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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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bureaus spawning six continents across the. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. you're a student in world news. rising from the ruins of iraq six billion dollars to rebuild off the being devastated by isis. hasn't seeker this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. defense secretary says some syrian fighters it backs may have joined fellow kurds
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to fight turkey. russian investigators sweep through snow covered fields to find out why a passenger plane crashed killing all seventy one on forty plus. i'm bored on the berkeley campus the military has funded a new program that could insert information into the mine i'll have that story in a moment. but are they declared victory in the war against i saw in iraq at the end of last year and now comes the battle to win the peace prime minister he says iraq will need one hundred billion dollars to restore crumbling infrastructure and cities devastated by the fighting and the effort to secure that money begins today at an international donor conference in kuwait shortly we'll go live to sami dan who is in kuwait but first here's his report. this is what so-called liberation from i
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sort of looks like to has nally and his family it's been six months since iraq's prime minister declared nineveh province freed alley's house is still in ruins so is much of ravi a town. he used to work as a farmer tilling the soil now he plows the rubble of his home and reaps what others have so in his life as a. given up hope in returning home we've been displaced or with three years look at how our house has been destroyed. alan fled when i saw fighters seized the nearby city of mosul four years ago he's not alone more than two and a half million iraqis remain displaced by the rule they have no money to rebuild their lives so they live in tent camps such as south of mosul an i.d. act if the government should look after us money i need bread when i'm supporting six children my parents and a sick family member these are the people the conference in quite this week must help if it's to succeed ejecting eisel from the third of iraq the fighters once
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controlled has left a wasteland human rights groups such as amnesty international blame both eisel and the u.s. led coalition for unnecessary destruction and civilian deaths. the nineveh reconstruction committee says the conflict destroyed three quarters of mosul's roads almost all its bridges and two thirds of the electrical network unicef says three quarters of a million children in mosul region lack access to health services it's you know only humanitarian organizations and the government does not get into great friends like you know. ireland. very. war children will be forced to leave or girls will be forced to marry early we might seem more young. and iraqi officials come to quite looking for investments and over one hundred projects everything from that great cultural sector to the energy
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industry is on the table and iraq's prime minister well he says he needs one hundred billion dollars to get the job done it's a huge amount of money we know our budget can't cover nor can the nation it's almost impossible that's why we are resorting to investment iraq is counting on outside help to salvage itself into a united and functioning state but when asked what commitments they're ready to make in the quaint conference our policy pastor has changed since previous administrations remember we used to be in the whole nation building in the united states government is not doing that any longer that outside interest may determine whether iraqis thirst for a normal life will never be quenched or sammy's life for us now outside that conference in kuwait city so sami a big task ahead to secure those funds on day one of this international donor conference. a big task ahead indeed has and i spoke with iraqi officials and they say oh it's still
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a bit early to talk about how much money is coming in or might come in how much investment or donations might be committed to rebuilding the country what we can say there are so far well if you see the cars which were pulling off a moment ago there's plenty of attendance here representatives of over sixty five countries the host say have shown up today as well as around two thousand almost two thousand representatives of private businesses from all around the world was the big question is will that translate into money some critics might say we've been here before as a conference to help pledge money for iraq big pledges are made but not always does the money all come in to evaluate the situation and then see for an international perspective on what investing or putting money into iraq looks like from the outside with a license to have with us a car bros a here is the german special envoy for stabilization and crisis
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prevention in iran good to have you with us sir thank you for being here now i mean the basic question first of all is given the situation in iraq the u.n. figures for example say there was double the number of casualties in january of civilian deaths compared to the month before is the crime is the country ready for reconstruction. well it's true that the problems in iraq are not completely over but this is an important moment i think in this tree of iraq the big fight against as has been fought and has been won a great expense a great loss of human tragedies but it has been one and i think this is the moment to look ahead to reconstruction so reconstruction. you mentioned the time rightly is not just a conference on donations it's a conference on reconstruction which means from the german perspective certainly that what matters most of all is investment because only private investment can fuel that reconstruction some donations are necessary but investment is the key
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word what do you say to german investors then who perhaps you speak with when they say iraq ranks one hundred sixty six i think it is on the transparency international two thousand and sixteen crisis. corruption index out of one hundred seventy six countries. what do you tell a german businessman who says is it ok for me to put my money there. german businessmen who go to iraq are generally speaking people who know the iraq who have had experience over a long period and they know what to expect and they know that there are problems as i said corruption is one of the problems. more coming in this conference that you've seen are you optimistic oh there are quite a few big names like siemens but there are also smaller names that you wouldn't of heard off but that are important to help the fabric of cooperation between germany and iraq you have any idea of what sort of amount of money if we could say that
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might come from germany to as a result of this conference i can't to later on tomorrow our minister of economic development similar will be coming in he will bring with him a more precise idea and there were talking donations but that's not the big money i mean some money is going to come in that way the the more important thing in our view with his conference is was used as you phrase it are the conditions there to invest in iraq obviously the basic conditions are that it's an oil country it's relatively educated population and they have worn an internal war. against the i.s.i. and they're also in the process in the process of settling the dispute between the kurdish territory and the central government very much hope that this is going to progress i'm glad you've mentioned their political stability there is the issue of settling that dispute between the central government and the kurdish regional government there's also the issue of the upcoming elections being held while so
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much of the country or the least the sunni population is still displaced can you honestly say any of that leads to stabilisation a final you deal with. germany along with others particular also the u.n. d p i've been very active in supporting iraq namely on stabilization stabilization in that context meaning first of all return of i.d.p.'s to those areas where their ass was driven out. all right unfortunately we've lost that link to sammy and his guest there but you've got the general idea about the uphill task facing iraq as it tries to rebuild after the devastating war with iraq will move on now the u.s. admits that some u.s. backed syrian kurdish fighters are going to the town of afrin to help fellow kurds battle turkish soldiers defense secretary james mattis believes around half the
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fighters from the rebel syrian defense forces may have moved to the area turkey launched an operation in africa last month to push kurds out of the border region with syria america's support of syrian kurds fighting isis has strained relations with turkey and nato allied jamila share has the latest from the turkish city of gaziantep near the border with syria. on sunday the turkish army together with the free syrian army made further gains in their push towards capturing this city of our freedom that is the stronghold of the kurdish militia group the y.p. gee they did manage to take the town of lot as well as other positions the significance of which opened up a route for that alliance of the turkish army and the f.s.a. from western up told to western front to your point towards a free and now other development sort of taken place away from the battlefield there was a meeting between senior u.s.
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officials and turkish officials general mcmaster from the united states like the national security advisor in the trumpet ministration match with one of the senior advisers of president roger bootle you heard one in istanbul late on sunday now there were no minced words that were left between the two in fact take he made it very clear that it's outrageous that the united states continues to support a group which it sees a can i saw the turks believe the y.p. g. is just another terrorist organization that's continues to kill tucker civilians and threatens the turkish national security the u.s. however obviously sees them as a key ally because they've actually helped them in terms of ensuring that the u.s. has some sort of a stake inside syria now these discussions obviously are still preliminary to what will be a bigger discussions between the two in that the u.s. secretary of state's works tell us and is expected to come to turkey later on in the we can hear me to his counterparts on the ground progress has been made in
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terms of militarily speaking as far as the talks are concerned diplomatically however very little progress indeed. chimelis shall there and ted now egypt's army says it has killed twelve fighters and arrested more than one thousand people in a major assault against armed groups in the sinai peninsula the army navy and air force operating began last week for egyptian soldiers have been. president. told the army to use in his words brute force to restore security after more than three hundred people were killed in an attack on a mosque in november. investigators in russia hunting for clues as to why a passenger plane crashed soon after takeoff killing all seventy one people on board they say they're looking at all possible causes including human error a technical failure and bad weather or a challenge reports from moscow. the answer no their line out with sixty five passengers and six crew on board came down four minutes after it took off in bad
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weather conditions wreckage was scattered across snowy fields near the village of going over eighty kilometers southeast of moscow rescue teams were unable to reach the crash site by road and walk to the sea. i saw an explosion on the ground and i called emergency services they asked me many questions i told them there was a fire it was very visible and the debris of the plane is spread over a radius of at least one kilometer the investigators are using modern equipment taking into consideration the large territory they're using quite a couple years to get a view from the air the short haul set a lot of airlines jets took off from moscow's dumb idea to airport early sunday afternoon on its way to the city of or sq in the urals most of the sixty five passengers on board were from the region at the airport their family and friends of those on board the flight began to wait for news with little hope that anyone had survived. to some we have found
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a breeze from an a n one for a plane and bodies of stupid tims. is just the most important thing now is the organized collection of debris and remains of the big it was by ministry of emergency situations workers. transport to authorities soon confirmed everyone in the plane had died. russia has suffered two major air crashes in recent years in december two thousand and sixteen a t u one five four military aircraft crashed into the black sea with the loss of ninety two people it was blamed on pilot error in october two thousand and fifteen a russian air bus crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula killing all two hundred twenty four people on board i still said it placed a bomb in the aircraft. was supposed to be traveling to sochi on monday to meet with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas that meeting will now take place in moscow so the president can stay in the capital and monitor the investigation one
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of the recorders for the flight has been found which will be crucial in working out why this relatively new plane came plummeting out of the sky various causes are being considered including pilot error bad weather conditions or perhaps something else rory chalons al-jazeera moscow this is a much more when we come back president trump goes after israeli settlements but is his administration really changing direction plus. to be honest i'm not sure she really understands the full horror of what is happening up here. top diplomat pushing me and mars leader to ensure the safe return of refugees. from the clear blue sky of the doha moony. to the fresh fruit embrace in the city of. alice believe very windy night in course the whole of the west and the gusts
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and kept costs really have been high and has been is an area of low pressure has been developing in that area of track he's active weather this so rain in snow banks and the picture i think is going to be one of rain for italy but snow for northern slovenia and the outskirts to austria east as that of what has been falling as snow over a good part of ukraine is still drifting studying towards the caucasus leaving this clear area behind which is not cold eight degrees in bucharest and know in europe fairly windy as you can see but again temperatures as if anything left a little bit four in berlin but seven in london now the picture overnight is going to be everything moving in that general directions or got lost a tick of the denarii cow some parts of austria rain again through the adriatic dancer italy and into greece and it's still i think it to be windy for some so this is a stormy time for the western med and eventually the adriatic behind it's all gone quiet until the next atlantic band comes in more rain preceded by snow three
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degrees in paris yes most know for the french capital now the effects on north africa have been fairly clear it's been raining windy and cool for many places the obvious streak of cloud here also developing to bring rain soon to live out. the weather sponsored by cats on race. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provocative about it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour iraq is seeking billions of dollars at a donor conference in kuwait to fund reconstruction after its war with isis the government says it needs a hundred billion to rebuild cities destroyed in the three year conflict. the us admits that some syrian kurdish fighters are moving towards africa to help fellow kurds fighting turkish soldiers american support of the syrian kurds in the fight against isis has strained relations with turkey. investigators in russia are looking at why a plane crashed just four minutes after takeoff killing all seventy one people on board sabotage airlines flight was heading to the city of course when it plunged into a field on the outskirts of moscow on sunday. our u.s.
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president donald trump has questioned israel's commitment to making peace with the palestinians he made the comments in an interview with an israeli newspaper owned by american billionaire and trump back as sheldon adelson. in the rare rebuke of the israeli leadership the u.s. president says he isn't necessarily sure that they are looking to make peace he warns israeli settlements are quote something the very much complicates and always have complicated making peace here is israel to be very careful with the settlements the trump also repeats what he's been saying about the palestinian leadership he says they're not looking to make peace and threatens to withhold aid unless they agree to talks phyllis bennis is the author of understanding the palestinian israeli conflict she doubts the trumps comments represent a policy shift by the u.s. . president trump spoke of was the idea of a quote peace deal that's very different than peace peace requires at least
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a modicum of justice that was not on the agenda here a deal implies ending resistance essentially to israeli power that is not on the palestinians agenda that's been the position recently of the palestinian leadership bringing it closer to matching the position of a wide majority of palestinian. civil society so i think what we're seeing here is certainly not the end of the u.s. role as a as an honest broker because it never was an honest broker this is simply a clear acknowledgement of that reality a senior leaders of south africa's ruling party are hoping to finalize a deal that will see president jacob zuma leave office their meeting in the next few hours zuma is under pressure to resign over corruption allegations the opposition warns that zuma should not be offered immunity though in exchange for stepping down african national congress leader cyril ramaphosa says party leaders
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will decide on a swift transfer of power. britain's foreign secretary says me and mars leader is not fully aware of what he called the horror in northern state forests johnson visited muslim villages there as well as refugee camps in bangladesh their housing some of the seven hundred thousand people who fled a military crackdown the u.n. says maybe a genocide jan reports. the u.k. foreign secretary came to see the situation with his own eyes boris johnson to a door hinge a refugee camps and bangladesh and met with villagers who remain and were kind statement he thinks myanmar leader aung sun suu kyi does not fully understand the crisis i don't think she's been in a helicopter to see what we have seen today i don't think it has come through to how the full extent of the horror of what has happened the horror johnson is talking about is what the u.s. calls ethnic cleansing and the u.n. says it may be genocide seven hundred thousand muslim or hinge on have fled to
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bangladesh and a mass exodus since august that's when the military of the buddhist majority country began its latest crackdown. there will hinge accuse the myanmar army of mass killings rape and the torching of their villages. few know each city but there are advantages yes. and. there is a deck for most of the village with. me and maher says its military operations were a counter offensive to attacks. it's not known how many people have died in these operations since august but doctors without borders estimates at least six thousand seven hundred were murdered in the first month of violence i've seen nothing like it in my life the hundreds hundreds of villages torched it's absolutely devastating and i think that what is needed now is is some leadership some calm but
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some leadership working with the u.n. agencies for johnson is calling on me in march to work with the u.n. and repatriate the refugees dr rakhine state but under u.n. supervision me and more has so far blocked un investigators from the region and a high ranking u.s. diplomat recently quit an advisory board saying he feared the panel would whitewash the crisis new reports and photos of mass graves are increasing international pressure on sochi under a government i believe she can still make a change and make a difference but to do that she needs to show get the agencies in get the refugees back home in a way that is safe and voluntary and and dignified. what remains to be seen is if she can live up to her nine hundred ninety one nobel peace prize and put a stop to the humanitarian and human rights crisis that continue paltrow dirge on al-jazeera. opposition parties are urging the governing coalition in sri lanka to
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resign that's after the parties of the president and prime minister performed badly at local elections former leader my endo rajapaksa says the government has lost its mandate and alpha nand as reports from colombo. the giant opposition is back in the limelight the sri lanka people's front which contested the local government elections won the largest share of the vote though locally as the p.p. the party says the ruling government has lost its mandate the result is unequivocal this is a very emphatic very clear rejection of me. for sir. in the clearest possible terms that this domain does not have a man took them to new government stumping the p.p. is a breakaway faction of the party of president by two policy center and the man he defeated by in the rajapaksa the former president used his popularity which remains high
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after he defeated the tamil tigers and dig a twenty five year long conflict to campaign for the new coalition front even though he remains a member of his successors party as confirmation of a significant win filtered through on saturday night rajapaksa urged to be magnanimous a welcome change from the past where political rivalry resulted in violence. and singing. i appeal to all those who want to enjoy their victories without harassing the losers. despite her party's weak performance rosie said and i had something to celebrate becoming the first woman mayor of the country's oldest and largest business but council colombo she acknowledged that her united national party would have to do some soul searching we need to take stock of you know where we are and what we need to do and i think you know the sentiment that i hear from people is we haven't really delivered the promises we made in two thousand and fifteen and maybe
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it is time that for us to in a speed up carry and do what we came to do members of president seriously in his party who met the president on sunday said he had promised to make key changes that the country would feel in response to the results of the polls the election results are a wake up call for all political parties by the joint opposition savors its victory in more than two thirds of the three hundred forty local government institutions up for grabs the ruling coalition must look closely at why voters who helped them disprove mahinda rajapaksa just three years ago are returning to him. al-jazeera colombo. now the u.s. military has announced more than sixty million dollars in grants to build hardware that would read and write thoughts in the brain a team working on the project is hoping to do it all with a device a small is a sugar cube jacob or visited the team in california at the light of
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a lighter concrete or thumb something ten years ago dean lloyd a lawyer in palo alto california received the world's first artificial retina it allowed him to see it was a low quality video image but it was something that i'm getting before i can read about their. words from the dirt or grass or whatever is america foliage and you're going to only difference between one surface another that's correct if a contrast point enough yet to really think about that to make it useful but that technology is ancient compared to what's coming next a new military grant program is funding projects that seek to not just read the information that's in your brain but actually write information into it basically we'd be putting synthetic versions of things like sight into the brain the university of california at berkeley is home to one of the six teams hoping to create within four years a device that can read and control one million neurons right now we can only watch
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one hundred at a time our goal is to be able to see that many neurons every one of them individually and not only to be able to watch what they do as you do an m.r.i. but to be able to play back to them the patterns of activity in space and in time so that you could actually reconstitute and synthesize the experience of the real world and thereby replace something that is missing because of an injury this military funded program could replace lost senses in wounded soldiers but could also put entirely new senses into healthy soldiers if it works the project will be a world changing leap for example while we were developing this proposal we had a few meetings sort of saying we can't do this this is physically impossible will never get there our goal is to take like a microscope something like this and squash it down really tiny bit on the head of a mouse while it's running around so this is one of our first prototype cohen
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working on math that can turn a low grade two d. picture of the brain useful three d. images so they can take rufford's like this and process it into a live viewer that we can create just. patterns and should light exactly where we want at the right moment for and post-doctoral research or nickel up the guy is building the system that will convert real world experiences into math the directs lasers to light up individual neurons so here is a movie casablanca. this is what you have to turn that into for it to then be shown on to the brain and i think wow you did find on the pattern you tell me which neurons you want to activate and we will at the exact time give the exact amount of light that's required to activate in your own the project could rebuild soldiers or eventually give them enhanced abilities on the battlefield either way if it works
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we will have crossed into a new ethical and medical world a world where we can read human thoughts and implant new ones jake aboard al-jazeera berkeley california drivers near the chinese capital beijing had a lucky escape after a tanker carrying liquefied natural gas overturned on a highway take a look at this dash cam footage showing a car driving over the spilled fuel and igniting it creating a wall of flames on the road one drive a tried to escape but quickly jumped back inside before the flames engulfed the car two people were seriously burned another six suffered injuries. says al jazeera to get a round of of the headlines iraq is trying to secure one hundred billion dollars at a donor conference in kuwait to fund the reconstruction of a country after its war with ice or government says it needs to rebuild cities and
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infrastructure destroyed in the three year conflict the u.n. says about forty thousand homes were damaged in the worst hit city of mosul. this plenty of attendance here representatives of over sixty five countries the hosts a have shown up today as well as around two thousand almost two thousand representatives of private businesses from all around the world was the big question is will that translate into money some critics might say we've been here before as a conference to help pledge money for iran a big pledges are made but not always does the money all come in or the u.s. admits there's some u.s. backed syrian kurdish fighters are going to the town of afrin to help fellow kurds battle turkish soldiers american support of the syrian kurds in the fight against isis has strained relations with its nato ally turkey turkish forces launched an operation in africa last month to push kurdish groups out of its border region with syria. investigators in russia are looking at why
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a plane crashed just four minutes after takeoff killing all seventy one people on board sabotage airlines flight was heading to squint it plunged into a field on the outskirts of moscow on sunday a senior leaders of south africa's ruling party are hoping to finalize a deal that would see president jacob zuma leave office their meeting in the next few hours is under pressure to resign over corruption allegations african national congress leader cyril ramaphosa says party leaders will decide on a swift transfer of power. u.s. president donald trump has questioned israel's commitment to peace with the palestinians in a rare criticism trump told an israeli newspaper an interview he says israel's settlements in the occupied west bank are complicating the peace process the british foreign secretary as me and mars leader aung sang suu kyi to allow the un to supervise the return of refugees or is johnson made a plea after visiting displaced muslim villages in the high end state and refugee
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camps in bangladesh those are the headlines up front is the next. facing reality growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself here their story on the top down to zero at this time. he's been called one of the most wanted political fugitives of twenty team and former georgian president mikheil saakashvili faces possible extradition to his home country from his new country ukraine i'll ask him if he's prepared for life behind bars and later i'll talk to the somali refugee turned u.s. politician about life in trump's america.


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