will be something of course that the the investigators are looking into the fact that it pretty much disintegrates it will be something of course that the investigators will be looking at. it could have been the weather the weather has been bad here today but it's not atrociously bad so i mean certainly it's weather that i have experienced when i've been taking off
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on previous flights here in russia our experience worse but the weather could have played a plate of facts of the if the investigators are trying to find the grounds crew at domodedovo airport that predicts this particular flight they're also trying to speak to the air traffic controllers as well all of these people might be able to give the investigation some clue as to what happened all right thanks very much roy hallums bringing us all the latest on that russian plane crash understand no survivors from that henri thank you very much. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has vowed to continue military operations inside syria a day after israeli warplanes carried out a series of strikes there now senior who says israel is determined not to accept on
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entrenching itself militarily in its northeastern neighbor on saturday israel targeted areas in syrian territory after intercepted an iranian drone in its airspace an israeli fighter jet was then shot down which led to israel carrying out further raids netanyahu says the operation was a serious blow to iran. yesterday we learned it hard blows in the forces of iran and syria we made unequivocally clear to everyone that modus operandi has not changed one jot we will continue to hit back for every attempt to harm us for any blow flick to don't us this is been our policy and this remain our policy. there is harry force it has more from west jerusalem. well this weekly cabinet meeting the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was talking about severe blows being struck by israel against both iranian and syrian forces inside syrian territory in response to this downing of an israeli fighter
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plane the first such incident since one nine hundred eighty two meriting as far as israel israel is concerned a very serious response targeting twelve separate installations within syrian territory he said that it demonstrated that israel retain the right to act and strike back in any way it sees fit this is despite the message coming from the russians which is that israel needs to be careful not to escalate tensions further israel not really talking about russia and its language very much targeting its are at iran and syria but israel has been trying very hard to improve relations with the russian government especially trying to coordinate on exactly how it can and intends to act inside syria in response to what benjamin netanyahu is talking about as a growing threat from iran as the syrian security situation remains so unstable we
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are also getting reports through the israeli media via eyewitnesses that the border area in the golan heights is being reinforced by convoys of anti missile batteries there is no confirmation from that from the israeli military it tends not to confirm such matters the u.k. is threatening to withdraw funding from oxfam the charity is facing growing criticism over the way it handled allegations of sexual misconduct by its lack is in haiti where they were working in the aftermath of the two thousand and ten earthquake its own investigation into the allegations led to four people being sacked and three others resigning a charity is also facing new allegations that its staff use prostitutes and chant in two thousand and six. it doesn't matter how good the safeguarding practices are in an organization if that organization does not have the moral leadership to do the right thing and where in particular they have evidence of criminal activity to pass that information to the relevant authorities including prosecuting authorities
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that's that's an absolute absence of leadership what i'm apologizing for is that nine oxfam staff behaved in a way that was totally unacceptable and contrary to our values and that then led much more responsible staff to make decisions which are most seen as being by some marginal or inappropriate but i'm not apologizing for the fact that oxfam tried to continue its work in haiti hundreds of thousands of people have been rallying in iran to mark the thirty ninth anniversary of the islamic revolution in tehran people burned american and israeli flags as well as images of u.s. president donald trump the anniversary commemorates the overthrow of the u.s. backed iranian shahr and the creation of the islamic republic president has and ronnie addressed the crowds in the city's freedom square same bus ravi has more
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from the iranian capital. the crowd definitely in and celebrate tory mood this year is revolutionary celebration and events the speech from the president comes after what has been a tumultuous year for iran both internally and externally it was a kind of state of you the state of the union address from the president here just a range of domestic issues including the country's economy he had a great deal of economic growth the economy has been a point of contention for many of the people in the opposition as well as the protests we saw late last year economic concerns were a big issue so he addressed a lot of the economic success as they have had and acknowledge that there were some economic conditions that needed to be better he addressed the environment and how to counter some of the environmental changes happening in iran he also addressed around circle deliveries in terms of producing homegrown military hardware and its ability to defend its own borders a range of domestic issues and what really stood out was he said that the only
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thing that or the main thing that helps preserve the islamic way of government that's been around for the last thirty nine years is parliamentary and presidential elections people being able to cast their vote and elect their own leaders within the construct of an islamic government then he said that was the best way to preserve the revolution going forward and when you speak to iranians here you see the revolution is an ongoing thing that needs to be propagated year after year and watching out. i may not be high up on the limb take medal table but some say they deserve a diplomatic gulf north korea's powerful delegation leads the south after a while thousands. and hundreds of troops deployed to indian controlled kashmir is on site as attack an army base.
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at. there is turning a little bit milder now for some of us in the eastern parts of china the winds have been firing down from the north over the past few days and it's been pretty cold in shanghai the temperatures dropping well below freezing at night for what happens on monday and into tuesday the by tuesday the temperatures up at ten degrees and tuesday night into wednesday i don't think we'll get any lower than around four degrees so a good deal milder than it has been generally speaking for many of us here the skies should be free from clouds the clouds though they're quite thick over the philippines and that's ahead of a storm that's making its way towards us so that's one to worry of this means snaking its way across us that's also been across bangladesh as well this one though hasn't been particularly active is the next system that's looking slightly more ferocious that's working its way steadily towards the east and gradually expanding as it does so we're seeing some heavy rain and snow as you'd expect over the mountains there on monday and the rule so seeing some more rain making its way towards nag poor they could be one or two more showers here as we head through the
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day on tuesday and that snow gradually making its way towards nepal further west it's quite of an hour but it looks like there's more cloud edging its way across parts of afghanistan there on tuesday. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rods one on one east investigates the threats this followed posers at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every you.
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welcome back with al-jazeera let's update you on our top stories now a passenger plane has crashed shortly after takeoff from the russian capital moscow seventy one people on board were on board there are no survivors. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his military has dealt serious blows to iran in syria the day after it carried out a series of air strikes that. the u.k. is threatening to withdraw funding from the charity oxfam in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations. now north korea's olympic delegation has left south korea after a while when three days which ended in a diplomatic offer that aims to end seventy years of hostility the group which included the powerful sister of north korea's leader kim jong un left on
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a private plane on sunday on saturday can show young extended a rare invitation to the south korean president lungi in to visit pyongyang the delegation has been holding talks with the south korean government on the sidelines of the winter olympics but i'm sure going to him has more now from seoul. even as athletes competed on the snow and ice diplomatic developments continue to steal at least some of the spotlight during what's being called the peace olympics the last three days have been historic and a high point in her career in relations north korean leader kim jong sister kim jong became the first member of the ruling family to cross into the south since the korean war she came with an invitation kim jong un is asking the south korean president in to visit pyongyang at a convenient time soon if this meeting transpires it would be the first time that kim jong il has met with the south korean president since taking office in twenty
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eleven president moon says he'll begin arranging the conditions to make that visit happen but he stresses that any rebuilding of interest and relations must involve dialogue between the united states and north korea u.s. vice president mike pence sat very close to the north korean delegation during the opening ceremony he m a north koreans rebuffed president moon's attempts to facilitate a midi skeptics say that this north korean charm offensive is heavy on the symbolism but they doubt that it will result in anything substantive they say this is an attempt by the north koreans to drive a wedge between the united states and the south koreans into an advance their own agenda but for now president moon and many south koreans are encouraged by the prospect that what we've been seeing could be the beginning of a reboot of injury and relations. a prominent iranian canadian professor has died
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in prison in tehran sixty three year old environmental activists say at a mommy was arrested last month of allegations he was part of aspiring police a committed suicide in custody but his family say they don't believe that human rights groups say detainees in iran are routinely tortured and killed hundreds of indian troops are battling armed fighters inside an army base in indian administered kashmir for a second straight day the attackers breached the military compound early on saturday at least nine people including three of the fighters have been killed in the assault in the city of jammu charlotte ballasts reports. soldiers prepare for battle inside the base an indian administered kashmir they were ambushed by an unknown number of fighters and a pre-dawn raid on saturday commanders say the from jesse mohamad which wants pakistan to control kashmir. professionally off
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the. operation. taking all precautions. and we don't want anything out of. attackers shot at guards on the perimeter before moving toward soldiers homes inside the camp indian security forces evacuated families while helicopters search for the intruders hundreds of reinforcements were called in india's army chief lowin to monitor the operation. jerusha mohammed has a history of stoking tensions between india and pakistan the group was founded by message seen here in two thousand after release from prison in exchange for passengers a hijacked indian airlines plane sixteen years later he launched the deadliest assault on indian security forces into decay it too was a predawn ambush on a military base in indian administered kashmir nine hundred soldiers were killed.
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india accuses pakistan of supporting such attacks pakistan denies the allegations kashmir has been disputed since independence nine hundred forty seven pakistan and india claim isn't full ruelas in part. and both continue to defend the territory bellus of jesus. the human rights activist known as the iron lady of pakistan has died at the age of sixty six. suffered a heart attack in the eastern city of lahore late on saturday and died a few hours later she was a fierce defender of. women and minorities and openly criticize the pakistani military intelligence and right wing religious parties for me un special apatow is also chair of pakistan's human rights commission and had served as president of the supreme court's bar association as well. egyptian army says it so far killed
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sixteen fighters and destroyed several weapons depos in a major military operation against armed groups in the sinai peninsula ico ordinated army navy and air force operation began on friday for egyptian soldiers have been lost in the fighting president abdel fatah sisi told the army to use in his words brute force to restore security after more than three hundred people were killed in an attack on a mosque in november. the u.k.'s foreign secretary boris johnson is. unsung suchi to carry out a full investigation into the violence that's caused the ranger refugee crisis during talks in may be door johnson call for a safe dignified return for the six hundred eighty thousand range of muslims fled a military crackdown since august he also raised the case of two reuters journalists detained in myanmar for reporting on violence against the minority johnsons also visited northern rock island state the area where the refugees are from almost three years of civil war in yemen is forcing huge numbers of people
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from their homes activists say in the last few months alone fighting in northwestern areas has displaced more than half a million people and there's no sign of the war ending anytime soon as our ports. and to us slogan is our oldest everywhere in yemen's capital sanaa who fights is god's next to abandon the tweeds to the u.s. to israel. security's time it's because of fighting on the outskirts of the capital forces backed by saudi led coalition on the offensive the whole theists are taking no chances the shia rebels capture the capital in two thousand and fourteen if they lose it their control over northern yemen will come to an and. the war waged against us by the saudi led coalition is absurd it's a barbaric aggression on the people of yemen they talk about human rights and they bomb children and women. but in other parts of the country yemenis blame the
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healthiest for committing atrocities against civilians in the city of ties has become the focal point of the fighting between troops loyal to present a bunch so hardy and the whole thing after three years of intense fighting no one has the upper hand. the reason why we can defeat them with. i don't have mortars have you trained soldiers we cannot afford because the whole area is mine and we don't have the mining to. war has weakened the government and created a power vacuum secessionist in the southern part of the country has stepped in they say they want to have a state of own. over the last few weeks the separatists most a series of attacks that occupied government buildings in the city of aden valley
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mainly backed by the united arab emirates then a view we thought in one thousand nine hundred union would be a great thing by security forces in the north. clamp down on our people killing activists in this warning southern province unity for us is that we're getting closer to establishing our independence day the crisis is deepening the united nations' top envoy to german stepped down after failing to convince the feuding. taxes to set aside their differences and to go she to deal to fighting as a zero. bed of south africa's ruling african national congress says party leaders are preparing to finalize a deal that will result in president jacob zuma quitting office zuma is under increasing pressure to leave over a number of corruption allegations a.n.c. leaders cyril ramaphosa says officials meeting on monday will decide on a swift transition of power south africa's opposition has criticised the private
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talks between zuma and a.n.c. leaders saying he shouldn't get immunity from prosecution in exchange for leaving. two people have been injured after a truck burst into flames on a major highway in northern china the truck was loaded with liquefied natural gas and crashed onto its side when it was passing through had by province three vehicles near the truck were also burnt but the occupants managed to run away before the flames spread millions of mosquitoes have been released in the southeastern united states in a four million dollar project to stop the spread of the zico virus and other diseases male mosquitoes which don't bite have been infected with the bacteria which makes them sterile they've been released in the suburbs of the florida city of miami in the hope they'll mate with the wild females and cut the mosquito population. the u.s. military has and else more than sixty million dollars in grants to build hardware that would read and write thoughts in the brain the team working on the project is
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hoping to do it all with a device as small as a sugar cube jake award visited the team in california. the light of a lighter concrete of them something ten years ago dean lord a lawyer in palo alto california received the world's first order fishel written it allowed him to see it was a little quality video image but it was something. so i'm getting from like afraid about thirty. words from a dirt grass or whatever is america foliage and you're going to know the difference between one surface and other that that's correct if half a contrast point yet really think about that to make it useful but that technology is ancient compared to what's coming next a new military grant program is funding projects that seek to not just read the information that's in your brain but actually write information into it basically would be putting synthetic versions of things like sight into the brain the
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university of california at berkeley is home to one of the six teams hoping to create within four years a device that can read and control one million neurons right now we can only watch one hundred at a time our goal is to be able to see that many neurons every one of them individually and not only to be able to watch what they do as you do an m.r.i. but to be able to play back to them the patterns of activity in space and in time so that you could actually reconstitute and synthesize the experience of the real world and thereby replace something that is missing because of an injury this military funded program could replace lost senses in wounded soldiers but could also put entirely new senses into healthy soldiers if it works the project will be a world changing leap for example while we were developing this proposal we had a few meetings sort of saying we can't do this this is physically impossible will
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never get there our goal is to take like a microscope something like this and squash it down really tiny so it can fit on the head of a mouse while it's running around that this is one of our first prototype cohen working on math it can turn a low grade two d. picture of the brain into your useful three d. images so they can take think it's like this. process. to a life you have them we can create custom patterns and should light exactly where we want at the right moment for and post-doctoral research or nickel up the gaar is building the system that will convert real world experiences into man the directs lasers to light up individual neurons so here is a movie casablanca. this is what you have to turn that into for it to then be shown on the brain and not on that wow you did find on the site and you tell me which neurons you want to activate and we will at the exact time give the exact amount of
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light that's required to activate in your own the project could rebuild soldiers or eventually give them enhanced abilities on the battlefield by the way if it works we will have crossed into a new ethical and medical world a world where we can read human thoughts and implant new ones jake aboard al-jazeera berkeley california. let's take another look at the day's top stories now a passenger plane has crashed in russia killing all seventy one people on board the sars have allan's plane came down shortly after taking off from the capital moscow . chalons has mall. because of the heavy snow fall in moscow and the regions over the last week or so it makes the operation on the ground very very
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difficult difficult to find things that are buried in a meter of snow and also i think this shows that we can see this from the from the footage of the of the wreckage this plane pretty much completely disintegrated as it was coming down and then when it hit the ground as well. well in all the headlines israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his military has dealt serious blows to iran in syria israel says it will not accept to run in trenching itself militarily on syrian territory on saturday launched air raids after it said it intercepted an iranian drone in its airspace. the united kingdom is threatening to withdraw funding from the charity oxfam the aid group is facing growing criticism over the way it handled allegations of sexual misconduct by its workers in haiti and the aftermath of the two thousand and ten earthquake hundreds of thousands of people have been rallying in iran to
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a lot of the thirty ninth anniversary of the islamic revolution that created the modern iranian state well this as a prominent iranian canadian professor had died in prison in tehran sixty three year old environmental activist mommy was arrested last month accused of being part of aspiring police say he committed suicide but his family say they don't believe that north korea's olympic delegation has left south korea after a three day trip the group which included the sister of north korea's leader kim jong un left on a private plane on saturday she extended a rare invitation to the south korean president lungi in to visit pyongyang. and the egyptian army says it's killed sixteen fighters and destroyed several weapons depos in a major military operation against armed groups in the sinai peninsula. europe today one of our top stories want to one east is next.
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the marshall islands is a tiny pacific nation with a very big problem but. once ground zero for america's cold war atomic testing it's been left with a toxic radioactive legacy. now rising sea levels threaten to swallow the islands and if that happens deadly nuclear way.


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