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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come and so. now we can draw on the. psych speak out lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. what we have seen so far is cruel and barbaric to top it off they have the gall to blame the media the united nations steps up the pressure on myanmar's government over the will hinge or crisis.
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watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead israeli police recommend charging prime minister binyamin next the hour with quiet break but the final say on prosecution will rest with the attorney general. oxfam international sham and faces corruption charges in his home country the latest crisis to hit the charity and gholston and abuse scandal and. i don't know what it would have been but two. years ago during. the a.n.c. asks jacob zuma to step down as south africa's president. thank you for joining us myanmar's government has been accused of handing range of muslims a death sentence the damning words come from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley a group of u.s. senators is intent on introducing sanctions against myanmar as military leaders and
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those implicated in abuses against residents in rakhine state mike hanna reports from washington. the plight of the routing gears highlighted in the sixth edition on capitol hill around the table discussion on the crisis is joined by some of the senators who are adamant that the time has come for military leaders to be held accountable for the world document to dubuque. iraq current state i hope this except that right here on capitol hill well help bring to the american people believe the urgency. for us to help the rohingya muslims and to prevent in the future atrocities in our community we should speak out against the world the civilized world against the million more policies that have led to this persecution discrimination in this expulsion of these people from me and more and the demand
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that the white house take a public position on what is happening in myanmar i want to see the president the united states cape fear stand about this ethnic cleansing about this genocide we have not had one word not one word from the oval office not one word of leadership against this horrific horrific crime against humanity on tuesday donald trump's ambassador to the un did speak on the issue but pointed the finger of blame at others for not holding myanmar to account unfortunately the security council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to international peace and security that has resulted from recent events in northern rakhine state we cannot look the other way in the situation while there may be little action at the u.n. the u.s. senate is likely to lead the way with a full vote in coming days and targeted sanctions appear certain against those
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military leaders responsible for these crimes mike hanna al-jazeera washington. turned cain is the president of the burmese ranger organization in the u.k. and has been briefing u.s. senators in washington about the crisis he called for stronger measures against myanmar singer and sounds of change. we have not seen we have seen from sinead. stronger our reason lucian's this one reason is in a still pending i hope it will be passed but administration have not done a stronger voice you know what donald trump should talk about you know rex tillerson mission it's at the nickel is in and they call for targeted only one one military so i mean i think we are running out of time the military is continuously go in on to wipe out the whole population so it is important donald trump.
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i mean other. ministers you know more stronger we need to speak from over all of these this is very important we must know who answers somebody is right now these days u.s. government and other western government have a strong support to her so i think she she she is she's covering must atrocities against rohingya that is what you know western governments they should understand about she she can give her leadership she's failing on everything you know like recently do boris diaw as the u.k. foreign secretary already mentioned you know it is important she need to sure the leadership but she is defending atrocities there is no plan of coffee and a recombination implementation committee you know there is no plan of citizenship if safety security so it is just to ease international pressure. a defiant israeli prime minister says he will keep leading the country despite police recommending he be charged for corruption and bribery benyamin netanyahu is accused
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of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gets from billionaire benefactors he's also suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper for favorable coverage cherry phosphate has a report from western slim. the corruption scandal has swirled around him for months but never at this intensity addressing the nation benjamin netanyahu was determined to project resilience and confidence i'm sure will be with you not too slow but i will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully as long as you the citizens of israel choose me to lead you i am certain i am certain that the truth will be revealed and i am certain that at the next elections which will be held on schedule i will earn your trust again israeli police are recommending that he be charged in two cases the first case one thousand involves gifts of cigars and champagne made to the prime minister and his wife sarra the gift givers israeli born hollywood mogul. and australian billionaire james packer the police are
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reportedly recommending milchan also be charged with bribery they say in total the netanyahu has received a quarter of a million dollars the accusation that netanyahu back to bill that would have saved his friend much more money if he wanted to repatriate to israel netanyahu rejected any such suggestion in his late night rebuttal saying only that he helped him with the visa application not in return for cigars but because it was a friend of israel and it will come to the last what reprove i'm not here for personal gain but that was what was driving me i would have been somewhere else long ago what drives me is one thing to assure the future of our state in the second case israel's prime minister is accused of trying to get favorable coverage in the country's second biggest newspaper by offering to hamper the activities of its main competitor the police are also reportedly recommending the proprietor of the get you off her and off newspaper be charged with bribery the question now is how much the prime minister's carefully cultivated image of a wise economic steward and strong security pragmatist will be undermined by the
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tawdry details in the police document was distasteful is there is the pettiness of it he is personally a millionaire. he doesn't need. a billionaire to buy him cigars more important in the voters' reactions may well be those of netanyahu his political allies will his coalition partners continue to back him and perhaps the most consequential decision will fall to the attorney general whether or not to follow the police recommendation and indict the sitting prime minister of israel al-jazeera west jerusalem the scandal surrounding the british charity oxfam is widening with new allegations of abuse by staff in south sudan it follows allegations that aid workers use prostitutes in haiti following the twenty ten earthquake and also in chad and on top of all of this oxfam's international stamina one are better off when tis has been a rest said in his native got to model over corruption allegations from his time as a government minister that has just one of ten prominent political figures facing
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charges david mr hasn't has from guatemala city. guatemala's fight against corruption intensified on tuesday with the arrest of a former president and nine of his ex ministers out of little cologne and members of his cabinet are suspected of having embezzled funds and committed fraud well helping set up a public bus system in guatemala city in two thousand and ten to see then to that of the political the. president of the republic in accordance with the constitution is the government to managing public finances intervene personally and institutionally to facilitate the fraudulent procedure of creating the agreement but of course he thought a. prosecutor said there are questions around how the government auctioned off concessions and granted subsidies for the buses. the current chairman of oxfam international and former guatemalan finance minister one of best of went this was among those arrested when tis the tension comes as oxfam is already reeling from
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a sexual abuse scandal in haiti and elsewhere what i'm all is no stranger to corruption scandals over the past decade international investigators have been working with local prosecutors to peel back the layers of corruption that plague this small central american country i two thousand and fifteen mass anti corruption protest helped oust former president put as molina he's now on trial accused of stealing millions of dollars from the country's customs offices the current president jimmy morales tried to kick out the head of the international commission against impunity in guatemala after he pushed to remove morales immunity to face prosecution in another graft investigation analysts say these political arrests are far from over. mean i think the commission against impunity in guatemala and the attorney general's office are just scratching the surface without
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a doubt there are many more investigations on the way which will take years to uncover the upcoming selection of a new attorney general will be pivotal if these investigations are to continue experts say guatemalans need to be vigilant to ensure the country's next top prosecutor has their interests at heart and not those of the political elite david mercer al-jazeera city. to cambodia now where the no house of parliament has passed a new law that makes it a crime to insult the king from now on anyone found guilty of a royal insult faces up to five years in prison. that law could be misused by prime minister hun sen to further stifle dissent neighboring thailand has a was toughest penalties for insulting the monarch with sentences of up to fifteen years in prison they speak to al-jazeera as wayne hale who is live from thailand's capital bangkok wait wait what are the implications of this.
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well first of all no surprise that this law sailed through the national assembly in the last hour or so in phnom penh given that the ruling cambodian people's party which came up with this law led by prime minister hussein who's been in power for more than thirty years dominates the national assembly in phnom penh and so this goes to the senate which will really be a formality and will then go to the king himself for signing off and then as you mentioned people can be jailed for up to five years of found guilty of insulting the monarchy and the concern is that scuse me that it will be used by the government to further the crackdown on political dissent and political opposition because we have seen already a willingness by hussein and his government to use the courts in their favor over the past few months we've had the largest opposition party the cambodian national risk you party dissolved and its leader jailed on treason charges add to those
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concerns the lower house of parliament when voted on amendments to the constitution . yes that's right and these are also adding to concerns about freedom of speech freedom of assembly in cambodia and this government because a raft of changes to the constitution were written behind closed doors not much is really known about them but again the concern is that the beda language that is now present in some of these amendments to the constitution could lead to the government using it to further crack down on political opposition for example article forty nine of the cambodian constitution states that every cambodian shall respect the constitution and has an obligation to defend the motherland under the amendments and as far as the reports that we've seen go it will read that individuals are now thought didn't from undermining the country's interest so very
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broad language that could be interpreted in many different ways and the concern is for example if a protest is planned on the streets of phnom penh by an opposition group or political party that that could be ruled by the courts to be undermining the country's interest so again causing concerns here that the government is really trying to crack down on political opposition ahead of a general election coming in july when he in bangkok thank you that's more ahead on al-jazeera including how the case of an indigenous kids by a white farmer it could change canada's criminal justice system. from the clear blue sky of the tow home. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city a few. hello to the spell of rain has spread across the levant underneath this
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streak of chad's been around for a day or two now as gone through iraq it's nice way to iran it's not time she's back from what was actually quite a warm spot so we end up then back down in no when say the sun should be out in baghdad at nineteen the same is true on the coast of lebanon so beirut seventy but the cloud is trying to build once again pretty dry picture here you can see with the rain the snow is running out through the far north east of iran took a stand on beyond plus for one i haven't been about minus ten with three or four days ago and the snow for afghanistan and that's going to be persistent i suspect by the same time we've got ahead now to stay in the clouds building once more with a southerly breeze so i think it will feel quite warm increased humidity as well it's been remarkably role recently in riyadh thirty three degrees but we're back down to the average of twenty five on wednesday doha's twenty seven is also above where it should be but it could well be for a kid down again with that northerly breeze the mark just be a shower or two in bahrain or over qatar itself even possibly daryn not much to it
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but it's a possibility about some of that to thursday the sun's back out again the breezes drop twenty six degrees in doha much the same in riyadh as always hotter in mecca. the with sponsored body counts on. the scene for us when they're on line which is a very new sign in yemen that peace is possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sept. little choosing between. eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has accused me on mars government of making the lives of range of muslims a death sentence hundreds of thousands of them have fled since a violent military crackdown began almost six months ago israeli police have recommended prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted on corruption allegations the attorney general now to decide whether to pursue formal charges. its international chairman has also been arrested in guatemala on corruption charges relating to relating to his time as finance minister. south africa's president jacob zuma is expected to make his first public comment on wednesday after his party the african national congress formally asked him to step down to me to has more from johannesburg. after days of confusion and uncertainty this press briefing
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was expected to introduce some clarity into the future of president jacob zuma but while the a.n.c. confirmed it had asked the president to resign the party did little to assure south africans that will happen any time soon as. this is. time and space. tourist board. we have in. truth. i don't know what will happen but let's leave president. this was an opportunity for the a.n.c. to be decisive regain the public's trust and by taking the lead in removing a president accused of being corrupt but the a.n.c. is message was mixed saying it had asked zuma to step down not because he had done anything wrong but for the sake of stability mr zuma is a very shrewd intelligence operator and has knowledge of many of the
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covered or covered up actions of the members during their time in exile so here is a lot of intelligence on people who are either in positions of power now or likely to be in positions of power in the near future while the a.n.c. appears to have taken a negotiated approach the opposition wants next week's vote of no confidence against zuma to be brought forward with an agency majority in parliament zuma has survived eight other motions of no confidence the a.n.c. says it has no plans yet to bring its own motion against the president this is a party that's either confident that zuma will step down or is prepared to wait it out the a.n.c. says it expects zuma to respond to his decision to recall him by wednesday for me to milan al-jazeera johannesburg. aid workers from the un's well food program are in the city of dera zor in syria for the first time since it was taken by isis only
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in twenty fourteen last year it was taken back by syrian government forces with support from russia and iran while it was under eisel control it was besieged by pro-government troops and a surprise to the city where a cut off on russia says it has no information about any russian mess neris being killed in syria this comes in response to reports that more than two hundred pro syrian government fighters were killed in terrorist or last week during fighting with u.s. coalition forces moscow says it's only aware of its citizens being deployed there as part of the russian armed forces russia has been supporting the government of syrian president bashar assad throughout the civil war bowie chalons has more from moscow the u.s. led coalition says that it responded with artillery and air strikes to be attacked by what it calls pro syrian regime forces information that's emerged on russian language social media suggests that this led to a complete rounds
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a massacre with plane loads of wounded survivors being brought back to russia now as with much to do with the syrian war the actual facts are murky and hard to come by but conflicts intelligence team which does detective work based on open source information has already noted condolence is being posted on the social media profiles of russian mercenaries with the the dates and locations matching this particular battle. the dutch foreign minister has resigned after he admitted lying about meeting russia's president vladimir putin more than a decade ago. previously claimed to have been with putin in two thousand and six saying he spoke about expansionist plans create a greater russia on mondays admitted the claim was false in a speech to parliament he said the lie was the biggest mistake of his career the
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founder of wiki leaks julian assange has lost another court appeal to have his yuki arrest warrant dropped he fled to the ecuadorian embassy in london six years ago to avoid being extradited to sweden where he faced rape and sexual assault charges those charges have not been dropped and his defense team say the arrest warrant for skipping bail should be dropped too but the judge says a sign should have the courage to face the consequences of breaking the law has more from london. in the short run it means that life for julian assange remains very much the same the warrants outstanding for his arrest for skipping battle in two thousand and twelve has been up held the second time it's been upheld in the space of a week his defense team made an initial pill to have it lifted last week they said it no longer should stand that it no longer applied after swedish investigators decided to scrap their attempt to hang on for two minutes sometimes extradited to
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sweden to face questioning for sexual misconduct and rape allegations but despite that ruling his defense team then launched a second appeal which is only now been ruled upon they had hoped that the judge would lift the warrants this time around on the basis that serve it there was no public interest to maintain it anymore judah sancia spent more than five and a half years in the ecuadorian embassy they argue about was in itself a form of punishment for julian a songe bumps the judge here at westminster magistrate's court as rejected that the prosecution has always said the julian assange shouldn't be simply rewarded for outlasting the swedish investigation but all of this aside there was still deep concerns from asuncion his defense team about the existence of a possible secret indictment that could see him extradited to the u.s. and face serious challenges of espionage even if he is allowed to leave the
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ecuadorian embassy where according to his lawyers his health both mental and physical is suffering. the head of the international monetary fund has sold out just zero that the blockade of qatar has had little impact on the country's economy saudi arabia bahrain. the ties and transport links with the hind june accusing cattle of terrorism a charge it denies christine legarde was in doha for a series of meetings with kataria officials. well first of all like in any other similar situations we very much hope that this these differences in the current situation can be remedied and that they can be reconciliation second we have observed very carefully how the authorities have reacted in qatar and they have taken prompt swift efficient action to the point that as we are going through the review of the economy as we speak we are seeing rather. low
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impact from this is what could that we have seen in action canada's government says it's looking at changing the way juries are chosen for criminal trials this comes after an all white jury made up of twelve people acquitted a white farmer of the murder of a twenty two year old indigenous man daniel like has more colton bushy was in a vehicle with several others when he was shot in the head by gerald stanley stanley said his family and property were under attack in the gun had misfired when he tried to frighten those in the car for his trial defense lawyers rejected all potential jurors with indigenous backgrounds it took just fifteen hours for an all white jury to acquit stanley of second degree murder. protests erupted across the country last saturday against a verdict many saw as racially motivated indigenous activists say the criminal
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courts routinely deny them justice both as victims of violence and as defendants. their son all over again to say that his life has no meaning and this is allowed and then what does it mean for the rest of us like do we need to keep worrying that our lives are in danger by people who have racist ideas about members of bushies family headed to auto to press for change to the justice system after two days of meetings the family says the government is listening to them and they're keeping up pressure for action not just words of comfort as a family we want to be a part of that process so that these injustices are addressed and that we feel justice for our brother for our son the prime minister what concrete steps will he take since he was elected just over two years ago prime minister justin trudeau has been promising indigenous people redress and reconciliation so far he's talked of change but no specifics yet we have come to this point as
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a country far too many times indigenous people across this country are. angry they're heartbroken. and i know indigenous and non-indigenous canadians alike know that we have to do better the federal justice minister says she's looking at changes to the jury system as protesters and the bush family have been demanding still indigenous canadians have heard promises of reform before promises that haven't been capped this time they say the outcome must be different than your lack al-jazeera toronto. the funeral has taken place in lahore of one of pakistan's leading human rights activists as my john geer died on sunday age sixty six un secretary general antonio tears said the world had lost him and rice giant records. thousands fold the van carrying the body of
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a smudge on here if you know possession made its way through the streets of the eastern city of lahore where the beating human rights campaigner and activists was born here was often described as pakistan's greatest champion of democracy and equality she leaves behind a legacy of struggle. and patience and tolerance and i hope. just to the best of us just one year came from an affluent family and was just six years old when pakistan faced its first military coup her father a civil servant would eventually be arrested for his opposition to the military leadership and by early teens she was demonstrating against the same leaders after losing a series of legal battles she appealed to the supreme court and the martial law that led to her father's arrest was declared illegal it was a moment john geer said lead her on a path to study law and become a human rights activists by nine hundred eighty she opened pakistan's first legal
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aid center and hired only female lawyers over the next decade she was sent to prison for protesting against a new military government that had passed a series of laws she described as massaging this stick her legal efforts eventually led to a landmark court ruling which gave women the legal right to marry without permission from a guardian during her career challenge military and government leaders supported minorities and was repeatedly threatened by the religious right and she criticized loudly and often and in two thousand and seven she was placed under house arrest for her role in the so-called lawyers movement which helped end president bashar of his military rule still she said one of her greatest achievements was to help found and lead the human rights commission of pakistan but it was the previous regime even today. she would had a very very strong strong voice against. different factors were
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trying to. dislodge the harmony of the system jonkheer served as a united nations report tour on human rights was named one of the world's most influential women by a leading magazine but she said she was never tempted to leave pakistan despite the threats she faced survived by her husband three. children of the country that many of her supporters say became more equal because of her work in p.r. style al-jazeera. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has accused me on mars government of imposing a death sentence on range of muslims hundreds of thousands of them have fled the country since a violent military crackdown began in august unfortunately the security council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to
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international peace and security that has resulted from recent events in northern with kind of state we cannot look the other way and the situation what happened in burma and is still happening in burma is not ok this council must hold the military accountable for their actions and pressure on song suchi to acknowledge these horrific acts are taking place in her country. israeli police have recommended prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted on corruption allegations the attorney general now to decide whether to prosecute or not it's known as yvonne to stay on as israel's leader the scandal surrounding the british charity oxfam is widening with new allegations of abuse fired staff in south sudan its international chairman has also been arrested in guatemala corruption charges relating to his time as the country's finance minister the lower house of the cum body in
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parliament has passed a new law that makes it a crime to insult the king from now on anyone found guilty of a royal insult faces up to five years in prison why school does he have a law could be misused by a prime minister who insane to further his time full dissent south africa's president is expected to address media on wednesday after his party the african national congress for me asked him to step down if seventy five year old jacob zuma doesn't quake quits he could face a vote of no confidence in parliament and aid workers from the un's world food program are in the syrian city of dairies or for the first time since it was taken by i saw in twenty fourteen last year it was recaptured by syrian government forces with support from russia and iran while it was under iso control it was besieged by pro-government troops and a surprise to the city were cut off you have to see it with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next here it's a story. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in
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a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. i mean ok if you're in the stream today is uganda the best place in the welsh to be a refugee i really could be glad as always we are live on you tube now if you're watching us please do join the conversation there and your comments might appear on the show. according to.


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