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tv   A Somali In America  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come i'm so. narrow we can draw my. psych speak lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey in doha and these are the top stories on al-jazeera and best gaiters in russia say they're looking at all possible causes as the hunt for clues began to why a plane crashed soon after takeoff near moscow all seventy one people on board were killed or a challenge reports. the answer no they're liner with sixty five passengers and six
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crew on board came down four minutes after it took off in bad weather conditions wreckage was scattered across snowy fields near the village of water going over eighty kilometers southeast of moscow rescue teams were unable to reach the crash site by road and walked to the scene. i saw an explosion on the ground and i called emergency services they asked me many questions i told them there was a fire it was very visible and the debris of the plane is spread over radios of at least one kilometer investigators are using modern equipment taking into consideration the large territory there using quite a couple hours to get a view from the air the short hole set a lot of airlines jet took off from moscow's domodedovo airport early sunday afternoon on its way to the city of or sc in the urals most of the sixty five passengers on board were from the region at the airport their family and friends of those on board the flight began to wait for news with little hope that anyone had
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survived. or to some who have found a breeze from an a n one for a plane and bodies of stupid hymns somewhere else the most important thing now is the organized collection of debris in the remains of the victims by ministry of emergency situations workers. transport to authorities soon confirmed everyone in the plane had died russia has suffered two major air crashes in recent years in december two thousand and sixteen a t u one five four military aircraft crashed into the black sea with the loss of ninety two people it was blamed on pilot error in october two thousand and fifteen a russian air bus crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula killing all two hundred twenty four people on board i still said it placed a bomb in the aircraft. right to me putin has canceled a trip to sochi which was shut jeweled for monday he was due to meets the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas that now that meeting will now take place in
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moscow from where putin will monitor the investigation investigators have found a flight recorder from the plane and this will be crucial in determining why this relatively new aircraft came promising out of the sky various causes are being considered including pilots era bad weather conditions will perhaps something else really challenge zero. at least six civilians including two children have died in syrian government air strikes in rebel held eastern go to more than two hundred forty people in rebel held areas have been killed in strikes by the syrian and russian military in just the last week the u.n. says some of the attacks may be war crimes north korea's olympic delegation has left seoul leaving the south korean government to consider an offer of a summit in pyongyang the group which included the powerful sister of north korean leader kim jong un and its visit by joining south korean president and a concert given by
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a north korean our troops the british foreign secretary has urged me on mars later on sun sochi to allow the u.n. to supervise the return of for him to refugees or stance and made the plea after visiting displaced muslim villagers and rakhine state and refugee camps and bangladesh the head of south africa's ruling african national congress says party leaders are preparing to finalize a deal that will result in president jacob zuma leaving office so most are under increasing pressure to leave over corruption allegations a.n.c. leaders here i am opposed to says leaders meeting on monday will decide on a swift transfer of power. new york state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the weinstein company alleging it failed to protect its employees against former c.e.o. harvey weinstein feinstein was one of hollywood's most influential producers before more than seventy women accused him of sexual misconduct including rape allegations he has denied lawsuit has stalled the planned sale of the company for five hundred
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million dollars so the headlines keep it here how does or world this next. in asian. countries. the. free stuff.
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i. have been moving around there was illegally. is to be an illegal in africa is to behave in a euro. white can hear us in a place called the ukraine it is in is time. before i was in a crate i was in russia. before all was in africa i was in. for always in off the coast in somalia if i was in somalia i was in my mother's womb. i live is going to stun a new beginning it's up to us it today is my first day on live in the bend it. in.
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my life a little that hadn't been easy when i was in ukraine my mind was total both quit but. god had other plans. and then i was told i was lucky too good to see at the members in the mosque in q four. i was really really hard to go down suddenly i read. remember it was an ied to be in ukraine. it was august fourth then i went to the bus the medic was just going to use it then that's when the
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totally off the phone once going to be a see saw i left ukraine make. december eighth two thousand. i think i think. what thing is that this will be that will break for us one we believe we have to hold health care if tonight. just school bus. school bus and being over the. front foot but i was to bus for lunde. but since there were those not good it told me i'm not going to. portland area going to bust slovakia so we bust slovakia. really really hard because that is the same place straight across the border going to europe but now i
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crossed it by ear. they absolutely could be because i'm going to fly you believe me goodness this. is a big cross the border city get a good deal on. good luck just to stick up. for the commie probably. my friend tried to score a sea of new. it's called him yes can you say hi oh. awesome is to me and is probably use it slightly more serious. so how could it be that flight it's earth from four closed off. at a light and then all of their way across the atlantic ocean and i can to then and will
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put you in a. school reform school fotch. pinprick a small home and a wiccan are super super. about this and the. book was six and five. instead of becoming green no site. yeah. it's almost some i'm no. spring samadhi. prosy is one of my friend what i like chris is that. who you all are way you come
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from none of my best fit because. he's the only guy who intend need the truth even though i know sometimes the truth hurts but you know it can play like about chris. i'm glad to have him this guy is called the police he's from around the. country he's my romance. this is good but this moment but. lewis walked a gun to school he just threw everything to my i don't know what this why do they always go up and say. can i ask you something you need to do two or. routed to how many have you killed in order. to get into one but your first look like you could someone. who got everybody that's annoying if you didn't write. priscilla learn to live together i've been in
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transit here's a like six months so we know that wars unlosable the us. so excited to move. but says challenge. and i'm looking forward to it i'm really hoping. this is going. on. this may look i see it's just like. i can. hear a. clock. he said all this. he smiles she's seen.
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it one hundred if. you can see me this is. it except just on this challenge creek. so you can see a man again a medical life's been nice to just over to enjoy it while you're on but you have to make it really had some men would. try to pay for it for me if. this rig ends. it was all wrong. no you. soon dobson.
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because of your bonnie. mr ali. i was in the crane for three in the crane i learned a lot of things from life i didn't know much about life. there is i'm coming to you to go to your. life and there was succeeded. i was sent. a warning to. open my mind. i made a lot of friends. just. yet the red as the no difficult. this is. why and there's the people i didn't know the digital was
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just shows you did your. late even for them didn't. you bring this to these people like he destroyed his life you just or didn't like. the new one you're going to change your life one if you might if you're going to have a child one you're going to go to school. if you finish. and if you make losing your whole life. subtract in your whole life when the one year in prison how many places
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have we lived well that depends on how you define. if you spend one night in a town did you live there how about if we spent two nights in that motel their whole week or how about those nights in a car does that mean you lived there. and i thought well i know if you unpaired all of your things we counted eleven places so far we've lived and then we lost track we couldn't remember the names of the towns of the houses we lived in what it looks like i'm not going to hand. him a mission the mission as it made us a. i finally find myself at the because i'm in love with everybody is that i grant . you. the edge and the bucket of. shit together leave it. in.
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the street a little never mind what. they don't need but because it will show you they knew they didn't know they were not slaves ukraine is very big on it even if it is. only good as a shirt it would leave the building. in an. escape in a wall from somalia. and then it came up to ukraine and then another the little girl called. song i'm tired of this one who was in syria war and by the single student i went to school. no one could be listening to meet humpy what if the biggest piece this time can be seen is one of london's human beings. the wonder of the big compass if there is
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a piece. of metal. it knew about this one. not much. all i remember that one. thought meant. i didn't try and start a new life. but i was then transit as you know in transit when you take a flight the sun delayed like one hour and delayed but my transit was delayed for three has to do is really to work with
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a public servant in both students if they are having retired we would have a really cool our resources are not refuse no you offer the right source of water to somebody you're in for us last year one of the first of its root causes of our property we're crazy i said there's no way your response or the white house very got a response donald j. truck is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representative can figure out what the hell is going on thank you. thank you. when troubles and let say oh me and my somali friend you're really worried because. in his campaign you've been up to. speed this miley's saw all of us. buchholz or could.
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she was asking me so what is going to happen to you you know she was worried with me because of that claiming to change not country i've been here late three years on behalf of things that change at large in the us three of them ha i graduated from high school are i would. that my only income. unfortunately i can't travel right now because there is a lot me but. when it came to this country. across many countries they really got it they needed to come here. and then since that trying to do. it in my country somalia is employed eight. oz what it but i wanted to try to learn to see my mom because in the log it's. our you know on my act when i was learned about the chant traveled by i saw it does tony stark's the eighth to
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go out of the country right now i'm so all i have to hold on a deal or other thing is possible solution let me be in the future. of toes or this or my friend when they left i was left alone on that to cross the border for the second time but over time i wanted to take us tips this something which has prevented me the last time i want to cross the border i was in the comp then i went cuckoo to play soccer saw the group course they come to the left me because those in. their problems keep put. to begin a new future. and bigger their life. but to think it's difficult to hear.
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the oldest person in the funny and. my brother the systole all of them that i would question so it was them they will select the lake from the side of the pool. the chance who to have to do to walk to school. and how the better future. was the whole reason. for wanting the facts of smoking can be canvassing back. that's what it feels like. he's saying here now it's not the same not to say yes. i have it in the advice prince possibility. with how they define interludes it but. we only much
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understand each other because. well some risk from africa but you also respect everybody's opinions on her leg that's why we live here. happy last day of winter they have. to somehow see some damage you know what i mean. like how will their. heads i don't know yet. i'll still four months sober all we call a small. boy this is all. stuff a life or a part of the head a little. kid to say you know how. to do this yeah you do you know you do a lot of stuff you know not that why you see the good news do you need to know why
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it was put there by good but how do you know the books are no good is not happy anymore how is it that dusty what do you get it from the gravel they cook it they clean on duty you eat it well find. i don't know this book. is live in debt to piss on it bucket he says oh and you don't want to but she can you know why she can eat the same things to do you chickens of course was a different chicken it doesn't it if this is the new you they clean it they'd be cleaned up ok i do you do good they will not you can doesn't it if you dealt with it. but then all that is all there are more of what to do come out like the north and the men. you know are they you think that because of what it is you were in them because they were in the ied not that's what all day i said that's one of the ok at them it is the elites are not the only one sick and the war one dirty word
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about that does more on the more than hold i don't know how to do with ya but don't see now good thing is oh no you just muslim is not idea and this is not the world you are talking about if you don't know don't i doubt you but we have time and there's some purpose to see this as to interest people who knows if i don't i don't like before you know i didn't i didn't notice i never answer some then i don't know because then you know you what way you want me poke with you say you cause my religion well bundy's you know what blunders is yet something for real or not something why is it forbidden to undermine the written by god you when you've done god created well not only me to have done it talk to show them didn't know about their lives which i'm talking about i'm trying to you know what i'm going to do is going to i'm not ugly i'm telling you when i said. i'm coming this to the abode i will come had the usa. i find myself in that situation when i was in the
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ukraine. well so we're different we do have some ponderous soul if y. off like for the government i can a good history with other with i cannot go that route we're so in many legion we have one way to always flame but so i'm going with this which i don't want to somebody to argue or tell him or whatever he does that's one of the. he came illegally and now has legally. crossed a lot of borders. the was. the right.
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one let's see here. oh chel was my house because i was workin like no food my. child to me was like i got home. the worst was the jungle sometimes for five or five days noid you know people even i read see anything. i did was i was. placed in the world they are big snakes they can eat you like. one thermal not so european union does myopia will do not only will you there is something you cannot persuade somebody if you don't know yourself i cannot tell you something i don't know much about them hundred him self. or what any mexico but when he said to the
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point is. that it was because many migrant comported they come from mexico. it came here didn't understand anything. was not good in english but no it's perfect finished high school and now is in college so. much of it's me and then he told me never to keep. up is nice to get you someone it's. easier than. it was or upon which modern day venezuela was a stop list. for over
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a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people less than coasts with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege what made this different was they targeted.
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pain to be forced to leave would just be all and. again it has given us the desire to carry on with our knives and be creative maybe a certain bones were just normal majority of business. has become movie you know. beyond the blockades at this time on al-jazeera. or shell kerry in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera investigators in russia say they're looking at all possible causes as the hunt for clues began into why a plane crash and after takeoff from an airport in moscow all seventy one people on board were killed at least six civilians including two children have died in syrian government air strikes of rebel held eastern ghouta more than two hundred forty
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people in rebel held areas have been killed and strikes by the syrian and russian military in just the last week the u.s. says some of the attacks may be war crimes north korea's a limpid delegation has left seoul leaving the south korean government to consider an offer of a summit in pyongyang the group which included the powerful sister a north korean leader kim jong un ended its visit by joining south korean president mungy at a concert by a north korean our troops on saturday she extended a rare potations for president moon to visit the north the british foreign secretary has urged me on mars later on sochi to allow the un to supervise the return of her head to refugees or is johnson made the pally after visiting displaced muslim villagers and rakhine state and nephew camps in bangladesh. to be honest i'm not sure she really understands the full horror of what has happened i don't think she's been in a helicopter to see what we have seen today and really what i was trying to get eva
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to is the importance of her leadership i believe in hard i believe in her leadership i think she's done incredible things in her life i'm very sad to see what's happening to them and i would to see the direction the country is going headed south africa's ruling african national congress says party leaders are preparing to finalize a deal that will result in president jacob zuma leaving office so most under increasing pressure to leave over corruption allegations and so later sarah says leaders meeting on monday will decide on a swift transfer of power new york state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the weinstein company alleging it they'll to protect its employees against former c.e.o. harvey weinstein is one of was one of hollywood's most influential producers before more than seventy women accused him of sexual misconduct and putting right allegations he has denied a lawsuit has stalled a plan to sell the company as are the
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headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera al-jazeera world is next. somalia has been without a government for the last twenty three as. it would have they children. moms and people in. government officials know this if you smile. every time one elbow to get a good government then despair is skin. couldn't put on for the new movie didn't do much but i know it. islam doesn't teach a boat in innocent people. everybody has his own story and most of the why here they don't care for themself
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also most of them did imprison their fun that is everybody but invade. the spot million or his relatives that's been there to present and given by home to the community we have blessed us to be here. and also we don't have to take care of everything for granted that come from country where this is an all or ordered under law saw. to have spent their orders and for long because. visitors saw. if you feel a visit tailwheel come to a house and should be. under his b.s. visit done trying to show. the. good right to your.
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oil come up. feel a call your holy crap he only thinks what is excellent more than the home phone when i can i bring you coffee oh you know i close parking i made the best coffee. with a crayon so. have you had any conversations with your immigration attorney lately and then question attorney ok remember i'm here tourney heard michigan's state court proceedings are in the state of michigan and. because you're a young person without appearance here to take care of you. you become part of our court process neglect and abuse ward and our job is to kind of watch out for you yeah the court is almost like a sick appearance. there to take care of you in need asked me to
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watch over you for the court does good and my job is just to be there for you and tell the court how you are doing ok and if you ever have a question or concern or if you want me to tell the court something for you ok that's what i'm here for it is another one concern i have a lake is it possible to be reunited. and of course it's my understanding correct me if it's different for that remember that you can apply for your greencard permanent residency in december of two thousand and fourteen and radiothon think it's my understanding after that there's a number of years you have to wait but after those years are done then you can sponsor. it's a process is a process you know you have some long time everything is up process i know i used to live in ukraine the units know how long the are the process ya. you know my life . change
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a lot since i came here last fall. i got my car right now. the manager is didn't and i still have two more years to be see decision. right now. with my fund baby because of the trumpet but opportunities when i become citizen and want to sponsor them. all of those things are good.
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and the way some people on the street. are not because of. our you know lived in a country. because of the laws the guards and he also in your you hear some late some people in the park six people were shot in the park. on the park with a crazy people having guns. and think they should do something about this and going they should find a way of taking guns from everybody even if is means. just to protect their muscle . because of their desire to was not so we have
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a lot of. this was something a five year ban that i've been talking about out of the campaign trail now putting it into. i got my. like that document. they got it. and. it's been expired. everything no seems to be happy ok but there's something i'm missing i really miss my family i don't know the day when i'm going to need them again and they miss
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my mother but it's just as my brother. i want to make sure i make them happy also say work hard send him money. is not that easy there's a lot of difficult challenges sometimes people don't find jobs. right now there's an organization with his help to me that can relate small money for every bit be my rent but when you want to have to cut the money i have to be on my own. audience to look at. you know you to always great to see has been a little silly is fine when they get into one helping me. by the time you're twenty one you're going to be self-sufficient and will have already done things like such you up with mentors you'll have made enough friends in the community where you
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really won't need our assistance all that much anymore in the hope is also that you'll be employed and you are going to higher education such as college as well right. i for a for sure not a medical in top predator i a doctor for if you get is. they don't understand english and they need help you know refugees they come here need some help their medical appointment when they take classes jump classes although they do but i do it as a patek not offered that was a good college community college after two years on a transfer to a. michigan state has it is all that. a study out to professional come to make up the team saw.
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this is my first someone will see. this it come with this palm in if there's a brother who lives into congo. in knows a lot of people here. they left i was left alone. like. many different types of people if they. could in new york well that's. an impressive to me. a lot of good in a lot of cars a lot of bridges get lost if you don't know if it's your fault.
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city you are no with fifty six you listen to. all you love someone a long time ago many. ended up in this business these days yeah. you know ukraine. ukraine yeah yeah i've been there. where you fight you know all of that rochelle said but you know we've got this big question. you know. you've
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been through a lot me beyond every fight then somalia to fight holes then you could end in flight. oh i'm here i hope there's no fight. so to me we tired of despite him and there was. no knowing is going to get almost you know i have no friends no no no no. oh the days do you all of this is the shop's. got a lot of them here yeah it's all diamond stores during. the r.h. which are you. smart. you know. the bun tissue. and they'll hold while they're not on the one place.
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everything is part of the bass part somehow your bridges have been added to the heartland. that there is on a narrow bridge which connects brooklyn at that time. today i come to the island of early cylon this island many migrants used to come here in one thousand pinkies a lot of the migrants all those used to make it to the promised land but others are most what egypt eleanor sent bucks soit reminds me of my guns like there was. in love to saw in models they want us to every day they're crossing the border when they're on their last their lives by boat so it's the sit down model of the same historic historic you put it in that so.
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i. can name the sixty one knows nineteenth into the november right nov nineteenth into the. rookie year they know what the ninety three are in the ninety sixty one one thousand think it could be. you you can win. in the ninety sixty. you're listening to the only three you can maybe sixty. you the. room with maybe more where you live no. sleep. writers not.
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obviously. i didn't know it was there now. that's an idea of mine ok and i know it's not there but what c.n.n. . money or. a molly. and seven month ago. in recording this for you i'm holding one of the most precious things out that i have it's a piece of tin cardboard about four or five pages with the words inspection hard to tell. it says to me a little to sell i've been asked by the immigration. that's needed by the u.s. public health service and was permitted to enter the united states of america through the port of new york. she was six years old she remembered only little about the trip along it'll ask if she was. but she never forgot to mama and someone
4:48 am
picked it up and told her to look at the beautiful lady. in the letter was my grandmother. for millions of families like ours the statue was and is a powerful symbol of freedom and opportunity. look around you now at all the people that are in this class. is and freedom all used to be looking. mean you know everybody used everything you know. right now law and armor is not designed as used to be is a low or. a low or where he created all of us long war or we could be politically correct or we can be stupid but it's going to get worse and worse. until we are
4:49 am
able to keep turman and understand this problem and the day years threat it poses our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in she high. on ahead of. me and. the. girl.
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you want me to push you get. that close the ready i. might do it unless it's not i want to it's not like that ok so to holding. out a lot of my yeah we all are going part of life. we have an economist and author. and former want to model the. model and their children. want to. eat. meat i don't think out loud but he. walked out. ok let me give you one books.
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that you're like my mom just take. that that way at. all please stick my mom some people hate each other because of their religion maybe someone did something bad then is to say that gays but didn't put make the haunted but not all the people are this is but this some white people who had to block some black people who had the white people are still. it's good if we live in peace not all blocks and guns does no one listen but there is a knock on someone's eye. we know this yet if you want to look up. ok's get doesn't know that you don't read.
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what you want to like if they show up if they show it's true yeah. i mean. it's just. it's. interesting. to. me. you can't step. son john you. say.
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you know when i was in the crane i was no much help because my head's like a. i also need help but the challenges and the difficulties of all i pass. i don't create because. it's part of life for us human beings to be tested in this twilight to face challenges so i think part of my face help me because i don't come muslim what i believe is that. i believe is going to be casted saw my faith help me to overcome all of these challenges that past and now i'm ready to head up to mom looking forward to give back to my farming. if. you look different when we've been eating this through see through this
4:54 am
through to you here and know you have through this knowing there and therefore you know just. don't you see me getting weeds i've been eating with the water you know they are. you know enough we got there we do face the whole day you know for me to come but it's been all your template doing something fun but here you are walking eating junk food. different. but anyway i like you're better than leaving enough because you know though we were going you can plan something to do this differently there you just only in your head you only have fun just. resist for you how do you see it on the road from the north. and i miss my family. alone it's long since i'm in with them sometimes when i call . oh i don't i don't know my form. i left my own ragnar
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in that. i was on. i was late late in. the. must have missed them all and since the time nine years old yeah in the are probably the only other news i research how bad. i wish to become a bidder newman i mean i don't up here i don't care what people would do through the money. man if i want to know more than moving people oh well life will smooth out money if you give money to with no beholds me i'm in the open pit bull. let me give the. poor people who are holding anything back on. africa. good a good while they are living without the bogles i do feel. that you did.
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chris. cause you just know. this is a lie to your. shame your one last chance to get out reasonably. good at a few. that's big stuff. or when. you see a girl pushes all over sports and outrageously and so they have a very very strong. going to have street betting which we should have had of this
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country for us. thank you everybody thank you. according to pew research among others there is a great hatred toward americans by large segments of the muslim population. on different sides of the civil war they never wanted to fight and i joined the party just because it was the closest one to my house you might even dog for with alchemists khan nothing but united now on the roads of lebannon seem to feel on a motorcycle we see things with off afraid the world is open. i love it love it love it so much fighters two bikers on al-jazeera worlds at this time.
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hallows been a vast amount of snow running around the great lakes and then rain to the south of that is a contrast in area of warmth and cold here along with a frontal system just defines the difference for the series difference nineteen degrees in washington minus four chicago somewhere in there there's a big gradient that's where all the weather comes out as snow is moving north but the rain is still falling we still got something of a contrast which means there's more snow to come from the appalachians however come daybreak it should be still on the ground and blue skies still monist still about
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sixteen in washington cloudy and probably damp one all this time i've been standing in the way with what's been happening further west breaks of light the snow really not a huge amount of in the californian high ground sizes you can see those of that b.c. and northern california washington oregon montana they're all looking fine dry and in the sunshine school down in washington by this time that three degrees the code has gone through there's been an increase in the number of showers all the persistence of clarridge and rain on the caribbean side of the isthmus here so from costa rica up to billy's you cannot expect daily a certain amount of rain. in twenty twelve al-jazeera traveled to iraq people here are definitely scared to speak on camera they're saying that if they talk to us they think they'll be arrested down the line to take the pulse of a country ravaged under us occupation some of these graves are completely destroyed
5:00 am
it's one of the most holy and sacred sites in all of iraq could turn into a battleground between the mighty army and the americans six years on rewind returns to iraq after the americans at this time oh no does either. this is zero. carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a grueling search for clues began after a russian plane plummets minutes after takeoff.


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