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discover the world of zero zero. the best films from across on the work of. the london zoo i'm allowed to be good but i'm about to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we look. at this time on the edges. this is zero. carry this is the news hour life friends are coming up in the next sixty minutes it is time to go south africa's president is given forty eight hours to resign by his
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own party. on this parliament house lies in ruins after a tropical cyclone lashes the tiny pacific kingdom. spending plans how the u.s. president wants to more than four trillion dollars plus. a verdict is due soon on choice and she'll whose corruption case led to the downfall of south korea's former president. south africa's embattled president has been delivered a deadline state media reporting jacob zuma has been given forty eight hours to resign by his party the african national congress at follows a marathon meeting to discuss his fate and see president cyril ramaphosa is understood to have met so much in person to inform him of the party's decision i am opposed to ramped up the pressure on sunday saying the issue was causing disunity and discord some of faces a number of corruption chart. as refused to stand down before his term ends next
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year the minimal or has more from johannesburg. there's been no official word from the african national congress as to the outcome of this meeting held by the national executive committee the top decision making body of the a.n.c. but we do understand based on reports from the national broadcaster the s e b c that as well as the secretary general of the a.n.c. met with jacob zuma to relay a message from the a.n.c. and according to the state broadcaster that was the jacob zuma has a day or potentially to to resign as president of the country now the n.c. has been meeting throughout the day in fact will rip returned to the any sea so it would appear that the conversation they're having isn't entirely over yet but jacob zuma is certainly under pressure all indications are given his behavior in the last
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ten days or so he is resistant he's resisting this resignation he doesn't want to step down and if that continues to be the case the a.n.c. would then have to institute proceedings for a motion of no confidence to be debated in the parliament now the opposition parties in south africa have done exactly that expected to debate a motion of no confidence next week they wanted put forward by parliament if the speaker of parliament doesn't agree to the demands by the opposition they say they're going to court ultimately jacob zuma is under fire from all sides what most a tremendous to him is the position that his party the african national congress has taken in that they've said now it's time to go. so they and c's reported ultimatum to jacob zuma let's talk more about this soon as nine years in power have
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been marred with controversy and economic problems he has survived eight no confidence vote in parliament most recently august of last year and two thousand and sixteen a court ruled that zuma should face charges of bribery and in one thousand nine hundred arms deal zuma has also been accused of accepting outside influence in government decisions and cabinet appointments by the group does a wealthy indian born business family now living in south africa zuma and some of the sami members along with the group are also being investigated on charges of international money laundering he was also accused of using twenty three million dollars of government funds to renovate his private home including a poor and an outdoor theater he later paid the money back. it's a is an africa policy analyst and he says the a.n.c. is decision is an exercise in damage control ahead of next year's elections. this is largely a political decision yes the courts have we are talking legal issues we are talking
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about possible whether he will be. charged but it is a political decision if it is the perception south africa goes to the polls next year to elect a new leader i think the a.n.c. is worried about the e-mail because this story has been played so much as the litany of that you read about mr zuma shows there's me and long he has this image he has been knighted that he's done anything wrong it hasn't been proven in court but this is a political decision and i for one thing the a.n.c. is worried that if he doesn't leave quickly and mr opposite comes in to show that things are changing spruce up the economy also do some things that the grassroots want to include in londra form the n.c.s. worry that if they don't do that the chances in the next year's elections will be pretty bad so this is a political decision and so i'm saying if the errancy wants to it could given the
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concessions that he he does want. morris vale by the hour the extent of damage inflicted on a tiny pacific kingdom by a tropical cyclone we now know several people have been seriously injured in tonga or a state of emergency has been declared more than half the buildings there have been flattened including parliament building. on the ground in tonga first this report from. the powerful category four cycle own poor roofs off buildings downed power lines toppled trees and flooded low lying areas its belief cycle and get is the worst storm to hit the tiny south pacific island nation in decades. is an archipelago comprising one hundred sixty nine islands around three thousand kilometers east of australia more than half of all homes and buildings including congress parliament house are said to be damaged or destroyed. by playing
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value he. either through turn. this is my father. concrete or. kerry. because he needs poland. and. i cannot. cross the cycling was packing winds of two hundred thirty kilometers per hour and emergency management teams are now out assessing the damage trying to clear roads and working to restore power and water. the cyclon is now moving towards an area south of fiji it's expected to weaken and bring rain and winds to new zealand by the weekend. on al-jazeera. more now that television is a one producer john pollute who is in the capital there nicolo for he joins us now by phone and thank you very much for joining us. the population there it's not very
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big it's probably about one hundred thousand or so can you kind of give us a scope of how many people have been personally affected by this. model of energy and thank you very much for this opportunity of. capital. i would say probably the majority of anyone here in the kingdom. like. very much because. it's a given the more concerning because visibility was a huge issue with flying debris and also with. the buildings. here and there and also there's a lot of. the food and. there's a lot of rubbish from the roads is a lot of. cars get it on people's. limits
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which is one of the poorest. and most importantly that you can only see that one patient. you know they're going to be. everything else. a lot of people over my. local church goes. to business. many of them are to. sunday morning thirty one father said to me go to them children and do you think that it's going to be pretty going to take a long time for them to. get out of the cement to move the things that are most of the month because of you know. john what are the resources that are there will get the rebuilding later just the resources to get people through the coming hours what is the organization the resources to help people. there will.
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be. a lot of. management. here that. might want a. bit of holding in the middle of the road there. because they're very. much. there's a lot of conservative on the. majority by know they can be treated. like anyone needs to do today most.
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people have. the money. still something pretty devastating to tell after our jump hole of thank you so much for joining us from nicholas tonga. let's turn our focus now to the u.s. economy president donald trump has sent congress a four point four trillion dollars proposed budget for two thousand and nineteen so that proposes setting aside two hundred billion dollars as part of a ten year one point five trillion dollars and the structure plan to rebuild america's roads and highways it also includes eighteen billion towards trumps promised border wall with mexico spending on the military and veterans programs continues to go up with seven hundred sixteen billion dollars for defense expenditure to pay for the increases the budget recommends state cuts to domestic programs that provide medical and food aid to the poor and the elderly the budget proposal lowers the deficit over ten years but does not claim to eliminate it
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a change from previous republican proposals and even then. a level of economic growth that many experts regard as unrealistic can really how could reports from washington d.c. . for years republicans in washington promise to cut government spending if their party won the white house but for the second straight year republican president donald trump's done just the opposite we will build we will maintain and the vast majority of americans want to see us take care of our infrastructure. on monday trump presented his twenty one thousand budget proposal giving the world a hard look at his administration's spending priorities they include a proposal for one point five trillion to rebuild roads bridges and airports and six hundred eighty six billion for the u.s. military a thirteen percent increase from the previous year proposal also reduces the state
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department budget by nine billion or twenty six percent that decrease includes the elimination of a program promoting climate change we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east seven trillion dollars what a mistake. as with his twenty eight team plan trump has again proposed cuts to humanitarian and economic aid last december he threatened to link foreign assistance to support for u.s. measures that the united nations like recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital but when it comes to foreign spending congress largely ignored trump's last budget proposal and is expected to do the same for twenty nineteen last week the u.s. congress approved its own to your spending deal that the president signed into law . keeping the government open with boost to defense of domestic spending that congressional deal essential overrides the budgets released by the white house the
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president has merely when it comes to the budget the power to propose but it is congress that appropriates and decides and congress decided and appropriated last week but what is consistent about both proposals is unrestrained spending trumps budget projects a deficit of more than a trillion dollars with no plan for reducing america's spiraling debt kimberly help at al-jazeera washington there's much more ahead in the news hour. well larry's own needs as was only said. the images being used on social media to highlight the plight of people under constant bombardment. made of said sorry to australia's indigenous community as prime minister ten years ago reflects on what's changed since that. time i went cause havoc for snowboarders at the
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winter olympics find out more with far and just a bit. about three hours a verdict expected and i south korean corruption case that brought down the former president had been hey it centers on her childhood friend who's accused of controlling the president and meddling in state affairs name of course from seoul on how the case has already impacted the country. tre soon she'll is a long time friend of former president palmer who hate she's accused of using their forty year shared history to influence and control the presidency this is not a democratic special persecution i'm being forced to confess to committing crimes and the president. prosecutors say choice greed ultimately disrupted the political process and shook the foundation of south korean society
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a total of seventeen million people protested weakly last year and became the first president in the country's history to be impeached and removed from office is fighting eighteen charges including bribery coersion and abuse of power she's been defiant telling reporters the case against her is simply political revenge is facing a twenty five year prison term which your attorney says is tantamount to a death sentence for the sixty one year old. this is so unfair i don't deserve to be treated like this. prosecutors say unapologetic stance only reaffirms their position that she deserves the maximum sentence they say she pressured fifty companies including samsung to donate more than seventy one million dollars to two foundations she controlled. is just one of many in snared in the country's biggest political corruption scandal ever. the fundamental problem is that too much power
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is concentrated in the presidency if we stick to this current system tragic presidents will continue appearing so trust casey with isn't just an isolated issue it's also problems stemming from the system through lation ship with the trade runs deep she was also close to trace father when he was alive he was a cult leader who said he could communicate with her dad mother the verdict in the pa case is expected later this year natasha going to a. full. professor in the department political science of her son national university in south korea and joins us now. appreciate it so. mentioned in her report the. protests is all of these trials were going on at times there were seventeen million people in the streets upset about what was happening having said
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that and how much pressure is there on the prosecutors is this verdict this is expected to come out in a few hours yeah that's actually on the concerns right is that because the president was impeached over this and there's enormous transparency right everybody's been watching this it's got a kind of soap opera o.j. simpson kind of quality to it this whole trial right people have really obsessed about it there's a big concern that this woman will get a fair trial which is to say that sort of like you know public opinion here is just nationally just people just can't stand this woman and they're all looking for major sentence my own sense is that she's to did an awful lot and she will be convicted but i mean there is going to be a discussion about whether or not it was even possible for her to get a fair shake. you know just recently i think it was just last week that the the samsung. samsung air. sickness kind of it was stunning what ended up happening with i mean basically walked out of jail do you see any signs in that for how this might go or not necessarily any connection. yeah i would be surprised if cheney is given
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a pass in the same way that the samsung. error was in part because lee i mean this is sort of one of the bad things about sort of criminal justice and career right i mean it is kind of like stacked in favor of the wealthy right i mean table the table the big conglomerates in the green economy chaebol elites have often gotten let out of jail for all kinds of sort of slippery reasons in the past and a lot of people sort of thought that might be the same case here imprisoning the head of samsung the most important corporation in korea was pretty gutsy and a lot of people thought it would be rolled back and it was the thing is that change doesn't really have that kind of supporting more weight she's not actually standing in front of some large conglomerate that accounts for four percent of g.d.p. or something like that and she's really out on her own and she's associated with an extraordinarily unpopular president so i'm the political forces behind the ruling are different again you know we hope that's not the case right i mean put in each case both should be judged by whether or not they actually sure you know politics is the politics is so big i mean she was impeached the president so it's kind of a big deal let's talk about the politics of this and bigger than just this
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particular case what changes have been enacted or should they are in the process of an acting being enacted for something like this to never happened again. yeah i think there are sort of two big things that are going the first is going to be a lot stricter clearance about who's actually allowed to work in the blue house which is sort of the korean equivalent of the white house and you're the president right i mean what we learned one park and he was removed was that a lot of the people around her were pretty shady the hands of the criminal backgrounds of them weren't really qualified right and so there's going to be a big discussion about who's actually allowed to get near to the president and and actually spend presidential monies that's one of the things that she did right she turned out to be very good at sort of ripping off the presidency which means ripping off the country and i think the other big issue is there be constraints on the powers of the presidency as one of your interviewees in the previous report noted the korean presidency is very very powerful particular compared to the legislature it's probably too strong and so there have been efforts as been a whole constitutional revision discussion in the last year or so to roll to rein
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in the powers of the presidency so you don't get a repeat of those. appreciate your insight as always thanks for having non-governmental organizations have pledged more than three hundred million dollars to help iraq rebuild after its war with eisel by the figure as well short of the one hundred billion dollars the iraqi government says it needs a donor conference is being held in kuwait to raise funds to help rebuild cities and destroyed in the three year conflict some is it on reports from kuwait the silence off the destruction that screams out for help. town after town in iraq's once vibrant sunny heartland now beating with lifelessness. these are some of the places iraqi officials attending a conference in kuwait want to rebuild their asking the world to help. with. the iraqi government is presenting this conference we're going to fishel document detailing its vision and play for reconstruction
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a year but the big question is what commitments are countries and companies ready to make this vague talk of future announcements but specifics so far in short supply to our minister of economic development similar will be coming in he will bring with them a more precise idea there will be a major financing announcement tomorrow or in the next couple of days. iraqi officials are staying optimistic pushing the u.s. in particular to commit more they have to have responsibility about iraq no just to defeat but to rebuild the economy ngo's on the other hand they did announce they'll commit over three hundred million dollars to various humanitarian causes in iraq but that's a far cry from the one hundred billion dollars iraq's prime minister said rebuilding his country will cost now to get that level of cash the government will
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have to overcome some very real challenges. challenges like corruption security political instability and displacement the displaced like this my from ramadi it's hard to go through the rubble of your house harder still to go sifting through the memories of a shattered life. the u.s. led coalition air strike in two thousand and four destroyed this miner's house and killed his wife and two of his children i saw then destroyed his house a second time in two thousand and fifteen no matter how hard he tries to put the pieces back together life seems really. no fishel zur n.g.o.s have come to ask us what we need or what choice we're missing we're only seeking our rights we're not begging. the sign that have been in the camp i'm alive now live says well but the conditions don't have an ear once attracted tourists now host people who have nowhere else to go. officials in quite have to convince investors but they also
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have to convince iraqis they have a future other than just being tossed around like pawns in power games sami's a than al-jazeera kuwait u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has arrived in kuwait for the second leg of his little east tour earlier on monday he was in egypt where he says the tramp administration remains committed to working with the country to defeat eisel he discussed the issue with the egyptian foreign minister and cairo tillerson also held talks with president. he says washington in cairo share the same goal a lasting peace in the region. if that occurs. most of the conversation was based on the bilateral relations there was a deep and genuine interest from mr tillerson with the us to continue to work and support egypt and work together to achieve our common interests this is what i reiterated to him egypt is keen on maintaining this positive friendly relationship
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which will no doubt bring about more stability and security and push forward to achieving lasting peace in the middle east the man who apologized to indigenous people in australia for the mistreatment they endured for centuries as i'm speaking to al-jazeera exactly ten years ago haven't read the country's than prime minister stood up in parliament to say sorry to generations of aboriginal children who were taken from their homes and put in state institutions andrew thomas has more of the better part of this and it has been a central campaign promise and in february two thousand and eight three months after being elected australia's new prime minister apologized to decades of institutional racism and abuse as prime minister of australia i'm sorry on behalf of the government of australia i am sorry on behalf of the parliament of australia i'm sorry how did you feel giving that speech ten years ago. i felt as if
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i had a responsibility and the responsibility was to begin to certain rights the wrongs who had administered to indigenous australians for the previous two hundred years or more watched by australians across the country rudd was specifically saying sorry to the stolen generations tens of thousands of people who as children had been forcibly removed from their families to bring them up often institutions as part of white australia states. you talked in that speech about a new chap's a new beginning a new start has it been yes and the reason it has been is that you can't be good in your relationship with somebody which is being breached and ruptured and this you've apologized that's the first step but the second step is a more practical one what do you then do to make restitution for the things that have been done wrong and that's what a national program of closing the gap between the lives of indigenous and non-indigenous australians over the last ten years has been about the initiative
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also launched in two thousand and eight was to close the gaps in education employment health and life expectancy between indigenous australians and everybody else but targets being missed and still all being focused on monday i'll start with foreign minister just three of sevenths hollings are on track as the strike this year what would be kevin rudd of two thousand and eight make of progress or lack of progress on those closing the gap targets i would answer that impossible question by saying that i am pleased that we've made real progress. and equally brutally realistic about where further progress must be made so when i see changes in the number of indigenous babies who survive rather than die when i see real changes in the number of
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indigenous four year olds who can now go to preschool and real changes in terms of the number of indigenous kids finishing high school i say we're beginning to turn the corner but it is like turning the queen mary around it takes time and just three of the seven targets that were laid out being met is that disappointing to you. i would like of course to be on track for all seven but the bottom line is in all seven. the trend is up and not down in three we are on target to achieve the objectives we set and they are ambitious objectives i'll be more worried if the performance was further down you can choose one of either of two courses in history one is to reconcile of the second is to simply sweep it all under a very uncomfortable and untidy carpet which is what many countries have done mr rudd insists indigenous australians are better off today because of his apology
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a decade ago andrew thomas al-jazeera canberra. still ahead on al-jazeera. i'm to see an human in rio de janeiro and coming up i'll explain why soaring violence is no longer restricted to the favelas or slums that to see behind me. and sport a country football team plays a match in the u.a.e. it made it a matter of great love story coming. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there definitely turning milder now for some of us in the eastern parts of china we've had rather cool weather over the past few days but now they're beginning to rise those temperatures so look at that eleven degrees on maximum on tuesday by wednesday will be all the way up at eighteen degrees not just thanks to
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a change in the wind direction look at all those winds firing up from the southwest there during the day generally speaking for many of us here the weather's quite quiet is for the south where it's far more active we've got this tropical storm making its way towards the philippines and it's going to bring a from very heavy downpours i don't think the winds will be too problematic but i think it will be the rains could see two hundred maybe three hundred millimeters of wet weather from the system and only slowly will it be making its way across palawan as we head through the day on wednesday towards the south well it's been quite quiet weather wise here not a great deal of sharri out to vittie seen a few showers again over parts of java but further west still quite subdued so we're only looking at one or two perhaps if you are lucky in k.l. as we head across towards india where this very active system with us at the moment but it's petering out as it marches its way towards the east so just a bit of rain a little bit of snow there in the pole behind it
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a lot calmer than it has been twenty six in nagpur. there with sponsored by qatar airways. on counting the cost of wild swings for global stock markets look at what's going on and why it matters how women in twenty eighteen are still fighting for equal rights in the workplace u.s. cheryl is defying expectations but will it make life more difficult for counting the cost at this time on a just. a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was they targeted to. pain to be forced to leave would just be all and then again it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative and maybe i'll turn down these are just normal business. has become more united. beyond the
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blockade at this time on al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now south african media is reporting that embattled president jacob zuma has been given forty eight hours to resign by his party the african national congress a marathon meeting on monday to discuss zuma state paces a number of corruption charges but has refused to stand out before his term ends next year. several people have been seriously injured after a tropical cyclone it havoc in the pacific kingdom of tonga more than half of the
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buildings in the country have been flattened that includes parliament house. and u.s. president has unveiled a four point four trillion die. dollar budget for two thousand and nineteen proposed budget it ramps up spending on infrastructure in the military and proposes a deep cuts to health care programs for the poor and elderly but also includes eighteen billion dollars towards trump's promised border wall with mexico. to talk more about a proposed increase in military spending market call soul is a professor at georgia institute of technology she joins us from atlanta we appreciate your time very much so if a budget or proposed budget as it is is is a list of priorities what do you think that this significant request for an increase in military says about the trumpet ministrations priorities well budget is posed is more like a throwback to the two thousand and two thousand into the bush administration in fact what's been proposed for
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a missile defense is very similar i think it was nine point three billion in the why two thousand and five so we're looking at a fairly typical republican increase in defense spending. so again what do you think that says about the priorities for this particular but a straight shot and let me actually give you a quote from donald trump he says we're going to have the strongest military we've ever had by increasing arsenals of virtually every weapon does the u.s. need to do that it already spends more on the military than several other countries combined. well that's a great point so much of the department of defense what gets funded through it isn't just the kind of things that the president's rhetoric was speaking to it's the kind of things like funding for research so there's a whole lot more within the budget then just those specific pieces that were
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carried out in fact looking at this budget i would say that in many ways it has much more the fingerprints of secretary of defense mattis and other typical republican or conservative administration there's a lot of rhetoric that's going around and coming out of the white house but really it's not that surprising of a budget and if you it x. a few places where it's a little bit unusual will have intrigued by what you're saying about you think that this is actually reflective of people like secretary mabus and in what way in that it is increasing in particular areas of expenditure for the services for building in being ready so it's called readiness and again one would expect an increase in the
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defense budget with a republican administration and frankly if it would have been president clinton i would be expecting a increase in the defense budget as well what is notable in the broader president's budget requests are some of those zeroing out in programs that don't have to do with defense the proposed cuts in particular to state department in usa i d areas a significant side i think people who are problematic strategically that's about a twenty percent market margaret thank you very much for your time appreciate it. thank you. the u.n. says the syrian civil war has some of the worst fighting since the conflict began nearly seven years ago hundreds of people had been killed or displaced in the past week activists in rebel held eastern are turning to social media to highlight the suffering of around three hundred fifty thousand people trapped in that area and i
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heard a report from beirut in neighboring lebanon. said . appeals for help coming from the children of eastern. we are being killed by your silence before it is too late mohamed says. opposition activists have launched a campaign on social media to highlight what they describe as the suffering of those trapped in. the intensity of the airstrikes targeting the rebel held area has been unprecedented the bombing relentless. syrian and russian aircraft have stepped up
5:38 am
bombardment in recent days in a military operation that began in late december. since then over four hundred people have been killed half in the first week of february alone. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least one hundred of the casualties were children and. nowhere is safe the united nations says people are under extreme danger calls for a cease fire have been ignored three house facilities have been hit in the past week the u.n. has been trying to evacuate hundreds of critically ill and wounded patients for months now. eastern who has been encircled by government forces for four years as of late the seach has been tightened and no aid has entered in months the un is appealing for access to provide the people with food fuel and medicine and international aid organizations say they cannot imagine the scale of the humanitarian disaster if a cease fire does not take effect the u.n.
5:39 am
security council failed to support a proposal for a truce russia a veto wielding member of the council called it unrealistic saying it's not sure what it called terrorists are in agreement was. the are the people of eastern huta still have their voices they are hoping to be heard but campaigns like this one have been tried in the past they didn't stop the bloodshed. residential areas are being hit buildings are being flattened there is a wide scale destruction and the international community is through excitement. was no doubt very good for you right in the civil defense volunteers have been overwhelmed since the battle for control of east escalated one of them discovering the body of his mother under the rubble there is desperation but little sign that scenes like this will not happen again. beirut. this defense secretary
5:40 am
says turkey has legitimate security concerns along its southern border with syria he also admitted some american backed kurdish forces have moved to syria's border region framework turkey launched an operation last month to push kurds out of the u.s.'s supported kurdish forces in the fight against eisel severely straining ties with turkey which sees them as a terrorist group. the british government is demanding a full account from the charity oxfam over allegations of sexual exploitation by staff in haiti organization says it did that it did take action back then but its deputy chief executive has resigned admitting not enough was done oxfam staff have also been accused of hiring prostitutes in chad. reports. as more questions are asked about sexual exploitation by oxfam staff in haiti the international charities fighting to save its reputation ahead of a meeting with oxfam bosses in london britain's international development secretary
5:41 am
warned they must be transparent about what happened in twenty eleven or risk losing government funding worth forty three million dollars last year if the moral leadership at the top of the organization isn't there then we cannot have you as a partner i would also just note that there are enormous numbers of people who are doing good work and they're good people working. and they have been betrayed in this as well the charities been hit by reports it's country director for haiti roland van however my role was alleged to have invited prostitutes to a villa rented for him by oxfam following the twenty ten earthquake the organization says it didn't vest a gate at the time and fired four people while allowing three others including mr van however myron to resign what those few privileged men in haiti did was to betray the trust of our supporters our dorna as to betray the thousands of hard working folks from staff who put themselves out risking their lives to do this work
5:42 am
of saving people's lives children's lives on monday it emerged that back in two thousand and six when van how am i read was oxfam's country director in charge concerns were also raised about employees using sex workers there hours later deputy chief executive penny lawrence resigned saying the organization failed to adequately act of the allegations concerning both the child and haiti oxfam has announced a series. measures in response to the scandal it says it's improving its recruitment and vetting process and setting up a new independent helpline for people to report abuse but some industry insiders say there's a wider culture of denial warning for years predatory peeta phones have been allowed to target the age sector and you macleod a former senior adviser to the united nations agrees he's calling for prosecutions we've got to fix this i'd work because and the id industry needs to be full of humility now they are a very very many good aid workers out there and certainly not every aid worker is
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a pedophile far from it but the systematic problem is the culture of the industry the paternalism and just think of oxfam not even reporting it to the local police what was going through their head charities like oxfam are going to be under intense scrutiny from politicians here in britain how they respond could determine not just how much government money they continue to get but how much goodwill they continue to receive from the general public and that could be their biggest concern . as era. to police officers in the u.s. city of baltimore have been found guilty in what's been described as the biggest police corruption scandal there and a generation daniel hurls and marcus taylor facing life in prison for selling drugs and guns robbing homes and arresting and assent people that are part of an elite squad other officers from the unit are also on trial. crime and violence in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro has spiked to the worst levels in more than
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a decade particularly within the past year public safety improved significantly ahead of the world cup and the rio olympics but now it's become so bad residents are resorting to unprecedented methods to stay safe a lot america reports. a gun battle in a busy rio de janeiro's thoroughfare terrified motorists and pedestrians look for cover desperate not to become the next victims of stray bullets. violence is again out of control in the city where a person is shot every two hours and confrontations between rival drug gangs or with police. the intensity of confrontations in urban areas is new we're seeing younger criminals with more and better weapons last month alone there are more than six hundred and forty gun battles here in rio and not just up on the hills in the favelas or the slums but right here on the asphalt as people here like to refer to the main part of the city these rifles have become so common that residents are
5:45 am
resorting more and more into technology rather than turning to the police. where are the shootouts it's a nonprofit application the tracks gun battles in real time based on eyewitnesses media and police accounts so that. you know trying to help. and. to avoid those areas. within a million people using the app including architect and. i have started checking to see if there is something happening on the roads i will be driving it's alerted me to make a u. turn when they're being on my route. the sharp spike in violence is due in part to brazil's acute economic crisis rio and its police department are now bankrupt. and so in the absence of a police protection residents of the emblematic neighborhood. are taking extreme
5:46 am
measures. explains that closed circuit t.v. cameras were not enough to deter criminals so the neighbors installed sirens. sounded. percent of murders and assaults go unpunished. still ahead on. smaller. stop after the.
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thank you neal thank you. probably . thanks very much high winds have again hit the action of the winter olympics and young chang more of them had to be postponed and some of those that did go ahead were adversely affected in the women's slopestyle snowboarding all of the riders fell on at least one run one
5:49 am
athlete said after it was like driving into a wind tunnel defending champion jamie anderson of the united states stayed on her feet long enough to win gold but many competitors were happy and i feel so so happy . if i can send it out another gold definitely was a struggle out there today for everyone and i'm just happy i was able to put one down our correspondent lee wellings he was in pyongyang says the decision to proceed with the slopestyle was taken by the sport's governing body and not the international olympic committee well yes you can understand the frustration and on happiness of many of the competitors in the women folks out there for about four years for these words olympics. and to not be able to get down on one of your vans or to not be able to complete all either of the runs so be a medal prospect like ana gasteyer of austria as a finishing first it's terribly disappointing for them and many of them felt that
5:50 am
the event should not be taking place should have been postponed like of the events have been but you would also say that jamie anderson who started on a ball twice actually does of the gold medal goes very little doubts about that but it was certainly spoke to an extent has of course affected all the events the men's downhill not to be postponed until thursday i think and we've got a week john solomon but find until things bank in the league i went over seventy kilometers an hour like a wind tunnel many of the compressors aside but safety is paramount and this is what mark adams of the international olympic committee has said in defense of events going ahead as advised by the scaife out of action each federation has a wealth of experience on this sport and we really really about that of course we have to coordinate the whole show jewel it's quite a quite a headache getting all the different sports and so on to run it in
5:51 am
a different way but obviously we would never take a decision. that would that would put in jeopardy the safety that leaves one thing that will help the guys here is it is forecast to get a lot warmer it's so cold here that obviously that's been the story record breaking low temperatures but it said. there was. thrown degrees or even more are not going to prosecute into a situation where. we hope three or four kids are broadly and hopefully the winds will die down as well six other gold medals were handed out on day three of the winter games howlingly cent has more. germany's in the red on lion made history in biathlon on monday adding the fish title to her sprint crown she's the first woman to complete an olympic biathlon of all. the men's but she too was won by martin for cart of france successfully defending his title from sochi elsewhere canada claimed their first golds mikhail kingsbury trying thing in moguls they won
5:52 am
team figure skating to i'm so proud of each and every one for delivering such phenomenal skates and caring our national anthem on the podium tonight it was something truly special in ski jumping mara lundeby got norway's second gold of the games in the women's noble final. i and more history was made as the rain based one the fifteen hundred meter speed skating title ten and then pick up a medal now the netherlands most successful a member here of all time helen gleason is there. more medals will be up for grabs in ski jumping later this week adding richardson explains how they'll be won and lost. the first ski jumping events were held in norway back in the nineteenth century and events has been in every winter olympics but it wasn't until the sochi games in twenty fourteen that women were also allowed to compete of
5:53 am
a lympics feature three ski jumping events the normal hill which is ninety meters high the lower chill which is one hundred and twenty meters above the ground and the team large scale which is contested by fourteen members who combine their scores now from a seated starting position skiers glide down a steep hill and then hits a builtin ramp which propels them into the air at speeds of around ninety kilometers an hour the distance traveled is important but competitors also scored on how they control their flights let's have a look at what the panel of five judges are looking for a chill has a minimum distance the scoring take a lot chill where you get extra points for every meter past the one hundred and twenty five minutes and mark additionally jumpers receive style marks depending on their poise through the air and the style of their landing the jumper all same with
5:54 am
the highest number of points gets the gold medal let's have a quick look at how the medal table looks after day three germany are top with four gold so far three of those have come in by apollon the netherlands are up to second with three golds all from speed skating and it's norway who are now in third with two or metal. they month long boycott of cats are by regional neighbors has been broken by a football team all graph of cats are opened its asian champions league campaign and against al-jazeera the champions of the united arab emirates it's the first time a guitar a football team has played in the u.a.e. since they joined saudi arabia and bahrain in imposing a blockade on qatar in june last year over political differences al-jazeera went on to be. treated to. many of the world's best tennis players are in katter this week the latest stop on the women's tour could see a rematch of the australian open final when caroline simona halep to take her
5:55 am
number one ranking tatiana sanchez reports. women's tennis is enjoying a resurgence already this year and the best female tennis players in the world are in doha for their first major stop after the australian open last month tournament emphasized the fifth rivalry in the women's game with a succession of tightly forward and lengthy much is as women's tennis becomes more competitive it helps sean certain people's view the men should be paid more. foreman men's world number one novak djokovic was criticized two years ago for saying that men should be paid more than women and for saying that men's tennis should fight for more pay because the stats show that the men's game is far more popular to watch i think we put the same effort like the men's during our practice and we try to make the quality of all the sessions of courts to say
5:56 am
and we are going on courts to give our best many top female tennis players were appalled by djokovic his comments including serena williams who said i think it's unfair to compare we've had so many great women champions and players who have brought such great vision to the sport there have been great men players too but women's tennis is the biggest sport for women period serena had dominated the game for years the twenty three time grand slam champion career came to a halt by after her twenty seventeen australian open title after announcing her pregnancy paving the way for other players to shine and take the top top it's just one of two points who can decide if you win the match or if you lose a match and you know it's just i don't know i don't think that. looking this way that syria is not there i mean of course she is the champion she is a legend while carter insists arena isn't part of her focus this tournament in doha
5:57 am
give several formal while number one the chance to make that mark and become very new pacesetter tatyana al-jazeera doha and that's all your sport for now more later. obama won a little less of the silver fox looked at the gray hairs for still there and as official portrait as a former us president. obama and former first lady michelle unveiled the smithsonian's national portrait gallery in washington d.c. they were painted by candy wiley and amy cheryl of the first african-american artist the gallery has ever commission for official portraits of a former u.s. president i tried to negotiate was great here. it is artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i asked i tried negotiate smaller ears. struck out on matters well. i
5:58 am
am a little overwhelmed to see belief i have so many thoughts and feelings rolling around inside of me now i am humbled i am honored i'm proud that's all from me for the news hour to keep it here they want al jazeera much more on the other side of the break with terror in jordan. the sky. should be no borders up here with only horizons when as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a rowing football of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be
5:59 am
treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion to travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. of our ways going places together. the scene for us where on line what is a very sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating bass is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out of it has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. a young
6:00 am
so molly refugee thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. i was told i was lucky to good to hear i was a really really good read but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world ask sally was whether his american dream is still alive so molly in america at this time on al-jazeera. south africa's president has given forty eight hours to resign by his own party. this is obviously a live from doha also coming up as all of the house lies in ruins.


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