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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 26  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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in russian forces eastern huta is home to four hundred thousand people and has been under siege since twenty thirteen the a delivery will provide food and medical supplies to seven thousand people at the u.s. secretary of state has called on iran to withdraw its armed groups from syria during talks with syrian opposition figures in jordan rex tillerson made the comments in a man where he signed an aid agreement with the jordanian foreign minister. and one person has been arrested after a shooting outside the entrance to the u.s. national security agency's headquarters in maryland three people are reported to have been wounded it happened outside the agency's campus in fort meade israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he'll continue to run the country despite police recommendations to charge him for corruption and bribery netanyahu is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts from billionaire benefactors he's also suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper for favorable coverage those are the headlines we're back with
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more in half an hour right now it's time for the stream. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures of course there were . so many times where you call home i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. me ok if you're in the stream today is uganda the best place in the welsh to be a refugee i really could be glad as always we are live on you tube now if you're watching us please do join the conversation there and your comments might appear on the show. according to a whole series of glowing headlines uganda is
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a power dice for refugees its policies experts say our among the most liberal in the world refugees to work move freely around the country many of their children can access education and they are even given a small plot of land and the basic materials needed to build a house but some critics say the reality is less than perfect and that uganda is starting to buckle under the strain of supporting such a huge number of new arrivals they also say that simplistic headlines may prevent difficult questions being tackled such as how to provide long term how to the refugees who need it so before we start our conversation i want to show you a map that illustrates where the refugees are coming from in east africa in somalia the fear in war in burundi. rest driving refugees into uganda d.l.c. fresh from fighting in the east of the country as south sudan more than four years of war and with this it was the issue from jimmy about barbara loach is the u.n.
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agency our senior regional spokes person in kampala. is a member of parliament representing the national female youth comes to. see also in kampala hilary only act is the state minister for relief for disaster preparedness and refugees joy dooku is a refugee from south sudan joining us from a ruler in uganda and al jazeera correspondent malcolm webb is in kampala thank you all for being part of the stream today i want to start with members of our community one in particular who is a refugee himself this is a rebbe the creator on twitter who explains why he had to leave south sudan he sighs it was the last straw i gave up hoping all would be well the uncertainty was too much there were too many rumors super inflation still no salary new increased wave of crime and insecurity hit those traveling on the roads making movements a life or death situation south sudan was inhospitable so we asked him what his reception was like in uganda and whether the idea of uganda being
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a paradise for refugees was a misconception and this is what he told us not at all uganda is a paradise for refugees forced out of south sudan twice and both times. take you live now to kuwait city where an international conference on iraq's reconstruction is ending we are expected to hear from the kuwaiti. as well as. prime minister let's listen in. radicalization. of a. dignified life for a spiritual old remain committed to our firm convictions by love tolerance coexistence peace and blessings be upon you.
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the international conference on the reconstruction of confidence of kuwait concluded thank you. she's well i mean. all right well you've just been listening there to the international donor conference. on the reconstruction of iraq we had been. led to believe that we were going to be hearing from the kuwaiti emir on this as well as the iraqi prime minister but this point. that doesn't look like it's going
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to happen just to remind you as we've been reporting more than thirty six billion dollars have been put up in loans. in investments to help rebuild iraq during a summit in kuwait the iraqi government has said before this summit began that it was asking for up to one hundred billion dollars following the defeat of i so it was a three three day conference that took place in kuwait city. as well as this there are issues around this conference discussed on security. particularly since this is a major issue in throughout the region right now with wars going on in syria and yemen as well this particular conference was called for the reconstruction of iraq after the iraqi government's defeat i saw at the end of twenty seventeen this was only the latest of several conference conflicts that have raids in iraq
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over more than a decade now essentially since the u.s. led invasion. of iraq in two thousand and three but i saw emerged as a force in the country in two thousand and fourteen about the middle of twenty fourteen and there followed since then a long battle to root out. from the country since then and victory was declared at the end of twenty seventeen as i said by the iraqi government and the iraqi prime minister haider and the body had been calling for this conference to drum up much needed funds for the rebuilding and the reconstruction of the country entire cities and communities wiped out. by that war on our two other stories making the news here on al-jazeera the scandal surrounding the british charity oxfam is widening with new allegations of abuse by its staff in
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south sudan and that's after allegations that aid workers use prostitutes in haiti following the twenty ten earthquake they also face similar accusations in chad o'brien concannon is the executive director of the institute for justice and democracy in haiti he says the oxfam scandal indicates systemic problems in the humanitarian community. the oxfam scandal is really just the tip of the iceberg and the iceberg is a long history of unaccountable interventions by the humanitarian community in countries like haiti but also many other countries that are poor and this is an oxfam sexual abuse scandal is a problem but there's also been an al-jazeera has reported on this extensively sexual abuse by un troops there's been sexual abuse by missionaries and it goes beyond that to get in the case of haiti you want introduced cholera to haiti killing ten thousand people and has refused to accept responsibility you have
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unaccountable policies by international financial institutions that force the haitian government and other governments like it to to him to accept economic policies that their citizens don't want and so you have a whole history of of humanitarian interventions they do many good things but but they also do much harm because they're not accountable to the people of haiti. oxfam's international chairman has been arrested in his native guatemala of a corruption allegations from his time as a government minister that he is one of ten prominent political figures including a former president who are facing charges david mercer has the latest from guatemala city. guatemala's fight against corruption intensified on tuesday with the arrest of a former president and nine of his ex ministers out of little cologne and members of his cabinet are suspected of having embezzled funds and committed fraud while helping set up a public bus system in guatemala city in two thousand and ten going up to see then
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to that of the political the. president of the republic in accordance with the constitution is the gun tour of managing public finances intervene personally and institutionally to facilitate the fraudulent procedure of creating the agreement but i thought the. prosecutor said there are questions around how the government auctioned off concessions and granted subsidies for the buses. the current chairman of oxfam international and former guatemalan finance minister one of better whent is was among those arrested when tis the tension comes as oxfam is already reeling from a sexual abuse scandal in haiti and elsewhere what a mall is no stranger to corruption scandals over the past decade international investigators have been working with local prosecutors to peel back the layers of corruption that plague this small central american country i do thousand and fifteen mass anti corruption protest helped oust former president as molina he's
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now on trial accused of stealing millions of dollars from the country's customs offices the current president jimmy morales tried to kick out the head of the international commission against impunity in guatemala after he pushed to remove morales immunity to face prosecution in another graft investigation analysts say these political arrests are far from over. i think the commission against impunity in guatemala and the attorney general's office are just scratching the surface without a doubt there are many more investigations on the way which will take years to uncover the upcoming selection of a new attorney general will be pivotal if these investigations are to continue experts say guatemalans need to be vigilant to ensure the country's next top prosecutor has their interests at heart and not those of the political elite david mercer al jazeera guatemala city thousands of revelers have mocked to controversial
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leaders at portugal's annual carnival one of the floats portrayed u.s. president donald trump sitting on a toilet shaped like planet earth behind him north korea's kim jong un held a rocket. the carnival near the capital lisbon is famous for its political satire. it is considered the world's largest human migration and it's under way in china ahead of the lunar new year on friday the holiday season millions reuniting with their families as the leave as they leave big cities to visit their relatives it's expected that during the forty day new year period the chinese will make three billion trips a senior opposition leader has been released from prison in ethiopia after days of antigovernment protests all charges have now been dropped against became secretary-general of the oromo federalist congress care was initially held on terrorism charges after his arrest in december twenty fifth teen he was freed along
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with seven other opposition members. u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson says a departure from the e.u. is in his words cause for hope not fear johnson's much anticipated briggs's speech addressed the deep divisions between leven remain voters and urged unity he says the result cannot be reversed and the u.k. should not be bound by e.u. rules after braces bonnie phillips has more from london this was boris johnson appealing to the british people to unite but the very fact that he felt he had to make this speech is testimony to the ensuring divisions which the bracks it referendum now over one and a half years ago has left in its legacy the almost tribal way the british people now tend to see themselves as leavers or remain is his message to remain as is that bracks it is irreversible and they should give up dreams that britain somehow can stay in the e.u.
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more people voted for brics than ever voted for anything in the history of this country. and i just say in all candor if there would be a second vote i really think it would be another year of. term all and wrangling and feuding it which the whole country would be the loser so let's not go there let's instead unite about what we all believe it and looking liberal global future for a confident united kingdom but boris johnson also had some words of reconciliation for remain as he outlined what he called a liberal vision of brecht's it will what does that mean well according to boris johnson bracks it was not a metaphorical v. sign from the white cliffs of dover towards the rest of europe rather britain will remain an outward engaged country a country that loves europe but one which was does not want to be wielded to the institutions bind it to the institutions of the e.u.
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a country that is free to see trade deals with fast growing economies in the far east south korea and the rest of it a country that can choose high skilled immigrants from all over the world well all of that is fine but i think there are a number of problems having said that i think that his motivations don't necessarily chime with the motivations of many of the seventeen million people who voted leave many of whom are older and perhaps of a more nostalgic view of british society and britain's place in the world another problem a real lack of detail of where britain is going in and we are running out of time what will that customs agreement with the e.u. really look like what will the border between northern ireland and ireland look like these details boris johnson ignored completely and i'll leave you with one final thought boris johnson is a very divisive figure in the united kingdom is he really the best politician who should be making an appeal for unity. all right back to that international donor
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conference we were telling you about this just wrapped up in kuwait city sami dane is sami that is there for us this is a conference on iraq's reconstruction just finishing up now sami what are the what are the main takeaways then from this conference. well the main takeaways is that pledges have been coming in it doesn't seem like they are anywhere close to meeting that final number that was requested you know the iraqi ministry of planning over the last few days been talking about eighty eight billion has money they'd like to see come out of this conference and what was it about a week ago that we heard from iraq's prime minister saying the total cost of reconstruction would be up to one hundred billion dollars now we understand the quite the foreign minister a few moments ago said around thirty billion have come in however you do the math it doesn't seem like you're going to get close to one hundred billion dollars
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doesn't seem like we're even halfway there i think a bit of a collective head scratching moment at this point we're trying to figure out will there be any more further statements we heard from the according to foreign minister a pronouncement that the conference part of it at least is over there were expectations we were going to hear from iraq's prime minister we would hear from the head of the world bank perhaps even other officials like you and secretary general. the big picture is money has been pledged it's not as much as iraqi officials might have hoped and of course there is the question of how much of it will actually transpire into for payments we've kind of been here before with at least donors conferences although this one is primarily about encouraging investment where for example in two thousand and three thirty three billion dollars was pledged for iraq in the madrid conference but a year later bad to meet again in tokyo they said only a fraction of that money had come in maybe one of. the key things to have looked at
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is these speeches by the emir of kuwait today when he put a lot of emphasis on the private sector and that may have been indication that governments want the private sector to come up with that money rather than the spotlight being put on them when you look at the sort of signals coming out of the world's largest economy the preeminent superpower in the world in the country whose invasion in two thousand and three arguably left iraq in the spiral of violence and destruction it's trying to get out as well the usa brought to the table three billion dollars in the form of a loan credit line so would probably be a good indication that for expecting other countries to come in with much greater vastly greater amounts than that that we might be disappointed that turkey for example brought five billion dollars again in the shape of a loan the united kingdom we understand pledged one billion dollars a year for ten years also in the form of loans. that also raises the question of
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how much money is going to come in and add to iraq's debt burden how much of it is pure we know that we had a billion dollars pledged in the form of a grant from kuwait and the european union also pledging a grant of four hundred million dollars so that gives you an idea of the disparity between loans and grants so far hasn't sammy then fly first there in kuwait city saying we thank you so as we were mentioning earlier iraq if fishers had said before the start of this conference that they need about one hundred billion dollars for reconstruction hoda abdel-hamid as done some number crunching now to see how they came up with that figure. for fifteen years conflict has laid waste to iraq roads schools hospitals industry even entire cities are now in ruin millions of people live in poverty the government of iraq worked with the world
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bank to assess all this damage and count the cost of rebuilding the country they concentrated on the areas that were most affected in recent years of conflict they came up with a staggering figure one hundred four billion dollars in total losses since the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three damage from the war against isis alone is estimated at forty five billion now to breakdown seventeen point four billion is needed to rebuild homes this is a priority as about three million iraqis are living in tents about ten billion dollars are required to repair schools and health care facilities at least half of iraq's hospitals and health clinics are gone. and then there is the water and sanitation system about ninety percent of it is damaged beyond use that's another two point four billion dollars repairing the damage eisel caused to the country's cultural and religious sites will cost one point seven billion another nine billion
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is needed to restore power for all iraqis at the moment the entire cities which don't have electricity at all and in others just a few hours a day the basic sectors of the country's economy need more than twenty billion dollars just to function properly nearly half of that is earmarked for the oil and gas industry that's a priority for iraq to be able to pump more barrels per day and kick start the economy but before reconstruction can begin the government of iraq needs to provide security and stability as well as an all inclusive government for all iraqis regardless of sect or ethnicity for iraq that is priceless of the founder of wiki leaks julian assange has lost another court appeal to have these you k. arrest warrant dropped he fled to the ecuadorian embassy in london six years ago to avoid being extradited to sweden where he faced rape and sexual assault charges
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those charges have now been dropped and his defense team said the arrest warrant for skipping bell should be dropped to the judge said assange should have the courage to face the consequences of breaking the law need barker has this report from london. in the short run it means that life for julian assange remains very much the same the warrants outstanding for his arrest for skipping bal in two thousand and twelve has been up held the second time it's been upheld in the space of a week his defense team made an initial pill to have it lifted last week they said it no longer should stand but it no longer a ploy after swedish investigators decided to scrap their attempt to hunt extradited to sweden to face questioning for sexual misconduct and rape allegations but despite that ruling his defense team then launched a second appeal which is only now been ruled upon hoops that the judge would lift
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the warrants this time around on the basis. there was no public interest to maintain it anymore judah sancia spent more than five and a half years in the ecuadorian embassy they all due. in itself a form of punishment for julian assange. the charge here at westminster magistrate's court as rejected that the prosecution has always said the julian assange shouldn't be simply rewarded outlasting the swedish investigation but all of this to sign there was still deep concerns from asuncion his defense team about the existence of a possible secret indictment that could see him extradited to the u.s. and face serious challenges of espionage even if he is allowed to leave the ecuadorian embassy where according to his lawyers his health both mental and physical is suffering. all right that is it for this back in a moment with more.
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right. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things seem pinned to realize even witness history in the making.
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what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion isn't of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard. lucky to good to me. and the story needs to be too dangerous largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring
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the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and on. the latest news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege what made this different was they targeted sense that pain to be forced to leave would just be all and their gains it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe other turndowns it's not much part of business. has become more united is
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beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera the way we communicate is what defines us. don't always has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. i am hearing content creation and distribution utilizing cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future has never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon. would take us to our frontiers the future of media leaders' summit. limitless possibilities.
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al jazeera. where ever you are. in india five million children have genius level i.q. but most live in poverty and go undiscovered one of the nice means to child geniuses fighting for their chance to shine at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm dreading obligato welcome to the news grid he's faced countless allegations of corruption numerous votes of no confidence in parliament and this party wants and gone.


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