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documentaries. at this time.
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before the president. and another. president. of poland. and i. walk down the.
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south africa's ruling party has formally asked president jacob zuma to stand down the secretary general of the a.n.c. the african national congress made that announcement he said it was about restoring integrity and political confidence in the posse and remember this is about the policy it's not a government decision here jacob zuma is the leader of south africa yes but he's no longer the leader of the a.n.c. and it is the a.n.c. which wants him to pass power to the new party leader cyril ramaphosa just have a look at this quickly we went online to the african national congress website found their constitution which was last updated twenty twelve it says there and if you go to the various rules it is numb but a number twelve point two one goes this isn't working very well but what i'm trying to say to you here is that the any see the national executive committee of the a.n.c. can recall any public representative that has what has been invoked so let's hear
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now from the a.n.c. secretary general really believe that this is. agency in order to say or come to who was to live a sort of unity of. the whole we are therefore determined to restore the integrity of the problem is the church and. they cannot lead to problems and some of the letters we are contending with of course it is the my movement of those who should be parliament in the motions of no confidence in the president because well it is only for parliament and this is what is. so funny to me the following developments for us from johannesburg why don't we start with a terminology lesson from you about this word recall because as i understand it it doesn't mean he's been sacked it doesn't mean he's been forced to go right now what does that mean. the a.n.c.
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it looks as the at the position of president as as one where they have put a deploy of the party in that position is put in a position by the political party by the sea and so once the a.n.c. according to its constitution has a freedom and can decide to recall any deploy in any position and no in this case is president jacob zuma so once that's done jacob zuma then has to resign to then bring in effect to the recall the recall on its own ashley may not need anything and if he doesn't resign the a.n.c. then would have to look at what other options it has including possibly a vote of no confidence in parliament but the a.n.c. is already said it's not looking at that it has no plans to approach parliament to to implement or to put in place this vote of no confidence we do know our position parties have done that they have one scheduled for next week they wanted put forward because there is some confusion and uncertainty around whether or not jacob zuma will actually resign the a.n.c.
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does appear confident given that it said it won't approach parliament but at the same time the a.n.c. has said well we've not given jacob zuma a deadline we'll wait and see what he does we do expect to hear from him in response to this recall but we don't actually know when he'll resign nor have we given him a deadline but is there any sort of position that we know he is he's standing at the moment where he's saying actually i'd rather do this. for a few weeks now we do understand based on media reports of the president was reluctant to step down we've now heard from the a.n.c. where they've say jacob zuma wants to stay in office for three to six months it's uncertain why he would want that length of a trip to a transitional period there's some thought that he would want to introduce the president of the a.n.c. still room opposer to international bodies and there's also speculation that the president would want to use this time to lose to tie up loose ends perhaps
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negotiate around issues of these allegations of corruption there's been talk about legal fees him wanting the states to pay legal fees if he does face any charges because these charges would be related to his time in office so that seems to be the issue for the a.n.c. they've said the national executive committee has come to this decision we are going to recall him the major issue is just how long this transition will take ok for minimal effect you for clearing all of that up very helpful for us as we now speak to john seen hansen who is the chief whip of the opposition democratic alliance party joining us via skype from cape town good to be getting your perspective today mr st paul's and how do you feel about what the a.n.c. did today well i think it was expected. closer to resolution about when mr zuma will be going to the security general of the sea wasn't able to answer the
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question what if the fuses to resign but if you fail to respond to the recall that his party has issued and i think it's left us and no more clarity than we have. the state. will be leaving so what does the opposition want to do ideally what action would you take at a because this is all happening at a and c. level what about a parliamentary level. well there's only one institution in south africa and according to our constitution that can remove a president and that's the parliament of the republic of south africa the constitution provides to nicholas and to do so other an impeachment motion in terms of six hundred eighty nine of our constitution or a motion of no confidence of six hundred two of our constitution we already have a motion of no confidence on the order it should yield the twenty second a victory the opposition saying we need to bring that motion forward is no reason we can't have it on the order paper this week and let parliament do with the a and
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able to do and that's removed mr zuma as president of the republic of south africa we can continue with this confusion and mixed messaging it's been dragging on for a week now it's clear mr zuma is not wanting to go and is digging its heels and so there's no reason why are women should not step in now and do what needs to be done what do you feel it is doing to your country up a moment to the people of your country well i think that it's a double edged sword i think that there's a great deal of positivity around the fact that mr spooner who's widely regarded as one of the most corrupt leaders in the world and he's been found guilty of violating his oath of office by the constitutional court and he's facing seven hundred eighty three charges of fraud corruption regulatory i think there's a sense of relief that finally we are in the end game of his departure but what the confusion is doing is making the markets jittery it's also making mr opposed to look particularly weak at one contrast this with the disposal of the recall of mr
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mbeki a mr zuma ironically that was done and dusted within forty eight hours of the recall list of sac it's going to drag on for a little bit longer and anybody was expecting. from the democratic alliance part of the opposition in south africa i thank you for your time. they house this one playing out online also in play not for old quite a few days it really does it jacob zuma is named continues to trend in south africa and in neighboring countries as well with the growing conversation and debate really about whether or not he should resign here's what some of you had to say about why zuma should step down. on everything and to resign so effectively my president back to resign he must be pushed out past or the system wants to keep. this thing. just to get you can see. this part he's been he's been rather doing its own thing
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too for his pockets so that he can support his family so saying there. is time you know he's behind them ran out. time is to read. but not everyone thinks that it's fair for zuma to resign here's why we essentially what people are looking for inspiration so if we're going to have a thing where. every single president in the a.n.c. has nine years and then it's over it's really going to cause a problem and a stigma that we don't really need as a country that's just my opinion but yeah government shouldn't resign now whether you're for or against south africa's president the issue of the country's future keeps coming up the president who will come into play after
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this coming president should have time to put in place measures to save our country basically not not saying that our country needs saving but looking at the fact that so much damage has been done already we need somebody that's not going to have a shot spell. if a many to. if you're in south africa keep saying that those videos our producer and you had is standing by you can use our twitter hash tag a.j. news grid or you can write to me directly eliot harding a.j. thanks lee good to see so much of your feedback there were already throughout the day you can go behind the story with this reporter's notebook on covering the jacob zuma story it's by as the best from al-jazeera dot com where he says the obsession with being first with the news about zoom is possible resignation has in his opinion actually tainted the media and its reputation in south africa reporter's notebooks you will find them in the mormon top right hand corner of the screen al
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jazeera dot com and you can get in touch with us as lee it was saying. where are we sorry my mistake. has died i j news group as we said on twitter facebook and on what steps or is just going to miss it as well dave is just messaged in says south africa needs the freedom to vote on its government on what it's all government wants to do as all nations do i think what dave trying to say is basically maybe the people should have a say in all of this as well and that is what will this is leading to of course elections next year they and see trying to get a civil wrongful set in place as president already so he can perhaps undo some of what has been. done in the past few months with this controversy over jacob zuma the hashtags a.j. news grid at a.j. english on twitter facebook dot com slash al-jazeera for the facebook live stream. whoa ok moving on egypt's former anti corruption chief has been arrested her daughter says thirty policemen stormed his home in cairo before leading him away
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recently spoke out against the arrest of sami and who is a former military chief of staff annan himself was detained last month after announce he would run for president in the upcoming election in a war and if a man was harmed in any way then top secret files would be released earlier has been going into said he was speaking out about the documents because he believes life is in danger. i hope an opportunity be given to the chief of staff summing anon to give the testimony freely and without intimidation for the record so that all things come clear before the public hears his testimony mere hearsay are supported with evidence he is in possession of documents and evidence which is not camps here in egypt you mean out of egypt yes could these pieces of evidence change the course of trials of course no doubt could they incriminate many yes the thoughts now of mohammed el masri who is the chair of the journalism program at
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the doha institute for graduate studies he told us earlier he reckons president of the thought that it definitely behind this arrest. there's no question about the human rights record there's no question that egypt has regressed on a number of fronts obviously the upcoming elections aren't free and fair they're not transparent it's a it's a sham election as we would expect would come out of an authoritarian political environment so i think it sisi i think is there's no question that what he's been trying to do for the better part of for four and a half years now is consolidate power purge the military of anyone who he who he deems as disloyal and i think he was really taken aback by the fact that ahmad shafi of consent and decided not to support him and in fact to even run for president so but he still has some work to do i mean there's still some purging to be done because there are still clearly loyalists to and then sheffield and perhaps other military figureheads inside the apparatus so there's a risk coming just
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a month before egypt's presidential election which human rights watch says will not be free and fair i mean comment president out there of course running for a second term it is one of fourteen agencies as you see in this news release that human rights watch put out who are backing these calls and this good names they human rights first human rights watch the international federation for human rights reporters without borders the robert f. kennedy center on human rights all these groups you see on screen believe that these coming elections in march in egypt will be neither free nor fair and they are sounding the alarm on that now living on hospitals in the gaza strip have suspended surgeries doctors just can't do their jobs because of the clean and strike the rubbish is piling up at hospitals and clinics making it difficult to treat patients safely which means known threatening. sorry non life threatening procedures have been put on hold surgeries the reason for all this well the hospital cleaners say they've been forced to stop working because they haven't been paid they want the palestinian authority to pay them what they are owed remembering
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it was president abbas's fatah faction which took over administrative control of the strip from hamas back in december. and i'm going to demand that come a show not i went on strike because i haven't received my salary for five months we need the minimum to survive and to cover our food and other expenses i don't even have money to come to la. we're not treating any ordinary cases today we're not treating this so-called elective cases we have stopped the elective surgery in the hospital and we're only doing the emergency cases just lifesaving measures are being done to lists like the soldier in fact this is not the only problem that we have in ministry of health again the companies which provide the patient with food old sure i'm not working anymore because they have not taken their financial education on the other hand most of this stuff of the private time that surely is and we are working with over fifty percent of our medications and medical supplies in such
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a system we would collapse so if we have i mean it's not only collapsed i mean there would be mortalities patients will die on this the situation is that once just to take you beyond this acute situation another excellent interactive piece from al jazeera dot com it is called twenty four hours in gaza one day spent with one family after one of the recent israeli wars on the territory you know this just keeps it real it gives you a proper idea of what every day life is like let alone during an actual war credit to make a note to the reporter on that one you will find it twenty four hours in gaza in the interactive section at al-jazeera dot com the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili is vowing to fight until the end after he was deported from ukraine to poland the spokesman for the ukrainian border agency confirmed saakashvili was deported for being in the country illegally but it is the way it happened which has caused the most interest an operation caught on c.c.t.v. which now takes us or. that was.
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masked figures in an upmarket kiev restaurant shot down that the target is the former president of georgia mikhail saakashvili he was eating lunch on monday when more than a dozen men in military uniforms switched into the building second really was a marksmen in ukraine as an opposition leader who had rallied against president petro poroshenko a close friend turned for security camera footage posted on his facebook page shows him being dragged out by his hair. he's then thrown into one of two white vans and driven away. he says his mouth and eyes were covered as he was punched and pushed to the floor of the vehicle a private plane waited distant for poland on arrival in warsaw he made these comments i was very nicely met bi-polar side and ukrainian side with absolutely no
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previous problems which was a kidnapping illegal one but polls are very good pushing cohen saakashvili had been close friends the ukrainian president granted him citizenship in twenty four tane and helped him to become a regional governor but saakashvili turned on him with allegations of corruption pushing co-head back stripping him of his citizenship last year still his former friend snuck back into ukraine through poland in september. ukrainian border services for that reason it was a legal operation that saakashvili was sent to poland now sure according to the court's decision mikhail saakashvili was on ukraine's territorial illegally that's why keeping with the judicial norms he was returned to the country where he came from for breaking the national laws of ukraine. saakashvili supporters say he's fighting for justice they chant resignation for president pushing. his right to deport all the political opponents who can mobilize people in public opponents.
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in order to. prepare to win the election second time will saakashvili alleges the ukrainian president is corrupt others have accused him of the same and say he should be detained he cannot return to his native georgia because of charges of abuse of power for now he'll likely stay in poland a temporary safe haven from his political enemies shallop palace al-jazeera just a few days before macau saakashvili was carted off to poland he actually spoke to al-jazeera up front met he has done and explained why he thought ukraine wanted him out and wanted him out of the country then you said earlier in the interview that the criminal charges against you in georgia are all politically motivated they're made up and you also face criminal charges in ukraine where you are right now in fact you were supposed to come to a studio to do this interview but i believe you were so worried about being arrested we've had to do this via skype is it
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a problem for you that wherever you go for the georgia ukraine you're being accused of crimes in ukraine is don't want to arrest me to just try me i told them if you want to try me try me because there is no evidence of any crime so commit you know they don't want to try me they want to expel me from the country they want to get rid of me and that's entirely different game and there is no way they want to get through me is that because they don't have a real case against me because i really. crossed the all the guards that want for plunder because of the country as a profession the wealthiest country in europe because of resources and there right now it's poorest country in europe to do what it was because seven oligarchs whole hostages the entire wealth of the country and their whole goal so there i am there and they regard me as their main enemy. is michael the circular now who's a global affairs analyst joining us on skype from yet i'm in ukraine and we thank you for your time sir the whole way this is happened as i said earlier it's very dramatic seeing it on the c.c.t.v. . camera footage is it all above board they have the ukrainians acted
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legally here was is mr suckers for these position now do you think legally thanks for having me why take these images that are being splashed around the world are images of thuggery these are not the images that a civilized democratic country which aspires to ascension to the e.u. should be looking like these days i really shocked it again it's really bad optics and you know the order for his forced removal would have come for president poroshenko directly saakashvili did have appeals in the works hence i think that he shouldn't have been removed now. again it you know as we pointed out in the setup pieces for this interview circle was the one who invited into ukraine if you criticism ship who named him as governor of odessa and then he was stripped of that and then bundled out of the country in a way no one should have so it makes you wonder if that's the way he treats his
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friends how does he treat his enemies what's left for him though in ukraine if he is suggestion that he might want to go back or he might try to go back at some point he can't become president because he's not actually training him self so what is what is still there for him. sure was a couple of interesting dynamics there number one he seems to have allied with yulia tymoshenko the former prime minister of ukraine who has amended as resources that are just her disposal and also met saakashvili when he snuck into the country last fall and then secondly he has managed to develop a very impressive following here in fact out in a few days from now it's already being advertised on facebook his political party is having a big protest here birth i think that saakashvili because of his charisma because the way he's able to present himself says a lot of things that are on common the mind of common ukrainians is that we've had it up to here with corruption it's time for these oligarchs to realize that and you
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know to give common people and chance of fair shake at gaining from this growing economy because the wealth is not being spread quickly at all and corruption continues and lastly put a show cause is showing a lot of weakness in terms of following what the donors expect them to do and to get rid of corruption corruption and establishing an end to corruption court just quickly michael how do people take to mr saakashvili in ukraine given that he is as we know the former georgian president have they taken to him there. i think so don't forget that there is a lot of georgians actually in the government up to believe the minister level so when side dish really came here he brought a lot of georgians with that and they've done a very very good job in terms of cleaning things up putting in process the center of the bureaucracy so i think a lot of people credit him for that and again he is he looked ukrainian and he is saying what a lot of people complain to me complain on media here is that there's too much
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corruption needs to be get got rid of and i think what happened just now too is it symbolizes more than anything else is that we're in the first phases of the presidential campaign that any opponent apart a show called a face similar types of retribution mark of a sense of a really interesting talking to you thank you for all that perspective and information there. al-jazeera full interview with the consequence of it is of course online at screen just this past week you'll find it for uncensored on the up front with the house and paid that is in the show you section about zero dot com and remember all the web extras and reality check segments as well which the upfront team do in addition to the show it's all well with the watch and the links are up there at the top. just time for a couple of quick comments it's just this one i saw on jacob zuma from facebook dot com slash on tuesday with a live stream where shot his ass was holding the n.c. back from taking a decision to recall zuma immediately well i think i can answer that from what we've heard of for me to millet saying earlier that this is
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a constitutional move which the a.n.c. has taken there is nothing as far as i've seen in the constitution which says we can just straight out fire you or make you step down it is a recall process jacob zuma has to be part of that and they still need to actually not out how they going to do that so reflectively i think from twenty four hours ago we probably haven't moved that fast so still watching that one still looking for your comments and questions as well the hash tag is a.j. news good facebook dot com slash on his ear as i said for the live stream and the what's that number four five zero one triple one four nine this is the news good if you're watching us on facebook live you're about to see how art is imitating life for the former u.s. president barack obama and the former first lady michelle and then fashion week exchanging at least in new york city it is we can tell you why some designers are passing on the chance to be seen on one of the world's biggest stages.
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hello the weather is unusually cloudy across a good part of the middle east at the moment a huge massive cloud that's been spilling in from the mediterranean extending across iraq pushing across into iran mickelson regular sleep and snow for good measure you can see that's all making its way east was just coming out of i by john that's pushing its way across northern parts of iran easing over towards the latest on that also into becky stan some wintry weather there certainly in the mix it will clear through as we go on into with some more clearer skies but that the snow will just remain just around the foothills of the him alas still a fair amount of cloud into iraq baghdad at about twenty celsius similar value therefore baratz jerusalem getting up to around fifteen degrees celsius a good the woman that's across the arabian peninsula over the next day or two the warm weather remaining here in doha twenty eight celsius but you see
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a fair amount of clout there just into the gulf that will just make its way a little further eastward standing out brightening up as we go on through thursday but a fair amount of time because more and possibly saudi arabia at this stage as temperatures just fall back a touch meanwhile we're seeing some very heavy rain is to the east assad of south africa one of two showers there for cape town but not much to speak of over the next few days. airborne vehicles harvesting every pick you take every click you make collecting everything all the waves most of. the time to watch the what can we blame that on the deep sea the first civilian. and we are creators. call me all. the engineers at this time.
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al-jazeera. and for your.
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headline from al-jazeera talk call man what's trending as well plenty of variety for you there of course the latest on jay. soon as well and number five that it's interesting the ancient island that is about to vanish and interesting that one of the example is not for we're stealing it's what i've seen that in the what's trending for. the last two weeks is well fed plenty of variety as i say to you to check up there it's what's trending and out there with. a judge has rejected a new bid by the wiki leaks founder julian assange to cancel a u.k. arrest warrant against him the warrant itself goes back to twenty twelve when i was
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wanted in sweden for questioning over rape allegations but he skipped bio and instead sought refuge inside ecuador's embassy in london way he has been ever since sweden though since dropped its sexual assault investigation. outside westminster magistrates court in london to talk us through this one just put it into plain language what does this actually mean for mr a stands now. what it means in short very little changes for julian ashanti we can probably assume that there will be an attempt to appeal this latest verdict by the westminster magistrates court here behind me but for the time being this is going to be uncertain would certainly be seen as a poor step for him and his legal team they had hoped to overturn this warrant for his arrest for allegedly skipping bail back in two thousand and twelve this is the second time in the space of
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a week that an appeal made by his defense team has ended up with this kind of verdict last week his defense team and argued that there was no longer a case or a need to have this warrants him place largely because swedish investigators scrapped their attempt to have him extradited over to sweden to face those historic allegations of rape and sexual misconduct last year but his defense team and immediately launched another appeal saying that it wasn't in the interests of justice to have this warrant remain in place but the prosecution here have always said that he should not simply be rewarded for outlasting the swedish investigation and that as a result this warrant should remain in place for the forseeable future and if i thought there was some information no new information that would come to light which actually helped his case. well that's right and i think
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a son should probably hope so that would help his case indeed most certainly as defense team had made an awful lot of it in the last week or so this upholding of this warrant comes despite some new information that came about as a result of a freedom of information request that was made by his team it was a series of e-mails back and forth between the crown prosecution service here in the u.k. and the swedish investigation team it appeared as if the calm prosecution service of trying to persuade the swedish investigators not to scrap their investigation as far back as two thousand and thirteen so several years before they actually ended up doing so and they'd also try to persuade them not to travel over here to the u.k. to interview julian assange himself his team and always argue that he could have been out of the ecuadorian embassy much sooner had this not been the case because at the westminster magistrate's court in london with that update thank you and if you just look at any one of these three boxes here at the live wall this is
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a live shot of the ecuadorian embassy in london as well that balcony you know you always see julian assange has come out there stand there under the flag and deliver speeches to the media six years he has been there and there's always lots of stories about actually how welcome he might be there after quite so long in the media out there again just in case he decides to make another appearance ok staying in london but over to our studios in the shard here is lauren taylor with more international news thank you come out and the your secretary of state has warned that the end of combat operations against eisel doesn't mean the fight against the group is over rex tillerson made the comments while speaking at the global coalition to defeat eisel in kuwait has called for members to step up commitments to stabilize parts of iraq and syria that used to be under eisel control to us and also says the u.s. has pledged two hundred million dollars for syria. iraq's prime minister hyderabadi also spoke at a conference a short time ago he says rebuilding cities is the government's next aim.
6:35 pm
ladies and gentlemen the war is over and now there's a new battle a battle of reconstruction and rebuilding of financial losses a huge russia says it has no information about any russian mercenaries being killed in syria it's claimed more than two hundred pro syrian government fighters were killed and arizona last week in clashes with u.s. coalition forces russia says it's only aware of its citizens being deployed there as part of the russian armed forces turkey has warned cyprus and greece not to explore for gas near its coastline sucker says turkish was shipped to block ing an oil rig from reaching a location in the eastern mediterranean where an italian oil company wants to drill turkey's been in a long running dispute with cyprus over maritime boundaries claiming certain areas fall into turkish jurisdiction who are severely learning is all who are doing them
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is our warships our air forces and of a security unit a closely following the whole developments in the region with the instruction to make all kinds of interventions when necessary we advise foreign companies who carry out activities off the coast of cyprus not to overstep their abilities and their limits. a british royal navy warship is to sail through the south china sea to challenge beijing's claims on international waters h.m.s. sutherland is returning from australia and will pass through a key trade route in the area to send a message about international navigation rights china has increased its activity in the region building new military facilities on reefs and islands. and visor to the former president of south korea's been sentenced to twenty years in prison for corruption and influence peddling torture and see who was at the center of a case that led to the impeachment of part going hey joy was accused of using her presidential connections to pressure companies to donate millions of dollars to two
6:37 pm
foundations she controlled a lawyer says she will appeal the sentence the report oxfam international chairman for now about a friend has been arrested amid a corruption probe in guatemala he was the country's former finance minister and adds to the pressure on the charity with the british arm of the organization facing fresh claims of sexual assault and cover up this time in south sudan some of its aid workers in haiti were earlier this week accused of sexual misconduct during duties carried out after the twenty eleven earthquake charity is at risk of losing its british government funding because of the scandal the trial of a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until march after a judge ordered the case to be heard behind closed doors i had to mimi was arrested in december after a video of her slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral seventeen year old faces twelve charges including assault and sight meant she could spend up to ten
6:38 pm
years in prison if found guilty very force it has more from outside ofer military court near ramallah in the occupied west bank. so the trial proper of i had to meet is now underway with this to our proceeding on tuesday the prosecution once again set out its case against the seventeen year old she is charged with assault and incitement among twelve charges the defense set out its case that this entire process is a legitimate the result of an illegal occupation the main difference between what we saw today and the pretrial hearings is the judge decided the media no outside observers would be allowed to witness proceedings inside the court i think at this stage and of the court is because the court decided what is good for the court and not what is good for i had they understand that people outside of the military court are interested in i'd say they understand that her rights are being infringed and her trial is something that shouldn't be happening so the way to keep it out of everybody's eyes is to close the doors and not allow people inside the court for
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her hearing what's also clear from today's proceedings is that this will be a lengthy process i mean he was detained in mid december it's now mid february the next hearing in this case is scheduled for march she is one of according to estimates about one hundred eighty hours to noon miners who are being detained during the course of the legal proceedings against them and there are estimates that more than three hundred palestinian minors are being detained in military prisons in total and so this is obviously a very high profile case but it's one of many an asylum seeker charged with killing five people in a truck attack in stockholm last year has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. confessed he stole a delivery truck and drove down a busy street with the aim of hitting as many people as possible. to sweden have been rejected in twenty sixteen it's one of the agents to eisele the day before carrying out the attack. that's all one for
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a moment now to come out into the lovely lauren thank you so much for that new york fashion weeks in full swing but there is a little less glitz on the runways this year because several top designers have chosen to skip it the reason a changing industry and a focus on other shows in europe deborah elizondo reports now from new york. everybody's name is running a frantic buzz of activity bowman's before the big show was. me ready to carry this collection is all about ultra chic and comfortable travel garments from the colombian born designer edwin d'angelo new york fashion week it's a very important platform for myself and for emerging designers like myself because he offers an opportunity of excitement where everybody wants to come to a show of writing with every part of of of this week well emerging designers like d'angelo still flock to do york's fashion week some of the biggest design houses like a pool and so school or. and tom brown are skipping it this year the fashion
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industry is in turmoil the way people buy their clothes is changing fast and fashion week in new york has become less important to the high end brands as a focus on european buyers and big shows in europe the lawn london and primarily paris paris is the crime till a crime of fashion week that's where chanel and christian dior these brands that that we know is the real luxury brands show it's incredibly competitive and it's also a matter of money runway shows can cost anywhere from one hundred thousand dollars and upwards to a million dollars and even some of the biggest names in fashion don't want to spend that much money brands are starting to look for different ways that they can introduce their apparel their products to consumers without the costly and sometimes really ineffective ways it used to be. the fashion label rag and bone
6:42 pm
gave up on a new york fashion week runway show and instead got creative they introduced their new collection in this video to reach more customers and drum up excitement it certainly doesn't fashion week is dead far from it there wasn't an empty seat at d'angelo show it just means with some of the biggest names not here. some of the little guys for the spotlight. how do you see it in new york. didn't gabriel is on the look shelf and he did sort of you know like a little pill oh thank you it's cute and you look nice to just get on with it this could go alright awards about social media it's also changed the way that we engage with fashion and some of the strongest profiles online as i'm sure you know our fashion pages with exclusive an eye catching post vogue even has an instagram section on its website marking the best instagram posts of the week some pretty
6:43 pm
fashionable posts there now yes many of you online if you prefer fashion shows or fashion on your phones this is what alyssa from orlando florida had to say i don't mind a split just finished working on getting it and it and little kitty up there too actually but for me i like to watch fashion shows runway shows from the luxury of being on my house with the phone in my hand and i don't have to worry about you know the tickets and freezing in the cold for new fashion week. to get fashion info from you to not just twitter or section i feel like social media is a good outlet and a good way to connect with fashion. and it's also i can you know tweet others or a tad others you know made people feel involved so it's a good outlet social media and fashion definitely get in there as gabriel is on to mention in his report rag and bone one of the top brands did not attend this year's
6:44 pm
fashion week and instead focused on other methods of promoting their product in a statement c.e.o. marcus wainwright said coupled with everything that's going on in the world today it felt somewhat tone deaf to do a runway show or through a huge event so while we were huge believers in new york fashion week and in many ways have it to thank for so much we're opting out of being on the calendar this season and instead are doing something that we feel is more relevant impactful and meaningful. like taking selfies literally this year instead of the big show rag and bone models took their own fashion pictures as a way to show off their look here's an example of one of them now it's also quite expensive to show at fashion weeks especially with several shows a year in two thousand and eleven marc jacobs president robert duffy told the new york times his company's fashion show cost at least one million dollars that's nearly two thousand dollars a second now posting online can be a lot cheaper and
6:45 pm
a lot quicker as far as reaching your audience especially for newcomers take for example t.v. given since she started her instagram blog when she was twelve years old she's twenty one now she's bypassed the conventional way to get discovered and now is a well known actress and activist with tens of thousand followers on her instagram page alone now i would love to hear from you all over the world about how you interact with your fashion news let me know you can tweet me directly a.j. thanks for. thinking they are we welcome harold my daily is now to the news good fashion blogger at princeton joining us from buffalo nephi a skype look how with my very limited knowledge of how the fashion industry works what leo is a south london this seems to make a bit of sense you could get a lot will bang for your buck these days rather than focusing everything on a few minutes on a runway at an admittedly big fashion show. well hi thank you for having first of all. you mentioned the fashion industry is going through
6:46 pm
a major overhaul right now specially fashion week. what some brands are doing like burberry and marks and spencer is that they have a runway to retail model which. the fashion show is over people can head over to their website and buy the garment they saw on the runway which is much more. modern practical than we what we used to say in the past in the past we had a fashion show and we had to wait six months to buy the clothes i believe london fashion week is coming up actually in a few days are you expecting to see any sort of differences any sort of new approaches or even fewer people than. that's a good question and well it starts on friday right now we well it's siding with buy a new stop shop one of the major brands that's been part of london fashion week two thousand and five it's not participating these year. so it took a bit of
6:47 pm
a hit london fashion week was on its way of becoming one of the major fashion weeks like historically always think of the ugly through the fashion week you know it was always behind various milan and york and it was trying to catch up in a couple of years big designers like tom for thought mccartney and all done it came to london fashion week to show us and showroom. i don't know it's kind of staggering right now. right now burberry the only major brand that's another fashion week so we have to get the if it's going to be i think actually they want what they're trying to do now is to reach out to the common people because runways have always been very. so what they're doing through the ip element is there how i guess we can say this will be the you know the beginning of the end for fashion week so that because it still has a market to cater to right. i'm
6:48 pm
a lot of people say that model itself a day that it's not going anywhere is going to and i personally i don't think so there's always going to be that customer that want that clue c.b.d. and wants to be in the front row and it's always good for those brands throughout the press and to have to say enough about ultra was in the front row of the show so i don't think going anywhere there's just there's just some changes there just trying to adapt to the current trends how much that would have been really interesting talking to you i've learned a lot actually thank you so much for your time. thank you. right now if you're watching us. behind bars where prison is a cooking up a recipe for change that's for our on line here with the latest from the winter olympics looking at what organizers the doing to get young people engaged with the games first a quick snapshot of the international weather. what
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
about sports star and i would if you don't for us in the games today. it was all about one person today ok another star has burst onto the scene at the winter
6:51 pm
olympics n.p.r. chuang snowboarding prodigy chloe cam winning gold in the women's how this seventeen year old american successful as the slopes out went on sunday for teammate and fellow it team right gerard the young snowboarder had been a big hit in pyung china even before this performance tutor having south korean parents i think you know having my family to be there through the whole process was so helpful and i've surrounded myself with such amazing people that they definitely made it much easier for me but yeah i mean i feel like i got to represent both the u.s. and korea today and i'm very honored to have been able to do that ok so kim's performance broke the internet people on social media dubbing her the greatest of all time she had fifteen thousand twitter followers before her first run by the time she'd won gold she'd gone past one hundred thousand cameras twitting about
6:52 pm
something very relatable to people while also attempting to win olympic gold first came this. i wish i finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now i'm getting hangry which means being so hungry you get angry then a couple of hours later she tweeted could be down for some ice cream right now it all had a happy ending not just a gold medal but a quick food delivery after her win this from bleacher report writer julie chloe kim finally got her ice cream and she's eating it while doing interviews at the last count kim's twitter following had gone past a hundred and eighty thousand followers now this is the sort of story organizers hope will draw in younger viewers a survey in south korea before the games show that people under the age of twenty were largely indifferent about the olympics lee wellings reports. if summer olympics are the biggest the cool olympics coming winter there is
6:53 pm
a vibe amongst competitors and spectators that can give the game's a youth appeal so why did market research in korea before the games thanks such a worrying picture for really big bosses the survey said under thirty's particularly the twenty's were more excited about such a four years ago than their own guy but the international olympic committee says it's evolving to appeal to the younger market we've developed the program specifically in certain ways to reach out to young people through youth focused events it's a big part of a limp dick agenda twenty twenty it's a big part of what we're doing with the olympic program generally you see that coming to life here in pyongyang you see the results with you gauge mint of young people in the way that the young athletes themselves are responding to that energy there is plenty to attract young people it's not just the sports but the sound a look particularly fresh events like slopestyle despite the bitter cold and wind it was ninety percent skill and ten percent fashion parade with plenty of teenagers
6:54 pm
competing. but sport is now consumed in a different why the i.o.c. feel that connected with new generations by the events playing quote by gaging with them on social media platforms is it working well this is known as coffee straight in the gangnam coastal area many of the events take place in a cost a cost to here and there's plenty of visitors so that you don't like it when i talk to my friends stay don't seem to have such a great interest in the olympics because young people don't have the spare time to be interested from the yemen my older friends seem to know about the event because when i talk to them younger friends don't seem to have a big interest and become more indifferent and then there's the sports a huge deal in korea first it's spread so fast globally that tens of millions prefer it to traditional sports it can't be ignored but it's not part of the olympics yet does that mean we'll see a sport on the program of the next olympic games really going to games probably
6:55 pm
a step too soon right now it's about engagement through the olympic channel through our partners out of that community find ways that we can engage with them and see where that takes us beyond the. the young koreans we've spoken so lympics are excited and proud but across the nation some around the city about the guns being used as a political tool by their lee does and those of north korea the international olympic committee knows it needs to reach out to the young koreans on the younger generations everyway to keep these five olympic rings special lee wellings al-jazeera. we're going to talk about curling canada won the first gold medal in the event earlier and now if you're not fan of the sport here's peter stamina to help you get into the game. curling is one of those sports that baffles a lot of people it's the one on ice with the rocks the brooms and the sheltering and if you think it looks like something from the middle ages well then yes you can think of medieval scotland for it this competitive stone that is made of granite
6:56 pm
and weighs almost twenty kilograms it's going to have to glide about forty five meters to reach a target that looks much like a bullseye from above what you have is two teams of four and they will take to throwing the stones that are rotated so they could go as they travel down the ice hence the name cooling to help it along the way the schiphol kept and yells out directions to two other players who sweep the ice and head of the stone with their brooms the friction melts the ice and allows the stone to glide faster to its target and from here it's all about points get your stone closer than your opponent and you get a point at the olympics this process is repeated fourteen rounds or in it actually is incredibly tactical perhaps what cooling is known as chase on ice. as always we'd like to hear your thoughts you can tweet me directly at f. underscore f. my i'll be back at eight hundred g.m.t.
6:57 pm
but for now i'll hand you back to well thank you for finally if you do you remember the robot that could do backflips we showed you this on the grid a few months ago basically because it was so cool and yet absolutely terrifying at the same time which this. well the company that made it boston dynamics has decided to scare us again with this offering it is a rudimentary robot dog who finds he has a problem he can't get through the door and there's no human nearby but luckily he has a friend who has a claw or attached to his head and he can open the door and it's kind of at this point that most people online seem to be thinking oh this is good because the robots can open doors now i will say look at this look at them teaching them manners home the door open for a friend and let them go through. i'm sorry it's oscillate terrifying and i fear a lot of you may be saying in that episode of black america that's what about five people said to me today apparently i need to go watch this program about robots taking over the world or something anyway that will do it for this newsgroup here's
6:58 pm
how you get in touch with us hash tag i don't use that on twitter facebook and whatsapp thank you for your questions and contributions thank you for your birthday wishes for me today as well it was really nice thank you for my take as well. about his studio fourteen tomorrow wednesday. it's not. just.
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