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tv   Innovate Africa 2014 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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using her presidential connections to pressure companies to donate millions of dollars to foundations she controlled. russia says it has no information about any russian mercenaries being killed in syria it comes in response to reports that more than two hundred pro syrian government fighters were killed in last week during fighting with u.s. coalition forces moscow says it's only aware of its citizens being deployed there as part of the russian armed forces. egypt's former anticorruption chief gainer has been detained is daughter says thirty policemen stormed his home in cairo before leading him away in it has recently spoken out over the arrest of sami anon a former military chief of staff a british judge has told of wiki leaks founder julian assange but he should have the courage to appear in court as she dismissed his appeal to have his u.k. arrest warrant dropped a soldier fled to the ecuadorian embassy in london six years ago to avoid being
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extradited to sweden where he faced rape and sexual assault charges. for the top stories disturb us innovate africa is next. this is innovate africa a series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent that is on the rise today an innovative african solar powered mobile phone charging sixty percent of the sell for less than fifteen percent of access which is who needs banks now canyon's can run a business from being a bubble fund it's a citizen of what you. and the young woman behind it growing take industry in rwanda we wanted to build a platform that could really tell africa story in
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a light. african economies are growing the i.c.t. revolution is help to unleash the potential of many african startups in this episode we meet entrepreneurs who are fighting uniquely african ways to do business . king is africa's leader when it comes to mobile money. with the digital payment platform and pans out around eleven and a hundred million people use simple cell phones to pay their bills and that's more than double the number who have bank accounts. the most is key and is
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a typical limp as they use a. he has a small business providing services to tourists for the past four years he's been successfully running played a tourist and driving village peas around nairobi. you trust if you don't live up to look at the. oil come close robert thank you man thank you good to be here in the traffic volumes like this morning on in the news it's good. how do you how do you prefer to get paid you prefer cashel is the other ways sometimes. it all started when kenyans who had no bank account or credit cards began to trade their time to pay for services. of the deposits this system was so successful that it was fine chained and called impasse. is this one he'd waited for money it is now the most widely used form of payment across the african continent. how does it work
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i give you my telephone number yeah. so is this where we can get them past the hook up. with and president we're going to go and then you do the deposits and then you're just out of work and i noticed just as we were driving in here i mean we didn't drive for long but there's like i'm pesticides everywhere. here knows this and everybody is using a compass we're not a long time ago there was this done as a rebellious like backless this big bangs who are giving us a difficult condition it's true global count there has always been some mistrust of the banking system and kenyans prefer to deal only in cash often sending process of money across the country with friends and relatives using the local bus network. now transfers are made swiftly and safely from digital wallet that can be installed
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on any mobile phone so when i'm president it goes it's a. yeah to the butcher. i think it's part of the business so you can basically do it anywhere. as long as it. is first timers using it so i just want to deposit some money in my account for that i can pay the rosters off to handing over my phone number and passports my account was set up in just a couple of minutes and i was able to make my first deposit. and see the messages just come through. they go two thousand ships just like that. so now i've got two thousand shillings in my car i can try and side with pretty much any more. money to. be the first person i paid. but one of them pencil works well for individual cash payments it's not designed to facilitate the
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business but now this impair a new money innovation that is designed specifically for small businesses in kenya . that's where the gap was and that's where we. are in connecting to. technologies is a company started and owned by commute. he has challenged the banking system further and created a product called empath m.p.l. works for a variety of small businesses like this soccer academy not only to pay and receive money but also to keep online records of transactions we used to request the parents ok where to pay through. then we came across an improved version over. mine which is called. sort of getting that money through my foreign land but i have to go to an intern we can draw that money m.p.
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actually set up a system whereby a minute or two and individuals for number but into the company and back out. it's very simple because it has to work on smartphones each of. those dumb foods so you come here and. to build and build a business and. after that you get a response for this and it sits in between. business and t.v. . this is the place i come to basically how does the course in space are called i have. got you have guys of ideas they come together and it builds awesome things. so this is pretty much where you got started in exactly i was young then lots of ideas. and i decided to jump in and try one of
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you saying that this coffee shop was actually your first clinton it was. they really helped us it must be dear to you that you're you're helping out small businesses definitely one of the most frustrating thing about doing a business is fading you know and from my journey i realize that. if i had a better control of what's happening in the business then that would have made it easier to sustain it and to succeed and so that's the vision for him to create. an opportunity for people to build entire businesses and industries around one of the clients that's using them persisting is a smart fellow it's not a very innovative company what they do is they drive you home in your own car so they're. using all system they able to easily subscribe clients using mobile payments in
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a very innovative way really to give people. a client sends money to invest it directly both into their account and basically they do not have to do any records on their part to make to very easy for them to track the client's cash and people. of. color you keep is not the first innovator in his family my dad was a pioneer he was one of the first if not the first computer science graduates in kenya and he also had a passion for africa just dislike his passion it was more political and it took him to fighting for a second liberation so did you did you ever get the opportunity to ask your dad how you went from freedom fighters of computers and. actually was from computer science what was said to freedom fighter. and i asked my mom. i think is very passionate about the country about. justice. that we have to do what
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happened to so this is this is. the big act in this fashion is actually come back. so it seems to me like your business is is pretty crucial for any small business to have what do you think is the role of small businesses in africa. former. colleague. i think there is anything that any economy can do whether the american economy african economy. for that matter. runs a small business he's he's got a few a few clients that he takes on. maybe your businesses could come together and you could help. the rest of. them give you a ride maybe you guys can connect to. growing
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economies need electricity and in africa it's not always easy one rwandan innovator doesn't see the lack of available power as a problem he sees it as an opportunity. in the district of rwanda just a rounding areas of well known to reste hotspots and natural beauty and population a major attractions. remains relatively calm. the nearest town is over forty five minutes and there are no. facilities like electricity. the people here rely on mobile phones in order to connect with the
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outside world it with no electricity they have to make the long journey into town for a single mobile charge. three months ago a guy humana bought into a brand new franchise that has changed everything. every day he wheels is a red kiosk into the center of the village. it's a solar powered store that can charge cell phones and other small electronic devices. immolate charges a fee for the service and after just three months his business is business. because it. doesn't run. a court to try to go to court issue or a city official. so this is the solar kiosk absolutely this is the low ball sort of
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heels as you can see. use a different option on the inside the. and the franchise model were invented by henry in your car on the from rwanda one thing i knew was the lack of electricity was a big problem in the region in iran the to do so solid technology is one the best technology to fight to solve that issue sixty percent of population has a cell phone but less than fifteen percent have access with your city so that was the initial idea and we grew up but left as a student for the us same system in the ne ninety. two he's constantly joined back to africa there's no doubt in my mind that the future is here when i move back here pack up my bags there was nothing left for me in the states you want to go back there that's for sure and see. i start seeing the opportunities when i was on vacation here and then that's when the ideas are ok
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something is going on here and i will be part of. a softening people more and more people with cell phones but they were having a lot of problem charging the cell for including myself at a time on a blackberry a small fall so i had to go home charge my phone go back to the city manual be cool to have a kiosk in a city wake it is charging so i did some research i went online and i look at energy as i was you know you look at a statistic here less than twenty percent of the population has access will each receive in a region it's even worse in some areas you know so i knew this where i want to be so how many for cell phones would you be able to charge at a time so we can charge both about the up to thirty forms i want or you can tell we do every all the charger done u.s.b. port only we have universal plugs we can charge up to ninety percent different type of phone that exists in the world and you can see all the lights here the green eyes tells you when it's charging when it's not so you can turn on turned off ok
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and the control panel gives you the battery life. we want to make it the easiest possible to give you the world yes the whole body is a plastic base mold from the frame to the body the only thing metal is the body frame you can definitely see that the plastic makes it quite easy to move around maneuver flight yeah absolutely actually it is a large system we can the system if they want to go eat or they want to move away from the kiosk so nobody steals before. if it's a rainy day or cloudy day you don't have much sun would you be able to go with the power of the battery for the entire day as a release or using. up a batteries which is the best battery in a market. for charge everything during the day from the solar panels but this is the modern america kicks in using the battery if it is cloud if it's raining or you know it's automatically does it from the system it could rain for two days the bed
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will still be working because i want to create a full business solution for franchisee where they can really earn a living of this particular business. you know what we're trying to really do is if you come to a kiosk in rule area or in the city the same service same quality service same product you know your uniform distribution share what would it have had to do to buy into the business so the franchise business on this version particular version was seven hundred dollars which includes training with tissue about marketing business model taxes etc where he also doesn't operate charging he can sell ad time as a pos system to sell a tricity which is fun and does to the closest his city where it is electricity so it seems like he has quite a few customers do you want to maybe get more kiosks in the future.
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john. henry now has twenty four franchisees operating. so water franchise very simply a lot of times you see a lot of people that want to be in business but they don't want to be in business bottom so when you look at statistics franchise business model has a higher rate of success than traditional business eighty percent of franchisees succeed and eighty percent of traditional business. i will still have a lot of challenges now we it's easy to monitor but. three four hundred kilos so now we develop a software technology that will be built in a kiosk we can communicate with a kiosk and be able to norway to troubleshoot a kiosk remotely and we work on the next generation will be offering internet
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services we integrate space because especially they really need to know ship i think it's very early stage you know because you can always have great ideas of problem solving. you can move from point a to point b. i mean the new mitigate that great ideas get started because there's more funding you know i see all the time now we have to move the whole soul and create a real structure to support the earth to get them to the next level. in many of the city's most populous. even those who don't have their own make use of motorbike taxis like this one. and drive the credentials on things. and danger
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on the roads is an ongoing issue. i'm on my way to meet with the founders of a software development company called page one of their latest project is tackling the dangers of unregulated motorcycle taps. and here's. heidi welcome to an alternate thank you so much for having me i love the photography it's a beautiful building you know we try to be the most creative space and to go away and i think we're almost there. can lease in the bag and the hey hey team operate from here a collective work space in kigali called the office. it's an innovation hubs for small startups can share space and pool resources. hey hey which means way in kenya one that was founded by keep peace and three of the students attending
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a summit course for mobile programming. in just four years the team has transformed big ideas into big business the company is now one of the leading software development firms in the country. this team that was formed actually grew to become something bigger than we had imagined and withdrew from having just s.m.s. best applications you know from the time that we started with a bit of web technologies to now you know a full on smartphone applications that are running on i os devices and android devices and in the. last year we won the transform africa award we have been listed in forbes which was pretty great and twenty twelve about the inspire africa wide as well with each with each price i would go with that we got we saw a client walking. hey has quickly gained
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a solid reputation. they were recently contracted by the london government to create online public opinion surveys and have given university students a way to access their grades remotely. has acquired a small team but you're working on a lot of different projects at the same time yeah it's a lot of work but we try to be as efficient as possible and one of the latest initiatives is a safe and new app tackling a big problem the application that we're building right now it's a g.p.s. enabled application that will connect people are looking to take this what are bikes with really safe water by drivers who have been trained in roads have people have you know clean helmets who drive safe. drivers licenses you know things like this your top on the web i call i call and it gives you a list of what was available so why didn't does it actually connect to a specific model driver within your area and you know how their contact information
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drive plate number and their call basically track room and be able to just quickly been a person and that one really does have the uploads. to. pay hey is also leading the way when it comes to user access to local creative content they've recently launched a platform called new. this digital content store all the most of in-house for those who have. apps we're also focusing on on your content like music storytelling and some of the ating your own i tunes or amazon basically for the continent and comics medium quality. to allows registered users to download locally developed after access african literature comics and poetry as well as preview and download music we wanted to build a platform that could really tell africa story in a new light you know just share
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a great story. great innovations from all over the continent so we realized that we really needed to understand the context in which we're operating understand what the needs were and this is where home going to missions really do make sense. and in line with everything homegrown even one coffee farm is set to benefit from hey he's soft we're developing skills. we have this mobile application that is literally getting the farmers voice right from their farm to the decision makers during their district coffee task force meetings to recode the boys who just need to touch. it's mostly the older generation in africa that stilling up with culture they're not tech savvy how on earth is information best solution supposed to help them so we're working with the with that are somehow connected to this coffee as it's a smartphone applications that youth in these villages will actually have and will be able to gold you know down to this farm and you know get but their issues are
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recorded share it with the decision makers and restarted with districts of hundreds of the industry. sectors so this is actually how you gather all of the feedback from the various farmers to be able to put together and praising to policymakers yes that's. just. what. the recently team posts six month programs teach high school students how to develop an idea into a functioning. as you consider some of the apps the were built by the high school students i worked with in six mans incubation program that we have we also take them through understanding the design thinking how do you really get to understand what issues are out there and how do you build relevant solutions so when they graduate not only can they just build up a super confident plot teens who you know know how to collaborate work in teams to build great solutions and understand where their ideas really kept their ideas and
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. you know building things that are in the band but in my. heart because there's just a handful of women in technology we try to encourage out at that age to you know stay passionate about science and technology and. we don't just want to be a country or a continent that's you know simply consuming whatever technologies that are being built that are those we want to be part of the people that are creating this solutions that are contributing to the technological advancement of the wall and i certainly believe that great technology innovations will be coming out of africa and will become to go out of here. next time on innovate africa which has actually a treasure the young social entrepreneurs whose pressure i do is a changing the face of africa business are here to. build cheap computers from
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amman to. generate ten thousand tons of waste every day tackling nigeria's rubbish problem using cargo bikes and. see if it could be a crisis is becoming a crisis and the radical scheme lifting disenfranchised youth out of the culture into technology so from right here next door i would say drugs for you next time and innovate africa. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because
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no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels for the law on this issue i'm allowed to do but i'm about to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move. out.
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of this time on knowledge is. the benefit of people so bad to see all our cars witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. i don't know what it would have been but. there's a variable. and see jacob zuma to step down to south africa's president but he's staying on for now.


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