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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 44  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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aid workers are as prostitutes in haiti following the two thousand and ten earthquake and then again also in chad and oxfam international chairman has been arrested on corruption charges in guatemala while barito fuentes knight is among ten top former officials to be charged u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has warned the end of combat operations against eisel doesn't mean the fight against the armed group is over at a meeting in co and he called on nations to step up commitments to stabilize parts of iraq in syria that used to be under eisel control south africa's president is expected to address the media on wednesday after the party that's after national congress formally asked him to step down if seventy five year old jacob zuma does not quit he could face a vote of confidence in parliament and best together say sunday's plane crash in russia may have been caused by frozen speed gauges passenger jet crashed in a field near moscow on sunday killing all seventy one people on board and best skater say the crew may have failed to follow correct di icing procedures those are
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the headlines the news continues and al-jazeera inside story is next peter. egypt's former army chief of staff sami annan is said to have secret documents that could be released. with a controversial election just weeks away how will this case be played out and is there a rift within the army this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program i'm homage i'm joined egypt has gone from one political crisis to the next since a military coup in two thousand and thirteen now with presidential elections just weeks away the situation appears to get worse last month former army chief of staff general sami ana announced he would stand for elections only to be arrested some weeks later his former aide in egypt's one state auditor who was arrested on tuesday during an interview with the huffington post arabic network on monday again i had said he would release secret documents that could implicate senior government leaders if a man is harmed in any way here's some of what he had to say to them and their host an opportunity given to the chief of staff summing anon to give the testimony freely and without intimidation for the record so that all things come clear before the public has his testimony mere hearsay or supported with evidence he is in possession of documents and evidence which is not camps here in egypt you mean out of egypt yes could these pieces of evidence change the course of trials of course
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no doubt could they incriminate many yes again also spoke of what he said was an assassination attempt against egypt's former vice president and longtime spy chief all much of a month in two thousand and twelve the egyptian government said so they man died in the u.s. from health problems but some have questioned that statement how do you know that's the assassination attempts on a missile a man has not been revealed we told who was behind the attempt i mean these are the facts that at the nose among the facts and need to be brought to light. the egyptian army fired back saying in an allegations amount to crimes aimed at casting doubt at the state's credibility and its institutions at a time its forces are fighting in sinai to root out what it calls terrorism it went on to say the armed forces will use all the rights it is guaranteed by the constitution to protect national security and preserve its honor and dignity the investigation will be referred to the relevant legislative bodies who will be
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taking legal action against both defendants let's take a closer look at this case retired general sam annan announced he would run for president last month with his military background many saw him as a strong challenger to president of the fatah has sisi but two weeks later the army arrested him accusing him of not receiving proper permission to run and forging documents his campaign was suspended indefinitely shortly after a man's arrest his aide and former state auditor who sham ghana was seriously injured in a suspected kidnapping attempt in cairo the interior ministry said again and it was heard during a dispute over a car accident let's bring in our guests joining us on skype from cairo timothy called us nonresident fellow at the harriet institute for middle east policy in london or stuff a founder and chairman of the british arab network and author of egypt the elusive arab spring and in zurich also on skype management daughter political analyst and columnist of chronicles of the arab revolt on open democracy thank you all for
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joining us timothy let me start with you just how serious do you the do you think these threats by mr going in are. i mean i really believe that they put they really probably do have something with respect to. respect to the regime i think realistically given amens position as that you are forces you was privy to a lot of a lot of what went on and on and i mean we know that many crimes were committed so it's a matter of. who has evidence to support the information. and so there's there's really no reason not to believe that that evidence exists somewhere but also help explain why and then took the risk of running when he didn't have enough internal support within the regime to guarantee his ability to stay out of prison so perhaps he feels that this is going to be with some that would have protected him from a.b.c. if that's actually the case or if do you have any idea of what kind of secret documents the mr going into may be referring to and who possibly they could implicate. firstly i would say that. he's
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probably one of the most credible civil servants in egypt and in cover he uncovered the billions of dollars. disappearing and to secure accounts i think he must know something because this man has got huge credibility and he doesn't say anything. which really doesn't have a basis for it then this is why he was one of the top assistance for general a man and then no doubt knows a lot what was going on particularly during the uprising two thousand and eleven what the army was passing some thugs and some security people. most cohering citizens to destroy their pricing and as well snipers from that there was a buildings he knows very well and he can implicate some senior generals who are.
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alive and probably very active in running egypt at the moment magid egyptian media is now reporting the samurai man's lawyer and son are denying these claims by mr going into any idea why. well the well it's really very hard to tell but they might be subjected to a pressures i mean in the end we don't know what they have and it's also a kind of a kind of important too to consider that the crimes committed were a matter of systematic policy so i don't know how he can actually die builds this information without implicating himself so that's also kind of an
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open point for me i don't know what he knows but at this moment the situation is very fluid and it's very hard to tell. he knows something but what he knows and to which extent is he actually able to reveal without actually. implicating himself remains. an open point timothy a sham going and his family is now saying that he has been detained that he has been arrested since making these remarks so if that's the case does that lend credence does that lindh validity to the idea that the army or the president is sisi in egypt that they are concerned about these documents and that these documents actually exist. well i mean they're they're in a kind of a catch twenty two position right now and also i don't think you know play this hand very very intelligently. i don't doubt that he's
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a well intentioned individual but the problem is if you have if you do have documents implicating. the top members of the regime and they can demonstrate that it is some sort of crime. the value in the threat isn't doing it privately if you say publicly that i have documents proving that you're a terrible person and if you don't do x. y. and z. i'm going to release them and then they do x. y. and z. without touching can and then in effect they're conceding that arguments are real and that they are in fact terrible people or whatever. we're going over there by leaking rights whatever the crimes delineated the documents would show up so if they leave them alone there they're actually kind of also conceding that the documents may have created it's it's it i don't really under i don't understand his thinking in terms of saying this publicly what it meant a lot more sense a threat that probably well in that interview his family and it talks about the third party and he mentions invisible fingers that guided events during egypt's
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revolution who exactly is he referring to many of egypt believe that that's potentially a reference to military intelligence that at a time when the fatah has sisi was leading that institution what do you say to that i think putting pieces together this points to general sisi personally and his closest advisors i think it's a very damning. issue particularly and the peace coming now that the military particularly military intelligence and general intelligence have worked extremely hard to undermine their pricing in many ways using propaganda and using. very hard and very cruel tactics like shooting at people killing people where surely snipers were hitting along the brains
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of people i think it should be exposed and i think. the papers we should know we should actually see these people released to speak to us openly generally good name must a good name. or a general. general. sami and then they should be released and should not be mistreated because they obviously have their house been ransacked the family of general sami are none been detained and that is saved a lot of sayings that says he panicked. magic sam and of course has been in the news a lot this past month i mean he was seen as a potentially very viable threat to the for the his c.c. in the presidential elections here is a former military man that said to have broad support among some members high up in the military in egypt. but the fact the matter is his candidacy was derailed he's
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been detained where do things stand for sam and then or now especially in light of what he's going to miss saying well it's very difficult at the moment because if they release him then there will be a lot of. a lot of questions about the documents now and what do they know so this is very. usual out today. so his future is very vague and it's very difficult now to deal with them and i think he has no choice but to actually deny this and to reach some sort of an agreement because he does not have the support within the military that would actually be lend him the power to be able to. kind of. get himself out of this predicament building on what majid said timothy
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i want to ask you the fact that sami and none seem to have so much substantial support among some military men a top tier military men in egypt and was seen by some to be a potential threat to the candidacy of of the fatah has sisi does that mean that president c.c. may have been losing important support in his presidential bid and does that also point to a potential rift or schism within the armed forces in egypt. well i think that you have in the house with lee and decisively handled so not and announcement running for president. some of the talk about schisms within the armed forces and how manic they are maybe wishful thinking right it may be the case that while there are some people that are terribly pleased and so you see that my like i meant so the to go to the point where they would actually support like that change and like bringing things to a hat publicly i don't i don't think that there is that many high ranking people
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who are for that and how things have gone kind of indicate that's the case which is i think also signaled they're hoping to send by being so flagrant and the in the way that there are they're handling this election not really allowing for any serious dialogue but the threat that i meant bose wasn't that it was going to come president of egypt that's not a realistic prospect the threat that iran posed was that having somebody of his stature former chief of the armed forces then two months criticizing both sisi and the role of the institution the military in politics which he did in this campaign announcement that could do a lot of damage to the standing of both sisi and the military as a whole i mean he really went for the the third rail which is to criticize the role of the institution the military government that's that's even riskier than criticizing sisi himself. and so by going that far and the prospects of him doing that for months and up to the election i do know that that for me is probably the biggest threat that you pose and why they decided that they need a lot much more if i want to talk also about the intelligence services in egypt you
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have military intelligence you also have general intelligence now president sisi he was formerly in charge of military intelligence recently he replaced khalid photos the who had led general intelligence since december two thousand and fourteen with cameron who's close to c.c. and was a retired army general so what does that say to you about the state of affairs in the intelligence services and about any potential rivalries between the different branches. there has always been very very between the military intelligence and general intelligence bearing in mind the bosses i'm a military controlled and controlled by generals from the military but certainly general intelligence were not supporting c c that's why he rushed and put his head of office. as an interim head of general intelligence last few weeks i think there is some turbulence in the military establishment obviously there is
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a problem because i think. general annan have censored a huge discontent among the public that's why he appealed to the public here peter civilians here appealed to. several movements and egypt to get out of the military rule that's why he probably angered some military ranks by siding with the public which i think was a very clever think although he paid a price for it and i think it's very important to make sure that has not been hurt i think they should be pressure from the major powers on sisi to make sure this man is released and he's not been. badly treated or mistreated in prison and he should not be imprisoned start was he or going in there or anybody else we causes so many people in prison magic building on what we're said there do
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you think that there will be pressure put on president sisi on the egyptian government by allies of egypt to release these former candidates because u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson was just in cairo and we didn't hear any concerns publicly from him about this about the state of affairs in egypt when it comes to jailing political opponents imprisoning journalists human rights workers anything like that. as you i don't really see this happening i would be very surprised if there is if there is international. pressure as you well know the human rights records of the regime is absolutely horrendous. so and then is not the first and he won't be the last and human rights now it's especially related to to the middle east is not a decisive. factor in determining western
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foreign policy so i would be extremely shocked if there is any form of international pressure no i don't see this happening actually to meet with these looming presidential elections next month that more and more critics and observers are calling an outright farce and saying that this is not going to be democratic or free or fair in any way what is the egyptian public what are they saying about it what is their sentiment towards these elections they believe that these will be carried out in a correct way in a fair and free manner. of course not i mean everybody knows it's a sham i think that i mean the egyptian public knew that before it started the world was coming to you know coming to see that as well but i mean nobody really thought that sisi was going to actually let his that his second term was a nice word carol that was never something that you know the vast majority of egyptians never believed. i mean the government is going to have its way to make it
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very clear that there's there will be no real election come art but even before they had done anything there weren't a lot of people suspecting a serious competition. and they had they have little reason to expect such a thing given the repression that we've seen for years. so now i mean that it's a foregone conclusion the question is what will the regime to do up turnout so that it's not a matter it's not too embarrassing but beyond that i mean they you know they may trigger something camp that they would run somebody who is already campaigning for sisi if not running against him but beyond that they've removed everybody from the election basically well. at this point you you essentially only have one other candidate running against president a c.c. you have a very obscure politician named more some mostafa why even allow him to run at this point what does sisi have to gain by that three high thinks.
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in a big trap and he doesn't know what to do and getting someone who's very. not not known in public nobody ever heard his name i met him accidentally once in cairo about ten twelve years ago and he's very lightweight if no wait at all i think c.c. is in a big trouble particularly his moment came with the arrest and detention of general and then and the good name and their families i think he is in a big big trouble and the world good to see that because egypt is very important we don't want to ship to fail as a country we want to egypt to survive as a state and i think this carry on is not going to help the matters the public in egypt is very unhappy the country is not transparencies as many saudis and sim
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prisons intimidation in daily basis people being killed. it is just a country cannot run this where week to week magic of santa ana does indeed have these incriminating documents that are going in a claims that he has why would he not have used them by now well let's not forget that he is a military man and he was the second in command so it really depends on what are in those documents as i said it might actually implicate him himself because this was not only the kind of. the one off. incident it was a matter of systematic policy so and it was the military. establishment i mean. our man is not
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a hero himself he was part of this region and he remains a part of it so we just have to see if those documents exist what's in those documents and how far is he willing to release them this is his kind of last resort if he really has to but since it's public now the threat has kind of lost its potency so we just have to see what's going to happen now timothy what's the level of public support right now in egypt for presidency. i mean it's it's doubly declined since it's twenty thirty. but he still enjoys a fair bit of support within the country i mean there's it's not necessarily that people love him there's also there's some people do with those other people who just feel like he's doing it a difficult job that has to be done. i mean i spoke to one person who said he's going to go vote a prime just because. despite the fact he strongly disliked him that he felt like
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the projects that he's undertaken need to be completed i think that the question about what their ego needs to be couched in this context which is that in the public sphere in media you can't really criticize them so this is a it's untested popular it which is again why i'm campaigning for two months was threatening it would be an opportunity for somebody to actually criticize he publicly and forcefully in a way that hadn't been the case previously and so it could really it could really fracture that very fragile popularity that he that he still maintains to some extent. you know that's how i would look at the his partner. magid i want to be the last point here the seventh anniversary of the egyptian revolution has come and gone and many people in egypt feel that the situation is far worse now than it was even under mubarak's rule what are your thoughts on that as far as where egypt is
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right now under the rule of presidencies certainly i would say that is true things have not improved and it seems that the trajectory is towards of the kleine rather than and improvement and it's not just in the democratic record it is in the human rights field the thin the political field the security the economy there is massive mismanagement everywhere and it seems that corruption has become a matter of state policy so sadly i have to say that that is the case well thanks to all our guests we're going to have to leave it there timothy called us with more stuff and magic man door and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j.
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creators. of the all. the engineers at this time. the nature music as it breaks the us cut the funding has cemented the failing head that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. and different sides of the civil war they never wanted to fight and i joined the party just because it was the closest one to my house you might even dog for with alchemists khan but united now on the roads of lebannon c two from on a motorcycle we see things with off the frame the world is open. i love it love it
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love it so much fighters two bikers on al-jazeera world at this time. it was oil upon which modern day venezuela was the stop list. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people less than those with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of a prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al jazeera. a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was they targeted to be that pain to be forced to leave would just be all and then gains whether it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe i'll turn downs but it's not
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