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tv   Fighters To Bikers  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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chancing a life and limb on a dangerous journey through the jungle. have gone on to the rails and nearly died of their own children go to school and live because of the trade risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching i was there i'm still raw but in doha these are all top news stories jacob zuma has resigned as south africa's president reluctantly heeding orders from his ruling party and see where he'll go with immediate effect bringing to an end always nine scandal playing yes empower the a.n.c. told him to quit on choose stay when he had to go by wednesday the party announced
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that it would back moves in parliament to force him out for me to possible from johannesburg. a reluctant announcement from an embattled president i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect even though i disagree with the decision of my of the leadership of my of going to zation. i have always been a disciplined member of the. it came just hours before parliament was due to vote in a motion of no confidence against jacob zuma president's hand may have been forced but zuma says his party did not give reasons why he should resign that's despite being in broiled in scandal after scandal throughout his presidency including
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accusations of corruption and a court ruling that he had broken his oath of office when he ignored the public protect his recommendation that he paid back some of the state money used to refurbish his private residence despite all the criticism against zuma the a.n.c. says the decision to recall him was a difficult one to make following zoomers resignation the ruling party saluted what it called his outstanding contribution and thanked him for the role he played in the a.n.c. for many decades earlier in the day the home of zimmer's associates a family known as the gupta's was raided. five people have been arrested after an investigation revealed that millions of dollars of state funds was siphoned from a dairy farm project into business is linked to the group does. next week the national prosecuting authority will decide if a corruption charges against zuma that were dropped in two thousand and nine will be reinstated and an inquiry into the extent of external influence in seumas
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administration known as state capture is due to begin his removal as president may just be the beginning of zoomers troubles for media millar al jazeera johannesburg at least seventeen people being killed in the u.s. after a gunman opened fire at a high school in florida it happened in parkland which is north of miami the suspect has been identified as a former student. nicholas i think the risk was they man i k well they are screws was the killer is in custody and we've already begin to begin to dissect his websites and the things that social media that he was on in some of these come to mind are very very disturbing at least thirty billion dollars have been pledged to help rebuild iraq after the defeat of eisel more than seventy six countries promised donations at a summit in kuwait but mainly in the form of loans which will lead to be paid back
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the money falls well short of what iraq's government says that it needs the u.n. special envoy to syria has warned that violence in the water own country is the worst he's seen since taking the job four years ago seven of his story said he's received reports of up to one thousand civilians being killed a day in recent weeks key allies of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have been offering their support of the police recommended he be indicted on corruption charges netanyahu is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts and is suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper in return for favorable coverage but he denies the allegations and backers say they'll stand by him pending a decision on whether he'll be indicted or not. zimbabwe's political opposition has lost a towering figure with the death of morgan chang gorani the founder of the movement for democratic change was being treated for colon cancer in neighboring south africa he was sixty five years old those were the headlines here on al-jazeera be
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back with more news in thirty minutes but we continue with our jazeera world to stay with us. just.
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a lot of bad television of bubba truth honesty and hustle but some are but the last . thing i think. on of how i'm not only by the shot. almost imagine them of the moment that we've had in the affair that it's out of mana lady in the can and in the cup and i can but i feel. us. mentalist and the abate over again what a bit rough even a gemini. again i had been a v.m. snowed on the hellertown and been a humans on the. style and on the had the earth um i'm confused the whole is a problem most will do become a good idea infact for one troop you must look at the laws that he sent because.
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on. the bottom up on. on to hush up the mountain chahta hai shot down shot the met the idea. and. feel how the little man knew way beyond. them nothing might. stumble but how many bombing the north coming at masada to study at sea whether that was a good. as a lounge among whole wheat that i. know we can call it hundreds of them but the. come again if you modicum of heart of a goofy hopped in the way it was so at that that i'll be a bad lot because of a boat a bullet yemen in the michael hollywood but none of my. shall be among.
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them a bad lot because you know what i'll put. on i'm a babe would rather be in my book. best buy left now know our identity for the loving heart of. that a much more in sharing a lot of blood there then i had an. illness and as i had a while ago i was there and now not but they're relaxed
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children i know from all fantasy pop tryna from a link up. she must watch your mama's work on the other monica of the pope on the mamba show he was. a low enough bad take a lot of pundits left. the year and the woman pm but the time about all the pleasures was just part of me again i'm going to feel. for the lear and an opposition does man i bet limousine on the see who gets a little arm. that was so beautiful and it looked like an awful lot of the define the city where the list. shows. that the key.
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the only willow and the mean and the mean mind i mean is a muslim and i was i later the model knows that i. would love money and get the abuse of also having gone out i have a buddy it'll all. be a listed archaea not that enough all got us all feel lots of thank goodness save some lives here comes the bacon of the. in the heart of lebanon's only came a month or. a not all maybe seven my animal and going to haiti i think i would say i know you're. not at all not as if you know if you. think you know. as if i'm
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a nobody and all the bullshit wish me and i'm home. like . less so when if the judge read in the. budget that i was even mental i bought it for him with the louisville be either and she should meet with the man had tunnel so glum i have a fear i'm a little soft on the slash. i mean the museum. the scene for us where they're online what is american sign in yemen that peace is
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always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was their targeted
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sense that pain to be forced to leave would just be all and their gains that it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe of turndowns it's not a marriage part of business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. you want to go there i'm still robin there are these are all top news stories jacob zuma has resigned as south africa's president reluctantly heeding orders from his party the a.n.c. he'll go with immediate effect ending almost nine years in power frequently marred by scandal now the ruling a.n.c. told him to quit all face moves in parliament to force him out at least seventeen
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people have been killed in the u.s. after a gunman opened fire at a high school in florida it happened in parkland which is north of miami the suspect had been identified as a former student. nicholas i think the response of a man i carry for well yes groups was the killer is in custody and we've already begin to begin to dissect his websites and i think the social media that he was on in some of these come to mind are very very disturbing. at least thirty billion dollars has been pledged to help rebuild iraq after the defeat of eisel more than seventy six countries promised donations at a summit in coase but mainly in the form of loans which will be needed needed to be paid back the money falls well short of what the iraqi government wanted. the u.n. special envoy to syria has all the violence in the water one country is the worst he's seen since taking the job four years ago stephan de mistura said he's received reports of up to one thousand civilians being killed in a week recently
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a key allies of the israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu have been offering their support to please recommended he be indicted on corruption charges netanyahu is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts and is suspected of that group deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper in return for favorable coverage he denies the allegations. shia muslims in bahrain are fought with police during demonstrations marking the seventh anniversary of the country's arab spring inspired uprising security forces fired tear gas at a number of villages while reinforcements were deployed to stop protesters blocking main roads since protests first broke out hundreds of people have been stripped of their citizenship and deported under new strict laws designed to punish so-called disloyalty. the bar boys political opposition has lost a towering figure with the death of morgan china garage the founder of the movement for democratic change was being treated for colon cancer in neighboring south
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africa he was sixty five those were the headlines about the news hour in thirty minutes to stay with us here on officer. my heart. did you see all of this off. the. bus a lot on a. family shops. a lot of. give out to us i mean what also would be in the other. building on the thought of building a story out there. on out there. thought he had
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how to. get in the field sure a lot of fun i'm a workaholic and. something new from an invasion. but no outlet holly. and a lot of stuff in the get it. i'm sure the law one theme iraq is the bit that. the field office left. that would burn up on. a couple. sweaty it. will follow you to more normal phantom but i would like to feel you know me with many of the file a little though i feel dumb but it will keep you. are
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an misty here and it's the evening of the fairly i want of. a woman. moment just last. minute along with long i've been a you. think about a little i need i'm a child can become awful begin to know where you. have been a small. all out of. it one of the. hard work but. what the hell i'm going to. get on a will know. what the feds all new must be. a pheasant on the command of the
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shia and i'm not a woman no one. i met again in the month bought a phone at the latest don't mean a lot. and not deaf didn't deal. with again they. sure had a thousand miles in the world are. they. and i fell asleep. and i made it. and she laid. down the marker for me to bother when i did. it but there have been. and i mean. this is going to need mr manny on there and that is going to do. with. more for him all the greatest and it is.
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a very. good. that i walked off the. air. with. most. of those words over with. me how to mean so. body was.
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somehow that's the way it was and what i would say in. danish is obviously a little know. like a lawsuit and then have us fight that on old law and number two what are the next few years see if i wanted to kill at their bad i was the one of the bottom and how did his deed feels if you left out of this does he know i'm a common stock as an it but i've read them about all do it always. and they say about a star. but the v. is old what of the full lead. but law about why there was
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a taliban in motion how the supposed. father going to live it later on might have to live on in it so what about him and achieve as that but. then again. three of us and monica does will see it in the. way i wish the men in at the bottom in the band on the docket so she can have but the heavy it'll get it out of the. sea. a lot of the hedges. and informed of. this enough will tell a shovel or down on the. name of mended am i don't you know that i thought there
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must be funny. valentine a ship nothing and. one davidson of them and all the war and the it that. we can with them in mosul do not the law of that matter just see. i had the start of a one shot at their wits and that may be the skin on my lap that's awful it's the shamma what kind of a gun for. with hardly a fight them in bethnal my i've been up and sing my court. in all of them little nevaeh pulled him aside. and fans at this that it shut. up the fashion by
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then for that i had that on a little while a method of police alumna in my thought other than money. what the learner can and they hardly get it nearly bit thin and mechanism of glass from stars are wired to maximum think a little bit going on the night of the year since about seen a number. jump but not where that number should. have been the most declared the hot. on the holiday the neck and i was going to give. anybody more not one not not not
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unusual on not on. not on but i want to commend my offer to another. t.v. sunny. you know the same as die in the name of the google plus a clear. division job it must have a bad fullness one battle so then today you only usual number one you don't a number. of able. to love one can share even hardly manilla battle what i mean but message about how. the actually.
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felt. in the. they had the big then and this is the past month of one mic and then it's on the other the only a lot of them at the. unit idea by a lot about the. buy that she said. i didn't need. to . either with. a certain or feel better i live in that regime hardly free that regime tinian by the command but not how they act about or know how. they found on i'm in
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love i wanted the. best me to be a man. simply a fantasy. in the home i'm a rotten cerdic been washed up all over your home what i've often arnold it when i don't want to know but that chapter of deliberation and fear other than be of a massive i'm not that azure but the only formalism and how monument on a me. sit and. a one med in american how did they vote somebody i said is one of the nominative of this and leave. them alone which are who should do all of the able to the. subject but had the net they were building we're a bus. and know how the ned the quorn underdog wish to marry been ballard mistrusts
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daughter that free here as ever but the stammers kill her but the. can was she had that him she feel the bones him at will as there in the decades we have a second more bust out bill a plan. where you. can . if there are the uncle my at the lab c.s.e. would d. and. i'll do we had the net the but reality from the higher than one hundred why did the and the mom nor the f.t. feel the c.s.u. . i
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thought of madonna about almost a hush what i thought of x. out on the and as i don't know what i mean they were told that i had left the cliff and in the name of it there let alone alec just a couple of the two other bill bettman that the relational bishop danny on icky the muscle fear was on them by she's about mustaches they thought he was up to the hype
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mahadev i would guess that it's about the shoulder of the moment one foot the. she because look that is it a little bit sad need to still bluntly but that here most of i know we can somehow get to the. mission alone in love with this second from home but i've got as you and i am in the time of the holiday did not have any other mother sympathy for the mentally on. the other side to scream exactly on that there was a little body on us a little. sophism of the words of the older. gent . based on a lot of other mock skin on march second a lot of it styled mall or one the some atari mushy service name all. i know about the most about most of them are one on the show q with a laugh elaine i'm with the one how to call me bit fell but acting on.
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ok. eat. anything. to eat. and eat. and. it. has a normal jamaal nestle feel that your leashes are cool new year publicly yet you land the alabama deeply must feel buffy in their spot of form and the idea to the health of the about what i see in my official. wares about the only sat here in a while i'm saying him be. him to be diddling around in my. old
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command. but if i'm on and as a study that. can have the names of manned moon bells and the crossword when i'm going i'm going to feel that the thought that i feel in one hundred infinity and that. the economy and this with the world i'm going to admit yeah and the and the new is a meat. fish of epic a lot a lot of the macmanus needed for us all and i would have no. the lavish way that i was a book came out of the name of them an ally and out of the love of the mom was dumb
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enough. to read my one. i love. models are found. in the and if it. were not in a lot of them about the motor would be a little. much you believe then. a you know i'm going. the way i want to come i shall finish my smoking because she
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. did have a little bit of. their fellows up enough as a i thought. but the shuttle. montem am up to that he had mike and she let me put up. some stuff on them a lot of sense on the road but to keep them from the fluffy cool. but actually. i did.
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something. that. i felt that. how to bother but the most rude i'm not going to three out of i found. out how to get out of the us. to be about the g.d. . it or be it under. there thought of now on. the news more into the hospital but. i'm not the op softness me. i'm i'm me. now lady when i told him i found the limit about i would be home with dick and on. that note.
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and a mom of the. father the thought of going home. at the . pummel is not on to climate that i must on a must i'm ella but that is. not in the hail of bullets. and they are lunch l.m.'s it is a bottle the. inside of the heart of one of them bagel. yeah that they thought i should off. and i that i. and i don becky. becky uncle but i'm. up there in.
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the moment i have my my the love there never. none the. local incentive be out of hand when all see my going to be militia live in the where this year kid limited freedom number on the back that the lives she made it feel. gimbal with good good motherly. good lady and judge of all of you now not that i'm agin. and it was hard and i forgot some of them a degree in my language a ticket a mission i was of still a below i so say out what's up my middle it was. a soft. music the luck of the year one of the year i had them stream. then a mobile field a. feller my family. and what now for the bill will show where britain will to lead. the not more but
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over there of a good will but over there. i mean. i mean the rebel with. iran is ahead but over with iran. all of them want that level i'm. going to have by a fear i we have done it with drone hardware the. many i mean by.
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i would have been. the most out of. a lot of police. on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt. journalism is not a crime this time on al-jazeera. however
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we got a good mobile phone i weather across north america at the moment it was a cloud making my way from west to a state fair around so cloud remaining as we go on through day member only one of the wait was struggling to get celsius in dallas much warmer twenty three degrees and that was pushing up for d.c. twenty one so just fourteen celsius there for new york north of the border into cool back in toronto area we have got some snow flurries some snow flurries to just around the mountain states around the northern plains and then to some wet weather into that southwestern corner south of the border into northern parts of mexico that cloud of rain that will make its way up towards the central plains as we go on through friday some rather wet weather pushing over towards the northeast and cold in new jersey new york evidencing some rather wet weather and that's case two into new england warmer though for us what temperatures getting up to one degree celsius should be largely dry laci try to into central pasta kind of
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a some right state the snow piling back into western canada and the fall pacific northwest of washington state not too much the way of any wet weather across the caribbean over the next few days they will be want to say showers around nicaragua around costa rica pushing up towards honduras elsewhere a slushy fine and glorious sunshine kingston with a high of twenty nine. for the congolese the journey to work all aboard means unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because they might get cut into chancing life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle. i fell onto the rails and nearly died. our children go to school and live because of the prank risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks when
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people need to be heard. like it good to me is. my brain and this story needs to be too dangerous largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring a mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and. this is al-jazeera. oh i'm so robin this is the out of their news hour live why headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes. i have therefore come.


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