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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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these explosions when. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people lived in the vicinity the motives make little difference rewind silent. this time. i don't know i love them but let's leave in two years until they go through with south africa's controversial president is asked to step down by the ruling and save it sets no deadline. but i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera life also coming up the u.s.
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secretary of state warns world leaders that stopping i saw on the battlefield does not mean the mission is complete. a confidant of the impeached south korean president has given twenty years in jail for corruption. the former president of georgia president mikheil saakashvili says that he's been kidnapped to kiev and sent to poland. south africa's embattled president has been asked to step down the ruling african national congress has recalled jacob zuma the party's top level executives confirmed that they've given him notice to leave office after nine years zuma faces hundreds of corruption charges but has refused to stand down before his term ends next year the a.n.c. confirmed it wants seumas deputy civil right opposed to become president. believe that this is religion. agency in all of us the welcome to who was.
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home. we are therefore determined to restore the integrity of the problem is the solution. to the problems and some of the not thousands. of altruistic maneuvers in the parliament. motions of move. to. calls for the solution. of the. by now to johannesburg how serious for me is for me after all the confusion all the uncertainty away any further forward than we were twenty four hours ago. you know age you know early in the day there were reports that jacob zuma would be given forty eight hours to resign and now that the n.c. has come out with the official word on the way forward they continues to be that confusion around exactly what will happen because there's no deadline around when
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jacob zuma has to resign south africans are uncertain we do know that jacob zuma is expected to respond to what the a.n.c. has said that they're recalling the president as a deploy of the a.n.c. they recall him from this position as president he is due to respond on wednesday we don't know if will address the nation if this will be an internal process we do know that previously jacob zuma had asked for about three to six months to stay in office for this transition to take place over that amount of time the a.n.c. it seems is unwilling to do that but at the same time the air in c. the doesn't appear to know exactly when the president should step down this is what the secretary general is to say earlier. that this is the season of years where you can speak. to the sport. we have.
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two truths for. the bill but to. leave it to you is a very good food. commentator is also saying this really is an indictment on the a.n.c. in terms of the leadership role that it's supposed to play doesn't seem to know what it's doing the a.n.c. is eighteen months away from any election when still room of course of the president of the a.n.c. will stand as a candidate for president of south africa there was a lot of support around thing stepping in being the chief negotiator in this situation with jacob zuma pushing for the president to resign or the a.n.c. seems quite confident that jacob zuma will in fact resign it says it has no plans to to put forward a motion of no confidence in parliament that would be its only option or not only by would be the most immediate option if jacob zuma refuses to step down they would go to parliament have a vote of no confidence and get the president out in that way the n.c. says that's not the case so it would appear jacob zuma will step down will resign
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we just don't know when but at the same time opposition parties are continuing to push for say prince jacob zuma excuse me to get out of office to their own vote of no confidence even calling for demonstrations we've not seen any of that at this point but jacob zuma ultimately still under fire but appears to be given some room by the a.n.c. possibly to negotiate the time in which he has to step down from either many thanks indeed of the series for me to believe in johannesburg for grand master is from the electoral institute for sustainable democracy in africa he says that zuma has managed once again to buy more time. seems that presence him has been given a soft stay of execution but we do know because the instruction has been given that the n.s.c. expect him to resign that that he will not be the president throughout the full term his second term in office so we do know now officially from the a.n.c. that they have instructed the president they expect him to resign and what is what
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we unfortunately don't know is exactly when will it be the three to six months of the president is talking about or will it be sooner which would certainly be the preference of the a.n.c. is any seat well there's a recall is real it is it is a political force that the president would be very ill advised to resist he of course can constitutionally resist it but he would essentially be the worst of lame duck president without the support of his party in parliament but of course if this is all about buying time then of course the a.n.c. not setting a deadline was i think a little bit soft on the president and certainly not what a lot of people were hoping to hear there's a strong desire for clarity and for this method to be resolved now it has been dragging on for at least a couple of weeks and of course since president ramaphosa was elected in the symbol we knew that this was coming and it's come now and if jacob zuma to be believed it's come far too soon for me wasn't ready for it and he wants more time. u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson is warning that the end of combat operations against eisel doesn't mean that the fight against the armed group is over he's been speaking at the global coalition to defeat eisel in kuwait he's called for members to step up their commitments to stabilize parts of iraq and syria that used to be under eisel control tillerson also says that the us has pledged two hundred million dollars to syria when asked which country was responsible for the creation of i saw this is what to listen had to say. i still emerged out of circumstances in iraq and syria there were certain territories that weren't totally secure and the entire atmosphere allowed eisel to emerge and they emerge from chaos and anarchy in the region that's why i still were able to take control of vast areas of land and that's why our top priority is to prevent eitel from establishing its caliphate or recruit further operatives or hold training in preparation for future attacks or a separate conference is taking place in kuwait on rebuilding iraq after its battle against eisel the iraqi government is asking for one hundred billion dollars for
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reconstruction sammy said dan has more on the response to that appeal. how successful has it been the question i've put it to several iraqi officials and they've said well to be honest up until now we haven't had any formal commitments come in other than of course the ngo part of this conference n.g.o.s have committed to over three hundred some three hundred thirty million dollars that they say they will contribute to various humanitarian causes we do know from some u.s. officials are talking about how the u.s. will an ounce we don't know if it will be today now there is a press conference involving the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and the iraq reconstruction conference in a couple of hours so that may be the venue but what u.s. officials are telling us is they will make some kind of financing and now it's meant may not be money it could be you know facilitation for finance in other means
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or is a conflict resolution professor at the hans to toot he says that the reconstruction of iraq goes far beyond the rebuilding of infrastructure. we can't talk for long about the management of the reconstruction process and how mismanaged it is to be quite honest with you in my view any post conflict reconstruction reconstruction process has two aspects two sides one is the hardware what i call it and one is the software they're talking about you know fund raising and you know some building of houses damaged properties is this is the hardware of the reconstruction process but the most important thing get actually which is the software process which how to read which is you know represent things like how to begin the trust of the people how to engage the iraqi community the iraqi different communities there like a society in the reconstruction process how to allow for and facilitate for the
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return of that if it is that you know the result of the war how to fight sectarianism in iraq that also came as a result of this war these are actually the tough questions at least unless the software issues of the reconstruction reconstruction process are not resolved the hardware process. aspect of it will not be sustainable will not continue because you need a president that have government in baghdad that all different communities including the sudanese who are marginalized during you know the past years to feel that the baghdad government is a truly representative of them that's when that he construction process succeeds that's not when it's complete and it's not only about opening the roads and rebuilding go forward as leaving the software on their site. russia's government says that it has no information about any mercenaries from the country being killed
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in syria it was responding to media reports of more than two hundred pro-government faces dying in delos all last week they were reportedly killed during fighting with u.s. coalition forces russia says that it's only aware of nationals deployed there as part of the country's armed forces investigators say that sunday's plane crash in russia may have been caused by speed gauges being iced up the passenger jet crashed into a field be a moscow on sunday all seventy one people on board were killed investigators say the crew failed to activate the heating of the gauges the woman at the center of the scandal that brought down former south korean president park geun haye has been jailed for twenty years for corruption. soon sil was found guilty of using a friendship with park to meddle in state affairs for personal gain well just here is that i should get a reports from seoul. choice soon she'll might be the most disliked public figure
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in south korea at the moment many say she deserves the twenty year prison sentence and the more than sixteen million dollars fine she's been ordered to pay just. to be honest she was convicted of more charges than i expected and the sentence is also a heavier than i predicted this makes me think that the court was taking this very seriously prosecutors say to a's coersion bribery and abuse of power led to the impeachment and removal of her friend and former president pacu. she was convicted of pressuring companies including samsung to donate millions of dollars to foundations she controls twenty says this is political revenge she's being framed and treated unfairly given the sustained outrage this case is generating some wonder if the bias against her stopped her from getting a fair trial. trade is now the face of corruption between the political and
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business establishment the case has transfixed south koreans on tuesday prior to her verdict trey's name is trending on the country's biggest online search engine everybody's been watching this it's got a kind of soap opera o.j. simpson kind of quality to it this whole trial right people really obsessed about it. after the verdict was announced there was fighting and screaming among hocks supporters outside the court room they've been monitoring the trial a verdict in packs case is expected soon. i'm here because choice court ruling really influence parks case significantly. this is the biggest political scandal in south korean history the first time a president was impeached and removed from office analysts say there is too much power concentrated in the presidency and history will repeat itself if the political system isn't reformed. then when the impeachment happened because of trey
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because of the impeachment posing pietschmann politics have become unstable and we haven't seen normal political procedures i think trey should be responsible at meter on doing and apologize to the people that's more important a nominee he is she will spend in prison trey remains defiant and has not apologized but many believe the court's lengthy sentence sends a warning to others and a message to the people that their outrage has been heard natasha going to. so. we're going to weather update next year i was here at then a former aide to egypt ex-military chief of staff is arrested after threatening to release top secret files plus. i'm gay roles on do it fashion week in new york city where some of the biggest brands in the world have decided to take their show elsewhere coming up i'll tell you why.
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we've got some increasing clout to spilling into central and southern parts of china over the next comes as the for the most part it looks like she try twenty celsius in hong kong is that clout there across southern parts and it does become more expensive as we go on through stay with us suddenly brace hong kong still getting up to twenty two celsius pushed by the north shanghai into double figures it out and right just coming into central parts of china as we go through thursday from out a cloud to stretch across india at present the us generally in the process of making its way from west to east further north we have seen some wintry weather dusting of snow welcome snow fall into northern areas of india and i just know it's going to give a good covering people dancing in the streets for joy there was that has calmed down that will help to just choose things of course as northern policy otherwise is
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generally dries you can see twenty two celsius in new delhi but of a brace here that's not too bad in terms of visibility and clean air for much of india by the time we come to thursday will be dry temper just getting up into the upper twenty's a ridge of the upper twenty's here in doha on wednesday afternoon twenty eight degrees celsius sunny high there with a spat like a cloud there into central parts of the gulf miking its way south. the scene for us whether online what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on
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al-jazeera. and i'm going to take you live once again now to walk your weight u.s. six states at rex tillerson is speaking at that donor conference for iraq let's listen is what he said quote saying. destroy do we offer our sincere regret elations to you or our people to do breyer off period or so clearly the kurdish leader or their various allies. yours there are stable and they will. all fall i promise you where all. the
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kuwaitis. and the way the trade commerce is for hosting this or i've been on behalf. of five world and they're already we're supporting this conference. with the support of the united states in the global coalition to. iraq over a wall and successfully liberate its terror order. for a. free for the period. over three point two million internally displaced iraqis are now. on their way. and iran and israel started control of iraq syria. as a reseller alias victories over extremism and hatred we know there are. and they came in a very. much for our minds three million rock on our eyes it's
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a car. created a government that is explosive accountable and transparent will bill side counter the extremist ideology. this will deal isis and lo and demonstrate its fail. be assured that the united states will remind iraq or in this and. iraq as an important job through its history we support the nine democrats federal. and state on or off her estate in region as part of iraq the state. the governor office taking steps to match actions with or to demonstrate that iraq is open for business. created the middle room mr ruggles. and attracting much needed rest and
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reconstruction projects across the. united states land has. always been the weather offering the strategic framework agreement. last month and the secretary of state's all on was aided by the law far aisle are organized and it was specifically focused on trade and commercially gave. the united states all or xeroxed continued participation in the night. to ensure financial stability and promote economic. iraq and it difficult all that much needed in our. will or her trust in the government's ability and willingness to prove transparency . these reforms will lend it easier to do business in the country and fight. the united states supports the prime minister abbas and cairo for him to root out.
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among government officials and the regulatory and government for the system. these are all essential ingredients for foreign and domestic investment. importantly iran has committed to diversify its. rough economic. needs the resilience to dampen the effect of every up and down swing in the price of all unhealthy sectors essential to grain and instability that are needed and it will generate revenues necessary for rigid structure and needed investments in the hill security and trade patients second. step for a strong private sector will require decisions and perseverance but they will fail due to. doing business in iraq can be complicated but iraq has vast potential. in iraq billions more are within the
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confines of the frame and go on and we have our own or maybe your regulatory system or for private sector companies. just like president trump didn't buy a home in the us. we are committed to supporting a huge surprise there in iraq to work there for him for i did it with usa credit and your city's pride just before the race for. the us sex and violence committed to advance an economic cooperation between your rock and nine states with respect to the trade goods and services. the signal is strong on the ex-im by and iraq's ministry of violence will sign today it's really good a memorandum of understanding that will set the stage for the future cooperation profi sectors that iraq. clearly the oil yes transportation and other.
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similarly opec which supports the well through malatesta rather than later has five active projects in iraq on two hundred fifty million dollars it is her reviewing over five hundred million dollars in new posts in iraq. these projects are helping grease the supply oral health in the country and help on earth small businesses access to listen to start and expand new businesses this food or enjoy and often in the region. u.s. businesses are already successfully aren't going to over the past few months american companies have completed several more foreign routes to supply their two billion dollars worth of viral. electricity and well known and renewable energy technologies. boeing general and honeywell or both of you are companies
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already doing business in iraq or. her and blue sky energy are all finalizing or i am in a new venture projects around the country. everyone in this room has not gotten a new gulf there are the new or they contributed to its long term development success. as we heard. the news resume really just a fraction want to. hold the first there's a financial institution will use this to believe in. the future profit for iraq. together we will all be that is. already a strong iraq with the right. thank you all of you being here is a link or you're just there for the.
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u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson speaking at that conference for the reconstruction of iraq in kuwait city emphasizing very much that the u.s. remains iraq's ally in this endeavor to defeat eisel and he talks about. various u.s. businesses that are investing heavily in iraq still no word though on america dipping into its into its pockets to work to help to fund that one hundred billion dollars that iraq's prime minister was looking to get out of that conference now let's move on egypt's former anticorruption chief hashim going into has been detained his daughter says that thirty policemen stormed his home in cairo before leading him away now going into has recently spoken out over the arrest of sami anon a former military chief of stuff anon was detained last month after revealing that
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he'd run in the upcoming presidential election going into warns that top secret files would be released if anon was harmed in any way egypt's incumbent president of the fattah el-sisi will be running for a second term in march will earlier question good i said that he was speaking out about the documents because he believes something an honest life is in danger. i hope an opportunity. be given to the chief of staff something anon to give the testimony freely and without intimidation for the record so that all things come clear before the public hears his testimony mere hearsay are supported with evidence he is in possession of documents and evidence which is not caps here in egypt you mean out of egypt yes could these pieces of evidence change the course of trials of course no doubt could they incriminate many yes. thank you for that live event in kuwait. conference on the reconstruction of iraq
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this is iraq's prime minister body responding to work the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson listening to what he has to say at the head i'm ram of this government in iraq very critical to say to ation and i made for the tile conditions as i said has been taken control of iraq's land for saying this as this plays to thousands and millions of our papers killing thousands destroying basic critical and still ations in an on purpose it dented fashion in iraq's modern history. this was coupled this destruction and devastation swer coupled with. financial. obstacles namely the sharp decline of oil prices this by the growing need and rising demand for the sustainable
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again this terrorism and despite the fact that our in the absence of financial reserves we shouldered this this huge task to combat. terrorism while. the requests a red tape. and corruption well. we march forward with the economic reform plan now forming. a commission on the the chairmanship of the prime minister we continue to closely monitor the proceedings of this committee in order to encourage foreign investment and attract both iraq and international investors into the country to engage in the development process and there is no doubt that the brevity
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of our armed forces security personnel and so that sort of data in support of our people played an instrumental role in defeating. i said was it's a dark idealist say that mellish hosts ambitions and confused dreams the the religious authority played a similar role in riling the iraqi people behind their armed forces to defend the country provides old support to the armed forces and on december tenth last week and now it's the end of military operation and and now it's total victory over his eyes still is terrorism liberating. the iraqi soil and with old pride we should remember all the friendly
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states who have been supporting us in this battle ladies and gentlemen the war is over and now a new battle battle of reconstruction and rebuilding our financial losses are here at however. the victory one is much more precious a victory won in blood by the second feiss of thousands of iraqi people who have walters' our home soil with their noble blood by the second feiss we succeeded not only in liberating our homeland but also steering away the threat of from our neighboring states otherwise isis would have been wreaking havoc in our neighboring
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states today iraq stands firmly united dry and fat and victorious however iraq stands on the ruins of the devastation left behind by these terrorist groups who have been wreaking havoc on ethnic nationalistic or sick to and bases. that devastation left by. affected not only their infrastructure but also the other states strategic in a situation and above all a cell has been adopting a systematic method of resist then sell units they have frail and thousand systematically ruined thousands of residential units as a result this comes as our top priority in order to provide shelter
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to the returning displaced. what we would like to reemphasize in iraq that iraq has the potential of development as it has been bestowed by god almighty with no service sources qualified educated people. to relate to thinkers and above all skilled laborers by the support and assistance of our brothers and friends we can harness all these resources take advantage of the. iraq's prime minister hide out of body speaking that donor conference for the reconstruction of iraq in kuwait city the war is over he said now the battle for reconstruction begins we'll have much more analysis of what about he has to say in the newsgroup which is here
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on al-jazeera right after today's edition of the stream next to this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. i'm femi oke a south african president jacob zuma political future uncertain after days of negotiations between him and the country's ruling african national congress this comes more than a year before his second term is to expire and today we discuss once it was possible departure means for both the future of the a.n.c. and south africa's political landscape. and you're now in the stream live on al-jazeera and we too have a short time.


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