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tv   Fighters To Bikers  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to be able to . use the challenge is going to be to these men and women to the resources that are available what is your story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants you to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for down what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. the top stories on south africa's ruling party the african national congress says it will support a no confidence motion against president jacob zuma if he doesn't step down by thursday zuma is being investigated over allegations of corruption on wednesday morning police raided the home of
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a prominent business family with close ties to the president arresting three people . it is. decided to recall the presidency. and that is the day. we ask you. if we are going on your city which i think she will proceed with the notion of north korea because it's tomorrow moment. to decided what is going to feature it is. so that if we do the mighty move so that we can proceed. with the normal course of. the good news so that it would be good for. the dog at least you know where to put food before the fight to stitch with it but now we live pretty close so i didn't watch it because it's a good time and. it's not just there to be very clear that paul wanted to
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put it in the week going on we'd be able to do. a quite has pledged two billion dollars to help rebuild iraq following the defeat of i saw its leader says one billion dollars will be given in loans and another in direct investments the announcement was made at a summit in kuwait city to raise funds for iraq's construe construction. the us secretary of state has called on iran to withdraw its troops an armed groups from syria during talks with syrian opposition figures in jordan rex tillerson made the comments in a man where he signed an aid agreement with the jordanian foreign minister but iranian officials insist their military presence is legitimate and called for the withdrawal of u.s. troops. we are quite concerned about the recent incident involving israel israel and iranian assets inside of syria and i think this again illustrates
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why iran's presence in syria is only destabilizing to the region and we think iran needs to withdraw its military its militia from syria and allow hope for peace process to take hold in geneva israel's prime minister says he is staying put despite police recommending he be charged for corruption and bribery benjamin netanyahu is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts from billionaire benefactors he is also suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of his if an israeli newspaper for favorable coverage the attorney general will decide whether to pursue formal charges against him. the trial of palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until next month the judge has ordered the case be heard behind closed doors a seventeen year old i had to me was arrested in december after a video of slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral she faces twelve charges and could be sentenced up to ten years in jail if found guilty rights
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advocates say seven hundred palestinians under the age of eighteen are prosecuted by israeli courts each year people under the age of eighteen are regarded as children under international law. and nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels for two days of talks they're expected to approve changes to improve nato as command structure and topics on the agenda include cyber security hybrid warfare and defense spending secretary general yen stolen bird says it is likely a training mission for iraq will be approved the scandal surrounding the british charity oxfam is widening with new allegations of abuse by its staff in south sudan its international chairman has also been arrested in guatemala on corruption charges. the law house of the cambodian parliament has passed the new law that makes it a crime to insult the king for now and anyone found guilty of a royal insult faces up to five years in prison rights groups fear the law could be
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used misused by the prime minister to further stifle dissent those are the headlines and zero world's next. hour of. just.
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a hazard zero. the model see some sort of. a less thought boy. get i'm just about monthly. when i went down with the butler lushly amish demo or. the hook of the show at a bagel was given look at the shoulder muslim ha which if i'm still a member of the movement dejected mom or military. foeticide it's a one in one movie it early on that i'm over there on the show on. a solo dumphy i was about. the third circuit on on a monday so i had. a level much across. my name i'll have a baby. with me my late us s.
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a. little more leak and how. mike in a few one hug for troy did that but on him school. i love. how dumb didn't look at me and over the middle of the. fun of a lot of other. in michigan from the national level but as much on the ticket on the moment of this what about all chicago i'm not on a typical macleod. but i can also. add on my feel i'm in jail for some form of. the some some are going to.
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a lot of a television a bubba truth honesty and hustle that's ma at the last. thing . on how i'm not only by the shot. almost imagine them of the moment that we've had in the affair the thought of monolith that he couldn't come out and i feel. that according. to most. am i close than the a bit over the can what a bit rough even a gemini to me. again i'd been a v.m. snowed on the hellertown and been a humans in the. stone to have the earth time i can feast their homes on the most will do become me had they really had to fight for through here just good luck
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at the loss of a key san think about. the battle born. she be. but i mean it's on it's logic to get him. out of. that if him and norm helped by the pretty well sourced mesh feel now to modify on demand for question who should be on robots can take the mclean macho news and next fear in the head hit my mother about yemen. had been one of the not up thirty one i don't but took him to safety the best what in the book and. the not or i'm going to cheat and fish. out of the know a lot feeling. a militant can. have been.
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killed myself and that and hope that when their. own shit feel on myself its image then with the love. of my more did they are made of you have been a human through him or what they thought the had the medium and more than it does you can see he'd been on. the clock to for a while out a what has been the best will it i would have been that dog but the had to be said i would calm and so when one little infusion of. if ya bottle. you just. did that as a normal killing the kinda way in bouts of campus. i thought the layout on the slate is the uppermost. but then stop at the new high dollar down and i turn on the house with a lot of you're going to stumble or muslim that you and i will be in. a hut
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on. the bottom up on. a hush up the mountain cha to hush up and shout to hush up son met the idea. and. feel how the little man knew we beyond. the nothing might stumble but how many bombing the north coming at masada the study if you know what that i should. know we can call it hundreds of them but the. come again if you modicum of heart of a goofy hopped in the way it will go at the foot i'll be bubba had a lot of a lot of bull in yemen and i might call them a hollywood but none of my. shall be among. them
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a simple enough from. link up. she must watch humans work on that with the other molecule of the pope on the show he was going. on eleven ness about the law upon the slip. of. a year and the woman can but the time about all the proposers was just part of macdonald and killing again i'm going to feel. what the lier and an opposition does mount on bedlam as if he and i will see if you are just a little i am. that was so beautiful and it looked like the old one of the define the city with a list. of the key. as
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it. did not have at the new time most of the bol be bishul forward bus. but not in. the bon vivant hope that your saudi come. back i'm sure to be monthly but the to be or what have you. i've not been the. most of the if you miss i love my new band has a. bad because of the fact that they found as a put there from all the different on the all of the check and. get a medal doesn't of course by men she meant she i think in the thought of. this is see
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a number. on me if i'm on the top of the what i saw this with her. for the. for the. good it. should be able to hobnob human oh so that i get my him a little high. i.q. help when i question out on a job at my house and on my own coffee a modicum of the. because the heart of man i love the art of a new kind of how this my fixed up to him. also boggle up about the shah but not gone behind for the. nest we are now going to start for. the not dismay but a little i thought i was hard on for love is on the. bottom of the lawn all with.
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i don't learn on the initiative to mount a. b. i would look nice in. a few month us one day i bake below numbers on the cloud i let my feet on the club and not on the clock for his fall but and glance in at the mall. the. cliff you're out of i'll leave you look closely at that you know to be sure of the follow up on the double headers this mean little body of force for good been the sheer force what i will but we're machine early. summer love for a model side of our boss at the only end again and then she had them and then set them all some of them should have been he and grabbed him and if he had looked out of school. miss my how good a muscle i know. and i also know i could there's also much.
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meant be only willow and the mean and i mean month i mean is i'm up woman i was i lived as a model and i was and i learned how to with many get the abuse of also having gone out i am but body a lot. of listed archaea not enough all go bustle feel lots of thank . goodness a federal muslim lives here comes the bacon of the. in the heart of lebanon's only came a month off. and not only be seven miles and going to haiti i think i would say i know you're. not at all not as if you know if you've been or by anal sex lemme think you know. as if i'm
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a nobody and all of the she did wish me and went home. like. less so when the judge to read. buzzard thought i was even mental i bought it for him with the louisville be either and she three should meet with the man had tunnel so glum a howl of fear i'm a little softer will solo artist less. i didn't miss him.
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on the benefit of people. so bad they see the importance of cars. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. the nature of music as it breaks the us cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the us is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage when our german government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others bible from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this. was
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a targeted sense that pain to be forced to leave would just be all and the gains that it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe upturned it's not a managed part of business. has become a more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. hello and has a reminder of the headlines on al-jazeera south africa's ruling party the african national congress says it will support a no confidence motion against president jacob zuma if he doesn't step down by thursday zuma is being investigated over allegations of corruption on wednesday morning police raided the home of a prominent business family with close ties to the president arresting three people
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south africa's president is speaking live right now from pretoria we're going to listen in now to allow that and indeed i met with the presiding officer as i said to them i know are here just cracking a joke with that who know you know things blah blah blah so i said look i've just talked to the president i've taken the decision to postpone so on because i think the situation is not clear if it is today. tuesday and it is so nice on thursday things are not very clear people are still dealing with this issue this is a problem and they felt that we need time so that you could deal with this matter they said fine all agree they went to their meeting and then soon as they're after i wrote the letter and they announced and i also announced we then met with the
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president later as we had agreed either the proposal to the president and the proposal to me which was influenced by my feeling that we needed to arrest the situation and create a situation that is no more so that you can move properly and i had heard i remember the meeting that i head with the officials and i started with the president by saying. look i think the meeting that we heard of the or. i was rather irritated in there with up. south africa's president jacob zuma remaining defiant there despite continued calls from his own party to resign we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments
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on that story from south africa those are the headlines for now stay with us more after al-jazeera world. mahatma how it. did you see others off of them in the. bus a lot on a. public image of. family shops. a lot of. give out to us i mean we're also with the i'm a mom that has a. lot of building a story out there. and out there i. thought he had
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how it was time on my feet in the field sure a lot of animal with holiday coming up model. and something. but monologue holly. and a lot of stuff in the get it. i'm sure a lot one thematic is that. out of. the field off the left. foot then it won't get a lot of small i mean i forgot the soton the other art and all. the shelbyville economy overall and sweaty it. will follow you to more normal phantom but i would like a feeling that many of the fall of the market will. be any
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or amnesty and it's really good to look to the early i want of. a woman. moment just last. minute along with lauren i've been a you. think about it and it's an idea of how much out of fear and. not begin to know when you're. in a mall and then be at the high all out of. it one of. the hard work of. what the nominee. will know. what the fed's almost. if is it on the command of the shia
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and i'm not a well known. i met again in the month about a phone of. a lot take me. up to the. left in theater i met with again they. sure had a thousand miles you know what are. they. sort of. they're like and i made it. and she laid. down the marker for me to bother only when i did. it but there have been. and i mean. this is going to need mr many and they're going to come. with. more for him all the greatest and it is.
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a very. good. mood i walked on the. air. with. when. i did. most. of those you know with. me how to measure mean so. body was.
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covered. with. good morning. but there. the mylan maui. and i had a lab is. no one i would want to feel. what i have finesse. and i know you almost all told what metal beside. the i'm on has because i would let them know how lucky they were small ruled the most of the. somber mood get a man as a bad one this market must have been fun. it's a habit. but
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somehow that the way it was and what it would seem so normal. then it is obviously a little know. like a lawsuit and then have us fight that on a lot a number. and then you see years see if i want to kill at their bad lot the thought of that thought i mean how does dave feel as if you left out of this does he know i'm a common stock isn't it but i've read them about all do it always. and they say about a star yeah. but the wii is old what is the full lead. but
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but what they're judged by the. judge to supposing. that i can live that living on might have to live their own image and so at about three minutes if i think that was. the film then again. the neck until she is in the. way i wish other men in the job in the man that i know. how she can have but to head out of. lot of the hedges that. are going to form have. us an awful tallish have a war going on the. name of not many of my doing it yet but i thought they must be
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funny. valentine a ship nothing and bill bell at the end it's all at one moment on davidson of them all. and the it. will kind of them in mosul do not the law does that matter nuff see it to have the start of a one party their votes and that be the others get on my lap that's awful the family or my kin of a gun for. the hardly afford em and beth my ob been up and see my escort. my knowledge then a little new pulled him aside that day and found that this that it should. have the fashion by then for that i had that on a little while
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a methodist believe alumna in my thought of the money. what the listener can and they hardly get it leila bin and meccano mccluskey some stars are wired to maximum think a little look in on the night of the year since about seen a number. jump but not where that number should. have been most declared the hot. at around the holiday the nec and i want to give. anybody to mourn one out of no not that
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unusual on not on. not on but i want to commend my offer to another fifty i'll oblige the sun in. the city you know the city as die in the name of the good of the simply. initial job it was hardly a baffle it's one battle so then today you're only usual number one you don't a number out of colorado should be able to control. the level one can more share even hardly manila battle while i'm a big message about how. some of. the actually.
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it's the feds. in the. they had a big then stop a past month of warm milk and then a lot of the money a lot of them at the. unit idea by a lot about the. buy that she said. i didn't need. any. either with. a certain or feel better i live in that regime hardly free that or seem to need better command but not how they act about or know how. they found on
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i'm in love i wanted the. best me being a man. simply a fantasy. in the home i'm a rotten cerdic been a bit off your heart what i've often arnold it when i don't want to know but the chap that deliberate and fear other than we have a massive i'm not that a shit but the only formalism and how monument i me. out of sit in. a one med in american how did they vote somebody i said is one of the nominative of this and leave. them alone to check on the issue of building all over the roof the. subject but had the net build we're a bust. and know how the net the quorn underdog wish to marry even better mistrust
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door that free as ever but the stammers kill her but the. can was she had that it will be a dream she feels the tones him at will as there in the decades we have a second more bustle to build a plan. where you. can . if there are the uncle my at the c.s.e. would demand. although we had the net the but reality from the higher than a hundred why did the in the money nor the f.t. feel the c.s.u. . i
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thought of madonna about almost a hush what i thought of x. on the and as i don't know what i mean they were told that i had left the cliff and in the name it they let alone monadic plus a couple of the other bill bettman did the relay style bishop danny on ikey the muscle fear. was on them by she's about mustaches they thought he was out of the
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hype mahadev i would guess that it's about the shoulder of the moment one foot the . she because look that is it a little bit sad need to still be largely but most of i know we can somehow or other. michelle alone end up with this second from home but i've got as you and i am in the time of the holiday that have no other mother some of the phenomenally on . the other side is going to give us a little that there was a little body on us a little. sophism which of the older. gently. pushed a lot of other maag skin on march second a lot of styled mall or one that some atari mushy service name all. about and about the most about most of them are one on the show q with a laugh elaine i'm with the one how to call me have but felt it acting on.
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ok. each. instantly. you. and. and. and and and and as a normal amount of nestea that you leave should i call new year publicly yet you land the alabama dealy must feel buffy in their spot of form and the idea of the embargo lysine my official. about leave. here in a while i'm saying him be. him to be diddling around in my.
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old command. but if i'm on and there's a another study that. needs a manned moon bells and on the cross when i'm going i'm going to feel. that i'll feel one hundred and can that. help the economy and wish with the world i'm going to admit yeah and the and the new comes in need it's. a lot a lot of about minus nanny it's all and i would have no. the lavish way that i was i. came out of the name of them an ally and out of the love
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of the mom's dharma love the little about take their read moron. i love. models are found off a home out in the and if it. were not in a lot of them about the motor would be a little. much you believe it then. there are dumb. do you know. i love the way i want to come on
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a shelf in a way i'll keep my smoking because she. did have a good dish on the fellows up enough as a i thought. the shuttle model my mam up to that he had mike and she let me put it up. from a stall on them a lot of sesame oil but to keep them for the fluffy cool. actually. i did.
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something. that. i felt that. it's how to bother but most road. three out of. the time know how to pick out a bunch of us. got to be about the g.d. as of next year. it'll be at the under. there thought of now on. the new. hospital but. i'm not the ops on this last me. me. yet. how did the one time here i found the limit of that i would be almost
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a decade on something that no one. and for that i took it home. of the. pommel is not on to climate that i must i'm on a must i'm ella but that is. not in the hail of bullets. and they are. aware. inside of the heart of why i give them based on. the other they thought i should offer. and i that i. and i don becky. becky on call but. on the.
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other in a. moment i have my my the love they never. local incentive be out of hand when walsall not going to be malicious i mean the where this year kid let me read it for him and number he then on the back that the lives she made it feel. gimbal with good motherly. girl a dick and you know not that i'm agin. and it was hard and i forgot some of them a degree in my language a ticket a mission and was of still below i so say out of a middle it was. lake a sort of. visual look of the year one of the year i them stream. then a mobile feeling. phelim a fairly. and what not but the bill will show where with more to glare in the not more but over there of
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a good will but over there. i mean. i mean the rebel with. iran is a dead body over with iran. all of them want that level down there the minute they have by fear i we have done it overthrown hardware the. many i mean by boat.
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i would have. a lot of police caught up. on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt. journalism is not a crime at this time on al-jazeera. by
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the springtime flower of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello again a look at the weather across the americas and south america you can see this frontal system across the far south of brazil can be said heavy rain for rio de janeiro search area looking fine across much of paraguayan through argentina and uruguay fine weather conditions in santiago in chile too but we're seeing heavy showers affecting parts of bolivia through wednesday i think they'll still be some that you're in the course of thursday too also some heavy showers across peru and into parts of ecuador by that stage the rain across rio should be dying away so let's head up into the caribbean and here we've got strong easterly winds coming giving showers on the caribbean coastline all the way from panama northwards in towards the yucatan peninsula really but i think for the most part yucatan looking dry and fine much of mexico looking pretty good with a mexico city enjoying a fine day on thursday with highs of twenty three degrees of fine conditions across
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the island to the caribbean to into north america we got a flow coming in from the southwest. seem odd across the southeastern areas snow you'll notice across the pacific northwest that moves further towards the east during the course of thursday so a very cold air there with how we look at minus ten but by contrast in temperatures rise towards the eastern seaboard with hasa fourteen in new york the weather sponsored by qatar airways. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference rewind silent long news at this time a mountain scenery.
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in a world where a journalism as an industry is changing we had al jazeera fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. uncover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . this is al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes south africa's ruling party says it will move on a no confidence motion.


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