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tv   Begging For Life  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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a long battle with colon cancer in one thousand nine hundred sangar i trade union leader for the opposition party in the years that followed he organized protests to try and force robert mugabe out of office when at least fourteen people have died in a shooting at a florida high school the suspect has been detained these are live pictures you're watching now he's been identified according to the police as a former student the murderous stoneman douglas high school in the town apartment had been placed on a code red lockdown while police searched the site of the u.n. special envoy to syria staffan de mistura says the recent violence in the country is the worst that he's seen during his entire four year tenure staffan de mistura has told the u.n. security council that the violence must be deescalated. the moment thirty billion dollars has been pledged to help rebuild iraq following the defeat of i still the old in seventy six countries promised donations at
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a summit in kuwait but mainly in the form of loans which will need to be repaid and the money falls well short of what iraq's government says it needs that's all from us here in london if. al jazeera. and. backers found on city streets around the world often ignored sometimes how frequently moved on but always hoping for the charity of others so how do different cultures respond to the pleas out jazeera correspondent about to be phillips went to find out.
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they all the poorest of the pole and you could find them all over the world in the wealthiest parts of the west and asia's poorest slums i'm on a journey through the developed and developing worlds to see how very different countries cope with those of the bottom of society to be helped them to be ignore them too we simply despise them i come to manila in the philippines and like many cities in asia it's growing fast but it is a place of stunning contrasts shacks and new rising tower blocks but there is one
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way in which these two wells rich and poor meet and that is through the most simple economic activity of all banking. in manila nobody is to young to bag. a small boy learning to survive in a big city. j.c. five years old is looking for his two older brothers he has no idea where he can find them a street corner where the traffic slows down fleeting contact between rich and poor a place of opportunity. neal john is the middle brother at seventy years old he's a seasoned. news on tell me where do you bank exactly. and do you try and look for certain kinds of cars are they good cars they give more money or yeah it. is not me it is. not political now by. saying nothing nailed down on you just not on the wind not.
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the sample the little ones. only if. i know they need me. here. every day off to school the three brothers and their friends beg for money that motha judith watches all the kids come out here making the streets what are you worried about a man now i know something sounds. lost and. not one man in an open line of. judith lives nearby in an illegal search so this is home yes how many hours do your children bake over to scream out only that one means that they don't get on
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us. more the. way at nine. and that the young set out in an i pad moving up on the vessel i don't know doing this so. as somebody. who. might have a nap was having someone you know in montana more than you and. i felt guessing. that i myself one but not an ass in the media. summed it all now all one way to make. me begin not one. month among. at least these children half their mother no matter how tough their lives they have a home love and support. thousands of children in manila have no power to care for them they survive in gangs however they can often it's easier to just escape
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reality. you do know the street you work they played the day they beat john fish you just told them to and have been neglected and abused at home and most of them are begging here. this is butch he grew up on the streets he lived. a life of crime becky now in his early fifty's is dedicated to helping these kids of going to one of the states but if you buy ok i'm going to give you some training used to work for an engineer got fed up with the bureaucracy he feels he can do more good working directly on the streets he hands out clothes medicine and tips for survival let's take it lying you know that little boy this kid i think he or any of them on going to be. nice here in the states to. the president is keeping the streets because of friends also. and i think it's all
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been. you probably going to work up before lunchtime and going to bed in the book. and their. sixteen year old jamie lynn and jose are two of the kids that looks out for their dad. baking is supposedly illegal in the philippines but these two boys like to think of themselves as performers brightening the day of manila's long suffering commuters riding the jeep. and having. it in the city. on a good day the two boys might make five dollars between them. if they let me down. if i found them in the alley believe boss and that's not the
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number. it was in the monday game at this minute by nothing in the sun. they ride the jeep these across the city and yet there are parts of manila that will always be out of bounds today needed and jose. is just a real man. absolutely not i think this space near the stock exchange really represents the kind of inequality present in manila. the relationship between rich and poor real in the philippines we were here on a weeknight for example you'll see a lot of millennial is here working around financial centers with purchasing power able to get a starbucks coffee right there but then you move a few kilometers away from here then you can really see kids begging who probably don't even have a shot at finishing high school with. families who have their own social bonds and especially when you think about the kind of life they have industry it's not just about purity bagging
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a lot of these children live off the streets and they contribute to the eco system of an urban society like many other kids watch for your car and make sure no one robs your entire earth so in a way there's this symbiotic relationship between urban dwellers and street children. this relationship can usually be seen here probably not of manila bay it's a popular tourist spot so an ideal place to bake except that something has changed here in the past few days it's strangely empty. my visit to manila coincided with the summit of world leaders this mega city went into lockdown and not for the first time an event that shone a spotlight on the city spur. into action. so. there could be one hundred of. these walking around here.
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because this is the main area where. one of my kids have been. rescued. the fear of being picked up by the authorities spread through the streets judith's children are on the alert as the police approach they fear around the corner. nine year old is judith's oldest child. like that. in the early. morning on the. island. just then in the midst of. the government's d.s.w. department of social welfare and development is responsible for helping the poorest
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people of the philippines it's also played by human rights watch for helping to organize what it called the cynical cleanup of manila before the summit first of all that is the i'm sorry to say this. because we have registered four thousand four hundred fifty homeless street families into the program that cannot be done in months not even in three months we've been doing this instead. it is true that the energy to do something more in a coordinated in a collaborative way gets fired when their. president obama you know the government should care about its own people the government should care about its own people and we have very good programs that have shown a lessening of children in conflict with the law and no children begging in the streets. many of the people rescued from the streets by the
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d.s.w. do you have a piece of pork here to the jose for velo reception center this is one of a handful of such centers in manila intended to provide temporary accommodation for street people it has a bed capacity of two hundred twenty two when we visit there are five. hundred sixty five people sleeping here. and there still another has given me any now little personal final budget committee no one nor. nefesh not valued on how. i feel i don't. believe the need a leg a paddle now and now i look like you. are bitching and. moaning about what it will be. the center is divided into wards for women families single men and the mentally ill some of them a locked up for their own safety we were told and this includes children. is it
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right to put children in this place i think. it doesn't seem a very good way to make children better for them to be knocked around here. or there i go too far. but we didn't think it would be able to pay for that then they tell us all to have their thing but it was the kids. and to tell her it's a given when we've been a little city children i'm not normally here because. it was difficult to talk openly to people in the center but several told us they prefer to be out on the streets memo mom was in the bus on the sum up with the school done big way down someone in a. no need to make that a me and b.b.
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gun battle as i see it. on the ballot make good on the clowns and. feel foresees didn't catch judith's family i'm with the summit's over mcmillan life returns to normal children out on the streets begging to survive there is money in this city but. it's mostly in the hands of a privileged few with inadequate resources to lift everyone out of poverty the government looks the other way as people fend for themselves. six thousand miles away in sweden on a bitterly cold day it's a different story here no one's breaking the law by breaking some beggars even drive cars it's nine am and a friend does taking catalin to what he hopes will be a lucrative pitch he's travelled across the continent to be here originally from remain year now he asked for cash in one of europe's richest countries. this year.
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will be a good list of witnesses we hope would be to get the whole diversity just little bit maybe. i've come here because unlike the philippines there are funds in sweden to help the poorest in society it's famous for its generous welfare system but despite that safety net the raw many beggars here too in cities across the country and they get a mixed reception it's a problem because it's not. a view of the street we are used to seeing and that certainly is something common swedish thing either and it's it's difficult because it's poor people and it's people in a difficult situation yes it's sad to see the beggars but i think they're just so common nowadays to just work by and think about the match it's ok to give money to
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somebody who is disabled on her arm or something ok this guy cannot work and stuff but when you when you see a grown person who is. capable for work. work your money you good. people here maybe a little. it's been a profitable day for catlin and he's heading home. for now that's the squatter camp on the outskirts of malmo in southern sweden. the people here are a dispersed ethnic group with roots in central in eastern europe. hundred sixty of them on this site living in shacks in caravans some came in search of work but the majority look for handouts on the streets. really seem.
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to reno was begging on the streets in italy but sweden strong economy north. so no more. really can be needed. thank you thank you. even my family and if you know why. you. cannot leave me only you have the end of the employee house. and the. silver in his hand if you know because i think the money can be you can get information you and their company you and now i'm starting to play it but i don't have to if you can. genius children. being cared for by her
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in-laws while she begs on the streets of melbourne my will just make it into the nothing guess the opportunity to do some something else i love. and the cause and i see. the nation held. mind you when. i'm just thinking am. i came to nothing yet i can't be a big. i just be now and i don't look in the. if i am to they have a shape. maybe. roma beggars in europe are often accused of belonging to organized criminal gangs i wanted to know if this was the case with gina are you part of an organized gang. now we don't tell anybody do you have to give any part of the money. to somebody in
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the roman community you keep yourself yes no mania kindly he can't help but home. why because we don't tell all the school. if we want to go to bake it maybe you need one corny day. so they can support the right to be then we go all of them out to big game now this year for gina and others who fled poverty to come here recent events have made life more difficult it's not just the robots who are the new arrivals in malmo it's also an entry point for the huge numbers of syrian refugees coming into sweden and those are the people who the city authorities are really focused on. most train station full of exhausted syrians and afghans relative to the size of its population sweden is taking more
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refugees than almost any other country in europe and this is affecting attitudes towards the roma beggars yes we are becoming less tolerant of let me here called separated from the whole refugee situation in people's minds these two issues are blending together although the robot immigrants are fleeing. poverty discrimination is people like syrian refugees are fleeing war it's two different things but in people's minds it becomes just strange it feeds into the cellar phobia of course this is an explosive situation and it needs to be dealt with. in my elbow the authorities have decided that the squatters have to go. this is really. like a protest. to don't touch my home. we put in all of. the city council has issued an eviction notice actually from family four o'clock
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out here. people mostly to the police. because it is very dangerous for them to leave here like yours but to these people even in the street. you can be better to live in the streets and. something to make food and sleep. my head to the capital stock i want to put catalans question to the head of a government task force responsible for dealing with roma from other e.u. countries it would be impossible for sweden to offer entire world for insist i'm here to everyone who is poor and in europe so therefore the solution in the long term solution must be for their own countries these people have to survive but effectively you're saying they can't do that here in sweden they have to leave if all they can do is beg now they are allowed to stay and we won't.
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ban banking i think it's bad idea but if you come you must find legal way of living you cannot. make an settlement in parks and private property swedish law must be. the roma in the camp try to contest the eviction notice with out success now they have to decide what to do with. it just. go with it and not. just about a conduct of the year to you maybe not from up when you. thought but. that's no no. no no they're not going to have.
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it's the shed you'll day of the fiction. is the robot wait for the police to arrive there joined by swedish supporters. but somebody now most want to see the romance moved on i think it is being programmed for sweden the people to live that way. to go back to the country not his way i sometimes. don't count so. you know what i've been feeling you feel god a good plain old boy i've been held up till you can't account for how. the mother of a man doesn't know thinking of until the most he is gone but. the deadline passes with no sign of the police. the roma and their supporters celebrate long into the night they think they've won a reprieve but even if they do manage to stay in this camp the political voice is ranged against them are growing louder. these parliament buildings not
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come here to meet a member of parliament whose party is trying to make banking illegal. when we were a start scale of begging and when we have this kind of begging where you citizens come to sweden that's a lot of problems. the swedish democratic is a nationalist party is growing in popularity that wants to stop free movement within the e.u. we have to make something on the legislation against begging is something that. more european country has been doing an eye test worked well for them and we're looking at those examples and we want to see them as we and as well so we have to make your voice heard it especially when we have our government not doing anything and in the meantime it's just tough luck for these people who are banking here well there's a tough luck for many people in the world but this is the situation we have to handle. two nights later back in malveaux the police finally turn off but the roma
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can it's four am in the morning. swedish activists are removed first pulled out one by one until only a few dozen row by row bank. by daybreak the bulldozers have moved in and the head robots are released but they aren't going quietly. little bit of blood this is the day of the little late night of the women were shown there from an unknown zone the little girl then young lady that is the down. the crowd to mom's in the audience with the city's head of social welfare caribbean wilson. as it becomes increasingly insistent she appears that she's in no mood to compromise is what t.v. cannot feed and be in for more fun at than for my feet but then at the end you're going to have a craving spirit. but a few nights in
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a temporary hostel before being sent back to romania is not what the robots are looking for they bed down for the night and the standoff continues over the days that followed. the benchley the police move in once again. so they were kicked out of their camp there. protest outside the town hall this pushback is just a few dozen people here left under the bridge some people now say they might go back to remain others saying they'll go elsewhere in sweden a few saying that they'll stay here and fight. later that evening as some accept the government's offer of a free bus ride home and others stay and put a brave face on their plight i was struck by the paradox of the heart of my own journey in the philippines baking is illegal but tolerated through necessity here in sweden it's legal but only grudgingly accepted. two different responses to people who for whatever reason feel
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a need to ask others for charity underlying them both is a growing gap between the wells rich and poor well we can lock up we can move them on but bankers will always be with us. in india five million children have genius level i q's but most live in poverty and go undiscovered one awareness means two child geniuses fighting for their chance to shine at this time on al-jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the governments it's about real people.
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these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be a little different it's rewind silent on the news at this time a mountain scenery. this is al jazeera. hello welcome to the al-jazeera news a lot of what headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i have
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