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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was they targeted sent their pain to be forced to leave would just be all and their gains by this is that it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe our turn downs but it's not a marriage barbara business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. rebuilding iraq donors aim to raise billions of dollars to help people restart their shattered lives. and this is
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a live from london also coming up there on the dancing to the same tune pressure mounts on president zuma as the a.n.c. meet and decide whether to ask him to resign. egypt has been a very important member of the defeat a coalition. state pledges to help egypt to defeat i sold. civilians running for cover as security forces and fighters exchanged gunfire in indian administered kashmir. and the rebuilding iraq after nearly three years of war with eisel is going to cost nearly one hundred billion dollars that's according to iraqi officials who are attending an international donors conference in kuwait iraq has published a list of one hundred fifty seven projects seeking investment for to provide jobs a new homes for some of the two and a half million people displaced by the fighting that includes hospitals schools businesses infrastructure and telecommunications iraq says about one hundred thirty
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eight thousand homes and apartment blocks were damaged during the fight against arsenal half of which were completely destroyed some as a down reports now from kuwait. this is what so-called liberation from a nice a look like to his knowledge and his family it's been six months since iraq's prime minister declared nineveh province freed house is still in ruins so is much of robby a town. used to work as a farmer tilling the soil now he plows the rubble of his home and reaps what others have so in his life i say yes in a minute i just really given up hope in returning home we've been displaced over three years look at how our house has been destroyed. alan fled when i saw fighters seize the nearby city of mosul four years ago he's not alone more than two and a half million iraqis remain displaced by the war they have no money to rebuild their lives so they live in tent camps such as hamill south of mosul an idea the
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government should look after us money i need bread when i'm supporting six children my parents and a sick family member these are the people the conference in quite this week must help if it's to succeed ejecting i saw from the third of iraq the fighters once controlled has left a wasteland human rights groups such as amnesty international blame both i saw and the u.s. led coalition for unnecessary destruction and civilian deaths the nineveh reconstruction committee says the conflict destroyed three quarters of mosul is roads almost all its bridges and two thirds of the electrical network unicef says three quarters of a million children in mosul region lack access to health services if you know. the government is not getting. like a. war children will be forced to leave. will be forced to marry early by more
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young. iraqi officials come to quite looking for investments and over one hundred projects everything from the agricultural sector to the energy industry is on the table and iraq's prime minister well he says he needs one hundred billion dollars to get the job done. it's a huge amount of money we know about can't come of that nor can the nation it's almost impossible that's why we are resorting to investment. iraq is counting on outside help to salvage itself into a united and functioning state but when asked what commitments they're ready to make in the quaint conference our policy pastor has changed since previous administrations remember we used to be in the whole nation building in the united states government is not doing that any longer that outside interest may determine whether iraqis thirst for a normal life will never be quenched sami's they down i'll just see right away.
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in south africa the a.n.c. party is holding a special meeting to decide the fate of president jacob zuma the meeting known as d.-day by local media as a final attempt to pressure zuma to resign and president cyril ramaphosa said on sunday the issue was causing disunity and discord soon mr downer's n.c. leader in december faces a number of corruption charges after nine years in power i mean a minute has more from johannesburg. the agency's national executive committee the top decision making body has been meeting for hours it's expected to recall president jacob zuma from his position the president would then need to resign but all indications are this may not happen zuma as existed calls to step down for months including the last few days where we understand that the president of the a.n.c. . spin in talks with zuma to agree on some sort of x.
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a deal for those talks reportedly failed and now it's up to the any seed to decide what's next for president zuma even if the any see decides to recall zuma it doesn't have the power to remove a sitting head of state so suma would have to resign if he doesn't the a.n.c. is likely to move for a motion of no confidence in parliament now opposition parties already have a motion of no car. but it's debate scheduled for later this month but wanted will forward to this week and a following of that they want parliament dissolved and south africa to hold the snap elections within three months then sees in a corner dealing with a divided party an increasingly frustrated public and opposition parties demanding decisive action and the unseating of the ruling party yes or state rex tillerson says the trumpet ministration remains committed to working with egypt to defeat the
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threat of i so he's discussed the issue with the egyptian foreign minister some issue create in cairo at the start of his middle east tour to us and also hold talks with president abdel fattah el-sisi he says the united states and cairo share a common goal for lasting peace in the region. we agreed that we would continue our close cooperation on counterterrorism measures including our joint commitment to the defeat of isis and egypt has been a very important member of the defeat isis coalition from the beginning they egypt deals with the threats of isis themselves and are dealing with it certainly currently in the sinai we also discussed the importance of the protection and promotion of human rights in the vital role of civil society in egypt with the presidential elections planned for the end of march the united states as it does in all countries supports a transparent and credible electoral process. that occurs. with
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most of the conversation was based on the bilateral relations there was a deep and genuine interest from mr tillotson with the u.s. to continue to work and support egypt and work together to achieve our common interests this is what i reiterated to him egypt is keen on maintaining this positive friendly relationship which will no doubt bring about more stability and security and push forward to achieving lasting peace in the middle east tennyson is due to visit to turkey later this week where the relations between the two nato allies strained over syria the us defense secretary has admitted that some american backed syrian kurdish fighters are coming to the aid of fellow kurds fighting turkish forces enough in providence to his army says at least thirty one of its soldiers have been killed and one hundred forty wounded since it was an offensive against kurdish forces in a frame last month turkey's foreign minister says that relations with washington are very critical point over support of the cuts. the article says we don't want to
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he promises and commitments anymore we want to take concrete steps and we are going to evaluate these during the u.s. secretary of state's visit because our relations are at a very critical stage here that we will improve ties or these ties put totally break down there is no other option opposition activists in syria's eastern hooter are turning to social media to highlight the suffering around three hundred fifty thousand people trapped in the besieged area hundreds of people have been killed in airstrikes and shelling by government forces and their allies in recent weeks the un has been calling for a cease fire so that aid can reach people affected by the fighting so hard to reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. appeals for help coming from the children of. god we are being killed by your silence before it is too late mohammad says.
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opposition activists have launched a campaign on social media to highlight what they describe as the suffering of those trapped in. the intensity of the airstrikes targeting the rebel held area has been unprecedented the bombing. syrian and russian aircraft have stepped up bombardment in recent days in a military operation that began in late december. since then over four hundred people have been killed half in the first week of february alone. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least one hundred of the casualties were children and. nowhere is safe the united nations
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says people are under extreme danger calls for a cease fire have been ignored three health facilities have been hit in the past week the u.n. has been trying to evacuate hundreds of critically ill and wounded patients for months now. eastern who has been encircled by government forces for four years as of late the siege has been tightened and no aid has entered in months the u.n. is appealing for access to provide the people with food fuel and medicine international aid organizations say they cannot imagine the scale of the humanitarian disaster if a cease fire does not take effect the u.n. security council failed to support. a proposal for a truce russia. member of the council called it unrealistic saying it's not sure what it called terrorists are in agreement was. the people who. have their voices they are hoping to be heard but campaigns like
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this one have been tried in the past they didn't stop the bloodshed. residential areas are being hit buildings are being flattened there is a wide scale destruction and the international community is still silent. but i have no doubt heard one hundred eleven of. the battle for control of escalated one of them discovered the body of his mother under the rubble there is desperation but little sign that scenes like this will not happen again. beirut. city but there are advantages here. burning hundreds of. british foreign visits rakhine state. mounting criticism over the. sexual exploitation allegations. resigns.
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in iran. showing that streak of running out of egypt. has become underneath it rain is falling away seems like in beirut and a good part of iraq jordan to jerusalem twelve degrees by twenty one freshly warm but there's wants to of it. see the rain as. which is a fairly rare event the whole lot does movies which so far to you from tuesday to wednesday obviously snow in northern syria and the higher parts of iran the caucuses so i can go because there's but sun follows temps isn't changed very much from the sun's out in beirut baghdad's about twenty degrees and this time the
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rain's gone beyond two took matters down to tashkent nine degrees to a freezing is three as well to the south so that temporarily it's pretty warm in eastern sadies thirty three in riyadh the max is thirty seven this is something of a short heat wave so has twenty eight probably but just as a forecast of twenty nine possibly with a share of the city the four things get cooler by cystic already the cool was weather's come through the riyadh twenty six is what you might expect in february we have to wait till wednesday to get it.
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art. one of the top stories. now in governmental organizations have pledged more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with i saw the figure is well short of the one hundred billion dollars the iraqi government says it needs. south africa's ruling a.n.c. party is holding a special meeting to decide the fate of president jacob zuma in a final attempt to pressure him into resigning his sector state says the trump administration is committed to working with egypt's to defeat rex tillerson has
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discussed the issue with egypt's foreign minister summit in cairo at the start of his middle east tour. or now on our top story the conference raising money to rebuild iraq after its war with eisel where people in iraq's largest province of adding to take revenge on the families of i still fight as if they return and was one of the last faces to be freed from my soul shouted ballasts reports ramadi was once a thriving city of hundreds of thousands of people after i solute was pushed out rubble lines where houses once stood and is a tribal province where people often take justice into their own hands tribesmen have warned the families of eisel finances not to return to the area. a little but no wonder we don't want to go back to square one we're totally against that if they come back the blood will flow and neither tribes nor military operations will be able to stop it. but now they've destroyed the homes of isolate family members
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a tech to isolate itself has used in the past see armed groups whipped into a province in two thousand and thirteen the cities of fallujah ramadi and al kut and soon became urban battle fields civilians enjoyed it all in ramadi alone some ten thousand people were killed according to forty counts tribesmen warned families of i saw fighters will pay if they return now the whole is what we are not against them or tourney but the timing is bad and would risk provoking unrest and a return to bloodshed in the streets. i salute once enjoyed support in the region some sunni tribesmen hope to take control of fallujah and twenty thirteen they lectured to and against the armed group. we the fighters think that the families of vyas group member should be in a camp under the supervision of iraqi government and expert such as clerics
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professors and intellectuals they should receive a daily training session. around three hundred eighty families of isis fighters including women and children are already detained in two camps across the province they remain out costs in the cities charlotte ballasts. india's defense minister has warned that pakistan will pay following an attack on an indian army camp at least one parent the soldier was killed off to fight as opened fire near the camp in indian controlled kashmir and attack happened just hours after government troops ended a two day gun battle at a separate on the camp where five soldiers and one civilian were killed in just to report. smoke rises above a paramilitary camp in indian administered kashmir is largest city police say two fighters started shooting from a nearby location several buildings were evacuated and the area has been cleared of
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all civilians investigators say they are in control of the situation with and gone to started around one thirty two they have been or not the congress or what is in them but it will be up to the expected to do good things and then i knew that if you really want to see how we do on these injured you are to be gone than from the moment of these just hours earlier government troops into the gun battle inside another military camp in the regions jumbo area of these three fighters were killed and in the attack that began at dawn on saturday because fear has suffered a rest for years several of the armed groups have been fighting for independence since the late one nine hundred eighty s. the himalayan region is divided between india and its rival but his son both claim because mere in its entirety. around seventy thousand people have been killed in indian administered kashmir in the nearly three decade uprising india accuses pakistan of supplying weapons and training to the armed groups
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a charge islamabad denies. al-jazeera. the pakistani human rights activist year will be buried on tuesday john geer was known as the iron lady of pakistan she received death threats for criticizing the government and defending minority rights and was placed under house arrest twice suffered a heart attack and died on saturday at the age of sixty six oxfam's deputy chief executive has resigned as the charity faces mounting criticism of its handling of allegations of sexual misconduct by some members of staff and a nurse said she was ashamed of what had happened and took full responsibility oxfam denies covering up a scandal over the use of prostitutes by members of staff in haiti in twenty eleven and before that in chad or some officials have been meeting the british international development secretary is threatening to withdraw its government funding. from senior in a sami works with the u.k. charity warned warned as she says there's not enough accountability between aid
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workers and the countries they work in. i think this is a question of the structure of aid agencies that have based out in places like haiti or in the global south and the the real problem here is that we bring people from outside these countries often from the west to join and have a background in that country or an understanding of the cultural history and they go in there and they're in charge they're in a position of power where they get to dictate the terms in which change happens and how they perceive poverty eradication to look like in that particular country so really there is a problem of the vetting and of impunity that happens in these countries but also why is it that we need to be bringing in people from overseas in the first place. investigators in russia are trying to find out why a passenger plane crashed soon after takeoff killing all seventy one people on board so far they found both black boxes which record voice and data they start off
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airlines flight was heading to or squint it plunged plunged into a field in the countryside apps had lost killed sunday. that destination also has a city in the year old mountains and that's where most of the teams came from people there have been laying flowers and attending memorials for the dead for a challenge has more from the crash site near moscow it was a parent's very quickly after this plane came down that there were likely to be no survivors and officially now the search and rescue operation is over if i stand out of the camera shot for a few seconds you'll be able to get an idea really of the kind of terrain that the emergency services people are working in it's very snowy at subzero temperatures there's been a very heavy snow fall in the moscow region over the last week or so and the emergency services people are moving around by snowmobile this is now basically an operation where they're trying to retrieve evidence for the investigation and of
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course retrieve the human remains the grim news has come from the verge of the services and the investigative committee here is that two hundred nine body parts of been found so far well as the investigation progresses certain the thoughts and theories are going to start being discounted and one of those is that this plane was burning when it fell out of the sky and that perhaps it was already disintegrating that had been reported by eyewitnesses close to the scene on sunday but now the investigative committee is saying that wasn't the case that this plane was not on fire when it came down and it came down whole. opposition politician that make out a psycho she really has landed in poland after being deported from ukraine earlier footage on his facebook page showed him being taken from a restaurant gunpoint by people in combat clothes secretary was the president of georgia for nine years until he moved to ukraine and became
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a leading opposition figure that but he was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship last year accuses the ukrainian authorities of corruption the u.s. vice president says washington and seoul have agreed on terms for further diplomatic engagement with north korea mike pence told the washington post that could possibly lead to direct talks without preconditions between the u.s. and north korea pence made the comments as he returned from south korea where north and south korean leaders met on the sidelines of the winter olympics u.s. president donald trump has questioned israel's commitment to making peace with the palestinians made the comments in an interview with an israeli newspaper owned by american billionaire and trump baca sheldon adelson in a rare rebuke to the israeli leadership the u.s. president says isn't necessarily sure they're looking to make peace he warns that israeli settlements are quote something that very much complicates and always has complicated making peace here does israel to be very careful with the settlements
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which are also repeats what he's been saying about the palestinian leadership he says that not looking to make peace and threatens to withhold aid and less they reach a talks. what president trump spoke of was the idea of a quote peace deal that's very different than peace peace requires at least a modicum of justice that was not on the agenda here a deal implies ending resistance essentially to israeli power that is not on the palestinians agenda that's been the position recently of the palestinian leadership bringing it closer to matching the position of a wide majority of palestinian. civil society so i think what we're seeing here is certainly not the end of the u.s. role as a as an honest broker because it never was an honest broker this is simply a clear acknowledgement of that reality the attorney general of new york state has filed
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a lawsuit against the ones teen company failing to protect employees against former chief executive harvey weinstein prosecutors say the firm repeatedly broke laws by facilitating the alleged abuses weinstein was one of hollywood's most influential produces four hundred seventy women accused him of sexual misconduct including rape which he denies but also to has stalled the planned sale of the company for five hundred million dollars a state of emergency has been declared in tongues as the pacific nation braces for tropical cyclon gaeta evacuation centers have been set up and a curfew has been imposed gaeta is not just off the coast of the most populous on and with winds of two hundred seventy five kilometers an hour it's expected to make a direct hit as a category five storm. well spartan volatility in the price of bitcoin the farms which mine the cryptocurrency a continuing to boom in iceland raising concerns about the long term environmental impact this year's so-called bitcoin mining data
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centers are likely to use more electricity than all of us and homes inside the mine rows of computers are tasked with solving math problems to validate new bitcoin transactions allowing miners to claim a fraction of a coin not yet in circulation or computing power is needed to beat the competition and i cite it as london energy firm has orcus as this formation will be able to keep up liberia's former president ellen johnson sirleaf has become the first woman to win the mo ibrahim prize for african leadership so he has recognized for her efforts to rebuild her country after two civil wars africa's first elected female head of state became president of liberia in two thousand and six and served two terms a coveted five million dollar prize only had a doubt if there's deemed to be a worthy candidate the british foreign secretary says he thinks myanmar's leader isn't fully aware of what he called the horror in northern rakhine state first johnson visited muslim villages there as well as refugee camps in bangladesh the
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housing some of the seven hundred thousand people who fled the military crackdown the u.n. says maybe a genocide portrait of jan reports. the u.k.'s foreign secretary came to see the situation with his own eyes boris johnson to door hinge a refugee camps and bangladesh and met with villagers who remain in me and marjorie kind statement he thinks myanmar leader aung san suu kyi does not fully understand the crisis i don't think she's been in a helicopter to see what we have seen today i don't think it has come through to have the full extent of the horror of what has happened the horror johnson is talking about is what the u.s. calls ethnic cleansing and the u.n. says it may be genocide. seven hundred thousand muslims have fled to bangladesh in a mass exodus since august that's when the military of the buddhist majority country began its latest crackdown. there will hinge accuse the myanmar army of
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mass killings rape and the torching of their villages. you know he did it but there are advantages yes. and. there is a deck for most of the police with. me and maher says its military operations were a counter offensive to attacks. it's not known how many people have died in these operations since august but doctors without borders us to mates at least six thousand seven hundred were murdered in the first month of violence i've seen nothing like it in my life hundreds hundreds of villages torched it's absolutely devastating and i think that what is needed now is is some leadership some calm but some leadership working with the u.n. agencies for johnson is calling on me in march to work with the u.n. and repatriate the refugees dr rakhine state but under u.n. supervision me and more has so far blocked un investigators from the region and
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a high ranking u.s. diplomat recently quit an advisory board saying he feared the panel would whitewash the crisis new reports and photos of mass graves are increasing international pressure on sochi under a government i believe she can still make a change and make a difference but to do that she needs to show get the agencies in get the refugees back home in a way that is safe and voluntary and and dignified. what remains to be seen is if she can live up to her nine hundred ninety one nobel peace prize and put a stop to the humanitarian and human rights crisis that continue paltrow dirge on al-jazeera. the top stories. non-governmental organizations have pledged more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with eisel but the
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figure is well short of the one hundred billion dollars they were the government says it needs a donor conference is being held in kuwait to raise funds to help rebuild cities destroyed in the three year conflict. south africa's ruling a.n.c. party is holding a special meeting to decide the fate of president jacob zuma the foreign gathering which is being dubbed as hashtags as exit on social media is a final attempt to precious zuma into resigning he's facing a number of allegations of corruption but has refused to stand down before his term ends next year the u.s. extra state says the trump administration is committed to working with egypt to defeat eisel rights to listeners discuss the issue with egypt's foreign minister some issue create in cairo at the start of his middle east tour to listeners also held talks with president sisi we agreed that we would continue our close cooperation on counterterrorism measures clothing our joint commitment to the
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defeat of isis in egypt has been a very important member of the defeat isis coalition from the beginning they egypt deals with the threats of isis themselves that are dealing with it certainly currently in the sinai opposition activists in syria's eastern ghouta turning to social media to hide out the suffering of around three hundred fifty thousand people trapped in the besieged area hundreds have been killed in asked reich's and shelling by government forces and their allies in the past week alone the un is calling for a cease fire so that aid can reach people in need the rest of it is in russia trying to piece together a passenger plane crashed minutes after takeoff killing all seventy one people on board both black boxes have been found which could provide vital information to determine what happened a state of emergency has been declared in tonga as the pacific nation braces for tropical cyclone gator the storm is just off the coast of the most populous island
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winds of two hundred seventy five kilometers an hour it's expected to make impact as a category five storm inside stories up next i'll have news after you after that thanks for watching state of it. the number of child soldiers is expanding in many war zones according to the u.n. tens of thousands of children are involved in conflicts in over twenty countries around the world so what should be done to stop this practice this is inside story .


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