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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is part of the problem and has picked the israeli side detailed coverage but. negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others . from around the world. are still thinking about abuses but this time. a one hundred billion dollars price tag that's how much iraq says it needs to rebuild after its devastating war with. follow on adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. our
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joint commitment to defeat isis is is steadfast u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson begins his middle east tour with a promise to help egypt defeat armed groups. the search for answers russian investigators sweep through snow covered fields to find out why a passenger plane crashed and it's crunch time for south africa's ruling party as it meets to decide on president jacob zuma his future. when iraq's prime minister declared the war with eisel was over last year it signaled the beginning of efforts to rebuild the devastated country much of it left in ruins the price tag some one hundred billion dollars in kuwait a donor conference is on the way to help or at least try to help finance the massive and iraq has published a list of one hundred fifty seven projects that it wants to help to build to provide joe. you homes for some of the two and
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a half million people displaced by the fighting it includes hospitals schools businesses and telecommunications iraq says that around one hundred thirty eight thousand homes and apartment blocks were damaged some may say that has more from kuwait city. this is what so-called liberation from ice a look slike to has nally and his family it's been six months since iraq's prime minister declared nineveh province freed alys house is still in ruins so is much of robbie a town. he used to work as a farmer tilling the soil now he plows the rubble of his home and reads what others have said in his life as a. given up hope in returning home we've been displaced or with three years look at how our house has been destroyed. and fled when i saw fighters seize the nearby city of mosul four years ago he's not alone more than two and a half million iraqis remain displaced by the rule they have no money to rebuild
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their lives so they live in tent camps such as south of mosul and then are the government should look after us money i need bread when i'm supporting six children my parents and a sick family member these are the people the conference in quite this week must help if it's to succeed ejecting eisel from the third of iraq the fighters once controlled has left a wasteland human rights groups such as amnesty international blame both eisel and the u.s. led coalition for unnecessary destruction and civilian deaths. the nineveh reconstruction committee says the conflict destroyed three quarters of mosul's roads almost all its bridges and two thirds of the electrical network unicef says three quarters of a million children in mosul region lack access to health services if you know. the government does not get into great friends like. ireland. very. war children will be forced to leave
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or girls will be forced to marry early we might seem more young. iraqi officials come to quite looking for investments and over one hundred projects everything from their cultural sector to the energy industry is on the table and iraq's prime minister well he says he needs one hundred billion dollars to get the job done. it's a huge amount of money we know our budget can't cover nor can the nation it's almost impossible that's why we are resorting to investment iraq is counting on outside help to salvage itself into a united and functioning state but when asked what commitments they're ready to make in the quake conference our policy past year has changed since previous administrations remember we used to be in the whole nation building in the united states government is not doing that any longer that outside interests may determine whether iraqis thirst for a normal life will never be quenched sam is a down al-jazeera kuwait or non-governmental organizations have so far pledged to
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donate more than three hundred million dollars towards reconstruction efforts that's a far cry from the tens of billions that iraq needs have a u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson will be in kuwait on tuesday and iraq's leaders hope that his presence will secure more international support. they have to hop discipline simple tea about iraq no just to defeat but to rebuild the economy how much money would you like to see listen to listen bring home life if he is going to give those twenty billion dollars b. and all the iraqis buf so happy and very kind and they will be in very good attitude for right now rex tillerson is in egypt where he says the trumpet ministration remains committed to working with the country to defeat eisel he discussed the issue with egypt's foreign minister sana shokri in cairo at the start of his middle east top to listen is set to hold talks with president abdul fattah
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el-sisi later he says the us and cairo share the common goal of lasting peace in the region. we agreed that we would continue our close cooperation on counterterrorism measures including our joint commitment to the defeat of isis in egypt has been a very important member of the defeat isis coalition from the beginning they egypt deals with the threats of isis themselves and are dealing with it certainly currently in the sinai we also discussed the importance of the protection and promotion of human rights in the vital role of civil society in egypt with the presidential elections planned for the end of march the united states as it does in all countries supports a transparent and credible electoral process. if that occurs. with most of the conversation was based on the bilateral relations there was a deep and genuine interest from mr tillerson with the us to continue to work and
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support egypt and work together to achieve our common interests this is what i reiterated to him egypt is keen on maintaining this positive friendly relationship which will no doubt bring about more stability and security and push forward to achieving lasting peace in the middle east russia's government says that u.s. support for diplomatic efforts to stabilize syria has been inadequate earlier turkey's foreign minister announced that relations with washington are at a very critical point over washington support of the kurds the us defense secretary has admitted that some american backed syrian kurdish fighters are helping fellow kurds battle turkish soldiers turkey launched an operation in africa in last month to push kurds out of the border region with syria well the u.n. says that the syrian civil war has intensified with some of the worst fighting since the conflict began nearly seventy years ago it says that hundreds of people have been killed injured or displaced in the past week activists in rebel held
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eastern groups are turning to social media to highlight the suffering of around three hundred fifty thousand people who are trapped in the besieged area under serious anahata reports now from beirut in neighboring lebanon. well. appeals for help coming from the children of. god we are being killed by your silence save us before it is too late mohamed says. opposition activists have launched a campaign on social media to highlight what they describe as the suffering of those trapped in.
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the intensity of the airstrikes targeting the rebel held area has been unprecedented the bombing relentless. syrian and russian aircraft have stepped up bombardment in recent days in a military operation that began in late december. since then over four hundred people have been killed half in the first week of february alone. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least one hundred of the casualties were children and. nowhere is safe the united nations says people are under extreme danger calls for a cease fire have been ignored three house facilities have been hit in the past week the u.n. has been trying to evacuate hundreds of critically ill and wounded patients for months now. eastern who has been encircled by government forces for four years as of late the siege has been tightened and no aid has entered in months the u.n.
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is appealing for access to provide the people with food fuel and medicine international aid organizations say they cannot imagine the scale of the humanitarian disaster if a cease fire does not take effect the u.n. security council fired. take effect the u.n. security council failed to support a proposal for a truce russia a veto wielding member of the council called it unrealistic saying it's not sure what it called terrorists are in agreement was. the are the people of eastern huta still have their voices they are hoping to be heard but campaigns like this one have been tried in the past they didn't stop the bloodshed. residential areas are being hit buildings are being flattened there is a wide scale destruction and the international community is still silent. about it you know the civil defense volunteers have been overwhelmed since the
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battle for control of east of escalated one of them discovered the body of his mother under the rubble there is desperation but little sign that scenes like this will not happen again. beirut. investigators looking into the plane crash near the russian capital say there was no explosion on board the aircraft before it went down shortly after taking off all seventy one people on board died when the aircraft crashed into a field outside moscow on sunday most of the victims were from the city of or sq in the oral mountains where the plane was to use a land memorials have been held there with people laying flowers and attending services for the dead one up from mt i was here as rory chalons who is at the crash site near moscow. it was apparent very quickly after this plane came down that there were likely to be no survivors and officially now the search and rescue
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operation is over if i stand out of the camera shot for a few seconds you'll be able to get an idea really of the kind of terrain that the emergency services people are working in it's very snowy at subzero temperatures there's been a very heavy snow fall in the moscow region over the last week or so owns the emergency services people are moving around by snowmobile this is now basically an operation where they're trying to retrieve evidence for the investigation and of course retrieve the human remains the grim news has come from the verge of the services and the investigators give investigative committee here is that two hundred nine body parts have been found so far well as the investigation progresses certain of the thoughts and theories are going to start being discounted and one of those is that this plane was burning when it fell out of the sky and that perhaps it was already disintegrating that had been reported by eyewitnesses close to the
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scene on sunday but now the investigative committee is saying that wasn't the case that this plane was not on fire when it came down and it came down whole. ukraine's opposition leader mikhail saakashvili appears to been taken by gunpoint or afghan point by unknown armed men in kiev footage posted on his facebook page shows people in combat gear pointing guns at him and taking him outside the posts as the kidnappers were in a white minivan seconds philly's whereabouts are currently. we'll get a weather update next year on al-jazeera then. to be honest i'm not sure she really understands the full horror of what has happened up here that the u.n. inside me and ma to help the injured that's the message from britain's foreign minister. to work on some suchi plus. i'm jake ward on the berkeley campus the military has funded
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a new program that could insert information into the mine about storing all. hello the warm winter wind is blowing through china and there it sounds all but that does seem to be the case it's not rages on tuesdays eighty in hong kong but shanghai is up to eleven hong kong warms up and will probably feel it with the breeze picking up brings the more humidity on wednesday and shanghai is up to eighty now that really is quite silly all the moisture is being spread from further south of the philippines where a tropical sock to his eyes way through the signs is more activity in india to well actually northern india northern pakistan afghanistan the active winter storm system coming through and it's brought some useful rain and maybe less useful snow
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that's the pictures we see it on tuesday after sun and probably nepal but doesn't mean it's the end of it might actually bring some more in the next day or so for most of india of course it's settled and quiet quote is not good in new delhi and passing showers hit northern sri lanka now sponsors out of the systems that are bringing snow and rain to afghanistan is quite active ceramics the middle east and levant the temperature forecast in riyadh is thirty three well above the average in their hearts twenty eight and if anything the following day doha warms up won't last forever already the max in riyadh stanton in all. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on
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and talk to al-jazeera at this time. hello again the top stories this hour on how to syria non-governmental organizations are pledging more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with eisel that's well short of the one hundred billion dollars that the iraqi government is trying to secure at a conference of kuwait the u.n. says that around forty thousand homes were damaged worst hit city of mosul. u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson says the trumpet ministration remains committed to working with egypt to defeat i saw he's discussed the issue with egypt's foreign minister in cairo at the start of his middle east tour. the syrian civil war is seeing some of the worst fighting since the conflict began nearly seven years ago the u.n. says hundreds of people have been killed in general displaced in the past week it's calling for a ceasefire to allow aid to help those affected by the fighting. one of our top story the conference raising money to rebuild iraq after its war with i saw people in iraq's largest province are vying to take revenge on the families of i saw fighters if they return and bar was one of the last places to be freed from the armed group challenge palace reports ramadi was once a thriving city of hundreds of thousands of people after i still was pushed out rebel lines warehouses once stored and as a tribal province where people often take justice into their own hands tribesmen
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have warned the families of eisel fight is not to return to the area. a little but no ali we don't want to go back to square one we're totally against that if they come back the blood will flow and neither tribes nor military operations will be able to stop it. but now they've destroyed the homes of isolate family members a tech to isolate self has used in the past thirty. yards groups whipped into a province in two thousand and thirteen the cities of fallujah ramadi and al kut and soon became urban battle fields civilians enjoyed it all in ramadi alone some ten thousand people were killed according to n.g.o.s body counts tribesmen warned families of fighters will pay if they return the holidays but we are not against them or tourney but the timing is bad and would risk provoking unrest and a return to bloodshed in the streets. i salute once enjoyed support in the region
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some sunni tribesmen hope to take control of fallujah and twenty thirteen they legs had to end against the armed group. we the fighters think that families of bias group matter should be in a camp under the supervision of iraqi government and expert such as clerics professors and intellectuals they should receive a daily training session. around three hundred eighty families of isis fighters including women and children are already detained in two camps across the province they remain outcasts in cities charlotte ballasts. the european union has ordered all found to explain sexual misconduct allegations against it stuff representatives from the charity a meeting u.k. government leaders some of that stuff are accused of hiring prostitutes while working in chad and haiti the e.u. and the british government are threatening to withdraw funding for the organization
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oxfam says it has introduced new measures like stricter vetting and recruitment process is to prevent future abuse. britain's foreign minister believes that. isn't fully aware of what he called the horror in more than rakhine state forest johnson visits his muslim villages there as well as refugee camps in bangladesh they're housing some of the seven hundred thousand people who fled a military crackdown the un says maybe a genocide was pulled out a jan reports. the u.k. foreign secretary came to see the situation with his own eyes boris johnson to a door hinge of refugee camps and bangladesh and met with villagers who remain in me and were kind statement he thinks myanmar leader aung san suu kyi does not fully understand the crisis i don't think she's been in a helicopter to see what we have seen today i don't think it has come through to how the full extent of the horror of what has happened the horror johnson is
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talking about is what the u.s. calls ethnic cleansing and the u.n. says it may be genocide seven hundred thousand muslim or hinge on have fled to bangladesh and a mass exodus since august that's when the military of the buddhist majority country began its latest crackdown. there will hinge accuse the myanmar army of mass killings rape and the torching of their villages. you know he said it done there in villages yes yes. and they're going to have that oh guess there is a deck or most of the village west of. me and maher says its military operations were a counter offensive to attacks by. it's not known how many people have died in these operations since august but doctors without borders us to mates at least six thousand seven hundred were murdered in the first month of violence i've seen nothing like it in my life the hundreds hundreds of villages torched it's absolutely devastating and i think that what is needed now is is some leadership
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some calm but some leadership working with the u.n. agencies for johnson is calling on me in march to work with the u.n. and repatriate the refugees dr rakhine state but under u.n. supervision me and more has so far blocked un investigators from the region and a high ranking u.s. diplomat recently quit an advisory board saying he feared the panel would whitewash the crisis new reports and photos of mass graves are increasing international pressure on sochi under a government i believe she can still make a change and make a difference but to do that she needs to show get the agencies in get the refugees back home in a way that is safe and voluntary and and dignified. what remains to be seen is if she can live up to her nine hundred ninety one nobel peace prize and put a stop to the humanitarian and human rights crisis that continue. on al-jazeera.
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say the leaders of south africa's ruling party a meeting to discuss president jacob zuma future they hope to finalize a deal for him to leave office before his term expires next year so as under pressure to resign over corruption allegations and see lida several rounds of processes the party leaders will decide on a swift transfer of power opposition leaders are now calling for a snap election and for parliament to be dissolved. i believe that she did this now . we have an eight hundred eight just can't see. i'm six months. a new mother this is the case and. plea. bargain was this isn't this is updated stuff. liberia's former president ellen johnson sirleaf has become the
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first woman to win the most abraham prize for african leadership sirleaf was recognized efforts to rebuild her country after two civil wars she was africa's first elected female head of state and served two terms as liberia's president. the us vice president says that washington and seoul have agreed terms for further diplomatic engagement with north korea mike pence told the washington post that could possibly lead to direct talks without preconditions between the u.s. and north korea and made the comments as he returned from south korea where he avoided direct contact with the north korean delegation attending the winter olympics. u.s. president donald trump has questioned israel's commitment to making peace with the palestinians he made the comments in an interview with an israeli newspaper owned by american billionaire trump baca sheldon adelson in a rare rebuke of the israeli leadership the u.s. president says he isn't necessarily sure that they're looking to make peace he
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warns israeli settlements are quote something that very much complicates and always have complicated making peace he urges israel to be very careful with the settlement spots trump also repeats what he's been saying about the palestinian leadership he says they're not looking to make peace either and threatens to withhold aid unless they agree to talks phyllis bennis is the author of understanding the palestinian israeli conflict she doubts the trumps comments represent a shift in policy. peace requires at least a modicum of justice that was not on the agenda here a deal implies ending resistance essentially to israeli power that is not on the palestinians agenda that's been the position recently of the palestinian leadership bringing it closer to matching the position of a wide majority of palestinian. civil society so i think what we're seeing here is
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certainly not the end of the u.s. role as a as an honest broker because it never was an honest broker this is simply a clear acknowledgement of that reality netanyahu knows that trump remains his his strong supporter but i think that netanyahu is likely to view his own relationship with the further right wing elements of his cabinet because remember as right wing as netanyahu is his cabinet is made up of further right and extremist right elements to his right and in that context i think he will feel obligated to make some kind of a statement i don't anticipate it will go very far he is not about to break with the united states president trump has made clear that he is more vivid more more officially and formally pro israel than any other recent president and he's not about to put that risk but i think he will have to say something to satisfy his own right wing it is the stuff of science fiction the u.s.
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military has announced more than sixty billion dollars in grants to build hardware that would read and write forts in the human brain the team working on the project is hoping to do it all with a device small as a sugar cube jacob wars reports from california the light of a light or concrete or thumb something ten years ago. a lawyer in palo alto california received the world's first order fishel written it allowed him to see it was a little quality video image but it was something. so i'm getting it's like right about there. words from the dirt or grass or whatever is america foliage and you're going to go if it's between one surface another that's correct if a contrast point enough yet to really think about that to make it useful but that technology is ancient compared to what's coming next a new military grant program is funding projects that seek to not just read the
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information that's in your brain but actually write information into it basically would be putting synthetic versions of things like sight into the brain the university of california at berkeley is home to one of the six teams hoping to create within four years a device that can read and control one million neurons right now we can only watch one hundred at a time our goal is to be able to see that many neurons every one of them individually and not only to be able to watch what they do as you do an m.r.i. but to be able to play back to them patterns of activity in space and in time so that you could actually reconstitute and synthesize the experience of the real world and thereby replace something that is missing because of an injury this military funded program could replace lost senses in wounded soldiers but could also put entirely new senses into healthy soldiers if it works the project will be
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a world changing leap for example while we were developing this proposal we had a few meetings sort of saying we can't do this this is physically impossible will never get there our goal is to take like a microscope something like this and squash it down really tiny so it can fit on the head of a mouse while it's running around that this is one of our first prototype cohen working on math it can turn a low grade two d. picture of the brain useful three d. images so they can take think rufford's like this. and process it into a life even though we can create custom. patterns and should light exactly where we want at the right moment for and post-doctoral research or nickel up the guy is building the system that will convert real world experiences into math the directs lasers to light up individual neurons so here is a movie casablanca. this is what you have to turn that into for it to then be shown on to the brain and i think wow you did find on the pattern you tell me which
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neurons you want to activate and we will at the exact time give the exact amount of light that's required to activate in your own the project could rebuild soldiers or eventually give them enhanced abilities on the battlefield either way if it works we will have crossed into a new ethical and medical world a world where we can read human thoughts and implant new ones jake aboard al-jazeera berkeley california wow and here comes another while take a look at best drive us near the chinese capital beijing had a lucky lucky escape after a liquefied natural gas tanker overturned on a highway dash cam footage shows a car driving over the spilled feel and igniting it creating a wall of flames on the road one driver trying to escape but not surprisingly quickly jumped back inside before the flames engulfed the car two people were seriously hurt us.
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it's good to have you with us a very intimate here in doha the top stories now to syria nongovernmental organizations are pledging more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with eisel its well short of the one hundred billion dollars that the iraqi government is trying to secure a conference in kuwait cities and infrastructure have been destroyed in the three year conflict. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the trumpet ministration remains committed to working with egypt to defeat eisel he's discussed the issue with egypt's foreign minister in cairo at the start of his middle east oil we agreed that we would continue our close cooperation on counterterrorism measures including our joint commitment to the defeat of isis in egypt has been a very important member of the defeat isis coalition from the beginning they egypt deals with the threats of isis themselves and are dealing with it certainly
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currently in the sinai the syrian civil war is seeing some of the worst fighting since the conflict began nearly seventy years ago the un says hundreds of people have been killed or injured or displaced in the past week because george's former president now ukrainian opposition leader appears to have been taken at gunpoint by men in kiev video posted on his facebook page shows people shows people in combat gear pointing guns at him and taking him outside post says the kidnappers were in a white minivan his whereabouts a county on the. c.b.l. leaders of south africa's ruling party a meeting to discuss president jacob zuma future they hope to finalize a deal for him to leave office before his term ends next year so it was under pressure to resign over corruption allegations african national congress leader several run oppose us as the party leaders will decide on a swift transfer of power opposition leaders are now calling for
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a snap election of a part of a to be dissolved here with all of that of the rest of the day's news in the news grid a little over twenty five minutes after the talk to al jazeera next on counting the past wild swings for global stock markets a look at what's going on and why it matters how women in twenty eighteen are still fighting but equal rights in the workplace bus us sheryl is defying expectations but will it make life more difficult prospect counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. you. see. the movement who are in a half years iranian refugee perused has been living in limbo on a remote specific annoyance he was sent there by australia after he tried to reach its shores by boat for our. youth in the prison it was
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a prison.


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